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Skin::v2.9.1123::r1210::NOVEMBER 23, 2009::

Overscan Tool::v2.9.1024::OCTOBER 24, 2009::
CinemaScope::FOR [url=]r1066[/url]::v2.9.0818::AUGUST 19, 2009::
access_key=key-2n3h37ny3p361hgvnls3]Overscan Tool Readme[/url]::
[url=]Mirrors[/url]::Overscan Tool included in RAR

Nodak's SmokedGlass Mod::SEPTEMBER 25, 2009::

Nodak's SmokedGlass Mod for coikenMod::OCTOBER 24, 2009::
pmartires's inforightpaneltop1.png Mod::
pmartires's Texture Mods::Installation based on v2.9.0929::coikenMod-Compatible::
LowList 75% Transparent Mod by misticjeff, xXVirusXx, and Grassman::

Skin Installation:
1. Move the "amwyamj291123" folder and its contents to the skins folder of where
YAMJ has been installed to.
2. Either rename "amwyamj291123" to "default" or edit the last line of so that it says amwyamj291123 instead of default. In my
experience, this last line in the tends to change it back
to "default" -- so after changing this line and saving it, I would make the file
READ ONLY. To do this, right click on the file, click Properties, check Read-only,
click Apply, and OK.
3. I would recommend removing all previously generated files ("C:\Program
Files\myiHome\webapps\ROOT\feature\myiHome-moviejukebox" for myiHome users) and
regenerating them. For myiHome users, go to Edit > Preferences > Plugin >
Regenerate to regenerate all the files.
4. Remember to put your overscan values back in before regenerating.
5. If you set YAMJ to download Apple trailers, make sure to only set it to
download 1 trailer. This should save you time and bandwidth. Use this line in the file:
*Remember to get the developmental version of YAMJ, found here:
*Remember to put your overscan values back in.

Overscan Tool Installation:

1. Extract the contents.
2. Place all the files on a USB drive or anywhere you can access the index.html
file on the NMT.
3. Run the index.html file on the NMT and follow the on-screen directions to find
the values for your TV.

[color=#FF0000][b]UPDATE - November 29, 2009 @ 10:41PM EST: I was going to

announce this on the next skin update, but I thought this was as good a time as
any. Besides the next skin update is going to be this coming weekend at the
earliest, and I wanted to give ample time to everyone. [u]I will be ending support
for �ON on page 300.[/u] Doing the math, this is estimated to be between mid-to-
late December.

I feel the skin has matured greatly in the last four months. It's time that I move
onto different things. By announcing this, I don't know what's going to happen.
I'm sure there won't be a panic -- at least I hope not. Maybe people will start
posting all their last minute questions. Or perhaps people will stop posting or
delete old posts to lengthen the time of support. Maybe I'll get a flood of
private messages.

I want to make it clear by what I mean when I say I'm ending support. First and
foremost, it is unlikely that there will be any major changes or additions, if
there are any left. I'll probably still fix minor bugs and issues, but they won't
be immediate. I won't answer questions as speedily. For �ON questions that have
been answered, I'll either dismiss it or tell you to search through the thread.
For YAMJ questions, I'll either dismiss it or tell you it's a YAMJ issue. Up until
the end of the 300th page, I'll update and answer just as I have been for the last
268 pages, but after that, again, full support will be ended. For the most part,
business as usual.

I'm also going to go against what I said and publish here, to date, my full and
uncut to-do list. Newer items are at the bottom. The 1st 6 lines applied to the
old TV details page, but may still apply to the current TV details page. "never"
means it's impossible or just not the direction I want to take the skin in.
"?????" means I'm not sure what I'll do with that feature. "companion" means that
feature is available in the Companion page. "test" means I've intended to test
that feature. "bug" means there's a bug outside of the skin, usually in YAMJ,
that's beyond my control. Near the end, you'll also find a one line gap. This
means I intend to include the features after this gap.[/b][/color]

never: replace cast list with episode list + titles
?????: info shows cast
never: single line episode
??????: special episodes -
never: episode ratings
never: "01" instead of "1" for episode numbers
never: resize background image? - not possible on nmt
never: replace on-screen filter with title
never: center less columns for true/false - autopadding
companion: clickable year, director, actors, country -- breaks page when going too
far up/left/down/right
never: enlarge thumbs based on number of thumbs on page -- only squared corners,
if anything
never: hide details to show fanart
never: better list view
never: only show "T" if Other_TV Shows_1.html exists
never: 1-27/150 - no way to get total number
companion: multiple trailers
?????: studio logos
?????: fanart within details
never: time on index - lags on the second
to-do: customize info bar
to-do: replace tv poster with tv details
?????: movies view for tv
to-do: kaleidescape view
never: different inforightpaneltop2.png transparencies - user dependent
to-do: list view uses audio codec
test: video_ts folders
to-do: full episode plots with paging
bug: last row of tv shows goes back to page 1
to-do: uncenter posters if users want to use less than 9 thumbnails per row
to-do: tv show page in list view -- shouldn't enable banners for true list mode --
"and when roundedcorners != list"
to-do: tv shows - play=playlist, enter=episode asEpisodeUrl
to-do: best audio track (for bluray?)
to-do: automatically selects wall layout - must still select popup
or no
test: more seasons than tv-banners-set
?????: boxme support
to-do - sabish: more than 31 eps
to-do - sabish: videosource/videocodec
to-do - sabish: blank episode list after tv-banners=false
to-do - sabish: replace eps that have no preview image with poster thumbnail
?????: supersearch
to-do: play from wall
to-do: fix dim=false - trailer+multi+number-rating - tabs get wrapped
bug: multipart tv episodes dont work - for tv shows, if part02.rar, then
to-do: better coikenMod-shift-poster - 2-cell row. coikenMod-shift-poster in left
cell. poster in right cell.
?????: ppp fixes - ep title -
to-do: poster-shift of 510, 530, coikenmod and lower flags unaligned - helps, but
not 100%
?????: lowlist watchbar toggle?
to-do: alaska - <br> in sratim not working???
to-do: 3 column banner wall

to-do: studios - blu sky, pixar

to-do: cinemascope blu-ray playback
to-do: selectable lowlist flags
to-do: parental controls
to-do: boxes as overlays
to-do: 2.42:1 ar
to-do: make ARs inclusive
to-do: no playlists for forcomputer
to-do: (tv) playlists for forcomputer - basefilename.pls
to-do: fix coikenmod
to-do: container flag, check for video_ts, rar, nrg -
to-do: tv-extras, title(ep00)=title(ep01) -- shouldn't. also non-existent eps have
no titles
to-do: remove # FOR STANDALONE TV USERS: Set thumbnails.width=224 and
thumbnails.height=332 for sharper posters.
to-do: add alt glassoverlays -
to-do: tvids -
to-do: limit genres, boxes, cinemascope bd, blank flags -

[color=#FF0000][b]Since I'm declaring the end of support for the skin, I figure
it's best that I tell you what I'll be working on. I can still, of course, add to
this list, but there's absolutely no guarantee that any feature will make it in,
including the ones listed above. Feel free to ask me about anything on the to-do
list since it's in "my" language.

I don't know what's going to happen after this skin. I may or may not be here.
Hopefully I still will be. I may start another skin. I just may "pull a Microsoft"
and extend support. Everyone should feel free to continue modding this skin to
their likings. Elements from this skin can be taken for your own creations,
however I ask that you give credit where credit is due, just as I've given credit
to the skins I've borrowed from at the top of this post.

While I'm at it, I meant to post this awhile ago, but I'm working on the Wiki for
this skin, which can be found here: . It's
still a great work in progress. Any help or suggestions are appreciated, though.

So until the next update, business as usual.[/b][/color]

UPDATE - November 24, 2009 @ 8:43PM EST: In LowList, if you want to get rid of
certain flags completely from all movies, look at this post
tid=25534&pid=292885#pid292885 ). If you want to get rid of the unknown flags
("?"), overwrite the following files with a copy of html/pictures/1x1.png:
html/pictures/unknownvideo.png, html/pictures/unknownaudio.png,
html/pictures/studios/unknownstudio.png. In fact, for any flag or image you don't
like, you can simply replace it with a copy of the 1x1.png.

[b]November 23, 2009 Update[/b]

Not too many changes this time around. Mostly just tidying up what I should've
done in the last update. There weren't too many feature requests, but I had some
time, so I decided to take care of some loose ends. As with anything, don't
download this if you've got everything working correctly and if you don't need any
of the new features. Details after the graphics.



[b]1) [/b] If fanart is not found for LowList, a [b]dummy fanart[/b] file will be
used. This file is html/pictures/dummy_fanart.jpg.

[b]2) [/b] [b]Custom-sized/boxed posters[/b] can be used. Just note that the skin
will automatically scale it down to a width of 224.

[b]2a) [/b] For those using [b]regular posters[/b] (not custom boxed posters),
you can (you do not have to) set [b]posters.width=224 and posters.height=332[/b].
If you do not set these yourself, the skin will automatically resize them, but it
might still take tiny bit longer to render it since it's still loading a poster
that's larger than it has to be.

[b]2b) [/b] [b]I've changed TVOverlay in the skin-options.xsl to

LowListOverlay[/b], which, when enabled, will provide an overlay for both the TV
details and movie LowList details. In fact, you can use box covers using this
method. And if your box cover graphic has a spine or something like that, [b]you
can change the positioning in the exportdetails_item_popcorn.css.
Poster_Overlay__LowList_NMT_and_PC__TV_PC[/b] (top and left values) changes the
positioning for LowList movie details (for when you view it on both the NMT and
PC) and TV details (for when you view it on the PC). [b]Poster_Overlay__TV_NMT[/b]
changes the position for TV details for when you view it on the NMT. When I say
for the "PC", read #4 below for computer mode. Note that the "top" value can NOT
be 0 for viewing on the NMT. 1 is the minimum. The left value can be 0. Also note
that this this will not bring the overlay to the extreme edges your screen (on the

[b]2c) [/b] [b]ElenaLauder[/b] has provided refined cleaned-up graphics for the
spotlight. Thank you.

[b]3) *FEATURED*[/b] More flags in LowList view. I've added studio, source,
framerate, and aspect ratio. Figuring out how to do the aspect ratio was a fun
little challenge. I honestly don't think anymore flags can fit, and I don't think
there are any other flags to put anyway.

[b]4) *FEATURED*[/b] Computer Mode ([b]ForComputer=true in the skin-

options.xsl[/b]). This should look 99% identical to what you see on your NMT/TV.
For the movie details page (LowList=true and false) as well as the TV details
page, a bar in the upper-right will show up that allows you to control navigation
between pages. Previous, next, home, trailer (if available), and Watch (or part
numbers if it's multipart). For TV shows, you'll get the PREV and NEXT arrows, but
you'll just get a table of episode numbers that you can hover over to show you
episode details. In the Wall view, the page number will link to the previous page
(the number "2" in "Page 2 out of 3"). Note that [b]using ForComputer on the NMT
will crash it[/b] -- the Wall will work most of the time though. This will NOT
work for Alaska. Though I haven't tested it, it probably won't work for SabishMod

[b]5) [/b] I know I said I wouldn't further develop Alaska (still [color=#FF0000]
[b]UNSUPPORTED[/b][/color]), but I applied the small fixes and added some flags.
Note that this does not completely work for Sratim users yet.

[b]6) [/b] I've added [b]WallRedURL, WallGreenURL, WallYellowURL, and

WallBlueURL[/b] to the skin-options.xsl. These work just like
Red/Green/Yellow/BlueURL, but I've made these separate in case someone wants the
colored buttons to go somewhere different when viewing the details pages as
compared to the Wall. These will also work in the Categories page. Also note that
before you fill these in, [b]you must not use red/green/yellow/blue for filter-
left, filter-right, category, alpha, genre, or filter[/b]. By default, these
colors are already assigned to control the Navigation and Filter Bars -- so you
must unassign them first.

[b]7) [/b] Noted must be 1280 for LowList (and the unsupported
Alaska). Removed the CSS comment that broke the normal movie detais page. Banners
control now looks for "TV Shows" instead of just "TV" -- this should help for
those who are making their own custom BoxedSets with "TV" in the set title. Added
DVD SCREENER and R5 source flags. custom5150.exitviamenu should be working now.
"Menu" from a details pages now brings you back to the Wall. tv-extras/Companion
page episode numbers now reflect missing episodes.

That's it for now. Small update, but I hope this means mostly everyone is
satisfied so far. As always, feel free to post any issues you might have. You can
show your support by voting in the moviejukebox shootout thread (linked above),
give the thread a high star rating (top-right of the page), and/or buy me some
coffee (below).

To the Americans, and whoever else celebrates, have a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a
good week, everybody!