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Business Coaching Questionnaire

Name of the Business ___________________________________________________________________________
Type of the Business: ___________________________________________________________________________
Name of the Owner _____________________________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________ Fax: ____________________________
Number of employees __________________________________________________________________________
Q1. Do you believe your business has more potential?
a) Yes
b) No

Q2. Do you have a business plan or strategy in place to explore this potential?
a) Yes
b) No

Q3. Has your business grown since its inception?
a) Yes
b) No

Q4. Would you like your business to achieve higher growth and more profits?
a) Yes
b) No

Q5. Do you have a plan in place to improve team performance?
a) Yes
b) No

Q6. Which of the following type of coaching do you require?
a) Business Coaching
b) Team Coaching
c) Executive coaching

Q7. What according to you are your current organization performance issues?
a) Lack of employees
b) Lack of skill sets
c) Process management failure
d) Business process not streamlined
e) Lack of strategy

Q8. Which of the following areas do you need business coaching in?
a) Strategy creation
b) Brand Identity creation
c) Marketing
d) Sales
e) Customer Service
f) Project Management
g) Process Management

Q9. What objective do you want to achieve through business coaching?
a) Increase profits
b) Increase customer base
c) Increase market reach
d) Boost Sales
e) Learn new business skills
f) Streamline processes