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Accreditati on: is official authority to take a certai n acti on.
Acquit: to acqui t someone means to deci de offici al l y that someone i s not a
Address: to address someone means to speak to someone using a formal
word or pharase.
Adj udicate: when somebody adj udicates, he acts as a j udge i n a formal
Al l ri se the clerk says al l ri se when the j udge enters a courtroom. At thi s
poi nt, everyone show stand up
Appeal : an appeal is a request for a deci sion to be investigated agai n
Appeal : to appeal means to ask for a problem to be i nvestigated agai n, i n
order to have a decision change
Approach: to approach somethi ng means to go nearer to it
Arraignment: an arraignment is when to go nearer to it
Assault: assault means attacki ng another person
Assertion: an assertion i s a statement of one´s bel i efs
Attorney: an attorney i s a person who works in l aw and gi ves legal advi ce.
Authority: authority is the right to control peopl e or organi zati ons
Bai l iff : the bai l iff is an officer i n court who keeps order and enforces good
behavi or.
Bankruptcy: bankruptcy i s the situation when a person announces to a court
that he has no money
Battery: battery means hurti ng another person
Bel i ef : a bel ief is somethi ng that you thi nk is, but may not real l y be true
Bench: the bench i s the name for the pl ace where a j udge sits in court.
Bi ased: if a person´s opi ni ons are bi ased, then they show unreasonabl e
preferences that are based and personal opi ons
Bureaucracy: bureaucracy i s an admi nistrati ve system ran by many offices,
admi ni strators are petty offici al s, it normal ly i nvol ves l arge amonunts of
offici al paperwork.
Capital puni shment : capital punishment means punishing a person wi th death
Case annotati on: case annotati os are arti cl es about i ndi vi dual legal cases.
Charge: to charge someone means to accuse them formal l y of a cri me
Checkl i st: checkl i st is a l i st of thi ngs you must do or that you must recei ve, so
cal l ed because check off or cross aout each item once i t has been compl eted.
Ci te: to ci te somethi ng is to wri te i nformation that you found i n anogher book
and mention who wrote it original
Ci vi l : if a case i s ci vi l , it invol ves citi zen´s pri vate rights as di stinguished from
a cri minal prosecuti on.
Ci vi l l aw: ci vi l law i s law whi ch deal s wi th di sputes between i ndivi dual s and/or
organi zati ons.
Cl ai m: people make a claim when they ask for something that they bel ieve
shoul d belong to them.
Cl erk of the court : a cl erk of the court is a person who assists the j udge whi t
wri ti ng or admi nistration.
Commit a crime: to commit a crime means to disobey or break the l aw.
Compensation: compensation i s an award to make op for a wrongdoing that
affected you in the past.
Compl ai nt: a complaint is an accusation i n a ci vi l court
Compl i ance: compl i ance is when peopl e obey an order or request.
Computeri zed database: i s a col l ecti on of texts and i nformation whi ch is
avai l abl e on a computer.
Concurrent: If authority is concurrent, it can be shared by different legal
bodi es
Constitutional : if a l aw i s contitututi onal , it i s connected wi th the way the
state or country is governed, especial l y wi th regards to the rights of the
people i n that place.
Correspondence: i s letters and emai l.
Court: a court is a place where j usti ci e is admi ni stered
Court reporter: i s person who writes everythi ng that is said in court.
Court rul e: are the regul ati os that people must fol l ow i n court
Credi bi l ity: if something has credi bi l ity, it is bel i evabl e.
Crime: a crime i s an acti on whi ch is agai nst the l aw
Damages: are they money a person recei ves to compensate for l oss or i nj ury
Demand package
Di gest
Di sci pl inary acti on
Di scovery
Di screti onary
Di spute
Di strick court
Documentati on
Due process
El i ci t
Excl usi ve
Expert wi tness
Eyewi tness
Eyewi tnees
Federal court
Fee agreement
Fi ne
Fi rsthand
Form book
Form letter
Forum shoppi ng
Fri endl y wi tness
Government agency
Hosti l e wi tness
Hung j ury
Initi ate
Inj unction
Intake memo
Jai l
Jeopardi ze
Juri sdicti on
Jury box
Jury duty
Lawsui t
Legal acti on
Legal body
Legal encyclopedi a
Legal system
Legisl ati on
Li abi l ity
Li cense
Li tigati on
Medi cal record
Mi stri al
Negl igence
Negoti ate
Obtai n
Off the record
Paral egal
Perj ury
Personal j uri sdi cti on
Pertai n
Pl ai ntiff
Pl ea bargai n
Pol i ce report
Pol i cy
Prej udi ced
Presi de
Pre-tri al heari ng
Primary materi als
Probati on
Proceedi ngs
Prosecuti on
Puni sh
Puniti ve
Qual if icati on
Regul ation
Rel evant
Resol ve
Retai ner agreement
Rul e i n someone´s favor
Smal l cl aims court
Special i zed
State court
State law
Subj ect j uri sdicti on
Supreme court
Sear i n
Sworn i n
Terminati on
Territorial j uri sdicti on
Tort law
Tri al
Under oath
Val i d
Verdi ct
Your honor