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G52LSS – Large Scale Systems Design Coursework – Semester 1, Session 2009-2010
Team Number: Team 13 Dung Viet Ho Dac (representative) (dvh09u) Student Names: Hasan Siber (hxs08u) Fahad Al Rogi (fta08u) Yimeng Wu (yxw18u)

INSTRUCTIONS This coursework is worth 40% of the module assessment. Please read these instructions carefully. Marks will be deducted if the coursework does not follow this specification. Printed and electronic copies should be submitted by 8 December 2009, 16:00 hrs. Please hand-in the printed copy to the CS Office (room A31) and the electronic copy through the CS submission system, see web site at the following url: (make sure you submit to the correct coursework code). The electronic copy must be one single pdf file named cwteamX (replace X with the number of your team). The last submission date is 18 December 2009 at 16:00 hrs. A penalty of 5% absolute will be applied for each late working day, or part day, after 11 December, 2009. After 18 December 2009, submissions will only be accepted directly to the lecturer and supported by a valid extenuating circumstances form (ECF) which should be approved by your personal tutor. This page, completed with your details above and leaving the last column of the table below blank, must be included as the cover page of your final coursework. Note that the details in the table above must be typed. Formatting: text must be typed and diagrams produced electronically, pages in your coursework must be numbered, paper size A4 printed in one side only. The answer to each question should start on a new page and be clearly labelled with the question number on the top right-hand corner. The document should be stapled in the top left corner (please no folders for the printed hard copy). The table below shows for each question: space limit and marks available. Note that the total number of sheets in the final coursework should be maximum 12 in addition to this cover page. Question Q1a Q1b Q1c Q1d Q1e Q1f Q1g Total: Word/Space Limit 2 pages 1 page 1 page 2 pages 2 pages 1 page 1 page -----------Page Number 2 4 5 6 8 10 11 ------Marks Available 10 10 15 30 15 10 10 100 Marks Awarded


Question 1a:
Identified Opportunities to be developed Online booking System Approaches and development Building a website that the bookings can be done by customer in the form of one click booking and service description will be taken as input in the system for the controller to analyse it for assigning and scheduling processes. These processes will also be available on the website for the customer to view during the service. When customers complete their booking form and choose the category of service to be carried out. The system will immediately calculate the standard fees accordingly. Any outstanding fees occurred during the repair will be subject to the bill and send out via email to customers. This system could be also operated and embedded to Manager System. In order to reduce the idle time of crew, their work status should be updated to the Manager System; once their work have been done, the manager system will look for a waiting order need to be processed and assign them to that task. This task will be basically held by a computer system named Manager System in which all information was transferred from the online booking including customer details, addresses, and categories of problems and description of problems. The Manager System works like a database managing all inputs and controlled by the controller. The category was chosen would take the important role in assigning which specific technician with that such needed specialist to handle the problem along with how many of technician will be sent out for tasks depends on residence or small firm. Manager system obviously organize all technicians detail contains their specialist in hardware or software comparing with those specific issues has just been ordered and giving the appropriate assignment. This enhances the performance of the webpage as well as improves the productivity in services. Customer will no longer send out the feedback in envelop which is absolutely making such ignorance.

Secured Payment and Billing System

Scheduling System

Assignment System

Online feedback System


System Request Project Sponsor: E-Solve Consultancy Firm
Bossiness Need: This project is a computer System called The Manager System. It has been initiated to systemize the processes of scheduling the time for staff and Assigning jobs to them, which will lead those processes to be much faster and efficient.

Business Requirement:
Using the Manager System all the booking information will be retrieved from the web-site and stored in a data base which is going to be used to do the scheduling and assigning according to some inner processes. The functionality of the system is listed below: • • • • • • • Stores data of the input and information of staff e.g. specialities. Receives information about enquiries from the web-site. Checks availability of staff. Chooses the right number of staff according to enquiries. Stores the jobs and staff for each enquiry and produce job identification codes. Calculate the cost of the job with information given by the Accounting Department. Returns the bill to the website.

Business Value:
We aim that the Manager System will help the company to automate the process of assigning jobs and scheduling employee’s work shifts which will lead to reducing the human work need. it will also reduce the costs of communication between clients and the company by making them use the website to make the bookings. Moreover, this approach will help the company’s work to be more organised and avoid accidental errors made by humans. Finally, the Manager System will give an instant feedback of the estimated cost of the services that he/she demand.

Special Issues or Constraints:
This system will be linked to three other different systems Accounting System, Controller and website.


Question 1b:
The Manager System proposed in question 1a stay within the type of Decision support system since it helps improve the organization of staff members, allocating the task intelligently and manage customer requests for giving out decision all task assignment.

Functional requirements:
• • • • • • • • Store all inputs pushed down by online booking page Categorizing type of job to be executed Analysing number of technicians to be sent out Store all technicians details including their specialist and contact details Compare categories requested and problem description to technician specialist Quick check all available technicians and needed specialist ready to be assigned Assigning the job to technicians Sent out assignment emails to technicians.

Non-functional requirements:
• Operational: The system should work on any platform and should be compatible with all version of web browser – The system should be assigned the attribute to read and write for controller and write only for technicians with highly edited information. Performance: the system should be available 24/7/365 – Security: the system authorizes the access to controller only

• •

No requirements analysis technique is needed to point out requirements.


Question 1c:
This questionnaire consists of questions for the relevant to the personnel. This questionnaire involves questions for two types of staff: Management and Technicians, therefore it will be divided into two as headlines.

1. Technicians’ Questionnaire:
1) Do you prefer the human interaction (Controller) or the computer system to get your tasks from? 2) Which aspects of the tasks would you like to be viewed on the system? 3) Who do you consult when you are not able to finish the task? 4) How did you communicate with other technicians when there is a customer request that involves multiple tasks? 5) Would you prefer the system having a discussion board for consulting and purposes? communication

6) Do you think the raw task information given by the customer /rather than the processed information by the controller would be enough to solve the problem the customer is having?

1. Managers’ Questionnaire:
1) Which aspects of the customer request would you like the view on the system? 2) Do you want to see the technicians’ names and/or details of the task, or just the information of the job done?

3) If a customer requests service about the multiple difficulties they are having (i.e. difficulties that will hardware, software and broadband technicians work on.) How do you detect errors of technicians that can rise in the process? How did you detect which kind of technicians and the error details? 4) What should be the level of detail of the description of a task after a technician is done with it?

5) Would you want your customers to able view the process of their request in the system or just start-finish dates of the process that will be held for request?


Question 1d:

Context DFD
Customer Information Number of PCs ProblemCategory ProblemDescription

Online Booking System

Manager System

Job Assignment


Level 0 DFD
1 Maintain Technicians Infomation
Technician Information

2 Maintain Cars Information

Car Information


D1 Technicians

D2 Cars

Update Car Availability Job Assignment

Car Information Request Request Technician Information

3 Create Jobs
Update Technician Availability

Customer Information Number of PCs Problem Category Problem Description

Online Booking System

Job Information

D3 Jobs

The Manager System retrieves problem and customer details form the Online Booking System. Based on these details, after requesting information from the Technicians data store and the Cars data store, it creates a job and assigns it to some technicians. More specifically, all incoming data from Online Booking System will be throwing out all possible decision in advanced onto other units. The Create Jobs unit stores the primitive request on specific specialist from customers, sending out a message to Maintain technicians information unit for technician availability. After the period of correspondence, the number of technician availability


will be forwarded to Create Job as well as a request on Technician Information according to the service requested for the appropriate wanted specialist preceding giving the decision on number of technicians for a single task which depends on number of PC. Number of cars in Maintain Cars Information unit keeps updating number of vehicle in garage to Create Job unit only if the services are ordered. After retrieving all information of technicians and cars, a job will be initialized and Create job unit will publish out the model assignment. • Demonstrating an assumption on how the whole process maintains the data flows and associate with others by given request: 1 hardware technician assembled 1 car is ready Customer details Problem description

ume a customer request a service on Hardware Category

e number of PC need to be assisted is 1

e contact information and further problem description was given

Received category requested: Hardware Received number of PC: 1 Received customer details:…… Received problem description:……

15 technicians available 2 hardware expert matches request Sent out 1 technician 6 cars available 1 car sent out 15 technicians available 2 hardware expert 13 software expert Waiting for specialist request ….. Service needed: hardware No.PC: 1 1 car needed 1 technician

Cars in garage: 6 Waiting for order request…. Technician Assignment

Question 1e:



User Story:
The user story will be a simple description of the requirements of the project from user’s point of view. Moreover, the description is simple sentences should include any interaction between user and the system in a consequential sequence which will give a sort of story mode to that description. For this system, we have two kinds of users: Technicians and Controller. Technicians are lower level user; their interaction with the system is limited and governed by the system rules. On the other hand, the controller is a high level user who is able to interact more with the system. Furthermore, the lower level users can do some tasks such as daily schedule and description of jobs for today. The controller can do more complicated tasks than the technicians and affects the work of Manager System. For example, the controller can access the data of jobs, cars and also the controller can delete or insert a job in the job list if it was an urgent. 1> Technicians view their daily schedule. 2> Technicians see details of jobs they need to do. 3> Technicians see their team mates. 4> Management System retrieves data from web-site. 5> Management System updates the available cars, technicians and jobs databases. 6> Management System resolves the type of team to be sent. 7> Management System retrieves data from Technicians, Cars and jobs databases 8> Management System selects teams for each job. 9> The controller views the daily job list and teams assigned to those jobs 10> The controller can delete finished jobs from the schedule. 11> The controller can insert new jobs in the daily list in case of urgency.

Question 1f:

10 | P a g e

Four entities represent each unit taking part in the whole proposed process in which Request and Information Retrieved holds the accounts of input information and all responding data from Technician and Car entities. Category and Customer details within the Request and Information Retrieved entity accordingly related to Availability and Specialist in Technician entity. The information analysed from Technician entity will be linked back and hold in Request and Information Retrieved entity. The similar process is also carried out between Request and Information Retrieved and Car entity. All collective information match the request will be transferred to Job entity including Technician(s) which associates with Technician Detail in Request and Information Retrieved. Specialist, customer details and problem specifications associate to themselves in Request and Information Retrieve entity. Everything is on the set and ready to be delivered to chosen Technician(s).

11 | P a g e

Question 1g:
Name: Assign Crews to Jobs Description: Assign individuals or pairs of technicians to jobs based on the list of pre-booked service calls, giving priority to urgent jobs. Input Data Flows: JobList, Technicians Output Data Flows: Job assignment Process Logic: Sort JobList according to priority FOREACH Job IN JobList IF Job is private THEN SELECT Technician FROM Technicians WHERE Technician meets Job’s requirements Assign Job to Technician ELSE IF Job’s customer is firm with more than 5 PCs OR Job is solving network problems OR Job is network installation THEN SELECT TechnicianPair FROM Technicians WHERE TechnicianPair meet Job’s requirements Assign Job to TechnicianPair ENDIF END FOREACH