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English Holiday Homework

The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, are the most prominent and most
watched film awards ceremony in the world. Awarded annually by the Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 1929 in os An!eles,
it reco!ni$es e%cellence in
many aspects of motion picture makin!, such as actin!, directin! and screenwritin!.
Academy Awards are !ranted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
&AMPAS', a professional honorary or!ani$ation, which as of 2(() had a *otin!
membership of +,,-(. Actors, with a membership of 1,-11, make up the lar!est *otin!
bloc at 22 percent. The *otes ha*e been tabulated and certified by the auditin! firm
Pricewaterhouse.oopers and its predecessor Price /aterhouse for )2 years, since close to
the awards0 inception.
Most recently, the )9th Academy Awards ceremony took place on Sunday, 1ebruary 2+,
2(() at the 2odak Theatre in 3ollywood, and was produced by aura 4iskin and hosted
by day5time tele*ision talk show host 6llen 7e8eneres.
The Oscar
The official name of the 9scar statuette is the Academy Award of Merit. Made of !old5
plated britannium on a black metal base, it is 1-.+ in &-: cm', wei!hs ,.+ lb &-.,+ k!'
depictin! a kni!ht rendered in Art 7eco style holdin! a crusader0s sword standin! on a
reel of film with fi*e spokes. The fi*e spokes each represent the ori!inal branches of the
Academy; Actors, /riters, 7irectors, Producers and Technicians.
M8M<s art director
.edric 8ibbons, one of the ori!inal Academy members, super*ised the desi!n of the
award trophy by printin! the desi!n on scroll.
Then sculptor 8eor!e Stanley sculpted
8ibbons0 desi!n in clay, and Ale% Smith cast the statue in tin and copper and then !old5
plated it o*er a composition of 92.+ percent tin and ).+ percent copper. The only addition
to the 9scar since it was created is a minor streamlinin! of the base. Appro%imately :(
9scars are made each year in .hica!o, =llinois by the manufacturer, >.S. 9wens. =f they
fail to meet strict ?uality control standards, the statuettes are cut in half and melted down.
The root of the name @9scar@ is contested. 9ne bio!raphy of Aette 7a*is claims that she
named the 9scar after her first husband, bandleader 3armon 9scar Belson.
claimed ori!in is that of the Academy<s 6%ecuti*e Secretary, Mar!aret 3errick, who first
saw the award in 19-1 and made reference of the statuette remindin! her of her Dncle
9scar. .olumnist Sidney Skolsky was present durin! 3errick<s namin! and sei$ed the
name in his byline, @6mployees ha*e affectionately dubbed their famous statuette 09scar0@
&e*y 2((-'. Aoth Oscar and Academy Award are re!istered trademarks of the Academy,
fiercely protected throu!h liti!ation and threats thereof.
Ownership of Oscar statuettes
Since 19+(, the statuettes ha*e been le!ally encumbered by the re?uirement that neither
winners nor their heirs may sell the statuettes without first offerin! to sell them back to
the Academy for E1. =f a winner refuses to a!ree to this stipulation, then the Academy
keeps the statuette. Academy Awards not protected by this a!reement ha*e been sold in
public auctions and pri*ate deals for si%5fi!ure sums &e*y 2((-'.
This rule is hi!hly contro*ersial, since it implies that the winner does not own the award.
The case of Michael Todd0s !randson tryin! to sell Todd0s 9scar statuette illustrates that
there are many who do not a!ree with this idea. /hen Todd0s !randson attempted to sell
Todd0s 9scar statuette to a mo*ie prop collector, the Academy won the le!al battle by
!ettin! a permanent inFunction. Althou!h some 9scar sales transactions ha*e been
successful, the buyers ha*e subse?uently returned the statuettes to the Academy, which
keeps them in its treasury.
Academy membership
All members must be in*ited to Foin. =n*itation comes from the Aoard of 8o*ernors, on
behalf of Academy Aranch 6%ecuti*e .ommittees. Membership eli!ibility may be
achie*ed by a competiti*e nomination or a member may submit a name based on other
si!nificant contribution to the field of motion pictures. Thou!h winnin! an Academy
Award usually results in an in*itation to Foin, membership is not automatic.
Bew membership proposals are considered annually. The Academy does not publicly
disclose its membership, althou!h past press releases ha*e announced the names of those
who ha*e been in*ited to Foin.
Academy membership is di*ided into 1+ Aranches, representin! different disciplines in
motion pictures. Members may not belon! to more than one Aranch. =f a person not yet a
member is nominated in more than one cate!ory in a sin!le year resultin! in in*itations
from more than one Aranch, heGshe must choose which branch when heGshe accepts
membership. Members whose work does not fall within one of the Aranches may belon!
to a !roup known as @Members At ar!e.@
Today, accordin! to >ules 2 and - of the official Academy Awards >ules, a film must
open in the pre*ious calendar year, from midni!ht at the start of Hanuary 1 to midni!ht at
the end of 7ecember -1, in os An!eles .ounty, .alifornia, to ?ualify.
>ule 2 states
that a film must be @feature5len!th@, defined as a minimum of :( minutes, e%cept for
short subFect awards and it must e%ist either on a -+ mm or )( mm film print or on 2: fps
or :, fps pro!ressi*e scan di!ital film print with nati*e resolution not less than
The members of the *arious branches nominate those in their respecti*e fields while all
members may submit nominees for Aest Picture. The winners are then determined by a
second round of *otin! in which all members are then allowed to *ote in most cate!ories.
Awards night
The maFor awards are !i*en out at a li*e tele*ised ceremony, most commonly in 1ebruary
or March followin! the rele*ant calendar year, and si% weeks after the announcement of
the nominees. This is an elaborate e%tra*a!an$a, with the in*ited !uests walkin! up the
red carpet in the creations of the most prominent fashion desi!ners of the day. Alack tie
dress is normally re?uired for men, althou!h fashion may dictate not wearin! a bowtie,
and musical performers typically do not adhere to this &nominees for Aest 9ri!inal Son!
?uite often perform those son!s li*e at the awards ceremony, and the fact that they are
performin! is often used to promote the tele*ision broadcast'. The Academy has for
se*eral years claimed that the award show has a billion *iewers internationally, but this
has so far not been confirmed by any independent sources. Beither has the Academy
e%plained how it has reached this fi!ure.
The Academy Awards is the only awards ceremony tele*ised li*e across the Dnited States
e%cludin! Alaska and 3awaiiI the 6mmys, 8olden 8lobes, and 8rammys are broadcast
li*e in the 6ast .oast, but they are on tape delay in the /est .oast.
The Awards show was first tele*ised on BA. in 19+-. BA. continued to broadcast the
e*ent until 19C( when the AA. Betwork took o*er, tele*isin! the festi*ities throu!h
19)(, after which BA. reassumed the broadcasts. AA. once a!ain took o*er broadcast
duties in 19)CI it has contracted to do so throu!h the year 2(1:.
After more than si%ty years of bein! held in late March or early April, the ceremonies
were mo*ed up to late 1ebruary or early March startin! in 2((: to help disrupt and
shorten the intense lobbyin! and ad campai!ns associated with 9scar season in the film
industry. The earlier date is also to ad*anta!e of AA., as it currently usually occurs
durin! the hi!hly profitable and important 1ebruary sweeps period. The Awards show
holds the distinction of ha*in! won the most 6mmys in history, with -, wins and 1C)
9n March -(, 19,1, the awards ceremony was postponed for one day after the shootin!
of President >onald >ea!an and others in /ashin!ton, 7... The awards e*ent itself is
now desi!nated a Bational Special Security 6*ent by the Dnited States 7epartment of
3omeland Security.
Mo*ie studios are strictly prohibited from ad*ertisin! mo*ies durin! the broadcast.
Since 2((2 mo*ie stars ha*e been seen arri*in! at the Academy Awards in hybrid
durin! the telecast of the )9th Academy Awards in 2((), eonardo 7i.aprio
and former *ice president Al 8ore announced that ecolo!ically intelli!ent practices had
been inte!rated into the plannin! and e%ecution of the 9scar presentation and se*eral
related e*ents.
The 1st Academy Awards were presented at a ban?uet dinner at the 3otel >oose*elt in
3ollywood. Subse?uent ban?uet ceremonies in the 19-(s and early :(s were held in os
An!eles at either The Ambassador 3otel or the Ailtmore 3otel.
8rauman0s .hinese Theater in 3ollywood then hosted the awards from 19:: to 19:C,
followed by the Shrine Auditorium in os An!eles from 19:) to 19:,. The 21st Academy
Awards in 19:9 were held at the @Academy Award Theater@ at the Academy0s then5
head?uarters on Melrose A*enue in 3ollywood.
1rom 19+( to 19C(, the awards were presented at 3ollywood0s Panta!es Theater. The
9scars then mo*ed to the Santa Monica .i*ic Auditorium in Santa Monica, .alifornia in
19C1. Ay 19C,, the Academy decided to mo*e the ceremonies back to os An!eles, this
time at the 7orothy .handler Pa*ilion in the os An!eles Music .enter. The 7orothy
.handler Pa*ilion hosted 2( consecuti*e 9scar ceremonies until 19,,, when the
Academy started to alternate between the Music .enter and the Shrine Auditorium.
=n 2((2, 3ollywood0s 2odak Theatre became the first permanent home of the awards. =t
is connected to the 3ollywood J 3i!hland .enter, which contains C:(,((( s?uare feet of
space includin! retail, restaurants, ni!htclubs, other establishments and a si%5screen
cinema. =n fact, the 8rand Staircase columns at the 2odak Theater showcase e*ery mo*ie
that has won the Aest Picture title since the first Academy Awards in 192,.
The Academy Awards ha*e also often been critici$ed for bein! o*erly conser*ati*e.
.ritics ha*e noted that many Aest Picture Academy Award winners in the past ha*e not
stood the test of time. Se*eral of these films, such as Around the World in 80 Days,
Grand Hotel and .ecil A. 7eMille0s The Greatest Show on Earth are often considered to
ha*e a!ed poorly and to ha*e little of the impact they had on their initial release.

Se*eral films that currently ha*e wide critical appro*al were not named Aest Picture.

The most ob*ious e%ample is Citien !ane, which recei*ed !lowin! critical re*iews and
was nominated for nine 9scars but winner of only one &Aest 9ri!inal Screenplay'. This
film has since come to be re!arded by many as one of the !reatest American films of all
=t has been su!!ested that actors are at a disad*anta!e in comedic roles, as few actin!
awards ha*e been !i*en for performances in films that could be considered primarily
comedic. Botable e%amples of actors who ha*e recei*ed 9scars for comedic roles are
2e*in 2line in A "ish Called Wanda and Hessica an!e in Tootsie. This was Foked upon
at the 2(() awards by Hack Alack, Hohn .. >eilly and /ill 1errell.
=t has also been
su!!ested that actors occasionally win awards that are !i*en more in commemoration of
a career or past performances than in honor of the role for which the actor is nominated.
9ne e%ample is Hudi 7ench0s brief ei!ht minute screen time appearance in Sha#es$eare in
%o&e, for which she won the 1999 Aest Supportin! Actress award, the year after she was
unsuccessful in the Aest Actress cate!ory for Mrs' (rown.
Studios also lobby hea*ily for their films to be considered, leadin! to the complaint that
nominations and awards may be lar!ely a result of this lobbyin! rather than the ?uality of
the material.
Academy members are also not re?uired to watch all films nominated in a
cate!ory, with the e%ception of Aest 7ocumentary 1eature and Aest 1orei!n an!ua!e
1ilm, leadin! to *otin! that is often politici$ed by campai!nin! or by personal
connections within the 3ollywood community.
Since the Membership of the Academy is dominated by the Actors0 Aranch, actors
nominated in other cate!ories such as writin! and directin!, could be seen to ha*e an
unfair ad*anta!e in the *otin! process.
Academy Award of Merit
Current Awards
Aest Picture; 192, to present
Aest 7irector; 192, to present
Aest Actor; 192, to present
Aest Actress; 192, to present
Aest Supportin! Actor; 19-C to present
Aest Supportin! Actress; 19-C to present
Aest 9ri!inal Screenplay; 19:( to present
Aest Adapted Screenplay; 192, to present
Aest Animated 1eature; 2((1 to present
Aest Art 7irection; 192, to present &also called =nterior, Set 7ecoration, or
production desi!n'
Aest .inemato!raphy; 192, to present
Aest .ostume 7esi!n; 19:, to present
Aest 7ocumentary 1eature; 19:- to present
Aest 7ocumentary Short SubFect; 19:1 to present
Aest 1ilm 6ditin!; 19-+ to present
Aest 1orei!n an!ua!e 1ilm; 19:) to present
Aest Makeup; 19,1 to present
Aest 9ri!inal Son!; 19-: to present
Aest 9ri!inal Score; 19-: to present
Aest 9ri!inal Musical; 2((( to present
Aest Animated Short 1ilm; 19-1 to present
Aest i*e Action Short 1ilm; 19-1 to present
Aest Sound Mi%in!; 19-( to present
Aest Sound 6ditin!; 19C- to present
Aest Kisual 6ffects; 19-9 to present
Retired Awards
Aest Assistant 7irector; 19-- to 19-)
Aest 7ance 7irection; 19-+ to 19-)
Aest 6n!ineerin! 6ffects; 192, only
Aest ScoreLAdaptation or Treatment;
Aest 9ri!inal Musical or .omedy Score; 199+ to 1999
Aest Short 1ilmL.olor; 19-C and 19-)
Aest Short 1ilmLi*e ActionL2 >eels; 19-C to 19+C
Aest Short 1ilmLBo*elty; 19-2 to 19-+
Aest 9ri!inal Story; 192, to 19+C
Aest Dni?ue and Artistic Muality of Production; 192, only
=n the first year of the awards, the Aest 7irector cate!ory was split into separate 7rama
and .omedy cate!ories. At times, the Aest 9ri!inal Score cate!ory has been split into
separate 7rama and .omedyGMusical cate!ories. Today, the Aest 9ri!inal Score cate!ory
is one cate!ory. 1rom the 19-(s throu!h the 19C(s, the .inemato!raphy, Art 7irection,
and .ostume 7esi!n awards were split into separate cate!ories for black and white and
color films.
New Awards
The newest awards to be added to the list of a*ailable awards from the Academy are the
awards for;
Aest Animated 1eature; added in 2((1
Aest 9ri!inal Musical; added in 2(((
Aest Makeup; added in 19,1
Proposed Awards
The Aoard of 8o*ernors meets each year and considers other new cate!ories. To date, the
followin! proposed awards ha*e not been appro*ed;
Aest .astin!; reFected in 1999
Aest Stunt .oordination; reFected in 1999I reFected in 2((+

Aest Title 7esi!n; reFected in 1999
Special Awards
These awards are *oted on by special committees, rather than by the Academy
membership as a whole.
Current Awards
Academy 3onorary Award; 192, to present
Academy Special Achie*ement Award;
Academy Award, Scientific or Technical; 19-1 to present &at three le*els of
The =r*in! 8. Thalber! Memorial Award; 19-, to present
The Hean 3ersholt 3umanitarian Award;
8ordon 6. Sawyer Award;
Retired Award
Academy Hu*enile Award; 19-: to 19C(
Academy Award records
ilm records
9nly three films ha*e won Aest Picture, Aest 7irector, Aest Actor, Aest Actress,
and Aest Screenplay, a feat which is known as winnin! the @Ai! 1i*e@ or the
9scar @8rand Slam.@ These films are; )t Ha$$ened One *i+ht &19-:', One "lew
O&er the Cuc#oo,s *est &19)+', and The Silence of the %am-s &1991'.
The three films which ha*e been awarded 11 9scars each are (en.Hur &19+9',
Titanic &199)', and The /eturn of the !in+ &2((-'. 9nly The /eturn of the !in+
won e*ery 9scar for which it was nominated.
The film which recei*ed the most 9scars without winnin! Aest Picture is Ca-aret
&19)2' with , awards. Althou!h the film was nominated for Aest Picture, it lost to
The Godfather &19)2'.
The two most nominated films of all time are All A-out E&e &19+(' and Titanic
&199)', both with 1: nominations. All A-out E&e won C awards, and Titanic won
11 awards.
The two films which share the record for most nominations &11' with no 9scar
wins are The Turnin+ 0oint &19))' and The Color 0ur$le &19,+'.
The film with the most nominations without a Aest Picture nomination is They
Shoot Horses1 Don,t They2 &19C9' with nine nominations. &That same year, Anne
of the Thousand Days &19C9' recei*ed the hi!hest amount of nominations "at 1(#,
includin! Aest Picture.'
Dream+irls &2((C' was nominated for ei!ht awards, but not for Aest Picture.
Thus, it was the first film e*er to recei*e the most nominations in a +i&en year,
without bein! nominated for Aest Picture.
Grand Hotel &19-2' is the only Aest Picture winner to recei*e no other
The first and only MPAA N5rated film to win the Aest Picture 9scar is Midni+ht
Cow-oy &19C9'. The first and only 85rated film to win the Aest Picture 9scar is
Oli&er3 &19C,'.
The first and only animated film e*er to be nominated for Aest Picture is (eauty
and the (east &1991'.
Bo film to date has e*er produced 9scar5winnin! performances in the four
competiti*e actin! cate!ories &eadin! Actor, eadin! Actress, Supportin! Actor,
and Supportin! Actress'. The two films which came closest to achie*in! this feat
were A Streetcar *amed Desire &19+1' and *etwor# &19)C', with each film
earnin! three out of the four actin! 9scars.
To date, 1- films ha*e recei*ed 9scar nominations in each of the four competiti*e
actin! cate!ories; My Man Godfrey &19-C'I Mrs' Mini&er &19:2'I "or Whom the
(ell Tolls &19:-'I 4ohnny (elinda &19:,'I Sunset (oule&ard &19+('I A Streetcar
*amed Desire &19+1'I "rom Here to Eternity &19+-'I Who,s Afraid of 5ir+inia
Woolf2 &19CC'I (onnie and Clyde &19C)'I Guess Who,s Comin+ to Dinner &19C)'I
*etwor# &19)C'I Comin+ Home &19),'I and /eds &19,1'.
Acting records
2atharine 3epburn holds the record for winnin! the most 9scar awards for actin!
&at :'. She won Aest Actress Awards for; Mornin+ Glory &19-2G--', Guess Who,s
Comin+ To Dinner &19C)', The %ion in Winter &19C,', and On Golden 0ond
&19,1'. Sharin! second place, with - actin! 9scars each, are =n!rid Aer!man,
/alter Arennan, and Hack Bicholson.
Meryl Streep holds the record for the most 9scar nominations for actin! &at 1:'.
1rom these 1: nominations, Streep won two 9scars; Aest Supportin! Actress for
!ramer &s' !ramer &19)9' and Aest Actress for So$hie,s Choice &19,2'. Sharin!
second place, with 12 actin! nominations each, are 2atharine 3epburn and Hack
Peter 90Toole holds the record for ha*in! the most 9scar nominations &, for Aest
Actor' without e*er winnin! a competiti*e actin! award. 3e also holds the record
for the lon!est time span between his first and last nominations &:: years from
19C2 to 2((C'.
The oldest person e*er to win an actin! 9scar is Hessica Tandy, who was ,( years
old when she won the Aest Actress Award for Dri&in+ Miss Daisy &19,9'.
The oldest person e*er to be nominated for an actin! 9scar is 8loria Stuart, who
was ,) years old when she was nominated for the Aest Supportin! Actress Award
for Titanic &199)'.
The youn!est person e*er to win an actin! 9scar is Tatum 9<Beal, who was 1(
years old when she won the Aest Supportin! Actress Award for 0a$er Moon
The youn!est person e*er to be nominated for an actin! 9scar is Hustin 3enry,
who was , years old when he was nominated for the Aest Supportin! Actor Award
for !ramer &s' !ramer &19)9'.
May >obson has the earliest birth date of all actors e*er nominated for an 9scar.
Aorn on April 19, 1,+,, >obson was nominated for the Aest Actress Award at the
a!e of )+ for %ady for a Day &19-2G--'.
At the a!e of 22, 2ate /inslet became the youn!est person e*er to recei*e two
9scar nominations &for Sense and Sensi-ility and Titanic', and each of her
subse?uent nominations has broken a further record; the youn!est person to
recei*e three, four, and fi*e nominations.
Hames 7ean is the only actor to recei*e two posthumous actin! nominations.
Althou!h 7ean was killed in an automobile accident in 19++, he was nominated
for the Aest Actor Award in 19+C for East of Eden &19++' and a!ain in 19+) for
Giant &19+C'.
The shortest performance e*er to win an actin! 9scar is Aeatrice Strai!ht0s
performance, which lasted + minutes and :( seconds, in *etwor# &19)C'. Strai!ht
won the Aest Supportin! Actress Award for her role.
Miscellaneous records
8eor!e Aernard Shaw is the only person to ha*e been awarded both an 9scar
&Academy Award for Aest Adapted Screenplay for 0y+malion in 19-,' and a
Bobel Pri$e &the Bobel Pri$e in iterature in 192+'. &Bobel laureate Hohn
Steinbeck was nominated for his screenplay for %ife-oat &19::'.'
/alt 7isney holds the record for recei*in! as well as bein! nominated for the
most Academy Awards. 3e won 22 competiti*e awards and recei*ed four
honorary awards. 3e was also nominated for +9 Academy Awards durin! his
/ith :+ 9scar nominations, film composer Hohn /illiams is currently the most5
nominated person ali*e.
Sound re5recordin! mi%er 2e*in 90.onnell currently holds the record for most
9scar nominations without a win at 19. 3is most recent nomination was for
A$ocaly$to &2((C'.
The youn!est person e*er to be awarded an 9scar is Shirley Temple Alack &a!e
C', who was awarded the inau!ural &now retired' non5competiti*e Academy
Hu*enile Award in 19-:.
The youn!est person e*er to be nominated for Aest 7irector is Hohn Sin!leton,
who was 2: years old when he was nominated for (oy * the Hood &1991'. 3e is
also the first &and only' African American director e*er to be nominated for Aest
The lon!est standin! o*ation durin! an awards ceremony was !i*en to .harlie
.haplin in 19)2 after recei*in! his 9scar. This standin! o*ation lasted for a full
fi*e minutes.

!"th Academy Awards # $%%!
The !"th Academy Awards ceremony, honorin! the best in film for 2((C, took place on
1ebruary 2+, 2(() at the 2odak Theatre in 3ollywood, .alifornia. 6llen 7e8eneres
hosted the ceremony for the first time.
This was the si%th time that the 2odak Theatre
has hosted the ceremonies since its construction. =t was also the -2nd time that the
ceremony was tele*ised in the Dnited States by AA., which is under contract throu!h
The producer was aura 4iskin.
The announcers were 7on a1ontaine and
8ina Tuttle.
The nominees were announced on Hanuary 2- at +;-, a.m. PST &1-;-, DT.' by
Academy president Sid 8anis and actress Salma 3ayek, at the Samuel 8oldwyn Theater
in the Academy0s Ae*erly 3ills head?uarters. Aolstered by three nominations for Aest
Son!, the musical Dream+irls recei*ed ei!ht nominations, recei*in! the most
nominations in the history of the awards without bein! nominated for Aest Picture. (a-el
recei*ed the second hi!hest number of nominations with se*en.
Ma&or winners
This is a -rea#down of only major winners' "or a com$lete list of nominees and winners1
see6 78th Academy Awards nominees and winners
eature films
Category 'inner Producers(Country
Aest picture The Departed 8raham 2in!
Aest forei!n lan!ua!e film The Lies o! "thers 8ermany
Aest documentary feature An #n$onenient Tr%th 7a*is 8u!!enheim
Aest animated feature Happy &eet 8eor!e Miller
Category 'inner ilm
Aest actor in a leadin! role orest 'hita)er The %ast !in+ of Scotland
Aest actress in a leadin! role *elen Mirren The 9ueen
Aest actor in a supportin! role Alan Ar)in %ittle Miss Sunshine
Aest actress in a supportin! role +ennifer *udson Dream+irls
Category 'inner ilm
9ri!inal screenplay Michael Arndt %ittle Miss Sunshine
Adapted screenplay 'illiam Monahan The De$arted
Category 'inner ilm
Academy Award for 7irectin! Martin Scorsese The De$arted
Special honors
Category 'inner
Academy 3onorary Award -nnio Morricone
The Hean 3ersholt 3umanitarian Award Sherry .ansing
ilms with multiple nominations
The 9ueen
The De$arted
%etters from
)wo 4ima
%ittle Miss
*otes on a
0irates of the
Dead Man,s
Children of
%ittle Children
"la+s of Our
The De&il
Wears 0rada
The 0resti+e
:nited 8;
ilms with multiple wins
The De$arted
0an,s %a-yrinth
An )ncon&enient Truth
%ittle Miss Sunshine
Voting trends
1or the second year in a row, no film recei*ed more than ei!ht nominations, with the
selections scattered amon! numerous films. .ontinuin! a trend of the pre*ious two years
in the maFor nominations, Academy *oters fa*ored films which had stru!!led at the D.S.
bo% office, althou!h the Aest Picture nominees performed sli!htly better than those of the
pre*ious year due to the presence of one si$able hit. The De$arted had the best showin!
throu!h Hanuary 21 with E121.) million, placin! the film 1)th amon! the year0s releases.
3owe*er, the ne%t best showin! amon! the fi*e nominees was that of %ittle Miss
Sunshine, which placed +(th with E+9.C million. The 9ueen &E-+.C million', (a-el &E2-.)
million' and %etters from )wo 4ima &E2.: million' completed the Aest Picture field, but
did not place amon! the year0s top ,( bo% office hits.
Amon! the rest of the top +( releases of 2((C in D.S. bo% office throu!h the weekend
before the nominations, only The 0ursuit of Ha$$yness &12th', (orat &1+th', The De&il
Wears 0rada &1Cth' and Dream+irls &2,th' recei*ed nominations for directin!, actin! or
writin!, with only Dream+irls !ainin! more than one nomination in those areas. The top
si%teen films in bo% office recei*ed a total of only thirteen nominations, with four !oin!
to the year0s top hit, 0irates of the Cari--ean6 Dead Man,s Chest, and two others in the
cate!ory of Animated 1eature. Si% of the ten nominations for Aest Actor and Aest Actress
went to films which had !rossed less than E, million each.
1or the second consecuti*e year, four of the Aest Picture nominees were rated > &under
1) re?uires accompanyin! adult'. 9f the ,, nominations awarded to non5documentary
feature films &apart from the 1orei!n 1ilm cate!ory', a maFority of +C went to >5rated
films &up from :- one year earlier', 2, to films rated P851-, two to P85rated films &down
from 1C the year before, and both for Animated 1eature' and two to a 85rated film &the
final nominee for Animated 1eature'. =n a precise duplication of the pre*ious year, >5
rated films captured -2 of the :( nominations for Aest Picture, directin!, screenwritin!
and actin!. Bon5>5rated films recei*ed e%actly half of the nominations &2: of :,' in the
remainin! cate!ories, primarily those in @below the line@ areas &the editin!, ori!inal score
and sound editin! cate!ories accounted for 1- of the 2: nominations for >5rated films,
while the cate!ories for costume desi!n, son!, *isual effects and animated feature
accounted for 1: of the 2: nominations for non5>5rated films'.
Peter 90Toole O who recei*ed his first nomination for Aest Actor :: years earlier O set a
record for most years between nominations in that cate!ory, breakin! 3enry 1onda0s
record of :1 years &2atharine 3epburn recei*ed Aest Actress nominations :, years
apart'. 2e*in 90.onnell increased his number of nominations to 19 in the Aest Sound
Mi%in! cate!ory. 3e is still without a win.
1or the second year in a row, no film recei*ed more than four awards, and the awards for
Aest Picture and the four actin! cate!ories a!ain went to fi*e different films. 1orest
/hitaker won for his performance as =di Amin, and 3elen Mirren won for her role as
Mueen 6li$abeth ==, makin! it the si%th time O and second consecuti*e year O that both
lead actin! awards went to performers playin! real peopleI it was also the si%th time in
ei!ht years that the Aest Actress award has !one to someone playin! a real person. Bo
indi*idual person won more than one award.
The ceremony attracted -9.92 million *iewers, sli!htly hi!her than last year0s ceremony.
Amon! the key audience of adults a!ed 1, to :9, the 9scars notched a 1:.( ratin!,
essentially flat with last year.
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Class0# 23 /4 Roll No5#6%