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SNSD Facts

1. Sunny still has a phobia of fireworks explosions and loud noises.

2.Sunny hates drinking milk.
3.uri becomes so feminine when close to a guy.
!. "efore their debut# they are composed of 12 members. $ne of them was %&ara's Soyeon.
(.Sunny was the last to )oin the group
*.oona + uri share room together
,.%aeyeon's phone was once lost and it was found inside the refrigerator
-.SNSD members chose uri as a member whose looks became more refined since their debut days
..Sooyoung's number is 2! because she wants to marry at the age of 2!.
1/.SNSD's 0ostume 0osts for 2//.# 1 "illion 1on
11.Sooyoung has the best legs# and uri has the best body in SNSD
12.SNSD's Dating 2ule3 40an't 5eep 6t 7 Secret "etween 8embers9
13.Sunny ne:er dated nor kissed anyone.
1!.7ll members are immune to Sunny's 7egyo
1(.Sunny once said that uri's sleeptalks are the most extreme and toughest 6she'd e:er seen.
1*.Sica once said to %angoo# 45im %aeyeon; <ow can you do this to me; 1e are %aengSic Shi Dae;9
1,.5im %aeyeon admitted once that her hobby is taking care of kids and her speciality is acting like a leader.
1-.$ne of SNSD's most famous lines# 4%his is SNSD# From Now $n# SNSD# Fore:er SNSD9
1..Sooyoung once said that Fany's :oice is like =eanut "utter.
2/.SNSD rarely eats 0hicken as declared by u2i.
21.Seohyun watches %> til 2 78. 1hat she watches? 0aartoons.
22.Sica hates cucumbers.
23.Sica and Fany are the one's who can speak english fluently.
2!.Seohyun Fans name is Seo8ates
2(.oona Fans name is oon7ddict
2*.Sooyoung Fans name is Sooyoungsters
2,.uri Fans name is urisistable
2-.<yoyeon Fans name is <yorengi@<yohunnies
2..%iffany Fans name is Fanytastics
3/.Sunny Fans name is Sunshiners
31.Aessica Fans name is BorAess SpaCCers
32.%aeyeon Fans name is %aeBang unite
33.Aessica would choose sleeping o:er eating
3!.uri and Sooyoung were schoolmate
3(.S<6Nee Aonghyun is a big fan of SNSD oona and SNSD Aessica
3*.SNSD $FF6067D "7DD$$NS 0$D$2 is =astel 2ose =ink
3,.%iffany's special <abit is 0utting her food before eating
3-.uri's name means Eglass'
3..uri really likes friday
!/. $ne of Sunny's nicknames is 4Fnergy =ill9
!1. Sooyoung is the G1 shikshin in SNSD.
!2. %aeyeon Fa:orite Song from Birls' Beneration 3 8erry&Bo&2ound
!3. Sica cries when she is angry.
!!. %aeeon wants to be a 8ath %eacher.
!(. Seohyun is the slowest member in taking a bath
!*.%aeeon used to play 2F $ND6NF
!,. <yoyeon has 1! ear piercings. She also has one on her tongue.
!-. Soooung can eat 3 scoops of ice cream in ( minutes.
!.. %aeeon talks while sleeping
(/. SNSD 6S 0H22FN%D %<F "6BBFS% B62D B2$H= 6N 5$2F7 7ND %<F "FS% F$2 7DD SINF's. 3J