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victory over victimhood

by ramaa krishnan

2010 – The year of choices Weekly datebook & meditations

2010: The Year of Choices Choosing courage over victimhood

Victory over Victimhood has been an inspiring theme for me in the past year. As we go through the human experience we come across many situations that trigger off our deeply held fears and insecurities. In such times, it is a natural instinct to assume the role of a victim and attribute the pain or discomfort to an external source. However, in any situation, embracing that role of a victim is ultimately a choice we make – a choice that leaves us cornered into passivity. Victimhood is a dead end that has us holding on to our fears and losing touch with our dreams. Our only way out is to consciously choose to take responsibility as co-creators of our situation. While this seems like adding insult to injury, it is indeed true that our own past choices and perceptions have brought us to where we are at and to move out of the situation, once again it will be our own free will that will rescue us. And now begins our journey of moving forward by releasing our unhappy patterns and working on realizing our dreams. Thus we serve the true purpose of our victimhood. We are currently living through challenging times with more than the usual dose of scenarios that leave us feeling victimized. Let us rise up to the demands of our life and use the very situations that threaten to bring us down, as opportunities for growth and upliftment.

In the face of challenges, major or minor, let us choose courage. Let us conquer the demon of fear within us like Durga, the Hindu Goddess and like Her, let us destroy every form and expression of our inner demons. I invite you to observe the year 2010 as our Year of Choices - choosing Courage every week, every day, every moment. This journal has an exercise each week to remind us to move from fear to faith. Let us do this over and over again until we have removed the weeds of fear and planted blossoms of faith within our field.

Front Cover - Goddess Durga:
She was conceived by the light energy of all the other Gods in order to destroy some very powerful long standing enemies of mankind. She came forth calm and confident, clear in her purpose. Larger than life, her crown kissing the heavens, riding upon her vehicle, the king of the forest, the lion itself, her sight had the demons running helter-skelter. Durga is symbolic of our inner courage. When we look for it we bring it forth from within ourselves - a strength so large, so tall, that its very presence would make all our fears feel powerless. As she battles the demon-king, he changes form constantly to hoodwink her until, gathering all her strength, she destroys all the faces of fear appearing in any form whatsoever.

Inner flap - Goddess Mahalakshmi:
Lakshmi comes from the Sanskrit word –‘Lakshya’ or purpose. The true purpose of our struggles is the realization of our dreams. Goddess Lakshmi, symbolic of well being and abundance at all levels, is the end of the journey of victimhood. She is the fulfillment of our wishes, the reward for our courageous choices.

Why be human when you can be divine?

About the author:
Ramaa Krishnan, teacher and healer was born and raised in India where she studied Meditation and Eastern spirituality before arriving in the US in 1998. She has since embarked upon a project of integrating the intellectual strengths of the West with the intuitive gifts of the East. She now teaches at her Center for Self-awareness, Full Bloomed Lotus ( where her attempt is to teach people to embrace their divine potential and move from fear to faith.

This week.....

I refuse to be victimized by the pessimism around me…..I choose to believe in and gratefully acknowledge the many miracles in my life.

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