Asasara Jaybird

Sire: Innellan Kestrel Dam: Asmindrupgaards Dicky-Bird
Born June 5th 2012, died October 26th 2012.
In the spring of 2011 I had Asmindrupgaards Dicky-Bird covered by
Innellan Kestrel for the last time. This combination had previously
resulted in foals with both good and poor hoof quality. Like everyone else
I believe this was caused by a mineral deficiency or environmental factor.
I did not know that it could be a genetic defect.
In 2012, half a year after Dicky-Bird was covered, it was documented that
HWSD was genetically inherited and that the foundation stock of my stud
were healthy carriers. I could only hope the coming foal turned out
Asasara Jaybird was born on a beautiful day in June. I hoped he was
healthy but when he was only three weeks old I began to observe
changes in his hooves and lameness. I decided to wait and see how his
affliction would develop, but he quickly deteriorated to the point where
daily pain medication was necessary.
At three month of age he got a hoof abscess which turned his right front
hoof into a nightmare. It was now a question of when the mare was ready
to have him weaned so that he could be euthanised.
On October 26th Asasara Jaybird was euthanised and freed from his
pain. He will be remembered as a strong and beautiful colt who was born
into this world out of the ignorance that my breeding stock carried a
genetic hoof defect.
In the summer of 2013 I got another HWSD affected foal out of different
mare and sired by a different stallion. From this I have learned that the
genetic test cannot become available fast enough.
As long as we cannot test our breeding stock, Asasara Jaybird will not be
the last foal euthanised due to HWSD.
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