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Activating Codes for the New Yuga

Archangel Metatron through Rae Chandran

Sedona Journal of Emergence May 2014

Angelic greetings to all. This is Archangel Metatron. My dear- est fellow creators, it is
time to step up into creating a new real- ity in this new timeline where you are in
complete harmony with yourself. As you all are aware, the consciousness of the
planet shifted again on the spring equinox of this year, and this shift is called moving
from the darkness to the light. It is also called moving into a new Yuga a new
timeline that will last a few thousand years. With this new shift, the veil has become
thinner, and the communication and the connection with the fifth dimension have
become easier. When intent combines with preparation and action, one can truly take
advantage of this new time period. What do we mean by this intent and
preparation? First of all, we can prepare for this shift by asking for and activating the
Aquarian code within us. Each Yuga, or time period, has a specific code and a
master associated with it. There are two beings of light who are overlighting this new
Yuga, and they will be with Earth till the next phase of the new Yuga. You can call on
these beings: Lord and Lady of Aquarius. They have a specific vibrational signature,
and you can call for the integration of their specific light pertaining to this Earth plane
for this time period. The color of their light frequency is a soft metallic yellow. See this
light coming into your tenth chakra, which is way above your head, and then flowing
through all your chakras before going into the body of Earths spirit and grounding
there. What is important to keep in mind while integrating this light is that you run it
not only into your chakra column but also into your pranic tube. The next phase of
your evolution comes from the pranic tube. Do this daily for a few minutes, and see
the energy settling in and easily flowing both in the chakras in the front and back
and also in your pranic tube .
Activating Dormant Codes The activation of the Aquarian code will act as a base for
the activation of the other codes. What are these other codes? Human beings are
made up of sound frequency and sacred geometry, and each sound frequency and
bit of geometry con- tains a certain code. These codes lie dormant for eons of time
until they are activated and worked with. All of you are very well aware of the guides
and other supporting energies working with you, and some of you communicate with
them frequently and on a daily basis. These guides are part of your soul group
energy, and each guide has a code. When you activate these codes, you fully
embrace the full essence of these beings. For example, there are codes for masters
and guides like Master Buddha, Master Kuthumi, and Lord Maitreya. You can ask for
the activation of these codes in your meditation/quiet time. There are also angelic
codes you can activate. There are codes for me Archangel Meta- tron codes for
Archangel Michael, codes for Archangel Gabriel, and codes for all other archangels
and angels. Simply requesting with pure intent and love in your heart will start this
process. When you activate these codes, you are bringing in more light of your
guides and infusing it with our own light, and this will immediately enhance your light
frequency. This is similar to upgrading your software in your old computer so that it
can run faster and more smoothly with the new programs. Planet Earth moved into a
higher reality, and you must accelerate and upgrade your light quotient to be on par
with the new fre- quencies of Earth. There are also codes for Earth, for all the
elements, and for stars, and to connect with the pure essence of the animal spirits.
When you activate these codes, you will come into alignment with all of these at a
higher level, and you will be in communion with all of creation. Most of you have
desired at the deepest level of your beings to experience this aspect of yourselves, to
experience the God aspect of yourselves in everyday living with all of creation. This
is one way of doing it, fellow creators.
Working with New Codes and Your Star Heritage The next exercise we wish to share
with you is activating the Moses code within you. The Moses code contains the
specific energy of transcendence and liberation an energy that can support you in
identifying what is precious and what is not sup- porting you in self-realization. Most
of you have great difficulty in letting go of deep attachment to third-dimensional
behav- iors and patterns, and working with Moses codes during medi- tation can help
you identify these patterns and eliminate them completely from your life. There are
also codes within your being called soul blueprint codes. Many of the lightworkers
and others have great difficulty understanding their life purpose or why they were
born, and by calling for the activation of these blueprint codes, they will be able to
sense, feel, and intuit their soul purposes rather easily. One other area we wish for
you to focus on is your star heritage connection. Many of you, after your Earth
incarnation, travel to different star systems to experience or learn specific lessons.
During these times of learning, you create star karma, for it is the same principle of
cause and effect in these realities also. Many on Earth carry heavy star karma, and
this must be balanced and released. Once this is done, then you can call forth and
activate the star codes within you, for all of you are aligned with a special star, and
that star is one of your support- ing energies waiting to be called forth. You are all
aligned with a star, a dragon, a tree, a plant, an animal, a sound frequency, a color, a
smell. You can call for the codes of these supporting energies to be activated and
brought forth in your meditation, for they are in support of you .
Balancing Energy One other area we wish to bring your attention to is the area of
energy imbalance, otherwise known as karmic energy. Karma is simply that
energy imbalance. We incarnate again and again to balance energy. But now in this
new time period, you have the capacity to erase much of this imbalance energy by
work- ing directly with the Karmic Board. The Karmic Board con- sists of twelve
beings of light, and this includes some ascended masters like Master Buddha and
Lady Quan Yin. Practice com- municating with them during your meditation, and ask
for a release of this imbalanced energy from your akash and your quantum energy
field. Again, asking and giving intent for this to happen will start this process. You can
also request that the Karmic Board bring to your awareness the lesson embedded in
the karma imbalance without the pain and suffering. This requesting and erasing
karma is a gift you have earned yourself, for we wish for you to go into this new Yuga
with a clean slate. Finally, we ask you to call forth the great teacher Sanat Kumara,
for he carries a special energy and code directly tied into this Earth plane. Sanat
Kumara embodies the energy of the planet Venus, and Venus is the place you come
before you are incarnated into this Earth plane. In this place, you have full awareness
of who you are and ask Sanat Kumara to activate this code of pre-birth awareness.
This can help you remember more of yourselves and the God within you, for all of
you are gods and goddesses. Dear family, just by using these simple tools of codes,
you will come to a place of more understanding of yourself and your universe. Z
Rae Chandran creates individual and healing soul symbols that are channeled from
ascended masters like Master Kuthumi, Lord St. Ger- main, Mary Magdalene, Isis,
and a host of other lightbeings. Rae has been on the path of self-discovery for some
time and teaches spiri- tual disciplines and other modes of healing for audiences
around the world. He also conducts spiritual tours to sacred energy spots. To learn
more, go to www.