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Joseph Zernik, PhD קינרצ ףסוי ר"ד
PO Box 33407, Tel Aviv, Ìsrael  ד"n 33407 x"n , 6133301
2010-03-25 Notice to Chief Judge Audrey Collins, and Request to Initiate
Corrective Actions in re: Zernik v Connor, Fine v Sheriff
Chief Judge Audrey Collins, US District Court, Central District of California
Los Angeles, March 25 - following months of repeated attempts, Dr Joseph Zernik,
Los Angeles Resident, gained on March 24, 2! access - to inspect and to cop" - two
#2$ of the %&'s #%otices of &lectronic 'ilings$ in the ha(eas corp)s petition of
Richard * 'ine -Richard * 'ine + ,heriff of Los Angeles -o)nt" #2./-c+-!/!4$0
,)ch access, and additional records that Dr Zernik was for the first time permitted to
inspect, ()t not cop", allowed to clearl" discern the nat)re of two ke" records in the
case. #a$ J)ne 2/, 2/ J)dgment (" the J)dge John 1alter, and #($ 'e(r)ar" !2, 2!
Mandate (" the 3, -o)rt of Appeals, /th -irc)it0 4oth records appeared in 5A-&R -
the -o)rt6s p)(lic access s"stem, as honest, +alid and effect)al co)rt records, which
had (een entered0
7owe+er, (oth records were newl" identified as false and deli(eratel" misleading
co)rt records0
Accordingl", Dr Zernik forwarded toda" a notice, copied (elow, to -hief J)dge
A)dre" -ollins, 3, District -o)rt, -entral District of -alifornia, to relia(l" inform
her of alleged fra)d on the co)rt, o(str)ction and per+ersion of 8)stice in the ha(eas
corp)s petition of Richard * 'ine, in partic)lar, and in operation of the co)rt6s p)(lic
access #5A-&R$ and case management9 electronic co)rt filing #-M9&-'$ s"stems in
general0 *n s)ch notice, Dr Zernik also re:)ested that -hief J)dge -ollins initiate
correcti+e actions0 Attached to the March 25, 2! notice and re:)est was a detailed
March 25, 2! declaration and opinion (" Dr Joseph Zernik, [1] o)tlining the
+ario)s wa"s that fra)d and deceit were allegedl" perpetrated in the records
of Richard * 'ine + ,heriff of Los Angeles -o)nt" #2./-c+-!/!4$, in partic)lar, and
in the operations of 5A-&R and -M9&-' at the -entral District of -alifornia, in
Richard 'ine, ; "ears-old, former 3, prosec)tor has (een held in solitar"
confinement in a hospital room in Los Angeles, for o+er a "ear, with no medical
8)stification, with no warrant, and with no con+iction9 8)dgment9 or sentencing e+er
(eem entered to pro+ide the legal fo)ndation for his holding0 7is alleged false
imprisonment was onl" one e<ample in alleged pattern of large-scale, long term false
imprisonments in Los Angeles -o)nt", -alifornia0 [2] =herefore, the March 25, 2!
Declaration and opinion were also stated as an intended part of a Los Angeles,
-alifornia 7)man Rights Report for the pending %o+em(er 2! 5eriodic 3ni+ersal
Re+iew of 7)man Rights (" the 3% >ffice of 7igh -ommissioner of 7)man Rights0
-ond)ct of the 3, -o)rt, -entral District of -alifornia, was alleged as serio)s
depri+ation of rights of the man" millions who reside in the -entral District of
-alifornia0 'irst and foremost among the +ictims of s)ch depri+ation were the
Rampart-'*5s #'alsel" *mprisoned 5ersons$ - the man" tho)sand +ictims of
theRampart corr)ption scandal #!//2-2$, almost el)si+el" (lack and latinos, who
were left falsel" imprisoned to this date0 [3]
March 25, 2010 Notice to Reliably Inform, and Request to Initiate Corrective
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 15:48:02 -0700
To: "Attention Hon Audrey Collins, Chief Judge"
From: joseph zernik
Subject: Notice to Reliably Ìnform the Chief Judge, Audrey Collins, and a Request for
Ìnitiation of Corrective Actions na
Cc: "Dawn Bullock, Records Supervisor" , "Sharon McGee, Ìntake Unit Supervisor",
"Terry Nafisi, Clerk of the Court" , "Theresa Doty - Chief Deputy Clerk"
March 25, 2010
The Hon Audrey Collins
Chief Judge, US District Court
Central District of California
The favor of a response within 10 days was requested.
R!" Notice to Reliably Inform the Chief #ud$e, Audrey Collins, and a Request
for Initiation of Corrective Actions
Dear Chief Judge Collins:
Please accept the Declaration and Opinion, linked below, [1] as a notice to reliably
inform you of alleged fraud on the court, obstruction and perversion of justice in
litigation of:
1) Richard I Fine v Sheriff of Los Angeles County (2:09-cv-01914);
2) Joseph Zernik v Jacqueline Connor et al (2:08-cv-01550).
This is also a notice of alleged Deprivation of Human, Constitutional, and Civil Rights
of Richard Ì Fine - first and foremost - Liberty, and Deprivation of Rights of Joseph
Zernik - first and foremost - the Right for Possession.
This is also a notice of alleged Deprivation of Human, Constitutional, and Civil Rights
of the many millions who reside in the Central District of California, inherent in the
operations of PACER & CM/ECF, alleged as fraud on the people.
Please accept this notice as a request to initiate corrective actions in all matters listed
Dated: March 25, 2010
La Verne, County of Los Angeles, California Joseph H Zernik, PhD
By: ______________
PO Box 526, La Verne, CA 91750
Phone: 323.515.4583
Fax: 323.488.9697
1) "Dawn Bullock - Records Supervisor"
2) "Theresa Doty - Chief Deputy Clerk"
3) "Sharon McGee - Ìntake Unit Supervisor",
4) "Terry Nafisi - Clerk of the Court" ,
5) "Donna Thomas - Courtroom Assistant"
[1] March 24, 2010 Declaration and Opinion by Joseph Zernik
[2] Richard Ì Fine - a Review
[3] The Rapart FÌPs (Falsely Ìmprisoned Persons) - a Review

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