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Step One: We admitted that we are powerless over the sin in our
lives and as a result our life actions and attitudes had become
unbearable to ourselves and to others, including God.
Step Two: We came to believe that Christ Jesus is an actual saving
Power, Who can restore us to sanity and wholeness.
Step Three: We made a decision to bind our wills and lives over to
the care of Christ Jesus, as the New Testament understands Him.
Step Four: We humbly submitted to the saving Power of Christ's
Death and Resurrection through our public confession of faith in
Him and Baptism in water and the Holy Spirit.
Step Five: We made a searching and fearless oral inventory of
ourselves and our actions in the light of the Holy Spirit and the
Gospels of Jesus Christ
Step Six: We admitted the exact nature of our wrong attitudes and
actions to God, ourselves and another human being.
Step Seven: We were entirely ready to surrender our characters'
attitudes and actions to be reborn in Christ through the saving
Power of His Death and Resurrection.
Step Eight: We made a list of all the people we had harmed with
our attitudes and actions and became willing to make Gospel
based amends to them all.
Step Nine: We made direct, Gospel based amends to repair our
relationships with such people whenever possible, except when
doing so would cause hurt or injury to them or others.
Step Ten: We continued to take personal inventory and when we
were wrong in our actions or attitudes we promptly admitted it to
ourselves, to God and another human being.
Step Eleven: We sought through Bible based prayer, meditation
and Holy Communion, as understood in the Gospels, to improve
our conscious contact with God, and our care for others, praying
for the knowledge of God's will and destiny for us and the Divine
Power to carry that will out, one day at a time.
Step Twelve: Because of the spiritual rebirth that we experienced
as a result of God working through these steps, we carry this Good
News to other people struggling in life, and to practice these
Gospel principles in all of our affairs.
Tradition One: As believers in the saving Power of Jesus Christ our
common welfare should come first; our personal healing, recovery and
wholeness in God depends on our common unity as the Body of Christ
around the Gospels' teachings and the living Person of Jesus Christ in
the Power of the Holy Spirit
Tradition Two: For our group purpose as the Body of Christ there should
be only one Ultimate Authority-the Lord God of Love expressed in the
Gospels and the influence of the Holy Spirit's guidance through the
group conscience. Our leaders are trusted servants, they do not exclude
or dictate, but lead through anointed gifts and examples.
Tradition Three: The only requirement for joining the Church is a desire
to have a new life in Christ. Hence, we refuse none who want to find the
Lord and change through His Cross and Resurrection. We refuse no
adult from participation in Holy Communion, letting the Lord's Presence
touch them as He wills.
Tradition Four: Each Church fellowship should work with its leadership
autonomously, except in matters affecting other Church fellowships or
the Body of Christ as a whole. No individual, group or region should
take any action in the Name of the Church, without consulting the group
and its service leadership.
Tradition Five: Each Church fellowship has but one primary purpose-to
carry this Gospel message to the person still suffering without new life
in Christ
Tradition Six: A Church fellowship ought never to directly endorse,
finance, or lend the name of the Church to any related facility or outside
enterprise, lest problems of money, prestige, property and prestige
divert us from our primary purpose of reaching others.
Tradition Seven: Every Church fellowship should strive to become fully
self-supporting by its members voluntary contributions, declining
outside support. Money should be used to further the mission of the
Church, not to accumulate, beyond prudent reserves, for no stated
Church purpose.
Tradition Eight: Our Church should be run primary by the members
using their gifts from God. But our service centers for the Church may
employ special workers in the five fold ministries; except in the day to
day outreach of the Twelve Steps.
Tradition Nine: The Church as such should not be overly organized. The
service ministries should arise and be filled as needed as callings from
the God through the members. Service always comes first for both the
leadership and the members.
Tradition Ten: The Church has no opinion on outside issues, the name
of the Church should not be drawn into public fads or controversy;
especially concerning politics and personalities or the direct criticism of
other fellowships or religions.
Tradition Eleven: Our public relations policy is based upon the witness
of attraction rather than promotion; we need to maintain low, personal
profiles in the Church, focusing more on the Message and less on
Tradition Twelve: Anonymity in Christ is the spiritual foundation of the
Church's traditions, ever reminding us of our equal place in the Lord and
the call to elevate Him and Gospel principles before personalities. This
is the way to practice humility and to live in praise and reliance on the
Lord in all things.

Listen to me, children of God.
Listen to me with your soul,
I have something to say.
Turn your ears this way.

Listen to me, children of God
Listen with your heart.
Our Father knows when we are hurt.
Be it of flesh or soul.
Do you think He would turn you away? NO!

Our Father in Heaven made our bodies and souls.
Therefore, this drug and that alcohol you feel you need deep down in your
soul, you don’t need to make you whole.
Listen, my children, if you tired of pain and sorrow these drugs bring,
Remember God can make your souls sing!
Just ask our Father to take control.
Cast out Satan. Don’t let him be in control.

When you feel the need for alcohol or drugs,
When your mind says: Maybe one drink,
Or just a little of this drug,
Picture Satan with a smile, just a little too smug.
He’ll give you that alcohol or drug.

Tell Satan to GO AWAY!
You have no home here to stay.
My Father in Heaven rules this heart,
Satan, depart!

Listen my children,
Tell your Father you are sorry.
He’ll listen to you.
He can help take this need away.
Come make your home in my heart.
Thank You, God for being so smart.

Thank You, Lord for being willing to live in my heart.
That’s a great place to start.
Thank You, Lord; You promised to never abandon me.
Thank You for taking me across Your knee!

For we all need discipline as well as love.
With your forgiveness, we’ll be as pure as a dove.
Give me the strength to never do drugs or alcohol again.
Ask Him every moment, if the thought appears again.

Lord, take this, take this addiction away!
This is the only way I can reclaim my life.
And receive true peace body and soul.

Listen children. The road from addiction isn’t easy.
Satan always tries to worm back in, you see.
Pray to Our Heavenly Father every day
God, give me Your will, show me the way.

Father, give me peace of heart and soul.
Thank you, Father for never being far away.
Our Father said, Listen children, I love you!
You are my child.

Listen, children come to me.
I will make you see.
I’ll give you all the love you’ll ever need.
I will meet all of your needs.
Put your faith in Me.

In Me you can do anything.
I can cure any addiction you bring
Miracles like this you’re never seen before.
Just open the door.

Always call My Name ,
I’ll send Satan and his evil away.
You’ll never be the same,
If you keep Me with you every second of the Day…

Inspired by God. Written by Sheila