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PowerPoint 2013 Chapter 1 Creating and Editing Presentations 11/25/13


Independent Project 1-5
The Advising Offices in the Sierra Pacific Community College (SPCC) District work to assist students throughout
the completion of their academic programs. Because SPCC has a large population of students who are retraining
themselves for different types of employment, job-related information is especially important. For this project,
you prepare a presentation about writing resumes. This project has been modified for use in SIMnet.
Skills Covered in This Project
Open a presentation using an online
Add slides.
Reuse slides from another presentation.
Rearrange slides.
Change theme colors.
Change bullets.
Adjust placeholders.
Check spelling.
Apply transitions.
Print a handout.
Save a presentation

When you are finished with this project, your presentation should contain 6 slides. If it does not, your project
will not grade properly and you may lose a significant number of points
1. Open the PP2013-IndependentProject-1-5 start file.
NOTE: If the document opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message
Bar at the top of the document so you can modify it.
2. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to
do so by your instructor, and save it.
3. On slide 1, type the following text:
Title Resume Updates
Subtitle Your First Impression
4. After slide 1, insert two new slides. Type the following text for slides 2 and 3:
Slide 2 Title Accomplishments, Not Duties
Bulleted items Include only the most impressive details about your career
Quantify your day-to-day tasks
How many times?
What was the result?
How much money was saved?
Slide 3 Title: Proofread
Bulleted items Employers take spelling and grammar errors as signs of carelessness
Ask a trusted friend or colleague to look at your resume
5. Reuse slides from another presentation.
a. Click the New Slide list arrow and select Reuse Slides.
b. On the Reuse Slides pane, click Browse; then select Browse file and locate the resources file
ResumeUpdates-01 (downloaded from the Resources link) and click Open.
Note: Download the resource file(s) needed for this project from the Resources link. Make sure
to extract the file(s) after downloading the resources zipped folder
c. On the Reuse Slides pane, click all three slides to insert them.
d. Close the Reuse Slides pane.

Step 1
start file

PowerPoint 2013 Chapter 1 Creating and Editing Presentations 11/25/13
6. Move the slide 3 (Proofread) thumbnail
to the end of the presentation.
7. Change theme colors.
a. Click the View tab; then the Slide
Master button.
b. Select the first Master Layout on
the left so your color changes are
applied to all slides.
c. Click the Colors button and select
the Blue II theme colors
(Figure 1-106).
d. Click the Close Master View
8. On slide 2, change the bullets to
emphasize them more.
a. Select the level 1 bulleted text.
b. Click the Bullets list arrow and
select Bullets and Numbering.
c. Click the Color button and select Dark Teal, Text 2.
d. Change the size to 80% of text if necessary.
e. Click the Customize button and change the font to Wingdings 2 (Figure 1-107).
f. Select the large diamond (Character code 191) and click OK to close the Symbol dialog box.
g. Click OK again to close the Bullets and Numbering
dialog box.
9. On slide 2, resize the top of the bulleted text placeholder
by dragging it down so the text does not overlap the
decorative blue title area. Repeat for all other slides.
10. Use Format Painter to change the level 1 bullets on all
other slides.
11. On slide 1, change the title and subtitle placeholders to
Left alignment; then align both placeholders on the left
(but not to the slide) (Figure 1-108).
12. Click the Spelling button and correct any spelling errors you find.
13. Apply one transition to all slides.
a. Click the Transitions tab and apply the
Reveal transition.
b. Apply the Through Black from Right
effect option.
c. Click Apply To All.

PowerPoint 2013 Chapter 1 Creating and Editing Presentations 11/25/13
14. Set slides to print as an outline (Figure 1-109).
a. Click the File tab; then click the Print button on the
b. Select the appropriate printer.
c. Change the following Settings by clicking the list
arrow for each option as necessary:
Which Slides to Print: Print All Slides
What to Print: Outline
Print Side: Print One Sided
Print Order: Collated
Orientation: Portrait
Color Range: Grayscale
d. Click the back arrow of the Backstage view to
return to the presentation.
15. Save and close the presentation (Figure 1-110).
16. Upload and save your project file.
17. Submit project for grading.

Step 3
Grade my
Step 2
Upload &