Asasara Hector

Sire: Innellan Kestrel Dam: Nørlunds Mama Mia
Born March 3rd 2010.
When Hector was 3 month old he became lame and his hooves
were very short and frayed. At the time there was nothing called
HWSD so I was certain he had an infection in the hooves (white line
disease). He was treated for infection and received several mineral
supplements to strengthen his hooves. He was admitted to the
veterinary clinic for a short period in an attempt to diagnose his
hoof problem. The farrier had to come frequently to repair his
hooves. Neither the vet nor the farrier could explain his condition
and the lack of improvement.
Hector became a big and strong colt and as he grew his problem
decreased and he was rarely lame. I believed he had suffered from
a mineral deficiency and the supplements of organic copper, iron,
and zinc combined with the frequent trimmings had improved his
hoof quality to the point where he was not lame.
In the winter of 2012 it became known that it was not a mineral
deficiency but a genetic disease. As a result Hector was gelded.
I continued with the supplements and frequent trimmings while
looking for a new owner for Hector.
At first Hector moved to a barefoot trimmer in Denmark, but after
1½ year the work load associated with his hoofcare became too
much and Hector moved to his current home in England.
Today Hector lives with Ian Whatley at Ash Rescue Centre where he
is doing well. Hector never got the chance to realise his potential as
a stallion or performance pony because both his parents turned out
to be carriers of a potentially fatal genetic disease.
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