When I started this business, My mentor gave me a book named BUSINESS SCHOOL
written by a self made millionaire author ROBERT T KIYOSAKI. In this book, Robert
explains there are only 3 ways to earn money legally i.e., JOB, BUSINESS &
PROFESSION. He says people who works on these 3 ways will fall into any one of the four
cash flow quadrants, ie., E S B I.
First quadrant is E i.e, Employee Quadrant, here an employee works for an organization for
8 to 10 hours every day to earn some X amount of salary. Initially this X looks very big to
him, pretty soon as he gains experience he finds the same X as small and wants to make X
as 2X, for that he has to spend min of 12 to 14 hours everyday. From 2X to 3X, for that
he will spend 15 to 18 hours depending on the amount of work. But can he go for 4X and
5X? Big question mark? And keep the salary aside for sometime, if it comes to taking any
decision in his JOB, can he directly implement anything without approval from higher
bosses. For Leaves we need to ask BOSS, for Promotions we need to explain everything to
Boss. So, BOSS would be the one of the TOP five names anyone can remember in their life.
So, a normal employee works under a boss avg of 8 to 9 years and starts thinking of
becoming own BOSS by starting something of his own.
Thats when he moves himself to S i.e., Self Employee quadrant. What do u mean by SE ? a
person starting some small businesses like restaurant, mobile store or coffee shop where 2
to 5 people will be working for you. Any employee working after 8 to 9 years do you think,
will have sufficient savings to start the business? IF we take example of Restaurant, in a
city like Bangalore to setup a good restaurant in Koramangala or Marthahalli, how much
would be needed? 30 to 40 lacs? where will he get that? Obviously from Friends, Relatives,
Parents who can lend them or from Bank who can give the loan. Once he gets started what
commitment he will have on his restaurant, he will start at around 9AM and ends up around
11PM and start making 4X and 5x of money. But can he enjoy Weekends, Holidays and
Festivals ? After working for 2 to 3 years in his business he realizes there are multiple
bosses here. People who have lend the money starts demanding money and acts like our
boss. Govt and Police always be back on License and money. Customer is the ultimate
boss, who haves the food in our restaurant and goes out and spreads negative/positive
information with which our business depreciates/appreciates. As per the statistical
report. 96% of people fails in the business and go back to work under one BOSS. 1% thinks
their Son, Grandson and Son in law will take care of it. Only 3% of people make it to B

Only 3% of people make it to B quadrant, becoz they have put lot of hardwork, faced so
many challenges and finally have little more luck than the rest.
The B quadrant, i.e., Big Business Quadrant is the place where you 50 and above employees
working for you, like our TATAs, BIRTLAs, AMBANIs and NARAYANA MURTHYs. If we
look at 3 quadrant people, what is one common and equal thing they all have? Money?
Money is common but not equal! It’s time, where everyone has 24 hours of time. But why is
that Big business guy makes more money? Because he works on a concept of TIME
Where he employs one lac people and make them work 8 hours in a day, such that he gains
8,00,000 hours(ie., 8hrs X1,00,000EMP=8,00,000hrs). If an employee works 8 hours his
salary will be in thousands, what if you have 8 lac hours, and how much money can you
make? It’s huge money. If we take a pie chart of money made, small part (arc) will go to
those 1lac employees and remaining part of the money will be HIS profits. Now you
understood how Naryanamurthy and other big companies making more money? Although he
is making more money, can he enjoy that money by going to long vacation with his family
and without taking laptop or Blackberry? Not possible! Why? Becoz he is the one who runs
and takes decisions on everyone’s behalf.
So, If somebody wants to make money and enjoy it, he has to come to the quadrant of
Investor. What idea do you have about Investor? One who invests in something and make
money from it ie., Money makes money. It is said when money makes money, the growth is
always exponential. Do you know any famous Investors in the world? Shall we take
WARREN BUFFET as an example? Warren Buffet is one of the richest people on Earth.
Let’s imagine he has 1000 crores with him, before he leaves for a long vacation of 1 year
and, he keeps it in a bank for safety. Once he comes back he found that it became 1100
crores! How did that happen? What did Warren buffet do? He just enjoyed his vacation
yet he made 100 crores, which is big money in the entire world.
Robert divided the 4 quadrants into two, left side and right side and said if you are work
for somebody or for yourself you will make less money. If people started working for you
then you make more money. If money started working for you then you make uncontrollable
money. So if you get a chance to choose and live any of the sides, which side you want to
be in? Left or Right? Obviously Right! But what is exactly stopping you to move to the
other side? Money (Investment)? RISK? What If I tell you something which has NO RISK
and ZERO INVESTMENT (MONEY), will you be interested to come this side? Yes? But you
need to put sincere efforts and complete hardwork for next 3 to 4 years
OKAY! Shall I move ahead and explain you how it is possible? For that I have to explain the
two Golden principles of this project.

2. Two Principles:
First principle I am going to explain it to you, with the help of example. Let’s say you have
got a job in ‘Y’ company for one month and they offer you salary only for that one month.
The way company pays you will be in two different ways, by following a calendar month. In
calendar A company will pay you every day one crore rupees till next 30 days, so by end of
30 days you will receive 30 crores as your salary. If it follows calendar B, it will start with
One rupee, two rupees, four rupees, eight rupees, and 16 rupees and so on. By end of the
month, you will get some X amount. So question comes, which one will be more 30 crores or
X amount?
When someone asked me I chose calendar A with 30 crores.But do you know how much
calendar B can give you? Its whopping figure of 107 crores 34 lacs. What do you think, is it
a magic or Logic? Absolutely Logic, logic of DUPLICATION like 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 till 30
times. Which will you choose now? A or B?  obviously B. So remember this word
duplication, I am going to use it further as my presentation progresses.
Second principle I am going to explain with the help of a story. Do you like stories? Yes?
Why? Becoz stories have morals and fun? Yes? In Olden days people/civilization were
formed near the river banks, why? Any guesses? Yes Water is the abundant resource
readily available. So people everyday used to go to the river, fetch the water with bucket
and come back and consume it. Next day they would repeat the same task, go to the river
and fetch the water and consume it. A visionary came up with a question, why do we need
to go to river for water, is it not possible for the river to come to our homes. Everyone in
that village started laughing and said you are mad. But this guy (visionary) had a vision to
get the river water through Pipeline. So from next day he started constructing his own
pipeline, every one use to laugh at him for his work, but he continued doing it everyday. It
took him 1 month, 2 months, 4, 6 months to 1 year, 2 and 3 years. By end of 3
year he
completed installing pipeline and installed a tap in the end. Once he opened the tap and the
river started gushing out from tap. Now who will have the last laugh? Visionary or
villagers? Obviosuly visionary. Now, will he go again to the river to fetch the bucket of
water? Are we going to any nearby river to fetch the water obviously NO!
WHY am I sharing this story with you? Does this activity(go to river come back home)
resembles with our daily life too? What do we do every day? Get up in the morning and get
dressed well, fight with the traffic and go to office, work there for 8 to 10 hours and
while coming back fight with the traffic again and reach home late. Next day, will it be any
different? No! again go to work come back home. IF we repeat the same process for next
30 days we also get a bucket with full of salary. But as it comes, it goes out through the
small holes of the bucket. What are these holes? Our expenses? Like Credit card bill,
Medical Bills, Shopping Bills, Telephone Bills, Food Bills and etc. What one usually thinks is
that my bucket is small, that’s why more money is going out. Lets increase the bucket size
by shifting to new company, or will go to Onsite or Get promoted in the same company and
increase the bucket size. Howmuch ever the bucket size grows to, Holes size also
increases, today if ur salary is 30K you will drive a bike, tomorrow if ur salary is one lac,
will you drive same bike or buy one car? So as ur income grows, expenditure also grows. So,
which makes more sense to you? Carrying a bucket or constructing a PIPELINE? Those
days people had river of water and they could construct a pipeline. Today do we have any
river with full of money, so that we can construct the pipeline and take all the money into
our bank accounts? No right! But I am here to tell you that there is river with full of
money, where you construct a pipeline which is virtual, but money flow through it is 100%
real. Do you want to know what and where that river is?