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City employees, teachers to receive

increases; but how much is too much?

[Issue #776]
I read with considerable disappointment
the response of former school board mem-
bers to the recent salary settlement between
our school district and its employees. While
Im sure we all agree that the district needs
to stay solvent, it amazes me that so many
people who should know better are will-
ing to obtain that solvency on the backs of
teachers and other school employees.
One problem with fiscal management in
this district has always been an unwilling-
ness to budget for inflation adjustments for
salaries as we do for inflation in every other
kind of expenditure. What was the result of
this approach? When I first started with the
district, it boasted publicly about having
the highest salary schedule, not just in the
county, but in the state. (So much for the
current board policy being unprecedented!)
At that time board members and adminis-
trators seemed to grasp the idea that you get
what you pay for. As we lost that commit-
ment to paying the highest salary to get the
best teachers, more and more fine educators
have either left the district or passed up the
opportunity to come here. As a member
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Issue August 21, 2014 - August 27, 2014
briefs City Council approves utility
relocation permits and MOA with Metro Page 3
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One Book One City Page 7
briefs Public Works Commission recommends
water conservancy mandates Page 5
Three properties to be
added to the local register
of historic properties
But how much landmarking is too much?
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Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse (center) showed her support for California State Assembly 62nd District candidate Autumn
Burke (left) and 26th California State Senate candidate Ben Allen (right) at a fundraiser at Porta Vita on August 21
(see more photos on page 7.)
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Channel 10 Commission Schedule
Architectural Commission - Today at
5:00 p.m.
Recreation and Parks Commission -
Tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.
Beverly Hills View
University of Baltimore Law
Professor Michael Higginbotham
discusses his book, Ghosts of Jim
Crow: Ending Racisms in Post-Racial
America - Tonight at 9:30 p.m.
Brian Goldberg said. 'There`s something
flawed in our process when we get one can-
didate for this position this important and this
Goldberg said that he would have preferred
a more extensive applicant pool that included
external applicants.
Currently, Chief Academic Officer
Jennifer Tedford has been running the GATE
coordinator duties until the position is filled.
Board of Education member Lisa Korbatov
said that the GATE coordinator position is
better suited as a full-time position, and she
did not want to break up a cohesive first
grade. Korbatov suggested to have a K-8
librarian who could help run the GATE pro-
gram while at the same time run the libraries.
According to Chief Administrative Officer
Dawnalyn Murakawa-Leopard, another
search for potential applicants could take
weeks if the job posting were for a limited
amount of days and if interviews were set up
immediately. However, in reviewing exter-
nal candidates applications, the process to
check references, set up interviews, and per-
form background checks could amount up to
months before finding a suitable candidate.
'The longer we delay in getting support for
the program the more challenging it becomes
to really build the kind of program that we
proposed to you, Tedford said.

Board of Education request
for spending plan on $20,000
donation; tables item
The Board of Education tabled an item
that would allow a donation of $20,000 to
be spent on instructional materials and sup-
plies under the discretion of Beverly High
Principal Carter Paysinger on Tuesday.
A total of $25,275 was donated to Beverly
High; $75.00 from Doris B. Sebulsky and
$200 from Diane and Judith Weinstein
went towards the Sebulsky Scholarship; and
Shirley Wong donated $5,000 to the Best
Buddies Club, a special education program
and $20,000 which was allocated to a 'BHHS
00635.0 account.
According to Executive Director of Budget
Mary Anne McCabe, the donation account
that the $20,000 is allocated towards is used
to track this specific donation amount.
If anybody wants the report we can gen-
erate one based on how it was expended,
McCabe said.
Board of Education member Brian
Goldberg raised questions on if the princi-
pal should be able to handle that amount of
money and what kind materials and supplies
would the principal be able to purchase
According to Chief Administrative Officer
Dawnalyn Murakawa-Leopard, based on
donor constraints the principal does have dis-
cretion on how the funds are spent. However,
based on the BHUSD`s process, the principal
would make a request through the business
office to make sure that the purchase is
in compliance with the appropriate expen-
ditures. A purchase order will be made,
and Murakawa-Leopard will sign off on the
All of that would be reviewed prior to the
actual order being placed and materials being
procured, Murakawa-Leopard said.
The Board of Education would then see
the approved purchase order on the consent
We can ask for a spending plan so that we
know exactly where [the funds] are going,
Superintendent Gary Woods said.
Los Angeles County 3rd
Supervisorial District forum
to be held September 16
The UCLA Government and Community
Relations will be hosting a candidate forum
for the Los
A n g e l e s
County 3rd
District on
September 16
at UCLA.
Sheila Kuehl
and Bobby
Shriver will
speak on their
positions on
issues con-
cerning the
area, such as
and economic
At t endees
will be able
to participate
in live tweet-
ing while at
the event by
using hashtag
The forum will be held at Macgowan Hall
August 28-September 3, 2014 Page 7
briefs cont. on page 8
briefs cont. from page 5
Ben Allen and Autumn
Burke candidate reception
Porta Via Restaurant
August 21
Judi Lawenda, Autumn Burke, Yvonne Burke, and Ron Rosen
Sam Yebri, Autumn Burke, and Howard Welinsky
Yvonne Burke, Autumn Burke, and Bill Burke
James McGrath, Ben Allen, and Louise Nutt
Sheila Kuehl
Bobby Shriver

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