JetBrains’ dotTrace 1.


Reviewer’s Guide

JetBrains’ dotTrace 1.1 Reviewer’s Guide

Reviewer Welcome
On behalf of JetBrains and the entire dotTrace development team, we want to personally thank you for reviewing this latest addition to our .NET product line, dotTrace, our fast and easy to use profiler for the .NET platform. dotTrace is a stand-alone application that profiles .NET 1.x and 2.0 applications, including ASP.NET applications running on Internet Information Server 5.0 and above. dotTrace brings to the table: Fastest in-class performance profiling tool in the market Powerful filtering, searching, and navigation capabilities Instant availability of all features from the keyboard (no switching between keyboard and mouse) Different views to examine applications from different points Command line support that lets you easily integrate dotTrace into your daily build process dotTrace API which lets you control and utilize dotTrace’s powerful features from your own applications We do recommend you view the dotTrace Flash demo available at for a general overview of its usage and operation.

System Requirements
Before installing dotTrace make sure that the following requirements are met: A processor with IA32 or X64 architecture Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or 2003 Server Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or 2.0 Internet Explorer 6 512 megabytes of RAM or more is recommended 40 megabytes of hard drive space

Installing dotTrace
You’ll find the installer at Start the Installation Wizard and follow the steps suggested by the wizard.

Getting Started
Using dotTrace is straightforward and easy. A typical profiling session consists of the following:

Reviewer Welcome


JetBrains’ dotTrace 1.1 Reviewer’s Guide

1. Choose the application to be profiled and launch it from dotTrace (i.e. in the Welcome screen, click Profile Application) 2. Let your application run and/or perform specific actions in it 3. Tell dotTrace when to fetch captured data from the process (i.e. in the profiling control window, click Get Snapshot) 4. Review and analyze the report 5. Save the report (Ctrl+S) or export it to a file (View > Export Current File)

Feature Review List
Data Viewing
dotTrace provides you with a number of informative views (Call Tree, Plain View, Hot Spots and more) for inspection of your captured profiling data, or snapshots. You can switch between the available views using the links in the Views group (top lefthand corner of the report). The importance of each function call is represented with descriptive icons, along with precise execution times and other relevant information.

Quickly find performance bottle-necks

You can "zoom in" on a specific function to have a closer look at it and the functions it called. Click the function you want to investigate and press Ctrl + T or right-click the function and select Open in New Tab from the shortcut menu. A new tab will show the same things as the basic CPU Statistics tab, except that the chosen function will be at the root.

Feature Review List


JetBrains’ dotTrace 1.1 Reviewer’s Guide

dotTrace’s predefined and customizable filters allow you to focus your attention on the functions most important to you. To open the filters console, click the View > Manage filters menu or just press Ctrl + Alt + F.

Filter Console

There are two types of filters available (both are created in the Filters dialog box): Hide filters let you specify a class or classes whose methods will be collapsed (hidden). This can be useful for filtering out system calls and other nonessential functions. Show filters let you specify a class or classes whose methods will be exclusively shown while the rest will be collapsed. So you can emphasize specific functions of selected classes. If you right-click with the mouse on a function in a report view, you will be given an option to add that function as a filter.

Function Search
dotTrace allows you to quickly locate functions and navigate to them. To perform a function search, press Ctrl + F or click the View > Search.

Quickly find desired functions

There are two ways to locate a function: Type in the name of a class containing your function Type in the name of your function
Feature Review List


JetBrains’ dotTrace 1.1 Reviewer’s Guide

dotTrace will highlight all calls to the found function in the current view. You can walk between the found call paths using the F3 and Shift + F3 shortcuts. The yellow gutter marks to the right of the view pane serve as extra shortcuts to the found functions.

Calls to Found Function

Source View

Function to source view

dotTrace automatically locates the underlying source code for selected functions. If necessary, you will also be able to manually specify the appropriate source code location by browsing directly to source files.

ASP.NET Applications Profiling
dotTrace also profiles ASP.NET applications running on IIS, versions 5.x and 6.0. Simply click Profile Web Application on the Welcome screen, specify the start page URL of your web application and profile it the same way as any desktop program.

Command Line Options
If you prefer using a command line to control dotTrace instead of the GUI, you can profile applications, open snapshots and generate reports from any batch script by using the command line options provided with dotTrace (the detailed list of options is provided in the dotTrace help).

Profiling API
dotTrace allows you to control its profiling functions from within the application being profiled with the help of its Profiling API. To use the API for profiling your applications: 1. Reference JetBrains.dotTrace.Api.dll (located in the dotTrace installation directory) in your application project 2. Surround the source code you wan to profile with the following pattern:
Feature Review List


JetBrains’ dotTrace 1.1 Reviewer’s Guide

JetBrains.dotTrace.Api.CPUProfiler.Start(); //Here goes the code which you want to profile JetBrains.dotTrace.Api.CPUProfiler.StopAndSaveSnapShot();
3. Start the profiled application from within dotTrace, and in the Control Profiling dialog, clear Start profiling application immediately.

Additional Information
You can find the general product overview and the detailed list of features at the official product site at We also recommend you to view the dotTrace’s demo at

Technical assistance
Ann Oreshnikova Customer Support Manager JetBrains, s.r.o. E-mail:

Media contact
Jeremy Menefee Milani Marketing & Public Relations E-mail: Tel. : (510) 870-8710

Thank you for reviewing and considering JetBrains’ dotTrace!

© 2005 - 2006 JetBrains, Inc. All rights reserved.


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