A Good Eye Exercise--See also the perfection in others, See the everlasting beauty in human kindness. A Good Tongue exercise--Speak from the heart instead of from the mouth. A Good Facial exercise--Smile often repeated Hearing Exercise--When we speak we learn nothing. Listening is the teacher, Then speak Brain Exercise--Think only constructive thoughts Good reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Leg exercise--Walk towards knowledge, wisdom, health and brotherhood of all men. Breathing exercise-- Inhale the great works of music art, literature and philosophy. Exhale spitefulness and other negative thoughts. Strength exercise--Have the strength to endure when things are unendurable, to pass the next test after failing the recent one. Heart exercise--Have the heart to "constructively" improve self, our envirnoment, community and country. Good exercise--We are never alone, walk with God.

S R BALAJI Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions RIG VEDA