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In this semester, I have learned about the many types of reading strategies.

are the SQ3R (survey-question-read-reite-revie!", the #$%& ('no!-!hat-learn-ho!",
and also the I(S)RT (interative notation system to effetive reading and thin'ing".
)rgo, I have been given a tas' to analy*e an aademi te+t using one of the reading
strategies that I have learned.
,or this tas', I have hosen to use the SQ3R strategy to help me. SQ3R is a five
step strategy to help readers omprehend !hat they are reading more effetively. This
strategy !as first founded and developed by ,ranis -. Robinson in ./0.. This strategy
onsists of five main steps !hih are 1S2 for survey, 1Q2 for question, and 1R2 for read,
reite and revie!. I hose this strategy beause I thought that this is the most effetive
!ay of reading. To prove it, I have also hosen an artile to test it on.
The artile that I have hosen is 34hildren2s &ealth and 5evelopment6. I obtained
this artile from Reader2s 5igest and I thought it !as the perfet artile to test this
strategy on. In brief, this artile tells us about ho! !ell eating habits !ill help the
hildren to deal !ith ulinary temptations outside their homes. The first step I too' before
reading this artile is survey. Survey means to fous your attention on !hat you are going
to read before you start reading. In other !ords, you need to set your purpose for reading,
therefore leading to!ards the hoosing of this artile.
(e+t, I questioned myself. $hat does the title mean7 $hat is the author trying to
tell its readers7 8nly after as'ing the questions !ill I then get the purpose of reading the
te+t, to fulfill my uriosities. So I started the ne+t step !hih is reading. $hen I read, I
gather information from the previous step and try to memori*e them. That !ill then help
me to progress to the ne+t step !hih is to reite. 9fter gaining the information, I have to
reall and :ot it do!n to prove that I have effetively read the artile. If I still fail to do so,
I !ill have to reread the te+t. ,inally, the fifth and final step to!ards reading effetively is
revie!. Revie! onsists of realling on !hat you have done through the previous steps. I
!ent through the steps I2ve done and reflet. It helps me to understand better.
9fter all this, I find that the SQ3R strategy is the most effetive strategy to help
readers understand better in !hat they are reading. 9s a onlusion, reading is a s'ill very
important in order to understand things, and the many reading strategies are developed to
help us understand better.