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I must thank Satyen and Abhijit for doing a great job of putting together our first newsletter.

I would
also like to thank you for the feedback on the newsletter. We will try to incorporate some of these
suggestions in the future editions.
As 2014 kicked in, Combined Group (CGC) where CSC has been involved in the implementation of
SAP, received the exciting news of being awarded SAP Quality Gold Award 2013, which recognized
the implementation as the best in the SME category in MENA region comprising 16 countries. The
implementation at CGC again won the regional Gold Winner 2014 of the SAP Quality Awards for the
entire SAP EMEA region in the Medium Implementation Category. These awards would not have been
possible without the untiring efforts of the team that worked on the project. Congratulations to you
all !
On top of these awards, CSC was also awarded the Best-Run Partner for Quality Excellence by SAP
MENA (Middle East and North Africa) as part of the 2013 MENA Partner Excellence Awards based on
the successful implementation at Hoshanco, CGC and Danway. Kudos to all the teams for this great
As the new year unfolded we had some major win and extensions like Bin Hendi IS Retail SAP Imple-
mentation in Dubai, Qatar Aluminum SAP Support, Qatar Aluminum Localisation project in HCM and
ESS / MSS and Renewal of SAP support for Johnson Matthey ECT. In addition we are working on sev-
eral new opportunities which are part of our pipeline.
We also had few of our customers visiting us especially from EMC and Johnson Matthey visiting CSC
facility and meeting with our teams.
Looking forward to your continued support in FY15.

Best Regards,
Srikant Subramanian

28 Feb 2014
Issue 2
SAP Manage Offering Newsletter
Inside this issue:
CGC Implementation
How CSC saved Coke more
than $ 2 Mn
Other Updates
SAP Teched 2014
Service Line Updates
Long Service Awardees
SAP Technical Series Intro

Combined Group Contracting Company
(CGC) is a regional Major General Contractor based in Kuwait with operations spanning to
United Arab Emirates, State of Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with annual revenue of $600
million, a work force of 5000 and presence in construction of Residential Buildings, Highways, Oil
& Gas and Maintenance Projects.
In 2011, CGC decided to implement SAP Platform to streamline the processes and control pro-
jects effectively. CGC chose CSC to implement SAP in a challenging two-phase implementation
incorporating PS, MM, SD, FI/CO, BI, DMS, HCM and PM modules. Every milestone of the pro-
ject was to be reviewed and audited by PwC (PriceWaterhouse Coopers). The project Build
ERP was kicked off in March 2012.
Phase 1 comprising of FI, CO, SD, MM and PS went live in January 2013. Business Intelligence
and DMS went live in 2013 as well.
Phase 2 comprising of PM and HCM including Payroll and timekeeping integration went live in
January 2013.
From a state of fragmented, fractured and numerous legacy systems with minimal integration
and unreliable reporting, CGC reached a state of fully integrated, real-time, transparent SAP
platform built on SAP Best Practices and powerful BI analytics in two short years.
According to the CSC project manager Anbazhgan Murugesan, the key success factors were:
Total Management Commitment and Involvement
Committed Project Organization
Experienced and Specialist Change Manger from CSC driving exhaustive Change Man-
agement efforts
Dedicated and experienced Core Team and Change Agents
Qualified PMO and Project Organization
Business Transformation and Quality Assurance of ERP Implementation by PwC
Adherence to Proven Methodologies
Most of all, a fantastic team of experienced SAP consultants from CSC who worked
day and night to make it happen in both phases
Massive improvement in several processes was achieved during last year with immaculate con-
trol of operations and superior coordination among all disciplines.
CGC Implementation Project,
A Message from Tarif
Al Bitar (Dy CEO)

As 2014 kicked in, CGC
received the exciting
news of being awarded
SAP Quality Gold
Award 2013, which
recognized our
implementation as the
best in the SME category
in MENA region
comprising 16 countries.
This is a true success
story, and is the climax of
strenuous efforts.
We were confronted with
many logistic and
technical issues due to
diversity of operations
besides the need for a
dedicated program of
change management.
We are now boasting of a
sophisticated ERP infra-
structure and drafting our
long term enhancement
In conclusion, I would like
to thank all Staff and
Management of CSC for
their dedication, hard
work and support during a
challenging and complex
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SAP Engagements
SAP Manage Offering Newsletter
Issue 2

CSC has been supporting their SAP application since 2008. The CIO had given CSC a target
to reduce incoming tickets/incidents by 20%. To achieve this , CSC implemented the following
initiatives which helped in reducing 20% of the ticket volume.
1) KEDB - Known Error Data Base: CSC created a KEDB for each module where the known/
repetitive/new issues, why it happens, what is the solution, so that user can themself resolve the
issue without creating a ticket
2) RCA: Affixed RCA codes to all the tickets in the month ,
group them as per their RCA codes. The support team was
then given a task to address the top 3 RCAs to get it fixed
permanently. This initiative was helpful in reducing the tick-
ets to a large extent.
3) Program Optimisation : Optimised Key programmes to reduce the errors
4) Root cause fixes : Fixed the major Root causes for errors
5) innovation : Launching an innovation forum, where ideas from the team were discussed and
later on presented to the Client for their feedback, approval and implementation. This intiative
resulted in reduction of large number of
tickets and provided tangible benefit fo the
Client. Nearly 45 ideas were executed.
One of the other examples which resulted in
substantial savings to Coke is enlisted
below :
POD (Print on Demand), a customized ap-
plication within SAP, was used by employ-
ees in the warehouse for identification of
Pallet tickets are printed using this application to stage the materials onto respective
Bar-coded ASN (Advance Shipment Notification) is also printed in a separate Sheet in
addition to pallet tickets.
CSC designed and & implemented an environment friendly solution to print bar-coded ASN and
Pallet tickets in one single paper keeping ASN process intact resulting in no impact on CCR cus-
Coke CCR saved nearly $2M Cost yearly along with :
1. Daily reduction in 9,000+ print spools
2.Yearly elimination of 5+ million ASN (Advance shipment notification) Labels
3.Increased life of printer toner and Elimination of the dedicated printers to print ASN at plants
How CSC Saved more than $ 2 Mn for Coke
SAP Engagements
SAP Manage Offering
Issue 2
Page 3
Collaboration with the
business has resulted in a
significant improvement in
the time needed to
resolve issues. The ASN
CR is a perfect example
of results of their
work. This change will
very impactful to the
business and the result in
9,000+ fewer print spools
daily and eliminate 5+
million ASN Labels a Year
leading to a significant
cost savings to the
Other Updates
EMC Client Visit
It was an important milestone in our kinship with EMC, when we had the
big names from EMC DEVELOPMENT TEAM visiting the CSC Develop-
ment Team in Chennai MEPZ office on 10
Feb 2014 . A team consti-
tuting of Mrs Head Francyne -TCC Dev Manager, Mr. Sagar
Satalkar - Manager Development, Mr. Chaves Victor -TCC
Dev Lead , Mr. Larose Marc - TCC Dev Lead , & Ms
Poonam Mohapatra - TCC Dev Lead , Visited our Office . The
team was bestowed a warm welcome by the Our Development team,
Mr. Joseph Abraham Thomas ABAP Competency Head CSC & Mr.
Jitendra Vichhawawala - Senior Manager Projects -CSC.
Client readily accepted when requested for an open feedback & discus-
sion session, so that we could align well to EMCs expectation. The discussion saw EMC appreciating the CSC Development teams
folks for their extensive support during EOQ activities, the appreciation went loud and clear about development teams involvement
in EMC business & immediate attention to issues with no time lag. So far we have maintained NIL" incidents in our development
queue three times after CSC has taken up support and EMC confirmed that they never heard about such things on the zero tickets
that have quite frequently happened in the project. EMC was very happy about zero attrition rate so that not only did the team have
SMEs but also Process Knowledgeable developers. Client suggested that R1 support by CSC has set up a high benchmark for itself
which has to be thrived to be maintained for R2 support just undertaken.
Mezzan Transformation
Mezzan" was established in 1944 and incorporated in 1999 as Mezzan Holding Company. Mezzan is a diversified conglomerate with
more than 25 subsidiary companies operating in the field of manufacturing, recycling, agriculture, FMCG distribution, and other op-
erational services. Headquartered at Kuwait, it employs approximately 7000 staff representing more than 20 nationalities and has
business in Kuwait, Iraq, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, and UAE. Mezzans 40% of the revenue is generated from food distribution, 25~30% of
the revenue comes from non-food products and 30~35% from other operations that include other investments.
To facilitate Mezzans management has embarked on an ambitious roadmap to close the current gap between IT and business in the
currently implemented SAP system. The roadmap focusses on four parameters: Governance, Technology, People, and Processes and
the eventual objectives that will be achieved in three phases will be 1. Back to basics 2. Optimization and 3. Continuous improve-
As part of the first phase of the transformation project, Mezzan has selected CSC as a partner to help Mezzan redesign the organi-
sation structure , study their business processes and align these processes to the Industry Best practices in the various streams of
Accounting to Report, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Manufacture to Stock and also roll out these to the group companies which
are still not on SAP. This phase covers 4 countries ( Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and UAE). The project is being implemented in multiple
tracks which comprises of Distribution , Manufacturing, Retail and Catering verticals.
As part of it , CSC is in process of submitting the blueprint for Manufacturing and have started realization phase for the Distribution
track as part of phase I.
SAP Manage Offering
Issue 2
Page 4
Other Updates - TECHED 2013

Theme for current year SAP Teched 2013 was :
SAP HANA ( Focus as a Platform against Database Only )
SAP UI5 ( Next Generation UI Development Platform to provide single UI for multiple devices Desktop, Smartphone and Tabs )
SAP FIORI ( Pre-Built UI Applications using SAP UI5 )
SAP Development using SAP HANA - Like "Code to Database", SAP Hana Studio, ABAP in Eclipse
SAP Netweaver Gateway - Exposing data as Webservice for consumption as use by SAP UI5, SAP Fiori etc
SAP River Development Language - New Development Language to work with SAP Hana
Predictive and Analytical Analysis using SAP Hana
SAP System Landscape Optimization using SAP LT Software
SAP Cloud - Deployment and development of applications for Cloud

CSC Participation :
Total no. of CSC employees participated : 45
Total no. of employees cleared certification : 20

Information Dissemination :
To disseminate the information across CSC , multiple webinar sessions had been planned. Till date nearly 7 sessions have been
completed across HANA, Netweaver Portal, SRM.

SAP Manage Offering
Issue 2
Page 5
Following are some of the major deals which we have signed over last few months along with
few of the major projects in pipeline :
Wins :
Bin Hendi IS Retail SAP Implementation, Dubai
Qatar Aluminium SAP Support
Qatar Aluminium Localisation project in HCM and ESS / MSS
Renewal of SAP support for JM ECT
Important Pipeline projects :
Technical and EHP Upgrade in Middle East
SAP support Project in US
SAP Technical Upgrade and SLO project for Large Indian Client
BASIS support for US MNC

Accolades :
CSC was awarded the 2013 MENA Partner Excellence Award. Awards were an-
nounced at the SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting held in Barcelona on 20th January. Al
Award was given for :
Dedication to delivery excellence and adherence to advanced quality standards
Consistent track record of high quality implementations across MENA in 2013
(e.g. Combined Group, Danaway, Hoshanco)

Service Line Updates
Name and Win !!!!! Contest Extended
Since our first newsletter was published, we have got a good response to
our contest for Naming our Newsletter. To increase the participation in
the contest, we are extending the date of submission for contest till 15th
March 2014. We invite all the readers to participate in Newsletter compe-
tition. Suggest a catchy name for our Newsletter by 31st March 2014 and
win an exciting prize. Send your entries via email to asardesai
with the Subject as : Naming competition
SAP Manage Offering
Issue 2
Page 6
Congratulations to all the Long Service Awardees.
We thank you all for your contribution.
Long Service Awardees ( February 2014)

5 Years of Service

Ankur Saxena

Ravi Rajgopalan
Satyen Deokule
SAP Manage Offering
Issue 2
Page 7

10 Years of Service

15 Years of Service
SAP Technical Series : Introduction to FIORI
SAP Manage Offering
Issue 2
Page 8
SAP Fiori is a collection of apps that represents the new SAP user experience paradigm. SAP Fiori offers various business roles a simple, easy
-to-use experience for SAP software functions, and works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, or smartphone. These apps speak a consistent de-
sign language and make use of a common technical infrastructure. By blurring traditional computing boundaries and by using interactive and
attractive UI elements, they provide a consistent end-to-end user experience and can be used across all device types without creating addi-
tional implementation effort.

Role-based: Fiori apps decompose complex applications into a task-based experience with one central entry point for each user.
Responsive: Fiori apps adapt to all sizes, devices, versions, and channels to provide a common user experience across all channels
Simple: Fiori apps follow the 1-1-3 experience (1 user, 1 scenario, 3 screens). They know and provide the right context and meaningful data
Coherent: user experience with apps that speak the same design language. This implies coherence for common activities as well as coher-
ence for your brand.
Instant value: with a low barrier to adoption, enabling customers to adapt and users to personalize.

All UIs are built using state-of-the-art technology such as HTML5 and SAP UI5 mobile. Fiori apps allow you to access the most recent ver-
sion of your back-end data via OData services. Through previously defined roles and authorizations you can specify which apps and which
data a user is allowed to access.
SAP Fiori Apps can be classified in following three categories:

FACT Sheet Apps : These apps display contextual information and key facts about central objects used in your business operations. Fact
sheets are designed to be intuitive and harmonized. From a fact sheet area (tile), you can drill down into its details. You can easily navigate
from one fact sheet to its related fact sheets. For example, you can navigate from a document to the related business partner or to the mas-
ter data. From fact sheets, you can start transactions by navigating to transactional apps, or by accessing the back-end system directly.

Transactional Apps : These apps let you perform transactional tasks, such as creating a leave request for an employee. They represent simpli-
fied views and interaction with existing business processes and solutions. They run best on an SAP HANA database, but can also be ported
to other databases with acceptable performance.

Analytical Apps : These apps let you get a role-based insight into real-time operations of your business by collecting and displaying key figures
directly in your browser. They can be SAP Smart Business applications but can also be other analytical, predictive, and planning applications.
Analytical apps combine the data and analytical power of SAP HANA with the integration and interface components of SAP Business Suite.
They provide real-time information on large volume data in a simplified front end for enterprise control. With SAP Smart Business, you can
closely monitor your most important key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time and react immediately on changes in market conditions
or operations.

Fiori APPs are available for following areas:

SAP Fiori for SAP Access Control 1.0
SAP Fiori for SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence 1.0
SAP Fiori for SAP CRM 1.0
SAP Fiori for SAP ERP 1.0
SAP Fiori principal apps for SAP ERP 1.0
SAP Fiori for SAP ILM 1.0
SAP Fiori for SAP Portfolio and Project Management 1.0
SAP Fiori for SAP SRM 1.0
SAP Fiori principal apps for SAP SRM 1.0
SAP Supply Network Collaboration, User Interface Add-On for Purchase Order Collaboration 1.0

...Next series we will talk about implementation and specific apps for SAP ERP.

Article contributed by Rohit Chowdhary
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