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LESSON: Chandelles

To develop the students understanding of Chandelles
Elements of Chandelles
Common errors related to Chandelles

"# Minutes
&ppropriate te't(oo)s
Chal)(oard * +hal)
Model air+raft
&ppropriate slides,Visual &ids
is+uss lesson o(.e+tive
Introdu+e the +on+ept of Chandelles
is+uss Ele/ents of0 and Co//on errors related to Chandelles
&s) pertinent 1uestions to deter/ine students understanding
&ssign appropriate stud2 /aterial
Listen0 ta)e notes0 as) 1uestions
-espond to instru+tors 1uestions
Leave 3ith a fra/e3or) understanding of the su(.e+t
The student should de/onstrate ade1uate understanding of Chandelles (2:
su++essfull2 +o/pleting an oral 1ui4 or 3ritten e'a/
5ou find 2ourself lost on a sightseeing flight0 fl2ing up a narro3 +an2on6 The further in
2ou go the steeper and narro3er the +an2on (e+o/es6 Ho3 are 2ou going to get 2ourself
and 2our passengers out of this situation7
This lesson dis+usses the ele/ents0 pro+edures and +o//on pro(le/s en+ountered 3hen
perfor/ing Chandelles
& Chandelle is si/pl2 a /a'i/u/ perfor/an+e 89#: +li/(ing turn
Basi+ o(.e+tives of the /aneuver:
Control +oordination and s/oothness
evelop positive +ontrol te+hni1ues at var2ing airspeeds and attitudes
O(tain /a'i/u/ perfor/an+e fro/ 2our airplane

Performing a Chandelle
1. Clear the area
Clearing turns
8""6;<0 announ+e: area0 altitude0 /aneuvers
Ma)e sure 2ou are at an appropriate altitude0 no lo3er than 8<##= &>L
1. Stabilize the Airplane
Set %o3er for /aneuvering speed Va ?C@8;"-> A< Bnots0 89C M%0 "<## -%M D
Tri/ for straight and level flight
Identif2 a pro/inent land/ar) dire+tl2 off the 3ing tip in the dire+tion in 3hi+h
2ou 3ish to perfor/ the +handelle
Note heading on the HI and set heading (ug if availa(le to 89# fro/ the +urrent
1. Establish Bank
-oll in to the turn 3ith s/ooth and +oordinated aileron0 rudder and (a+) pressure
Ma)e sure to use the rudder properl2 to +ountera+t adverse 2a3
-oll into a E# (an) turn
1. Initiate Climb
In+rease po3er to "<C M%
S/oothl2 in+rease (a+) pressure
Beep a s+an (et3een the outside referen+e point alti/eter and airspeed indi+ator
86 Start through 90
Constant Ban)
Changing %it+h
86 90 Point
&irplane 3ill (e at its /a'i/u/ pit+h attitude
&irspeed should (e appro'i/atel2 F 3a2 (et3een Va and G< Vso ?;< BnotsD
If airspeed is in+reasing de+rease po3er ?appro'i/atel2 8@"C of /anifold
1. Initiate ollout
Slo3l2 and s/oothl2 add aileron and rudder pressure opposite the turn
Tor1ue effe+t tends to (e +an+eled out if the rollout is to the left0 and /ore
pronoun+ed if the rollout is to the left7 !se rudder pressure a++ordingl2
Sta2 +oordinated
-ate of rollout should (e 8# of (an) for ever2 E# of heading
Maintain (a+) pressure0 %it+h attitude should not +hange
Beep up a s+an (et3een outside referen+e point0 flight instru/ents0 and outside
86 90 through 1!0
Changing Ban)
Constant %it+h
86 1!0 Point
Hings should (e level
&irspeed should (e at G< Vs8 ?<<D )nots
-ight rudder pressure 3ill (e re1uired to +o/pensate for tor1ue effe+t
1. e"o#er$
S/oothl2 and slo3l2 de+reases (a+) pressure and allo3 airspeed to (uild
Maintain altitude
Si/ultaneousl2 de+rease right rudder pressure as pit+h attitude is redu+ed
Common errors related to Chandelles
Improper pit"h% bank and po&er "oordination during entr$ or "ompletion
S/oothl2 and si/ultaneousl2 add aileron and rudder pressure to roll into a E#
!sing an e'+essive pit+h attitude +ould result in a stall prior to rea+hing the 89#
Not having enough pit+h 3ill +ause e'+essive airspeed at the 89# point
%roper pit+h attitude +o/es through pra+ti+e
%o3er should not (e ad.usted after the initial in+rease
'n"oordinated use of flight "ontrols
In+orporate the turn +oordinator into the s+an
Improper planning and timing of pit"h and bank attitude "hanges
%lan ahead and )eep a s+an to )eep up situational a3areness
Bno3 3here the airplane should (e at ea+h point during the /anuver
(a"tors related to failure in a"hie#ing ma)imum performan"e
I/proper pit+h and po3er setting
Too shallo3 or steep of a (an)
%oor +oordination0 orientation0 and planning
Stall during the maneu#er
Caused (2 e'+essive (a+) pressure
&irspeed should (e G< )nots a(ove Vs8
E)"essi#e de#iation from desired heading during "ompletion
I/proper (an) angle
%oor s+an and la+) of situational a3areness
Not +orre+ting for tor1ue effe+t
!se E# (an)0 no /ore0 no less
Iirst A# Changing %it+h0 Constant Ban)
Se+ond A# Changing Ban)0 Constant %it+h
Beep up a s+an (et3een outside referen+e point0 flight instru/ents0 and outside