In late 2010, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete Adam
Schembs injured his shoulder while working out
with a trainer at the gym. The injury required
surgery to repair a torn labrum and clean up
painful bone spurs. Two screws were also
placed to stabilize the roof of his shoulder.
Adam was patient during the healing process
and returned to the gym after a normal
recovery and rehabilitation process. To be
expected, he wasn’t quite where he was pre-
surgery and experienced constant soreness and
Max Muscle Walnut Creek owner Kenny Tali
suggested Adam try Max Glutamine, MaxPro
Protein and Max ARM. The products worked
wonders. “I immediately saw a change in how
I felt during and after workouts,” says Adam.
“And with the help of those products, I was
able to return to Jiu-Jitsu training in October
2011.” Adam began competing in January
2012, placed in the top of his divisions, and
was even promoted to blue belt.
Seven months later in August, Adam was
plagued with a knee injury that sidelined him
Adam Schembs, 35
Residence: Concord, California
Max Muscle Home Base: Walnut
Creek, California
Noelle Rockwell, 28
Residence: San Ramon, California
Occupation: Sports Nutritionist/
Weight Loss Consultant/Master Trainer
at 24 Hour Fitness; Fremont, California
Max Muscle Home Base: MM San
While training for her first NPC
competition, Nicole Rockwell
dove into contest prep with no
coaching, blind ambition and
100 percent effort. She took
advice from gym friends on how
to cut carbs and water and how
to deplete. “I placed 6th in the
show, but the costs were not
worth it,” she says. “None of
the advice I’d received was the
right or healthy way to do things.
I had the typical rebound that
made me devour everything in
my path for the following month
post show. My body rebounded
back to a less desirable weight.”
Despite the weight gain, Nicole was bitten by the competition bug and decided to hire top
local coaches to help her get back on stage again. Something crazy started to happen: her body
suddenly stalled mid-contest prep, refusing to drop any more weight leaving her and her coaches
baffled. Instead of making improvements to her physique, her body was not responding to the
training and diet. The setbacks were frustrating and disappointing for Nicole as she was not
ready to step on stage for competition.
In 2012, Nicole started her own prep yet again for another show. “By this time, I was a
certified sports nutritionist and had other certifications under my belt, so I felt confident to try it
on my own,” she explains. “What I didn’t know was that the damage had already been done.
from competition. This time around, he suffered
from a completely torn ACL, torn meniscus and
damaged LCL that required extensive reconstructive
surgery. He was disappointed, again, but patient.
“I continued to take Max Glutamine, Max Pro
Protein, Max Joint Relief, ZMA, Essential Omega
and Max Complete to help me recover and
rehabilitate,” Adam says.
In October 2013, one week shy of the one
year anniversary of his surgery, Adam returned to
competing in Jiu-Jitsu, winning two gold medals
at the U.S. Open. This year, he has continued in
competition to win several tournaments and make
a name for himself in the sport. He shows no sign
of stopping and credits a good support team and
Max Muscle products for helping him to be at his
Goal in 5 years: Married, kids, and hopefully,
a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Who or what is your motivation to
lead a healthy lifestyle? My health is my
motivation. After an injury playing football in
college and breaking my leg, I took 12 years off
from training and realized at age 29, I felt horrible.
MM Go-To Person: Kenny Tali
Favorite MM Products: MaxPro Protein, Max
2 words to describe you: Determined, Goofball
Mateo and MM Blossom Hill San Jose
MM Go-To Person: Jason Mayol at MM
San Mateo, Chris Law at MM Blossom Hill
San Jose
Favorite MM Products: Max Cleanse
and Lean, Max LiquiCarn, Cortix
Nicole’s endocrine system, through repeated cycles of crash dieting
mixed with double days of cardio and heavy weight training sessions, had
begun to fail. She started to suffer from fatigue, nausea, vomiting, hair loss,
amenorrhea (missed periods), intolerance to hot or cold temperatures, dry
cracking skin, zero libido, depression and weight gain despite the fact that
she was working out for three hours a day in a caloric deficit. She had seen
different specialists from an internal medicine doctor to an endocrinologist
to an OB/GYN, all of whom were incorrect in their diagnoses. In the
meantime, Nicole’s weight had gone from 155 pounds to more than 220
pounds and was averaging a scale increase at 1.2 to 1.8 pounds daily.
Thanks to a friend’s referral to a naturopathic doctor, Nicole’s condition
was finally diagnosed. She suffered from adrenal fatigue. Her adrenals
were not producing the cortisol levels that they should have been to battle
the stress she was putting on her body. This set in motion a chain effect
of symptoms that circled around metabolic damage, a condition where the
nervous, endocrine and immunological systems lose their ability to function
properly due to extreme weight loss measures or repeated dieting. Many
tests were administered to check hormone levels and efforts were made
to repair the functions of her adrenals, thyroid and pituitary, stabilizing
and resetting them. With a good support system, the help of her doctor
and a metabolic coach, Nicole was able to come out of metabolic damage,
although it hasn’t been easy.
Today, Nicole’s hormones are stable and she has continued her training
and discovered a love for powerlifting. As for stepping out on the stage to
compete, she says, “I’m not worried about that. Right now, I’m living and
loving life, and food!”

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