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Dear business partners,

In view of upcoming festive season, wed like to take this opportunity to thank you for your
continued business support.
In cooperation with our Sales colleagues, we have developed a special package exclusively for
Skoda Rapid and we are confident that this shall help to support new cars sales during this
festive season.
Contents of Accessory Package: Total 6 products
Issue No: SF/ SER/ 835
Issue No : 02
Issue Date: 21.06.:2011
Service Circular
No : SC/40/12
Date : 12.10.2012
* From:
After Sales Parts & Accessories business
Base : Nilesh Chavan Tel No. 020- 30931105
Compiler : Paritosh Koppikar Tel No. 020- 30931120
Email :
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SAIPL Dealership
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Introduction of Rapid Accessories Package (Ref: Retail Bulletin RB/Oct12/01and 04)

Portable Navigation Device
Part No- LOC051230 RAP
MRP: 12,438 INR
Standalone Bluetooth
Part No- LOC051902 RAP
MRP: 5,029 INR
Electric Thermo Cool Box
Part No- LOC009001 RAP
MRP: 9,260 INR
Textile Mats
Part No- LOC600103 RAP
MRP: 2,318 INR
Lateral Strips
Part No- LOC800001RAP
MRP: 1,073 INR
Wind Visor
Part No- LOC064361RAP
MRP: 1,501INR
Material flow to Dealerships / Supply Process:
The kits will be billed to you under normal accessories sales process. These orders would be
placed by us on behalf of your dealership. We shall commence these deleveries to you from
20th October, 2012.
More details concerning the same shall be provided to you shortly
Display Kit:
It is mandatory for every dealership to display a demo kit and install it on a DEMO CAR.
Installation Manuals / Fitment Guidelines:
The accessory fitment instruction manuals are provided along with these products for your
information and required references.
Warranty terms:
1. Portable Navigation Device 1year
2. Standalone Bluetooth Device 1year
3. Thermo Cool Box 2 years
4. Textile Mats- 1year or 20000 km whichever is earlier
5. Lateral Strips/ Wind Visor - 1year or 20000 km whichever is earlier
The warranty card will be provided along with these accessory items. You are requested to fill in
this warranty card at the time of vehicle delivery.
In case of warranty claims registration, customer shall contact the respective dealership and we
shall shortly send you complete definition of handling this claim process separately.
We are confident that with this additional support you will be able to maximise the new car sales
during the festive season.
All the very best and happy selling,
Thanking you,
For koda AutoIndia Pvt. Limited
Mr. Charles Stroud Mr. Nilesh Chavan
Head of Aftersales, Head Parts & Accessories Business,
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