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Business Security

Procedures to Protect
Assets and Employees

Includes six (6) modules:
1. Introduction and Table of
2. Guide to preparing a well
written manual
3. A Sample Security Manual
covering common
requirements and practices
4. 41 Policies and 29
corresponding forms
5. Violence in the Workplace
6. Complete Index

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Learn How to Protect and Control Your Physical Assets

The primary goals of any company are to be of service and to generate income. The
Security Department is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the
companys security plan and loss prevention program, by utilizing clear and thorough
security procedures. The Security Policies and Procedures Manual uses a scientific
model to help you understand the true scope of security & operations. By
understanding the cause and effect relationships between a companys policies and
procedures and the likelihood of error and exposure to crimes, you can implement a
comprehensive company-wide security plan that will significantly reduce your
companys risk.
41 Prewritten Policies and Procedures
1. Procedural security
2. Annual risk assessment and
3. Ethics and employee conduct
4. Fingerprinting and photographing
of employees
5. Policy and criminal violations
6. Employee use of drugs or alcohol
7. Possession and carrying of
8. First aid and medical emergencies
9. Suspicious persons and activities
10. Identification procedures
11. Internal investigations
12. Court testimony by employees
13. Proprietary information
14. Guard program
15. Information security and the edp
16. Fire prevention and detection
17. Hazardous material
18. Inventory, delivery and receiving
19. Security devices
20. Opening & closing cash-handling
21. Transportation of currency
22. Combinations
23. Key and access device control

24. Work station security
25. Employee assignments during
emergency responses
26. Emergency operating procedures:
all personnel
27. Robbery procedures: staff
28. Robbery procedures:
management personnel
29. Extortion procedures: staff
30. Extortion procedures:
management personnel
31. Bomb threat procedures: staff
32. Bomb threat procedures:
management personnel
33. Disaster response procedures:
staff personnel
34. Disaster response procedures:
35. Violence in the workplace
36. Personal protection and safety for
37. Executive protection program
38. Testing and training requirements
39. Security training program
40. Documenting investigations
41. Media relations

Business Security
Procedures to Protect
Assets and Employees

30 Forms and Records
42. Alarm activation form
43. Bomb call warning form
44. Chronological log of events form
45. Combination control form
46. Combination number change form
47. Currency transportation form
48. Employee assignments form
49. Employee profile information form
50. Extortion phone call form
51. Incident tracking log
52. Key control form
53. Opening and closing form
54. Report of investigation: initial
55. Report of investigation:
56. Report of investigation - evidence
tag form report of investigation:
handwriting exemplar 1
57. Report of investigation:
handwriting exemplar - 2
58. Report of investigation:
investigator's checklist
59. Report of investigation: property
60. Report of investigation: follow up
61. Report of investigation: contact
62. Report of investigation: statement
63. Report of investigation: contact
64. Report of investigation: statement
- s
65. Report of investigation: statement
66. Suspicious or threatening phone
call form
67. Suspicious activity report
68. Suspect description form
69. Security log form
70. Security education systems
annual projection
71. Security education systems 6
month expense forecast
Strategies & Tactics for Work & Home
The problem
Victims and losses
Identifying offenders
What employees can do
What employers can do
What supervisors can do
What security and law
enforcement can do
All personnel workplace
Bomb call warning form
Incident log form

Chronological log of events
Extortion telephone call form
Coping with crimes of violence
o Employee personal profile form
o Suspicious incident report form
o Suspicious or threatening
telephone call form
Training program: coping with
crimes of violence
Leaders guide: coping with crimes
of violence

Security Planning Policies, Procedures and Forms

Sample Procedure Page 3 of 4
Document ID
SEC 102
Print Date
Prepared By

Date Prepared
Effective Date
Reviewed By

Date Reviewed
Approved By

Date Approved
Applicable Standard: None

Policy: The Company will require an Annual Risk Assessment and written
Purpose: Define and describe the Security Programs annual evaluation and
updating process.
Scope: This assessment applies to all operating departments.
Unit Security Officer is responsible for conducting annual assessment and
submitting report.
Security Director is responsible for evaluating assessment and reports
findings and recommendations to Board of Directors.
1.1 All potential risks to the company shall be evaluated on at least an annual basis.
This annual assessment shall be conducted by each Unit Security Officer and the
written results and recommendations shall be forwarded to the Security Director.
1.2 Upon receipt of these written results and recommendations, the Security Director
shall also issue a report of findings to the board of directors. This report shall
1. An overview of the status of each department regarding compliance with
policies and procedures.
2. A projection regarding any new equipment, personnel, policies or
procedures required for the next year, to meet the requirements of this
3. Any necessary change in current policies or procedures not addressed
elsewhere, and an accompanying rationale or explanation.
1.3 Any potential risk shall be identified, whether already addressed or newly
anticipated. If the identified risk has already been successfully addressed, no
Security Planning Policies, Procedures and Forms

Sample Procedure Page 4 of 4
further assessment or recommendations shall be required. Any newly-identified
risk shall be fully addressed.
1.4 Once potential risks have been identified and prioritized, the Security Director
1. Determine potential short and long range solutions.
2. Decide upon the most appropriate primary and secondary solutions.
3. Test and evaluate these solutions for effectiveness.
4. Include these solutions in the Disaster Management Plan, and related
testing and training programs.
2.1 All original records of the processes used to compile the information resulting in
these policies and procedures shall be retained by the Security Director. These
records shall include the names and positions of all appropriate persons involved
in the continued development of the Security Program.
2.2 All insurance policies, service and vendor agreements shall be reviewed at least
annually. If policies and agreements are satisfactory, existing agreements shall be
renewed. New vendors will be investigated to replace any unsatisfactory
agreements. The listing of these agreements, emergency services agencies, and
community resources shall be reviewed and updated at least annually.
2.3 The Security Director shall also be responsible for researching and developing a
listing of other product and service companies and individuals who may be
utilized on an interim basis. This listing shall be developed within each county, or
other appropriate geographic area serviced by the company, to provide primary or
backup services to supplement those offered by the Security Department. This
listing shall be reviewed and updated at least annually.

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