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GAMUDA Berhad (GAMUDA, 5398) Fundamental
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Company Introduction
Gamuda Berhad, listed on the Main Board of Bursa
Malaysia, is the leading infrastructure and property
developer with operations in Asia and the Middle East
Focusing on three core businesses in Engineering and
Construction, Infrastructure Concessions and Property Development, we take pride
in having delivered numerous large-scale civil infrastructure projects to-date; operate
and maintain 230km of highways that serve more than two million road users each
day; provide water supply to more than two million Klang Valley residents daily; and
built more than 14,000 homes in our integrated lifestyle townships.
Besides constantly challenging the status quo to go beyond our boundaries in the
developments we construct, Gamuda endeavours to enrich the communities by
positively changing the way people live and contribute to nation building through
continuous education and training.
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We have transformed communities with mega developments such as the
internationally-acclaimed Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) in
Malaysia; the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT) in Taiwan; Sitra
Causeway Bridges in Bahrain; Dukhan Highway and New Doha International Airport
(NDIA) in Qatar; Durgapur and Panagarh-Palsit Expressways in India, as well as
Gamuda City and Celadon City in Vietnam.
Paving the way for a new chapter in Malaysia’s transportation history, we are the
Project Delivery Partner (PDP) for the MRT, Mass Rapid Transit project (Sungai
Buloh – Kajang Line) (SBK Line), the nation’s largest public infrastructure project.
The new 51km MRT line comprising 31 stations will form the backbone of an efficient
and sustainable mass rail transportation system for residents in the Klang Valley.
We are also the appointed main contractor for the 9.5km underground tunnelling
portion of MRT’s SBK Line by the Government.
Company Fundamental Analysis
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From year 2000 to year 2012, revenue is in an increasing trend.
Profit Margin
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From year 2000 to year 2009, profit margin was in decreasing trend. From year 2009
to year 2012, profit margin increases.
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From year 2000 to year 2012, profit was in increasing trend. Started from year 2009,
the increasing trend of profit sped up.
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The dividend quite constant.

Retained Earning
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The current 3 years’ retained earning increase.
Important Matter
1 High growth rate of profits and turnover
Turnover rose from about RM500m in year 2000 to RM3b in year 2012. While
earnings rose from about RM150m in year 2000 to RM550m in year 2012.
2 Franchise
Gamuda has several highways and dams franchise. Franchise can be said that a
guarantee of future profits. Note that Gamuda considers to accept the Selangor
government’s latest offer for acquisition of the company’s Snowy River (SPLASH). If
the acquisition is successful, Gamuda generals derive 33 cents per share in cash,
and the management maybe will fully return to shareholders.
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