Messiah’s Logic
Creation to Resurrection
Inspired by Kabbalah! God - Our Final Frontier

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1. Introduction – So many questions!
From the introduction to the inaugural blog of Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadinejad - "In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate" "Oh Almighty God, please, we beg you to send us our Guardian- who You have promised us- soon and appoint us as His close companions." Who is this Guardian? Why is he asking to be appointed as His (our 'G'uardian's) close companions? Who else would God appoint? Why aren‘t we all Holocaust deniers? Why aren't we all killers, sex offenders, cheats, liars or thieves? Why do we mostly conform to laws of order, regardless of our status in society? Why do we perpetuate a holy union of marriage between man and woman as the cornerstone to bearing children? Why do all people of all races and all cultures in all societies live in a broadly homogeneous state? What makes all personalities fit within a range? Why do some societies follow murderous dictators only to be influenced at some later stage that their national actions were unjustified? Is it possible the 10 billion proteins that code each cell in your body, are sequenced according to a unique spiritual blueprint1? Do you agree that;


Inner Space Partzufim Pg 95


- Each of us is born with a perfect2 reservoir of innate holy wisdom3? - As babies our souls are exposed to the imperfections of mature people? - From this exposure grows the desire4 to express our wisdom? - The desire triggers our young brains to develop the faculty of speech? - As development progresses we leave our perfect spiritual state becoming increasingly pre- occupied with the physical? - We are frustrated by our inability to accurately express our inner beauty? - This inability results in the creation of mental noise or anguish? - Most of us manage this noise to a reasonable level allowing some of our inner beauty to shine on others? - Pursuit, of our desires, diverts attention from our purpose? - We all inevitably return to the perfect noiseless state? The origin of thought has occupied the minds of philosophers through time, however many key questions remain unanswered. To learn of the powers that influence us and cause us to think, we may want to know; What is an inner voice? Where does it come from? Where do thoughts initiate? How do they form? Does the brain have a thought generating mechanism? Could the source of thought be related to the same desire that led us to speak? Does the stimulation of thought emerge from an external force? Do we have super sensitive brains in a constant state of external stimulation? Could this stimulation be more essential than most of us imagine it to be? Improving material existence dominates much of our thinking and although we are less inclined to devote time to the spiritual realm, we remain aware
2 3

To Know G-d - Maamar VeYedaata Pg 8 Shulchan Aruch Harav, Orech Chayim, Mahadura Tanina. Likutei Sichos vol.10 pg 45. 4 Shaar HaYichud The Gate of Unity Ch 8


of its residual importance. In recent years understanding Kabbalah has revealed the complexities of its ancient mythology unlocking methodologies that re-connect our physical self with our spiritual soul. Rooted in the mystical secrets of creation, through it we discover our life's purpose to bring the world closer to the realization of ancient Messianic prophecies that reveal our world in its perfected state. Humanities future path is the subject most comprehensively debated by the most sensitive intellectual souls that have ever lived. By following their teachings we may realize the seemingly impossible, truth, perfect harmony, peace and prosperity, for all. However, we must first remove impediments to our ascension including our self imposed inability to correctly perceive truth. For example, most schools teach the Earth rotates around the sun when, in fact, the earth and the sun rotate around their common central point of mass. Responsive to all other bodies in space and time, each circles the other. It becomes apparent that most of us are stuck in the vacuum of manmade perceptions. In this case, that the sun is the centre of our solar system when it is an absolute distortion of the fact. If all teachings were correct, mindful, sensitive and accurate then our perspectives would forthrightly orient humanity toward truth. Somehow man has flipped life‘s priority upside down. Predictable, perhaps, but with renewed understanding it becomes increasingly evident that the ordering of physical and spiritual to achieve higher values should rapidly become our highest priority. With increasing pace, technology and communications that reveal new information leads us to believe we are on the right path to discerning truth in knowledge. However, if knowledge is to be used for the betterment of all people, we must navigate some critical turns in order to avoid the path of the great abyss. In major religions and cultures the cycle of life is prophesized to redeem man and resurrect souls. Desire for this future state is shared and with such a possibility, every society strives to satisfy every necessary condition expounded in the most carefully considered, and critically acclaimed teachings to bring such a state to our world during our lifetimes.


2. Holy Wars
Ancient Mystical Judaism prophesizes the 5760th year to be one in which The Messiah would be born. Osama Bin Laden conceived his plan in this year (2000) then waited till 11 September 2001. He compared Jewish and Christian calendars discovering 9/11 to be the perfect day to execute his dark judgment. In his elated sense, 9/11 fell the day before creation - this would be the perfect day to attack the spiritual logic of Israel. Adding 7 days 9/18, would be 1 Tishrei – the final day God completed creation - it checked out! Islamic population groups in France are rapidly moving to the political majority. When this occurs it will represent a fundamental shift in Islam's global powerbase because no single Muslim population group has ever controlled a significant world power. These fundamental shifts in the balance of order will play a significant role in future Holy Wars that for thousands of years have mapped historical developments. Islam's doctrine forged its path alongside Judaism and Christianity from 600 CE. The Quran, like the Bible, often speaks in terms which may be read with gross ambiguity, but the interpretations of Islam‘s greatest prophets, Imams and educators failed to eradicate serious misinterpretations. Perhaps events of global terrorism may ultimately inspire Muslim leaders to reign in wayward teachings restraining constituents of Islam to resolve only messages of peace. The world‘s major religious/philosophical blocks are broadly represented as Christianity in Europe and America, Islam in Africa, Arabia and certain Asian Countries with Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Shinto and others in the Indo / Asian region. Imperialism, often the objective of Holy Wars of the past may be surpassed by economics for Holy Wars of the foreseeable future, especially with ecology, energy and food supply at the forefront during the next 50 years. The world‘s economic future looks for strength in consolidation and control by the heads of the world‘s eight most wealthy nations. Each participant understands the importance that stability brings, yet they remain focused on protecting their individual interests through political power broking. Frightening sentiments expressed by Iran's Ahmadinejad and Islamic fundamental clerics and their political leaders to wipe Israel off the map are reminiscent of ancient Holy Wars that failed to reconcile Abraham's Biblical rejection of Ishmael. This is a very deep and significant factor that still separates Islam and Judeo Christianity at the deepest of religious doctrines.


Whilst wars of terror will continue, perhaps the current expansion of democratic rights in Muslim countries will ultimately lead to a prevailing sanity. However, it is far more likely that the looming serious confrontation, spearheaded by Iran, represents an attack by fundamental Islam on Jewish mythology, which will ultimately lead the world to seriously consider the relevance and importance allotted to a holy Jewish people and the benefits that brings to all nations. Wishful thinking, perhaps not! Events of terror make it increasingly evident the rhetoric of fundamental Islam embraces the esteemed logic of death as its primary psychological characteristic to underpin the actions of martyrs and those that support them. This powerful minority have engaged their faith to oppose moderate life including materialism, such that its destruction and obliteration has become their governing cause. Such is the fervor of this group that propulsion of their brand logic now ensures its continuation. Their modern Holy War, their Jihad is the inflection point that has become the catalyst for the many changes confronting societies and cultures. Still moderate and fundamentalist Jews, Muslims and Christians all have one significant point of agreement; they all believe the Messiah will arrive at some point in the future, but for now the Holy Wars have turned toward information mediums to influence man. It is prophesized The Messiah will come through peace or through war with the arbitrator being man. It is generally agreed, by our actions, man has the opportunity to bring The Messiah during our lifetime. It is also told that it will take just one person to bring the Messiah and it will occur through acts of holiness, kindness and charity. So, whilst holy wars continue and economic debate blossoms and the world moves closer to the brink of a significant energy and ecological crisis, it seems that each and any one of us is capable of changing the world for the better, in a very significant and profound way. There are many holy stories of people who are known to have been responsible for changing events without them ever knowing it. One such story of a destitute righteous widow who lived in a small town prayed that it would not rain so she could dry clothes she washed to earn a meager income. However the townsfolk were desperate for rain, needing it for their crops. God provided sunshine for the righteous lady and it was only when the townspeople inadvertently took care of her, helping her to improve her life without the need to do their washing that she stopped praying for dry weather. After this, the rain started to fall.


Osama’s Missing Letter - (beit) ‫ב‬
Had Osama bin Laden been master of the details of his messianic plan, he may have delayed 9/11 by 1 day till 9/12-13 in order to spiritually align his destruction of the Twin Towers with the first day of Creation, in accordance with the God of Israel. His extensive knowledge of Quran was obviously better than his sketchy knowledge of Bible (Torah) despite his desire to cause the Messiah (of death) to be born into his dark world in the year 2000/1 – 5760/1 years since creation. The '1st of Tishrei' on the Hebrew calendar is the sixth day of Creation. It is the day Adam and Eve were brought into the world, the day the flood waters subsided for Noah, the day of Isaac's binding on the altar, the day Abraham's wife Sarah (who rejected Ishmael and his mother) died, the final day of Israel's conception and the day Israel was judged at Mount Sinai and found worthy to receive the Torah. 'In the beginning' - B'reishit - ‫ בראשית‬is the first word of Torah, its letters also spell, Alef b' Tishrei - ‫ - א בתשרי‬the '1st of Tishrei'. The consistently stated Messianic objective of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is to ready the world (humanity) as a home in which God can dwell. Moses, a recognized prophet of the Quran, wrote the Torah (The Bible). It tells that the Messiah will come through the nation of Israel. It is this for which President Ahmadinejad pleads against Israel in the opening statements of his blog. The first letter of Torah is the letter ‫' - ב‬beit' (written ‫ )בית‬is equal to the number 2 (all Hebrew letters are also numeric). 'Home' is also written ‫,בית‬ but pronounced 'bayit'. If we remove the letter (beit) ‫ ב‬from the first word (B'reishit) then ‫( ראשית‬reishit) [beginning] has a numerical value = 400+10+300+1+200 = 911. Adding, 911+2 for (beit) ‫ ,ב‬restores B'reishit ‫[ בראשית‬in the beginning] = 913. 'Reishit' represents higher Wisdom. Perhaps Osama's desire to obtain higher wisdom diverted the angel of death from a far more fateful outcome on 9/11 – only time will tell. The extended numerical value of ‫( בית‬when calculating the value of each letter in bayit or beit) = 412 = ‫( תאוה‬ta'avah) meaning 'desire' or passion. Generally considered negative, ‗desire‘ associated with holiness becomes positive signaling that holy desires will bring God‘s presence into the home we make. There are many ancient esoteric teachings associated with the letter ‫( ב‬beit), particularly as they relate to the rebuilding of the third and final temple in

Jerusalem at the time of the Messiah. These teachings have been circulated in Israel and greater Arabia for thousands of years. So, what does Osama's missing ‫( ב‬beit) mean for the world and its' Messiah? Many analysts of the Bible attempt to discredit its authorship to a time much later than Moses. Almost all of these convincing theories make their point by inference. After all, in our modern scientifically focused world, how preposterous that God could be responsible for writing or dictating such a document! It's difficult to imagine that someone 3500 years ago could have written such a detailed text, let alone that the original form be handed down in pristine perfect condition for so long. With this fixed mindset our modern literary archaeologists relegate the writing of Torah to four men or groups of men who, at the time of the Prophets in the First Temple period, contributed to it over a span of several hundred years. Their analyses disregard the cultural essence of this text to the Jews that embrace and maintain it as the blueprint of life. Most of these scientists are classified 'experts' because of the narrow qualifications in their field of study. However, it is rare to find even one who has also studied the rabbinical canon of works of Torah including its inner meanings (Kabbalah), before reaching their published conclusions. Without this dimension it is impossible to validate a conclusion about Bible authorship. Their narrow analysis is therefore a flawed methodology which cannot be relied upon. Kabbalah's esoteric reputation becomes a remnant of the ancient past as its teachings are progressively reconciled with modern knowledge; technology, science and our enlightened understanding of nature. The philosophical logic of Kabbalah permeates every aspect of the spiritual and physical world, connecting all the dots, whilst its purpose enables students to grasp, actualize and experience the concept of the Creator and the presence of God. Torah (Bible) is considered by its observers to have been delivered by God through the hand of Moses at Mt. Sinai. It is the oldest, most complete and comprehensive Holy work in existence; if we need proof, the Dead Sea Scrolls, a completely intact body of Torah, qualifies it as such. Kabbalah scholars studying Torah (Old Testament) rely on methods, which have been used since ancient times, to reveal knowledge and ancient wisdom concealed by our limited interpretation of its holy words and letters. Unlike other languages, all Hebrew letters perform a grammatical and a numerical function and the mystical nature of each letter is said to reflect in its unique form representing its energy. When letters are assembled into a word, the inner meanings contained in the word are concealed. As such, an

accurate understanding of each letter reveals many detailed relationships s of the word and therefore the inner spiritual or physical construct of the object or subject the word describes5. When Torah is studied from this point of view it can be emotionally and intellectually overwhelming, as such Kabbalah was suppressed for 1200 years following the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Today many users of the Internet busily translate and publish accurate Kabbalah all the while revealing its indisputable logic to a growing audience. This rapid growth in popularity and access is the fear of fundamental Islam. This 'spreading light' is driving their dark desire to destroy, to turn back time and to stop Torah from defining The Home. This is the reason they are fearful and intent on destroying Israel and its friends. It‘s not surprising to learn that Ishmael (Abraham's son through his servant Hagar, a courtier of Pharaoh), representing 'Iran' and friends, married his daughter to Jacob's (Israel's) twin brother Esau, representing 'Rome' and friends and that, according to the 'end of days' prophecy (some 45 years from 5761/2001), these two will join against Israel. So, we should not be surprised if the United Nations or United States supports Iranian and Syrian interests in Lebanon to pursue Israel and when this occurs we will know that the Messiah of life is here and the 'end of days' are near for the dark days of terror. Perhaps there is some hidden logic in Osama and Obama after all! The following details will help you contemplate the depth of Kabbalah‘s logic. 'Gematria' is the study of relationships between Hebrew words and phrases included in Torah. This vast and complex study, considering the volume of letters, has revealed deeply esoteric concepts hidden within its pages and its study continues to produce inspiring results. Interestingly, the Hebrew word for 'letter'; ‫( אות‬ot)6 also means a 'sign' or 'wonder' and is the root of the Hebrew word meaning 'to reveal'. By example; the order of Hebrew's 22 letters (representing energy forms) occurred in the period prior to creation. A Gematria rule from the principle of Letter Pairs, known as 'Atbash' is discovered by mirroring (from the alphabetical mid-point) the sequence of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. This concept relates to the moment of creation when the Heavens
5 6

The Gateway of Unity and Faith Chapter 1 also Ch 7. Sefer Haerchim Chabad, vol. Maarechet otiot page 1. Iisaiah ch. 21 v. 12. Likutai Torah page ‫יא‬ row 3 and many other places.


were folded. This practice, derived from the early portions of the book of Genesis, is used to reveal inner meanings of a word. To obtain deeper insight, the reverse order of letters is applied to a word to reveal its 'word energy' as it existed prior to creation. The letters (in their reverse order) form a corresponding word which reveals more information on the word‘s character.

A Table of the Hebrew letters shows 1) each Hebrew letter which is followed by its 2) order in the 22 letters (ordinal number), 3) the letters full numerical value and 4) its English transliterated name. Hebrew is read from the right margin to left.


These are the 3 Mother letters representing the primary energies associated with creation including the process known as thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

These are the 12 Elemental letters representing the 12 diagonal energies around which much of our universal existence is based including months of the year.

These are the 7 Double letters around which energies are said to ascend and descend in a vertical direction and upon which most of our earthly presence is affected including days of the week. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


3. The Historical Fork in the Road
Media interest in the life of Jesus expressed through books and films like 'The Passion for Christ' and 'The DaVinci Code' stand testimony to the growing public desire for historical and spiritual truth. When considered in context of 9/11, terrorism and the Israel / Iran conflict, that truth, I maintain, can only be found through a disciplined committed to the foundation teachings and extrapolations of Torah around which these fascinating Judeo / Christian / Islamic cultural and historical developments are centered. In the year 1273 BCE the then nomadic nation of Israel entered the land designated by Torah to be Israel. Before entering, Moses advised them to paint onto large rocks on Mt. Ebal all the words of the Torah. Torah contains documented boundaries of the land the nation was to occupy. It also instructed them to displace the 7 other nations that were living in the land at the time. That same Torah is in circulation today, carried down from generation to generation in its precise form. Unlike Israel, those 7 nations have no method of identifying who they are or their heritage claims. In 600 BCE mainstream devotion to God was the embodiment of the Jerusalem populous, holistically committed to Torah's precepts and concepts. Prayer was a frequent and continuous occurrence, not the structured affair that it is today. Each person had a direct and meaningful relationship with God and each placed that relationship above all. The soul was sacrosanct, the portal between man and God's heavens. The Prophets were inspired by the clarity of the Supernal Wisdom of The One a concept described in Kabbalah. Such clarity existed because all of Israel personified the laws and essence of Torah in their thoughts, speech and actions. They lived their lives to remain in a state of conscious holiness in accordance with Torah. Prophecy provided guidance, a window to the state of the nation's holiness. These prophecies were also embraced by foreign kings who from time to time were fascinated by and supported Israel's practices, but with the passing of kings, prophecies also brought a sense of fear and paranoia that invoked possessive desires resulting in the Babylonian destruction of the First Temple (423 BCE) and the 70 year exile of Jews from Jerusalem. Temple worship in the Holy City operated according to the lunar calendar with intricate annual adjustment to synch with the solar. This had been the vital cycle of life for almost 3500 years. Babylonian, Greek and Roman rule over hundreds of successive years eroded Israel's once steadfast

commitment to their lunar/solar centric practices. Breakaway Jewish groups were enticed and empowered by foreign rulers were intrigued and often preferred foreign cultures began to dilute their own moving away from and in some cases acting against Israel's Torah heritage. In this tumultuous period in Israel's history the process of writing Israel‘s long-held oral traditions began and the first Greek translation of Torah was made. At the beginning of the Common Era prophecies of the future were present in Jerusalem‘s shifting consciousness. The widening gap between the Levite Priests, determined to preserve ancient religious practices, and shifting community sentiment exposed the inflection points that invading forces leveraged to oppose the Temple and its staunch supporters. Rome's rulers, imbued with divine authority, savaged the serenity of Jewish life turning hungry lions onto living victims before the masses as an antidote to a rebellious Jewish mainstream. Devoid of a meaningful and intellectually sound spiritual center, Roman culture reigned heavy on Jerusalem and the spiritual holiness of its temple culture. With the destruction of The Second Temple, Israel's 'soul' culture was finally relegated to the influence of the gross 'material' desire of the nations that occupied her. Emperors like Augustus and the master politicians of the day engaged in and manipulated Rabbi's, Sages and Priests, injecting politics, to pit one against the other, killing, dividing and conquering, all the time focusing on the desired political prize; control of temple culture and replacement of divine authority with something more appealing to the Roman mainstream. Rome‘s religious confusion is apparent in Nero and other leaders many of whom converted to Judaism at the time. Freedom fighters and religious zealots focused principle issues into public points of cultural conflict until finally the bubble burst and more than a million Jews were butchered and survivors banished from within Jerusalem's walls. Not one Jew was left in Jerusalem! Several hundred years after the cessation of Jewish temple worship and the politicization of holiness, Rome‘s floundering religious core consolidated through the modified Jewish teachings of Saul (Paul) who was a student of Yeshua (Jesus). This new religious face, attributed to Jesus in the form of Christianity, was born in Rome several hundred years after his death in Jerusalem. Intellectualized, politicized, translated, simplified and streamlined, it remained deeply rooted in the mystical esoteric aspects of its Jewish heritage and although misinterpreted, began to capture hearts and minds. Mainstream Rome was finally transformed as its divine representative on earth - the glorious emperor, faded against the rising popularity of Rome‘s new divine representation - Yeshua (which in Hebrew means 'salvation'). The crucifix, on which many people died under Roman rule, became Rome‘s symbol of its Jewish massacre and the holy struggle for

salvation. Jerusalem's Jews were scattered to the north where today one can visit the graves of many famous Rabbi's like Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Shimeon bar Yochai and Rabbi Elezar. Many descendants of the priestly generations that preceded the destruction of the Temple still lie in graves scattered on the outskirts of the city. The centralized authority of meditation, prayer, ritual and Jewish culture were finally subdued. The Rabbi's could only operate underground they refrained from teaching mystical and esoteric (Kabbalah) knowledge because it was seen as a dangerous of Rome's desire for control of the Jewish religious ethic. Arab‘s who, for generations, had been uplifted by the promise that the prophecies of Torah would be realized, settled back to an unknown, unchartered bleak future. The role of the Holy Jewish priests and the Holy nation of Israel had been decimated and the God of Israel had permitted the destruction of the Temple. For the Romans, Christianity emerged from the Temples ashes, but by 400 CE it was increasingly clear to inhabitants of the region that Israel's purpose to prepare a home for the Messiah's arrival had not yet been fulfilled. The region was void of its spiritual core. In the void of the aftermath, a new religious culture arose, a culture that drew from the practices and teachings of the Jews and the Christians who by then were returning to a Jerusalem. The Quran's reference to Jews and Israel [2] echo sentiments of its authors once reliant on the holiness of the Jewish nation to bring salvation and redemption for them and for the world. In their eyes Israel had failed. That failure led to the destruction of Jewish Temple life, the birth of Christianity and the subsequent birth of Islam. By 800CE, 200 years after his death, the teachings of Prophet Mohammed were flourishing amongst many of the regions Arab tribes establishing the roots of modern Islam. Material logic was in full bloom and 2 new religious cultures had emerged from the source teachings of the earliest Jewish forefathers and prophets. This 'modern' logic would continue to compete as people became less desirous of their intangible holy devotion. Esoteric spiritual thinking in mainstream life was progressively cocooned so as not to impede the progress of developing societies. Culture morphed as the once mass awareness of 'soul' gave way to 'material‘ desire, justified by common logic, as people moved toward self discovery where imperialism, art and science


were intertwined in the fabric of life. In the minds of the populous God was being displaced by man's expanding cultural sophistication. In the absence of a life dominated by the well structured regulated culture of one God, sinfulness was counter balanced only by the implementation of common laws, by punishment and control, yet Biblical morality survived the transference. The Torah was translated into foreign languages and its study in its original codified Hebrew construct, as passed down from scribe to scribe in previous generations, was lost to all except to those who retained their orthodox Jewish practices. In approximately 1600 CE our development ratcheted toward the modern age where execution at the speed of 'thought' became the prevailing societal aspiration and collective desire of our current materialistic era. As societies mature conflicting aspirations between material and spiritual are often misunderstood and misinterpreted by many, including Islamic terrorists. The path of our destiny is the one on which we find ourselves, but we progress toward the sensitivities of our higher cause, because that too is our destiny. A purpose revealed through our ability to recognize truth is and will continue to guide the world toward the united peaceful global society we aspire. The history of Judeo / Christian / Islamic development cannot be looked at through rose colored glasses. First we must obtain a true and common understanding of a history that intellectually synchronizes with all known physical and spiritual aspects and attributes, only then we can look forward to resolution of our significant differences.

[1] Shaar HaYichud see Ch 8 Footnote 44 Nero conversion to Jew Rabbi Meir [2]


4. Thirty Two – Is Israel special?
"Jihad" and "Holy War" Pope Benedict XVI, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, quoted criticism of Prophet Muhammad by a 14th Century Byzantine Christian emperor; "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached," Benedict quoted Manuel II. These comments fuel the flames of Islamic fundamentalists against the Christian world. France, Italy and Germany the bastions of Catholicism are likely 'first strike' targets. However, after the damage is done and all is settled, Israel, the common enemy, will be restored as the scapegoat that unites the wrath of Edom (Rome/France/Germany) and Ishmael (Iran /Syria) against it. The will of this unified force will exert its attention to subdue Israel in every possible way, to contain it, to silence it, to put it back in the box, but their efforts will fail in light of Torah prophecies that declare this the final attempt to divert Israel's purpose. After this, only one 'truth' will be clear to all people of the world and Israel will progress to fulfill its purpose. So, what is it about Israel that causes them to be the subject of continuous reproach? Given Kabbalah's revelation; the soul of Israel is derived by God's special arrangement, that the Jews who descend from Jacob (Israel) would in some way be noticed. The revelation also declares Torah as creations' blueprint (spiritually and physically) and that its teachings hold the key to unlocking a perfect world. The history of the Jews, in some sense is a special history, but is it special enough that we bear witness to its true distinction and purpose? The 'genius fringe' of society provides a curious model, a statistical basis for the intellectual pursuit of modern knowledge and achievement. Not representative of society as a whole, but indicative of this sectors performance. Statistical samples inform whether Jews, primarily genetic descendants of Israel, perform at the high end of intellectual pursuit. To analyze this let‘s look at the Nobel Prize list of 770 winners as at 2005; Jews, approximately 14 million people or 0.2% of the world's population, have accumulated 127 or 16.5% of Nobel Prizes issued for contributions to various aspects of society. Muslims, approximately 1.2 billion people or 20% of the world's population, have accumulated 8 Nobel Prizes (1%) for contributions to various aspects of society.

Christians, Hindu's, Shinto's, Buddhists, Sikhs and people of other faiths (including Jewish souls who do not trace their lineage), approximately 4.5 billion people or 75% of the world's population, have accumulated the balance of the 635 (82.5%) Nobel prizes. Whilst this is in no way conclusive, it does indicate that Jews possess a disproportionately unique capacity at the 'genius fringe' of secular society to be inventive, innovative and to push the boundaries of logical and constructive thought beyond their expected statistical boundary. Let's take a deeper look at the soul construct of Jews and some reasons that may allude to answers; In the first portion of Torah - The Book of Genesis dealing with creation, God's statements and actions are counted and interpreted as follows (see image page 31); The words; "GOD SAID" are written on 10 separate occasions; known as the 10 Utterances, representing the 10 vessels or the essential attributes (Sefirot) of our soul or; 'The Spirit of God' The words; "GOD MADE" are written on 3 occasions representing the Three Mother letters of Hebrew, Aleph (‫ ,)א‬Mem (‫ )מ‬and Shin (‫( )ש‬the three sources of creative energy) - an analogy to Air, Water and Fire. These connect the attributes on the horizontal plane. The words; "GOD SAW" are written on 7 occasions representing the 7 doubles letters that can express 2 sounds. These connect the attributes on a vertical plane. The word; "GOD" is written on 12 occasions representing the letters that express a single sound. These connect attributes on a diagonal plane. This represents the 32 times that G-D's name is mentioned, with an act of creation in the opening of Genesis (creation), reflecting the aspects of G-d and His energies that created the spiritual and physical universe in which we live. Since letters and numerals are interchangeable, the number 32 = is written by joining the letters Lammed (‫ + )ל‬Bet (‫ = )ב‬Lev (‫ .)לב‬The word Lev means 'Heart' - known to be the 'King of the Soul' and Torah is analogous with the

'Heart of Creation'. The bookmark letters of Torah are Bet (‫ ;2 = )ב‬being the first letter of the first word 'Bereishit' and Lammed (‫ - )ל‬L = 30; being the last letter of the last word of Torah 'Yisrael'. Together they make the word Lev (‫)לב‬ The prefix Lammed (‫ )ל‬means - 'to' – 'to you' The prefix Bet (‫ )ב‬means - 'in' - 'in you' God in his various manifestations has many names, but The Name representing His absolute embodiment presiding unilaterally over His creation is reflected only in The Tetragramaton (‫ )י 'ה'ו'ה‬Yud' Heh' Vav' Heh = 26 = 'The Name' = 'The Lord'. Of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet only Lammed (‫ )ל‬and Bet (‫– 7)ב‬ (pronounced as a B or V) can be applied to the letters of the Tetragramaton as a suffix – no other suffix applies to these letters. In context of the soul, "breathed into us" by God we can reveal the Hebrew words; Yud (‫ = )י‬me Heh ( ‫ = )ה‬her Vav (‫ = )ו‬him Li (‫ = )לי‬to me Lah (‫ = )לה‬to her Lo (‫ = )לו‬to him Bi (‫ = )בי‬in me Bah (‫ = )בה‬in her Bo (‫ = )בו‬in him

Torah, which is considered to be 'one' with God's Essence, is the recognized heart of creation and is rooted in the concept of 'echad' (‫' = )אחד‬one' – reflecting God's ultimate state of oneness. Echad meaning 'one', by multiplying its letters, yields the following; 1(‫ )א‬x 8(‫ )ח‬x 4(‫23 = )ד‬

Sefer Yetzirah - Aryeh Kaplan Pg 10


The words 'goi (‫ )גוי‬echad' (‫' = )אחד‬one nation'; by adding its' letters yields (3+6+10+1+8+4) = 32. Now consider, the name; Eretz Yisrael (‫ = )ארצ ישראל‬Land of Israel = 832; 832 / 32 = 26 = (‫)י 'ה'ו'ה‬ 26 represents G-d's explicit name mystically reflecting His highest ruling state (‫ .)י'ה'ו'ה‬Further consider that; 'b eretz' (‫' )בארצ‬goi' (‫' )גוי‬echad' (‫= )אחד‬ 'one nation in the land' = 325, which can be represented as the 25th triangular number whose mid point is 13 = ‫( אחד‬echad when added 8+4+1=13) Finally, echad (‫ )אחד‬meaning: One or Unity = 13 = Ahavah (‫ )אהבה‬meaning: Love. This tiny conceptual illustration offers a brief glimpse into the hidden logic of holy Hebrew‘s mystical construct. There are untold numbers of significantly more complex analogies between its bookmark letters. When G-d matches a soul to a body He has good reason, for you and for each of the 127 Nobel Prize Winners. Somehow, the component energies in each attribute (Sefirot) defines‘ the soul. Perhaps it was Israel's (Jacob's) inherent birthright and covenant with G-d that imbued its souls with proximity, awareness and a fundamental ability to understand G-d's picture more clearly, perhaps it is the blessings which Israel brings into the world, either way, the Nobel Prize record stands firm. Do Jews know and comprehend their purpose and are they fulfilling it? This perplexing question goes to the heart of geo political / religious issues confronting the world today. It is the subject of numerous 'End of Day' prophecies derived from Torah's esoteric wisdom. At the heart and soul of the Jewish Nation is the Torah text. It is the glue that has kept Israel from assimilating and disappearing into the masses, its logic provides clear direction and instruction to all who study it. However, its spiritual and physical opponents fear the day when Israel‘s direction is fully revealed and accurately perceived, because their purpose will be challenged.


5. Material vs. Spiritual
Among the reasons for fundamental Islamic terror is the rise of material desire in the Judeo Christian world, which allegedly relegates God to secondary status. Ancient cultures were mostly harmonious when spirituality dominated materiality. The worlds emerging macro trends are clear. Wealth is rapidly accumulating in the hands of more people dramatically improving material existence for billions worldwide. This brings with it significant shifts in the way societies, impacted by this economic prerogative, manage their daily affairs. Unable to reverse the march of time, we move forward altering destiny for the betterment of all people, or so we hope. Yet, billions lag behind! Increased wealth enables more people to devote time to issues of their choice rather than to those they are compelled. For now, city lives are consumed by fast cars, quicker connections and modern media. Television, Internet, Video, Audio, Theater, Newspaper Radio, Fashion, Sport, Food, Entertainment and Learning shape our past, present and future view of the world. Our desire to be independent, secure and productive consumes time as we focus on material success. At the time of our Biblical forefathers, prophets and sages, people were inspired by and dedicated intellect to spiritual matters of the soul. Materiality was not a demand of culture or society it was a heritage. Acquiring significant wealth was unlikely other than through artisan skills or spiritual devotion through which your being would be elevated to a heightened and more purified state. This would earn a person respect and regard leading to increased material comfort as a consequence. Elevation of the soul, in life, through knowledge of the spiritual dimension, was life's conscious purpose so that, after death, the soul would pass to a higher world in a more purified and elevated state. This was the individual and societal objective of the time. Since Adam unquestioning commitment to soul as the purpose of life, prevailed in the minds of people. After the destruction of the first temple in Jerusalem, levels of devotion to this purpose began to wane the shifting consciousness, from a world of intense spirituality toward today's world of the intense materiality. Spiritual Jewish leaders, once at the center of world events were overwhelmed by this rising focus on the material. The Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Spanish, Russians, French, Germans, English and Americans each progressing the mainstream view toward the materialism‘s intellectual 'noise'.


The Jewish mainstream, once intensely devoted to developing their holy mind-state, bowed to judgment, encouraged by political agendas. Individuals were easily captured by the lure of material desire as money's purpose became the 'prize' and spiritual disciplines and devotions gave way to the apparent freedoms and privileges available only to the rich. Distracted, people compromised their holy objectives and with that, they lost contact with the traditional source of their deep holy culture. 'Money is the root of all evil' equally it can be the root of all good. To realize the latter we must discover and develop within ourselves the ability to overcome fear for the potential loss of 'that' upon which our security is currently based. Materiality, being a desire of the left (a concept embodied in contraction – loosely evil) and spirituality, being a desire of the right (a concept embodied in expansion – loosely good), establishes a perfect balance through which money can be elevated to serve its true purpose. Applied to the right causes and processes 'root of good' money is being channeled by a public who are more intensely focused on this positive social and spiritual path and who are resolved to orderly thinking so that the pursuit of holiness in the application of equitable global economics becomes the prevailing objective of the worlds' modern societies. If man had a homogeneous 'desire' to meditate on subjects of holiness and if such desire dominated thought, we would focus less on the objects of desire and more on its source. This would inevitably lead us to discover our connection to forces of good and evil that cast influence on our souls. Our minds would continuously witness the wonders that surround us and we would learn to identify that the thoughts we have, the things we say and our actions have greater meaning and purpose. We would understand reasoning, we would identify the higher order that unites us and we would respond through wisdom in ways that are universally synchronized. This would ultimately lead to the redemption of man allowing us all to ascend to the highest levels of our souls, an objective to which all mainstream religions and philosophies subscribe. This fundamental spiritual approach is the antithesis of today's materialistic world. It is impossible for man to return to a society that once existed, but that is clearly not the goal. The goal prescribed by Kabbalah, Chassidus and Torah is one, which in our modern world of intensified awareness and rapid

accumulation of knowledge, encourages societies to become increasingly tuned to the holistic, mystical paths – divine psychology, that leads toward a better understanding of life and its purpose. Dedication to 'soul', acting to achieve enlightenment peace and happiness, is this path toward the completion of life's cycle, the purpose of man. Those who heighten their awareness of spirituality and who strive to remain connected to their conscious state of holiness are able to recognize their soul command. Reading your soul, your life compass, is a skill we no longer instinctively possess, most of us lost touch with this skill a few thousand years ago, but re-connecting is not as difficult as one may think.


6. Messianic Dispute
Thanks to modern communication, archaeological techniques and technology a more accurate understanding of the 4000 year period since Abraham, who was closer to the direct knowledge of Creation than most people think, is being grasped. Noah and his son Shem imparted first hand information to Abraham, mystical knowledge passed to them directly by Adam. Only 2 generations were required to carry this knowledge directly to Abraham from which the world could benefit. The passage took place through the generation of Methuselah who lived during the last third of Adam's life to Noah who lived during most of Methuselah's life. Meticulously passed to Abraham was the deepest (seemingly esoteric) knowledge8 of the pristine perfect spiritual and physical Garden of Eden state, which is carefully recorded in the mystical construct of Torahs' Hebrew letters and words, the language of Eden9. In the region of Iraq, Abraham opposed the tyranny of paganism, against to his family and society, by boldly breaking with their customs, a tremendously significant gesture for the time. Despite threats to his life he became devoted to meditation, prayer and the development of a deep fear and love for one intangible, transcendent monotheistic God. In the face of adversity he, together with some members of his family established dominion over a large and mobile kingdom of followers. His interpretation of the past including his religious and philosophical views were fresh, logical and modern. From the time Abraham journeyed to Pharaoh in Egypt in the 1948th year from creation (around 4000 years ago /2000 BCE) he was destined to be influential in that society. Abraham stimulated Pharaoh and his advisors to focus their intellectual attentions on his unconventional teachings and doctrines, the deep mystical line, the continuation of Adam's knowledge. In her late 70's Abraham's wife Sarah considered her childless state an act of God. Knowing the great importance of a son from Abraham, she asked him to marry and sire a child by Hagar the daughter of Pharaoh gifted to her to learn the ancient ways with Sarah. Hagar was a holy woman, she was wise in matters of astrology and prophecy and a confidant to Sarah whose' prophetic abilities were on a higher level than Abraham's. From Hagar Ishmael was born. When Ishmael was 13 Abraham 99, seeking a higher more purified state, circumcised10 himself together with Ishmael. As he was
8 9

Zohar Vayera 117b-118a Zohar Vayera 118a - 118b 10 Zohar Vayera 100b - 101b


recovering God sent his angels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel to him and to Sarah. They told them to prepare for the birth of a son. Sarah laughed and Abraham doubted the message asking instead for something more tangible, that Ishmael be blessed with the gift of life. A year later Sarah, at 90, gave birth to Isaac and 8 days later, in accordance with the angelic instructions Abraham had received, Isaac was circumcised. Ishmael was a strong child, a skilled marksman in the physical and spiritual sense. He lived amongst and killed wild animals in ways that were opposed to the holy laws, consistent with Edenic Kabbalah that Isaac was committed to keep. From this Sarah foresaw that Ishmael was dominated by emotional instinct and was therefore prone to unholy acts where Isaac's soul was dominated by intellect and strong judgment that balanced well with Abraham's expansive kindness, she prophesized this would yield an offspring of messianic11 destiny. Given Abraham and Sarah's commitment to the sanctity of one God and the rituals of holy customs they had been commanded to keep, Sarah insisted that Hagar and Ishmael leave the kingdom of Abraham and God told Abraham to listen to Sarah. Hagar returned with Ishmael to Egypt where Abraham visited on occasion and following Sarah‘s death he remarried Hagar who became known as Keturah. Ishmael raised a family of 12 sons (from different wives). Abraham was called by God to sacrifice his son. At first he was not sure which son because he loved Isaac and Ishmael. Abraham summoned both (Ishmael at 50 and Isaac at 37), to journey with him. Eliezer his faithful servant and student journeyed with their donkey to the place of sacrifice. Eliezer was a previous King (Og - King of Bashan) who having witnessed the miracles of Abraham and Sarah submitted, in the fullest sense, to follow the God of Abraham. At that time Abraham was living in Hevron a 3 day journey to Jerusalem. However, the journey took much longer due to many tests that God put Abraham's way. Regardless, Abraham prevailed arriving at the base of the mountain on which the sacrifice was to take place. This holy site is the site where the Temple once stood and is known as Har Bayit (The mountain of The Temple). On the approach to Har Bayit, Abraham could physically see (sense) the spiritual light shining as an aura over the mountain, he asked each person what they saw, only Isaac, who had the deepest sensitivity, could see the same light. Abraham then asked Isaac to make the assent with him. This was the Light of Wisdom, which Abraham knew from his Kabbalistic understanding was drawn through the unification of kindness and judgment, represented by the souls of Abraham and Isaac, the same prophecy that

Zohar Vayera 119a - 119b


Sarah had previously seen12. After ascending to the place of sacrifice without an offering, it became evident that Isaac was to be offered, Isaac asked Abraham to bind him tightly so that he would not flinch causing a blemish in the sacrifice, but before that took place an Angel stopped Abraham. Our present understanding of Kabbalah and Chasidus verifies this story by the many analogies to the soul's unification of kindness (mercy) and strength (judgment), which through Abraham and Isaac produced beauty (balance between intellect and emotion), the known character trait of Jacob (Israel), the son of Isaac. In fact Kabbalah reveals the complete Jewish entity (soul), which is brought about through the foundation of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (see next chapter - Taming the inner Beast). The Quran relies upon the teachings of many of the same prophets and forefathers of Torah including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses amongst numerous others. In Quran Moses is known as "Mousa Kalim Allah" - Moses, the one who spoke directly with God. He is heralded as the prophet who was given Torah, by God. Torah includes the story of Abraham, from which arises one of the most significant issues that leadership of Iran and other fundamental Islamic groups, after 1700 years, are finally contending. These groups fundamentally believe that Abraham offered Ishmael instead of Isaac as a sacrifice to God and this is the root of their Messianic departure. It is difficult for Quran to argue the sanctity and greatness of Mousa Kalim Allah and maintain that the Torah he wrote perpetrates a lie, when it declares that Isaac was the one offered by Abraham. Finally the tomb of the forefathers (Machpelah), which Abraham purchased from the occupiers of land in Hevron, is the burial place of Adam, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well as their wives. One thing Jews, Christians and Muslims agree upon is that this is the resting place for their bodies. Ishmael is not buried with them. Despite the integrity of Torah and its esoteric logic and despite the unsupported textual arguments of Islam that dispute its authenticity13, The Quran and Islam remain adamant it was Ishmael who was offered by Abraham. This is and remains the fundamental point of dispute which must first be resolved before fundamental Islam will ever be at peace with Israel.

12 13

Zohar Vayera 119a - 119b

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7. Taming the inner Beast
Every so often it becomes evident that new technological innovations are not necessarily unique. Similar new ideas, arrived at independently, often emerge in the market simultaneously – the patent office is filled with such examples. Since the advent of the Internet this global phenomenon is immediately noticeable. It‘s as if wisdom14 and understanding facilitate knowledge in experts who are ready to receive, interpret and convey their insights - simultaneously. Many would say competition explains this, however when truly novel ideas present in this way it is more difficult to pinpoint the reasons for their synchronized emergence. This observation parallels teachings of Kabbalah, which goes much further than modern psychology by connecting 'mind' to its Divine source. Analogous to the spiritual world, Kabbalah explains this phenomenon starts at the loftiest point of 4 connected spiritual realms. The tip of the first letter Yud (‫ )י‬in God‘s four letter name Y‘H‘V‘H (‫ ,)יה׳ו׳ה׳‬The fifth level being the point of the ‗Seminal Flash‘, from which Supernal Wisdom (Intense Spiritual Light) comes into finite existence - this is the initial point of creation where 'something is created out of nothing'15. G-d ‗constricts‘ this Intense Spiritual Light to descend to the lowest spiritual realm (the realm of our conscious state), concealing its' intensity so that we are not obliterated by it. The fifth level, the highest point of the Yud (‫ )י‬is the soul‘s direct point of connection to the Essence of G-d16. By divine constriction this transcends each level of the soul. Those with 'ready souls' and ready mind states are able to reveal this constricted Light, which if unimpeded by intellectual and emotional attribute‘s (vessels), retains its revealed state enabling perfect wisdom to come to 'mind' in what psychology terms ‗thought‘. The Lights' intellectual and potential physical manifestation is God the Creator in the ‗image of man‘. The Seminal Flash: ‗A Thought‘ that emerges in the brain, triggers neurons to fire and memory associations to be made. Those captured by the ‗Light‘, emanating from the attribute of Wisdom in the depth of their soul, connect it to all their real world faculties to form practical outcomes through speech and action. This chain of events is a continuous process related to creation and re-creation of the spiritual and physical overwhich The L-rd (‫( )י׳ה׳ו׳ה‬Side of the right) G-d (‫( )א׳ל׳ה׳י׳ם‬Side of the left) prevails.

14 15

Zohar Vayera 116b – 117a 16


Chassidus teaches that increasing acts of kindness and charity causes Supernal Wisdom to be dispensed more freely. We all want to be better people, but we can only accomplish this by, what is known in Kabbalah as ‗circumcising the heart‘; applying higher intellect to nullify the effects of false constrictions' of the outer (evil) shells and those 'knee jerk' emotional reactions, which tend to govern our emotional core and impede the purity of thought. Pre-emptive thoughts, centered on kindness that manifest in speech and action accomplish this circumcision. By countering our tendency to be harsh or judgmental (the unilateral attributes of might and judgment) we invite constriction, but by understanding from where thought emerges and by considering G-d's role in each thought, before speaking and acting we invite expansion. Known as 'putting the Aleph (‫ )א‬before everything‘, we refine our world to make it the place that we all want it to be. Finally there is an important consideration: The name God – (‫ )א׳ל׳ה׳י׳ם‬is associated with Understanding and Judgment; The Supernal form that constricts His Intense Spiritual Light - Wisdom, dispensing it by an act of Kindness toward man to aid our emergence as the people, as the world His Light reflects. The reciprocal attribute of Judgment in our world is ‗Darkness‘ dispensed as the constricted shell (remnant) of the Light it conceals. Most people who live through eyes of judgment invite darkness as their prevailing context for life. They struggle with their heart of ‗stone‘ unable to distinguish the vessel (shell) from the Light. In the absence of prevailing kindness, the 'shell' together with its‘ higher darker powers are strengthened to envelop and trap the soul. In this state, evil (Left) aspects prevail over good (Right) because Judgment (the evil aspect) is invited by their 'choice' to prevail. Taming the inner Beast requires a conscious effort, but is conceptually simple because true wisdom (Light) is born into the world through continuous acts of charity and prevailing acts of kindness resulting in the pre-emptive enhancements that balance your emotional responses. That‘s not to say ‗kindness‘ in the absence of ‗judgment‘, rather ‗kindness‘ before ‗judgment‘ as a matter of choice regardless of one's emotional state. Bottom Line: ―Be kind and be wise‖ and read Torah with a renewed perspective. To understand how your energy travels in your soul follow the 32 paths leading to and from the attributes of Judgment and Kindness of the 'Sefirot'.


Sefirot 10 “God said”

Mothers 3 “God made”

Doubles 7 “God saw”

Elementals (diagonal’s) 12 “God”

Side of the Left – Constriction

Side of the Right - Expansion


8. The Spiritual Realm
When thinking about our spiritual origin we are naturally led to question the origin of 'thought' since 'thought' must emanate from somewhere, but where? To discover answers we are compelled to journey inward through our conscious to the super conscious and beyond. Many religions, philosophies and cultures practice highly regarded methods for reaching these inward states of mind. Religions focus almost all attention on the inner sanctum through prayer and meditation and on drawing 'G-d's' energies from the outer sanctum, proposing that the union of inner and outer, higher and lower their goal. Reviewing numerous sources, it quickly becomes evident that Judaism is the oldest and most comprehensively documented religion, albeit that most of the works are not yet translated from ancient languages including Hebrew. In the annals of Jewish history are more volumes of intricately detailed works devoted to the inner sanctum of the soul than in all other religions combined. More than 16000 recognized works deal with every aspect, every detailed analysis of the oral and the written Torah extracting from it derivative teachings and commentaries on the soul. Jewish religious philosophy presents a departure from the views that mainstream modern society attribute to it. At its depths are the pillars that describe God's entire plan and mans role in it. In the essential process man receives the gift of life, a soul, mind and body with free will, as tools for navigating life on earth, the lowest spiritual realm, the realm of greatest potential. The soul, assigned to a body at birth, has specific characteristics. Free will (choice) arbitrates the body‘s ability to realize the soul‘s fullest potential, its highest possible state17. Our young minds cannot become truly aware of its soul until the age of 2018. So, here we have the entity of soul that is prescribed by G-d to the embryo at inception. The soul is infused in the body (through the blood) by being 1) crowned eight19 days after birth20 together with its pre-existing21 attributes of 2) wisdom, 3) understanding, 4) compassion, 5) strength, 6) perfection, 7) eternity, 8) greatness, 9) foundation and 10) kingship, each of these and their myriad derivative combinations are contained in the soul you received at birth. The mind and body cares for the soul, nurtures it and enables it to reach a higher state so that it can be perfected in order to reach its destined place in the scheme of
17 18

Sefer Mamarim ‫ ט''תרנ‬end of second mamar. Zohar - Mishpatim : 3. The old sage (Saba) Verse 76.. 19 The Bahir - Aryeh Kaplan Pg 57 Pt 157 20 Shulchan Aruch Harav, Orech Chayim, Mahadura Tanina - Likutei Sichos vol.10 pg 45. 21 - Speaking and Saying Dibur Amirah


God's perfect holy state. Like the flame of a candle that burns its fuel, at times extending, reaching higher, at other times subdued nearing its extinguished state only to be revived and reach higher than ever before. Our soul can be compared to a flame fueled by the decisions of free will. The soul is a tremendously complex entity, the vital aspect of our essential presence. Like the colors that burn in a flame, it consists of five levels of which the lower three connect with our physical bodies. Here the Nefesh and the Ruach, the animal spirit of the heart (emotions) are embodied within the Neshamah, the divine (intellectual) soul of the mind all of which are assigned to a body. In higher realms the Chayah (Living Essence) and Yechidah (Unique Essence) connect the soul of the lower world. The soul is susceptible to the most sensitive and imperceptible spiritual energies, it is able to communicate, it is alive and it is always responding. Like a ship‘s (the body) navigation system (the soul) provides its captain (the mind) information, which by his/her correctly applied free will, guides it through ocean waters to arrive at its destination. Only the soul enables us to perceive G-d's guidance that we can successfully navigate our conscious world. The soul receives and the soul transmits. Its attachment to our body and brain afford us the opportunity to perceive its inner workings, but only by concentrated focus through trusted processes. A myriad of gateways in the mind and the body enable a conscious connection to the soul, each must be opened by a conscious effort in thought, speech and action in order that the body may facilitate the soul to realize its full potential, to flame to its highest peak. Only by the correct application of the 'free will' pursuing a synchronized spiritual and psychological approach, can this occur. The souls construct parallels the physical attributes of Intellect, Emotion, Thought, Speech and Action, five terms with which most of us are more familiar. Everyone can recall an experience after which you ask; why did you do that or why did you think that? Why did you think about buying a dress? Why did you think about eating a cake? Why did you think about buying a car? Why did you think how ridiculous he/she looked? Why did you think about sex with a person? Why did you help that poor person? Why did you look at that car? Why did you do a double take? Why did you write someone an email? Why do we buy flowers for people? Why do we celebrate? Why do we mourn? Each thought, word and act has a direct bearing on your soul. It is the

homing device built into the physical being, the device navigating to the place it ultimately wants to be, the device to which our conscious thoughts can better respond by being more sensitive to its indications. Most times lack of conscious sensitivity causes us to override the soul's direction because our busy mind does not hear its true sub-conscious calling, we are simply unable to 'hear' what the soul is saying. How can we possibly steer ourselves in life if we are unable to tune into the wisdom, purity and guidance of the soul that most of us believe we possess? We cannot! People whose daily lives are bathed in the noise of their material (physical) mental anguish (and that's most of us), are unable to 'see the voices‘22 the guidance, that the soul provides. In this world, on planet earth, we wander around aimlessly, pained by the pretence of our seemingly productive lives, expecting to pass to the next world where we hope the noise will disappear. So long as we permit the noise, the perfected path of our soul will remain concealed and we will fail to achieve the task God set for each of us due to the ineffective application of our 'free will'. Those who cherish the soul's very existence honor its purpose. Those who truly understand it will return it to its Maker in its elevated spiritual state.


Inner Space Ezekiels vision Pg 149


9. In the Beginning
How many times in your life have you used the term 'infinity' as if we know its meaning? Even thought it exists only by the theories of science, math, the spiritual, the mystical, perception and by our simplistic references to it, to this day man knows no physical condition that is infinite. The energies of a Hydrogen bomb or those massive particle accelerators that force sub-atomic collisions, for the universal scale analysis of scientists, can hardly be considered infinite especially since we don't have the equipment to measure energy beyond the currently recorded lowest state of its atomic decay. Massive collisions of star systems, galactic explosions, implosions, merging galaxies and black holes are very large indeed, but they can hardly be called infinite. By definition, infinity must embrace everything that we know and everything we don't know. Beyond the finite conditions of our universal realm, forever enveloping everything and anything in its multi dimensional path, nothing can possibly disturb infinities' voracious perpetual expansive reach. It must, by definition, be the perfected state capable of sustaining the ever present. The Infinite is an endless energy state, it is borderless, has no boundaries and no dimensions yet, by its very definition, it must, simultaneously, be infinitely small and infinitely big. Since we do not know of anything that is infinite, only our imaginations can provide the fodder to feed our intellectual probes, but most, if not all, agree The Infinite state exists. If we are 'finite' physical beings one must logically conclude something preexists it in order that it be brought into existence. If one assumes our presence in this world is imaginary or spiritual, then something must exist in a spiritual sense that gives rise to our common ability to imagine our own existence. Either way some pre-existing state must exist23. As more is revealed through the evolving technologies of science, the exhaustive interests of physicists, mathematicians and chemists moves beyond the boundaries of our universe to the serious questions that lie outside the realm of the known. Questions like these place science on a path that converges it with mystical and spiritual for as it reaches the limit of practical proof it begins to deal with the unknown, which has been the exclusive domain of religion and the spiritual. Therefore, to intellectually analyze our existence we must first answer; from where or what do we

Duties Of The Heart "The Unity Of God" Ch. 5 pg 81


emerge? It's important to understand that your physical presence in space has an effect on all surrounding space; Einstein defined this in his Theory of Relativity. Imagine our entire universe to be nothing more than the internal space of a tiny atomic sized dot on a celestial scale much, much bigger than anything you can possibly perceive. Using this analogy, let‘s say that everything our astronomers have seen and everything we know is contained within that dot, a small physical space of some greater universal condition, which is of a massively giant scale, much greater than that of our universe. Our universe is then a tiny subset of something much bigger, even though we presently perceive it as being gigantic. How many iterations of this analogy need to be extended before the ultimate question arises; what came before all that we can possibly contemplate? Inevitably one must conclude that something existed before the beginning of man's definition of finite time, which science suggests took place some 1315 billion years ago. Sometime, somewhere, someplace or no-place before this point one can only conceive the infinite and mans emergence from it. A well known context in Jewish history places King David at the midpoint of history when he was crowned King in the 2884th year from creation. By definition the end point would be 2 x 2884 or 5768 which is the present period in which we live (2008=5768). In essence Kabbalah defines this period as one in which man has exhausted the quest for knowledge leaving only a return to the spiritual state from which we arise.



The Great Struggle

Before our universal clock began to tick, beyond concepts of space and time only The Infinite Being in His absolute unified state24; able to do and able not to do25. His eternal ‗I‘ state, desires toward His ‗able to do‘26 side to dominate over His ‗able not to do‘ side to shine His eternal and infinite light on Himself27 and ‗other‘ 282930. ‗Other‘? Not yet in existence G-d, in His penultimate state, took delight in His concept of His Light and also in The Light, which arose from His desire to illuminate for the sake of 'other'(s)31. By this He established The Nature of His Will in order to be the Creator and King of all to come32. Instantly following the establishment of His Will, to create man (other) in His image, G-d radiates that which is good (able to do) and that which is evil (able not to do) to and through His spiritual realms from where our souls, our universe and ultimately man is created. Without affect to His Essence, G-ds‘ loving desire, to shine His light on ‗other‘, spurred a folding and separation of His higher realms, establishing lower realms, symbolically joined by ‗13 fountains‘33. Then, He constricted His Infinite force, altering the nature of chaos, changing the form of His perfect ubiquitous Infinite Eternal Light to give birth to pre-finite order in which the ultimate struggle between dark and light, evil and good, left and right would begin. In Kabbalistic literature the flow and vitality of G-dliness is termed 'light' rather than 'flux', as it is termed in Jewish speculative philosophy (chakirah). 'Light' signifies 'revelation out of concealment': previously the light had been concealed within the Luminary and subsequently it is drawn forth from this source and is revealed as 'light'. Thus, in the case of 'revelation out of concealment', only a minute illumination from the source is drawn down into a revealed state.
24 25 ―Yachid‖ ,Shar Hayichud ch 10,, The Knowledge of Gd pg 15 26 Shaar HaYichud – The Gate of Unity Ch Eleven 27 The Knowledge of G-d – Rabbi Amirel Markel and Shimon Markel – The Infinite Light 28 – Keter Malchut. The Desire for Kingship 29 30 ―Before the creation of the world, there was Him and His name alone.‖ The Knowledge of G-d Pg 14 - The Infinite Light .Shar Haryichud Ch 10 31 ―Echad‖ Shar Hayichud ch 10,, The Knowledge of G-d pg 16 32 Shar Hayichud ch 11,, The Knowledge of G-d pg 17 33 . 13 Principles of Mercy


G-d calculated before He established His will34. Then, from a central point, He removed His light and that of His Will creating a dark spiritual void by constricting His infinite dimension (to accommodate the void) forming a first massive finite concentric sphere35. From His Essence, through the encompassing outermost sphere of Light (Atzilut), a thin Ray of Intensified Light a Kav - the illuminating 'Life Force' drawn to the centre of the void filled it with His direct Spiritual Essence, Light. Diffused through three36 lower concentric spherical realms of constriction (Beriyah, Yetzirah, Asiyah), 10 vessels form to capture cascade and channel37 energies that flow outer to inner via the Ray that penetrates each realm. In the outermost finite realm His sensitive eternal light - Beriyah, He established the form of the vessels of the soul in which the push-pull struggle between good and evil would be played out until the point at which G-d‘s decision would ultimately yield its intended dividend. That point would be the restoration of the perfected soul of man, the point where good prevails over evil38, where the left is enjoined with the right and the lower worlds unite with the upper39. With the awakening of His desire, His Will, His eternal light, His removal from and His constriction of that light40, the side of evil was also aroused seeking to gain His favor. Instantly G-d‘s celestial angels of darkness desired to extinguish all traces of the eternal light in order that evil may dominate its own infinite realm by extinguishing light and therefore any ability for G-d to favor it. With G-d‘s initial constriction the infinite was willed to co-exist with the finite in spiritual realms that filled the void where the precursors to our dimensions of time and space began. Here the Divine energies live and flourish, behaving in ways that relate directly to their designated purpose in each of three realms (Asiyah, Yetzirah, Beriyah) and the fourth outermost realm of Atzilut. At the moment G-d‘s thin Ray of Intense Energy determined the singularity at the centre of the void, the point at which our universe was created, the pre-creation battle between the forces of light (good) and dark (evil) climaxed and G-d‘s primordial laws of science became increasingly more critical to the ultimate spiritual outcome in the increment immediately before the manifestation of physicality.
34 35

Inner Space Ch 3 The Universes Adam Kardmon Pg 23, Pg110 Ch 12 The secret of the tzimtzum - Shaar Hayichud ch 12 and 13 – Inner Space Ch 13 Pg 120 36 Inner Space God and Man – Pg 15 The Universes 37 Sefer Yetzirah – Kaplan 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 (Pg 42 Table 7) 38 Inner Space pg 27 Asiyah 39 Inner Space – Meditation and Prophecy Part II - The Glowing Husk pg 159

Inner Space Pg124 – The Lamp of Darkness (Zohar)


In the strictest of physical terms G-d‘s calculated plans, reflecting His favor toward good, were at the penultimate point of physical realization. At this singularity, in which G-d‘s Light were retained its perfect order, the forces of darkness made one last attempt to eradicate, from the barest of preuniversal space, the result of His constriction. Just one wrong calculation, at scales that are well beyond any and all of our capacities of comprehension and G-d‘s plan would have been altered. However, as all people of faith know and have complete comfort with, there was never any chance, even the slightest chance, that a different outcome could have eventuated, yet the forces of darkness were beholden to their quest. The Divine life-force is concealed, garbed by many garments so that lower realms can exist without being nullified. This concealment involves not only multitudinous garments — a quantitative manner of concealment — but a qualitative one as well: As the realms descend, there becomes a significant difference between the simpler garments required to conceal the vitality in the higher worlds and the much denser more complex lower world garments necessary to conceal G-d‘s intense vitality so that creation of the physical be made possible. In the spiritual dimension, before our universal clock started to tick, amongst the extreme holy conditions of our soon to be physical finite realm, the dark force attempting to dominate, prevail and penetrate the absolute realm of good established the very conditions The Lord G-d=(‫)י 'ה'ו'ה א'ל'ה'י'ם‬ = (112) had originally ordained. A condition that would lead to massive inflationary physical force, the moment now referred to by science as the Big Bang41! From mans point of view this would be the beginning of the long struggle. His desire, His concepts, His Will, His arrangement of the spiritual, His arousal of evil, His ordering of the physical and His plan for creation and the birth of man are some of the facets that describe the ultimate battle between good and evil. The battle for the lowest spiritual and universal realm, the ultimate struggle where evil would be set free to oppose the forces of good with man‘s soul G-d‘s chosen lower realm vessel, His ultimate adjudicator and benefactor. This was to reveal G-d‘s plan to establish man as His creation, a body and soul imbued with a ‗free will‘42, in His image, to ultimately harmonize with Him as He had desired. The harmonious unification in His universal realms,
41 42 Inner Space Ch2 Pg 13 – Zohar1:23a


by a process of truth, righteousness purification and holiness would enable man to overcome and elevate the dark forces of evil to finally and infinitely be united with G-d43. After G-d cleaved44 the feminine soul of Eve from Adam‘s left side45, Adam continued to be guided by his right side representing the holy wisdom and the predominance of mercy and kindness in his masculine soul. Confronted by the sudden revelation of Eve‘s acute and holy feminine awareness, her desire to know, to understand and judge, emanating from her dominant left side, Adam was to make a determination - should they remain in their perfected state, in the Garden of Eden, or should he submit to her offer to eat from the tree of knowledge? Exiting his state of complete submission to G-d‘s higher wisdom, the only state that was known to him at that time46 would trigger the history of man. By surrendering to desire of their feminine attributes (the left side) they both reached decisions, by their ‗free will‘, thus beginning an un-tethered journey through an unknown world in their quest for knowledge that would separate them from G-d‘s Light. In this new ‗forbidden‘ world, only prevalent elevation of evil would return man to his ‗able to do‘ side of the right, in the Garden of our earthly plain. Only then would G-d return to dwell amongst man amplifying the spiritual and lifting the physical conditions about to be imposed. Adam‘s complete love of G-d led him to eat of the forbidden fruit47. He decided that Eve‘s G-d given powers, for understanding and perceiving concealed knowledge, were far greater than his and it was his absolute love and faith in G-d, the source of their unified souls and his deep wisdom that caused him to choose the affirmative. This was the only free choice that truly respected G-d‘s purpose in His creating Eve. As they left their perfected spiritual state in the Garden of Eden, exposing themselves to the nakedness of the lowest spiritual, physical and psychological realm, the ‗free will‘ journey of the future of man was declared. The journey back to the perfected state would require the ultimate nullification of ego. The scattered evil now unlocked and dispersed would have to be recovered, elevated and returned through the hard work, thought and action in which G-d would ultimately be returned to a prevailing psychological state of acceptance in man. Our responsibility to G-d and our fellow man is great!
43 44

Inner Space Pg 27 Zohar 1 [48b-49b] 45 The Mystery of Marriage pg 8 footnote 15 - Etz Chaim 29 46 Zohar 1 [52b] 47 Zohar 1 [36a]


Universal Logic
The following translation from The Zohar (Soncini Press – volume 4 of 5,Vayaqhel (Exodus) [203a]), concerns the giving of the laws of Sabbath by Moses at Mount Sinai. The Zohar is a compilation of the works of the teachings of Rabbi Shimeon bar Yochai, one of Israel‘s most beloved Rabbis who lived at the time of the destruction of the second temple, at the beginning of the Common Era, almost 2000 years before our modern scientific era. At one stage of his life, he spent 13 years living in a cave deeply meditating the mystical meaning imbued in the letters and words of Torah. He and his followers discussed the inner meanings of many of Torah's esoteric phrases and the interpretations of Israel‘s prophets, sages and kings. Several important understandings of Zohar are lost in translation from Aramaic (the common language used at the time) to English, therefore the following passage ought to be read with caution because only its original form accurately depicts its meaning; … Moses assembled the children of Israel separately and gave them the Sabbath anew, saying: “Six days shall work be done…Ye shall kindle no fire throughout your habitations upon the Sabbath day.” Herein lies the mystery of the Sabbath, the supreme mystery that is only revealed to those versed in the Supreme Wisdom. On the sixth day, when the time of evening arrives, a brilliant star appears in the north accompanied by seventy other stars. That star smites the others, absorbing them all into it so that one takes the place of seventy. The same star then becomes enlarged, and is made into a fiery mass then extends itself round a thousand mountains, becoming in the process a mere thread. After this the fiery mass draws out from within itself a variety of colors. The first is a green color. When that color appears, the fiery mass raises itself and plunges into the midst of the green color, occupying the inner part of it. Then the fiery mass of the star attracts within itself the white color. Then it ascends on high and plunges again in the midst of that color, occupying its interior. The same is repeated with the whole gamut of colors, all of which it thrusts outside, concentrating itself more and more in the middle until it approaches the hidden point to derive light therefrom… …and because the brightness is within, the verse continues, “and out of the midst therefore”, to wit, of the midst of that brightness, “as the form of hashmal” (electrum). The term hashmal has been interpreted as being composed of „hash‟ and „mal‟ meaning Hayoth (order of angels), of quivering fire.

As mans ability to accurately theorize sub atomic space improves, the science of the very large and the very small converge. Scientists continue to grapple with subjects like the capacity for energy to escape the enormously powerful gravitational pull of a black holes intensely dense disappearing center, which has caused many in the past to speculate; …that black holes lead to bubble universes, perhaps untold numbers of other universes that exist by virtue of their dense singularity at the center, which may, in turn, lead to other universal creations; …or that black holes consume everything in their midst and that our universe as a result of its expansion will one day fizzle out to a void of dark nothingness; …or that black holes are a time warp to new dimensions that remain connected in some way to our universe and that dimensions, like a bubble universe, continue to be connected by the umbilical with its opening at the black hole. Many theories exist, but recent astronomical observations suggest that black holes may be giant regulators of our universal mass. Black holes may ‗convert‘ matter by unlocking all of the bounded energies contained by the mass of planets, asteroids, stars and their particles in an ongoing process of creation and re-creation. A black hole forms at the center of the collapsing remnant of a star‘s imploding core when its gaseous plume, the star‘s remaining mass, rapidly falls in on itself from the extremities of its expansive spherical circumference toward its center. As the increasingly dense center of this dark sphere forms it traps everything, including light, within its gravitational horizon completely enveloping the events within, marking the end of all that we can see. This rapidly transforming matter travels with increasing speed inward on itself, toward the point of a singularity at the collapsing stars sub atomic center. On its way to formation, atom by atom, matter is atomically stripped to its barest essential sub-atomic form, as it approaches a velocity well beyond the speed of light. The inwardly warping sub atomic matter continues to gain pace until, at around ‗the speed of light multiplied by the speed of light (approx 90,000,000 kilometers per second), by Einstein‘s famous E=mc2, the super-small subatomic partners of atomic matter, at the frontline of this inwardly collapsing phenomena, are unbound to become ‗independent‘ of events at the dimensionally connected epicenter of the


black hole48. Therefore, if it is possible that matter may be reprocessed into purified energy forms and delivered in its most rudimentary state back to the universe in which we live it stands to reason that the reverse may also be true. Under these circumstances the physical mass of our universal realm can be reduced to the energy form of its origin. In other words, matter is bounded energy (energy binding energy), which can only be unbound when it returns to its lowest finite energy denominator, a pre-requisite for the process of creation where energy is converted to its material form. This theory gains support from the elements we find in nature where elemental atomic structures, defined in the periodic table, occur exclusively by natural arrangement and to-date have not been reproduced synthetically. Only the hand of God, in nature, pre-determined the physics minutiae required to create each element and each of these arrangements must conform to the essential aspect of energies root. In this model all energy, in its most primitive form, possesses only the capacity to return to its finite form and not the capacity to return to the form of its infinite origin, because this is not what our Creator intended for it. This immediate post-infinite (lowest denominator) energy form is the true origin of our physical mass / energy universe that emerged following the moment of God‘s constriction of the infinite, the constriction that gave rise to the formation of the spiritual realms to shield us from the intensity of God‘s Divine Spiritual Light49. Our imaginations can only try to grasp the myriad of possibilities that exist in the bridge50 between the spiritual and the physical, but at the extreme margins of the energy epicenter of a black hole, we may, in some small way, be beginning to perceive these connected states. The physical and spiritual are distinguished by God being in a concealed or revealed state, whilst revelation of God is determined by our free will decisions that orient our psyche toward energies of good or evil. Much like black holes process physical matter returning it to its original energy state, people are capable of processing spiritual forces, returning them to their original spiritual states51. In an analogous super structure, the physical and spiritual are patterned and referenced throughout the Kabbalistic texts. In essence Kabbalah is the grand unified theory of everything. In the spiritual sense, there are numerous texts that focus their attention on the presence Inner Space – The Ultimate Gift Pg 12 and 13 50 Inner Space – The Universes Ophanim Pg 33; Likutei Amarim, beginning of Chapter 38, 2 Nissan 51 Inner Space Ch 10 and Pg 85
48 49


of good and evil and its manifestation in thought and spirit. One of the most famous works is Tanya, a compilation of teachings from the lineage of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745). Tanya teaches creation, in a predominantly spiritual sense, as being manifest in mans divine psychology formed in the image of God. Similar to creation of the physical, influence from the higher worlds descends through spiritual realms to affect everyday life. In essence the side of good and evil is always prevalent and mans ability to create conditions that lead to positive outcomes for humanity, in line with God‘s divine plan, is dependent on the application of free choice. Similarly, God determined to create the heavens and earth and He created man in the image of G-d for His glory. God‘s constriction of the infinite, to bring about physical creation, is paralleled to man constricting divine energy to ‗bring down‘ thought from higher spiritual realms of the soul into the physical mind. The mind focuses by a process of continuing constrictions of divine energy flow converting to thought, speech and finally action in the lower physical world where the balance between good and evil is defined. In essence, mans ability in this continuous process of creation determines the state of holiness of the lower world. The express objective of man is to enable a unification of higher with lower. There are no greater people on earth than those who are the spiritual black holes of society, the most righteous of people – The Complete Tzadik or completely righteous person. These are the souls who have an acute hatred and heightened disregard for anything evil52. These are the people who process more evil than any others. They take on board evil spirits, evil shells, garments in the lower worlds, the toughest cases, converting evil into spiritual energies that are good. Their bodies and minds are conditioned to unify these opposite forces of good and evil through higher realms and their physical state of purity that enables them to survive the processes required to fulfill their purpose. Many of us ordinary folk also possess some of this power, but we are often overwhelmed and overcome by evil forces, not knowing or not being aware of the temptations that confront us, instead we go along with the flow, offering no resistance giving in to even the weakest forces of darkness. The continuous conversion of good to evil53 or evil to good is the fuel that powers the engine room of the lower spiritual worlds. Society will progressively become aware of this in years to come as the psychology of man matures. Each person will eventually learn the path to becoming a spiritual black hole participating more actively in the recognition and
52 53

Tanya Ch10 Inner Space Ch 5 Mercy and Repentance Pg 56

conversion of evil forces to the side of good for the sake and benefit of their soul and all souls according to the plan of our Maker. The word Elokim (out of respect for the holy name, ‗k‘ replaces ‗h‘) (‫)א׳ל׳ה׳י׳ם‬ is the name of God which is stated 32 times in the first chapter of Genesis. This name describes His divine power to conceal the revelation of His Light from the lower worlds. In numerical terms the name (Elokim) ‫= 68 = א׳ל׳ה׳י׳ם‬ ‫( הטבע‬hatavah; the nature)54.


The Gate Of Unity And Faith Ch 6


Think small to connect your conscious mind!

The following piece envisages conditions that lead to the moment we call the big bang a moment beyond the grasp of science. It is the convergence of science and Kabbalah that completes a picture bounded by physical and mystical logic. Contemplate a ubiquitous state of comfortably warm light evenly and perfectly distributed through space. Imagine the light extends in all directions from you, never stopping, always running ahead of your imagination infinitely. In this space, nothing else exists, no buildings, no trees, no earth, no planets, no stars, no objects, and no darkness, only light, perfectly even light. It permeates all directions and all dimensions, wherever you go, up down, right left, in, out, smaller, bigger, the light remains consistent from all points of view. Now imagine you are traveling through this light, absent of body, you are infused within the light, your consciousness is not distinguishable from it. You can think about the light forever, it will never come to an end for it is the eternal light of ‗The Ain Sof‘, The Infinite Being. Imagine the light emanates from an even greater spiritual dimension by which all light and all space, is bound. A dimension that includes the Infinite Will of The Ain Sof infused within the infinite white light, just like you are, but always distinctly and spiritually separated from it55. Now The Ain Sof Wills the infinite white light be bound, constricting and removing His light from a region within it, forming a perfect finite dark vacuum like sphere. Imagine the sphere to be bigger than anything you can finitely conceive, substantially bigger than our universe, but not restricted to the same physical form. Imagine the massive scale of its formless dark boundary, weaving and converging, toying with the light at its constricted edge. You can inspect the boundary, but no matter how hard you try or how small you scale your imagination, the intricately woven finite edge at the boundary continues to present itself in its infinite form, separating the infinite warm light from the finite darkness of the sphere. Into the absolute center of the dark finite sphere a thin Ray of the unimaginably intense light is drawn. Sourced from somewhere beyond the infinite light56, it is immediately absorbed into the void, reflecting as a gentle dull, but differently diffused haze. From points along the length of the Ray, gradient atmospheres within the constricted space emanate. Somewhere beyond the sub atomic scale you view the diffused haze being channeled and
55 56

Zohar 4 164b ―Who coverest thyself with light…‖ The Bahir – Aryeh Kaplan pg 102 Pt 25

reflected in miniscule dimensions. Here a myriad of interconnecting tube like shapes interconnect in chaotic patterns, permeating the entire finite sphere to produce a beautiful diffusion. The intensity becomes extreme, so much so that this single realm of finite light shatters forming a lower realm of lesser light intensity, which is penetrated by the Ray and shattered again until in its 3rd iteration stability is realized.

Figure - A 2D fractal image representing the ubiquitous sub atomic dimension at the edge of an object separating the finite from the infinite. Fractals are formed according to the mathematical theories of nature and are reflected in all shapes. Each of us may be closer than we think to the infinite realm by virtue of fractal theory. Imagine at the exact center of the lowest of four major finite sub realms (spheres) including the outermost light, 6 smaller constrictions establish 6 new and independent spheres, which transform and conjunct, each producing a different absorption and gradient reflection within the white light. These 6 spherical ‗bubbles‘ of G-d‘s spiritual light are bound containing varying degrees of the origin light intensity.


Envisage these 6 57 separate bubbles converge at the central spiritual zone, marked as the end point of the Ray, the 7th the superset of all the bubbles, bounded by the four major finite concentric spheres and all bounded by the infinite dimension, the Will of the Ain Sof. In this super spiritual region, G-d‘s Ray of intense light, penetrates and reflects through the four concentric higher realms where the spiritual bubbles form new inclusions, smaller bubbles contained within, progressively filtering the intensity of the Ray of light. With each successive regression the dimension of the spiritual space converges to a finite spiritual singularity. At the precise center, in the final spiritual moment of constriction, the boundaries of spiritual nothingness are formed by His energy. Immediately before the emergence of a physical singularity58, the dark pre-sub atomic space, now devoid of almost all trace of the origin spiritual light, progresses toward an absolute point of spiritual convergence. At the exact and measured end point of G-d‘s Ray of beaming higher world intervention, the intense spiritual convergence focuses unimaginable amounts of energy from these spiritual chambers at the intersection releasing to the physical realm, The Big Bang. In a time approximating 10^43 through 10^-4, an incredibly small increment of physical space time, the growth of a fiery liquid soup of pre-sub atomic energy expands at a massive scale under massive force, well beyond the concepts of our present day knowledge, made possible only by the Spiritual Will, Design and Perfect Intervention of The Creator. As it is stated in the Midrash (ancient and abstract interpretations of Torah that depict inner meanings), ―By means of ten things was the world created: by wisdom, by understanding and by knowledge… …as it is written, ‗God founded the earth with wisdom; He established the heavens with understanding; with His knowledge the depths of the abyss were burst open,‘...―. Bound and contained in the dimensions that surround and permeate the rapidly expanding pre atomic space super small tubes connect the bubbles and the outer dimensions of the spiritual realms from where the physical emerged. Darkness is fired by the merging and splitting of the pre-atomic rapidly giving rise to the most basic sub atomic forces precisely calculated to create the first sub- atomic components that merge, collide, split, explode This is an enormously complex area of Kabbalah and needs to be carefully considered in respect of Asiyah, the other Sefirot and the Seder Hishtalshelut 58


and gather forming atoms that aggressively collide and split fueling this newly forming rapidly growing space. Atomic particles aggregated and with the passing of earth time, retrospectively calculated to be some 13 billion years our universe cooled to form large active galactic stellar objects, that cooled further to create the planets and other material forms. At the center of this action, earth is formed, submerged below a primordial mass, in the vast spherical expanding darkness we commonly call space. Our physical universe continues to float in the soup of spiritual space! At the fuzzy interconnecting boundary of infinite white light and the first sphere where spiritual dimensions came into existence, The Ain Sof gently infuses His light surrounding it and infinitely penetrating it. At the more defined boundary between the convergence of constricted sphere‘s which dims His light and the expanding space of our physical universe, only the subatomic dimensions remain connected through tubular dimensional strings, like hairs, that enter our space at its edge. ―In the beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth‖ – Genesis Bereishit 1:1 (The first 7 words of the Bible / Torah) Three forces command the energy epicenter of the nucleus of each atom. These forces, known as a Quark are bound by dimensional strings, which form the basis of modern string theory. The space of these sub atomic string dimensions, when compared to the whole of the atom in which they are contained, is said to be on a scale as one atom is to the entire solar system59. At this scale one begins to conceive of the little we actually know about the dimension of this super small super sensitive world and even less about its connection with the infinite. In the convergence of science60 and religion we glimpse the sensitivity of the super small and the ways in which the elements of G-d‘s worlds logically influence all that we know and all that we don‘t know. In man-made scientific terms the big bang is the designated beginning of all we can know. Before that moment, when our atomic logic is pushed into the realm of the unknown, we can only perceive, follow and question that which we are taught.

Stephen Hawkings Universe – The Cosmos Explained - Pg 234 Scientific American - September 2004 A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking B‘OR HaTorah – Vol 15
59 60




In the terminology of Kabbalah our universe exists in the spiritual realm called Asiyah61, the lowest of God‘s four realms that separate man from the most intense spiritual light in its highest manifestation. In Hebrew God‘s state of ―Ain‖ – ―nothing from nothing‖ is diametrically distinguished from the human ego state of ―Ani‖ – something from nothing62. God‘s essence exists outside of all realms and all universes we can ever know. So how does God exist everywhere? How does He manifest Himself in the science of our world in the physical universe we call home? Consider the following: A Transcendent God willed the infinite to accommodate the finite prefaced on the birth of an infinitesimal singularity teetering on its infinite state. Only the infinite is absolute therefore, the finite is maintained in its bounded state. Every finite smallest particle component never becomes infinite because, in the absence of God‘s Transcendent Force, it does not possess the capacity to become infinite. Therefore, when anything finite is influenced by another finite force powered at its approach to infinity, entering the realm of infinite will eventuate in a return to its finite form. Recent theories gaining general support in the scientific community propose dimensional shapes and strings interconnect the sub-atomic forming multiple new dimensions. These new dimensions do not necessarily conform to the common laws of physics so new laws are being sought to retrospectively fit within our current logical construct. The sub-atomic components and the dimensional strings that join them are beginning to resolve one of the biggest modern scientific mysteries, the puzzle of all matter, including dark energy and dark matter, the pieces that would solve the problem of the missing universal mass. The enormously detailed teachings of Kabbalah (meaning; to receive) predefines the construct of many modern scientific conceptions. Most remarkably these teachings date back to the earliest books of the Torah and prior, to the time of Abraham, Noah and Adam63. To appreciate Kabbalah in context of our secular scientific and materialistic perspectives, one must look to the ancient literary works that identify 3 lower spiritual realms each of which progressively shield our physical universe from the impact of God‘s Infinite Heavenly Light emanating from His 4th higher world realm and that Inner Space – Aryeh Kaplan Pg 27 62 Inner Space – Pg 49-51 63 Zohar Beresith 55b (Soncino 176)


which is beyond. The light of the Ain Sof is reduced in its intensity at each regressive realm. Ten cascading spiritual vessels know as the Ten Sefirot, each an aspect of God‘s Spiritual Light, each a carrier. They penetrate the length, breadth and depth of each realm into the universe in which we live, carrying the essence of His spirituality into the soul and spirit of man, all life and physicality. Our spiritual descendents from G-d, through the higher realms and each of 3 higher and the 7 lower Sefirot, permanently connect us through each spiritual layer and each cascading vessel ultimately ascending to the Ain Sof (The Infinite Being). In the highest universal realm of Azilut (Emanation) the spiritual energy of all Sefirot originate, continuously pulsating, they run and return to receive nurture and replenishment from their higher source.

Figure 1 -A Kabbalistic artwork depicting the realm of The Ain Sof (‫ )אין סוף‬outside and removed from the concentric rings of the Seffirot and universal realms before the shattering of the vessels. Keter, the 10th Sefirot, is associated with the spiritual realm known as Adam

Kadmon. This corresponds to the skull (the most outer layer of the vessel / attribute) of Keter64 where the final details were complete, contained and the first universal constriction originated. Keter is said to be closest to God. Below it the vessels of the Chokmah (Aba – Father), the 9th and Binah (Ima – Mother), the 8th Sefirot originate in their spiritual manifestation. Thereafter, seven Sefirot originate. They were originally a single Sefirah (vessel) until the penetrating energy of the Ain Sof became too great to retain causing the vessels to shatter, then to be rectified by finally regressing to their state of re-bounded containment in the realm of Atzilut emanation. In the next lower universal realm of Beriyah (Creation – Something from nothing65) the vessels continued to be affected by constriction of the lower spiritual realms through Yetzirah (Formation – Something from something66). Eventually this infinitesimally small connection to the Ain Sof was made ready for our universal realm of Asiyah (Action – Completion67). At the time that the vessels shattered there occurred a further division and separation in the highest world of Azilut this sealed our inability to have a direct and absolute spiritual or physical connection to The Ain Sof (The Life Force) instead His manifestations through His reduced light retains their direct connection to us and them to Him. The journey of God‘s physical presence through the universal realms and the Sefirot closely resembles the progression of many scientific theories that are beginning to crystallize. Inner Space – Aryeh Kaplan Pg 25 66 Ibid Pg 26 67 Ibid Pg 27
64 65


Figure - Geometry of the 23168 gates. This illustrates the pulsating energy heart of creation derived by a combination of the array of all 22 Hebrew Letters, on the outer points of the circle, representing the pure energy form of each Hebrew letter as it is potentially connected to all of the other Hebrew Letters. The 231 Gates is referred to in ancient Kabbalistic meditations and is thought to be the spiritual foundation for all creative forces. At the sub atomic levels of our physical universe scientists theorize that

Sefer Yetzirah – Aryeh Kaplan Ch2:4

strings connect the inner dimensions of atoms to other inner dimensions forming interconnected dimensional chains theoretically enabling the passage of energy between the inner sub-atomic spaces of particles. This is the theoretical edge of science, yet Kabbalah wrote of these concepts more than 2000 year ago. So just what are these particles communicating? What are they coordinating? What do they enable? How was Kabbalah able to articulate these complex ideas at such an early stage? When we think of God, most often we look to the skies, thinking He is everywhere bigger than everything, but we seldom think of God as also being everywhere smaller than anything. Perhaps if we did we would realize there is no distance between ourselves and God in a physical sense, that distance is a perception, because God in the physical and God in the spiritual dimension exists in parallel inside and outside of every atomic molecule of our bodies69 and surrounding space. We have come to realize that dimensional strings (the inner realm) chain everything, permeating the very essence of all that we know and all that we don‘t yet know. Their connectivity stretches well beyond our bounded physical universe into the realm of new dimensions we can only conceive in computer simulations. These structures and strings make up the entire mass of space, the jelly in which we live. Operating in their dimensions, they vibrate, agitate, reverberate, contort and conform to the energies that influence them and influence everything connected through them. Like the 10 Sefirot and the 22 paths being present in everything spiritual and physical, these newly discovered dimensions penetrate all, connecting to the source of our Life Force in and beyond the infinite realm where everything, through them, ultimately responds to the oscillating energies of The Great Ain Sof 70. It has become known to scientists engaged in String and Superstring Theory that either 6, 10 or 26 dimensions are required to support the theories. You will discover the importance of each of these numbers to the teachings of Kabbalah as you continue reading. The Ain Sof, existing beyond the infinite realm, impacts on every atom in our universe and beyond. Oscillations that emanate by the Will of God invite our response, affect our lives shaping nature and man. In G-d‘s ultimate state of ‘nothingness‘ His state is undisturbed. This is the perfected state, the state to which we all aspire in life and hope that in death we will experience in even the smallest way. The Ain Sof‘s slightest reverberation is enough to cause massive ramification to the way all sub atomic and atomic particles behave. Our connections to G-d are therefore sourced in His dimension, and by our connection to it, it becomes the overall driving force for man on
69 70

Iggeret HaKodesh, beginning of Epistle 20 Pg 354 Lessons in Tanya Inner Space – The Universes Ch3 Divine Providence Pg35

earth. We are truly G-d‘s children tethered by umbilical cords of the sub atomic dimensions that reach the boundaries of the infinite realm of the Ain Sof. With this two-way71, parallel understanding of the physical and the spiritual we begin to appreciate the transcendence of our soulful essence as distinguished from our physical form. We see that we are connected to and can ultimately synchronize with and return to a dimension closer to G-d. During our time on earth those of us whose physical actions and energies are aligned to those of our higher spiritual purpose will cause souls to be elevated reaching closer to G-d, connecting with Him and drawing toward His ultimate manifestation. Optimal actions, personal purity and holiness satisfy Him! We are approaching the 7th millennium since Adam, prophesized as a period in which we begin to understand G-d at a level that allows open minded people, to reconcile the knowledge we have gained along the path G-d set for all of us some 5800 years ago, only this time we will all recognize that the worlds of science and the world of G-d are inseparable. When our energies align in apparent synchronicity and the aggregate chaos of our lives begins to subside He will be drawn toward us at an increasing rate shining His Supernal Light (realization of Wisdom and Knowledge) so that we may reach the perfected earth state that will lead to Messianic events described in the Torah. A time when we come to realize that science, technology and spirituality are inextricably linked and where mainstream populations of the world begin to discover truth in the purpose of their lives at faster and faster rates. Next time you think of G-d, think small, think very small, think within your physical being to your inner atomic and spiritual sanctum, perhaps that will help you to connect and when you do you will be one more in number to synchronize your being with G-d‘s infinite energy. As this happens G-d begins to reap the benefits of His plan, pleasing Himself through the actions of man, actions that must lead to a better world, a world in which we must first defeat of all that is evil!


Lessons in Tanya – Epistle 20 – Pg 400- 8 Tishrei


Patterns in Creation

1) Hebrew letter followed by its 2) order in the 22 letters (ordinal number), 3) its numerical value and 4) its transliterated name. G-d used the energies attributed to each Hebrew letter to create the spiritual attributes of Heaven and the physical attributes of Earth. Those energies, reflected in each letter, are the source of Ancient Hebrew, which became the common source for interpreted languages in use around the world today. To discover more and by example, we will focus only on the first 7 words of the Torah, which reveal more than simply meets the eye. Creation occurred over a period of 6 days. Kabbalah segments72 the first day as being energies from the side of the right followed on the second day by energies of the left. Both days occurred when creations process was not sufficiently complete to establish the foundation for life, but on the third day the energies of the left were drawn toward the right73 in order to establish the center; balance and foundation - firmament. On this day earth was revealed. Up to this point only 3 of the 4 elements necessary for human life
72 73 Inner Space Pg 62 para 5

were exposed, they were water, fire and air74. On the third day earth‘s surface was exposed, above the water, dry land appeared and G-d created the perfected environment for an abundance of plant life to thrive. The third day is the letter gimel - ‫ ;3 = ג‬the creation of the center, foundation, balance and stability from chaos, the concept of a triangle emerges through this. The root word for gimel - ‫( גמל‬gimel – mem – lamed) = 3 + 30 + 40 = 73 or by its ordinal value = 3rd letter + 13th letter + 12th letter = 28, projecting the foundation as the 28 letters in this first verse of creation; the completion of stability on the third day.

The total value for each of the 7 words of the first verse of Genesis = 2701. The value of the first letter of each of the 7 words = 2+2+1+1+5+6+5 = 22, equivalent to the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet all of which fall between the letters ‫( את‬Aleph - the 1st letter and Taf - the 22nd letter) found in the 4th word, the midpoint of these first 7 words. The first word (B|r|ei|sh|i|t) has 6 letters. Mathematically six is the first Perfect Number. A Perfect Number is equal to the sum of all its positive whole numbers that exactly divide into it, up to but excluding itself, in this case 1+2+3. Within the first word we find the date on which creation was completed in the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar. The month is known as Tishrei (‫ .)תשרי‬The 7th day of Creation is the first Sabbath, the day on which G-d rested and bestowed His blessings, the day of Adam‘s birth, the day the nation of Israel was conceived, the day Sarah (Abrahams wife) died and the day the Torah was received by the Jewish people at Mount Sinai. The 1st of Tishrei is written, ‫( בתשרי א‬Alef B‘ Tishrei), it is a reorganization of the same letters in the first word (B‘reishit) ‫.בראשית‬ In the first verse, the letter aleph ‫ א‬appears in each word except the fifth word (the heavens). It is found in six letter positions,

The Hebrew Letters Pg 61– Rabbi Yitchak Ginsburgh

3rd+9th+10th+15th+23rd+26th = 86 = ‫( ם' י' ה' ל' א‬Elokim) the name of Gd stated 32 times in the first verse of Genesis75. All known Perfect Numbers are even and triangular. Six is the 3rd triangular number illustrated bellow by virtue of its 3 rows of number bricks of 6 numbers with 3 numbers at its base.

There are a total of 28 letters in this first verse - 28 is the 2nd Perfect Number and the 7th triangular number. There are several geometries associated with the number 2701 - the numerical expression of Genesis 1:1 (2701 is obtained by adding together all values of each letter in each word) - thus:

- The 37 x 73 rectangle = 2701 number units (illustrated as blue bricks)


Sefer Yetzirah – Aryeh Kaplan Ch 1 Pg 7

- The 37 x 73 trapezium = 2701 number bricks 2701 is also the 73rd triangular number. It has 73 individual (units) bricks along its base. 37 is the whole number mid-brick of its base (36 + 1 (the tan brick of the inverse triangle at the base line) + 36 = 73).

Observe the geometrical compatibility in that the 37th triangle (tan), when inverted fits perfectly within the 73rd triangle leaving 3 equal blue triangles each with 666 number bricks (the 36th triangle) and the tan triangle of 703 tan bricks (the 37th triangle). Note the boundaries of each of the blue triangles each comprise exactly 216 blue bricks on their perimeter, which can be expressed as 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 and may be rearranged into a stack to create the unique 6 x 6 x 6 cube depicted below:


Note: The 6x6x6 cube is the only cube known to have a superficial area (bricks on the outside face) that is numerically equal to its volume (total bricks in the stack). The numbers 73 and 37 are related geometrically in two distinct ways as hexagrams and hexagons see below.

73 as Hexagram. . ..73 as Hexagram 37 as Hexagon (insert). . .37 as Hexagram (insert) Consider the following: The value of the [6th word] 407 + [7th word] 296 (each a multiple of 37) = 703 the 37th triangle or the rectangle of 37 x 19. We know 37 is the whole number midpoint of the 73rd triangle likewise, 19 is the whole number midpoint of the 37th triangle. Here we find a geometrical relationship of a kind similar to that shared by 37 and 73, thus:


19 and 37 as Hexagon(insert)... 19 as Hexagon (insert) with with 73 as Hexagram... 37 (insert) and 73 as Hexagram Finally the value 703 can be expressed as a symmetrical hexagon within the 'star of stars' expression of Genesis 1:1:

The 73 'stars' in this figure each represent 37as a hexagram. The inner hexagon of 19 (tan) thus represents 703 (i.e. the sum of words 6 and 7), and the hexagonal ring of 18 (colored purple) represents 666.

Whatever you make of this unique set of numbers the numerical relationship of the letters in the first verse and in every verse of the Torah cannot be the

result of tampering or by the pre-conceived notions of Moses or any other ancient author that scholars of the secular world may attribute its genius to. Finally, illustrating, by geometry, the penetration of Torah wisdom in our autonomous existence, the four triangular diagrams below represent ancient symbols of the alchemists, which continue to be used today. They represent each of the 4 elements that must exist to create and sustain life. As you ponder these shapes mentally align the base of the Fire triangle on the midline of Earth, then do the same with Water and Air, finally converge the merged shapes into one to reveal the Star of David.

At the mystical center, the 4th and middle word (in the 7 words of the first verse of Genesis) is 'et' ‫ את‬equals 400 + 1 = 401. These are the first and the last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In a sense they stand alone in that the first verse can be read – ―In the beginning G-d created76 - ‗et‘ – the heavens ‗v-et‘ the earth‖. In other words G-d first created ‗et‘ and with ‗et‘ came the heavens then with ‗v-et‘ came the earth. This is a further insight to the thinking and meaning behind the mystical letters of Hebrew. Applying the same consideration to the 6th word ‗v-et‘ ‫ ואת‬equals 400 + 1 + 6 = 407, the picture of G-d‘s actions are clearly demonstrated because He formed the Heavens then connected them with ‫‗ - ו‬v‘(vav) = 6 to form the earth. The total of ‗et‘ + ‗v-et‘ or ‫ ואת את‬equals 80877. Removing the middle ‗et‘ (fourth word) then subtracting the value of the first 3 words ―In the beginning G-d created‖ from the value of the last 3 words ―the heavens and the earth‖, then 1202-1098 = 104. When divided by the 4 (elements) 104 / 4 = 26 = the number of G-d‘s explicit name (The Tetragramaton - Y-H-V-H) ‫ ,י'ה'ו'ה‬reflecting the elements that G-d created from the ‫‗ את‬et‘, by His mystical speech (energies), all of which are contained in the deeper significance of each of the Hebrew letters and from which the finite heavens and the earth were created.
76 77

The Bahir – Aryeh Kaplan Pg 12 Pt 32 Zohar 1 [15b]

Further analysis of the letter aleph ‫( = א‬spelled ‫ )אלפ‬equals 80 + 30 + 1 = 111 and by its ordinal value 1st letter + 12th letter + 17th letter = 30 we are reminded that 3 (gimel – the third day, representing the left, the right and the center) x 37 (midpoint of the 73rd triangle) = 111. Analyzing the letter tav ‫ ת‬equals ‫ תו‬equals = 6+400 = 406 = 28th triangular number and by its ordinal value, 22nd letter + 6th letter = 28 reflecting on the 28 letters in the first verse of Genesis. Each ‗1‘ of the aleph (1,1,1) refers to the 3 lower universal realms; the origin of all that is physical and spiritual in our world. By the application of the 3 unique letters in G-d‘s name ‫( י'ה'ו‬each a revealed dimension of time and space78) with the fourth letter ‫ ה‬being the digit that signifies higher and lower worlds, then 3 dimensional space of the higher and lower worlds reveals 6 (2x3) dimensions79 in all; 111 x 6 = 666 or the 36th triangle. It is primarily the numbers 36 and 37 in their triangular and squared forms that underpin the wisdom, strength and kindness revealed in creation through the words of the first verse of Genesis. This gains further support when one analyzes the construct of the letter80 (alef) ‫ ,א‬representing the air that enables the synthesis81 of fire and water to produce the 4th element, matter or earth. We can see that the letter alef is made up of a Yud ‫ י‬at the top (right) a Vav ‫ )\( ו‬in the middle and a Yud ‫ י‬at the bottom (left) signifying the synthesis of the fire of heaven and the lower waters enabling the formation of earth and depicting creation. It is well known in Kabbalah that the letters of the Tetragramaton, G-d‘s explicit four letter name, represents all the dimensions through which energies flow in the physical world and the directions energies flow between the vessels (attributes) of the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, fire represents the radiation of (psychological) energy the constant stream of thought that emerges by our desire to understand, water represents wisdom and our ability to absorb from spiritual energy and air is the medium through which these energies are transmitted. These energy flows and their respective attributes are represented in each letter in every word, which we use to express our thoughts by bringing those thoughts from the higher spiritual worlds of our minds and souls into the physical world through the speaking actions of our mouth. In the act of creation ―G-d said‖ and it came to be, ―said‖ being the operative word reflecting sound. It is possible that all wave energies, Sefer Yetzirah – Aryeh Kaplan Pg 81,82,83 80 The Hebrew Letters – Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh – Pg 24 81 Sefer Yetzirah – Aryeh Kaplan Pg 139
78 79


including light, emanate from a base wave principle and that conversion from sound wave to light wave becomes possible at extreme and very particular frequencies. The principle sounds talked about in Kabbalah are the 10 Utterances which manifest in creation to derive physical objects by the spiritual Will of G-d. Here we are introduced to the importance of sound, the particular patterns that sounds reflect and the use of letters and words that crystallize their particular sound energy (form). Edenics is a study that proposes the origin of all speech from the 22 letters of Torah. It proposes Modern Hebrew is a derivative of Torah‘s ancient holy tongue as are all other languages. Edenics, the language of the Garden of Eden is rarely used other than when reading Torah in synagogues and schools around the world, but hidden in its letters and words are the roots of the creative energy forces that G-d used to bring our world into existence by His speech, through sound and sound wave principles. In every name of every object of our physical realm are the echoes of these Edenic sounds, these creative forces, G-d‘s force that sustains finite existence from nullification by the infinite. It only takes one of a myriad of examples to demonstrate how the morphing sounds of names or words, in various languages over the millennia, have caused the origin of Edenic words to be lost, but with careful work they can be recovered. The name for, ‗WORD‘ in Edencis is DaVaR82 (‫ ;)דור‬by removing vowels D(‫)ד‬V(‫)ו‬R(‫ )ר‬and applying known linguistic morphing it is revealed that DVR of Edenics eventually through metathesis became VoRD (German / Yiddish) and finally WoRD (English). Perhaps Hebrew, as THE only language in history to come back from its 'dead' status to one that is now in active daily use, is a small sign that the world is finally ready to recognize THE language of spiritual and physical origin.

The Origin of Speeches – Isaac E. Mozeson – Lightcather Books



The Origin

At the moment of conception, the soul of a father and mother are united preparing the embryo, as a vessel, to accept its greatest gift; its soul. At the precise moment of the male and female union, the conscious and subconscious (emulating the perfect unification of physical and spiritual worlds at the moment of creation) converge, causing the brain of the father to release the sperm (seed) that travels to meet the unfertilized egg in the womb of the mother. Chemicals released in the father's brain trigger immediate and rapidly firing nerve signals that travel down the spinal-cord83 to the genitals, bringing the state of the male body to a euphoric high. The divine point of potential holiness when the father is 'open' and elevated as a vessel to draw down from amongst the holiest souls of the side of good or evil forming, by his state of mind and directed through the living sperm that originated in his brain, the spiritual vessel that will ultimately enable the child to receive its holy soul (N'shamah)84. A few seconds later, sperm and egg unite to determine, from a pool of more than 10 billion microscopic proteins that individually activate to select, the connector sequences that define the DNA in the uniting chromosome of the nuclei of the sperm and egg cell. Each protein is individually triggered to establish the foundation for the final genetic blueprint of the child to be. If contemplated correctly this critical moment holds the key to bringing much holiness85 into our world, but its ritual importance and our appreciation of its depth has been usurped by the conscious rush to satisfy the desires of our distracted lives.

Bahir - Aryeh Kaplan Pg 56 - 155 85 Inner Space Pg 166
83 84


Figure; The enormously complex DNA or RNA genetic chromosome code of a cell‟s nucleus is defined by 22 paired sequences represented by any 3 of 4 letter (codon) combination, plus one additional codon to determine sex. For example, the RNA sequence UUUAAACCC represents a protein three amino acids long. From a pool of more than 10 billion proteins a determination event must construct a specific 22 pair chromosome sequence in order to properly define the function of a plant or animal cell and the future of the organism to which it belongs. Kabbalah emphasizes that a man who carries out his conscious desire to release semen, outside of the act of the holy union of man and woman, reduces his potential because he relinquishes to physical desire that can only be subdued by elevating his thoughts, strengthening his mind and reaching for a higher state in which physical desire is ultimately nullified. The purposeless release of sperm is considered sinful because it interferes with the spirits and angels of the higher worlds each time they are summoned through a false call for the potential preparation of an earthly soul.

Most people believe they possess a soul and that their sense of the spiritual comes from it, but few are aware of its origin or ways to improve their relationship to it. So where does your soul come from and how does it work? Before creation the Great Ain Sof (Infinite Being) in His eternal state, in His ultimate enduring manifestation, in His world beyond, is One and is therefore the origin of all souls. After creation of the perfected heavens and earth, G-d creates Adam and 'blows' his soul into him86. The name 'Adam' (‫]54 = דםא‬ reveals that the soul is to be found circulating through the blood. The heart being the bloods central organ known as - ‗The King of the Soul'87. The Hebrew name 'dam', (‫ )44 = דם‬meaning blood, reflects the 22 male and 22 female (autosomes) chromosomes and '(a) + (dam)' [(‫= )44 = דם( +)1 = א‬ 45] demonstrates that by the 1 additional specific sex chromosome the sex of a cell is defined by separating from 44 chromosomes the correct pairing of 22 in each of the male and the female. At first Adam's soul was the complete manifestation of G-d's male and female spiritual attributes, then G-d split from Adam's left side a new physical being into which He 'blows' the soul of Eve. Eve's soul, cleaved from the left side, set the stage for humanities future where the embodiment of the left would be dominant in the female soul and the right dominant in the male soul. Our souls originate in the higher heavens (worlds). Souls from the highest worlds are those of the holiest beings (complete tzadikim or righteous people not capable of evil thoughts88). A Souls purpose is made complete when it is elevated to its highest state through the actions of the bodies that possess it or that possessed it previously. A soul can be elevated or relegated by the actions89 of a person during their life. However, not all souls are destined to return to the earthly dimension because the goal and purpose of its time on earth, through 'free choice' afforded to (our body) us in the physical world, is to guide our soul to its ultimate destination, its origin in the ‗cleft of the rock‘90 in G-d's highest heaven. Only the holiest of souls make it to the highest point because G-d's conditions of return to Him are high. This is why all religions based around principles of Torah strive for the arrival of the Messiah, the time when all of our souls will finally be Genesis 2:7 Sefer Yetzirah - Kaplan Pg 240 88 Lessons in Tanya - Pg 147 89 Derech Chayim - The Way of Life. Pt1 Sh‘ar HaTeshuva Chapter 1 90 Zohar - Mishpatim 97a The old sage - Saba : Parshah: Ki Tisa Verses: Shemot 30:11-34:35
86 87


redeemed by G-d and elevated to their highest status. Without parents realizing it, the name they give to their child is the name of the child's soul, received by divine inspiration. Therefore your name is in fact the divine name of your soul and the mystical qualities hidden deep in your name are those which represent all that you are. Simply by analyzing your name (at its Edenic root) almost everything can be deduced about you, because all names originate from a small nomenclature root set, which can be resolved back to their personality attributes of the soul hinted at through its name associations with the root personalities described in the Torah. Some Rabbi's possess a heightened awareness of the Torah and its multitudinous meaning and are able to deduce, through your name, much of your past and future soulful state. Their sensitivity to this is accurate in the extreme and their impact on people who share the desire of this soulful sensitivity is remarkable and often immediate. Alternatively, when this and similar knowledge of a souls characteristic is accessed by those (of the other side) who apply their lower ego (in Hebrew 'Ani'91), particularly those who are intent on using it for wrongful purpose, it can often be pinpointed to the emergence of cults and wayward practices. Your name is therefore a reflection of the soul you possess. Your soul contains all attributes that have come before your attachment to it. Its dominant attributes are indelibly etched into it. When you receive it at birth, you may be able to perceive it, but your correct perception of it dissipates especially when minds become pre-occupied with aspects of material life. Therefore, it is difficult to perceive your soul correctly during your life because interference of material culture and selective inability to overcome desire distort conscious perception. Materiality can be a great distraction from soul consciousness requiring elevated thought in order for the majority of us to correctly perceive our souls attributed use of the material. One of the external methods used to understand your soul, according to the original practices and ancient Kabalistic wisdom, takes place through astrology, which identifies your Zodiac influence by analysis of your name to reveal your star sign. Unlike modified astrology inspired through Christian influence, Jewish astrology is derived by using your name. Adding the numerical value of letters of your name (or Hebrew name root) with those of your mothers‘ name and dividing by 12 determines the 'remainder'. The remainder is then applied to identify your one of 12 star signs. This is based upon the 12 Elemental letters in the Hebrew Alphabet, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 primary permutations of G-d's explicit92 name and the 12
91 92

Inner Space - Aryeh Kaplan Pg 50 Zohar III Mishpatim 96a

angular divisions of the sky. Using the same logic and dividing by 7, to factor the 7 primary planets (reflecting 7 days of the week), the 7 attributes of the lower soul (Sefirot) and the 7 pillars (7 Double letters of the Hebrew Alphabet) from which those attributes extend to the upper soul, one is able to determine the major planetary influences. A further important determination is the 28 'camps' of the Divine Presence, corresponding to one of the 28 days of the lunar month93 on which you were born. Each sign is determined according to the extended sacred 4294 Letter Name of G-d through a detailed process of Kabbalistic meditation reveals the knowledge of the influence of these cycles in specific detail. The 28 Camps are the key to defining the impact of Zodiac cycles on your soul and the qualities associated with each day as follows; 1. A time to be born (seed) 2. A time to die (desolation) 3. A time to plant (seed) 4. A time to uproot (desolation) 5. A time to kill (death) 6. A time to heal (life) 7. A time to wreck (death) 8. A time to build (life) 9. A time to throw stones (poverty) 10. A time to hoard stones (wealth) 11. A time to lose (poverty) 12. A time to seek (wealth) 13. A time to embrace (grace) 14. A time to shun (ugliness) 15. A time to safeguard (grace) 16. A time to discard (ugliness) 17. A time to be still (Wisdom) 18. A time to speak (Foolishness) 19. A time to sew (Wisdom) 20. A time to tear (Foolishness) 21. A time of War (Hate) 22. A time of peace (peace) 23. A time of hate (War) 24. A time of love (Peace) 25. A time of mourning (Subjugation) 26. A time of dancing (Dominance) 27. A time to weep (Subjugation)
93 94

Sefer Yetzirah - Aryeh Kaplan 5:10 Pg 221 Sefer Yetzirah Areyeh Kaplan Pg224 - Table 53

28. A time to laugh (Dominance) These most ancient of practices of Kabbalah, spanning back thousands of years are the pre cursor to modern western astrology, tarot, palmistry and other similar systems, which over the millennia have been interpreted in different ways to reveal information related to life cycles. Most Kabbalistic methods directly relate to the soul and your name as a relationship to it. Notably, at creation the 7 planets (Torah focuses on 7 planets) are said to have been created in the sky one hour apart from each other based on their distance from earth. Each planet is therefore dominant based upon a 7 hour cycle that begins with their creation on the fourth day and extends through the day. On this basis the dominant planet in the first hour of each day has the most significant influence on the day and therefore becomes the source95 for the day's name, which is the origin of the English (Roman) names of each day of the week. We take for granted, in our everyday lives, the origin of much of the knowledge and adopted western practices, which were established through observant Torah culture and from the teachings that have emanated and been expounded from it over the millennia. Considering the world of the sub atomic, in which we are all rooted, it is quite logical that the energies which influence it and the energy‘s from which our physical bodies originate are sufficient to alter reality itself. If our lives were sensitized to these phenomena perhaps we would all seek a greater degree of knowledge from our root heritage in order to find a path that would more frequently recognize the preciousness of these life energies in the context of energies Source.


Sefer Yetzirah - Aryeh Kaplan Pg178 Table 33


Sensitivity and Attachment

Our physical interface to the spiritual realms, from the lowest universe Asiyah, through the holiest and highest - Atzilut, is secured in the dimensional backdrop that gave birth to these universal realms. These are dimensions of such depth, such 'smallness', such infinitesimal nothingness, such purity that their incomprehensibly sensitive qualities manifest in every aspect of any and every possible physical form. In this sense, dimensional finite energies are integrated with the spiritual 'Life Force' energies of the Infinite Being (Ain Sof) manifesting in Atzilut (of our universal realm) analogous to a river, it flows through everything. In a physical sense, at an atomic and sub-atomic scale this is significant because it gives rise to the notion of energy inter-dependencies on a grand unified scale. This dependency is emphasized at the sub-atomic scale because G-d's spiritual forces exert significant influence over the physical structures and substructures of each atom in each physical particle, inside every physical object. If this is the case then, how come we do not feel the presence of this phenomenon? Are we oblivious? It is scientifically acknowledged that the predominantly unknown particles, like Neutrino's and other sub-atomic energy forces that take on wave or wave-like forms, pass through our physical bodies every second of every day at the rate of trillions of subatomic forms per second. So small are these sub-structures that we are unable to detect their presence yet we know they exist. They make up the dark matter and other unknown components of the universe, the jelly mass in which the galaxies, nebula, black holes, stars, planets and people float. We are born into this universal sub atomic jelly, we live in it, we are part of it, inseparable and it is essential to the forces that sustain life. So, let's look back at what we have learned: The Infinite Being - The Force of All Forces establishes His will, through which He applies His energy in the form of Eternal Light, which after a shattering of these initial, separate, intensely spiritual energies gives rise to the first finite dimension. His force is applied in 4 major universal realms channeled into 10 integrated cascading 'vessels' of pure spiritual energy of which 7 are the lower vessels, containing remnants of the His original 'light'. The energies of light (good) and darkness (evil) are captured in each of the vessels. Their intersection becomes the mixing pot in which pre sub-atomic forces are born. The intersection at the peak of their decent to convergence is a pre-finite extremity. At the precise intersection (convergence of all vessels and all realms) the battle between light and dark can no longer be resolved by retorting to its infinite origin form because to do so would now go beyond G-d's permitted boundary, therefore the only outcome is reversal, birth and inflation of the finite force.

His spiritual light is beamed, drawn to the intersecting singularity of the vessels releasing with enormous force all that is contained giving rise to the creation of the physical world of Asiyah, the lowest spiritual realm, the new home of our physical universe, which expands massively. The dimensions of the most outer spiritual realms remain closest to the forces of G-d. They are the most extremely sensitive dimensions and are instantly responsive to everything He wills. The extremity of the spiritual dimension Azilut almost enjoins The Ain Sof (The Infinite Being), but no connection is actually made since this is a reflective state. Nevertheless, Atzilut is in such close spiritual proximity that His affect on this extreme finite realm is as if it were Him. Here G-d's Spiritual Will is transferred amongst the emanating forces of spiritual light that form the basis for His Angels to come into existence. Each dimensional realm, in turn, transcends each of the next dimensions commencing with Atzilut96. As discussed previously the other universal realms are; Beriyah (Creation - Something from nothing), Yetzirah (Formation - Something from something) and finally Asiyah (Action - Completion). Connecting and weaving their way through each of these universal realms are the same finite dimensions that originated in Atzilut. Although each realm is considered finite, they and all that they contain remain bounded by the infinite dimension from which they originate and ultimately the root of all is, The Essence of G-d. The constrictions that gave rise to the universal realms and their cascading vessels/attributes, which enabled the light of the Ein Sof to be restricted, shaped the forms of the dimensional structures of the predecessors to space and time before the Big Bang. Consider these dimensions as fractal-like forms, strings, tubes and shapes that connect, weave, and establish the basis for the foundation and primitive structure of space before the emergence of our known universal events. However, at the point of the convergence, the intersection, in the moment of creation of the singularity, they first give rise to the sub-atomic forces in the world of our universe in which we now live. Since these dimensions are the essential foundation of the finite they constitute the building blocks of everything that can ever be physically possible. They contain within them the information that connects every particle of every atom everywhere. At the lowest levels of the sub-atomic Etz Chayim, Shaar 47, ch. 12, et al. 4. Tikkunei Zohar, Introduction II (beginning Patach Eliyahu). /19/2004


dimension, these sub-fractional components are extremely sensitive to force of any type. At a scale relative to the sub-atomic (smaller than anything science has evidence of), it is the forces of G-d, connected by His Light through His 4 universal realms and their vessels that guide and influence structure in our universe. Imagine the trillions of sub-atomic particles that pass through every cell of your body every second. Imagine their interaction with and impact on the atomic behavior of all molecular organisms in your body, which in turn interconnect with and are responsive to the external force maintaining its perfect influence over all structure. Under these circumstances, your body and your brain are being affected by this force and in return the atoms of your body have the capacity to influence it. This is a two way97 street, a communication mechanism that connects every atom in your body to the forces of G-d. Every thought and every action has an impact on this external force and vice versa. With this interpretation, it becomes easier to comprehend the ways in which G-d communicates with us and affects us, for He is able to determine oscillations that will influence every possible atomic substructure. It is the inner spiritual workings of your electric pumping heart and your mind and the oscillation of your atoms (in your body) that determine how you ultimately synchronize with His already oscillating forces. You are directly connected to His force. His oscillations are directed to everyone and everything and the aggregate of our personal and human oscillations in turn are felt by Him acting as a barometer of our spiritual state and that of the human race. So how do we connect with G-d? How do we respond to Him? How do we tune our spiritual sense to harmonize with Him? How should we live our lives? What mental state should we aspire to? Should we become motivated to think more seriously about Him? To comprehend this in real terms one must accept that the energies of your body, mind and soul are susceptible to the influence, however minute of the forces that surround you, including the input that your brain receives from the brains/energies of other people. Here are a few examples that will set you thinking about this in the right way. If you've ever been in a busy airport catching a flight where the process of moving through lines is necessary, but mundane, your thoughts will in all likelihood sway from the focus of your simple objective - to get on the plane. You will be distracted by events surrounding you, people, stores, food, bathrooms and general activities. The mind noise that emanates from all of

Inner Space Pg 34 Divine Providence

the people present, who each have different secondary objectives (gates and times) to consider, is too much for you to bring into order so you tend to drift around in thoughts that are interrupted by the collective minds of those people passing around you. Compare this to a visit to a major sporting event where the entire stadium is focused on the play in the game. Everyone's energy is directed toward a specific focal point and very few distractive thoughts take your attention away from the action in the center. From this example you can see that you are also affected by surrounding (His external indirect) forces that influence you. Consider your inner voice, the voice that is repetitively heard by you and noone else. This is the place in your mind where you 'talk to yourself' confiding in your thoughts, strategizing, analyzing, summing up and determining what your free will course of action should be. It's the place where you silently judge those around you, the place from where you compartmentalize information to establish your personal perception of reality, your kingdom, the one that provides you with foundation from which you can function as a stable person in this world. Internally your thoughts manifest as words (you think in words), somehow they come into mind, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly and they cause reactions, similar thoughts to converge and opposites to repel causing new results that in turn spur other inner voice words, eventually settling with some form of acceptance. Then it starts again. Why do you 'speak' to yourself? In this mode surely we have no need for letters and words especially when they are not expressed in speech itself, but this is not the case. Language, letters and words appear to be the essential elements of our inner voice. So where do these word combinations come from and how do they just form in our brains? Consider the mystical nature of letters and their relative Kabbalistic energy forms, then consider that these energies flow according to the attributes (Sefirot) discussed in Kabbalah. From this we can begin to comprehend that letters are not just some physical manifestation of language, but that they derive from a higher energy source which is universally connected and which affects each of our abilities to function in the world we live and the space that surrounds us. Most people will find it difficult to tune into or recognize specific inputs they receive. Unexplained events like you think of someone, they call you, forgotten people that re-connect, strangers that talk to you, apparent random events, what are they really saying or doing, is there a hidden higher purpose behind each thought, each action, each event you experience that you may not be interpreting correctly? The more openly conscious you are, the more you will perceive and be connected to your higher purpose so that you can apply your free will with this perception in mind, including

direct or indirect inputs, in order to benefit you and those around you. To many this will just seem like noise, a loud unending hiss, the drone, painful distraction, or worse, no recognition at all. These are thoughts and interruptions preventing you from interpreting pure thought that ought to be occupying your conscious mind. However, these are the levels of thought that would propel all of us to become better people. Blanking out, or reducing the noise or learning to identify with the source of pure thought is a skill that can only be learned with practice, patience and time. It begins by recognizing the negative forces that impede your correct comprehension of thought. Light and dark forces of G-d exist in the ether surrounding you and the ether within you, your choice is to question the origin of every thought by applying your 'free will' to perceive these spiritual and physical energies. This process has been spoken of and studied since the soul of Adam was 'blown' into him almost 6000 thousands of years ago. The Chassidic Masters of Jewish teachings, meditations and prayers are some of the deepest thinkers on the mystical subject of 'thought'. Many of these people lived during difficult times in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries having drawn deeply on their ancient learning heritage. However, it was during this time they clearly defined the teachings that have subsequently helped many millions of people to successfully contain their unholy thoughts and convert them to acts of holiness, elevating darkness into light. It is this ability to recognize and conquer evil thoughts, promoted by angels, people and events of the other side that will ultimately bring the light of redemption to the world and only by our sensitivity to these energies are we able to recognize their existence and respond to them in the appropriate manner. If we fail to recognize this we will simply continue along humanities journey toward the great abyss. However, we can change, we can spend more time devoted to these energies and we can make the penultimate difference to the path for the future of humanity.



Lessons in History

When Adam received his soul, the pristine world at that time retained a stronger 'memory' of the holy source from which it emerged. This compelled all people to pursue their journey of spiritual discovery. After the flood and the physical re-population of the world, the most righteous people like Noah, Malchitzedek and Abraham continued their journey, delving toward the center of the mystical source that had left its magical imprint in the world that surrounded them. It is from this common root that today's cultures are still bound sharing spiritual and mystical rituals as well as a single language source. Ishmael (Abraham's son and the source of Islamic lineage) and his Egyptian mother Hagar (Pharaohs daughter seconded in servitude to the house of Abraham to learn monotheistic mysticism), were eventually banished from Abraham's increasingly spiritual home. They traveled back to Egypt where Ishmael established a family of 12 sons. Isaac (Abraham's son with Sarah) remained committed to a deep state of holiness and purity. He remained in the area (Jerusalem) where his wife Rebecca bore the twin sons of 'future nations', Jacob (representing Israel) and Esau (representing Rome, other Christian nations as well as Iran). Esau was first and the Bible recounts that Jacob was born grasping Esau's heel, this is important in context of Torah's later prophecies for the development of humanity. When Abraham died his grandchildren, Jacob and Esau, were 15 years old. Like Ishmael, Esau was more comfortable living and playing in the field while Jacob devoted his time to study and prayer in the continuation of Abraham and Isaacs deeply spiritual, doctrine. At 63, when Jacob received Isaac's blessing, he finally prepared himself for marriage, the ritual unification of the male and female soul. It was 50 years before Jacobs death when, at the Yabbok river, on his way to the site where Jerusalem is today, that he encountered Esau and fought the angel of death, prevailing over it and receiving its blessing, together with the name Israel that was bestowed on him. In the last 17 years of his 147 year life Jacob followed Joseph (his son) into Egypt with his 11 other sons and their families. After their long awaited reconciliation with Joseph, who by that time had become the most powerful man in Egypt, next to Pharaoh, the sons of Israel (Jacob) became enormously influential, especially in Northern Egypt. Within a few generations they had grown from 70 people to many thousands of influential descendants of Jacob all of whom enjoyed a privileged, aristocratic status in the Egypt. The mystical construct of their monotheistic belief was substantially different from any other in Egypt and it fascinated the highly spiritual Egyptian

intellectual class, including the priests, whilst it was abhorred by the masses. It is quite apparent from the detailed stories of Joseph that the Egyptian high priests and aristocracy, including Pharaoh, searched for and found a deeper meaning in their actions through Joseph‘s mystical explanations. Pharaoh was consumed by Joseph's abilities of interpretation, foresight and prophecy. During Joseph's reign he opened the way for the rapid spread and integration of Abrahamic mysticism into Egyptian religious culture. The 90 years of Joseph's life in Egypt marked a peak of Israel's tribal growth and influence. Then, because of his death and that of the Pharaoh ruling at that time, Israel's demise was exacerbated by a hostile objectionable aristocracy over the next 120 years, ultimately leading to their exodus from Egypt (probably under Dudimose). The total exile period was 430 years (since Abraham's first arrival in Egypt), but this shorter 210 year period is arguably the most pivotal point in the history of all civilization. During their lives Jacob and Joseph were celebrated by Egyptians and upon their deaths, they were embalmed, receiving formal and extensive burials sponsored and endorsed by Pharaoh, the nation of Egypt and their allies. After Israel's exodus from Egypt and at the end of Egypt's Middle Kingdom (a period of great turbulence in the royal lineage), the New Kingdom was formed, but things were never quite the same because, as the spiritual center of the world, Egyptian culture had been greatly diminished by the seismic shift of Israel's departure leaving a massive physical and philosophical vacuum that could not be filled with anything as sophisticated, detailed or perfected as the deep mystical construct and logic of Israel‘s monotheistic belief. Israel's departure left Egypt in chaos, grappling with a return to its flawed past, eventually it led Egypt to complete demise as the world‘s primary spiritual authority. Following Israel's exile, at the crossing of the Sea and at Mt. Sinai, they (more than 3 million people) were recipients of the most intensive enlightenment any mass population group has simultaneously experienced. This compelled them to dedicate themselves to holy lives and after 40 years in the desert committed to purity, the 12 tribes of Israel separated and settled in the land promised to Abraham. There was a hiatus of several hundred years as they built their new cities and integrated into or battled with some of the existing communities to settle the land. Living separated and apart for the first time in their approximate 300 year history, since becoming a nation under Jacob, their holy teachings and common faith, amplified by enlightenment and revelation, kept Israel's tribes bonded together as a common people with a common religious identity. After several hundred years Israel's tribes had gathered in two distinct groups represented by the Kingdom of Judah (including the priesthood) in

the South and Israel more generally represented in the North. Their variation in religious practices and the influence of other cultures caused them to drift from their absolute common root, but each remained fundamentally connected to the Torah, to its mystical Kabbalah, and key prayers and meditations. Their principle and common belief in God, His commandments and their societal commitment to the laws of Torah, kept them from over zealously competing with each other and provided the magnetism that progressively drew them closer to ultimately become the Iron Age United Kingdom of Israel. Around 800 BCE, King David fought for possession of the strategically placed Jebusite city and he purchased land that eventually led to the establishment of Jerusalem as a city and religious site. This was centered at Mt. Moriah, the mountain, which contains the rock of creation, the foundation stone around which the entire world was formed, where Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice to God, where Isaac prayed in the field and where Jacob pledged to build a house for God. David's son King Solomon built the first permanent Israelite Temple to house the Holy of Holies, the Ark of the Covenant holding the stones of the 10 Commandments that were transported during the 40 years through the dessert from Mt. Sinai. Jerusalem progressively became the undisputed mystical and spiritual center of the world, the place where people of all nations came to repent their sins and sacrifice to The Monotheistic God for their individual and collective redemption. After approximately 30098 years following the establishment of the first temple, mainstream Israelites began drifting away from the purity of their post exilic commitments including their direct and daily connection with God through temple worship. During this time increasingly large groups from other cultures assimilated, integrated and converted to Judaism. 150 years later, the Jews (including the priesthood) under the Kingdom of Judah, keepers of the land in the south, where the temple was based, were attacked by the Babylonians. The first temple was destroyed and all of Judah and Israel placed into a permanent state of exile, banished from the Holy Land to Babylon (modern day Iran). This marks the beginning of Israel's long diaspora when the Jewish masses continued their migration to other countries and integrated more broadly into other cultures. Then Imperial Greece, under Alexander the Great, conquered Jerusalem and after 70 years of exile, the Holy Priests, with permission from the Babylonian King, cautiously began returning to Jerusalem. The rebuilding of the temple commenced immediately and later in Jerusalem, under Roman rule, massive
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redevelopment of the second temple continued, and was ultimately completed making it arguably the most important religious site in history. After 400 hundred years of the second temple period, toward the end of the first century of the Common Era (CE), Jews in Jerusalem, their temple and the increasingly recalcitrant priesthood were destroyed. This occurred because fragmented groups of increasingly powerful secular Jews, including the many converts, spurred imperial Rome's politicians to directly oppose Israel's religious core who remained entrenched and unwavering in their commitment to God over any other national interest. Amongst the Jewish opposition, Yehoshua (Hebrew),Yeshua (Aramaic) or (Jesus), a particularly rebellious spiritual and mystical leader who, from amongst the many false Mesiah's at the time, was tried and crucified for his attempts to stop Roman corruption of temple priesthood and practice. Round 70 CE Rome attacked, destroying the temple and the Jews were placed into a deep and long-lasting exile one more time. This time all Jews in Jerusalem were viciously persecuted and no Jew permitted to live within the cities walls. During this period Israel was scattered in the diaspora, North, through modern day Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Greece, Italy, France and Spain and South through Egypt, Libya and Morocco. Those Jews who remained committed to the core of their spiritual belief adopted the prescribed practices of the Great Council of Elders who after the destruction of the first temple documented the entire body of Oral Torah that had been handed down by tradition through the millennia. Non-Jews who had previously benefited by bringing sacrifices at the temple were left in a directionless spiritual void to fend for themselves. By the end of the 4th century (CE), following Emperor Constantine's official adoption of Christianity (313CE) and the founding of the Byzantine Empire, the Land of Israel (centered around Jerusalem) had become predominantly Christian. Churches were built on once Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Galilee. Around 600 years later, Arab rulers, followed by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire attacked and took control of Jerusalem in the period before the beginning of Islam (around 800 CE). Successive attempts were made to destroy all that Jerusalem represented, its buildings, monuments, artifacts and articles of substance in order to remove any remnant of Israel's Jewish religious culture for fear that it may rise to undermine its opponents one last time. Then, following an appeal by Pope Urban II to reclaim the holy land, the Crusaders of Europe were sent. Initially successful in 1187 (CE) they were eventually overthrown by the Arab's under Saladin. The Arab communities who occupied Jerusalem at that time were particularly vigilant, building over and raising the remnants of anything that Rome had failed to destroy at the beginning of the millennia prior.

At the time of the destruction of the second temple by the Romans (70CE), it became evident to the most learned Rabbis that Kabbalah, its rituals, meditations and teachings were to be strictly practiced underground in order to retain correct application of its delicately constructed logic and avoid further persecution by those that opposed it. The Holiest Sages and Rabbis continued to move to the relative safe haven in the north, (the old Kingdom of Israel) to Tiberias and Zefad where they continued to study and reveal the most mystical aspects of the Torah. Zefad is the site where Jacob studied for 14 years in the school of Malchitzedek99 - Shem King of Salem (most ancient reference of Jerusalem). Rabbinical practices began to change to meet the demands of a more pragmatic era and teachings of the Kabbalah (representing the scapegoat) became feared by Jewish mainstream communities for the tyranny that the Jews had experienced. Mysticism was buried, followed only in the deepest underground groups, for almost 1000 years, until around 1100 CE, when the Zohar (the teachings of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and his pupils from around 100 CE) was first published. Open study resumed in certain European cities, but only amongst the most learned holy scholars. As these teachings re-emerged, for the first time, the intellectual attribute of Jews in exile were persecuted particularly by Catholics in Spain and throughout Europe. The spread of Catholicism caused serious spiritual, religious and cultural conflict and many newly established derivatives of Christianity and Islam had difficulty reconciling intellectually with their root in Jewish mysticism. Dogma was often 'shaped' by the defensive views of teachers and commentators. It was not until approximately 1600-1700 CE when the Chassidic Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe re-established the study of Kabbalah and its' more practical application through the teachings of the Chassidic Masters (first taught by the ba'al Shem Tov) known as Chassidus. Progressively, although not without serious contention from fellow Jews, certain Rabbi's (led by The Alter Rebbe - founder of modern Chabad) felt the time had arrived to reveal more and more of the wisdom of Kabbalah through the public teaching of Chassidus. During and at the end of the First World War millions of Jews had been killed. Russian and Far Eastern European Jews hastened their immigration west toward the major cities of Europe. Following the pogroms in Russia under Stalin, wave after wave of immigrants joined their fellow Jews in Prussia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, France and Hungary causing significant social upheaval. Through their practice and study of Torah they remained motivated to struggle and survive despite being slaughtered by armies in each nation. The very difficult conditions they were compelled to


live under took its toll; they were segmented and discriminated against in many ways. Speaking Hebrew and Yiddish, they were the outcasts of society almost everywhere they went. Secular Judaism became the retreat, the 'easier' alternative caused assimilation, which spread rapidly into the heart of European Jewish culture and society. This new wave of assimilated Jews grew up and mixed with the remnant of ancient Jewish righteousness and mysticism, as they settled into new lands. Assimilation became the weakest link of the Jews, the focus of resentment as they integrated into societies, stirring up the darkest forces manifest in Hitler and his alien nation principals. Hitler‘s ideology amplified the already distorted role of Judas in the death of Christ. Sourced in the comparatively independent and contained writings of the New Testament, which became the seed for anti-Semitism it established the ideal conditions for hedonistic disaster. Like a collision of two oncoming trains, Hitler's train of steel crushed and destroyed the wooden trains of Jews immigrating into Europe. Through this, the souls of the 6 million Jews, who perished by Hitler‘s evil hand, were elevated to return to the higher worlds to empower the forces of good and G-d's heavenly tribunal was called to weigh scales, judging the nation of Israel and the world. A direct result of these events, 3 years after the end of World War II, was acknowledgement by the nations of the world that led to the establishment of the State of Israel. Finally the major nations of the world formally and officially recognized the national right of Jews to the land of Israel as a permanent home for the descendants of Jacob, the keepers of the Jewish faith. Despite the re-establishment of the modern State of Israel, there remains a fundamental opposition to the Jewish mystical idea that protects shields and benefits all descendants of Israel. This is the same opposition that followed Abraham, Jacob and Joseph into Egypt, the one that caused Egypt‘s resentment, the one the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Spanish, the Russians and the Germans followed in order to crush and control Israel's spiritual ideal. This opposition, manifest in ongoing antiSemitism, (see Iran's [Edom‘s] latest attempt to deny the holocaust) is so strong that only a comprehensive knowledge, understanding, possession and identification with Torah and its' inner meanings by the nations of the world will finally neutralize opposition to the ideal. This is the vision of the Ba'al Shem Tov (founder of Chassidut) who, in a deep meditation was told 'when the well springs (his teachings) burst forth and reach the furthest extremities' then the 'shells' (concealers of truth) will cease to exist and the Messiah will be seen in the world.



The Kabbalah

To learn about the integrated 'spiritual' and 'physical' worlds we draw from works that consistently survived the most ardent intellectual attack through the millennia; the mainstream works of the most ancient sources. Since before the time of Abraham, the most ancient mystical secrets of the Kabbalah, loosely meaning; to make or to be a vessel to receive100, have been maintained by Israel‘s forefathers and holy people, often in secret and in the face of adversity from the authoritative view. Understanding the mystical construct, described in Kabbalah, requires one to have a considerable knowledge of Torah and the many prophetic, priestly and rabbinic interpretations handed down over thousands of years. The principles of the Kabbalah emanate from the 32 Paths of Wisdom manifest in G-d's name the source of the 10 Sefirot (Vessels) connected by the 22 energies contained in everything we know101. Everything from the highest heavens through the lower heavens is enabled through the vessels of the Sefirot. Their formation is described in enormous detail and their resulting energy-forces give life to everything spiritual and physical. In the highest realm the Sefirot are united with G-d‘s name or conjoined spiritual vessels with 22 hybrid energy paths along which energy forces flow. Each path reflects the root energy as embodied in each letter representation of the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter a different path, unique and specific, connecting G-d's 10 vessels of Divine energy that emanate – by a birth like sequence, through the four heavenly realms until the lowest realm - earth. In each regressive heavenly realm 10 Sefirot and the 22 paths establish their varied lower realm qualities, connecting, as if chained, where the lowest link in the highest world forms the highest link in the world below. In each Sefirah 49 sub-levels reflect a continuous constriction of G-d‘s light such that all is connected and all energy is affected in this multilevel, interconnected system. At the Divine pinnacle of this energy system the vessel 'Keter' - in the lowest heavenly realm of Asiyah is known as ―The Crown‖. In the highest realm closest to The Source, details are generally more difficult to understand, comprehend or even be perceived by man. Keter of Asiyah is the absolute perfection in man, of all that is physical, the ―I‖102 and influences all energyforces that fall beneath it. Below Keter, Chokmah the force of all wisdom; Binah the force of understanding; Chesed the force of kindness; compassion Inner Space – Aryeh Kaplan Pg3 101 Sefer Yetzirah – Aryeh Kaplan Ch1 102 Inner Space – Aryeh Kaplan Pg 49


and love; Gevurah the force of strength and justice; Tiferet the force of compassion, beauty and balance; Netzach the force of victory; Hod majesty; Yesod foundation; and vertically below this Malkhut, kingdom, the force of action. There are many ways to look upon these vessels and their manifestations in each object and in our lives. The ancient teachings provide the most exceptional insights into their meanings, at the deepest of mystical interpretations, those that seek knowledge of Torah broadly find their descriptions presented in a manner consistent across all Jewish cultural groups and traditions. At a detailed resolution, each Sefirah can be intricately and intimately analyzed and studied to reveal the most credible of physical, psychological and mystical secrets that lie beyond literal interpretations and in depth understandings of even the most educated. For thousands of years, people have written about these mystical revelations, these energy forms, these vessels and the ways in which we function through them to elevate our spiritual and physical states to realize their full potential. God is recognized in Jewish mystical studies as The Maker, The Creator of all. God is unbounded in His absolute infinite manifestation and can never be correctly imagined. Numerous Prophets, Sages and Rabbi‘s have elevated their conscious states to the highest levels they are known to have traveled to the highest heights, in the deepest meditative sense, to the universal realm of Beriyah by following the mystical paths of the Sefirot. In these higher realms they have received spiritual insight from the energies that manifest in the 10 Sefirot and 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet as prescribed by God. The teachings of The Zohar, which after the destruction of the second temple (100-200 CE) revealed Kabbalah in a concise form, tell how Adam received The Book of Life (mystical Knowledge of Creation) from God, before the containment of evil was shattered in the episode involving Eve, The Serpent and the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Much of this mystical Knowledge was passed from Adam to his son Seth (the son that most resembled Adam‘s character), then to Noah, Shem (Malchitzedek), Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and is found today in the book known as Sefer Yetzirah103. After Adam ate the ‗forbidden fruit‘, he lost his axiomatic comprehension of The Divine Knowledge of Creation, which was concealed from him. It was only through his repentance that God re-revealed The Knowledge, only this time in the written word absent of his complete esoteric understanding. Adam spent all his days studying The Knowledge he once possessed and which contained the deepest mysteries describing the instant of creation and

Sefer Yetzirah – Aryeh Kaplan Pg xii

everything that proceeded from it. Studies of The Knowledge of Creation resulted in extensive writings continuing through the generations for around 2000 years leading to the time of Abraham and Isaac104 and beyond. Jacob is known to have studied intensely for 14 years in the same cave in which Shem studied, in Tzefad Northern Israel. Life spans during these times enabled one who studied to accumulate a far deeper sense of God‘s workings. It is quite clear that knowledge of the concepts contained in these writings were deeply engrained in the minds of all Israel‘s forefathers. In the book, Sefer Yetzirah, the 10 Sefirot are described as a Tree of Life including the 22 energy paths (branches) that result from the vessels of the soul defined by G-d.


Sefer Yetzirah – Aryeh Kaplan Pg xii

The Tree of Life (see diagram above) around which the deepest mystical knowledge of the universe and life were formed. Only Torah, read and understood, in its highest most abstract representation contains the revelation that can accurately reflect the intricately detailed make-up of the energies of the Sefirot. In each vessel (attribute) an aspect of G-d‘s light exists which is described in our soulful realm by the Sages as follows;

1 – Ket(s)er – Crown – Higher world attribute governing pleasure and desire – closest to God in any realm therefore representing good. It is the highest dimension and is united with Malkhut, its opposite, in the cascading heavenly scheme. 2 - Chokmah – Higher world intellectual attribute of Wisdom – heading the right column it is the masculine form often described as being the right side of good – providing insight. Containing the fixed past, therefore representing the root and basis for good that emanates from it. This forms the second dimension when joined with Binah. Since the past feeds the future, in a sense fertilizing it, Chokmah is thought of as male. 3 - Binah – Higher world intellectual attribute of Understanding, Awareness, Intelligence – leading the left column it is feminine. Enabling the future and therefore the analytical the application of free will often described as being the side of evil – stimulating analysis. Since Binah (the present and future) receives from the past it is thought of as female. 4 - Chesed – Lower world emotional attribute. Love, Compassion, Kindness, Righteousness – the quality of giving and therefore revealing to others; emanating from Chokmah therefore good 5 - Gevurah – Lower world emotional attribute. Strength, Fortitude, Valor – the quality of withholding from others it emanates from Binah therefore evil 6 - Tiferet – Interfacing lower world (emotional) and higher world (intellectual) attributes. Balance, Beauty, Perfection – representing the center column – bringing down the light of mercy 7 - Netzach – Lower world emotional attribute, Victory, Eternity and Infinity representing the desire to overcome obstacles. 8 - Hod – Lower world emotional attribute, Splendor, Majesty, Humility Greatness – the quality of dignity; forming the third dimension when joined with Netzach 9 - Yesod – Lower world emotional attribute. Foundation, Principle – the desire to influence others 10 - Malkhut – Manifestation of Higher world and Lower world attributes through, speech or action by which all connections to our spiritual and physical are carried into life. Sovereignty, Kingship – the desire to rule over others; representing the side of evil in its opposite position to its crown

being Keter In the first chapter of the book of Genesis The Deity (Elokim) that created the universe designates that Justice and Judgment were executed in His absolute form and not in His form where He presides over His celestial court. In this chapter His specific name is stated on 32 individual and specific occasions associated with His actions during the creation of the heavens, the universe, the world and man105. In the highest universal realm, the higher Sefirot (1-3) are commonly referred to as Arich Anpin (The Upper Three) and the lower Sefirot (4-9) – Zer Anpin (The Lower Six). Malkhut (10) is referred to as Nukvah it is the attribute through which we connect to all other energies, it is the active vessel through which we execute action, in a real world sense, to fulfill God‘s commands and is generally referred to as Feminine and reflected in days of the week as the Sabbath at the center. The lower Sefirot relate to the six days of the week with Malkhut being the 7th day (Sabbath). Sabbath (from Friday sunset through Saturday sunset) is the day on which Jewish people welcome the ―Sabbath Bride‖ when G-d‘s holy Feminine presence (the Shekinah) descends to dwell amongst us in peace, protecting and reinvigorating our souls during the Sabbath and by her presence, negating the predominance of evil forces of the other side. From the 32 times God‘s name is mentioned in Genesis and the specific acts that emanated from His name, 22 letters and 10 digits are derived as the vessels through which creation took place. Every letter is revealed by and emanates from G-d‘s four letter name (‫( )י'ה'ו'ה‬Yud‘ Hey ‘Vav ‘Hey), which incorporates and is interchangeable with the mother letters of speech ‫א‬Aleph-Air, ‫-מ‬Mem-Water and ‫-ש‬Shin-Fire. His name is a 6 dimensional analogy for all that exists, the last letter ‫( ה‬hey) denoting the lower worldMalkhut. These 6 dimensions occur in lower and upper worlds often reflected by use of the number 12 representing the completion of upper and lower. The array of the 4 letters of His name (Y‘H‘V‘H + Y‘H‘H‘V + Y‘V‘H‘H etc.) designates the multiplicity of every conceivable dimension and direction in space. By exhausting all possible arrangements of the letters of His name, the directional flow of energy between each of the vessels of the Sefirot is determined106. All roads of Kabbalah lead back to this point no matter how complex the path back may be. Although there are 4 letters in His name, one letter is duplicated the 3 unique letters parallel 3 mother Letters representing the elements of Air, Water and Fire reflecting thesis, antithesis
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Sefer Yetzirah – Aryeh Kaplan Ch 1 Sefer Yetzirah – Aryeh Kaplan Pg 83 Table 13

and synthesis. The combinational arrays derived by the application of His name together with the Sefirot and their energy flow reveal the primary source for Kabbalah‘s teachings. The triangle numbers of Genesis 1:1 (See: Chapter 13 ―Patterns in Creation‖) in particular the numbers 73 and its whole number midpoint 37. (The 37th inverted triangle pierced the perimeter of the 73rd triangle at the midpoint on each of its 3 sides to reflect the internal number 666) establishes the relevance for many of these precepts. For example; Chokmah the attribute of wisdom, the highest attribute through which man unites the higher Keter – The Crown with the lower worlds (The nine remaining Sefirot), contains a unique numerical relationship. Chokmah; meaning: wisdom: ‫ .37= 5+04+02+8 = חכמה‬Further, when we look at the ordinal positions of its letters we discover that (Chokmah) ‫8 =חכמה‬th letter +11th letter +13th letter +5th letter = 37. This alludes to the mystery of wisdom being the attribute with the capacity to comprehend all information. However, we can only connect with this attribute by making a true (pure) use of each Sefirah that procedes it. To realize our inner wisdom, we must first traverse from the lowest point Malkhut through Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Tiferet, Gevurah, Chesed and Binah to the attribute of Chokmah, only then can Divine Wisdom be accessed by which perfected cognitive reasoning, speech and action can be applied. Yesod - Foundation (‫ ,)08 = יסוד‬the attribute that connects Zer Anpin (the lower 6) to Malkhut – the Kingdom (‫ ;694 = מלכות‬the 4th known Perfect Number), is the attribute combination that enables the soul and spiritual essence of the esoteric higher world to be brought down to the pragmatic reality of the lower world. When one considers these numbers produce a sum 576 and that 576 = 24^2 (squared) we are able then to assign a numeric relationship to the importance of the 24 possible permutations 107 of G-d‘s explicit name (The letter array of all possible combinations of the Tetragramaton – Y‘H‘V‘H or ‫ י'ה'ו'ה‬in the higher and lower worlds). In order to be true to the process of elevating ones thoughts through the ranks of each Sefirah to gain Divine understanding and insight, various ancient meditative techniques using the letter permutations of G-d's name were devised. Within each attribute come the detailed profiles of each such that the pattern of Sefirot of the highest realm is repeated in a concealed manner within the vessels of the lower realms (like a vessel within a vessel – imagine the Babushka doll within a doll from Russia). Each Sefirah is governed by its unique and specific energy pattern contained in each of its 10 Sefirot, which specifically define the characteristics of that Sefirah. All of

Meditation and Kabbalah – The Hidden Eden

our personalities are governed by this balance. It is like the fingerprint of our persona, each one of us being absolutely and perfectly unique. One of the teachings of the famous Maggid of the city of Mezritch, heard by the Alter Rebbe (the head of the Lubavitcher movement in Russia) in 5524 (1764) casts light on the source of the Sefirot: "I (Anochi) have made the earth, and upon it created man."108 Anochi, He who is the true "I"109, unknown to and concealed from even the loftiest emanations, clothed His blessed Essence through numerous condensations to give rise to the emanations and creatures, to Serafim, Chayot, Ofanim, angels and "worlds" beyond number. Through countless condensations, "I made this (physical) world and upon it created (barati) man." Man is the end-purpose of Creation, and barati is the end-purpose of man. (Barati, "I created," has the numerical equivalent of 613, the number of written commandments in the Torah) and the number of known nerves, sinews and vessels of the human body.

108 109

Yeshayahu 45:12 Lit.: "I, Whoever I Am"


The Mystery of Israel’s Birth

The birth of the nations of Israel and its recorded lineage reveals some of the deepest aspects derived by analysis of the Sefirot (The vessels of G-d‘s defining light) from Kabbalah explained in the Talmud and the accompanying words of Torah. Isaac‘s father (Abraham) did not want him to take a wife from among the 7 pagan Canaanite nations whose lack of moral standing disqualified them from becoming part of the heightened spiritual nation of Abraham110. Therefore, he located Isaac's wife from among the family of his brother Nachor. Although the "other side" of Abraham's family had not made the same radical break from the corrupt, idolatrous civilizations of the time, they did come from the line of Noah, Shem and Eiver who were guardians of the holy monotheist tradition, the Knowledge of Creation, its universal laws and its writings. Isaac and his wife Rebecca had no wish for Jacob to intermarry with the Canaanites preferring instead to send him to the "other side" of the family to find a wife. At 63 Jacob was blessed by his father Isaac111 after which he moved to the land of his prosperous and well established uncle Laban112. Jacob moved to diffuse retribution threatened by his twin brother Esau for the superior blessings that Jacob obtained. In that year Esau married the daughter of Ishmael (Isaac's half brother) and Ishmael died. Whilst living with Laban, Jacob asked permission to marry his daughter Rachel whom he loved and felt destined to marry113. Laban was a powerful sorcerer who operated intellectually and mystically at a very high level as such he had built a well established and devoted following. Laban demanded Jacob work 7 years before he would consent. He did not want Jacob to establish a progeny from Abraham and Isaac, preferring instead that his direct lineage would lead to permanent heritage. Jacob completed the 7 years, but Laban surreptitiously desired Leah (the elder sister) should marry first. From a young age Laban had established that Leah should marry Esau, but she is known to have wept incessantly in fear of marrying a person who was not dedicated to spiritual pursuit of holiness114. When the day came to marry Rachel, Laban conspired to have Leah marry Jacob instead. Rachel suppressed her feelings because she knew Leah would be destroyed by Genesis 28:1 Genesis Ch27:28-29 112 Ibid 29:14 113 Ibid 29:18 114 Rashi 17 – Genesis 29:17
110 111


shame and guilt if the plot of her father was foiled115. In an act of abundant kindness and compassion she revealed to her sister the secret sign that Jacob and Rachel used to confirm they were meeting each other. This was necessary because woman were veiled from head to toe. On the morning after the marriage ceremony, when Jacob discovered the switch, he confronted Laban who advised Jacob should have known that the younger daughter could not marry before the older. Laban demanded a further 7 years work from Jacob in order to marry Rachel. Understanding this to be the will of God, Jacob agreed and after 7 days of traditional wedding blessings with Leah he proceeded to marry Rachel. Laban (Rebecca's brother) was from the side seen to be living in the evil realm, the Sitra Achra ('Other Side') a side disconnected from the inner aspect of Godliness, of which Kabbalah and Chassidus speaks. Abraham saw many holy sparks, the potentially holy souls of future generations who were trapped by Laban, captured by the 'dark side'. In the higher worlds there is no distinction between 'good souls' that must first confront their inner evil and 'evil souls' that must first discover their inner good, ultimately all prevailing souls will be redeemed and returned to the higher worlds to be unified with God. Isaac and Jacob, considered their task, in the lower world, was to rescue these souls by overcoming their inner evil or revealing their inner good and bring them back into the light of holiness, the side of good orienting toward the attributes of the right side (Chesed -kindness). On the other hand, whilst acting the kind, concerned, loving uncle, Laban did everything in his power to prevent any souls from escaping his clutches. For twenty years he mercilessly exploited Jacob to the point of destruction, together with his whole family, to prevent him from building the nation of Israel under his progeny, but Jacob continued to ask the question – What test does God make for me? Jacob considered the unknown reason for his marriage to Leah and the work demands of Laban, like everything else in his life, to be an act of God's higher world, which he did not question. His marriage to Rachel was his own decision, a determining of the lower world, the world of his attribute of Malkhut. The result of Jacob‘s marriages to Leah and Rachel together with Jacob‘s children by their respective concubines Zilphah and Billah, were children born as follows (order of birth follows in parenthesis); Reuben – Leah (1) Shimeon – Leah (2) Levi – Leah (3) Yehuda – Leah (4)

Gemara Bava Basra 123a

Zebulun – Leah (10) Issachar – Leah (9) Dinah (mother of Osnat) - Leah (11) Dan – Bilhah –Rachel (5) Naphtali – Bilhah – Rachel (6) Joseph – Rachel (12) Benjamin – Rachel (13) Gad – Zilphah – Leah (7) Asher – Zilphah – Leah (8) In the closing verse of the 32nd chapter of Genesis; Jacob (then 99 yrs old) was commanded by God to return to the land of Israel, where he would uphold prophecy through the birth of his last son Benjamin whose birth, in Israel, would secure the land in which God's temple would ultimately be built. On the way he was struck by a myriad of apparent disasters. These included the death of Rachel, who he buried en-route in Bethlehem and his mother Rebecca who he buried with her husband Isaac in the cave his father Abraham purchased for the patriarchs and matriarchs of their progeny. In addition he had to prepare his people for a major confrontation against the nation of Esau, the clan of his jealous brother, who wanted to kill him to reclaim the birthright blessing116 he considered Jacob stole from him deceitfully. In preparation, Jacob stationed his tribal members, animals and possessions and marched his family across a fork of the Yabok River. Then, he returned "remaining behind alone" (according to the Talmud, he returned to retrieve a sacred "small jar" of oil, destined for The Temple of the house of Jacob). There, that night, "an unknown man wrestled with him until dawn", Jacob received an injury to his hip in the struggle, but remained undefeated. At daybreak, his combatant, an angel of 'darkness' that could not sustain its presence when 'the Mercy of G-d' rose, pleaded with him to let him go. Jacob, who perceived this to be the angel of Esau (death), realized its predicament and demanding confirmation of his birthright saying: "I will not let you go until you bless me." The angel, fearing the ascending Mercy of Gd, acceded and conferred upon him the name Israel, "because you have struggled with the divine and with men, and you have prevailed". Jacob had perfected the balance in each attribute of his soul - Yessod (Foundation) had risen, his soul was now dominant Tifferet (Balance)! [Zohar - Miqez 203b]

The value of Israel, ‫ 145 = ישראל‬consider: · The Hebrew word 'Israel' possesses the symmetrical (algebraic) form of its own national emblem conforming to each of its 12 sides when they comprise 10 number points (on each side) for a total of exactly 541 individual points, forming the Star of David, (Figure a), and; · The boundary (outline points) of the Star of David comprises 108 points identical with the outline of the 37th triangle (which contains 703 points) representing the words from Genesis 1:1 "... and the earth." (Figure b) - 37 represents the inner (ordinal) aspect of Wisdom

· Each of these figures has 37 rows (top to bottom) - 37 having a particular significance in the numerical structure of Genesis1:1 and being equal to the word ‫- יחידה‬Yechidah; unique-essence, known to be the highest of five soul states, the point of a Jewish souls connection to the Infinite Being. · Isaac was 37 when offered by Abraham as a sacrifice to God. By his binding, the attribute of judgment (Isaac) was unified with the attribute of kindness (Abraham) such that it was said Isaac (dominant Gevurah Judgment) resembled Abraham (dominant Chesed - kindness) - exactly. The name ―Israel‖ or ‫ ישראל‬can be rearranged to spell ―YeS(h) RLA‖ or ‫יש רלא‬ which literally means 'there are 231', the total number of energy 'channel' combinations between the Sefirot (attributes / vessels) established by the complete array of the 22 Hebrew letters. (see images Chapter 11 – ―Geometry of 231 Gates‖) This story takes place at the Yabok river, a tributary of the Jordan River,

where mans penultimate struggle between good and evil occurs. Jacob overcomes the evil forces by making a permanent correction in his soul and in the soul of all Israelites thereafter; that the logic of life (expansive attribute) should prevail over the logic of death (constrictive attribute) as the predominant soul construct for the future of Israel. According to the Albam, the cipher of swapping letters, a practice that originates when the 22 Hebrew letters are connected in the formation of the 231 Gates and more specifically with G-d's folding the heavens during creation, the letters ‫( א - ל‬aleph – lamed, the first 11 letters) can be exchanged with letters , ‫( ב - ם‬bet – mem, the second 11 letters). Then, the word ‫( יבק‬YaBoK) makes the word ‫ - )843=8+04+003( שמח‬the root word 'same‘ach'; happy, happiness, a term for heightened enlightenment and spirituality obtained through the study of Torah and by rearranging the order of letters, the word ‫ - משח‬MoShiaCh (Messiah). This can then be directly compared to its counterpart word ‫( יבק‬Yabok; 10+2+100 =112). Jacob passed over the river to achieve a heightened level of holiness where the ruling logic of life prevailed over the ruling logic of death indicated by the numerical value of the letters which are equal to three names of G-d: ‫.)211 = 1+4+05+01+5+6+5+01+5+01+5+1( = א'נ'ד'י + א'ה'י'ה + י'ה'ו'ה‬ These three names correspond to the high, middle and low Sefirot, Keter (Crown), Tiferet (Balance) and Malkhut (Kingdom), revealing that the Divine glory only descends toward enlightenment, joy (happiness). When G-d‘s names, reflecting the higher attributes of judgment (‫ )68 = א'ל'ק'י'ם‬and mercy (‫ ,)62= י'ה'ו'ה‬are added they also = 112. The first letter ‫( א‬aleph) from two of these names is a particularly important letter reflecting convergence by; the higher world Yud (‫( )01( )י‬top right of the letter - ‫ )א‬and the lower world Yud (‫( )01( )י‬bottom left of the letter - ‫,)א‬ separated by a Vav (‫( )6( )ו‬middle of the letter - ‫ .)א‬Then, 10+10+6 = 26 the same value as (‫ )י'ה'ו'ה‬Y'H‘V‘H. Kabbalah explains the peak of the Yud; ‖‫‖י‬ reflects the highest point from which God‘s creation and His works continuously emanate before descending into the lower worlds - the point of Yechidah - unique essence of the Jewish soul. ALePh (‫ )א‬when written out in full = (‫ ,111 = )אלפ‬with the addition of a single unit for the letters of the full word, a common but less frequently used practice of gematria, we arrive at 112. We also see that the letters in the word ‗ALePh‘ (‫ )אלפ‬reverse to become the word ‗PeLeh‘ (‫ )פלא‬meaning 'miracle' or 'higher wonder', but when re-arranged can also become APhayL


(‫ )אפל‬or 'darkness' of the side of evil117. Who is this man with whom Jacob wrestled? According to the Sages, he is the "angel of Esau", and their struggle, which "raised dust up to the Supernal Throne", is the celestial and terrestrial struggle between two nations and two worlds represented by the spirituality of Israel and the physicality or materiality of Esau or Edom (representing Christianity in the time to come). The night through which they wrestled is long and dark, in the course, Jacob suffers bodily harm and spiritual anguish, but emerges victorious and enlightened. Jacob, his immediate family, their extended families and all the tribal leaders from the sides of good and evil who were well versed in the teachings of The Knowledge of Creation knew, by confirmation through their studies, when God changed Jacob‘s name, to ―Israel‖, that his progeny were destined to become the future nation that would lead the world to its ultimate redemption. More than 50 years before Jacob‘s death and only a few years after Joseph‘s birth the emergence of the United Kingdom of Israel had been confirmed and this became known to sorcerers and prophets by their reading and interpretation of the Sefirot and astrological signs. Jacob‘s soul as the embodiment of the Sefirah of Yesod-Foundation was elevated to its higher realm Sefirah of Tiferet-Balance/Beauty, which is the synthesis of Chokmah-Wisdom and Binah-Understanding. Access to Holy Wisdom – Chokmah occurs through the attribute of Binah (Understanding), which is the highest attribute man can elevate to. Jacob first had to contemplate and struggle with the unholy opposites: vision and intelligence not harnessed to serve love and creativity, but selfishness and destruction represented by Laban. (Jacob's 11th child to Leah was named Dinah, Din= judgment, the lower world attribute corresponding to Binah). Just as there are 32 Pathways of Wisdom (32 in Hebrew = ‫' - לב‬L'amed 'B'et = Lev = Heart – see Chapter 4 – ―Thirty Two is Special‖) so the first part of Laban's name is made up of the letters 'L'amed 'B'et = 32. However, the 50th Gate of Binah-Understanding is the unattainable gate (each Sefirah has 49 gates through which energies flow), so the last letter of Laban's name is the final 'N'un (= 50). Therefore, the name Laban alludes to a level of divine wisdom known as the "Supreme Whiteness" (in the brain, the seat of wisdom, is considered white) and Laban desired to use sorcery to attain the unattainable. After Jacob received his new name, his 3 names (found in Torah) were then;

The Gate of Return Chapter 5 Rabbi Dov Ber of Lubavitch

Y‘israeL, YakoB, and Y‘shruN (meaning My Love). Each name begins with the Yud (‫ ,)י‬the first letter of God‘s explicit holy name. Notice the last letter of each name spell L-B-N or LaBaN. It was finally known to attentive observers that God had surely intervened and was further clarified by the events that followed Esau‘s proclamation of hostility toward Jacob. On the day Jacob received his new name he sent gifts including many animals forward of his camp toward Esau. Then, positioning himself between his camp, his family and Esau‘s 400 man army who were poised to attack, he prostrated himself before Esau 7 times. Esau, upon seeing Jacob, ran to him in the open field, embraced him, wept and immediately brought peace between there tribal nations without any fight taking place. When considering these detailed passages, one should remember that Jacob and Esau were twins. When still in their mother‘s womb God said to Rebecca, ―Two nations are in your womb. Two governments will separate from inside of you. The upper hand will go from one government to the other the elder (greater) one will serve the younger‖. At this point it is useful to recap that Esau represents Edom (Rome - essentially Christianity) and that he married Ishmael's (essentially Islam) sister. Esau emerged first followed by Jacob whose hand clutched onto the heel of his older brother. In Hebrew the word for the lowest level; scoundrel/villain; also heel, is NaBaL (NBL the B -Bet and V - Vet are the same letter, only a dot separates them). In NaBaL the Nun ('N') of the 50th gate precedes the word contrasting with LaBaN or LBN where the ('N') it follows. Further Jacob (Yakov) in Hebrew is written as ‫ יעקב‬which is rooted in the word without the ‫ י‬yud ‗eikev‘ ‫עקב‬ meaning heel. At the time Adam was tempted, through the ‗serpent's‘ deception of Eve, to commit an act of evil, the vessels containing evil attributes shattered, evil set free to co-mingle with good. From then, it became known that the only way to access higher world Wisdom is to first encounter good and evil in the "Palace of Exchanges" where all forces are neutral when in the presence of God. Here evil (attributes) masquerades as good whilst true good (attributes) can appear as evil. Therefore, the only way to separate these forces is to confront the confusion, to identify and separate and ‗sift‘ the influential forces of good from the evil. This is why Jacob had to first struggle against Laban, a man of the highest spiritual order, for more than 14 years before he could resolve that which confronted and confused him in order to rise upward to the higher realms and carry his descendants with him. The true goodness in Laban‘s house was to be found in his daughters Rachel and Leah who had inherited the supreme holiness in their father‘s perplexed soul. Together with their maids Bilhah and Zilpah, they were to be the mothers of Jacob's twelve sons, the fathers of the Twelve Tribes of Israel,

root of all Jewish souls capable of restoring true good in the universe. Jacob was destined to marry these women and with them birth the future souls of Israel. Jacob perceived Rachel as a soul of the lower world. His marriage to her was to consummate through her dominant feminine attribute of Malkhut, which he perceived as the ideal connection to his then dominant attribute of Yesod – Foundation (the point of Zer Anpin which connects it to Nukva - Malkhut). On the other hand, his marriage to Leah was considered by him to be a decision of the higher world - a reflection through her dominant feminine attribute of Binah (the left side). This explains why Jacob, who had no expectations of Leah and no desire to marry her, ended up having 6 sons by her, including Yehudah (Judas) whose lineage includes the Messiah and the building of Jerusalem‘s temple‘s (King David and King Solomon) and Levi whose tribe became the High Priests of Israel. Leah who feared Laban‘s desire that she marry Esau, correctly perceived that her soul was not to be united with Esau‘s because, although concealed, through her was to come the ultimate universal vindication for the Esau‘s birthright exchange in favor of Jacob. Laban understood this from a point of view that led him to believe Leah‘s marriage would be to the direct benefit of his progeny. Once Jacob married Leah, Esau taunted him by showing his desire for Rachel, but she was terrified, submitting herself entirely to the mercy of God. After Jacob married Rachel she was unable to give birth, finally she conceived at the same time as Leah‘s 7th child. At first Rachel fell pregnant with a girl and Leah a boy, but God switched their embryos because He heard and answered the united higher and lower world prayers of Leah and Rachel, that Rachel should become worthy of her sisters equal118. So, He altered nature to grant Rachel a boy. At that precise moment, on the same day as the birth of Adam, the death of Sarah and Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year, the day Torah was handed to Israel, He declared the conditions that would give rise to the birth of the nation - Israel. It was necessary for the only girl in the family, Dinah (Din = Judgment), to be born to Leah in order that her 6 boys reflect the higher world masculine attributes of Zer Anpin (the 6 emotional attributes) and the 7th child of Leah be a girl reflecting the Feminine Sefirah Malkhut. To recap; Leah, representing Binah, connected the higher world to her 6 boys (Zer Anpin) and through Dinah representing Malkhut to the lower world. Separately Jacob – dominant Yesod (rising to Tifferet) and Rachel – Malkhut would give birth to Joseph and Benjamin.


Artscroll Machsor Rosh Hashanah Pg 313 - ‫אבן‬

Toward the end of Jacob‘s life, his firstborn Reuben119 (son of Leah) was slated to lead the tribes, but his behavior governed by his higher world soul exposed him to public criticism. At one stage he lay in the room of his concubine stepmother Bilah to prevent a further conception with Jacob. This meant he and the house of Leah would lose its traditional birthright. Rachel‘s (Jacob's wife by choice) firstborn son Joseph would later become the beneficiary of these rights, but not in the manner expected. Since his marriage to Rachel had been undermined, Jacob saw120 Joseph‘s sons Menasseh and Ephraim as correct placeholders for Leah‘s first two sons Reuben and Shimeon. Leah's (higher world) third son in line, Levi was granted The Priesthood (therefore no birthright) and The Kingship went to Leah's fourth son Yehudah (Judas). Joseph's descendents thus comprised two tribes, Menasseh and Ephraim who received Jacob‘s double portion (normally held for the firstborn) and ultimately two territories in the Holy Land. It is these territories that eventually divide Israel into the north and the south, which were finally united under David and Solomon at the time of the First Temple. The origin of this unification is a hidden miracle in Israel‘s progeny, sourced at the time that Dinah (Leah‘s 7th) was raped by Shchem (son of Chamor) when she was 8 years old. Osnat, her daughter from the rape, was born out of wedlock. Levi and Shimeon demanded the Idol worshipping tribe of Chamor be circumcised for their dastardly act, 24000 men agreed. Whilst healing from their circumcisions, the brothers led by Levi and Shimeon killed Shchem, his father Chamor and all males of the entire tribe to vindicate the rape of Dinah and birth of Osnat. So vicious was their act out of concern for their progeny, they wanted to murder Osnat to purge the sparks of unholiness from their midst, but Jacob did not consider Shchem a nation who opposed Israel, therefore further killing was not a consideration. Instead, Osnat was sent away. Sources reveal Jacob put her in a ‗sneh‘ a bush (the same spelling as the burning bush where Moses encountered G-d many years later) or with whom she was sent, and that by a miracle (‗nes‘ – without the Hebrew letter heh or h) she is transported to Egypt where she was adopted into the house of Potiphar - Priest of On. When Yehudah (Judas) influenced his 9 brothers, who were intent on killing Joseph, to sell him to the Ishmaelites, he avoided the almost certain demise of the future Jewish nation (the common term 'Jew' comes from Yehudah Judas) because Joseph was traded into Egypt where he became Viceroy with all of the holy integrity of his father and mother in-tact. Before his ascension 120 Genesis 48:3-5 : Zohar Vayehi - 222b


Osnat's adopted Egyptian mother, Poti-phera‘s wife attempted to seduce Joseph121. Without success she finally allowed him to marry her daughter. Joseph when searching for a wife had discovered Osnat‘s122 Israelite origin by the ancient Hebrew writing on her amulet and decided to marry her. It was this miraculous event, 22 years after the rape of Dinah and resulted in the birth of their sons Manaseh and Ephraim. Joseph from the house of Rachel and Osnat (through Dinah) from the house of Leah became the single event that united the higher world house and the lower world house forging the link and establishing the basis on which the unified Nation of Israel was then built. Testimony to this is that Joseph‘s grave is in the land of Shchem (Samaria) to this day, after-all Shchem was the father of Joseph‘s wife that led to the foundation of the united house of Israel. Jacob considered Joseph his first born as such Joseph's sons and their descendants received a double heritage. 290 years later the tribes of Manaseh and Ephraim became the only indirect descendants of Jacob to transcend their natural status when they were recognized as direct members of the 12 tribes of Israel in the division of the holy land. They took the place of Levi (who was assigned the priesthood) and Joseph who, in the ―end of days‖, would return at first to prepare the world before being resurrected as The Messiah (from the tribe of Yehudah) the point of man‘s ultimate redemption before resurrecting the dead. Logic dictates Manaseh, the older brother, would retain the birthright over Israel‘s future, but Jacob, on his death bed (like his father Isaac before him), switched his blessing, because he deduced the name MaNaSeh and NeShaMa (meaning: soul, spelled here using English equivalents to demonstrate the same letter usage) have the same Hebrew letters and therefore, by the rules of letter substitution and gematria, possessed the same Divine qualities. In Jacob‘s eyes, Manaseh (substitutes for the letters Neshama – a level of soul and like Leah) was a soul of the higher world, a child who possessed the soul of Leah, through Dinah and Osnat. Whereas, Rachel was a soul of the lower world through her dominant Sefirah of Malkhut, resulting in Ephraim being blessed by Jacob to become the greater leader of Israel after the death of Joseph. It was the lower world with which Jacob was most concerned, it
121 - Now let us rewind to the story of Yosef. Yosef is known to all as "Yosef HaTzaddik," the individual who upheld the yesod habris, who brought the koach of resisting z'nus 24 into the world. He was being enticed by... no, the Torah never tells us her name-- she is only known to us as “the wife of Potiphar.” That is ostensibly the only information we need to know. But even his name was not really Potiphar by that point any longer. His name had been changed earlier to "PotiPHERA," for, as Rashi (Miketz, 41:45- based on Sotah 13b) tells us, he had attempted to sodomize Yosef and became castrated as a befitting punishment. 122 In fact, besides the generic "Pharaoh," Poti-phera is the ONLY Egyptian person's name (excluding, naturally, that of Asnas- who, according to some opinions, was really Dinah’s daughter- who married 27 Yosef ) ever mentioned in the Torah in connection with the entire story of Egypt!


needed the full commitment of his descendents to make the necessary corrections and elevations in order to bring redemption by re-uniting lower with higher in the same way they were once united before the sin of Adam. Jacob‘s powers of perception were remarkable he could foresee the important role his future heritage would play in the world at large. He was always consciously aware of the responsibility he had to his own soul and to those of the future generations who would ultimately bring forth and be witness to this unification. These soul level activities are complex, but they fundamentally align with the signs devised from knowledge of the attributes - Sefirot, handed down from Abraham, through Jacob‘s innate perception of his own soul. The day the name Israel was bestowed on Jacob was the 15th of Nissan 2206. It is the same day that; -God made a covenant with Abraham to give him and his descendants the holy land -Abraham was advised he was to have a son, at the age of 99 -Isaac was born -Moses appeared before God at the burning bush -The exodus from Egypt occurred (Passover) -Daniel, in the Lions‘ Den after the destruction of the First Temple, received the prophecy that the Second Temple would be built after 70 years By all accounts when Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to resolve their crisis by famine, Yehudah foresaw the survival of the progeny through Joseph yet as soon as it were revealed that the Viceroy of Egypt was Joseph, he maintained his fearless independence as the designated leader of the brothers, immediately challenging Joseph to get into line with the his father‘s wishes. This heightened trait helps to clarify Yehuda‘s nature and sheds light on the recently discovered Gospels of Judas (Yehudah at the time of Yeshua or Jesus) – translated in 2006 (dated to 288CE) that Judas (as implied in his name) was not the deceitful character portrayed in the New Testament. Rather Judas was the person who foresaw the continuity of the Jewish Nation and its messianic prophecy through the impending death of Jesus (Yeshua) - a Jew, who concurred with the plan to turn himself over to Roman authorities who tried him by the puppet Jewish court of the day. Yeshua and Yehuda intuitively shared knowledge of God‘s ultimate plan for the redemption of man and perceived themselves at that time to be a vital part of that plan. The story of Jesus and Judas took place almost 30 years prior to the destruction of the second Temple, originally built by the tribe of Yehudah's

(Judah's) King Solomon, when more than 1 million Jews in Jerusalem were massacred by the Romans. The event was elevated to penetrate the consciousness of the nations of the world, but why this particular story? The evolving Gospels of this prelude to the massacre in Jerusalem, after which the Jewish court (Sanhedrin) had finally been forced to disband, became the Gospels of Christianity. They were adopted by Emperor Constantine for mainstream Rome during a similar period to the dating of the Judas Gospels, some 250-300 years after the death of Jesus. In the adoption of the account by Constantine the misrepresentation of Judas's (Yehudah's) soul character continued making him the protagonist leading anti-Semitic retribution and sentiment against all Jews. No more so than, in modern times, through the German people whose adaptation of the New Testament enabled Hitler and his representative forces of evil to prey heavily on people‘s restricted sense of lower and higher world reality. On April 13, 2006 (15 Nissan 5766) 3560 years after Jacob‘s battle with the angel, this is what the Pope had to say: The Vatican, by word of Pope Benedict XVI, grants the recently surfaced Judas' Gospel no credit with regards to its apocryphal claims that Judas betrayed Jesus in compliance with the latter's own requests. According to the Pope, Judas freely chose to betray Jesus: "an open rejection of God's love". Judas, according to Pope Benedict XVI "viewed Jesus in terms of power and success: his only real interests lied with his power and success, there was no love involved. He was a greedy man: money was more important than communing with Jesus; money came before God and his love". According to the Pope it was due to these traits that led Judas to "turn liar, two-faced, indifferent to the truth", "losing any sense of God", "turning hard, incapable of converting, of being the prodigal son, hence throwing away a spent existence". Perhaps the Judas scapegoat has been a necessary tool for the advancement and spread of Christianity, but to Jews it has come at a serious and significant price. In essence, Judaism seeks and has always sought a world in which God's uninhibited blessings flow abundantly to every soul, regardless of the race, creed, color or religion and a Jew‘s purpose since the time of Jacob is to bring those blessings into the world by elevating and refining that which is present in it. The Zohar states that the site of the Holy Temple, the centerpiece of Jewish life for more than 3500 years, stands vacant. Perhaps Christianity, Islam and Judaism's ultimate reconciliation with the actions of Yehudah will enable its reconstruction to commence, in haste, so that the world may benefit by the

spiritual dedication of Jewish Priests who, once again, may be afforded the opportunity to perform their duties for the benefit of all.



Holy Constellations

What was Jacob's aim when he conceived each of his twelve sons? He meditated deeply on the Universal Soul of all creation to bring down a special part of that Soul into each of his sons. The Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzira) discusses creation in terms of the three fundamental aspects; Space, Time and Soul. Creation is entirely for the sake of man and is structured accordingly. Man has twelve fundamental soulfunctions: speech, thought, motion, sight, hearing, action, coition, smell, sleep, anger, taste and laughter. There are the twelve corresponding divisions of space and time. The twelve divisions of space are the twelve constellations (of stars) through which the sun moves in the course of the solar year. The twelve divisions of time are the twelve months of the year. Each sign of the Zodiac and its corresponding month is uniquely characterized with its associated soul-construct and resulting function123. The twelve divisions represented through six dimensions in space, time and soul correspond to the twelve diagonal directions that energy flows on the tree of the Sefirot. When the Sefirot are diagrammatically represented as a "tree" of ten points, there are twenty-two connecting lines, seven of which are vertical, three horizontal and twelve diagonal. Jacob's twelve sons revealed, to perfection, all of the essential qualities of the inner soul for whom God created the world of Time and Space. Each of the twelve was unique according to his respective orientation on the tree. They were all personalities of tremendous power, as illustrated in the many Bible stories that refer to them and their illustrious descendants in later generations. Each of the tribes received its own blessings from Jacob and later from Moses according to its unique trait. The tribes had their own emblems. Many of them are associated with animals (such as Judah with the Lion, Joseph with the Ox, Issachar the Donkey, Dan with the Serpent, Naftali with the Deer and Benjamin the Wolf.) The Bible is testimony to the heritage of these founding tribal leaders. Following the 3 patriarchal generations from Abraham through Isaac and Jacob the roots of the future nation of Israel were finally and firmly established. The record is preserved and the mystical and spiritual analysis backs it up in every sense. By looking at examples, like the story of Jacob, we can unfold its deeper context by reviewing the inner meanings through word context, grammatical commonality, letter substitution and gematria of

(Sefer Yetzirah – Aryeh Kaplan ch. 5)

each word in the Hebrew Torah. The Torah was handed by God to Israel through Moses as a complete code contained in the conjoined stones of the 10 commandments and in the teachings and in the writings of Moses, but for the most part the knowledge and energy of Torah was first transferred by God to the souls of Jewish people who accepted it upon themselves. It is said; "The nations heard and trembled, fear gripped the inhabitants of Philistia. Then the chieftains of Edom were terrified; the mighty men of Moab panic stricken and the inhabitants of Canaan melted away". Israel's departure from Egypt and the subsequent revelation was immediately attributed to a power much greater than anything these kings could possibly imagine, after all Egypt was the most powerful nation on earth and Pharaoh its highest god. Like Pharaoh before them, these rulers now faced their incumbent intellectual defeat. Was Israel's liberation the cause of fear that came over kings and rulers of the land? Was Israel redeemed by the power of their Omnipotent God? Was there a mystical magic that can bring such liberation to so many people? What would become of any ruler who did not suppress this power? Elements of the magic of this liberation are found in a continuing tradition, a practice rooted in Israel‘s exodus from Egypt during the 49 days when Israel was forged into the nation it ultimately became. Those 49 days are known as The Counting of the Omer, the deepest intellectual pursuit to the inner depths of one‘s soul. This simultaneous process of meditation, prayer and revelation enlightened the nation of Israel and struck fear in the hearts of kings and rulers and brought a newfound level of intellect to the world at large. Many meaningful insights come from the deeper analysis of each of the tribes, their members and the roles that they played in the development of the nation of Israel and the world. Each of these insights can be obtained through an understanding and perception of the Holy Sefirot, the engine room of our soul. Jacob understood and cherished the importance of soul.



Are you an Israelite?

Reviewing the course of history it‘s now quite clear how the nation of Israel became so diverse, spread across many countries and cultures. Around 4000 years ago, Abraham moved his Kingdom to teach monotheism in the lands surrounding modern day Iraq. On his travels he visited India – (in Hebrew India is called Hodu, which means praises). Abraham was born during the later years of Noah and his priestly son Shem (after whom Jerusalem is named) would have had a great influence on his thinking. Through this lineage Abraham learned to cast his influence which is still visible today through the Brahman sect and where many references to the mystical teachings of Kabbalah in eastern philosophies of China and Japan can be traced. During Abraham‘s life he received and hosted many holy teachers from these lands who were widely influenced by him. At the time of Israel's exodus from Egypt there were approximately 600,000124 Israelite men, 20 years or older. The total number of men, women and children exceed two million when they crossed the sea making their way to biblical Mount Sinai. By a process of simple extrapolation that commences with the 70 direct descendants of Jacob who arrived in Egypt, one quickly becomes aware that the logical trajectory of active and 'dormant' Israelites in the world today, including deaths from persecution, conversion to other religions and assimilation must be in excess of 500 million people, perhaps significantly more. Considering the progeny of Jacob, carried through the souls of his descendants and the heritage of Jewish identity that passes from generation to generation through the mother and those that take the covenant to become Jews, it is quite conceivable the direct Israelite lineage must apply to significantly more than the 15 million 'active' Jews around the world today. Many Christians, Muslims and people of other cultures may in fact be genetically Jewish by birth. However, when raised in families that embrace different religious cultures, over thousands of years they lose their traditional Jewish custom but not their inherent Jewish soul lineage. Their souls remain Jewish forever, but to re-establish their Jewish identity they would be required, at some time, to re-confirm their covenant with God in accordance with the Rabbinical laws of the Jewish Faith. With the broad exception of the tribe of Levi (the priesthood), members from each of the 12 Jewish tribes throughout ancient history frequently married out of their faith. In instances where the male married a non-Jewish female

B‘Or Ha‘Torah v15 pg 105 – Solomon Dinkevich

who did not convert, their descendents were lost to the new integrated culture represented by the marriage. Over time, many children of these multi cultural marriages integrated into the extended family units some of whom retained their Jewish identity especially where non-Jewish mothers adopted Jewish practices and the traditions of the day. The last functioning Rabbinical council of 71 elders (Sanhedrin) of The Nation of Israel, at the time of the destruction of the second temple (2000 years ago), ordained the rights of passage and the manner in which a man or a woman is considered to have made the conversion through the study of Torah, family laws of purity and the covenant of circumcision for males. A Jewish soul is directly associated with mans‘ ultimate destiny to restore the world to a state of holiness. It has an innate ability to access the attribute of Wisdom (Chokmah) through the side of Mercy (Chesed) to enable the ultimate unification of higher and lower worlds. If applied correctly, the psychology and intellect of those imbued with a Jewish soul will ultimately affect God‘s presence to dwell amongst all people.



The Purposeful Soul

To understand your life purpose one needs to obtain a specific knowledge obtained by uniting the attribute of understanding with the attribute of wisdom. A closed or narrowly focused mind can constrict this process resulting in the distortion of or restriction of one‘s persona. One of the greatest ongoing difficulties in life is determining right from wrong, good from bad, positive from negative, the left fork in the road or the right? These are life's decisions, the ones that define outcomes in all of our lives and affect the makeup of our character. In our desire for a better material existence (physical world) we often cloud judgment by focusing on the pursuit and not the purpose of our mission. To be cognoscente of purpose is to be aware of all that surrounds you, all that confounds you, all you invite, wanted and unwanted. Truth and happiness are fleeting unless you discover the purpose prescribed for your soul; herein lie‘s life‘s challenge. We have learned the forces of God are everywhere, we have learned they are a two way street, we have learned, through Torah, that the forces of darkness and light are heralded by God‘s ministering angels and we have learned that our soulful energy flows from the 10 attributes (Sefirot) along 22 paths. The teachings of Kabbalah explain that there are three Higher World Divine Attributes; Keter – Crown Chokmah – Wisdom Binah – Understanding …and seven Lower World Divine Attributes (Sefirot) through which we relate and connect to G-d. These have been referred to earlier as the vessels; Chessed – Love (expansive) Gevurah – Strength (restrictive) Tiferet - Beauty Netzach - Victory Hod - Splendor Yesod - Foundation Malkhut – Sovereignty


In the human being, created in the "image of God," the seven lower Sefirot are mirrored in seven "emotional attributes" of the human soul: Chessed - Kindness Gevurah - Restraint Tiferet - Harmony Netzach - Ambition Hod - Humility Yesod - Connection Malkhut – Receptiveness Each attribute is the containment of its features it can be likened to a fingerprint made up of the convergence of all other attribute features it contains and that contribute to its uniqueness in varying degrees i.e., "Kindness of Kindness", "Restraint of Kindness", "Harmony of Kindness", ―Ambition of Kindness‖ etc. for a total of forty-nine emotional personality traits for each attribute that govern who and what we are. Through our study, understanding, practice and mastery of each of these attribute energies we are able to perform at higher levels of consciousness. In the 49 days it took Israel to leave Egypt, walk through the desert, cross the sea, experience the first revelation, camp at Mt. Sinai, witness the second revelation and receive Torah, the souls of all people on this journey were elevated to reach an intensified state, an absolute union. As a nation, they became bonded, mentally prepared, open and ready to receive. Each of their Sefirah and those reflecting the nation as a whole had reached a state of perfected enlightenment. The flow of their energies, resulting from their righteous state, focus, concentration, meditation, purification, prayer and general disposition, enabled all of Israel to sufficiently open their souls, for just a brief moment, during which G-d revealed His Wisdom to the entire world. The people of Israel received this Wisdom in a profound way because they were ready to receive it, but the other 70 nations of the world failed to recognize the importance of what had transpired and their soulful states, which had not been ready, did not fully benefit. Each year beginning on the Jewish Festival of Passover and ending 49 days later the day before the Festival of Shavuot there is a tradition to count each of the 49-days of the Omer. This practice is a process of self-refinement, with each day devoted to the "rectification" and perfection of one influential energy of one attribute of the 7 Sefirot (7 Sefirah x 7 influential energies of each Sefirah), a process for elevating the soul. Amongst most modern secular Jews this practice has been forgotten despite its ongoing relevance. If counting the Omer were to be revived it would rapidly become an

intensified period during each year when each person devotes time every day to contemplate and rectify every attribute of their soul, in effect an inventory of who we are and how we prioritize the order of our thinking to better our lives and those around us. The counting of the Omer serves as a reminder that our souls are complex aspects of our makeup and that we have the free will and choice to treat the soul as the important element of our being that it is. Further, that it ought to be nurtured and cared for each day of the year and especially contemplated on the 49 days of the counting of the Omer, commemorating the days preceding revelation of the Torah to the Israelites camped at Mount Sinai. Consider the soul a guidance system projecting from within, hovering outside traveling in front and behind every step that you take and knowing every decision you are about to make. Consider it sensitive to every unifying aspect of God. Now, consider that the potential insights, knowledge and wisdom we are able to receive and perceive are simply blocked out by the noise of our lives, by our busy minds that prevent us from functioning in an optimal fashion. Although we may not know it or experience it, the soul embodied through blood passes energy to our heart and brain through which sub-conscious followed by conscious thoughts are processed as a direct result. With each thought we should try to recognize the occurring processes then we should identify all the influences that thought are susceptible to on their way to our consciousness. We have to determine the level of a thoughts purity or impurity, only then are we equipped to process it correctly and to make an optimal conscious decision. Of course most of us don‘t function in this manner, but perhaps the world would be a better place if we learned how to do this and put the practice to use. Our God given purpose lies somewhere behind the noise that stands in the way of our being able to identify the purity of our thoughts before we decide how to act on them. Recognizing the importance of purity 'quieting the noise' is therefore a critical factor in being able to identify the guidance your soul provides you in your life. The more accurately you perceive the energy and attributes of your soul, the less noise you will want it to contend with. This will release your powers of wisdom and qualities of understanding enabling you to make quantum leaps forward toward your true purpose. Every thought has a source, unless we increase the frequency with which we find our way to its source we will never be able to determine its hidden qualities and thereby reach our true potential.



G-d in Life

Have you ever considered where the inspiration for the famous artworks of Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Aziel or Haniel come from and why they were such an important study for artists of the Renaissance period? These are G-d‘s emissaries, His angels of the highest order their depiction is not permitted under Jewish Law. Regardless, their renderings are inspired by Kabbalah and their pictorial commissions, the result of Rome‘s fascination with Jewish mysticism. Their importance to the Roman Catholic doctrine reflects a concerted effort by Rome to reach out to mainstream population groups through a progression of contemporary views. These artworks also represent a slap in the face of Jewish culture and belief and at the time would have been deeply hurtful and disrespectful to all who truly believed in and respected The One and His omnipotence. Each of these angels are a manifestation of the Sefirot in the highest universal realms and each is in turn linked to an aspect of G-d which is expressed by the use of His ten ineffable names as written in the Hebrew Torah. The mystical revelations of the Torah discuss the existence of angelic legions and supernal beings that administer G-d‘s commands in the universal realms that He created. Included at the top of His infrastructure of supernal beings is His Heavenly Tribunal of Justice. It is said that increased mystical revelation as evidenced by the growing mainstream awareness of Kabbalah is a direct result of the era of the supernal light, which is beginning to shine more intensely. The flaming soul of Humanity ascends as our awareness of truth, through knowledge, expands. Today we discover more through the advent of science, technology and communication and as we do we seek answers because, logically, we realize that we cannot progress humanity toward any particular point more beneficial than that which can be reached by our heightened spiritual understanding of the perfected construct of our Oneness. On the tree of the Sefirot Da‘at (knowledge) is the eleventh unformed vessel or attribute, it is this attribute that forms from our gathering knowledge which is the union of wisdom (Chokmah) and understanding (Binah) that brings down the supernal light from the higher Crown or Keter. Once we acquire this knowledge and the vessel of Da‘at is formed, we are destined to proceed toward that which we come to know. So where is humanity headed? Our final ascent to the Messianic age has commenced. This precept is spoken about at length in the Torah and its teachings. It is widely recognized that God‘s celestial year is represented by 1000 earth years, which now puts

humanity on the doorstep of the 7th millennium since we are now approaching 5800 years from the time of creation. The Sabbath millennium is the time when the presence of G-d will complete Her descent to dwell amongst us, when the 3rd temple will ―fall from the sky‖ to be erected in Jerusalem, when miracles beyond our wildest imaginations will be brought to fruition in front of our eyes. The prophecies predict this is to occur. In order that we become vessels able to perceive these events we must correct the application of our free will and free choice. According to prophecy we can bring the Messiah to our midst earlier, but only when the aggregate majority of our collective choices are made in the order of truth, righteousness and holiness, only then will the Messianic age and the Messiah be revealed to us. There is a narrow window through which this will occur, therefore man has to purify thought, speech and action in order that this can take place by our collective will. The majority of our thoughts have to be devoid of greed, perversion, moral emptiness, competitiveness and selfishness excessive desire of the material, instead they have to build toward a crescendo of caring, concern, responsibility, collaboration, community and action. These thoughts of the side of purity and spirituality have to be acted upon so as to counter the already established negative momentum that has preceded our time in the material world in which we live. The most devastating and preventative acts delaying the coming of the Messiah are the invitations each of us extend for direct Judgment of our souls by G-d‘s Heavenly Tribunal, specifically permitted by our expressions of hurtful gossip and slander. Believe it or not, slanderous125 gossip126 is The Crime of the highest order in the eyes of The Tribunal. Each time we speak badly of someone by spreading hurtful, unnecessary, slanderous gossip we open ourselves to immediate judgment. This is no ordinary judgment. If it were, it would not be executed in an immediate time frame, it would be delayed to that time of the year when the Heavenly Tribunal sit in session to hear admissions of guilt and then they would only hear those particular admissions. However, slanderous gossip invokes an immediate sitting of the Tribunal in judgment of your soul and because they preside by your invitation, all of your collective sins become subject to immediate judgment. The effect of this is devastating since all people who gossip and slander are being judged continuously and repeatedly because of the sins that they are continuing to commit in the eyes of G-d.

The Power of Speech – Rabbi Mendel Kessin – Tiferes Ramchal Institute Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation 126


With each sin we commit we strengthen the side of evil. Each time The Tribunal sits in Judgment over our sins, the Satan, representing G-d‘s angels of the evil side, is automatically invited to observe the trial and The Tribunal must, itself, be subject to G-d‘s direct checks and balances. The Satan is therefore afforded the opportunity to impede the progress of G-d‘s plan. With each sin he draws on the energy provided to him, strengthening his position and status through each sinful event that is called into judgment. This lifeline to the Satan saps at the very essence of all that is good, all that is positive and all that emanates from G-d‘s good light. Since darkness has the capacity to blot out the supernal light, we have to work harder to avoid slanderous gossip, which can easily be stopped by our simple decision not to participate in it, not to give life to its devastating effects and through this to stop confounding the wheel of humanity. With unchecked slander, each wrung of the ladder that humanity climbs up, reaching toward the sensitive light, is simply given back to the powers of darkness that draw us down toward the abyss and the power to stop this has been and is always in our hands. Each decision to speak requires careful consideration before loosely giving angelic life to words, especially in public. By taking corrective action we make a giant leap, reducing the evil that endures.




The demise of Ancient Egypt's religious culture and growing acceptance of Israelite monotheism draws the natural conclusion that idolatry and paganism were deeply flawed therefore did not withstand the true test of time. In the period Abraham through Moses, Egypt‘s intellectuals contested the perfect logic of Israelite mysticism. With Israel‘s departure, Egyptians had finally met their spiritual match and it took less than 1000 years after that for Egypt to completely relinquish its belief system in its entirety. A consistent doctrine that strays from its holy origin will disappear if it does not re-orient with its source in order that its constituents benefit using its prescribed methodologies to yield wisdom and understanding so that truth and knowledge can embellish life. It is difficult to discover a depth of understanding from a literal reading of Torah and even more so through foreign language translations that do not share the same grammatical and numerical construct as its holy language source. Correct interpretation is made more complex because each Hebrew letter is founded upon particular energies that connect and flow in the 'spiritual vessels' attributed to G-d‘s 10 names, His angels of the highest realm, the highest Sefirot, the essence of which is captured in every one of Torah's holy 22 letter alphabet. In the lower realms these energies take their form as the letters and words of thought and speech. The word 'alphabet' originates by combining the first two letters of Hebrew 'Aleph and Bet'. Whilst those with an anti Semitic slant may present an argument in favor of the Greek letters Alpha and Beta, it is the source of the Greek language that owes a deep gratitude to its Hebrews origin albeit that the relatively modern Hebrew vocabulary borrows some words from Greek. The Holy Hebrew tongue is not a man made code and The Torah is not a document dictated by a man, it is the words of G-d transcribed through a man in a language determined by G-d. New found knowledge establishes the basis around which more people begin to understand these deeper 'mystical' insights of Kabbalah. Growing curiosity and increased desire for truth is destined to re-orient the masses of the world toward a holy path that will ultimately accomplish the prophecies about which the Torah speaks. However, in the absence of complete acceptance and reliance on ancient Hebrew's holy source documents other religions, which are based in whole or in part on some translation of Torah, cannot reference the complete source construct that reveals the inner (mystical) beauty of Torah.

Christianity and Islam are extracted from a patchwork of concepts from Judaism such that neither is capable of synchronizing to the source! Over time, mans ever improving awareness of historical and scientific fact, together with the revelations of Torah, enables increasing focus and distinction of 'truth'. Therefore, doctrines that are not true to their source will be exposed and eventually judged as being incomplete and constituents will orient to their source. A blatant example is found in The New Testament prophecy of 'messianic return'. Jesus (Yeshu - Salvation), an orthodox Jew did not believe in Messiah in the absence of the Third Temple, nor in the 'messianic return', nor the concept of trinity, yet Christianity is founded on these precepts. Deeply embedded in Torah is life's truth, how we ought to live it and most importantly how people can return to a state of 'inner peace' as individuals to bring peace, harmony and purpose to life for the benefit of all people. Through the mystical revelations of Kabbalah small diverse sub-sections of the mainstream are just beginning to see the deeper wisdom in its words. As demands for this knowledge increase and access to it via the Internet improves, so other religions will become progressively marginalized as they are confronted by the 'dead end' of logic in the face of their increasingly sophisticated constituencies. Religions based on a relationship with Torah don't believe in different G-d‘s, but each religion has its own systems that enable people to connect with The Transcendent and Infinite One and there is no system quite like Israel‘s Kabbalah and Chassidus, which encapsulate the deep fabric of Jewish life, tradition and belief. These are the embodiment of the perfected logical construct containing the secrets through which people unite with the state of Oneness. Not all people interpret Kabbalah correctly, in fact most people get it wrong, nevertheless deep inside Torah the correct messages wait. So long as we refine the methodologies for extracting truth and establishing proper guidelines for pursuing it we will move at an ever increasing rate toward the supernal light (spirituality) that is beginning to shine upon us during this pre-messianic period through which we are living. The most advanced works of Kabbalah and Chassidus focus their attention on the mind and its relationship to the animal and Divine Soul. Many of these works, produced from their source in Torah, are the world‘s most complete and truthful studies of psychology because they emanate from the psychology of the Godhead. Since man was created in the image of God, what better source than Torah to reveal the mechanics of mans complex mind.


The Hebrew word for truth is ‫( אםת‬emmet) numerically 1-40-400. Of significance is the fact that the 3 letters of this word are, in order, the first, middle and last in the Hebrew alphabet.



G-d’s Interactive Angels

Well known to man for thousands of years are the works of G-d‘s legions of angels and special souls. Each major angel, represented by one of G-d‘s 10 ineffable names is in charge of legions of lesser angels that perform their work according to His commands. These are the angels that interface directly with our souls, these are the energies that connect and steer us through every aspect of our life, these are the vessels that have been meditated upon, visited and which visit us frequently delivering all that is His will. Visions of these angels have been contemplated and expounded upon by the greatest prophets and sages many of whom have described their experiences. Methods for elevating ones thought to the heights of these supernal beings have been well documented and exist in books that are only recently being published in English and other languages. Mediation techniques so specific they are arguably the most complex and sophisticated techniques known, revealing the perfected mind state that must be reconstructed in order that holiness of thought can yield a true perception of our state of Oneness. Spoken of as 'dangerous' even the most stable rabbinical sages have been psychologically scarred for life or have passed from this world as a direct result of their ascension and elevation away from the physical world of Asiyah through these meditations. Consider that many of the thoughts you are stimulated to think originate by external Divine stimulus, by the activities of others around you and by desires that are ever present. Thoughts can be categorized, but the one we are interested to review is desire; the root of the ‗noise‘ that we have grown accustomed to in our lives. So from where do these thought stimulation's emanate? How do they arrive in our minds? Contemplating ‗thought‘ itself, prompts us to first classify types of thought most of which are generated by continuously recycling information – much like a washing machine that tumbles clothes around and around. In the undisciplined mind, the one without dominant intent or determination to achieve a purpose, thoughts that are continuously recycled can be classified as producers of ‗noise‘. However, there are two primary thought categories and many different sub categories, which have been very carefully analyzed by psychologists, professional people, Rabbis, Priests and Clerics. Since we have generally identified the first category as ‗desire‘ we will now focus only on those thoughts in the second category ‗analytical‘.

At the level of conscious thought, analysis is often the more substantive process. Generally analysis emerges by concentrating on a particular subject over time. Essentially thoughts are ‗brewed‘, but this does not fully describe how they emerge, rather the process of ‗brewing‘ relates to the concentration on the subject and not the emergence of the thought. Brewing simply enables the subject matter to be elevated and to permeate the conscious and sub-conscious such that the energy of the subject begins to infuse with the essence of the intellect through the Sefirot. By quieting the noise of desire and of the intellect, through silent concentration, gates (aspects) to each Sefirah are opened to receive the external energies that interact, intertwine and influence the sub attributes of each relevant Sefirah whose gates have been stimulated and activated to open. As mentioned earlier there are 49 major attributes of the lower (emotional) Sefirot each of which are meditated upon during the counting of the Omer. However, each 1/7th of each Sefirah also has 7 further sub gates, making a total of 49 subgates per Sefirah, which are the third dimension of its attributes. The 50th gate is the highest level, the body of the vessel and therefore the passage of transfer between Sefirah. Interaction between the Sefirot of the soul and the (soul) Sefirot of the subject or object being contemplated are communicated through the brain. Acting as a large antenna and transceiver ultra sensitive energies, emerging through the soul, stimulate the most sensitive parts of the brain. This results‘ in slight chemical changes, which begin to flow more actively as the neurons in the brain, responsible for the emergence of thought, converting this energy, by chemistry, into a specific neuron stream. By activating or deactivating memory agents, that store inert knowledge that your brain possesses127, a direct thought is created. The quality of access to inert knowledge is contingent on low level impedance from the ‗noise‘ of the intellect. There are significantly more complex descriptions that exist in the teachings of Rabbis who have studied the origin and passage of thought, this description attempts to summarize the quantum process and to reconcile it with modern psychology. The Sefirot provide us with a reference defined as a web of highly sophisticated interconnected energies through which God interfaces with all that there is on a spiritual and physical level. G-d‘s ministering angels can therefore influence our thinking by way of our soulful interaction with His Sefirot through each universal realm. Reducing intellectual noise enables us to achieve progressively intensified concentration for disciplined and corrected thought. When that thought is

The Society of Mind – Marvin Minsky

focused on purification, preparation and subjects of holiness, intrinsic wisdom and understanding locked by our minds can be released. The pathway for any thought is always clearly mapped and can be followed all the way up the line through the Sefirot of the world of Asiyah to the Sefirot of each of the higher worlds. Commanding the higher Sefirot that control Understanding and Wisdom comes by first reaching the lower Sefirot that control Judgment and Kindness. The path through the Sefirot is well documented in many works of Kabbalah. By way of meditation and deep prayer the minds capacity to conceptualize the soul and the angels of God‘s universe that interact with the soul will emerge. In this framework of elevated mental holiness the perception of God‘s legions becomes apparent. This is beautifully described in many ancient writings using elaborate terms like; Chariots, Hands, Wheels, Wings, Speaking Silence, Glowing husks and Living Creatures. God‘s angels are always hard at work communicating with our souls.



Which Way from here?

At the beginning of each day during services in synagogues and homes around the world several short blessings are pronounced before any other prayers are conducted. Amongst these blessings are particular paragraphs of interest including; “My God, the soul which You have given within me is pure. You have created it, You have formed it, You have breathed it into me and You preserve it within me. You will eventually take it from me, and restore it within me in the Time to Come. So long as the soul is within me, I offer thanks to You, Lord my God and God of my fathers, Master of all works, Lord of all souls. Blessed are You, Lord, who restores souls of dead bodies.” …continuing… “And may it be Your will, Lord our God and God of our fathers, to accustom us to study Your Torah, and to make us cleave to Your commandments. Do not bring us into sin, nor into transgression nor iniquity temptation or scorn; and may the evil inclination not have mastery over us. Keep us far from an evil person and an evil companion. Make us cleave to the good inclination and to good deeds, and compel our inclination to be subservient to You. Grant us this day, and every day, grace kindness, and mercy in Your eyes and in the eyes of all who behold us; and bestow bountiful kindness upon us. Blessed are You, Lord, who bestows bountiful kindness upon His people Israel. May it be Your will, Lord my God and God of my fathers, to protect me this day, and every day, from insolent men and from impudence; from a wicked man, from an evil companion, from an evil neighbor, and from an evil occurrence, from an evil eye, from a malicious tongue, from slander, from false testimony, from men‟s hate, from calumnious charges, from unnatural death, from harsh diseases, and from misfortune; from the destructive adversary and from harsh judgment; from an implacable opponent, whether or not he is a member of the Covenant; and from the retribution of gehinnom (hell).” The prayer is said for the soul, for the things that are not tangible, the abstract and unknown. If one considers carefully what is actually being said, word for word, it becomes evident, once the soul is consciously called into focus, that the forces about which the prayer is most concerned are those of the dark side, the evil forces whether directly targeted or delivered by a carrier. This prayer is said in the morning time when the G-d in His merciful state shines His countenance upon us as we ask;

“and may the evil inclination not have mastery over us. Keep us far from an evil person and an evil companion. Make us cleave to the good inclination”. Here the objective is clear and the request is straight forward; keep evil away and make us cleave to the forces of good, which we may not be able to consciously identify. If this statement came true, evil thoughts would be rejected and good thoughts promoted by our cleaving. Through this we would know the thoughts to which we ought to focus our attention. This then becomes the object of our thinking. Whenever we think of anything, two questions should come to mind either prospectively or retrospectively; Was it from the side of evil? Was it from the side of good? So long as we identify the source of our thoughts we will begin to manage our thinking so that our thoughts can be dominated by that side, which we choose to be dominated by. These thoughts are translated into prevailing actions, which over time will begin to modify the way we function. Most people have experienced a concept referred to as ‗synchronicity‖ – this occurs when events appear to happen by apparent coincidence, particularly when things appear to be too coincidental. Then a simple explanation won‘t suffice and one is left to ponder the reasons why the events occurred in such a specific manner. Could there be a meaning behind the events? Could there be a message? What should I do? In fact many people follow instincts at junctures like these where all their retained pragmatic logic gets shifted aside for the more esoteric logic, which is simply a reaction to the events they just experienced or is it? Events like these are occurring all the time, but it is only the rare occasion that one consciously recognizes the synchronicity and only because at that moment the conscious mind happens to be in sync with the soul. Most times the intellectual ‗noise‘ is too great for synchronicity be consciously noticed. Although it will continue to occur, without recognizing this phenomena decisions directed by free choice absent of this higher state of consciousness, may be squandered because of a simple lack of awareness and sensitivity. One of the most important messages is that people build a greater awareness of the energy forces of God and the spiritual realm in which they occur so their perspectives can be elevated on the ‗wings of eagles‘, the guiding forces that are constantly being sent through your soul to your subconscious and conscious brain. An awareness of these is the starting point

for a journey to the inner realm where a holistic comprehension of each decision you face through each thought that comes to you can be better understood. At the highest point of morning prayer the Daily Amidah, an ancient prayer that was once mediated over 3 times each day for 2-3 hours where each and every word was carefully concentrated upon such that rolling prayer continued throughout the day, there is a section as follows; “Let there be no hope for informers and may all heretics and all the wicked instantly perish; may all enemies of Your people be speedily extirpated; and may you swiftly uproot, break, crush and subdue the reign of wickedness speedily in our days. Blessed are You, Lord, who crushes enemies and subdues the wicked. May Your mercies be aroused, Lord our God, upon the righteous, upon the pious, upon the elders of Your people Israel, upon the remnant of their sages, upon the righteous proselytes, and upon us. Grant us ample reward to all who truly trust in Your name, and place our lot among them; may we never be disgraced, for we have put our trust in You. Blessed are You, Lord, the support and security of the righteous.” In this prayer we see that all righteous people are being prayed for, people of all nations, a unifying message that seeks to create a unifying prayer for God to strengthen all of us. It is becoming increasingly clear as we develop a full perspective that the purpose of our lives has become distorted by intellectual noise spoken of earlier. The noise is prevalent because of the good and evil factors discussed and it continues to prevent our clarity of purpose to be revealed, or does it?



Our Purpose

People continuously seek purpose in their lives. There are times when things seems to be going well and ones purpose in life appears to be clear and then there are other times, in every life, when that purpose, which seemed so clear only a short time back is completely clouded and cannot become clear no matter how hard one tries. Perhaps we each have to analyze the validity of our various definitions of purpose, but to do so we must first look back to the source of our current day perspectives. Zealous pursuit of material pleasure, motivated by our collective desires, has led us into a world which continues to be driven by this objective, yet ―purpose‖ remains fleeting and people continue to seek 'it' in their lives. However, if mans' purpose was a lost cause then we would move more rapidly, as a human race, toward the brink of our own self inflicted destruction, but that's not quite the way it is... Purpose is the central element of any culture, if it can be identified it can be nurtured to increasingly empower society, but when single minded devotion to purpose is diluted by other purposes that compliment the collective ‗noise‘ of desire then our actual purpose is distorted. If we go back to the roots of our spiritual culture in the western world, particularly around the time of the revelation to the Israel and Moses at Mt. Sinai, we will see that purpose in life was centered on the soul. At this time, as is evident in the Torah, the the soul was clearly the focus of so many aspects of routine in society. Whilst the Egyptian records refer to the soul‘s passage in the afterlife to a greater degree, in everyday life this passage remained the focus. Either way, the soul was at the absolute center of purpose and thought that prevailed in society. Society‘s absolute commitment to elevation of the soul was the living purpose of the mainstream so much so that their conscious minds were readily aware of and always centered on the potential impact their actions may have on the elevation of their souls in the afterlife. Negative moral behavior would lead to a demise of the energy of the soul, which was seen as the antithesis of one‘s God or god given responsibility. By the end of life‘s term the body and mind should be elevated to the purest state so that the elevated soul be returned rising to a higher heaven than its origin. Torah and Kabbalah resolved that a single unifying purpose cannot be defined by multiple gods and that was the defining difference between the holy people of Israel and Egypt. If we were all truly committed to the improvement of life on planet earth we would first begin to recognize our individual life purpose so that it could

manifest in our thoughts and actions, in the way we operate and function as individuals and as societies and finally as a common race of human beings . In the absence of messianic intervention, a dramatic change is not possible, but if one contemplates the era in which we find ourselves and takes a global view of significant ecological, territorial and cultural events of recent history one can only begin to draw conclusions that improvement, through unity, is the only logical direction toward which society must move, in order that we can ultimately attain the peaceful objectives that are ultimately prophesized for the human race; to bring God to dwell amongst us in a direct and absolute fashion. This objective is clearly referred to in the Torah, particularly in the lead up to messianic times when we (on earth) are to make a home for God to dwell amongst us. In Hebrew 'home' is written ‫( בית‬bayit). The same word is used for the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet (bet - ‫ ,)בית‬the letter is ‫( ב‬bet or beit) representing the number 2. The gematria of (ta‘avah) meaning ―desire‖ or passion ‫( תאוה = 214 = בית‬bayit). Generally ta‘avah is referred to as a negative desire, but when it is associated with a righteous person it becomes positive. The signs are therefore clear, our progressive return to a righteous state will correct the energy of our collective desires and bring with it the presence of G-d to dwell in the house that we make for Him. There are some very special connotations related to the energy associated with the letter ‫( ב‬bet), particularly as they relate to the third and final temple in Jerusalem. The letter ‫( ב‬bet) is the first letter of Torah. Discovering our collective purpose as a human race seems to be a perplexing problem, but there can be no greater purpose than to bring God‘s presence to dwell amongst us in a real and absolute sense.



The System

When looked at objectively Judaism, like many other religions and belief systems, is the most complete living meditation. Its true structure is found in the unseen commitments, practices, rituals and prayers of Jewish people. Many of these are taken for granted, they are not properly understood, principally because we are presently unable to practice many of these ancient techniques in their entirety as they originated and were practiced. However, the world is changing and our lives with it and through discovery, awareness, sensitivity and knowledge we are slowly fitting the pieces back together to comprehend the reasons for many of the early mystical writings of the great prophets and sages that were laid down on stone, papyrus and wood discussing elevation and soul purpose in the spiritual world. Judaism‘s embedded system of meditation is an all encompassing life-long continuous upward spiral (a ladder) to reach higher levels of elevation in which prayers are made with more dedication, clarity and focus. This causes ones thoughts to rise in the higher worlds (even at an intellectual level) through which actions in the lower world (emotional level) can yield the desired objectives. Here efficiency depends on purity of mind and body. This practice is contained in the recipes for living one‘s life including the writings and teachings of Torah as expounded through Kabbalah, Gemara, Mishnah, Midrash, Kashrut and other significant works that document, in enormous detail, the way to achieve purity of purpose and spiritual enlightenment of the highest order. The essence of Jewish mediation and prayer is contained in the simple explicit Name ‫( י׳ה׳ו׳ה‬YHVH). As alluded to earlier, this Name is of the highest order and contains everything within it, beyond this is only The Essential Deity Himself always One with His Names, but we unfathomable in any way regardless of how one tries. We already learned that the letters ‫(י‬Yud), ‫(ה‬Heh) and ‫(ו‬Vav) are the only possible suffixes for the first and last letters of Torah – creating words meaning 'to me', 'to her', 'to him', 'in me', 'in her', 'in him'. It is written in Sefer Yetzirah that with these six letters G-d created all things – ‫( יה ו׳הי׳ה׳‬Yah Y‘H‘V‘H)128. Conceptually the brain is part of the physical world and the mind is of the spiritual world. It is said that an angel129 (as the archetype of the spiritual) can only carry one mission and can never share the same mission, likewise a thought emerges as a singularity and the mind can never deal with more than one thought at any instant. In order for man to reach the highest levels
128 129

Sefer Yetzirah – Ariyeh Kaplan Pg 16, Pg 81 Sefer Yetzirah – Ariyeh Kaplan Pg 60

of effectiveness, unification of the physical and spiritual is required. This explains the reasons for the many continued physical rituals and practices that exist in Judaism and many other religions, they all form part of a greater system of meditation in which the physical and the spiritual converge to yield an elevated state of holiness. These practices all stem from the Will of God embodied in the 620 positive and negative commandments included in Torah and equate with the Hebrew word Keter (Crown) = 620. Throughout the prayer books of the orthodox Jews are the concepts alluding to the importance of the Name of G-d. Some of these examples include; "…then was His Name proclaimed King; …blessed is His Name; …praised and glorified His great Name forever;…may the Name of the Lord be blessed; …the Lord is His Name; hallow and ascribe sovereignty to: …The Name of the Almighty God; …He endures and His Name endures; …and have in love brought us near, O our King, to Your great Name, that we may praise You, and proclaim Your Oneness and love Your Name; …on that day, The Lord shall be One and His Name One". Each of these references serves as a reminder that the depth of His Name represents everything including all that we are (physically) and all that we experience (spiritually) and our steps toward holiness are made by first attaining an understanding of His Name. All of the Sefirot (soul attributes) are reflected in His Explicit Name. In the Apex of the Yud is Keter (Crown), The Yud (‫ - י‬Yud) is Chokmah (Wisdom), the first Heh (‫ - ה‬Heh) is Binah (Understanding), the Vav (‫ - ו‬Vav) represents the Six of Zer Anpin (emotional attributes - Chesed (Compassion), Gevurah (Strength), Tifferet (Beauty), Netzach (Victory), Hod (Humility) and Yesod (Foundation) – hence the value of Vav being = 6) with the last Heh being Malkhut (Kingship) - the seventh. In the physical world, specific interactions between the various attributes of the Sefirot can be realized by combining and considering the expansions of the names of G-d to unify the letters (or the energies represented by those letters) using the mystical secrets of Kabbalah and the meditative practices prescribed by it. Every aspect of Jewish ritual that is deeply integrated into the fabric of a Jewish devotee enables a person to achieve a higher state of holiness. The constant reminder of God‘s presence, through rituals, practices, prayer and meditation enable one to reach into the spiritual world from the physical world. That place is closer to the state of Oneness where the light of His countenance can be experienced with increasing degrees of intensity. The improving holistic knowledge of ancient Jewish practices increasingly clarifies their worthiness. Now the intricately woven pieces of all these practices can be bound together with our renewed knowledge of the words of Torah and their meanings, discovered from all the books that expound Torah, resulting in a vision of Judaism being a complete life commitment to a better world,

through holiness, achieved using meditation and actualization. For students of mediation there is no system more advanced and there will never be one that is as advanced and complete as the holistic system and practice of being Jewish.



Going Deeper

The average family cannot trace their roots beyond 3 past generations. This means within 50 years of your death you are likely to be forgotten by the latest generation of your future family. This being the case, what is the purpose of your material life? The truth is that every day of your life is a day in perpetuity, preserved forever and affecting the future forever. In much the same way that every vote counts at the polling booth, every day, every decision, every word and every action counts toward the world you leave for future generations. Every step on the journey to a more fulfilling existence begins with an exercise in self control, especially developing the ability to think, open mindedly, thoughts that are capable of seeing the whole picture and the detail, in order to put into context current events being experienced by you. It is well known to practitioners of Torah and psychology that the intellect, once it grasps an idea, surrounds the concept such that the subject is firmly encompassed within the mind. It is only possible for the subject to be retained in thought if it is fully enclosed and surrounded by the grasp your understanding of the subject provides your mind. The boundary established by your understanding an idea is therefore important because without boundaries there would be no possible way of grasping and retaining any idea. Therefore, the idea being grasped must contain one or more fixed precepts in order for the intellect to fully encompass, digest and ultimately articulate it. This often becomes apparent when ideas, which are not fully formed present as being difficult to articulate, the mind looses focus because it (the idea) failed to capture an attentive mind. When the defined boundaries (understanding) of the idea have not been sufficiently grasped it cannot be correctly understood or articulated, therefore its explanation will be insufficient to ignite the desired interest in the mind of the recipient of the information. By studying the concepts written deeply into the hidden aspects of Torah one is drawn closer to its 'idea' which affects your sense of being as a direct result of the many important precepts that are revealed and grasped in the process. This book contains just a very small sample of those ideas. By embracing knowledge of spiritual paths (Sefirot and the 32 paths of wisdom) from where thoughts and ideas emerge and by total submission one can grasp deeper concepts (associated with any idea). This enables the conscious and subconscious mind to elevate to the spiritual level of the soul, outside the physical presence of the brain, through which the deepest appreciation can be realized.

When the mind is open, in the way of Torah, to contemplate the emergence of a thought the intensity of this internalized focus may lead some people to experience a 'holy light' (overwhelming spiritual intensity) that emanates from God's highest universal realms. Therefore, it is essential to correctly shield oneself, by being consciously aware of the thought exercise because without this grounding several potential disastrous outcomes can occur. In this state of mental openness, complete balance and order are required so that contemplations and meditations are not experienced in ways that could be harmful to the mind. There is a well know story about three ancient and very famous Rabbis that went into an orange orchard to meditate, it goes like this; Four entered the Orchard (Pardes- an acronym meaning four specific modes of interpreting and learning Torah). They were Ben (Ben = Son of) Azzai, Ben Zoma, Acher (literally, "the Other", referring to Elisha ben Abuya), and Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Akiva warned them (speaking abstractly of the spiritual experience they were about to encounter); "When you enter near the stone of pure marble, do not say 'water, water,' (since there is actually no water there at all), and it is written, 'He who speaks falsehood will not be established before My eyes' (Psalms 101:7)." -Ben Azzai gazed and died. Regarding him it is written, "Precious in God's eyes is the death of His pious ones" (Psalms 116:15). -Ben Zoma gazed and was stricken with insanity; he went out of his mind. Regarding him it is written, "You have found honey, eat moderately lest you bloat yourself and vomit it". (Proverbs 25:16) -Acher gazed and cut the plantings i.e. he became a heretic. -Rabbi Akiva entered in peace and departed in peace.... This story illustrates the potential harm that deep spiritual mediation, as documented by Judaism‘s ancient practices, can bring to a person if they are not fully prepared and in a stable mental state. This exaggerates the problem because the vast majority of people will never experience the intensity of the experience of these Rabbi‘s and sages, but there is no way of knowing, in advance, who are the righteous ones amongst us, therefore each person trying this should be prepared. Rabbi Akiva was a teacher of Rabbi Shimeon bar Yochai whose revelations from the time he meditated in a cave for 13 years are to be found in one of the most famous interpretation of Torah, The Zohar.

Kabbalah includes some of the most intense meditation methods and it is known from the writings of the ancient Jewish prophets, priests and sages that properly prepared people can reach very high and holy states. However, as more is revealed, as people become aware of the deeper meanings within each of the Hebrew letters and as balanced and complete study of the Torah is restored to people, so our minds may begin to, once again, explore the methods that were once practiced and our souls may become elevated to the levels that enabled us to call out directly to God and to reach Him through the ways that He prescribed. In Judaism there is a known precept that says Torah study is equal to all the other good deeds that one must do. This is because Torah is the gateway to life‘s purpose and as such it is elevated above every other deed because it is known to shape people in the way that God wants them to be.




Every day millions of Jews around the world follow rituals considered strange by most people, but a closer look reveals practices that are aligned with the souls‘ purpose and practiced by people who cherish their religious and spiritual connection. Ritual states of purity and holiness are actively sought by Jews each day. The deepest of these pursuits is woven into the fabric of their lives and through this projected to the world in order to bring holiness to it. By example, in every Jewish community, dating back 3500 years, there is a person or persons who practice being a Scribe. The job of the Scribe is to write the sacred documents that community members require in order for them to remain holy, to cleave to the commandments of God and to be protected from forces of Evil. The Scribe deals with several types of documents, however there are three primary places that require the Scribes meditative focus to commit on parchment the writings of the prayers and commandments that were handed to the Jewish people by God. Most importantly, the Scribe practices a ritual purification each day before he writes any of these parchments in order that Godliness can be drawn down, through the holy letters committed to the document and the connection he makes in the process of his writing it. Like many Jews, each day the Scribe goes to a place called the Mikvah, a fresh water spring (or modernized version of a spring) in which he in his naked state, submerges his head and body under water to be purified in readiness to write the holy names of God on the parchments. Others who attend the Mikvah do it for personal purification, which is required at prescribed times, some do it daily, but each and every one who attends the Mikvah in cities and towns around the world do so in order to remain sensitive and in touch with their righteousness and to bring holiness into the world. Each day millions of Jewish people meditate, some engage in very deep meditation whilst others simply practice prayer. During the morning, except on Saturday (Sabbath and Holiday's), men meditate using an ancient and specially crafted holy adornment called Tefilin. A pair of Tefilin comprises two leather boxes that are tied with leather straps, to the forehead and on the left arm adjacent to the heart. In each of four compartments contained within the leather boxes of the Tefilin are the words written by the scribe, onto parchment, reminding us of our obligation to remember God, His Commandments, His taking Israel out of bondage from Egypt, the obligation to teach traditions to our children, the words speaking of God‘s Oneness, our mutual bond of love and man‘s declaration of responsibility toward God.

Each of these prayers are written on the parchment and placed in 4 separate compartments of the Tefilin whereby the scribe connects the holiness of God in each universal realm through his work to the article. Tefilin are often considered by Jews to be their antenna to God and many Jews have Tefilin written and made especially for them where the scribe concentrates his prayers during his writing on the person for whom the Tefilin are made. By Orthodox Rabbinical decree, women are not required to wear Tefilin. In addition to Tefilin, the scribe regularly writes a holy document called a Mezuzah, which is attached to the right door post of all gates and external doors as well as doors leading to any room in a home or office that is permanently occupied by a Jewish person. The Mezuzah contains the prayer known as ―Sh‘mah‖ which is recited at the beginning and end of the day by righteous Jews. Many of the same precepts contained in the Tefilin are repeated. The Mezuzah contains the Holy names of G-d and as such provides an ever-present point at a gateway where the souls of Jewish people pass every-day. The Mezuzah is considered to provide a protective force against the side of evil. Finally scribes write and repair Torah scrolls regularly. For thousands of years, from the time of Moses, scribes have painstakingly written each of the 304805 letters and their 300000 adornments into Torah scrolls beginning with the original document that was first transcribed by Moses when he wrote the first 68 chapters before receiving the ten commandments at the commencement of the 40 years the Israelites lived in the desert. Each time a scribe takes on the responsibility for writing a Torah scroll he ensures his complete state of holiness and purification. Rising each day, he meditates toward his holiest state in order that his actions and his writing be in state of Oneness embodied in the document that Jews rely upon as the centerpiece of their ongoing heritage. Bringing holiness is a serious responsibility for the many Jews and righteous people of all religions around the world who participate in their various practices each day. The root practices of meditation and prayer in Judaism has been deeply buried in the texts of Kabbalah for thousands of years. The last recorded times that these were practiced in their ancient form, resembling some of the deepest and most intense meditations, were around the times of the first temple, some 2800 years ago. In the past 50 years there has been an attempt by many religious scholars to outline, document and re-assemble the details of these Jewish mediation mantra‘s and the methodologies that were once the daily practice of some of the holiest souls our planet has ever had the privilege of accommodating.



Getting There

Each of our souls is sourced from the One Soul which is the Light of the Essence of The Holy One. Each one of us is capable of making change in our lives, but when confronted with issues that we don‘t understand or don‘t wish to understand, change often becomes daunting, scary and most times undesirable. Problems in one‘s life are at times suppressed because they are too hard to deal with. Jealousy, pain, drugs, marriage, divorce, kids, suicide, depression, education, career, peer groups, misbehavior, all types of disease, drinking and a myriad of other cultural sub-cluster issues impact on our ability to come up for a breath of clean air. The minute we do we are overwhelmed by the requirements of the material world in which most of us live our complex lives. So have we forgotten our purpose? Are we simply a victim of our own desires? Has the noise of desire become too loud? Can we turn back the clock? Do we need to turn back the clock? Where do we get Help! In fact the answers are very easy, they are staring us in the face, they are with us every minute of every day, but we are blind to them. Our soul is our purpose! Our soul is the guiding light that empowers us! Our soul is the energy that God has given us! Our soul is the navigation device of life! Your soul, if treated with deep regard, appreciation and a conscious sense of responsibility toward it, will benefit society by your special care of it. If we treat the soul as the separate entity that it is, then we may be able to rebuild the necessary bridges to restore it to the forefront of our conscious minds, to the place that God intended for it when He created Adam in His

image. If we develop the conscious capacity to distinguish our physical presence, from the presence of the entity, the spiritual soul, we will improve our understanding and awareness of the things we do each day that distort our ability to be guided by our soul. With improved awareness of the soul we would naturally shift our perspective on life away from the issues that we perceive to be important to us, toward those that are actually important, but to which we pay lip service because of 'noise'. The soul is our navigation device through which our consciousness is connected to The Oneness of higher worlds. If we build the capabilities required to listen carefully to what 'it' is telling us, we will be better off for it. Our free will is able to work with or against the pure inclination of the soul. Until and unless we listen to our soul we remain ineffective in context of the capacity to unify opposites in the eyes of God (the state of Oneness)! We may eventually arrive, by brute force, at the place our conscious minds want us to go, but we risk a danger of distortion, going beyond the point of no return where societies of souls can no longer be redeemed because our self inflicted actions do not serve the inner purpose each of us possess. Learning how to listen to our soul is a skill we once possessed and can reestablish or re-develop, but for now most of have lost the ability to connect with it. Perhaps we don‘t have to discover how to listen to our soul in order to improve our lives, perhaps things are simpler and easier than all that, perhaps God, in His Absolute Wisdom already considered this point in the evolution of man. By recognizing the soul as the separate entity it is, by subconsciously perceiving its' presence, its' connection to the higher worlds and ultimately to God and by consciously recognizing that it works in a defined manner we will realize that it needs to be nurtured. Then for the sake of all souls and for the sake of man and God in the great struggle between evil and good, embracing and making a place for the soul in our conscious thought would enable us to reconnect with our individual purpose to make the world a better place for all.




To achieve anything in life one must become dedicated to achieving it. Only an investment of time, focus and action will produce desired results. When Israel emerged from their captivity in ancient Egypt, after a 210 year exile, they were a loosely assembled nation in a state that was about to undergo a massive spiritual metamorphosis. As Moses led Israel out of Egypt in this great exodus, of more than 2 million people, those that followed were overwhelmed, confused, bewildered and uncertain of the future that lay before them, yet they followed because they believed that some greater force was directing the masses. This time, which is frequently mentioned in Torah is constantly referenced in Jewish prayers and rituals, it is a time during which these people simultaneously elevated themselves to the highest most intense points of holiness as the spiritual worlds descended, greatly affecting the way they thought and acted. During the 49 days, from the time they left Egypt to the day they received the Torah, the soul of every person was exposed to this most intense spiritual experience. The events leading to their departure, the pursuit by Pharaoh in the desert, the parting of the sea and the revelation at Mt. Sinai are the significant high points during which overwhelming and massive feelings of righteousness and holiness rapidly ascended in the minds and the bodies of each person living through the experience. The souls of all those people were intensely affected as they were freed from their consciousness by these special energies and emotions. They were immediately restored their once heightened state igniting within them the desire to return to the practice of prayer and meditation that had been obscured from them during their lifetimes in captivity. Thereafter, the establishment of the priesthood and the sanctuary (Mishkan) in the desert served to direct the actions and practices of Israelites enabling them to attain and maintain these heightened states of holiness in the presence of God. In the midst of their experience after crossing the sea, but before receiving the Torah, the people refused to submit to the higher experience of their soul state, instead they questioned Moses leadership and his oneness with God as reasons for their lack of water. God commanded and Moses decreed that anyone over the age of 20 (the age of permanence when the soul manifests in the body) were never to enter the Holy Land and Israel was banished to a 40 year period of spiritual cleansing in the desert. This became the nations‘ preparation for their entry to a land in which their entire purpose was to be directed to the establishment of a permanent dwelling

place for God. After receiving the Ten Commandments and Torah, the entire community turned their attention to the connection with their higher soul state. Those banished to remain in the desert, particularly men, would spend most of their days in deep states of prayer and meditation. Their food was basic, their bodily excretions were almost non-existent consuming exactly what their bodies required and their mental and physical states were completely integrated and directed to remaining in the highest states of holiness and spiritual order. Those who were 20 or older knew they were going to die in the desert and they eventually submitted entirely to this will of God, because the nation of Israel could not go into the holy land until the generation (above 20) that fled Egypt had passed on. At nightfall many who meditated from sunrise to well beyond sunset would position themselves in holes they had dug in the sand in preparation for the event that in their highest states their souls would pass to the higher worlds. Many people died in this dedicated way because it had become their objective to reach and retain such intense spiritual states so that their generation would essentially pass to the highest worlds that had enveloped them in the desert. This intensely holy period of history (approximately 3700 years ago) established the origins of Judaism and of all religions and spiritual doctrines which followed, to varying degrees, the dedication to the holy practices and principles of monotheism that emerged amongst cultures from the time of Abraham and continuing through the time of Moses.



Soul Searching

Spend more time contemplating the makeup of your soul or meditating frequently to deflect the noise of life, to reach into your deeper intellect and higher soulful state. This process is akin to a slow unraveling of an onion‘s layers, but in this case each is a layer of 'noise' that distracts and prevents you (the average person) from connecting with your inner 'self'. People who are able to invoke a meditative process through truthful prayer begin a journey to cleanse and remove the layers that disturb their revealing the inner soul. This is applicable to everyone regardless of how well connected to God you may be, regardless of how holy you feel, how rich you are or how important you are, when this process is conducted thoroughly it will reveal weakness surrounding every soul, weakness that needs to be contemplated in order to remove layers and find ones true sense and true purpose and to be strengthened on the journey. ‗Soul searching‘ is a well known phrase, but soul searching armed with an understanding of the soul‘s construct and ways to reach deeper, is a very different process, which can lead to a continuously productive and very healthy outcome for all. Without you first making this soul connection there can be no resolution and cleansing of its attached impurities, there can be no recognition of the issues that cause the decay, the decline or the walk down the slippery path on which man traverses life on this planet. A world which devotes more of its time to self-discovery will be wiser for sure, but there are dangers lurking in dead end and blunt solutions that mask themselves to be the solutions we seek. These days pursuit of lifestyle, living and well being occupy more and more of our collective time, but too often people compromise and follow systems that are flawed or do not carry with them the capacity to set vast societies of large numbers of people on a credible path that is imbued with the wisdom necessary to answer every question and solve so many of the daunting issues we face. The path forward to a perfectly defined system of the soul is already in existence. It is so deep and perplexing that it has remained compelling enough to retain the interests of the most advanced minds ever. Man has already worked out how to analyze the minds of people, we already know how to identify compatibility, we know how to spot dangers, but we don‘t apply these thoughts and we don‘t seek to create a society that benefits from this perfected logic. A strange, but compelling contradiction! The world is filled with great souls, special people that play second fiddle in the orchestras of society, people who make their life in the study of holiness, in teaching righteousness and rightfulness, people who dig very deep into the wisdom's of minds mostly ignored because our obsession with the

material world distracts us. These people are the fabric of our society the defenders of the truth, the balanced minds that bring a sense of equilibrium to attitudes and positions of good and evil, these are the people that guide us, that we identify with because they are special, yet lurking, intermixed with these holy souls are those that profess the qualities of holiness, but themselves are incomplete. If we fail to identify the right people to advise us and to connect with, we may just continue to support a self inflicted spiral toward hopelessness. Modern fundamentalism bordering terrorism is an obvious trait housed within religious groups who appear to be holy in their construct. Even though these people have chosen a path of holiness and may identify with holy people, their ways and their causes are not holy at all they are often the evil souls that know no good. Holiness has a specific and very particular meaning associated with words like purity, Godliness, righteousness, sanctity, saintliness, devoutness and devotion. Mostly it can only be associated with those people who have truly sacrificed their time and often most of their life to the benefit of other people and to those who seek cleansing and completeness of their own souls before seeking ways to correct others.




The words of Torah were dictated to Moses and gifted to the nation of Israel in the desert at Mt. Sinai. They contain the seeds for teachings which are uncannily wise. From them, we derive wisdom's using meanings obtained through the multi-dimensional holy Hebrew language as well as references from the oral Torah established through experiences of the Jewish Nation. Law originates from Torah, philosophy, science and medicine are based on its teachings, mathematics comes from the core of its numeric construct, but most of all, Torah explicitly tells us how we can be better people. It is the most widely documented system for the teaching of moral values and of all things spiritual. There are literally tens of thousands of books devoted to it expounding and articulating its inner meanings. The U.S. Congress officially recognized Torah's universally accepted Laws in legislation passed by both houses. The President of the United States, George Bush Snr., indicated in Public Law 102-14, of the 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah. They went further stating that these Laws have been the bedrock of society since the dawn of civilization. They acknowledged that the Seven Laws of Noah are the foundation upon which civilization stands and that weakening of these principles threatened the very fabric of society. Educating the Citizens of the United States of America and future generations therefore became a priority for which Public Law designated March 26 as Education Day, U.S.A. The laws are specifically stated in the Torah as being those that apply to all people who are not members of the nation of Israel. They are well known precepts that outline judicial guidance for ordered law abiding communities. These laws have been expounded upon by students of the Bible and developed through analysis to the effect that the 7 laws of Noah are in fact the main branches of a significant tree of prohibitions which ultimately became the laws of modern societies. The main branches of the tree are; - Idolatry is forbidden. Man is commanded to believe in One God alone and to be unified in this. - Incestuous and adulterous relations are forbidden. Humans are beyond simplified objects of sexual desire and baseless submission to sexual desire does not benefit humanity. - Murder is forbidden. The life of a human being, formed in God's image, is sacred and needs to be held in high regard.

- Using the Name of God in vain is forbidden. Honor and respect God's Names and know from this precept that our speech must be sanctified, as it is the distinctive sign that separates man from beast. - Theft is forbidden. The world and its possessions are not ours to do with as we please. - Eating the flesh of a living animal is forbidden. Be sensitive and respectful of all animals. - Man is commanded to establish courts of justice and a just social order to enforce the first six laws and enact other laws or customs. Though the laws of Noah have progressively developed into the laws governing modern secular societies, Israel's laws were specified in detail at the time Torah was granted. 613 positive and negative commandments and 7 Noahide laws or the 7 laws of Israel‘s sages make 620 commandments in total. The details contained in the 248 positive commandments and 365 negative prohibitions of Israel's Torah law automatically formed the basis for a society which would be ordered by its commitment to holiness and complete regard and submission to one God. The principles in Torah provided guidance to early societies. Today, those same modernized societies have abandoned their recognition and knowledge of Israel‘s principal priestly purpose, inherent in its' Torah laws. Societal laws today including the secular laws of Israel that are meant to reflect the origin of Torah law fail to do so. Israel's multi-cultural society continues to adopt secular laws that water down the underlying higher purpose of Torah's more caring and purposeful focus intended to defend humanities heart and soul epicenter. Israel‘s political regime ought to recognize more fervently the role the 620 commandments have played in the developing consciousness of humanity, because they are dynamic, in them is a continual source of higher guidance of significant benefit to the world's modern legal doctrines. Jews, the world over, who intensely study Torah continue to reveal aspects of and provide guidance derived from these commandments so that their meanings ultimately find their way into the precedents of the law courts. The role of Jews in this respect is akin to that of a feeder system where new understandings are bubbling to the surface, where discussions and revelations point the world toward a higher level of consciousness so that legal and moral environments become more humane and more representative of the world intended by God.


Through the common laws of society, Noah‘s 7 universal laws and the 620 commandments we must bring our societies closer to focus on self rectification and repair. Our world must recognize its faults and responsibility to turn out better people through improved integration of holy laws and precepts that are integrated into political regimes. Look a little deeper, with an open mind to learning, then perhaps we will all discover that the laws of the Torah are based on enormously deep precepts that are continuously being studied and expressed. The extrapolation of Torah's 620 commandments lead to new understandings that will continue to turn the world right side up pointing it toward a more humane and adjusted path, a unification of divergent views, a path to peace and blessings, which is Israel's purpose in the world.



The Temple

It is prophesied in the end of days, the times of the Messiah, that the third and final temple will be built in Jerusalem on the exact site at which Isaac was circumcised by Abraham. The Zohar states the land on which the temple will be built will not be re-occupied by a building until the earth is ready to receive this meaningful building. In the chronology of events and prophecies of the Torah, 5765 (2005CE) through 6000 is the approach to the Messianic era, being the eve of the Sabbath millennium (the 7000th years). The time is approaching when religious cultures of the world, particularly Christianity and Islam, will recognize and support revealed truth. This is the line of truth that George Bush 'stumbled' upon and against which radical Islam continues to fight. Continuing revelations that modify societal perspectives make it difficult to disregard the heightened importance of the Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge revealed through deep devotion and study by Jews and righteous non-Jews of Torah, of holy writings and prevailing logic. By continuous delving into the deepest source of the Hebrew Torah texts (not the confusing translations or derivatives which have lost touch with the truth by virtue of language disconnect), man will be guided to a better world and through the popular emergence of mystical Kabbalah and the mystical science of Torah all cultures and civilizations will benefit. Regardless, there remains no apparent reason to reject the wisdom of any peaceful teachings especially those of the world‘s oldest and most recognized religious cultures. The prevailing logic amongst the major religions of our world must find, through their teachings, a support for coexistence with those that believe in the greater unity and Oneness of God along with those that embrace and promote humility. Further and on the basis that we all have something significant to loose, there is no logical reason to reject the established views of each of these doctrines to discover debate, adopt and embrace the prophecies that are said to bring about the redemption of man. Every person on earth is, by default, a beneficiary of this Temple the pinnacle holy event of humanity. Only thoughts that emanate from the side of Severity empower the reverse logic. When the land at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was occupied by Arabs in the late part of the first millennium after the beginning of the Common Era, the struggle by Jews to occupy even a small part of this holy space became the prime focus of anti-Jewish activity for a thousand years. In 1948 and finally in 1967 the Jews after a 2000 year struggle re-gained access to this holiest of sites. In the past 40 years it has become increasingly evident that the world, albeit tenuously, intends to support Israel's right to occupy its

holy land. This will become increasingly entrenched in decades to come, but only if civilizations recognize the importance of a unique Jewish culture who, throughout history, have shown their capacity to act and who do act as the barometer of human consciousness through the precepts of Torah that are engrained into their genetic psyche. However, most Jews in the world will first face their own serious challenges as they struggle to accept and find the terminology that reveals Torah's inner logic. Each day there is a line in prayer that says; ―…break the yolk of nations from our neck and speedily lead us upright to our land‖ As the holy people of Israel are progressively recognized for the priestly value they bring to the world, so people will realize that alternative national holy systems and icons and the political regimes that once were established to challenge and dismantle Judaism no longer embody the same anger and jealousy that helped power those vessels in the first instance. We are coming to the realization that we are indeed one world, one people who believe in one God, all seeking a common goal, to bring ourselves closer to a life that is aligned with God's greater unified system, to restore the world to the Garden of Eden that it once was. Only then will we all begin to understand that our ways must lead us to find a change for the better. A change that causes our thinking to converge, a change enabling people to become settled with their roles in the greater scheme of God‘s Plan and a change that recognizes the importance of the holy people of Israel who are ultimately charged with a very significant responsibility to lead the world on its march to its higher state of holiness. During this the last few hundred years before the coming of the Messiah, in the time we are all now living, it is known there will be a period of great Supernal Light when pure knowledge, devoid of distortion is accessible to all and exponentially abundant, where the falsehoods of the past are corrected and our lives improved, where the known truth begins to move toward its position in the centre. During a time like this perhaps some can see how a very different positive world can rapidly evolve. As technology is rapidly shifting the balance to empower ‗us‘ of the mainstream populations of the world, we can demand that which we collectively believe realizing that God‘s Greater System of Holiness can be revealed on earth in ways that are simply profound and to most people, unbelievable. Clearly the future remains to be seen, but we can and do receive miracles at a faster rate today than we have ever been able to in the past. Collectively we are smarter and wiser. As long as we remain God‘s

children, as long as we continue to honor Him and all He stands for and as long as we converge our thinking to fully respect and discover the plan that God intended for us, perhaps then we will envisage a future that is filled with enormous promise and hope. After receiving the 10 Commandments at Mount Sinai Israel were commanded by God to build a temple, the place in which the world could be united with the heavens above. A temple that could travel with them during their time in the desert, God said; ―make me a sanctuary and I will dwell within you‖. Known as the Mishkan, Betzalel was selected by God who commanded that Moses appoint him to build the Mishkan. The specific reason Betzalel was chosen can be seen when we peer deeply into the meaning of his name: The relationship between the names of Adam and Betzalel are alluded to in the first verse of the Torah (Genesis 1:27) where God creates man in His own image. The values in the names of Adam and Betzalel highlight many esoteric secrets that allude to the relationship of their souls including the equivalence of their normative (inner) and ordinal (outer) values as well as the relationships to 'good' 'life'. In each of these names the smaller values of the ordinal and normative letters = 9. Nine is the known eternal number. From this and many other sources we see that Betzalel was able to see and know as much as Adam was able to feel and be and it is for this reason God specifically chose Betzalel requiring his soul to be in the midst of the nation of Israel at the time the Mishkan was to be built. When one studies the enormously intricate detail of the Mishkan‘s design and construction one is able to glimpse the soulful objectives, which this temple embodied through the craftsmanship of Betzalel. The Mishkan was founded in the mystical logic of Kabbalah and brought down to form the blueprint for the construction of the first and second temples almost 1000 and 1500 years later. The actions of man have brought us all to a confused state, but one which will be rectified. We remain limited by our self perceptions and characterizations of that which we have simply learned to refer to as God, but as we come to a realization that we are all bound by The Universal One we will desire a return to the sense of unifying temple culture. A culture that will prevail for all people and all time.



The Past in the Future

Kabbalah says the beginning is in the end; all things connected, so it is with truth. As ageing civilizations of the world grow wiser they begin to recognize 'truth'. In time we will all come to know that assumed axioms, like the example; the Earth rotates around the Sun are an oversimplification, an inaccurate play on words, the promotion of an ignorant state. The creation of the Universe and the significance of life on our planet are not just some impossible combination, chance events of random science, after all how would even that chance come into existence? Rather, we must surely be the center of a deeply conceived and unified System of Greater Wisdom that rules over all. Interstellar discoveries will come and go, we will continue to find the big and the small, the super hot and the super cold, but we will never discover another planet like Earth located in the unimaginable balance, established in a galaxy, in a solar system that provides the perfected environment for an abundance of life and living. On the contrary, let me propose; as man discovers more, the reverse will occur, we will see the hostility of space well beyond our solar system, we will discover the miraculous, but volatile sub atomic building blocks of nature and through these windows we will progressively realize that Earth is the center of the universe, the Sabbath that was intended in the advent of His creation. Kabbalah, which extrapolates the meaning of 'mans creation in the image of God' talks of 'man' in the broader sense of the word, a sense in which all of 'man' could consciously operate as if it were One Soul, One Mind and One Body, each knowing their respective place, each with a role, each making a contribution to the greater Unity. In this sense Judaism governed by its Wisdom could be said to represent the head, Christianity governed by Kindness the right arm, Islam governed by its greater Strength the left arm with the balance of the religious orders making the functional body of Supernal Man. In this analogy all people functioning as One Soul could only ever emerge if each recognized and submitted to the vision of man in the image of God, a greater image than any individual or society could conjecture or conceive. Greater sensitivity and awareness in all respects is called for! An awareness that arrives at a deeper more meaningful path, one that inspires, motivates and directs people to see deeper, act deeper and think deeper to become

more intelligent about existence and each transcendent soul. Armed with this greater knowledge, we could work together, play together, create together, live together, care together and think together in ways that are far more intelligent than man has ever been able to apply in the past. With new knowledge we could shift from the savages of our dog eat dog material world to a world facilitated by once unbelievable emerging technologies, but founded in their spiritual purpose. A world, which begins to support a more closely integrated global society, which focuses less on physical growth and more on spiritual growth, primarily through the qualities imbued by each person reaching for their higher holy state in the presence of The Maker. Truth and holiness are the cornerstones of societies that will progressively see the world for what it is. Identifying the superfluous lies and rhetoric that insulate insecurities will pave the way for improved logic in the choices that societies make. As the masses discover their collective power and begin to protect their rights to discover truth, more balanced societies and improving life will cause global economics to yield to the demands of that truth. Taking all factors into consideration the worlds active minds will be increasingly applied to causes of righteousness and holiness because the incentive systems of the world will begin shifting back to the sensitive values of old where holy people with knowledge, wisdom and powers of perception were recognized for their abilities and were rapidly sought out by the mainstream. These mentors of society will electronically connect through the world assisting people with real needs, people who wish to complete themselves in ways that make them happier, more productive and satisfied through their own confidence, self worth and discovery of purpose. Then, the world will begin to change in ways that bring revelations to all people, miracles that we cannot perceive or conceive. It all starts and ends in the beginning130, in the creation of God‘s perfect world, the one He positioned in the center of His universe, the one around which the aggregate of all galaxies and star systems rotate. The one for which He created man in perfect knowledge, after which came the events of the forbidden tree of Knowledge and for almost 6000 years we have been on a track to restore that moment in time, to restore intellectual man in the image of God. There is a known inner meaning of the unique day on the Hebrew Calendar, 15-Menachem-Av, on which the verse from The Book of Job speaks with regard to the redemption and the world to come, ["He will put an end to and terminate all darkness," ―‫" = 888 =קץ שם לחשך‬I am G-d without ever Iggeret HaKodesh, middle of Epistle 20 – 8 Tishrei – Pg 400


changing" ―‫( 42([ = ]‖אני י׳ה׳ו׳ה לא שניתי‬all the possible combinations of the 4letter explicit name) x 37 (Yechidah, unique-essence, ‫ יחידה‬and our highest soul state)].


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