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a.: ante
A.D.: Anno Domini
a.m.: before noon
abbr.: abbreviation, &c.
abbrs.: abbreviations
abl.: ablative
acc.: accusative
act.: active(ly)
adj.: adjective, &c.
adjs.: adjectives
adv.: adverb, &c.
advs.: adverbs
Agl.: Anglesey
anal.: analogy, &c.
Ap.: Apocrypha
app.: apparently
approx.: approximate(ly)
Arab.: Arabic
Aram.: Aramaic
archaeol.: archaeology, &c.
arith.: arithmetic, &c.
art.: article
assim.: assimilation, &c.
astrol.: astrology, &c.
astron.: astronomy, &c.
B.C.: Before Christ
back-form.: back-formation
Bel & Dr.: Bel and the Dragon
bibl.: biblical
biol.: biology, &c.
bot.: botany, &c.
Bre.: Brecknock(shire)
Bret.: Breton
Brit.: British
c. : century, circa
C: Celsius
Celt.: Celtic
cf.: compare
chem.: chemistry, &c.
Chr.: Chronicles (OT)
cm: centimetre
cogn.: cognate
Col.: Colossians (NT)
collect.: collective(ly)
colloq.: colloquial(ly)
com.: common(ly)
comb.: combination,
combs.: combinations
comp.: comparative
compd.: compound
confus.: confusion, &c.
conj.: conjunction
conjs.: conjunctions
cons.: consonant, &c.
conss.: consonants
contr.: contraction, &c.
Cor.: Corinthians (NT)
Corn.: Cornish
corresp.: corresponding, &c.
corrupt.: corruption
Crd.: Cardiganshire
Crm.: Carmarthenshire
Crn.: Caernarvonshire

d.: (old) penny, pence

Dan.: Daniel (OT)
dat.: dative
def.: de}nite
dem.: demonstrative
Den.: Denbighshire
derog.: derogatory, &c.
Deut.: Deuteronomy (OT)
dial.: dialect, &c.
dict.: dictionary
dim.: diminutive, &c.
dims.: diminutives
dissim.: dissimilation, &c.
Du.: Dutch
E.: English
e.g.: for example
eccl.: ecclesiastical, &c.
Eccles.: Ecclesiastes (OT)
Ecclus.: Ecclesiasticus (Ap.)
electr.: electricity, &c.
engin.: engineering, &c.
Engl.: England, English
Eph.: Ephesians (NT)
equat.: equative
erron.: erroneous(ly)
Esd.: Esdras (Ap.)
esp.: especial(ly)
et al.: at alii
etym.: etymology, &c.
ex.: example
excl.: exclamation, &c., exclusive, &c.
Exod.: Exodus (OT)
exx.: examples
Ezek.: Ezekiel (OT)
F: Fahrenheit
facet.: facetious, &c.
fem.: feminine
}g.: }gurative(ly)
.: oruit
Fli.: Flintshire
Fr.: French
fut.: future
Gael.: (Scottish) Gaelic
Gal.: Galatians (NT)
Gaul.: Gaulish
gen.: general, &c.
Gen.: Genesis (OT)
genit.: genitive
geog.: geography, &c.
geol.: geology, &c.
Ger.: German
Gk: Greek
Gla.: Glamorgan
Goed.: Goedelic
Goth.: Gothic
gram.: grammar, &c.
Hab.: Habakkuk (OT)
Hag.: Haggai (OT)
Heb.: Hebrew, Hebrews (NT)
her.: heraldry, &c.
hist.: historical, history
hort.: horticulture, &c.
Hos.: Hosea (OT)

Hawlfraint Prifysgol Cymru 2004

i.e.: id est
ib.: ibidem
id.: idem
IE.: Indo-European
imper.: imperative
imperf.: imperfect
impers.: impersonal
ind.: indirect
indef.: inde}nite
indic.: indicative
in.: inuence, &c.
int.: interjection
interrog.: interrogative(ly)
intr.: intransitive
ints.: interjections
Ir.: Irish
irreg.: irregular(ly)
Isa.: Isaiah (OT)
It.: Italian
Jas.: James (NT)
Jer.: Jeremiah (OT)
Josh.: Joshua (OT)
Judg.: Judges (OT)
kg: kilogram
Kgs.: Kings (OT)
kHz: kilohertz
km: kilometre
L.: Late (to denote a period in
the development of a language)
l.c.: loco citato
Lam.: Lamentations (OT)
Lat.: Latin
Lev.: Leviticus (OT)
lit.: literal(ly)
m: metre
M: Medieval, Middle (to
denote a period in the development of a language)
Macc.: Maccabees (Ap.)
Mal.: Malachi (OT)
masc.: masculine
math.: mathematics, &c.
Matt.: Matthew (NT)
med.: medicine, &c.
Mer.: Merionethshire
MHz: megahertz
Mic.: Micah (OT)
min.: mineralogy, mining, &c.
mistransl.: mistranslation
mm: millimetre
mod.: modern
Mod.: Modern (to denote a
period in the development of
a language)
Mon.: Monmouthshire
Mtg.: Montgomery(shire)
mus.: music, &c.
mut.: mutation, mutable
myth.: mythology, &c.
n.: noun
neg.: negative
Neh.: Nehemiah (OT)

nom.: nominative
Nor.: Norwegian, Norse
ns.: nouns
NT: New Testament
Num.: Numbers (OT)
num.: numeral
O: Old (to denote a period in
the development of a language)
Obad.: Obadiah (OT)
obj.: object, objective
obs.: obsolete
occas.: occasional(ly)
opp.: (as) opposed (to), opposite
orig.: origin, original(ly)
ornith.: ornithology, &c.
OT: Old Testament
p.: post
p.m.: after noon
part.: participle
pass.: passive(ly)
Pem.: Pembrokeshire
perh.: perhaps
pers.: person(al)
Pers.: Persian
Pet.: Peter (NT)
Phil.: Philippians (NT)
Philem.: Philemon (NT)
philol.: philology, &c.
philos.: philosophy, &c.
phonet.: phonetics, &c.
phr.: phrase
phrs.: phrases
pl.: plural
plup.: pluperfect
pos.: positive
poss.: possessive
Pr. of Man.: The Prayer of
Manasseh (Ap.)
pred.: predicate, predicative(ly)
pref.: pre}x
prep.: preposition
preps.: prepositions
pres.: present (tense)
print.: printing
prob.: probable, &c.
pron.: pronoun, &c.
prop.: proper(ly)
pros.: prosody, &c.
prov.: proverb, &c.
Prov.: Proverbs (OT)
prs.: person(al)
prt.: particle
Ps.: Psalms (OT)
psych.: psychology, &c.
q.v.: quod vide
Rad.: Radnor(shire)
ref.: reference
re.: reexive(ly)
rel.: relative
Rest of Esth.: Additions to
Esther (Ap.)
Rev.: Revelation (NT)

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[ xvi ]
Rom.: Romans (NT)
s.: shilling(s)
S. of III Ch.: The Song of the
Three Young Men (Ap.)
S. of S.: Song of Solomon (OT)
Sam.: Samuel (OT)
Scand.: Scandinavia(n)
sent.: sentence
sing.: singular
Skr.: Sanskrit
Sp.: Spanish

spec.: special(ly)
St.: Saint [ xii ]
subj.: subjunctive
suf.: sux
superl.: superlative
Sus.: Susanna (Ap.)
syl.: syllable, &c.
syn.: synonym, &c.
theol.: theology, &c.
Thess.: Thessalonians (NT)
Tim.: Timothy (NT)

tr.: transitive
transf.: in transferred sense
transl.: translation, &c.
translit.: transliteration, &c.
typogr.: typography, &c.
unkn.: unknown
USA: United States of America
usu.: usual(ly)
var.: variant
vars.: variants

vb.: verb
vbl: verbal
vbs.: verbs
vn.: verb-noun
voc.: vocative
W.: Welsh
Wisd.: The Wisdom of Solomon (Ap.)
Zech.: Zechariah (OT)
Zeph.: Zephaniah (OT)

*Abbreviations may be mutated; county names refer to the pre-1974 boundaries.

Hawlfraint Prifysgol Cymru 2004

Copyright University of Wales 2004