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Why Nurses Pursue Other Healthcare Degrees?

In the past decade, nursing has been one of the most
sought of course by incoming college students as well as
aspiring second coursers. Every year, new nursing applicants
would work hard to be able to pass a stringent list of
requirements to be accepted in a prestigious nursing school.
Some by God's grace will succeed but some unfortunately do
he sudden boom of nursing applicants and nurses was
entirely due to the high demand of the nursing !ob abroad. he
growing number of opportunities overseas was a more than
enough lure for fresh high school grad students as well as those
who wish to take nursing as a second course. he mentality
that has been planted on their minds is practicality and that a
!ob abroad would mean that it would provide "nancial stability.
#ut that doesn't hold true today because now that once sweet
dream of going across seas has turned sour. o date, there has
been a slow, dwindling demand for nurses abroad and less !ob
opportunities locally yet there is still a continuous and growing
supply of nurses. his means that the !ob market for nurses has
reached a saturation point that the course is now thought to be
unemployable. his leaves us with the question, $ow will new
nurses be able to work abroad if they can't even land a !ob and
gain e%perience in a local hospital& he answer to this question
rests only on the hands of the ones who are responsible for
giving !obs to people.
'lthough there are presently no slots for new or
unemployed nurses this does not mean that you will put your
lives on hold. (aced with the given circumstances, this does not
have to be a sob story at this moment because your life not
only revolves in nursing.
' probable solution is to move on and pursue other
healthcare degrees like )harmacy, *edical technology,
)hysical therapy and the like. Some others are brave enough to
even conquer and transcend beyond nursing and take up a
+octorate in *edicine.
Reasons why nurses and nursing graduates pursue
other healthcare degrees:
,.- Some will decide that it is the most sound decision at
the moment and others eventually "nd it to be their
real calling.
..- Some who were able to e%perience what it is to be a
nurse in a hospital goes to pursue other
healthcare/medical "elds because they "nd the nursing
!ob too demanding and stressful that they easily get
burned out.
Of all courses why still pursue a healthcare/medical
0urses will tend to pursue any of the healthcare/medical
courses because they have something in common with nursing
and that is dealing with the health and illness of a human
being. #asically, people !ust like to gravitate around things they
"nd something in common with. It is easier to pursue those
other healthcare/medical courses because for sure the
concepts that will be discussed are some that you have already
learned in nursing, thus, adjustment is easier.
's a nurse, I bet you are very much acquainted and familiar
with how every healthcare professional works so you assume
the jo will de!nitely e easy.
Some will choose to pursue other healthcare/medical courses
because they are not much of a stressful career to get into.
(inally, one of the many reasons is that these
healthcare/medical careers have way etter pay.
If ever you decide on pursuing a new career path !ust
make sure that it is something that you really wish to do and
not something you are pressured to do.