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Yoga to Strengthen Eyes

Read on for some yogic eye exercises to strengthen eyes. They are easy to do and most of them
can be performed any time of the day wherever you are.
Most of us do not exercise our eye muscles at all, but yet, we work them all the time, causing them to be
under constant strain. The only time the eyes rest for more than a split second, is when we are asleep.
Here are a few yogic eye exercises to strengthen eyes. They are easy to do, and most of them can be
performed any time of the day, wherever you are.
1. Close your eyes as tight as possible, for around seconds. !pen them, and close them again.
"o this # times.
$. "o you sit in front of the computer screen for hours at a time% &very half an hour, get up from in
front of the screen and move around a bit. 'et yourself a glass of water. 'ive your eyes a $
minute break.
(. )hut your eyes and roll your eyeballs around for a minute.
*. +ub your palms together and gently cup them over your closed eyes for around a minute. This is
known as palming and is very beneficial for the eyes. The eyes need darkness to re,uvenate
themselves and this need is best served by palming. -alming should be done after every eye
exercise, to relax the eyes and every now and then during the day.
. .magine that there is a huge clock in front of you. /ook at the number 1$ for around 10 seconds,
and then move your ga1e down to #. "o this around 10 times, rapidly. Then, move your eyes
hori1ontally, in the (23 position. 4inally, move them diagonally 5$26 and 102*7.
#. /ook up to the position in the middle of your eyebrows. Hold for a few seconds and then move
your ga1e downwards, towards your nose. This is called )ambhavi mudra.
6. )lowly, direct your ga1e to the ceiling, as you inhale. &xhale, and move your ga1e down in a
straight line, towards the floor. "o this # times.
8. 9ny form of exercise, including walking, reduces pressure on the eyeballs and is beneficial for the
eyes. )o keep exercising.
3. :e blink to lubricate the eyes. ;ut sometimes, when we are concentrating hard, we tend to blink
less. Make a conscious effort to blink more.
10. "im the lights in your workplace. ;right lights increase eye strain.
11. +educe the brightness on your computer. The eyes can ad,ust to dim light without much strain.
1$. )trengthen the organ which ad,usts the lens of the eye, by this exercise, and you may never need
spectacles. )it in a room by the window, and focus on a point in the distance. Hold your arm
straight out in front of you, in the same direction as the point you are focusing on, with your thumb
extended in a <thumbs2up< position. =our thumb should be directly in the line of vision of the ob,ect
you are focusing on in the distance. >ow, keep shifting your focus from your thumb to the point in
the distance. "o this around ten times, and at least once a day.