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Name : Vijaya Katturi Qualification : M.Tech(CSE) Ph : +919505938526 Mail Ids 1. 2.

Intend to build a career with leading research people, with committed and dedicated people which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential. Willing to be a key player in challenging & creative environment.


Qualification M. Tech(CSE)

Board/University IIT Guwahati

Percentage 6.76

Year 2009

B. Tech(CSE)

JNTU College of Engg., Anantapur,AP Board of TE&T,AP



Diploma in Computer Engineering(D.CM.E) SSC



Board of Secondary Education,AP



Languages : C, C++, Core Java Operating Systems : Windows, Linux

• • • • Computer Networks Operating Systems Data Base Management System Data Structures



“Fast MAC Vertical Handoffs Between 802.11


802.16 with Dual-Mode Dual Radios”
The development of wireless networks bring people great convenience. Next generation wireless communications will likely rely on integrated networks consisting of multiple wireless technologies. Hybrid networks based , for instance, on systems such as WMAN and WLAN can combine their respective advangates on coverage and data rates. WLAN is provided in hotspots, places like coffee bars, airports, shopping centres etc. where the hotspots are covered by access poings. As the mobile node moves, it may leave the current wireless network and enter another wireless network, vertical handoff should be taken to

the new network so as to maintain the current connection. Existing methods require more time for the vertical handoff process, which causes serious problems for multimedia applications like audio and video streaming and real time applications like VOIP. Vertical Handoff delay should be minimum to have seamless vertical handoff. This is a proposal for a Layer2 handoff method to reduce the vertical handoff delay. In this method, we have mobile with two radios and each has the dual-mode capability, and the WLAN having the extended region capability. The second interface is switched between 802.16 mode and 802.11 mode to know ahead to which network it is about to enter. Mobile node comes to know about its nearby network before actually entering the network, thereby reducing vertical handoff delay, making it suitable to seamless vertical handoff.

2. B.Tech Thesis Title: “Credit Lending System”
As a lender, the banks biggest challenges is to increase business without increasing risk. The credit risk minimization solutions allow the bankers, leading credit card issuers, loan lenders to tune their requirements using software. Retail lending institutions can use such solution to improve credit decisions, thereby increasing return on investment. Major credit card issuers such as Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover Card use credit history and recent credit score as a measure for their decisions to lend credit cards ( they lend billions of dollars using such measure) and to determine lending interest rates. People with no credit history or bad credit history would be given credit cards with high interest rates since they pose more risk in repayment. This system has potential applications in banking and works as a case study even though built with simple functionality. • The bankers should be able to input their capacity in terms of their credit scores, available money to lend, credit limits per person. • This should be simple and fast that should banker to generate more business while keeping risks in control satisfying bankers capacity limits.

Name Gender Father’s Name Marital Status Languages Known Nationality : Vijaya Katturi : Male : Sri Dasu : Single : Telugu, English : Indian

Listening to music, playing volleyball, playing carroms.

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. Date: Place: IIT Guwahati

(Vijaya Katturi)