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Understanding learner factors, motivation, styles and backgrounds

Cross-cultural awareness
Classroom Management: Including teaching across age groups as well as teaching i
n a multi-level classroom.
Class observations and practicum: co-teach or assist in an ESL class
Effective teaching methods
Technology in the classroom
Assessment and testing
Different ways of developing a lesson plan
Interactive projects, videos, and guest speakers
Students must have a B.A. degree
Skills and Techniques I:
This class focuses on how to teach speaking, listening, pronunciation and commun
icative grammar. You will practice giving clear directions and presenting new ma
terial interactively. You also learn how to evaluate, adapt and create EFL class
room resources. You gain various techniques for challenging teaching scenarios a
nd different learning styles.
Skills and Techniques II:?
Skills II covers how to teach reading and writing, with both an academic and non
academic focus. Pre and post activities and vocabulary building are presented as
well. You will learn the sequential process of reading and writing lessons, and
how to prepare and present those lessons.
Lesson Planning:
In this class, students will learn how to plan, use and adapt their class lesson
s through observation and by evaluating their own lesson plans. Pacing, timing,
activities, and integration of the four skills will be covered. In addition, the
students will get assistance in planning their lessons for their practice teach
All three courses above incorporate:
readings and discussion
observation of professional ESL teachers in the classroom
peer-teaching and feedback
Practice Teaching:
Each MTTP trainee works with a partner to develop cohesive lesson plans which th
ey implement during their practice teaching. You will practice teach an actual c
lass of ESL students for 10 hours, acquiring skills while idenftifying your stre
ngths and weaknesses. Each MTTP trainee is observed five times by an instructor
and receives both written and oral feedback after each observation.
Grammar Review:
Trainees are given a review of grammar terminology and basic structures. You wil
l also become aware of elements of presenting new material in grammar and some w
ays of providing practice.
Seminar Topics:
Presentations are given by experts on various topics. Some possible topics:
teaching children
Business English
games and music
cross-cultural issues
using video in the classroom
teaching TOEFL preparation
classroom management
creative writing activities
computer assisted language learning
teaching with limited resources
why teaching??
Teaching is without doubt onhe of the most rewarding professions. It offers cons
tant intellectual callenge and stimulation, good career prospects and, above all
, the opportunity to make a difference.
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Postgraduate courses from The Open University
The government has put teachers at the heart of the drive to raise standards acr
oss the education system. Now teachers in particular will play a crucial role. T
he countrys economic and cultural future depends on high academic standards being
achieved in our schools, and teachers help us make this happen.