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By Jake Anthony (C) ‘IQ Inc’. 1990. 2009.


Jake Anthony

The driving force behind this series of publications was born in England, just one year into World War Two. People dying not in combat but from health problems relating to lifestyle, including his own parents,was the life-amending catalyst which launched Jake Anthony’s lifelong interest in health, fitness and life extension - and a search for answers. A wish to become a professional actor and writer was fulfilled through hard work and dedication against the odds, and Jake Anthony obtained a degree of ‘celebrity’ over the years. His work as a character actor can still be seen on TV from time to time. Jake also became one of the most published writers who nobody knows about! This was due to his work going mainly

uncredited as an internationally published journalist in advertising and PR; under pseudonyms as author, with many ‘to-kill-for’ reviews; and as editor and/or ghost writer for others. Jake had a couple of small ‘best sellers’ in the East and the West, and is the man behind a handful of ‘cult’ novels which change hands for large sums via on-line booksellers. Another life-amending incident occurred when his extremely fit and healthy actor and stunt man son, died from an interaction between prescribed drugs. Like ‘Lord Jim’ - Joseph Conrad’s character in the book and movie - Jake left his homeland and wandered the Orient for 20 plus years trying to make sense of it all. This was interrupted by a series of health disasters at the hands of the allopathic medical system in the West which would have killed most people. Ironically, they were initiated by prescribed drugs that were supposed to cure, not kill. This was added to by the Western system of treating the symptom rather than fully identifying the cause. Jake’s series of the potential lifestyle based killers included cancer, crisis level hypertension, borderline type-2 diabetes, acute and chronic pancreatitis, and gallstones. As prescribed drugs had initiated his series of interlinked health disasters - and time after time exacerbated them - Jake turned his back on the Western medical system and from then on utilised nutritional, holistic and alternative therapies known about for thousands of years in the Orient and the East. His host of ailments regressed or were controlled, and extra decades of life were obtained. Some joint problems came later, but you would not believe it when you see the author pumping iron and skipping (jump rope) like an in-shape boxer. The author’s ‘beating the odds’experience and use of holistic and alternative therapies, almost certainly played a part in his survival. The ‘How To’ and ‘Why’ are detailed in this series of books. Jake’s fit and youthful appearance belies the fact that he is technically a senior citizen, well over the age of retirement. Knowledge is power. Your choice.

Packaged by IQ Inc. International licencing enquiries: (C) 1990. 2009. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reprinted or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise, except for brief extracts for the purpose of review, without prior permission in writing from the publisher. ISBN: 974-73137-0-7 First Pressing: E-Book September 2009.


This is the first of Eight Books in The ‘Holistic Health’ series Included in this publication are extracts taken from the books to follow. However, this book is complete in itself and comprehensively covers the contents as indicated and detailed on the cover and Contents pages.


CONTENTS FOREWORD 1. ABOUT THE AUTHOR & HOW HE CAME TO WRITE THIS SERIES OF HOLISTIC HEALTH BOOKS Growing Old Disgracefully 2. HOW TO USE THIS BOOK 3. LIFESTYLE CURES FOR KILLER DISEASES Doctors Can Be Bad For Your Health - The Proof Disease Mongering Same Gene Pool; Different Health Results Big Food’s Subtle Health Destroying Scam What Doctors Didn’t Tell Me They Almost Killed Me Lifestyle Based Diseases Your New Direction Big Pharma’s Big Vitamin Scam The Shocking Truth About Big Pharma Killing the Elderly with Inappropriate Drugs The OrientalAlternative




5. HOLISTIC ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES FOR LIFESTYLE BASED DISEASES Happy 150’th Birthday The Miracle of Stem Cells Where is Stem Cell Research At? ‘Muktavati: The Cure for Hypertension: Personal Experience Vitamin C Therapy Vitamin B17 & Cancer Preention MSM - Its Role in Cancer Prevention & Cure Your pH & Sodium Bicarbonate Can Prevent & Cure Cancer Sunlight & Cancer Prevention Health & Oxygen Stabilised Oxygen Sodium Chlorite (MMS): The Miracle Cure For Aids, Cancer, Malaria, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Bacteria and Viral Infections? Sodium Chlorite (MMS): The Protocol MMS: Independent Review of Detoxifying Claims Sodium Chlorite (MMS): Personal Experience Lung Disease: Nature’s Miracle Way of Cleansing Smokers’Lungs What is Hydrogen Peroxide? Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis Ozone (03): As a Preventative Therapy Far Infrared Therapy Personal Experience of Ozone & Far Infrared Therapy Proof That Oxygen Therapy Works & Helps Diabetes Problems Hydrotherapy

Colonic Irrigation Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): The Miracle Cure For Cancer? Sonodynamic Therapy (SPDT): The Miracle Cure For Cancer? Virgin Coconut Oil & Heart Health How Hydrogenated Fats & Oils Can Kill You Transfat, Pregnancy, Breast Milk & Your Baby’s Intellectual & Physical Health Epsom Salts Why Organic Is Best - The Proof Yes, Organic Truly is Best Wildcrafted The Case For Sea Salt Concentrated Fruit Juice Is Not The Real Thing How Microwave Cooking is Killing You A Fast & Healthier Alternative to Microwave Cooking Lifestyle - Versus - Statin Drugs Your New Direction Codex Alimentarius In The USA Dramatic Restrictions To Our Herbs & Vitamins Via Codex Alimentarius How To Beat Codex Alimentarius


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (Nutrition) Dr. Robert J. Woodward B.Pharm., Ph.D., M.Royal Pharm. Soc., C. Chem., F.R.S.C. (Cancer & PDT) Dr. Colin Hopper. MBBS, BDS (Hons), FDSRCS (Eng). David Longman. • The knowledge, experience and assistance provided by all of the above, was invaluable in the compilation of this publication. Cover Design: Bird and Jake Anthony.

REFERENCE • Thanks are offered to the many scientists,nutritionists, naturopaths, social scientists, psychologists, educational psychologists and professionals in a wide range of disciplines throughout the world, whose work has been utilised as reference material in the ‘Holistic Health’ series of publications.


There are five main killer diseases in the Western world. They are: diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and immune system related ailments such as cancer and AIDS. Although rarely a killer, there is also the crippling condition known as rheumatoid arthritis, which can make life painfully unbearable. Most people do not realise that almost all of these conditions are lifestyle based and, generally speaking, we can choose to suffer from them or not. Other than individuals predisposed to these ailments through genetically inherited factors, we increase the risk of suffering from them due to components in our environment and lifestyle. If we do certain things or do not do certain things, concerning the way we conduct our lives, we make ourselves more prone to falling victim to one or more of the modern day killers. The author of this series of books suffered from a series of the potential lifestyle based killers. They included cancer, crisis level hypertension, borderline type-2 diabetes, acute and chronic pancreatitis, and gallstones. Some joint problems came later. But you would not believe it when you see him pumping iron and skipping (jump rope) like an in-shape boxer. The author’s ‘beating the odds’experience and use of holistic and alternative therapies, almost certainly played a part in his survival. The ‘How To’ and ‘Why’ are detailed in this series of books. His fit and youthful appearance belies the fact that he is technically a senior citizen, well over the age of retirement. Knowledge is power. Your choice.


1 About the Author & How He Came to Write This Series of Holistic Health Guides


GROWING OLD DISGRACEFULLY One of the notorious ‘Rolling Stones’ generation, I have had a degree of ‘celebrity’ myself. I can still be seen on TV repeats from time to time. I played Tony Bitch on ‘The Goodies’ version of the talent show ‘New Faeces’(spelt correctly, being British satire), which still has a ‘cult’ following more than three decades later through being shown on U-TUBE and other Internet sites. I am described on as ‘The Original Simon Cowell’.

YouTube - The Goodies - Hype Pressure (Part 1 of 3) Series 6, Episode 2. Broadcast: September 28, 1976.
Tony Bitch, the original Simon Cowell! It’s the ...9 min

The Official Goodies Rule - OK! Fan Club Website - Articles/Guides 12 Dec 2007 ... QUIZ &
QUOTE - Goodies brainteasers for you and you and you ..... Judge Tony Bitch describes comedian Dennis Droll’s non-act as “absolutely hopeless.”


I was also a male model on the covers of magazines. I’m the pin-up person showing off his pipe, in a send-up of sexual stereotypes.

Age 40, showing off my pipe.


I dropped out due to grief over the loss of a loved one, and wandered the Orient for two decades looking for answers. In the past I played character roles on TV and the occasional movie, preferring roles as far away from the real me as possible. Generally speaking, people only remember the individual character and not the actor playing it. I guess that’s something of a back door compliment. Yes, I’m the retard being visited in (a studio) prison.

I always looked different, able to morph into various characters, as the photos above and below confirm.


In 1998, I started to get really sick. Imperceptibly, I had started to eat more convenience foods from supermarkets and less raw and natural foods. Was also unaware at the time how much hydrogenated fats were in so many processed foods, even those which appeared to be healthy products. Also, did not realise how much chlorine, fluoride and female hormones were in tap water, which I drank a lot of. I had also reduced my long time exercise regime, just lost my energy, gained weight and my face and body sagged. When you age internally, you age externally. I was no longer detoxing efficiently, which the sallow skin on my face in the photo below, confirms. My body sagged also, and the fit guy I always was went AWOL.I then got acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, gallstones, crisis level hypertension, borderline diabetes and basal and squamous cell skin cancers. I came close to death five times.

Age 57 I had visibly become an old man.

I felt old too, but despite being constantly sick, exhausted and generally unwell, coming close to death on many occasions, with hospital emergency stays due to intermittently crazy high blood pressure, acute and chronic pancreatitis, gallstones galore, blood sugar bordering on diabetes, and multiple skin cancers, by changing my lifestyle to holistic therapies, my killer diseases went into remission. I took my life back from Big Food and Big Pharma by carrying out the therapies in this series of Holistic Health books, relevant to my many lifestyle based diseases. In 2008, despite being ten years older, my whole body had become much younger than the preceding photo. Annual medical reports confirm that my internal body readings were back to younger man levels. In effect, I had managed to turn back the clock by some twenty years.

Age 67, a younger man than the preceding photo at 57.

2005. I started to work as an actor again and played a hellfire preacher from two hundred years ago. I was made up to look like a much older man. The death of my oldest son at the age of just 26, from a wrong mix of prescription drugs, and many close shaves which I have personally experienced, has confirmed that Big Food, Big Pharma, and the complacent allopathic medical community, who individually and collectively have been a major contributory cause as to why vast swathes of the population are getting sick from illnesses and ailments almost unheard of when I was young, have a lot to answer for. Diabetes, cancer, and a stroke at age one? It is happening! Add obesity for the majority of adults and children, means an unattractive appearance, a sick and painful present, and an early end. Take back your life.


Mid 2009, I am physically fitter than a dozen years before. r Yet technically I ama very senior citizen. The Rolling Stones generation seriously challenged the thinking of the past, and we desired not to grow old as fast as our forefathers. “Growing old disgracefully,” it has been humorously described. In the UK, a high quality diet in our formative years - due to an almost puritanical, “we know what’s best for you”, national supervision of children’s welfare during and after World War Two apparently gave us a superior health start. Those so treated have survived in better shape than previous generations. However, the following generations are not faring so well, and young people in the West are becoming less and less healthy. Is it a coincidence that organic produce minus harmful chemicals, was normal when we were young?

These days, only the more informed and affluent tend to seek out organic and wildcrafted foods. Add junk food and snacks containing hydrogenated fat/transfat, which is a chemically created substance that should be banned from all food intended for human and animal consumption; refined bleached white flour devoid of its natural fibre and nutrients; refined sugar and industrial grade salt, both stripped of their natural nutrients; colas and fizzy drinks made up mainly of chemicals and yet more refined sugar; prescription drugs and vaccination protocols bordering on the insane in number and combination; and we have generations of obese and unhealthy young people with impaired immune systems. Many with limited intellect also, as physical and mental health often go together, as dead food impairs the brain as well as the body. In effect, we have malnutrition of the affluent. Yet the solution is simple, and has been practised inAyurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine for thousand of years: Preventative medicine utilising natural remedies, diet and lifestyle factors to build the immune system, in order to avoid illness and disease occurring in the first place. A holistic approach to health. Upon completion of this series of books, I have already lived 18 years longer than my probable designated time span on Earth - since the first of many Allopathic/Big Pharma attempts on my life. So every day is a bonus. However, I am not alone in the world and perhaps others from every generation can make more informed choices, based on research carried out by the world’s finest minds in every discipline, interpreted using this author’s decades of ‘beating the odds’ experience using holistic and alternative therapies.


Approaching Seventy, Posing at the 2009 Bangkok Film Festival.

2 How To Use This Book


For maximum reader-friendly use of this book, it has been divided into three quite distinct chapters:

Chapter Three. This consists of a number of short articles about our misplaced perception of the allopathic medical community, as Gods in White Coats. Also, a couple of exposes of Big Pharma and Big Food, their Disease Mongering and some very dodgy products. Also, how to take more control over your health and life, and what the potential alternatives are in order to slow the ageing process and stay healthy for longer. Simple guidelines to help avoid becoming yet another victim of the many lifestyle diseases that stalk our planet. Chapter Four. Basically an Instant Guide to just about every holistic and alternative remedy and lifestyle procedure that can potentially help us avoid becoming a victim of the many killer diseases that plague our modern world. Also, potential alternative cures to help save us if already contracted. AIDS, Alzheimer’s, asthma, cancer, diabetes, gallstones, prostate problems, heart disease, hypertension, influenza, kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, rheumatoid arthritis, all are there. These Instant Guides detail in an easy to follow style, what you can potentially do to take back your life without the use of expensive, often ineffective, and often downright harmful drugs. Chapter Five. This is for people who want chapter and verse regarding a series of highly detailed perspectives on a number of ancient and also high-tech alternative cures for lifestyle killer diseases. Sometimes a mix of both ancient and modern. The best of theAncient East combined with high-tech, number crunching computer researched Western methods. This is almost certainly the future of medicine and preventative medicine.

3 Lifestyle Cures for Killer Diseases


DOCTORS CAN BE BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH THE PROOF When doctors in Israel went on strike in 2000, the death rate plummeted by nearly 40%. But that’s not an isolated example, as in 1973, Israeli doctors went on strike for 4 weeks and deaths fell by a staggering 50% during that month. The same happened in Los Angeles in 1976, which saw an 18% decline in deaths during industrial action by doctors. When the strike ended, the death rate returned to the usual higher levels. It also happened in Bogota in 1972. Doctors withdrew all treatments apart from emergency care, and mortality rates went down by 35%. As one Chicago MD put it, way back in 1979: “If doctors reduced their involvement with people and only attended emergencies, there’s no doubt we’d be better off.” There is also the fact that medical errors account for an estimated 40,000 deaths each year in the UK alone, becoming Britain’s third biggest killer behind cancer and heart disease. Plus, serious reactions to prescription drugs are believed to be responsible for a further 250,000 Britons being hospitalised each year. There are many dedicated people in the British National Health system, butt overall it should carry a Government Health Warning! The medical profession has made superb advances in diagnostic techniques and equipment, and finding out what is actually wrong with us has become a fast and accurate science. However, treatments from Big Pharma have become less effective than traditional remedies. Antibiotics, drugs and vaccines quickly lose their effectiveness and have a wide range of adverse side-effects, often as bad or worse than each disease they are meant to cure. But you do not have to be victim of such negligence and insanity, as our health and wellbeing is predominately maintained by way of lifestyle factors, all of which can help prevent and even cure, almost every ailment and disease on the planet. They also do it far more safely and cheaply, which this author can personally verify.