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SY 2014 –2015
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Dear Middle School Parents,

The school year is now in full swing - we had our Back to School Night this week hav-
ing the opportunity for parents to experience what your children are experiencing
each day in their classrooms. We had a fantastc turnout and we appreciate every-
one's commitment to learning about our program and beginning to make connectons
with your children's teachers. We have parent conferences in October to look for-
ward to, and at any tme please feel free to contact a teacher or the ofce to help
arrange a meetng tme.

We have other opportunites for you to be a part of our school community. We have
a consultant Michael Thompson visitng ISM next week and he will be holding parent
workshops on the topics of child development. In additon we have the annual visit of
our Freedom from Chemical Dependency counselors who will be spending tme with
grade 8 students throughout the week and holding an assembly for all students in
middle school focused on decision making.

A big part of our role as leaders of the Middle School is to help facilitate the develop-
ment of teaching practces and ensure student learning is happening at a high lev-
el. This week we have been having individual conferences with all teachers to discuss
their personal goals for the year focused on student learning. We then spend tme in
all classrooms to be able to interact with students, fnd out from them about their
learning and to observe and provide feedback. This is one of the most important as-
pects of our roles and the most engaging. We look forward to discussions that we
have with parents throughout the year and at functons like our Middle School Parent
Cofees which you can fnd the dates of on the calendar.

We hope everyone has a great weekend...

Yours in Educaton,

Simon Gillespie, Middle School Principal
Amanda Pekin, Middle School Assistant Principal
Saturday Service Learning
Academic Bowl
Fine Arts / Guidance
Operatons & Security
Athletcs & Actvites
8-12 FCD
23 Parent Cofee
30 S. Quate Parent Cofee

Beginning on September 13, diferent service opportunites will be ofered on Saturdays. Some events involve a trip to
visit a service partner while others involve hostng a local educaton program. Along with the joy of giving, students ben-
eft by interactng with children from diferent backgrounds and getng to know the Philippines beyond Makat and
Taguig. To partcipate, students simply pick up a permission slip from the MS Ofce on the Monday before the trip.
Once it’s been signed and returned to the ofce, a student can sign up on the roster. Some trips fll up quickly so en-
courage them to sign up early. Parent are welcome to atend!
Saturday Service Dates for Semester 1
(Dates are subject to change.)

September 13 Philippine Children’s Fund
October 18 La Mesa Watershed
November 8 Cotolengo Filipino & CRIBS
November 15 Chosen Children Village
November 22 Love to Learn and PAWS
November 29 Papaya Academy
December 6 Tzu Chi Foundaton

If you have questons, please send an email to Mr. Cory Willey at willeyc@ismanila.org.

ISM's 5th Annual "Great Works Concert" will feature Leonard Bernstein's
"Chichester Psalms" performed by the HS auditoned music ensembles, and guests,
on Wednesday September 24th. The choir would like to invite all interested and
experienced singers from the ISM Community to partcipate in this challenging
masterwork with us! Great rehearsal aids are available to help learn and review
the rhythms, pitches, and especially the Hebrew text. The tmeline is short, and
the musical reward is great! Please email Melodie Hausman for rehearsal sched-
ules, questons, and music. hausmanm@ismanila.org

Access and parking within the campus are important security and safety issues. For the well-being of all members of the ISM
community, those entering the school campus are requested to take note of the informaton and procedures outlined below.

Parent IDs
The parent IDs issued in SY 2013/14 (black) will contnue to be valid for the new school year. The old parent IDs (burgundy)
issued before this year are no longer valid and must be replaced. Standard parent cards will be issued free of charge. Parents
may, however, elect to apply for a smartcard ID which will be usable with the cashless payment system introduced into the
school for SY 2013-14. There will be a fee of P250.00 for a smartcard.

Applicatons for parent IDs can be processed through the Security Ofce.

Student IDs
All students will be issued with new ID cards at the beginning of the new school year. The cards will be compatble with the
cashless payment system. There will be no need for returning students to visit the Security Ofce as we will be utlizing the
photographs taken for the yearbooks.

School Passes
School passes issued to parent’s employees and representatves need to be replaced for next school year. As of August 29,
2014 the grey bordered passes will be invalid.

The security ofce is now acceptng applicatons for new school passes, however the cards will not be available for collecton
before July 1, 2014. These passes will not be compatble with the cashless payment system.

Each family will be given two free school passes. Additonal school passes may be obtained afer paying a processing fee of
Php100.00 each to the Cashier’s Ofce.

Visitors’ Passes
All visitors must secure a pass from the guardhouse at Gate 3. Before entry will be allowed, a telephone check will be made
with the relevant ofce to confrm the visitor’s business within the school. Visitors will need to surrender a photo-ID upon
entry to campus.

Car Stckers
The car stckers for school year 2014/2015 are available from the security ofce.

For vehicles already displaying an existng stcker, parents should submit a completed renewal form with a copy of a current
LTO ofcial receipt. For new vehicles, parents are reminded that a copy of the vehicle’s certfcate of registraton and a cur-
rent ofcial receipt need to be submited with the applicaton. Applicatons for vehicles registered with companies or other
insttutons should be supported by a leter of assignment.

Each ISM family will be issued one vehicle stcker free of charge. Any additonal stckers will be issued following payment of
P100 to the cashier’s ofce.

In order to facilitate the easy recogniton of authorized cars at the gates, the stckers should be afxed to the top right corner
of the windshield. ISM stckers issued in previous years must be removed.

Vehicles not displaying a current car stcker will not be allowed access from August 29, 2014.


Vehicular Access
During drop-of and pick-up tmes, vehicles may enter through Gates 2 and 3. Those entering through Gate 2 should proceed
to the drop of area and, once the student has alighted or boarded, they should exit via Gate 1. Those vehicles entering
through Gate 3 must turn into the covered parking area and use the designated drop-of areas. All vehicles must exit
through Gate 1.

Please note that Gate 2 may only be used by those drivers and passengers who have an ISM ID card and who are in a vehicle
displaying a valid ISM vehicle stcker.

Alternatvely, vehicles entering through Gate 3 may park in the covered car park. The spaces reserved for parent-driven cars
should only be used by those vehicles which are driven by parents themselves. Vehicles in which parents are traveling, but
which are driven by a driver, should not use these spaces. Rather, they should park elsewhere in the covered car park or
make use of the outside spaces next to the power center.

Visitors to ISM must enter through Gate 3. There is an area for short-stay visitor parking near Gate 1.

The Pedestrian Gate
The pedestrian gate is located in the perimeter fence mid-way between Gate 1 and Gate 2. There is a paved area between
the road and the perimeter fence, allowing easy access to the gate. The pedestrian gate is solely for the entry of members of
the ISM Community at the beginning of the school day. It will only be open between 7:00 am and 7:45 am (8:00 am to 8:45
am on Wednesdays). Due to parking restrictons, and in the interests of security, it will not be open in the afernoon for pick-
ups. During the tme it is open, it will be under the supervision of members of the ISM Guard Force.

Drivers should stop adjacent to the paved area and students should alight from the right side of their vehicle. The driver
should then move of, clearing the space for other vehicles dropping of students. Under no circumstances should a student
be dropped of from the middle lane. This is dangerous as the student would need to walk in front of another vehicle. Driv-
ers are reminded that trafc regulatons forbid parking on the roads around ISM. Therefore, vehicles should only be stopping
for the brief tme it takes for a student to alight. Drivers must not wait for anybody to return to the vehicle.

Drop Of/Pick Up Passes
Following their introducton in 2012/13, we will be contnuing the use of pick up and drop of passes at Gate 3. This is for non
-regular drivers who are entering school to drop of or collect visitors or members of our community but who do not intend
to park within the campus. Our regular checks to confrm the identty of drivers and their purpose for entering the campus
will contnue to be made, but we will not retain a photo-ID in return for the issued pass. The use of these new passes will
avoid delays at the Gate 1 exit and reduce trafc congeston at busy tmes.

Vehicle checks
The practce of inspectng vehicles will contnue. During of-peak hours all vehicles will be checked before they are allowed
to enter the campus.

During peak hours (drop of and pick-up tmes), all vehicles without valid stckers and randomly selected vehicles with stck-
ers will be asked to undergo an examinaton.


Whether an examinaton is conducted or not, it is important that the security staf at the gates are able to identfy the occu-
pants of vehicles entering the campus; therefore IDs must be clearly displayed. Vehicles with tnted windows must roll down
windows to allow a clear view of the interior of the vehicle.

Drivers, Helpers and Bodyguards
Drivers, helpers and bodyguards should not wait on campus for students throughout the school day. Afer dropping of stu-
dents they should exit the school grounds and not return earlier than 30 minutes before dismissal tme. Those who repeat-
edly fail to comply with the regulaton will have their access privilege suspended.

Only those vehicles carrying parents or other people with business within the school will be allowed to return to the campus
before the scheduled pick-up tme.

There are designated areas for unaccompanied drivers, yayas, helpers and security escorts to wait for parents and students.
Unless specifcally authorized, they may not enter any other area. In the interest of security, and to prevent congeston at the
pedestrian entrances to the covered parking area, parents are requested to emphasize to their employees the importance of
cooperatng with the security staf and remaining in the appropriate areas.

All members of the ISM community are reminded that it is strictly forbidden for frearms to be brought onto the campus. This
includes concealed weapons carried by bodyguards for close protecton. Any person arriving at the school with a frearm
should inform the gate guard, and arrangements will be made for the weapon to be safely and securely stored during the
visitor’s stay.

Security staf directons
Our security team is endeavoring to make the school as safe and secure an environment as possible for all members of our

We ask that everybody cooperate with us in this important task. In partcular, all those entering our campus are requested
to comply with any directons given to them by members of our guard force.

If you are confused or unclear as to the purpose of such instructons, please seek clarifcaton from the security ofce. Please
note that it is the parents’ responsibility to advise their staf accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperaton. We are looking forward to another great year at Internatonal School Manila.

Best wishes,

Director of Operatons
And Security
Please note as of Tuesday August 26th, the fnal bus will now depart at 5:05pm, not 4:45pm. This later bus departure tme is being
conducted on a 1 month trial basis.

IASAS Volleyball/Cross Country Housing: 170 beds needed!

The housing leter is now available via the ATAC blog housing/hostng informaton page VBall/XC housing leter

Please help support what will be a fantastc sportng event at ISM in October. We require 170 beds to house the visitng volleyball and
cross country athletes and need ISM community support. Please submit a leter by September 15th if you can assist and support this
event. Families from ES/MS/HS have supported past years to house visitng athletes. It is a great experience, check out the informaton
and submit a form to the ATAC ofce.

Upcoming matches:

Friday, August 29: Friday Night Lights #1 vs Faith (HS Varsity/JV Soccer and Volleyball) Be there to show your Bearcat spirit.
Food available, all welcome, ES students must have adult supervision.
4pm Varsity Girls Soccer v Faith followed by Varsity Boys at 5:30 HS Field
4pm JV Girls Soccer vs Faith followed by Aspirants Boys at 5:30 vs Faith JV at MS Field
4pm Varsity Girls and Boys Volleyball vs Faith HS Gym
4pm JV Girls and Boys Volleyball vs Faith MS Gym

Saturday, August 30: Cross country race #1 at Brent MS/HS teams
Rifa ES/MS Soccer Festvals..see links below for venue details and start tmes.
ES Festvals
MS Festvals

Parents and students please take some tme to peruse the ATAC blog it has a wide variety of informaton and links to our sports and
actvites program. If you have any questons regarding the compettve program of sports at ISM afer reading the informaton on the
blog please send an email to pekinm@ismanila.org and I will endeavor to assist you as best I can.
Bearcat Den- drop by our new spirit store. There is a range of new products and items to purchase including items from our service
partners. Bearcat Den hours of operaton-7am-4pm Mon-Fri.

The ATAC game schedule pdf which is updated regularly by Triz Gonzalez (ATAC Athletcs Coordinator) gives the most up to date infor-
maton on where/when and who our Bearcat teams will be playing throughout the school year. Access to the game schedule is via the
ISM parent portal not via power school as in the past. Use this link to access the parent portal, log in with your user name/password
and look for the ATAC Game Schedule tab. Remember to refresh the page when the pdf schedule appears so you view the most cur-
rent schedule.

Game schedules do change at short notce so check ofen to ensure you keep up with the most current games/tmes and venues.

To access season practce schedule and the all year round team schedule fnd them on the drop down menus under the schedules
home bar tab.

Go Bearcats!

Mark Pekin
Director of Athletcs/Actvites
Calling All Basketball Players!
We need players for the parent team for this year's ISM
Community Basketball League. Any parent of an ISM stu-
dent is eligible to play.

The league is tentatvely scheduled to begin
on September 8. All games will be played at
ISM, Monday through Thursday, at 6:45pm. We will be
competng against the Alumni, Faculty, Security, Canteen,
and other department teams.

If you are interested in playing for the parent team,
please contact Rafy Puno atrppuno@gmail.com.
Please click the link below to register:
Please click the link below to register:
Please click the link below to register:

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