Position Paper Writing and Research Strategies

Preparation Tips
The Key to success in Model United Nations is your thorough research and understanding about
the (1) history and structure of the United Nations as well as its principal organs; (2) Your
assigned Member State (Country Profile); (3) Your Committee; and (4) your agenda topics. Your
gained knowledge during the course of the research will greatly help you in writing your
position paper and to formulate innovative and comprehensive strategies and proposals. Your
position paper will serve as your “backbone” and your “edge” in the committee because it
outlines your Member State’s policies as well as your Member State’s stand in the given agenda

Research Materials:
• Academic Books
• Scholarly journals
• Newspaper articles
• Official Gazettes
• Official documents
• United Nations Publications
• Information gathered through your Member State’s Embassy

Online Sources such as:
o United Nations (http://www.un.org)
o United Nations News Centre
o UN Bibliographic Information System and other credible sources.
o Non-Governmental Organizations (particularly those accredited by the UN).
o Country reports and data published by international or regional organizations such as the
World Bank, WHO, OECD, APEC, etc.
o The CIA World Factbook
o Official Website of committee
o Official Website of Member State
o Government (i.e. tourism, embassy) websites


Plagiarism is considered to be the highest form of intellectual dishonesty. It is the act of
claiming another’s work as one’s own. All published materials have intellectual property rights
(IPR). Thus, the organizers of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Philippine Model United
Nations (DLS-CSB PhilMUN) will treat this matter of plagiarism seriously.

Jeanninne G. Trinidad. (2014). Preparation Tips and Research Materials. Retrieved from Model
United Nations 2014 – Dais Facebook Group:

Before Writing
1. Know your committee
 History
 Jurisdiction
 Functions and Powers
 Long term and short term objectives
2. Know your agenda
3. Know your country’s Foreign Policy
4. Understand the topics
5. Length for the overall paper must not exceed two single-sided pages.
• Font must be Times New Roman sized between 11pt. and 12 pt.
• Agenda topics clearly labeled in separate sections
• National symbols (headers, flags, etc.) are deemed inappropriate for PHILMUN position papers

*Guidelines and sample position paper patterned after the national conferences of NCCA.



First Paragraph
 Agenda Background
 Past UN actions/resolutions
 Position of your regional bloc

Second Paragraph
 Current Status of the issue
 Recent UN action/resolution

Third Paragraph
 Country’s stand on the issue
 Country’s proposed solutions
 Possible solutions in line with your country’s Foreign

Basic Steps
 Research
 Outline
 Draft
 Color/critique

Philippine Model United Nation – Dais. (2014). Model United Nations Programme
(PowerPoint Slides 66 – 73). Retrieved from Model United Nations 2014 – Dais Facebook Group:

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