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Research Methods in Informatics and Computer Science (JCOD27) - OPPONENT'S REPORT


IPRED: Invasion of Privacy
Gokul Shyam Charan Bodi Kulecho Mildred Trpeska Ristova Ana


1. Assignment Title & Topic reflection in the report: The title of the report deals with the implications of the directive on the privacy of the endusers or consumers of the services. The Introduction of the report covered more of the functionalities of the IPRED law. 2. Problem Definition and Motivation of the IPRED issue: The Motivation for study of the impact of the IPRED law on the younger generation derived based on the court case in Italy between Dutch Company Philips & Princo Corporation Ltd is slightly off track as the case relates to two companies Patents issue and the Problem question deals with the effectiveness and acceptance among the youth, who as end-users come under the scope of the IPRED. 3. Overall structure of the Report: The overall structure of the report prescribes to the norms of a standard report conducting a research question. Although, proper referencing through the text is lacking. 4. Research Methodology Approach: The research methodology followed in the report is covered quite extensively with detailed descriptions of the types of objectives, data collection and the Sampling method based on the survey questions is shown in the scientific way. 5. Report Data Analysis:

The data Analysis would have been more detailed if the questions included in the survey had covered wider areas like the opinion of the youth to subscribe to legal mechanisms which allow them to access the content through minimal subscription fees etc., and whether the youth would like to try out a model based on legal ACCESS rather than illegal ACQUISITION method. 6. How easy was it to follow the Report: The report was quite easy to follow as it was structured nicely and the approach from the initial problem definition to the final conclusion through the research methodology was framed in such a way as to be understandable by everyone. 7. Strengths of the Report: The main strengths of the report are the extensive research methodology description and the survey sampling. 8. Weaknesses of the Report: Rather than terming as weaknesses, the problem definition and developing the formulation would have been more specific to the PRIVACY issue as then it would have been more focused. 9. Uniqueness of the report analysis: The Uniqueness lies in the simple, straight-forward research question dealing with the youth, who as symbols of freedom, openness, innovation, latest ideas, frankness in expression & opinions testify whether a directive like IPRED framing succeeds or not? The Group must be appreciated for choosing the question in a different angle. 10. Questions to the Group on the Report: What is your personal motivation for choosing the Research question? What are the practical difficulties you faced during the assignment and what do you feel are the resources missing to you to have done the survey in a more extensive manner? Have you been previously informed about the IPRED directive? In short, what is your personal opinion about the way of enforcement of this law?

Source of the Opponent Report Template: Gjovik University College Department of Computer Science and Media Technology