Hub Ch 02

Fog flit happiness is a misleading sense of normality was burned away when he called Post-Hoc
Party. She bit the inside of her lip as they made their way to the lower level of the residence. She
was expecting to receive formal punishment or other state off. What she got, but it was much more
"Acumen needs to spend an afternoon with divvy go through some of the new location and plans."
Post-Hoc said. "So we decided that it is your turn to baby-sit KC-847 ... or writing, as you have
Flit opened his mouth, dumbfounded, as she looked at their leader.
"There must be a lot of other people who are better able to watch it!" She said, Post-Hoc shrugged.
"You're the one who ran into the nest to save him, it is only fair that you take on the responsibility
for keeping it in check." Post-Hoc said with a nonchalant shrug. "When I go there, he would be
dead!" Flit retorted angrily.
"Yes, and if we did not go down there, it can be too!" Post-hoc snapped. Flit in hand clenched in a
fist and took a step back, he admonished. Post-hoc pointed to the door and stepped back to let her
pass. "The whole 6R. Maybe when you're there you can take some time to think about how much
better your punishment than what you would get if you were captured."
Flit hung her head as she left the post-hoc and her sharp tongue. The slow march into the cells
seemed to be the millennium, but that she was happy. The last thing he really wanted to do was be
stuck with entries in a cell most of the day. Not only guarded the prisoners is unbearably tedious
task, but the events of the previous day had left her with no desire to talk to each other on the
assessment of red eyes again.
When you finally get 6R knocked on the door and waited patiently to slide open. When he did,
revealed the remains of a prudence in the middle of a game of chess. This derivative is really a
suicide mission, surely knew that the game of chess was impossible against someone who could read
your mind.
"Post-hoc said you had other obligations." Flit said, ignoring the questioning look that both men
were giving her. "I'm here to replace you at the moment."
~ * ~
Minutes woke up to a loud pounding on the door, trying to look at the entertainment unit of time. It
was morning. Never once slept so late. His body felt tired from the previous night and groaned
loudly as he barely managed to drag himself out of bed.
Minutes hear external locks unlocking and Acumen entered, looked well rested and greeted him
"Rise and shine sleeping beauty, we have an appointment to keep and Tinker does not like to wait."
Minutes nodded and moved on to become.
"Hey buddy, you better have a shower and change into some new clothes. Starting to look and feel
like a rat shit." Posted observation. Minutes lifted his hand to whiff, the smell of the night before
invaded his senses. Entries made his way to the shower, undressed and began cleaning himself.
Prudence left the room for privacy, and so fragments continued to raid draws at the end of the bed
for some new clothes. It was a prison uniform, but he was still less surprised by the unexpected. He
put on a simple black shirt and jeans, casual clothes should never wear before.
Thoughtful entries made their way to the infirmary, where Tinker just finishing up with another
patient when he saw them coming motioned them to enter.
"So, how are you feeling today?" she asked. It was strange that microkinetic would ask if he could
just touch and see, maybe it was yet another special ritual down here.
"Well, madam suitable for the load." answered. She smiled warmly at him
"We'll see." She's back. Tinker put his hands around his head and looked directly at him, had the
same eye color as a flit, it was a little disheartening to see them on the other, but they held less
about the destination and more calculated fears.
"Well your inner wounds heal pretty well yourself. Lets check the chip." She moved his hand to the
back of the head via the controller chip.
"Adjustments are still fine, how are you feeling?" she asked again
"Adjustments?" answered the next question.
"Yes, when I got banned locator, power management, and kill switch." said.
"Wait, no power control chip, I might accidentally kill or someone else!" He warned residues.
"You'll just have to learn to control your ability to look expensive. Moreover, the neural inhibitor
right now you should be fine." she explained.
"Well ... all right. Which is the kill switch?" Furthermore, he said.
"The Kill Switch is a small insurance Governments., If any of their derivatives goes off the network
for more than twenty-four hours kill switch embedded in his chip shuts down your central nervous
system, effectively killing them. We had several incidents while ago with others like you you, but we
have learned most of what government does not want you to know. "she said with a slight concern in
his voice. He nodded in reply.
This report was a slight shock him why he trained them to commit suicide in case of capture when
they should kill switch in place? Did they really believe that derivatives are not competent enough to
complete the task? For the first time ever, he was angry at his owner, even if he failed to order.
"They really are arseholes, but at least your starting to see the remains." Prudence spoke from
behind, most likely to read his thoughts.
"So I heard that you have a new name?" Tinker said in an interview while she was working.
"Yes, I thought fragments. Flit, it is appropriate label. I name." answered.
"Flit gave you a name? Interesting." she said. "Everything else checks out, not too physically try and
you'll be fine." It concluded.
Prudence is escorted into the dining room, where he sat down to breakfast. This time was not
introduced to anything that could stomach and enjoyed another solid food meal. The hall was almost
empty in the morning and fragments wondering where the rest of them.
"They're training at the moment." Prudence answered his question
"Tinker seemed to be taken aback that Flit gave me a new name. Why is that?" Acumen asked before
he could read.
"Giving someone name this is a big problem. As per recipient and caregivers. This usually happens
between two people who know each other well, or family. Tinker was surprised because she had
apparently just finished chastising her risking her life to save you. Maybe it is concerned that the
two of you are getting too close. "Acumen explained.
Acumen was the truth? He felt a strange connection to this girl I barely met, it was the adrenalin
night, who played with his mind? He decided to dwell on it, mainly because I was not sure about
anything now because the mind of the reader was sitting directly across from him. When they had
finished breakfast Acumen escorted him back to his quarters, he asked if he wanted to play chess
fragments. Minutes are going to argue against the absurdity of the game decided it would be a good
chance to practice blocking his thoughts.
Minutes are losing five games to zero when Flit interrupted. Apparently Acumen had to go and she
was his replacement babysitting.
~ * ~
Flit stepped aside to Acumen could leave the room. When the door closed behind him flit hinders its
sighed and looked down on scraps of sitting quietly in front of the board.
"I see you Acumen roped into a game of chess ... what's going on before I interrupted?" She asked.
At least Acumen unwittingly gave her conversation starter. Without this board, it would have just
stood there quite embarrassed.
"I lost, but I think that's to be expected. Yet I think I'm getting better showing little bird creature
with large beaks. I think I could win the current game. So what does my new escort had planned for
me today? "Minutes asked.
"Yes ..." Flit said sarcastically. "Acumen has to have a way of picking games that suits him best.
Though I'm glad to hear that you take my advice on board." She said that with a satisfied smile,
pleased to know that it was not ignored her the previous evening.
Flit went to the chair that Acumen relaxed and plonked on her. She looked at the board and
reviewed the situation.
"I'm sorry I interrupted the game," he said with an appreciative whistle Flit "can I actually had a
chance." She sunk back in his chair and lifted her legs and put her calf on the edge of the table and
crossed her legs at the ankles and winced as the wound on his thigh smarted. "And also sorry that I
have nothing planned for you, I did not even know I was here today. Post-hoc pulled me from
training right after I"
Flit stopped rambling when she realized that the fragments just stared at her. She sighed again.
"Maybe we could go for a walk down to the river ..." mused Flit. That would be a good place to take
it. It considered that Acumen he had given the big tour Residences and tried to think of somewhere
else they could go. "Yeah, that's as good an idea as any." She teleportation to stand on his feet
beside her now free space. He quickly reached out to the table on a small screen that was on the
wall and brought up the keyboard. Gone for a walk to the river. Flit. wrote, just in case someone
came looking for them.
"Let's go!" Flit said.
She turned and began to walk out of the room, provided that the fragments would follow her. After
going over some of the maze-like corridors holding zone turned and looked at him.
"If you have any questions or something?" She said: "The whole thing must be a shock to your
~ * ~
"First of all I think I should apologize for the legs, it looks painful." The minutes said now he felt
really bad for her hurt. She, after all, saved him from the murderous mutant rats. Somehow talking
to her one on one, made it easier to come up and say a few things
"Also, I think I should thank you for saving my life. Government does not teach us to help each other
in combat situations, only to complete the task." He explained. Her slight limp he reiterates his feet.
"You have asked Tinker to look at it, or is that too mad at you save me?" He asked.
~ * ~
Flit laughed at the suggestion.
"I do not intend to apply Tinker fix my leg, and she told me not to bother, that will not help me." She
tried to keep her anger from the tone of her voice, but was not sure that he actually managed it. "It's
really not that bad though, I swear." She gave him what she hoped reassuring smile. Now that he
has confessed and apologized for his injury, he was glad to forgive him-he acted in self-defense (even
though it was misleading).
"A Tinker is not mad at me, saving you .. She is mad at me for disobeying protocol and risk." Flit
decided that there should at least be fair to her mother, she did not want Torn thought that it was a
terrible woman. As they approached an intersection, which ended Residence flit pointed to the
darkest of the five tunnels. "Just down there. It gets quite steep, so just be careful."
~ * ~
"As long as there are not some mutated rats there, I think I'll be okay." answered. She smiled at his
spontaneous teasing smile.
Minutes followed flit how delved deeper into the network of tunnels was right about that steep, they
could only move at a snail's pace to avoid falling.
"So what happens to me? How long does it take until you determine my eligibility to join your group?
Must pass an examination of its kind?" he asked. It was common for registered derivatives undergo
several tests to determine the static level and ability.
~ * ~ "How long is something I can not tell you." Flit said, dividing his attention between mossy
treacherous trip charge. "It will depend on many things. A regarding the test? Do not really test
down here. If you want, you will have the opportunity to train with us and get used to life here than
you really think you are on assignment. Halt when he thinks 're ready, and if you feel confident,
you'll be able to talk to divvy the allocation to the team. "
Flit stopped talking for a moment as she concentrated on staying upright. Her legs are starting to
hurt pretty badly because of a nasty hill, and she had to be very careful about what he is doing to
prevent slipping.
"As for the inhibitor goes, you'll have to wait until we are confident that you will not be up for
yourself or us to that removed. This will only prudence. Though it's invasive, he will check on you
again and again to see as you go. "he explained matter-factly. "I know it probably looks a bit
daunting at the moment, but you're not the only one who went before."
"Who are Halt and divvy? Are your sight? Tinker is also your boss? Is that why she was angry with
you?" asked
Flit could not help but smile at a rapid string of questions. Flat-toned and basic answers from the
previous evening to it; hoping that's not the way it will always be. Down in the basement was
allowed, and even encouraged to ask where, as above government stamp that out of you. It pleased
her to see that it is able to query it was a promising sign.
"Tinker? My supervisor? Damn, you have no idea how happy I am that it is not. Tinker is my mom.
Loud Post-Hoc." She had a moment to let this sink, and concentrate on the last hill before reaching
the river banks.
"Divvy is one of two leaders of the entire Underground, she is really strong pre-cog." Flit said.
One thing about the river was that it could be heard long before he could see. Flit could hear the
dull sound of water rushing through the cave for a while, were now so much closer it was much
louder. They turned the final corner and were now at the end of the tunnel that led to the river.
Fortunately for flit, the last tunnel was the same level as they arrived, nothing more steep descents
that her legs quiver.
"A Halt in charge of training-on is telecoercionist .... Well, here we are!" Flit said the last part a bit
excited when he crossed from the darkness of the entrance tunnel to the artificially lit underground
The cave that held the river was huge, it took at least half an hour walk from one end to the other.
The floor of the cave was made of dark golden sand that slowly settled into the clay bed. The water
itself was dark blue, and flowed in a steady stream through the cave. Was fifteen meters from the
edge of the cave where water is currently lapping the sand, and at high tide, it would mitigate the
distance up to ten meters. There were already a few people here, swimming in the water and relax.
Flit looked at a pretty unusual sight for a moment before she turned to him with a smile.
"So, what do you think?" She asked.
~ * ~
Over the past two days have been in his mind overloaded surprise after surprise, yet again stood
dumbfounded in awe of the cave, which is located on the underground river. Even on the surface of
the place as it was rare and sought after by many citizens.
"Wow!" was the only answer that could drive her questions. He watched as the other inhabitants of
the underground swimming around in the deep blue water, casually entertain themselves. Around
the cave they built artificial lighting, which gives the whole area a mystical light.
~ * ~
Flit laughing remnants "reaction.
"You wonder what?" She said and smiled at him and put his face stunned. "This has to be my favorite
place in the whole world. Hawkeye and I come down here whenever we get the chance, which
unfortunately is not that often lead us busy."
Flit paused for a moment and watched as different people splashing around and enjoying the
refreshing water. Pain in the thigh and pain in her muscles from her former training her wish that
she could join. "Hey Minutes?" Flit asked slowly, "Do you want to go for a swim?"
"Swim?'m Not sure my clothes are suitable for swimming." He replied, his eyes were filled with
"Neither is mine." Flit said with a shrug of the shoulders and looked down at his leather pants and
jacket. She reached up and unbuttoned his jacket and then pulled his shoulders, revealing ordinary
black tank top under. "But I think I can handle it."
Then flit off her belt and unbuttoned her pants before sliding down leg. Fortunately, she chose to
wear her smooth black panties under pants today, so it will not look so bad. From a distance, her
dress would easily pass for swimwear.
"What are you waiting for?" Flit asked, throwing his evil smile before turning and running water.
~ * ~
The minutes were shocked by her flippant and spontaneous character, but her behavior sparked
something in him. She was only wearing underwear and he could not help but admire her well-
shaped body. Put very little emphasis on sexual education of their derivatives were needed very
minimal. He was not an expert, but seeing her naked twice now stirred his emotions more than they
like to admit.
Minutes stripped down to just his underwear and ran after her as she jumped into the river and
exploded seconds later, when he saw that he motioned for them to join. There was no way to
determine the depth of its presentation, but if it could do so. Jumped in cold fresh bite river
surrounded by the body, water is shown to be quite deep. He surfaced next to her shortly after
diving in.
"What is the purpose of this exercise, you will test your swimming skills?" He asked.
~ * ~
Flit watched fragments followed her into the water, his tall form naked, but his underwear. Like she
did not like to admit it was very nice. His whole body was finely toned from what must have been
years of training, and his muscles rippled under the skin nicely, as he ran. She thought it was rude to
stare, motioned for him to follow her inside
Flit seen in the writings of confusion in his eyes when he broke through the surface of the water and
looked at her. When he spoke, it was like he could not help but laugh at his question. It was a very
welcome distraction from watching the way the streams of cold water running down his shapely
breasts. Her mind began to swim away recently saw something like that, but she pushed him away.
She did not want to dredge up those painful memories.
Testing your swimming ability? Flit shook her head in exasperation.
"No Torn-no test, just fun!" She looked up at him eagerly. When his confused crimson eyes continue
to watch her curiously, he treaded water. She rolled her eyes and pulled his hand back slightly into a
little cup of water and then splashed it on his face.
His confusion grew just splashed him again.
"Come Minutes! Relax!" She laughed, splashing him three times before the character back away
from him a little bit.
~ * ~
Fun? The concept was certainly not aware of. Repeatedly sprayed him, but he was not sure how to
respond. Minutes simply continued to prevent splashing of water when pedaling.

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