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Tan Tien Chi Kung by Mantak Chia

In an introduction Mantak Chia is said to have studied Kundalini Yoga, Taoist Philosophy, Shaolin
Practices, Martial Arts, Anatomy, etc especially, having learned to !ork !ith the elements, and to "ree
energy blockages
Tan Tien Chi Kung is the art o" cultivating and condensing chi in the lo!er tan tien #lo!er energy
center or centers$ and thus increasing the pressure in that area
The %o!er Center is the center o" the body "or Taoists, and is both a ma&or storage place "or chi and
generator o" chi The Taoists raise chi in this center so the brain !hich consumes a lot can rest more
!hen not in use
The %o!er Center or Tan Tien is called the Medicine 'ield as !ell because it gathers and contains the
healing po!er o" the Prenatal (nergy or Chi
It is believed that the lo!er center is the chie" laboratory and center o" internal alchemy !hich
trans"orms energy "re)uencies, and so is also called the cauldron
This e*plains the symbolism o" the cauldron or big bo!ls "ound in so many "ables and "olk tales
such as the !itch+s cauldron
It is believed the lo!er center serves as the source o" the li"e "orce !hich then as chi becomes the
source o" spirit po!er,energy
The %o!er Tan Tien involves the Perineum and the -avel, and so the lo!er regions o" the belly and
also the se*ual centers
It is stated to be &ust belo! the -avel
Instructs in using happiness and smiling or good emotions as a means o" removing chi blockages and
aiding in the process o" building chi in the lo!er center .e "urther e*plains on ho! being happy
improves breathing This can be seen, "or instance, in the "act that negative emotions tend to put strain
on breathing such as "ear !hich causes it to go "aster and be more shallo!
/hen practicing the above practice called the Inner Smile he instructs to make the .A sound and states
this releases heat into the lo!er center
Speaks o" "orming balance bet!een opposite elements such as "ire and !ater, and instructs in the Inner
Smile as a means to do this
Instructs in the use o" mantras and sounds to increase energy and improve energy "lo! States speci"ic
sounds raise particular energy "re)uencies in each organ
A ma&or goal is to relieve the practitioner o" energy blockages and stress, and to gain the ability to
control energy !ith the mind, and breathing is used as a means to do this, as are sounds
Instructs in building chi in the lo!er center and causing it to rise up the spine to the higher center or
centers, and then go back do!n into the lo!er center
States the lo!er center supplies the brain !ith basic orientation, data and in"ormation, and this is !hy it
is called the Second 0rain
States in Iron Shirt Practices !hich is basically the compression or condensing o" chi into a body part
makes more space "or chi in these organs #accustoms them to more energy$, eliminates "at and to*ins,
and re&uvenates and strengthens the internal organs and body parts
These practices place especial important on the bones #0one Marro! -ei Kung$, Tendons,
1rgans, etc as these are ma&or parts that determine health on all o" the planes 'or instance, the
0one Marro! place a ma&or role in the creation o" ne! red and !hite blood cells
Thus, Chi Kung is !orks !ith the actual anatomy, but uses an astral "orce to bene"it them and
strengthen them Thus, a study in anatomy is use"ul and important
Chi Kung employs postures that have properties o" holding and causing energy to "lo!, and !hich have
other bene"icial e""ects 'or instance, re"erences are made to the positions o" babies .umans obviously
!ere once babies, and the babies+ natural processes and positions such as being curled up, abdominal
breathing, etc are very healthy and re&uvenating, o" course, i" not done too much Postures !hich
relieve on o" tension, that improve blood "lo!, "le*ibility, etc are important and use"ul tools
States ancient masters observed and studied nature and animals to "ind postures and practices
bene"icial .ence, there are practices that involve animal movements and postures
Chi Kung is mainly using breath and mind to direct to and build chi in certain parts o" the body and to
improve the "lo! o" it, ie increase the internal pressure 2 !hich enlivens and strengthens the organs,
and also activates some "unctions
States that tension in the muscles causes a stagnation o" chi or chi blockage, and that stagnation o" chi
causes the muscles to be tense .ence, they a""ect each other Thus, increasing chi and improving its
"lo! not only strengthens one+s sel", but it also relieves tension
There are many practices developed to encourage the "lo! o" chi, such as mesmeric or magnetic
passes, the microcosmic orbit, the directing o" chi along the body in certain !ays, etc
Combinations can be use"ul as !ell
Chi practice is also based on the "act that the astral "orces control the physical or dramatically
in"luence it So, "or instance i" you have an organ generating too much li)uid in a certain
direction, than you can direct chi in the opposite direction a!ay "rom the organ, thus eventually
causing the organ to cease generating so much li)uid, and decreasing the "unction
Practices contracting and strengthening muscles such as that o" the anus and perineum, !ith the goal
that energy !ill not leak out, and the muscles !ill be able to hold more energy or chi pressure
Tends to use breathing practices and sound practices !ith this practice, thus, also building and
causing energy e""ects and processes