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Ar ma nd Br i t s

Curriculum Vitae

Educat i on

Operations Management
Business Management & Entrepreneurship
Project Management
Human Resource Management
2005 Brainline
English & Afrikaans as First Languages

Experi ence

3013 - 2014 PEOPLE incorporated
Marketing Manager
Created & maintained a new website & its online presence.
Designed & wrote all digital & printed marketing materials.
Created an Access database to track and control all calls & feedback.
Performed administrative duties incl. manning the switchboard, fil-
ing, data capturing etc.
Nov 2013 Launched peopl ei
Created a hub for People Inc.s online presence, marketing it
through social media & SEO.
2012 - 2013 Resonance Institute of Learning
Marketing Assistant
Coded & maintained a large Website & its content.
Built mailing lists of 1 500+ clients, students & trainers.
Performed IT troubleshooting & data backups as needed.
Performed administrative duties incl. manning the switchboard, fil-
ing, data capturing etc.
Jan 2013 Insti tuted an Indexed Fi l i ng System
Cut Response times from 2 weeks to a day & utilized R15 000 worth
of unused software to track huge volumes of documentation.
Aug 2012 Impl emented a Monthl y Newsl etter System
Used Mailchimp to design & deliver targeted HTML email marketing
on a monthly basis to 1200+ recipients.
2011 - 2012 Simva Studios
Co-owner & Lead Designer
Managed the administrative aspects of the business, the marketing,
sales & finances.
Managed projects from the scheduling & budgeting, through coding
& testing, to launch & completion.
Performed the main bulk of coding in languages like HTML, PHP &
Provided Technical support, troubleshooting & SEO.
Jun 2012 Redesi gned the Nzuri Logo
Delivered a new SVG logo using InkScape.
Apr 2012 Launched fourpai
Delivered the Home page and four unique gallery pages on time
and within a small budget.
Dec 2011 Launched si mvastudi
Full functional, e-commerce website with personal blogs, live help
chat rooms & web-template market.
May 2011 Launched
Delivered in spite of constantly changes to both deliverables &


ID 890727 5044 08 7
Equi ty White Male

(+27) 71 204 4531

(+27) 11 234 0437

Li nkedIn
Googl e+

Clinton Powell
Managing Director
People Incorporated

(+27) 76 823 0645

(+27) 11 234 0437

Elmarie Britz
Resonance Institute of Learning

(+27) ?? ??? ????

Chantelle v. Heerden
Simva Studios

(+27) 61 059 5570


Experi ence

2010 - 2011 Project X Manager
Personal Assistant
Due to the nature of some projects, highly sensitive information &
documents, e.g. details of Interbank workings, money transfer pro-
cesses etc., had to be handled securely & with discretion
Managed IT troubleshooting, backup & maintenance.
Ran calendar appointments and meetings.
Manned the switchboard & took minutes during meetings.
Typed, filed & organized letters, documents & paperwork.
Jan 2010 Creati on of Compl ete Fi l i ng System
Implemented a filing system for tax, legal and administrative docu-
mentation spanning the last ten years.
2008 - 2010 Handz-on Kidz
Child Minder
Helped with homework, provided first aid as necessary.
2005 - 2008 Self-Employed
Part-time teaching art and tutoring
Experienced at teaching people with ADHD, Dyslexia & other learn-
ing problems.
Had extensive childhood art lessons.
Au-Paired & tutored diverse children across a wide age range suc-


Angeline v. d. Waldt

(+27) 72 829 4253