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Vision that Builds
Lasting Success
Be what you dream to be…
Maryam Qureshi
This document will facilitate you in understanding in detail the concepts being
taught in the workshop !t contains details on the "ersonal #astery and how it helps
in de$eloping a $ision% the Vision &ramework the 'haracteristics of Visionary "eople
and how to translate your Vision into (eality

V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
Table of 'ontents
Preface 3
ntro!uctions 4
"rainin# $orms an! %ui!elines for Partici&ants5
'earnin# (b)ecti*es of this +orksho&6
,-."($ 1/ 0$ $"1(23."($ "( 4,($
nsert 0/
.ha&ter 1/ Personal Mastery 8
The 'oncept of "ersonal #astery% Ad$antages of -olding "ersonal #astery%
De$eloping "ersonal #astery
.ha&ter 2/ "he 2isci&line of Personal Mastery 'ea!in# towar!s the
)hat a Vision is% "ositi$e Vs Negati$e Vision% -olding Tension% 'reati$e Tension%
+motional Tension
.ha&ter 6/ ,hare!
The 'omponent of Shared Vision% Shared Vision ; A )ay to the Alignment of
!ndi$iduals< Visions for a "otential )isdom of Team% The Bene=ts +merging from a
Shared Vision% >)hat?% >)hy? 1 >-ow?
nsert 0/ 7our 4ision for a Particular
nsert 8/ nitial
.ha&ter 4/ 9unctions an! .haracteristics of
.ha&ter :/ "he 9ull Picture of
'ore !deology% 'ore Values% 'ore Values of an !ndi$idual% 'orporate 'ore Values%
'ore "urpose% DiAerence Between "urpose and Vision% Desired &uture% #ega /oals
B#/sC% 'haracteristics of #/s% .ltimate #/s% !ntermediate #/s% Vi$id Description
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
,-."($ 2/ ";- MP(1"0$.- (9 4,($
.ha&ter 6/ "he ,i#ni5cance of 4ision an! ;ow it .ulti*ates
The Signi=cance of Vision% The Disad$antages of Not -a$ing a Vision% Dream a
Desired New (eality% The "rocess of +n$isioning
,-."($ 6/ "31$ 7(31 4,($ $"( 0 1-0'"7
.ha&ter </ .haracteristics of 4isionary
.ha&ter =/ 4ision 8lue&rint 4ia
+mbrace the 'hutDpah of !magination% The Vision #antra% .se Visual Tools To See 1
Achie$e 2our Vision% !mportance of Vision Blueprint
.ha&ter >/
.ha&ter 10/ 8alancin# of
The Balance in Life &ramework% Sample List of DiAerent (oles in Life
.ha&ter 11/ 3ltimate ,ub*isions ?3,4s@
&inding 'orresponding (oles for .SVs% The !mportance of 'omprehensi$eness for
)riting .SVs
0&&en!ix 0/ "he 2iAerent 2e5nitions of 4ision an!
0&&en!ix 8/
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities

"Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the
happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.” B 0n!y
)elcome to -xtra MileCs )orkshop on*

Vision that Builds asting !uccess
The main aim is to identify clear and meaningful ways to en$ision the Vision !n this
workshop the entire focus is inclined on building a $isionary thought through the
learning about moti$ation% change and most importantly about the concept of
Vision because a life without a Vision is a life without a direction% a life full of
confusions and contradictions
This workshop has been designed to gi$e you the fundamental paradigms% tools and
the language to address this compleE yet important subFect This workshop will not
only empower your concepts and personality but it will also set the ground for
making your organiDation powerful
Designed to facilitate your learning in this workshop% this manual has the summary
of key concepts% de=nitions and eEercises
During my life eEperiences% ! got to learn that how a man can turn the impossible
real by getting moti$ated !% like many other people% ha$e learnt the importance of
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
change and how imperati$e it is to embrace the right change at the right time !
ha$e also learnt that ha$ing a clear Vision lessens the chances of failure ,$er the
course of the period that ! ha$e li$ed like any other indi$idual ! ha$e learnt the
signi=cance of moti$ating others and get moti$ated by others
! pray to ALLA- BswtC that this knowledge enriches your life ! wish you a wonderful
learning eEperience%
Best "egards,
#ohammad $aroo%ue &li
$ounder and 'irector
-xtra Mile D'etCs #o beyon!E


-x&ectations from this +orksho&/

V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
)raining *orms and +uidelines for the
"imin#s/ )hile following time schedules is $ery important in all aspects of our
li$es% it is all the more so at training workshops !t is highly appreciated that
participants take into consideration the importance to be punctual The break
timings will be foretold and so it is eEpected that participants follow them strictly
and get back to their respecti$e places on time after e$ery break period
Mobile/.ell Phones* )e belie$e that training is the full time assignment Like all
other organiDational acti$ities% training should be undertaken with full concentration
and seriousness The ringing of mobile phones disturbs the whole group and sets
back the training process% often se$erely Accordingly% we cannot make any
allowance or compromise on mobile phone usage inside the training room )hile we
strongly urge participants to keep their phones turns oA% if that is not possible% the
sets may be kept on silent or $ibration mode Although emergency calls may be
attended by walking out of the room
Questions F 0nswers/ )e strongly reGuest participants to ask Guestions No
Guestion is irrele$ant or tri$ial )e shall deal with your Guestions in the following
=$e ways
9 Answer it immediately
@ Ask you to wait as the coming sectionBsC will co$er the rele$ant topic which will
then answer the Guestion
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
: Ask the indi$idual to meet the trainers later for a oneHonHone session Bwhen the
Guestion is $ery speci=c to the GuestionerC
3 "ut all Guestions on hold for a speci=c time
4 Admit our lack of knowledge and try to =nd the answer which may be gi$en at a
subseGuent time
+orksho& 'an#ua#e/ Depending largely on the choice of the participants Band
partially on the facility of the trainersC% the training shall be conducted in +nglish%
.rdu or a miE of both the languages
$ames for certi5cates* "lease =ll out the sheet which will be circulated for
ascertaining the correct and full names to be written on the certi=cates
$ames on the manual/ "articipants are reGuested to please write their names on
the manuals and keep them securely at all times
4aluables/ All $aluables like mobile phones must be kept on the person of the
participantsH and especially so when lea$ing the training room% especially when
going for lunch and breaks The organiDers are unable to assume any responsibility
for the loss of misplaced of lost $aluables
earning ob,ectives of -Vision )hat
Builds asting !uccess. /or0shop
8y the en! of the worksho& you shoul! ha*e learnt the
)he technical meaning of the words1
* Vision
* Mission
* Purpose of the Vision
* Core Ideology
* Core Values
* Core Purpose
* Excellence
* Mandated and Elective Roles
* Ultimate Suvisions
'etails of the following concepts1
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
*!he concept of Personal Mastery
*!he concept of Creative !ension
*!he concept of Emotional !ension
*!he concept of "inding one#s Voice
*!he component of Shared Vision
*!he di$erent "unctions of Vision
*!he di$erent Characteristics of Vision
*!he di$erent Characteristics of Visionary people
*!he concept of Mega %oals &M%s'
*(o) to trigger the Process of Envisioning
*"ormat for *eveloping our Ultimate Suvisions &USVs' ased on our "inal Selection
of Mandated and Elective roles
(*!E") &1 2'e3nitions”
Meanin# of the wor! (mportant

)itles of concepts
M-0$$%, +(12, +(12
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
Select a word from the
list which best depicts
the following meaning*
IThe picture of the
future that one wants to
Select a word from the
list which best depicts
the following meaning*
IThe reason for seeing
this picture of the
Select a word from the
list which best depicts
the following meaning*
I-ow will this future be
/oal setting%
Long (ange "lanning%
45&P)E" 61 2Personal #astery”
)hat strange creatures human beings are
+Man surprised me most aout humanity ecause he sacri,ces his health in order
to ma-e money. !hen he sacri,ces money to recuperate his health. /nd then he is
so anxious aout the future that he does not en0oy the present1 the result eing
that he does not live in the present or the future1 he lives as if he is never going to
die2 and then dies having never really lived.3
I Dalai Lama 0!V
The future might be anyone<s guess Almighty ALLA- swt has created us the
greatest of all creations -+ has made a thingH (ope to make us belie$e that what
we hold as our desires is also achie$able as a reality )hat all we need to do is to
follow our dreams of a better world% and keep on trying% e$en when there seems to
be little hope% because it is the right thing to do as e$ery act of compassion makes a
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
Set your $ision on where you want to be% by focusing on where you are now% and
take each step% moment by moment
"he .once&t of Personal Mastery
"ersonal #astery has been described as the -discipline of personal growth and
learning<L while this includes attaining a high le$el of technical and professional
!t is the discipline of continually clarifying and deepening our personal $ision% of
focusing our energies% of de$eloping patience% and of seeing reality obFecti$ely The
discipline of personal mastery starts with clarifying the things that really matter to
us% of li$ing our li$es in the ser$ice of our highest aspirations
Let<s be clear* personal mastery is a lifeHlong Fourney and pursuit% and is not
something to possess or a destination to arri$e at Learning and growth need to take
place on multiple le$els including spiritual% mental% emotional% social% and physical
"eople ha$e their own will% their own mind% and their own way of thinking They rush
too much with worried minds and are impatient of results That is why one of the
most important things people need is the spiritual strength. But unfortunately% we
ha$e cut oursel$es oA this !f people are not moti$ated themsel$es% there will simply
be no personal growth and no learning The discipline related to personal gro)th
and learning has been coined as >PE"!7*& #&!)E"8.” !t is although grounded
in competence and skills% it goes beyond these two The word >masteryG suggests
gaining dominance o$er people and things But mastery can also mean >a special
level of pro,ciency32 in e$ery aspect of life whether it is personal or professional !t
reGuires spiritual growth which simply means approaching one<s life as a creati$e
work% li$ing life from a creati$e as opposed to reacti$e $iewpoint
+4e can ta-e one of t)o roads in life5 6ne is the road2 )ell7traveled road to
mediocrity2 the other the road to greatness and meaning.3
MStephen 'o$ey
0!*anta#es of ;ol!in# Personal Mastery/
H"eople with a high le$el of &ersonal mastery are acutely aware of their
ignorance% their incompetence% and their growth areas
H"eople with a high le$el of &ersonal mastery li$e in a continual learning mode
H"eople with high le$el of &ersonal mastery are more committed
HPersonal mastery enables people to take more initiati$es
H"eople with &ersonal mastery learn faster
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
HPersonal mastery makes people ha$e a broader and deeper sense of
2-4-'(P$% P-1,($0' M0,"-17/
The way to de$elop a sense of &ersonal mastery is to approach it as a discipline%
as a series of practices and principles that must be applied to be useful
As a result when &ersonal mastery becomes a discipline in our li$es% it embodies
two underlying mo$ements The =rst is continually clarifying what is important to
us .ltimately this realiDation compels us to craft a $ision The second is continually
learning how to see current reality more clearly
The ability to focus on ultimate intrinsic desires% not only on secondary goals% is a
cornerstone of personal mastery
Personal Mastery must e a discipline. It is a process of continually focusing
and refocusing on )hat one truly )ants2 on one#s vision.
P-1,($0' M0,"-17 .3'"40"-, ";- ;08" (9 8-$% P1(0."4-/
As we already know that things donOt Fust happen themsel$es )e make them
happen through the choices we make in our li$es Through the concept of "ersonal
#astery% we continually impro$e and become more capable of making right choices
at right time +$ery moment or situation pro$ides a new choice and so we get a
perfect opportunity to do things diAerently to produce more positi$e results
To be "roacti$e is about +ta-ing responsiility for your life3 !t is tiresome to keep
blaming others "roacti$e people% on the other hand% recogniDe that they are
accountable for what happens to them "eople% with high le$el of "ersonal #astery%
know they choose their beha$ior
$.3'.0"($ (9 ";, ;08"/
To be proacti$e means to positi$ely handle your own e$ents !n short responding
positi$ely to the stimuli is being proacti$e
!t has been pointed out that there<s a gap between stimulus and response Between
stimulus and response is your greatest power ie the freedom to make choice Thus%
people can instill this habit by focusing their time and energy in making choices on
things at least they can control This is because this habit introspects 'ontrolling
oneself is necessary before you start controlling the situations around you
!n case there is a man Ali -e was keeping his eyes out for the promotion -e was
con=dent that he would get it because he worked really hard in the past few years
Ne$ertheless% when the time of promotion arri$ed% Ali<s boss promoted someone
else who was the competitor of Ali
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
Ali was disappointed and felt deHmoti$ated -is prompt response to this stimulus
was he felt like resigning from the Fob because his eAorts ha$e not been recogniDed
)hich choice would Ali make to respond to such stimulusJ
.hoice 1* !f Ali responded to his feelings and the obFectionable decision of his boss%
he might not show up to work% Fump o$er some important meetings etc
.hoice 2* ,n the other hand% he could choose to stick to his core $alues of being
moti$ated% committed% and cooperati$e By choosing this response% Ali would
continue supporting his boss -e would hold himself responsible for why he was
o$erlooked for the promotion% gi$e his best to his Fob and ful=ll his commitments
No doubt% .hoice 2 has a greater positi$e impact to Ali% his family% friends%
colleagues as well as the organiDation Therefore% there will be more chances that
Ali identi=es his Paws and impro$es to reach on the top of his dreams in coming
There are basically two circles into where all the problems% challenges% and
opportunities we face fallHH4ircle of 4oncern and 4ircle of (n9uence
.ircle of nHuence F .ircle of .oncern/
The proacti$e approach ad$ises to only focus on concerns that we ha$e control o$er
The >circle of concern? contains the issues which are beyond our control )ithin the
circle of concern there is a smaller >circle of inPuence? that only contains stuA that
we can actually control
The point is that we should only spend our energy on issues that we can do
something about !n short focus only on problems that lie within our >circle of
!t is easy to say and hard to do But when we hold the habit of being proacti$e% we
are more passionate and passion dri$es us to control things adeGuately
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
45&P)E" :1 2)he 'iscipline 7f Personal
#astery eading )owards )he Vision”
#ost adults ha$e little sense of real $ision% they usually see goals and obFecti$es as
their $ision but $ision is a totally diAerent thing
+;0" 0 4,($ ,/
The simplest way to de=ne Vision is that >Vision is the picture of the future one
)ants to see.3 -owe$er% it reGuires a lot more understanding to fully know what
$ision is
Vision is multifaceted ,ne face of the $ision is the material facet like where one
wants to li$e and how much money one desires to ha$e etc The other face is the
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
personal facet2 such as health% freedom and being true to oneself There is a service
facet too such as helping others or contributing to the state of knowledge in a =eld
All the faces are what anyone can truly want !n addition to this clarifying one<s
$ision is one of the easier aspects of personal mastery
)hen we craft a $ision% we try to manipulate oursel$es into greater eAort towards
what we want by creating arti=cial conPict% such as through focusing on a$oiding
what we don<t want This notion is termed as -conHict mani&ulationC.
.nfortunately most people operate through conPict manipulation by focusing on
getting away from what they do not want% rather than on creating what they want
'onseGuently% this gi$es rise to negative 8 positive $isions
>Vision is seeing a future state )ith the mind#s eye. Vision is applied
MStephen 'o$ey
P(,"4- 4-1,3, $-%0"4- 4,($
>)hat do we wantJ? is diAerent from >)hat do we want to a$oidJ? The fact is that
negati$e $isions are probably more common than positi$e $isions
Negati$e $isions BconHict mani&ulationC are common where societies are
continually bombarded with $isions of >antidrug%? >antismoking%? >antiwar%? or
>antiHnuclear energy? Negati$e $isions carry a subtle feeling of powerlessness They
are ine$itably short term The person is moti$ated as long as the threat persists
,nce it lea$es% so does the person<s $ision
"ositi$e $ision holds the power of aspiration for what one wants to ha$e in future
According to Senge% aspiration endures as a continuing source of learning and
growth Vision becomes a li$ing force only when people truly belie$e they can shape
their future
;('2$% I"-$,($G/
"eople often ha$e great diQculty talking about their $isions% e$en when the $isions
are clear The reason is simple which is because we are acutely aware of the gaps
between our $ision and reality &or eEample% >! would like to start my own
company%? but >! don<t ha$e the capital? Such kinds of gaps can make a $ision
seem unrealistic or fanciful )hen we ha$e an idea in our minds about what we
would like our reality to be but we recogniDe that our current reality is far below this
ideal% the result is >tension?
.1-0"4- "-$,($/
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
But tension is not always bad because the gap between $ision and current reality is
also a source of energy !f there was no gap% there would be no need for any action
to mo$e towards the $ision !ndeed% the gap is the source of creati$e energy )e call
this gap >creative tension.?
!magine a rubber band stretched between your $ision and current reality )hen
stretched% the rubber band creates tension% representing the tension between $ision
and current reality And that particular tension is the creative tension.
&or Senge% personal mastery is dependent upon what he terms a Rcreati$e tension<
between $ision BRwhat we want<C and an honest assessment of reality BRwhere we
are relati$e to what we want<C &or those capable of a high le$el of personal
mastery% this tension is a highly positi$e force They $iew reality as an Rally< and
$ision as Ra calling rather than simply a good idea<
-M("($0' "-$,($/
,ften the word tension leads to feelings or emotions associated with anEiety such
as sadness% discouragement or hopelessness !t is important to realiDe that not
e$ery tension is positi$e and harmless There are negati$e emotions as well which
are not creati$e like creati$e tension but rather destructi$e This tension is what we
call emotional tension.
+motional tension creates the picture of the $ision in such a way that the $ision
seems not happening !t leads towards Rlowering the $isionK< )hen we hold a $ision
that diAers from current reality% a gap eEists Bthe creative tension' which can be
resol$ed in two ways
45&P)E" ;1 2!hared Vision”
";- .(MP($-$" (9 ,;01-2 4,($/
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
The key $ision Guestion is -/hat do we want to create together<.
Another essential component is the idea of shared $ision Shared Visions emerge
from personal $isions If people don#t have their o)n vision2 all they can do is +sign
up” for someone else#s. !he result is compliance2 never commitment.
Vision spreads because of a reinforcing process of increasing clarity% enthusiasm%
communication% and commitment As people talk% the $ision grows clearer As it gets
clearer% enthusiasm for its bene=ts builds
Shared $ision is the diAerence between people doing work because they are told to
and doing it because they want to !t is closely linked with personal mastery and the
creation of creati$e tension% with Senge stating that personal mastery is the
Rbedrock for de$eloping shared $isions<
An organiDational $ision is not truly shared until it connects with the personal
$isions of e$eryone inside the organiDation &or eEample% Senge warns those in
leadership positions not to assume that their $ision is the organiDation<s $ision
simply by being a leader !nstead% leaders must be prepared to share their $ision
and to ask for support rather than Fust announce it
Senge said in his book% "he 9ifth 2isci&lineD the art and practice of the learning
>/ vision is truly shared )hen you and I have a similar picture and are committed to
one another having it2 not 0ust to each of us2 in individually having it. 4hen people
truly share a vision they are connected2 ound together y a common aspiration.3
&inally% Senge stresses that a successful organiDational $ision is% by de=nition% an
amalgam of the $isions of e$ery employee in that organiDation
,;01-2 4,($D a way to the ali#nment of in!i*i!ualsC
*isions for a &otential wis!om of teams/
The fundamental characteristic of the relati$ely unaligned team is +)asted energy.3
!ndi$iduals may work eEtraordinarily hard% but their eAorts do not eQciently
translate to team eAort By contrast when a team becomes more aligned% a
commonality of direction emerges% and indi$iduals< energy harmoniDes The Synergy
de$elops That is why to share your $ision is immensely imperati$e !t con$erts
indi$iduals into a team and the $ision is then best achie$ed
!t is more important on organiDational le$el because organiDations work in a team
The Shared $ision becomes an eEtension of people<s personal $isions !n fact%
alignment is the necessary condition before empowering the indi$idual will
empower the whole team To bring alignment it is important to share the $ision
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
The conseGuences of empowering the indi$idual when there is a relati$ely low le$el
of alignment will worsen the chaos and can make managing the team e$en more
diQcult Therefore% the neEt important thing to shared $ision is the alignment of the
indi$iduals< $isions
!t is important to unite people into one $oice% one great purpose ,ne way to do this
would be to articulate the $ision% $alues and purpose out loud to people The
moment e$eryone agrees on the announced $ision% the process of making the $ision
come true begins to seem easier and achie$able ,nce the $ision is shared half the
battle is won
";- 8-$-9", -M-1%$% 91(M ,;01-2 4,($/
H!n a corporation% a shared $ision changes people<s relationship with the company !t
is no longer >their company?L it becomes >our company?
HA shared $ision is the =rst step in allowing people who mistrusted each other to
begin to work together
H!t creates a common identity !n fact% an organiDation<s shared sense of purpose%
$ision% and operating $alues establish the most basic le$el of commonality
H)ith a shared $ision% we are more likely to eEpose our ways of thinking and
recogniDe personal and organiDational shortcomings
HShared $isions compel courage so naturally that the people don<t e$en realiDe the
eEtent of their courage
>Courage is simply doing )hatever is needed in pursuit of the vision.3
HShared $isions lead to a clear and uni=ed understanding and $alue for the >what%?
>why? and >how? of the $ision
I+;0"JG I+;7JG F I;(+G/
Building shared $ision is actually only one piece of a larger acti$ity There are some
other go$erning ideas as well to answer the )hat2 )hy 8 ho).
• Vision is the >)hat31 the picture of the future we seek to create
• "urpose is the >)hy3L the answer of the Guestion >why do we eEistJ? or >why
does the particular $ision eEistJ? "urpose seeks to contribute to the world !
some uniGue way% to add a distincti$e source of $alue
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
• 'ore $alue is the >ho)31 it answers the Guestion >how do we want to act%
towards achie$ing the $ision !t describes how one wants life to be on a dayH
toHday basis% while pursuing the $ision
"eople need $ision in their li$es to make the purpose more concrete and tangible
(*!E") B1 28our Vision for a Particular
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
/or0sheet1 /hat is your vision for the year :=;><
9our age in :;<=5
9our vision in :;<=5

(*!E") 41 2(nitial 4onsiderations”
"he *ision of health for three in!i*i!uals o*er the next 5*e
years/ Currently all three individuals are around <> years of age2 are en0oying
good health )ith no illnesses or complications. /ll of them are around > feet and ?
inches tall and )eigh around @; -g.
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
?.ate#ory 0@
?.ate#ory 8@
?.ate#ory .@
%((2 ;-0'";
1.+ei#ht* 64
2.+aist/ 62
6.Pulse* 57
'an Fog 4 km%
brisk walk of
7 km
%((2 ;-0'";
1. +ei#ht* 64H
7N kg
2. +aist/ :@H:3
6. Pulse* 64H7N
4. .holesterol/
%((2 ;-0'";
+orksheet/ m&act on in!i*i!ual choices base! u&on the
!iAerences in *isions for health/ "lease eEplain the types of diets%
eEercise regimens and schedules Bsleeping% eating% etcC that the three
indi$iduals will need to take to be able to reach their respecti$e $isions*
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
B'ategory AC
B'ategory BC
B'ategory 'C
(egularity in
lifestyle eg
sleeping etc
+orksheet/ m&act on in!i*i!ual choices base! u&on the
!iAerences in *isions for health/
Based on the workings of the pre$ious page% please answer the following Guestions*
Question 1* )ho amongst the three has the most direction in his life in regards to
what to eat% when and what to eEercise and how much to sleepJ
T Ahmed T Babar T Shaboo
Question 2* +$en if they donRt Guite reach their targets% who has a better chance
of ha$ing good health o$er the neEt =$e yearsJ
T Ahmed T Babar T Shaboo
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
Question 6* )hat percentage of people% if asked about their $ision of their health
o$er the neEt =$e years% will answer like Ahmed Bthis means will speak about things
like cholesterol% body fat ratio% pulse rate% endurance etcC% what percentage of
people will respond like Babar and what percentage will answer like 'hilloo which is
that they will Fust say good healthJ
The percentage of people who belong to 0hme!Ks cate#ory ?0@* S
The percentage of people who belong to 8abarKs cate#ory ?8@/ S
The percentage of people who belong to ,haboo Ks cate#ory ?.@/ S
Question 4* !n your $iew which category of people do you belong toJ
T 'ategory A BAhmedC T 'ategory B BBabarC T 'ategory ' BShabooC
Question :* )hich category would you like to belong toJ
T 'ategory A BAhmedC T 'ategory B BBabarC T 'ategory ' BShabooC
Question 6* )hy would you like to be in the category that you ha$e chosen

Question <* Based on the workings that you ha$e done in this eEercise% would it
be safe to say that maFority of the people doesn<t ha$e $ery clear $isions% especially
in the long termJ ?"rue/9alse@
Question =* Again based on the workings that you ha$e done% would it be safe to
say that the higher the clarity in oneRs $ision in a particular area of oneRs life% the
higher the chances of success in that areaJ ?"rue/9alse@
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
45&P)E" >1 2$unctions &nd
4haracteristics 7f Vision”
9unctions of a *ision/
9H Vision pro$ides direction
@H ,ne may get to face a se$ere risk if there is no correct and clear $ision
:H Vision is a root for moti$ation
3H Vision pro$ides all the arms and strength to wrestle ad$ersities
4H Vision helps in identifying opportunities and a$oiding pitfalls which otherwise
may not be readily apparent
5H Vision pre$ents the one from becoming the instrument of the undesired $ision
of someone else
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
+9ou can and should shape your o)n future1 ecause if you don#t someone else
surely )ill.3Voel Barker
.haracteristics of a *ision/
9 0chie*ability/ )hat are the possible ways and grounds that may help in
achie$ing your $ision within the limited a$ailable resources… that can be made
@ .oncreteness* The number of Guanti=able elements and degree of
Guanti=cation in those elements
?.ate#ory 0@
?.ate#ory 8@
?.ate#ory .@
/,,D -+ALT-
1. +ei#ht* 64 kg
2. +aist/ 62
6. Pulse* 57
4. .holesterol/ 140
:. 8o!yD9at 1atio*
6. -n!urance/ 'an Fog
4 km% brisk walk of 7 km
/,,D -+ALT-
1. +ei#ht* 64H7N kg
2. +aist/ 62D64
6. Pulse* 64H7N
4. .holesterol/ 1:0D
/,,D -+ALT-
: $obility/ Nobility is the degree to which your $ision touches the li$es of
people other than yourself for a greater good
3 'oftiness/ The minimum cost reGuired for the success of the $ision
:. %reatness* )hat is the cost that you are willing to bear for your $isionJ
!o the great usinessmen2 )inning is )hat it#s all aout2 ut only if others
)in )ith them.
6. .larity* 'larity is de=ned as a $ision ha$ing high lucidity and appropriate
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
45&P)E" ?1 2)he $ull Picture 7f )he
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
Vision is dependent on some important components There are two important
components of a $isionL 'ore !deology and Desired &uture The =rst and the maFor
component is the 'ore !deology
)5E 47"E ('E77+81
4ore (deology is absolutely integral to $ision setting 'ore !deology typically
means the Purpose 1 Values of a person The ideology acts as a communication
among people% about what they will always hold to set their goals accordingly
The "urpose 1 Values can be set in groups and they can also be created by an
indi$idual and then shared with others
'ore ideology de=nes the enduring characteristic of a person !n fact the most
lasting and signi=cant contribution of the architects of $isionary people is the core
4ore ideology @ 4ore Purpose A4ore value
47"E V&BE!1
'ore $alues are the beliefs and #ui!in# &rinci&les The core $alues of an
indi$idual are those $alues that heWshe holds which gi$e a sense of what is truly
important to the characteristics that the person couldn<t li$e without The core
$alues are so important that despite the changes in society% go$ernment% politics%
and technology occur% the core $alues are still to be abiding by !n an e$erHchanging
world% core $alues are constant 'ore $alues underlie our work% how interact with
one another% and which strategies we employ to ful=ll our $ision
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
47"E V&BE! 7$ &* (*'(V('B&1
There can be many personal $alues of an indi$idual &or eEample*
)hen you contemplate your personal $alues% you usually ha$e a sense of what is
truly important to youMthe characteristics that you couldn<t li$e without
'ore $alues can help people to know what is right from wrong ,ften% when you
hear someone discuss why they lo$e their friends% they mention that they ha$e the
same $alues !n this case% they are often talking about core $alues that dictate how
life is to be li$ed "arents also try to instill some positi$e core $alues in their
!ome eCamples of core values people hold may include1
A core $alue of ha$ing an aQliation with a religious institution
A core $alue of taking family as of fundamental importance
A core $alue that honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned
A core $alue of maintaining a healthy workWlife balance
,f course% core $alues donOt always ha$e to be positi$e Some people may be dri$en
by selfHinterest or greed% and these are core $alues too if they dictate the way the
people li$e their li$es
47"P7"&)E 47"E V&BE!1
!n the Book BUCI! !6 C/S!2 it has been found that 2companies tend to have only
a few core values, usually between three and 3ve”Dany more than this
and they believe that core values are being confused with other factors.
$rom their perspective, -core. means that a value is 2so fundamental and
deeply held that EitF will change seldom, if ever.”
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
'onsistent with this idea% they belie$e that core $alues cannot be created but must
instead be disco$ered
!ome eCamples of core values for a company might include1
>A commitment to inno$ation and eEcellence?% Apple 'omputer is perhaps best
known for ha$ing a commitment to inno$ation as a core $alue This is embodied by
their XThink DiAerentX motto
>A commitment to doing good for the whole%? /oogle% for eEample% belie$es in
making a great search engine
The point is that a great company decides for itself what $alues it should hold
There is no uni$ersally right set of core $alues &or eEample Sony doesnOt ha$e the
core $alue of customer ser$ice and Disney doesn<t ha$e the core $alue of market
focus etc
!he -ey is not )hat core values an organiDation has ut that it has core
values at all.
The core $alues that any person holds should not be more than three to =$e Also%
like the core purpose% the core $alues cannot be created but must instead be
disco$ered #oreo$er% whate$er the core $alues an organiDation or a person
disco$ers% should not be changed e$en after a 9NN years
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
(*!E") '1 4ore Values ECercise
47"E PB"P7!E1
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
2ou work at your best when you are in synchroniDation with your Xcore purposeX
'ore purpose depends on your beliefs !t de=nes the reason of the eEistence of any
indi$idual This could be what you think you were meant to do in your life 'larity
about your core purpose guides you through peaceful and unstable timesMand it
also reduces the stress and anEiety of trying to do something you don<t actually aim
to do
!n many ways% core purpose is similar to core $alues &or eEample it is deeply held
and unchanging% and it must be disco$ered rather than created "urpose moti$ates
and inspires A true purpose moti$ates to achie$e the $ision !t is surprising to know
that you might achie$e a goal or complete a strategy% you cannot ful=ll a purpose
The $ery fact that purpose cannot be fully realiDed means that an organiDation or an
indi$idual can ne$er stop stimulating change and progress
299-1-$.- 8-"+--$ P31P(,- F 4,($/
".(",S+ V!S!,N
"urpose is similar to a direction% a
general heading
Vision is a speci=c destination% a picture
of a desired future
"urpose is abstract Vision is concrete
"urpose is Rad$ancing man<s capability
to eEplore the hea$ens<
Vision is Ra man on the moon by the end
of the 985Ns
"urpose without $ision has no sense of eEistence too 'on$ersely% it is eGually true
that a $ision cannot be understood in isolation from the idea of "urpose By
"urpose% the indi$idual<s sense of why heWshe is ali$e is meant
'E!("E' $B)B"E1
The desired future does not eEist in the background like the core ideology !t
rather is found in the foreground that helps in focusing people<s attention on the
speci=c goals set to go nearer to the $ision
The desired future is the means through which core ideology is translated into a
tangible goal that stretches and challenges the company<s or an indi$idual<s $ision
Such goals are giant and challenging and are termed as #E+& +7&! Y#/sZ
)hat the desired future actually means is the planning criterion for the eEecution of
the $ision into reality !t consists of challenging #/s and an engaging picture of the
feeling when the #/ has been achie$ed B4i*i! 2escri&tionC
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
#+s G#E+& +7&!H
Visionary people set mega goals with a belief that they can achie$e them To set
#/s people ha$e to ha$e absurd selfHcon=dence or absurd selfHambition
>!f at =rst the idea is not absurd% then there is no hope for it?
Albert +instein
The easiest way to eEplain #/s is to describe them as stretching and challenging
goals which take a certain time period for their accomplishment
#/ should be concise and easy to understand !n short #+/A /,ALS aim to >de=ne
its destiny in broad but clear terms 2ou need an o$erarching message% something
big% but simple% short and understandable?
The desired future should be so eEciting in its own that it would continue to keep the
person moti$ated and this moti$ation leads to the audacity to set #/s Those
people and organiDations that ha$e their $ision clearly en$isioned hold inherent
capabilities to achie$e their mega goals% to prosper and ultimately succeed
>#/s are not out of sight but seem out of reach?
!n other words% you should be able to $isualiDe you achie$ing the $ision but it should
not be possible for you to reach out and take hold of the $ision straight away True
$ision is a balance between these paradoEical ideas of being out of reach but not
out of sight
Visionary people do not run away from being audacious in terms setting their mega
goals The supreme eEample of the mega goal is the 985Ns #oon mission The
gigantic goal of reaching the #oon was not a simple thing neither was that
something rational during the time when the technology was not e$en that
ad$anced as it is now Despite the fact that it was the unreachable goal% it wasn<t
out of sight The most optimistic scienti=c assessment of the moon mission chances
for success in 9859 was =ftyH=fty and most eEperts were% in fact% more pessimistic
2et% nonetheless% 'ongress agreed with [ennedy<s proclamation on #ay @4% 9859%
>that this nation should commit itself to achie$ing the goal% before this decade is
out% of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth? /i$en the
odds% such a bold commitment was% at that time% outrageous Thus landing the
moon was an audacious thought and although people thought of it as an absurd or
an unrealistic approach% they took it seriously and worked on it to turn it into a
45&"&4)E"(!)(4! 7$ #E+& +7&!1
H#/s are tangible% energiDing% and highly focused
H Like the #oon mission% a true #/ is clear and compelling
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
H!t takes little or no eEplanation The moon mission did not need a committee to
spend endless hours negotiating the goal into a $erbose% meaningless% impossibleH
toHremember >mission statement?
H #/s are challenging to achie$e They push you beyond the comfort Done into the
eAort Done
H#/s are bold They fall in the grey area where rationale might say >This is
unreasonable yet we belie$e we can do it?
)hen the #/s are achie$ed% the neEt step is to start work on the neEt mega goal !t
is compulsory to ha$e the neEt mega goal already ready e$en before the
accomplishment of the pre$ious goal Secondly% the $i$id description utters how it
feels like when the goals are accomplished ,n the other hand a $i$id description is
something that a indi$idual uses to eEpress in detail what it will feel like to achie$e
hisWher mega goal
Bltimate #+s1
#/s do ha$e an age After a certain age the desired dream is con$erted into a
reality The .ltimate #/ is the one that can ha$e the age of @N years or :N years or
e$en 4N years The .ltimate #/ has a $ery broad spectrum That is a $ery long
term planning criterion /enerally the age of an .ltimate #/ is between 9N to :N
(ntermediate #+s1
The !ntermediate #/ is basically the subHdi$ision of the grand .ltimate #/ !t is not
as old as the .ltimate one is The !ntermediate #/ is the small goals with little age
!t has a $ery important signi=cance !t functions as a step of a staircase and as you
take one step the one intermediate #/ is o$er and you mo$e onto the neEt The
age of the !ntermediate #/ is not that big as of the .ltimate #/
V(V(' 'E!4"(P)(7*1
,n the other hand a vivid description is a company<s opportunity to eEpress in
detail what it will feel like to achie$e its goal
The vivid description is essential to making a #/ tangible Vi$id description is a
>$ibrant% engaging? picture that brings your goal to life &or eEample% climbing [H@ is
certainly a goal but the $i$id description would be that how it<d really feel to stand
on that peak and look out across the mountain ranges below
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
!7*8 G6I?>H
4ore (deology 'esired $uture
4ore Purpose ;=Jyear #+
To eEperience the sheer Foy of
inno$ation and the application of
technology for the bene=t and
pleasure of the general public
Become the company most known for
changing the worldwide image of Vapanese
products as being of poor Guality
4ore Values Vivid 'escription
+le$ation of the Vapanese culture
and national status
Being a pioneerMnot following
othersL doing the impossible
+ncouraging indi$idual ability and
)e will create products that become per$asi$e
around the world )e will be the =rst Vapanese
company to go into the American market and
distribute directly )e will succeed with
inno$ations like the transistor radio that
American companies ha$e failed at &ifty
years from now% our brand name will be as well
known as any on +arth and will signify
inno$ation and Guality that ri$als the most
inno$ati$e companies anywhere >#ade in
Vapan? will mean something =ne% not shoddy
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
45&P)E" K1 2)he !igni3cance 7f Vision
&nd 5ow (t 4ultivates (deology”
)5E !(+*($(4&*4E 7$ V(!(7*1
!f it is true that one of the only things we can count on in life is change% then
knowing how to deal with positi$e and na$igate changes when they happen is
critical for success% happiness and ultimately% sur$i$al ,ne of the most important
changes to be brought into life is to dawn the realiDation of ha$ing a V!S!,N in life
"atti Dobrowolski the author of the famous book% *R/4IE% S6CU!I6ES7 ho) visual
goal setting )ill change your life2 has used the term change to urge in people the
realiDation of ha$ing a $ision in life through dreaming and imagination because
according to her the biggest change that can bring success is the desire for the
future GV(!(7*H and then further she proceeds onto the ways of con$erting the
$ision into reality
)5E '(!&'V&*)&+E! 7$ *7) 5&V(*+ & V(!(7*1
Thus to ha$e a $ision is $ery important Those who do not ha$e a $ision in their li$es
remain unsuccessful and unhappy
\People )ho say that they donFt -no) )hat they )ant2 de,nitely and passionately
-no) )hat they donFt )ant.
\If you do not plan for something that you )ant2 chances are that youFll get
something that you never )anted.
\If you donFt -no) )hat you )ant2 chances are youFll get something that you never
\9ou#re not planning for good health is a fantastic plan in itself for ad health.
\4ithout a direction2 )e are at ris-G
4ithout a clear vision2 )e donFt have a directionG
,oJ if aLMbLMcJ then aLMcJ
!hus it means2 )ithout a clear vision )e are at a severe ris-G
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
'"E&# & 'E!("E' *E/ "E&()81
+In the asence of great dream2 the pettiness prevails.3
777 "eter # Senge
The =rst step towards en$isioning is to begin with a dream +Etreme Dream is
possible only when one has the audacity to ha$e a Vision and not only ha$ing it but
belie$ing in it too The two words Vision and *ream can often be used
interchangeably because >Visions often come in the form of dreams? said the
Visions are comparale to Fanother existence# i.e. dreams.
A recent Ee) 9or- !imes article eEamined how letting your mind wander actually
helps you to remain focused on your key goals 2ou might be surprised by the
recent study done on the habits of highly successful men which indicates that the
one thing they all had in common was the tendency to daydream when faced with
challenging problems Thus% all the successful people in life ha$e had a Vision in life
Another study showed that e$en when faced with a lifeHorHdeath situation that
reGuired change in order to sur$i$e% the ratio of embracing the needed change was
nine to one ,nly one out of ten people will actually ma-e that change7 a change to
emrace the importance of having a vision in life. 7ne out of tenL
)ho is that one person who is actually integrates the information that clearly
indicates big changes are needed% and then takes actionJ According to the same
study% it is someone who both believes and eCpects.
Therefore% it will not be wrong to say that once you ha$e crafted a Vision% another
step is to ha$e a belief in your $ision and to ha$e ex&ectation with your $ision
P"74E!! 7$ E*V(!(7*(*+1
"atti Dobrowolski said% >6ver the years I have found that )hen I envision something
I )ant to manifest2 or accomplish2 and then continue to enhance my vision y using
my imagination2 it inevitaly comes to e.3
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
ma#ination x ntuition N 2esire x 2ri*e L (utcome
'reating a picture in your mind or to en$ision enhances your beliefs and
ex&ectations because the imagery process reroutes the brain so it works in a new
way !magination when combines with one<s intuition strengthen the belief and
when one<s desire get a dri$e or a strategy it raises the le$el of one<s ex&ectations
and conseGuently one recei$es the ful=llment of the Vision as an outcome
)hether it is 'ollins or "atti% the research of both the writers signi=es certain things
as imperati$e and $ital to a Vision
*B) !5E1
&or a $ision to be en$isioned% you must ha$eL
'ore !deology
Vi$id Description
+Epectations 1 last but not the least
A Desire…
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
45&P)E" M1 24haracteristics 7f
Visionary People”
Visionary People are relentless. They stri$e and thri$e in spite of all the diQculties
and seeming impossibilities to create success that lasts They ne$er gi$e up their
$ision and are unstoppable They learn useful lessons by not succeeding or by
encountering problems% and they display a remarkable resiliencyL an ability to
bounce back from ad$ersity
E#B"&4E /5&) #&))E"! )7 )5E#1
Visionary People ha$e the courage to do what matters to them The Mandela E$ect
can be the best eEample to understand this trait Although #andela is remembered
because of his noble intentions% it is a fact that he didnOt start out as a saint% or with
grace and humility% for his struggle to get freedom -e% howe$er% made his Fourney
useful and inspiring to the rest of the world by lea$ing an eAect for the people that
people should do what matters to them which can be beyond =nancial and fame
gain !nterestingly% they are the simple ordinary people who do eEtraordinary things
ThatOs the Mandela E$ectMwhen you can create enduring success not because you
are perfect or lucky but because you ha$e the courage to do what matters to you
'reating a life around the $ision that matters to you is a life you feel worthy of
li$ing "eople who ha$e created a life they once en$isioned ha$e eEperienced the
lasting success Abo$e all else% no matter what they ha$e chosen to eEcel in HH
business% the arts% sport% social ser$ices% community% or family HH each has achie$ed
success by focusing on the things that matter most to them
Visionary people are aspirant Not only do they think positi$ely% but they also
practice their positi$e approach to get o$er their bad life eEperiences !n this way
they turn obstacles and challenges% which appear in the way to aspire their $ision%
into opportunities and lasting success Such people are not dependent on the
appro$al of others to pursue their $ision ,n the contrary% they ha$e the courage to
put their dreams into reality despite social pressures and apparent lack of resources
with their aspirations They know how to turn pain into performance $ery well
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
Visionary people are passionate Their passions create meaning in their li$es They
are lifted up by the power of their passion The passionate $isionary people disco$er
a reason% and a core purpose behind their $ision that dri$e them to do% to grow% and
=nally to achie$e their $ision !t fuels their potentialities )ithout a passion there is
no greatness to be great% whether it<s the aspiration of a sportsman or an artist% a
parent% a teacher or a businessman They align their thoughts and actions with their
passion As a result they make their $ision real and lasting Their passion leads
them to disco$er their core purpose and thus creating meaning in their li$es
Visionary people are strategic They know how to organiDe resources After getting
acGuainted with their passion and en$isioned their $ision% planning the
strategy is the neEt thing that makes their core purpose work to its greatest
V&BE )5E(" 47"E V&BE!1
Visionary people stick to their core $alues Values are basically the Fudgments we
make about what makes life worth li$ing 'ore $alues signify things which are
important to anyone ,ften indi$iduals do things that afterwards they regret
because they are not clear about what they unconsciously belie$e is right for
them ,n the other hand $isionary people are those who always ha$e a clear
fundamental sense about what really matters to them Visionary people may
ha$e diAerent $isions but what one thing they ha$e common is the
fundamental moral grounding ie a sense of who they are and why they do
what they do An understanding of the core $alues is of the =nest traits of
$isionary people
&/&8! "E!7") )7 *E/ #(!)&NE!
#aking mistakes in pursuit of your goals is an una$oidable part of the process !t is being human
to make mistakes -owe$er% repeating the old mistakes may lead anyone nowhere
Visionary people forget about old mistakes and they resort to make new ones They Fust
ne$er let the fear of failure preclude them from trying something new XSometimes the
greatest risk% is not taking a risk at allX &or the successful people the obFecti$e is ne$er to
dismiss the idea that isn<t worthy% but to seek out mistakes while doing something worthy
They are competent enough to eliminate making the old mistakes again in order to be able
to fail faster AND succeed faster !t may sound like a contradiction for any ordinary person
but for the $isionary people actually it isn<t They focus on allowing themsel$es to make new
mistakes% to build on what they ha$e learned for the lasting success
PE"(P5E"& )5(*NE"!1
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
"eople who are $isionary are willing to look into such things which are uplifting
rather than stressful By doing so their state of mind impro$es Visionary people
ha$e the ability to get insights into diAerent things while being engaged in any
single normal routine acti$ity This phenomenon is called peripheral vision
"eripheral Vision enables them to see more ideas or new dimensions and more than
one solutions of any problem when they are not deliberately at the task of doing
them This is called peripheral thinking "eripheral thinking has the potential to
connect you with your passion and =nally to your ultimate $ision
45&P)E" O1 2Vision Blueprint Via
>Dare to $isualiDe a world in which your most treasured dreams ha$e become true?
(alph #arston
-M810.- ";- .;3"OP0; (9 M0%$0"($/
!magine reaching your desired future% and li$ing the life of your dreams !t sounds
amaDing and most wanted% doesn<t itJ !magination is the =rst step to tap your
dream and make them real )hile imagining so% the Guestion that immediately
strikes in the mind is that what ! need to take to make my dream a reality
DiAerent theories about $ision ha$e come and ha$e been analyDed The theories are
almost clich]d now "resently the interesting part is to get into the process of
en$isioning with a totally new and interesting approach The approach is >Vision
Blueprint $ia !n$enti$eness? !n simple diction it means to >Draw your Vision? By
drawing here is literally meant the use of crayons% markers and charts etc !t may
sound impractical but it e$entually helps to discuss how to create a plan% and the
importance of taking the right actions to help you get to your $ision
";- 4,($ M0$"10/
&or the $ision to be accomplished% all you need to do is to keep reciting the Vision
#antra The Vision #antra is !EE (), BE(EVE () P &4) 7* ()
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
SEE I!7 Draw your $ision as compelling as possible
BECIEVE I!7 -a$e faith in what you en$ision
/C! 6E I!7 Ask and train your brain to actually eEecute your $ision
This mantra is based on the simple truth that when you draw a picture of something
you want to see happen% your brain sends out signals that begin to magnetiDe the
results you long for Almost immediately% you will begin to transform your life
3,- 4,30' "((', "( ,-- F 0.;-4- 7(31 4,($/
The use of $isual tools% including $ision boards% mind maps% and dream charts can
be $ery helpful in designing and achie$ing your $ision They acti$ate the creati$e
rightHside of your brain and help you see new possibilities Visual tools also help
create an optimistic% positi$e mindset that is helpful in changing your habits and
beha$iors into positi$e ones that will ultimately help you reach your $ision
!n Vision Blueprint $ia !n$enti$eness% there ha$e been outlined se$en easy steps to
draw your own $ision map and help you de$elop solutions To get started all you
ha$e to ha$e are your charts or sheets% some colored markers% pens% crayons% or
colored pencils% and a tranGuil milieu to work NeEt% decide about the $ision of which
area of your life you<d like to focus on* (elationships% &inancial% -ealth% 'areer%
"ersonal De$elopment% (ecreation% Spirituality% or you can do a snapshot of your life
o$erall as well
&irst of all don<t get caught up with concerns about your drawing ability This is your
map and no one has to see it "lus% you need to keep the obFects $ery basic by
following the following simple se$en steps
,te& 1 7(31 $0M-/
Draw your name at the top of the paper 2ou may try bubble letters% cartoon writing
or whate$er feels right at the moment
,te& 2 .311-$" ,"0"-/
,n the left side of your paper% draw your current state using words and images that
come to mind !t is ad$isable to choose a single color or any darker color for this
section Don<t be worried if it<s not perfect% Fust do your best 2our Fob is to rePect on
what you see and how you feel about your current state
,te& 6 ";- 2-,1-2 1-0'"7/
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
Take a brief break before you start on this section to allow yourself to change your
focus either by going for a walk% Picking few TV channels or drinking a glass of
water ,nce you feel like your mind is clear% get back to your pens and pencils and
let yourself ready for the rest of the Fourney ,n the right side of your paper% draw
your desired future reality using words and images that eEpress the feeling you<d
like to achie$e Draw where you want to see yourself in future Banish e$ery that
thing from the room which may distract you Allow yourself to en$ision "ut into
print the rePection of only what you see and how you feel at the moment
,te& 4 8('2 ,"-P,/
Now% look at both sides of the paper% where you are now and where you want to be
in your future from now ,n a separate piece of paper% brainstorm a list of steps
you could take right now to achie$e your $ision /et as many ideas as you can% and
when you<re =nished% narrow the list down to your top three )rite down your three
Bold !teps in the center of your document
,te& : 0."($ ,"-P,/
.nder each bold step% make a list of OJ6= smaller actions you can take to achie$e
each bold step So for eEample% if one of your bold steps is to list your current
house% some smaller action steps may include* "repare the house for sale% clean
and redecorate each room% make any necessary repairs% and paint the stairs etc Do
the same for each of your ; Bold !teps.
,te& 6 ,3..-,, M-0,31-,/
Set success measures for each of your Bold Steps !t means when you complete the
Bold Step% what will success look like to youJ &or eEample the Bold Step of listing
your current house% may ha$e the success measures like ha$ing y house ready to
present to potential buyers% completing all necessary repairs% and ha$ing freshly
painted stairs 'omplete this for each of your : Bold Steps
,te& < 1-4," an! 1-$4%(10"-/
(emain moti$ated and inspired to achie$e your $ision is essential By re$isiting your
map each week and feeling what success would feel like% you can maintain your
enthusiasm !t<s also important to celebrate each success )hen you accomplish a
task% no matter how small% you need to congratulate yourself and celebrate your
success with your intimate relations
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
MP(1"0$.- (9 4,($ 8'3-P1$"/
Vision Blueprint may help you successfully turn your $ision into reality with
appropriate strategies compelling $isuals to accelerate achie$ing the dreams you
aspire The $isuals send a message to the brain As a matter of fact our brain% which
is always% occupied with billions of bits of data in e$ery moment% needs those
$isuals or pictures to help it stay focused to the particular $ision By drawing the
desires one can get the more possibilities to ha$e them happened
45&P)E" I1 2ECcellence”
ECcellence means to do the best within the a$ailable resources !n Arabic
ECcellence has been understood as >!-SAN? ; it means to ful=ll one<s responsibility
at its best
"!trive for eCcellence. (gnore success."
777 Professional *river Bill 9oung
The [ey idea is* Excellence can be obtained if you*
+... Care more than others thin- is )ise1
+... Ris- more than others thin- is safe1
+... *ream more than others thin- is practical1
+... Expect more than others thin- is possile
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
The HExcellence StandardH is not about /rand ,utcomes All we ha$e is today !f the
dayOs work cannot be assessed as +Ecellent% then the oceanic o$erall goal of
+Ecellence has not been ad$anced
n his "afseer Maariful QuranJ Mufti Muhamma! ,ha5 says about hsan/
The last sentence of the $erse B984C* BAnd do good ,f course% ALLA- lo$es those
who do wellC% gi$e an incenti$e to do e$erything nicely The -oly ^uran calls this
I(S/E Now% doing something nicely% can take two forms )hen Ihsan relates to
Iadah BworshipC% its meaning has been eEplained by the -oly "rophet himself in the
well known hadith of Vibrail where he said that Ryou should worship ALLA- as if you
are seeing -!#% and if you cannot achie$e that degree of perception% then you
should% at least% belie$e that ALLA- is seeing you<
And when it BIhsan' relates to social transactions and dealings% the -oly "rophet has
eEplained Ihsan by saying Bas reported in the #usnad of Ahmad on the authority of
the noble 'ompanion #u<adhC that Ryou should like for others what you like for
yoursel$es% and in the same manner% you should dislike for others what you dislike
for yoursel$es< B#aDhariC
To ha$e +Ecellence means to be indispensable +Ecellence isnOt about meeting the
specL itOs about setting the spec
)hen children try to do their best in e$erything they do% it aAects their attitude%
con=dence% selfHesteem% selfHworth and pride )hen eEcellence is praised% children
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
de$elop the habit +$ery day is =lled with the opportunities to showcase your
eEcellence +Ecellence is the criterion that tells how well you do your Fob
!o achieve something that youIve never achieved efore2 you must ecome
someone that you have never een efore.H
Q #otivational spea0er es Brown
,"-P, "( P31,3- -P.-''-$.-/
Because this is so important% following are the few steps to Xbe all you can be?
JEvaluate your strengths and wea0ness
By scrutiniDing your weak and strong areas% you can easily =E the troublesome
aspects in your Fob and ultimately can hold eEcellence
J$ocus on areas where you need to improve
Nobody is perfect but ALLA- -a$ing eEcellence doesn<t mean to be perfect !t
simply means to be good enough to bring success and peace in your life The
process of impro$ing yourself is perhaps the best pill to be eEcellent
J'etermine what your vision in life is and then commit to
+n$ision the desired future and then determine how badly you want it The neEt
step is to put together an action plan 2our plan should include benchmarks and a
deadline )ith persistence the whole Fourney towards your goal will surely
strengthen your abilities and will result in the possession of eEcellence )orking and
stri$ing for the aims add a lot into personal traits
JPractice, practice, and more practice
No matter what you want to do in your life% there is no substitute for actually
practicing your craft The more you practice% the more competent and skilled youOll
(emember% all skills are learnable 2our potential in life is not genetically
determined 2ou can realiDe your full potential in any area by committing to it and
persisting at it At the end it is no way to see the impossibility of achie$ing
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
8ottom line/
+Ecellence is the answer in good times
+Ecellence is the answer in tough times
+Ecellence is about the big things
+Ecellence is about the little things
+Ecellence is an aspiration
+Ecellence is eEecution
+Ecellence is what keeps you awake
+Ecellence is what lets you sleep well
+Ecellence is a mo$ing target
+Ecellence is that which knows no bounds
+0'+LL+N'+ is the neEt =$e minutes
(f *ot ECcellence, /hat< (f *ot ECcellence *ow, /hen<
45&P)E" 6=1 2Balancing 7f "oles”
8alancin# of 1oles/ "he 8alanceDinD'ife 9ramework
+/ human eing should e ale to change a diaper2 plan an invasion2 utcher a hog2
JuildK a ship2 design a uilding2 )rite a sonnet2 alance accounts2 uild a )all2 set a
one2 comfort the dying2 ta-e orders2 give orders2 cooperate2 act alone2 solve
eLuations2 analyDe a ne) prolem2 pitch manure2 program a computer2 coo- a tasty
meal2 ,ght eMciently2 die gallantly.3
"obert 5einlein
.rux of the Matter
The abo$e Guote signi=es one<s ability to balance the diAerent facets of oneRs life
with eEcellence has been a critical element of success since time immemorial
Balancing oneRs life has been one of the big challenges
!slam has addressed this matter and the !slamic de=nition of balancing oneRs life
and the ideas to achie$e this balance are highly elegant% sophisticated and $ersatile
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
and diAer with the dominant inter$ention paradigms originating in the )est today
-ence role balancing is important as it is one of the essential elements of the core
$alues of an indi$idual
&ather Son Brother -usband
#other Daughter Sister )ife
Neighbour Teacher &riend 'ousin
Boss +mployee Subordinate -ead of &inance
SonHinHlaw BrotherHinHlaw &atherHinHlaw
SisterHinHlaw DaughterHinHlaw #otherHinHlaw
45&P)E" 661 2)he Bltimate !ubvisions
2ou may ha$e a $ision for not only yourself but also for the people with whom you
li$e 2ou can term this concept as >)5E B)(#&)E !BBV(!(7*!”
+orksheet/ 9in! corres&on!in# roles for 3,4s
3ltimate ,ubD*isions ?3,4s@ 1oles
6 ! want my father to ha$e li$ed a $ision oriented%
healthy and a spiritually ful=lling life
: ! want my employees to be healthy% producti$e
and to become assets for the community and the
; ! want to see my husband make a substantial
contribution in the uplift of the nation% to see him
lead a healthy and content life
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
> ! want to see my coming generations de$eloped
to a point intellectually and spiritually where they
make a signi=cant contribution to the re$i$al of
the .mmah
? ! want to see my mother die in such a state where
she is happy% healthy and has pleased ALLA-
K ! want to see myself die in such health where ! am
able to enFoy the bounties of ALLA- BswtC and
perform all of my religious obligations completely
M ! want to see my fellow citiDens as eAecti$e
indi$iduals and amongst people who lead in all
walks of life in the world ! want them to li$e li$es
of dignity and be a source of blessing for all the
wretched and oppressed of the world
)he (mportance of 47#P"E5E*!(VE*E!! for writing B!Vs1
The most important thing while crafting the 3,4s which address people% it has been
recommended that you go through the following checklist9*
A Physical
B ,&iritual
' ntellectual
D -motional
This checklist doesnRt mean that you must ha$e all the four elementsL it is there to
ensure that no element that applies should be o$erlooked
&or eEample% if you would like to ha$e a .SV for your son then you must en$ision as
to where do you want to see your son physically% spiritually% intellectually and
emotionally 'onsider that the .SVs also are built while keeping the core ideology
into consideration because the core ideology lightens the ways to the #/ and its
$i$id description
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
9 ! gi$e credit of this idea to Stephen 'o$ey who has mentioned four characteristics% albeit a
little diAerently% in his book% _The 7th -abitR
&PPE*'(S &1 2)he diTerent 'e3nitions
of Vision and #ission”
+"or one thing2 the term Nvision had een tossed around y so many people and
used in so many di$erent )ays that it created more confusion than clari,cation.
Some vie)ed vision as aout having a crystal7all picture of the future mar-etplace.
6thers thought in terms of a technology or product vision2 such as the Macintosh
computer. Still others emphasiDed a vision of the organiDation7values2 purpose2
mission2 goals2 and images of an idealiDed )or-place. !al- aout a muddled messG
Eo )onder so many hardnosed practical usinesspeople )ere highly s-eptical of
the )hole notion of vision1 it 0ust seemed so O)ell77fuDDy2 unclear and impractical.3
DQim .ollins
#ission can be de=ned as the indi$idualOs purpose and primary obFecti$es !ts
prime function is internal ; to de=ne the key measure or measures of the personOs
success A #ission statement talks about the present leading to its future 2our
#ission statement may change% but it should still tie back to your core ideologies
and $ision A #ission statement talks about who the indi$idual is now !t
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
concentrates on presentL it de=nes informs you about the desired le$el of
)he 'iTerence between Vision and #ission1
-a$ing a solid Vision is important because it can be emoti$e and can be a source of
inspiration Vision is the descripti$e picture of the future state #ission is an action
statement for bringing about what is en$isioned
!f you do not ha$e #ission and Vision% or if you ha$e them but are not using them
to guide your organiDation<s work% you are missing out on some of the simplest and
most eAecti$e go$ernance tools you could =nd To distinguish between Vision and
mission in our own work% we ha$e defaulted back to the plain +nglish usage of those
words And the simplest way we ha$e found to show that diAerence in usage is to
add the letters >ary? to the end of each word
)e certainly know what those two words mean A $isionary is someone who sees
what is possible% who sees the potential A missionary is someone who carries out
that work 2our organiDation<s $ision is all about what is possible% all about that
potential The #ission is what it takes to make that Vision come true The critical
Guestion may arise that >Vision for whomJ? >&or whatJ? &rom the perspecti$e of
your organiDation<s ability to accomplish as much community impact as possible%
now and into the future% the only answer can be that your organiRation.s Vision
is for the future you want to create for the community you wish to impact.
'onsider the phrase >#ission accomplished3 this means the #ission is done or
the phrase >#ission impossile3 this means the Fob cannot be done Thus the
#ission is the doing part% it is what you will do to bring your Vision into reality
Vision dictates #ission which determines strategy which surfaces goals that frame
,bFecti$es% which in turn dri$es the tactics that tell an ,rganiDation what (esources%
!nfrastructure and "rocesses are needed to support a certainty of eEecution
4,($ M,,($
Vision statements are designed oriented #ission statements are eEecution
Vision is bigger picture and future
#ission is more immediately focused in
V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
the present
Vision is the picture of ideal future Bwhat
we want to beC
#ission is core purpose Bwhy we eEistC
&PPE*'(S B1 2B(B(7+"&P58”
9HPatti *oro)ols-i2 'rawing !olutionsJ 5ow Visual +oal !etting will
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V!S!,N T-AT B.!LDS LAST!N/ S.''+SS By* +0T(A #!L+ 1 S2# "rofessional
De$elopment &acilities
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