Students will depart from Lents Park in S.E. Portland (89th and S.E. Holgate Blvd.) beginning at 3 PM on Sunday, July 6. It is important that you arrive there no later than 3 PM, as all luggage will be weighed and then placed in a rented van. You will no longer be able to access this luggage after this, so it is important that you place everything you need (including your passport) in your carry-on. Remember, all items such as scissors, knives, etc. are not allowed in your possession when boarding a plane. Directions to Lents Park from I-205 North or I-205 South: Take exit 17 on to Foster Road. From South turn left onto Foster Road Exit; go to first light turn right onto 92nd. From the North turn right onto Foster Road go to first light turn right onto 92nd. Go two lights and turn left onto Holgate by the Arco station, which will be on your right. Entrance to the park will be on your left about two blocks. Call Ron Combs on his cell phone if you get lost at (503) 314-5243.

JUNE 2003

Generally, the weight limit for each checked piece of luggage is 70 lbs (about 32 kilograms). Please be aware that some airlines have weight limits of 50 lbs per bag. The size limit for each checked piece of luggage is 62 inches (about 152.4 centimeters - add the length + depth + width of your luggage to figure out the size). Your carry-on bag must be less than 45 linear inches. Be aware that if either of your bags is larger or heavier than these figures, you may be charged an "excess baggage" fee - which can be anywhere from $80-$300 (to be paid by cash or by credit card). AFS will not pay these charges for you! The airline may also not allow you to check these bags in at all. You will have to leave behind anything that is overweight. Please make sure you have a credit card you can use in case of excess charges. Carry-on luggage needs to be able to fit under the airline seat or in an overhead compartment. Items such as golf clubs, bicycles, skis, and snow-boards are generally considered "over-sized" baggage, and you will usually have to pay a charge ($50-$110), depending on the item's size and weight, even if such an item is your second "checked" piece of luggage. It is a good idea to call the airline beforehand to check on any oversized baggage. These regulations are also posted on the websites for each airline. Finally, remember that items on airlines get banged around. Be sure to pack your musical instrument or electronic equipment in hard cases to protect them. Such items will likely need to be checked as a third piece of luggage, and you will need to pay additional baggage fees as required by the airline. Students from Central America: Be aware that airlines have an embargo on additional baggage during the summer months. You will NOT be allowed to travel with additional baggage, whether or not you are willing and able to pay for it. Federal Regulations prevent the airline from allowing any weight over 70 lbs per bag, with a maximum of 2 bags. They will also not allow you to travel with boxes or oddlyshaped bags. Each student should check with the airline(s) he/she will be returning on to confirm whether the 50-lbs limit applies. Please bear in mind that each student may have flown over on a combination of carriers that are cochaired, but may have different restrictions (i.e. Luftunsa and United). Each student should have his/her natural family forward him/her (i.e. via-mail) his/her flight itinerary. The natural family will be the first people to receive the students' flight itineraries. Once the student knows which airlines he/she is taking home, the student can contact the airline and check the restrictions. As stated in the letter above, web sites for airlines are another source of this information.

We now have word that NW Airlines (most THAs will travel on NW) will accept 70 lbs, not 44 lbs as is indicated in previous info. The 44 lbs is for all other countries except the USA to fly into THA.

The weekend started off on Saturday, May 31 with five Pacific Cascades students arriving at Bernice's home - Andrea Contreras (Chile), Melanie Kustra (Germany), Hafdis Asbjarnardottir (Iceland), Yohei Harano (Japan), and Felicitas Laurent (Germany). Christine Stevens escorted them to Pioneer Square, where they met up with our Columbia Pacific students for a tour of the town. At 5 p.m., approximately 25 returned to Bernice's for spaghetti dinner and then back downtown for the Starlight Parade. An unofficial headcount at the parade was somewhere around 40+ families and AFSers. Special thanks goes out to our Portland volunteers: Sally Ann Wells for organizing volunteers to save us a spot to view the parade; Bernice for cooking the spaghetti dinner and organizing the overnights; Elliot, Mark, Angela, Francisco and Christine for helping and hosting; Rustam Kocher for organizing our "Fourth Annual AFS Day at the Zoo" on Sunday, and, of course, our overnight host families-the Bartels from Vancouver, the Eure family (a new host family), Ron and Pat Combs, and Bernice. And a special thanks to the weatherman who provided a beautiful, sunny weather!

By Sultanbeck, Kyrgyszstan I bet all the AFS students this year have experienced things that they will remember for a long time. One of mine this year was a tour around Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton. I even got to play a couple of unforgettable soccer games on the Ronald Field, named after one of the world's best soccer players. I met Rustam Kocher at his office in the Michael Jordan building. Rustam was an exchange student to Indonesia in 1988/89, and is a fellow Muslim. He took me on a tour of the campus. There is absolutely no way to be subtle about these buildings, the soccer fields, running tracks, two full-service gyms, the lake in the middle of campus with birds, and the modern, stylish shapes of everything on those amazing 170 acres. It was a little bit hard for me to play soccer against the all the Nike employees like Rustam, who workout every day and stay in shape, but I did my best. I was able to use the employee locker room, which has a hot tub in one corner and TVs with leather armchairs. I also had a chance to shop at the Nike Employee Store. While I was there, two players from the NBA Golden State Warriors were also shopping. They were huge and tall. It took me almost three hours to check out all the apparel and try on most of the basketball shoes like Shox and Air Max. It made me feel proud to be an exchange student here in the Pacific Northwest, close to Nike Headquarters, especially when Rustam showed me the special autograph boards signed by some of the most valuable NBA, soccer, and football players, runners, and athletes who have visited Nike Headquarters and were as pleased as I was. I also got to see Michael Jordan's uniform that he wore during a game where he scored a career-record 69 points. Another cool thing is that world-famous soccer club Manchester United is coming to Nike to practice before their game in Seattle in July - David Beckham is going to play on the same field where I did! I appreciate it Rustam! Thank you!

When: Thursday, June 26. Where: Oaks Park, Area #2 Time: 1:00-7:30 p.m. Who is Invited: All AFSers, host families (newand old) and all AFS friends. What do I bring? This is a potluck, so bring your favorite food to share. AFS will provide Pepsi and bottled water, as we are not allowed to bring in outside drinks - an Oaks Park rule. AFS will furnish ride bracelets for AFS STUDENTS only. For more information, call Sally Ann Wells (503) 452-1868, Bernice Schuchardt (503) 775-4161, or Ron Combs (503) 777-8117. It would help us out a lot if you would let us know if you will be able to come. There are a lot of things to do, so come prepared to have a lot of fun.

Ron Combs is looking for four helpers to man the IOF 4th of July Fireworks booth in Vancouver from 10 a.m. to midnight. Volunteers will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, so call him soon if you are interested - (503) 771-8116. Helpers are expected to work at least one day in a fireworks stand, which will be operating between June 28 and July 5 for 3-hour shifts, or longer if you want. The Vancouver Fireworks is one of the largest displays in the Northwest, and you would have a great view. Ron will provide transportation.

Do you have a draw full of cards from charities soliciting your donations that you don't use? Donate them to AFS - we can never thank our volunteers enough. Your cards will cut down on our expenses and cost you nothing. Send them to Sue Byrum, 2675 Sykes Road, St. Helens, 97051, or give them to one of your Area Team members who attending the June 19 meeting, the End of Stay Picnic on June 26, or departure on July 6.

Panithan Sirirattanaphonku Panithan introduced Thai culture to different groups for his senior project at Tillamook High School. Host dad Don Sheneberger encourages you to check out the presentation webpage: Junko Oguma was a team member on Wilson HS's dragon boat team. Junko lives with the Johnston family. Sultanbeck Duyshenov, Kyrgyszstan Sally Ann Wells sent in this comment about Sultanbek, "I was very proud of Sultanbek and his conduct and comments at the World Affairs Council Reception for host families, who were hosting the visiting Kyrghy educators."


How many girls have a date flying in from Italy to escort them to their prom? Jackie Bartel did. Returnee Davide Sobrino returned in May to escort his friend, Jackie, to her prom. Davide was an AFS exchange student at Franklin High School in 2000-2001. He spent a week visiting his host family, Ron and Pat Combs, went to Reno with the Bartels, visited with his liaison Kristin and saw Bernice (his Welcome Family). Jackie's mom, Pam, has worked with Ron Combs with our AFS/IOF bowling league person, and just recently their family hosted two of our Pacific Cascades guests.

Columbia Pacific Area Team is again planning an AFS Retreat July 19-20. The location is at the beautiful Trails Club's Tyee Lodge located at Government Camp, which can be reached by driving about one mile up West Leg Road. Who is invited? All returnees, old/new volunteers, former/new host families, AFS friends and anyone with a desire to promote peace in the world - but no dogs please. Sleeping arrangements at the lodge are dorm-style and can accommodate 22 women and 22 men. You won't have to rough it there are indoor toilets, a shower, a large modern kitchen and dining room with a view of the mountain and a large fireplace. The agenda is relaxed-arrive any time Saturday morning and stay the day or the entire weekend. Activities include hiking, ping pong, games, reading, long naps, watching slideshows on Garry Hays' computer, or just sitting by the fireplace visiting. In the evening we will provide information on volunteer opportunities. Food will be provided at no charge. Bring a sack lunch for Saturday, snacks or a dessert. Spaghetti, French bread, and salad will be served for dinner. We might be able to talk Marilyn into making a pie or two. Breakfast will be blueberry pancakes or maybe Sally Ann will make some of her sourdough pancakes. There is a $10 lodge fee per person. AFS will waive this fee if you sign up for one of the volunteer opportunities, which could be making phone calls, putting stamps and labels on a mailing, being a driver for an event, and even hosting a student counts. We will have a list of many volunteer opportunities both large and small at the mountain. Register with Bernice Schuchardt no later than Wednesday, July 16, or call her at (503) 775-4161.

The following article appeared in the Sunday, June 1, Columbian. It was submitted by Barb Rogers, an AFS volunteer from Amboy, Washington. I would like to commend some special people in our community who have dedicated time and emotion to host a foreign exchange teacher for the past school year. Jim and Judi Malinowski opened their home and hearts to share values and culture with Li Leng from Beijing, the capital of China. Li Leng, known as Lydia by her American friends, taught Chinese language and culture at Battle Ground High School, Lewisville Middle School, Amboy Middle School and Yacolt Primary School. She was sponsored by the American Field Service Intercultural Program. AFS hosts give of themselves to create unforgettable ties through out the world. I recognize their efforts and appreciate their lasting contribution to world peace and to the global family that is AFS. Barbara J. Rogers, Amboy Anyone interested in hosting a Visiting Teacher can call Sally Ann Wells 503 4521868 or the AFS office at 1-800-AFS-INFO.

- Do you want to continue receiving the AFS Columbia Pacific Newsletter? - Do you want to receive it via our website? - Should we do a quarterly newsletter or keep it bi-monthly? - What type of articles would you like to see? - Should we continue to have the photo page? - What calendar improvements could be made? - Would you like to see more support articles; i.e. how to handle specific situations? - Should we have a Dear Editor column? - Would you be willing to be responsible for a section; i.e. Student News or Calendar? Please answer these questions via e-mail to Bernice Schuchardt,

Three of our AFS students made the news in April. Salisa Salasawat (Thailand), Elem Sahinkaya (Turkey), and Julia Zeilinger (Germany), participated in a competition at Trillium Charter School for the Destination Imagination program. They were part of a six-person team that built a time-traveling gadget they entered in a state tournament held in Corvallis. The contraption they created began as a music box in 19th-Century Germany and ended up as portable noodle-maker in 21st Century Thailand. The Trillium team picked the "change in direction" category, largely because the three of them were from other countries. It required them to develop an apparatus that changes over time--reusing a set of parts-and to perform a skit about the adventure. The team from Trillium acted out a scene with the music box, which is sent by boat from Germany to Turkey in 1850. As it gets near Turkey, it was turned away by storms. In 2050, their gadget shows up on the streets in Thailand as a portable noodle-maker. They used their native languages and artwork to depict their countries during the skit. Although they didn't win, they had a great time working on the project. Congratulations, girls!

The "blond chick" in this family is Host Mom Ann Jacks, Beaverton School Board Member. Host Brother Patrick, Host Sister Elise, boy in purple is Yusup Ashirov, FLEX student form Turkmenistan. Yusup attends Aloha High School and is making straight A's! The beauty on the right is Host Dad Ed Jacks.

In May, three carloads of AFSers and volunteers took off for Ashland and the Shakespeare Festival VERY EARLY in the morning. This was the first time we have had this optional outing and from the comments of our kids, we will probably do it again next year - so you drivers sign up now. Here are some of the positive comments: "I really enjoyed all the plays and the cute little town. The hotel was also very nice." "I enjoyed all the plays and the town is so cute, just like in the movies." "It was perfect. Thank you very much…wish we could come back." "Everything was awesome. Thanks guys for organizing it." "I really had a great time! Thanks for this good opportunity." When asked whether we should do this for next year's students, the kids suggested we make it a two-day trip-go down on a Saturday, see the shows on Sunday, and return on Monday. Thanks to our drivers: Ron Combs (Ron made several trips to the California border so the kids could say they had been in California), Maggie Frieske, and Marilyn & Garry Hays. Special thanks to Marilyn Hays, who came up with the idea and organized the outing.

End of Stay - Sunday, July 6 In less than one month, our students will be leaving us to return home. Due to changes within AFS, we are unable to send them to Disneyland. Instead, we have planned a special, secret end-of-stay activity for them. This requires a lot of volunteers on Sunday, July 6 to do the following: At Lents Park drop-off site (From 3-5 p.m.): - Check in & assign students to vehicles - Weigh luggage - Drive students to the Secret Location - Rent a U-haul to drive from Lents Park to Secret Location - Prepare snack bags for students to take on the bus to Seattle. Can be done in a private home; cost is covered by area team funds. Would also involve delivery of sack lunches to the Secret Location. At “secret” site (4:30-9 p.m.- 1 person; 5-10 p.m. - 3 people; 10 p.m. - 3 a.m. - 3 people): - Chaperone and chat with the kids - Clean up and pack up after the students leave on the bus to Seattle If you are able to help in any way, please let Ron Combs know (503) 771-8116 or via email at Student/Family Liaison - This individual works with one student and one host family by maintaining monthly contact with each party, which also includes periodically contacting the host school. By facilitating communication and understanding between host family, student and sometimes school throughout the year, the relationship and intercultural learning opportunities are optimized. Aunt/Uncle Family - A family or individual that spends time with the student on a regular basis in addition to the host family. For instance, an aunt/uncle family may take student for a weekend trip, hiking, or out to a movie or ice-cream. Gateway Family - Next year's students will be arriving from August 6-8. If you, or anyone you know is interested in serving as a Gateway family for next year's students when they first arrive, please contact Ron Combs - (503) 771-8116 or via e-mail at To find out more, visit the volunteer website or contact Bernice Schuchardt at 503 775-4161 or

Scheduled for Thursday, June 19 The next Leadership Team meeting will be on Thursday, June 19 at Leta Gorman's office (900 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 2600, 26th floor) from 6:30-9 p.m. All leadership team meetings are open meetings, so please join us and help plan for the upcoming year. Check for directions.

We are into the big final push for finding families and schools for the last of our kids. We finally have the YES and FLEX kids’ bios and are working hard at making good placements. W need all the help we can get! Some host family finding suggestions: ASK! ASK! ASK! People can't say yes unless someone they know asks them.
Sebastian B Rosas (MALE from Portugal) AFS ID: F20153917 Sebastian likes to go sailing- for pleasure as well as in competition. He also teaches kids how to sail. Soccer is an important sport to him, and he plays as much as possible. For exercise he rides his bike. Sebastian's parents say that he is a quiet child with an excellent relation with his family. He relates well to adults and with children. He is mature, responsible, and selfconfident. His parents have given him freedom, but he has earned it. He lives with his mother, father and older brother in Porto, Portugal. He and his brother support each other & have a lot in common. The family eats dinner together & goes on vacations. Volodymyr V Koval'chuk (MALE from Ukraine) AFS ID: F20160724 Volodymyr has many interests such as cars, chess, computers, crafts, politics, debates, environmental issues, movies, dancing, photography, religion and travel. His favorite pastime is playing soccer with friends.Tactful, tolerant and respectful towards adults, Volodymyr also gets along well with peers. His English teacher describes him as "a boy of character, emotionally stable with a good sense of humor." Volodymyr is helpful to his parents in keeping their flat clean. His parents both work, but the family spends free time together whenever possible. He and his father go to a sports club together every Sunday. Bruno Rossi (MALE from Brazil) AFS ID: F20150353 After school Bruno practices sports like tennis. He enjoys sailing & swimming with his father. In leisure time, Bruno listens to music, plays video games, uses his computer & goes out with friends. He has spent vacations in the United States. Bruno has a good sense of humor. He is extroverted & sociable, as well as good-natured. He is also considerate of others and highly values friendships. His school teacher describes Bruno as a very friendly person who gets along with teachers & peers.The Rossi family lives in the large city of Salvador. Bruno is very close to his parents and younger sister. His relationship with his parents as loving and caring. Visits his grandparents in Rio each year.

We are seeking homes and school slots all over our region for the students whose bios you see here, as well as for our three visiting teachers, whose bios you will find at the end of the girls list. The teachers have some flexibility in host family location, but it would be best for them to live in the community they teach in.
Farhad Yagmurov (MALE from Turkmenistan) AFS ID: F20161262 Farhad holds several athletic, as well as academic pursuits in his spare time. He is a member of the debate club & the poetry club at school. He also plays ping-pong, basketball, & exercises at a health club regularly. One of Farhad's teachers comments that, "Farhad is a polite, wellorganized, humble, and tidy boy." His basketball coach says that he readily helps others and is sociable and responsible, and very much the team player. Farhad lives with his mother, father, and younger sister in Turkmenabat, Turkmenistan. His family enjoys working on their farm together, and travelling to historical attractions in their homeland. In the future, he has plans on becoming a surgeon. German E Vega (MALE from Ecuador) AFS ID: F20158871 Hobbies are definitely what keep Esteban busy. He loves to practice sports such as soccer, volleyball, tennis, fishing, and ping-pong. He is also musically inclined and has his own band. He plays the guitar for the band and they play all sorts of music. German (he prefers to be called Esteban) says that he considers himself a serious, responsible, respectful, active, and energetic man. He is very organized and goal-oriented and is very well-rounded as he likes nature, music, sports, and business. German's family consists of his parents and two younger brothers. They live in Cuenca together. He has an excellent relationship with his family. "My father is more than a father, he is a good friend of mine." Francesco Sparano (MALE from Italy) AFS ID: F20157297 Francesco is an active young man. He is center forward on his community soccer team and often goes swimming. Besides spending time with friends, Francesco likes to travel and listen to music. Happy go lucky, humorous, independent, and helpful, Francesco seems ready to fit in to any environment. His English teacher recognizes his ability to adapt & also remarks that he is outgoing, vivacious, and determined. Francesco lives with both of his parents, he is both an only child and an only grandchild! The family is sports-oriented and protective of Francesco. They enjoy traveling, cooking, and watching TV.

The Trillium teacher can live anywhere in Portland, but Northeast would be easier for all concerned. Let's all cooperate to get these students and teachers placed as quickly as possible. Many of the students do have visa deadlines coming up rather quickly, so any referrals anyone has will be greatly appreciated. Together we can do it!
Mahinour Abd El Razek (FEMALE from Egypt) AFS ID: F20159693 Mahinour loves sports, staying in shape, listening to music, dancing with her friends and working on the computer. She has a caring personality, and she has an open heart and is very mature. She is resourceful when it is called for and makes decisions with her best judgement. She is very friendly and loves making others smile when she shares her joy. She lives with her father. She took care of all of her mother's needs before she passed away. She is a voice of love and understanding in the family and her father values her opinion. She often keeps in touch with her siblings outside the home. Riska Nabhani (FEMALE from Indonesia) AFS ID: F20160192 Away from school, Riska is a member of a swimming club, as well as a member and board member of a community organization. She is interested in science, and enjoys watching science-related television programs. Humor is very important to Riska. She appreciates hearing a good joke, especially if she is feeling sad. She is responsible and disciplined. She takes criticism well and uses it to better herself, and she is neat and organized. Riska lives with her mother, father and younger sister in Madiun, Indonesia. The family is close-knit, and they look after each other. Riska wants to study computer programming and work for a large corporation.For religious reasons, Riska can not eat pork. Napawan Ruangthai "Mew" (FEMALE from Thailand) AFS ID: F20142201 Ruangthai, or "Mew," is a interesting young woman. She spends free time reading books and keeping up with the news. It's important to her to be informed. Mew also keeps up with new technologies. Mew's parents are proud of their enlightened daughter, especially because she knows how to vary her life with serious study and fun. Mew loves music and wants to be a DJ on an international music station - music, she says, makes people happy. Some other hobbies of hers are basketball and badminton. Pursuing her enlightened interests helped her to be independent, even as she enjoys time with her friends. She wants to make the most out of her time with her host family.

Clio Grossi (FEMALE from Italy) AFS ID: F20151341 Clio likes to swim, and she has practiced for the past 10 years. Clio enjoys drawing cartoons. She wants to be a "comic-strip writer" so she could "be the new Walt Disney." Clio characterises herself as an extrovert. She speaks her mind freely without fear of debate. Her teacher says "the student is responsible and serious. Clio has "Wolkman's Paralysis right upper limb, but she has no problems - it does not limit her everyday life. She cannot lift heavy weights, or practice sports that involve the use of arms. Clio lives with her parents brother, and sister, and has travelled to Ireland, Scotland, Great Britain, France, The Netherlands and Australia. Astrid Francke Hentriquez (FEMALE from Chile) AFS ID: F20154889 Astrid participates in extracurricular activities such as dancing and going to the movies with her friends. She also likes sports such as basketball and volleyball. In the future, she would like to either become an actress, or study at a law school.Astrid's teacher describes her as, "a very enthusiastic person and a positive leader, too." She is active and works hard to achieve her goals. Her effort and peseverance help her in all the work she does. Astrid's family has a history with AFS from their hosting a student in 1997, to Astrid's brother going on an exchange the following year. She lives with her parents and two brothers in San Felipe. Noemi Giulietti (FEMALE from Belgium (Flemish)) AFS ID: F20156520 Noemi is an inquisitive and energetic teen. She loves to sing and dance; she has been playing the piano for 8 years. She is part of a youth group & loves kids. Noemi is expressive, upbeat, and sociable. She has great fun in a group and is very good with children. She hopes to teach one day. She is a playful girl and always ready for a laugh. Teachers say she is diligent, socially-minded, & generous. Noemi is allergic to penicillin. She lives with her parents and older sister in a cozy, tidy home. The family values art and education. The family regularly joins together for meals. Tegan R. Hastings (FEMALE from Australia) AFS ID: F20159173 Every Friday night Tegan attends youth group. During the season for it, Tegan plays netball every week. At school, she is the Peer Support Leader and is on the Student Council. She's an integrative part of her school, and enjoys her leadership roles.Her teacher describes her as "a friendly personality" who "relates well to others and has a good sense of humor." Tegan is an excellent student who earns top marks. She is bright, outgoing, and confident, with a close group of friends. Tegan lives with her mother, her brother, and her brother's friend. Her parents have been divorced for five years; she sees her father regularly. Her hometown is on the small island of Tasmania, off of Australia. She is very close to her mother. Ayuna M. Munkuyeva (FEMALE from Russia) AFS ID: F20155160 Ayuna is an active girl with a variety of interests. She is an award-winning archer and practices regularly. She loves music, whether it is classical or popular, and has played piano for 5 years. She likes travel, theater, and movies. Ayuna is an aesthete and has a passion for all things artistic. She eagerly attends art exhibits and has studied dance. She says archery has helped her become steady, disciplined, and calm.Teachers describe her as respectful and well-loved. Ayuna lives with her parents and younger sister. Aminova Lola Sohibdjanovna (FEMALE from Uzbekistan) AFS ID: F20159183 Aminova enjoys drawing and painting and also avidly plays the piano. She is a member of her school debate club who competes regularly. In her spare time, she enjoys chess, cooking, music and movies. Selfdescribed as sociable, friendly, and outgoing, Aminova is an easygoing, level-headed young woman. She is honest and supportive. Her teacher describes her as communicative, kind and responsible, and generous with her time.Living in urban Samarkand with her parents and two brothers, Aminova shares a close relationship with her family. Most of the family time is spent together in the evenings or on weekends, when they cook, listen to music, or go for walks together. Due to religious reasons, Aminova does not eat pork. Visiting teacher for Battleground High School (Washington) Dongmei Pan (FEMALE from China) AFS ID: F20156658 Dongmei, whose English name is Nancy, is an active and busy woman. Besides running a family, she enjoys jogging every day and taking aerobics two to three times a week. She enjoys traveling and views challenges as a positive thing. Nancy is described as "a warm-hearted woman" whose "temperament is open and clear." She's outgoing and hopes to share her enthusiasm with new students and a new culture. She's thoughtful, patient, and passionate about teaching and communicating. She lives in Jiamusi, China with her husband and young daughter. She is very close to her husband and parents. Her father is a judge, and her mother taught her the beauty of teaching. Visiting teacher for Trillium Charter School in North Portland Supreeya Tejata (FEMALE from Thailand) AFS ID: F20158224 Supreeya, who also goes by "Mild", keeps up on current events in the news. She often listens to the radio, sometimes goes cycling, and likes to take photos. She travels about twice a year and occasionally goes to temple with a friend.Mild is organized, hard working, and socially conscious. She respects traditional values and cares deeply about her pupils. She is thoughtful and adaptable. Mild is eager to share her knowledge of her home language & culture with her US hosts.Mild is allergic to penicillin & salty seafood.Mild has 3 sisters; she lost her mother 3 years ago. Mild now lives with her father and two of her sisters. The family is close-knit and family members look after one another. Visiting teacher for Springwater Charter School in Gresham Chiraporn Thancharoen (FEMALE from Thailand) AFS ID: F20158211 Chiraporn practices studentcentered teaching in her English classes. She has been teaching for 5 years. Chiraporn serves leads efforts for student exchange at her school. She has served as a Program Leader for programs in Australia, England & Singapore. Chiraporn also serves as Secretary of her school English department. Personally, Chiraporn is kind-hearted, friendly and and describes herself as enjoyable.Chiraporn has a good relationship with her family, with whom she lives in the city of Korat. She is single. The Thancharoen family spends a lot of time together. For more information and current availability about these students, contact Sally Ann Wells, Hosting Coordinator, 503-452-1868 or Sara Vandepeute, Field Coordinator, 800-876-2377,

Dates & times are not in yet for Host Family Orientations, but when they are, they will be posted, along with places, on the AFS website at Host families, you may attend any orientation.


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AREA TEAM MEETING Leta Gorman's office at Stoel Rives in downtown Portland (900 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 2600) from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. All leadership team meetings are open meetings. END OF STAY PICNIC AT OAKS PARK 1 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Potluck. Everyone is welcome - liaisons, aunt/uncle families, friends, new families, and all volunteers. Please let us know if you will be attending. Contact Ron Combs, (503) 777-8117. STUDENT DEPARTURE 3:00 p.m. at Lents Park (89th and S.E. Holgate Blvd.) REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR RETREAT AT THE MOUNTAIN (JULY 19-20) Register with Bernice Schuchardt (503) 775-4161 or via e-mail at later than Wednesday, July 16. RETREAT AT THE MOUNTAIN Trails Club's Tyee Lodge located at Government Camp. $10 lodge fee per person - waived if you sign up for one of the volunteer opportunities. Deadline for registering is Wednesday, July 16. Register with Bernice Schuchardt (503) 775-4161 or via e-mail at




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