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McCool Law, LLC

Attorney at Law

Nanine McCool, Esq

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J une 5, 2013

VIA FAX (225) 293-3300
Mr. Damon S. Manning, Esq.
4000 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd.
Suite 607
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816

RE: RESPONDENT: J oyce Nanine McCool
COMPLAINANT: Deborah J . Gambrell
FILE NO.: 0028469
Dear Mr. Manning,
I am in receipt of and thank you for your correspondence dated May 21, 2013,
related to the above referenced matter.

Before providing a response, I would appreciate some additional information
and/or clarification. In particular, I would like to understand to whose complaint I am
responding. The most recent charges are in no way related to J udge Gambrells original
complaint, nor did the conduct being complained of occur in her presence, nor was it in
any way directed toward her and did not in any way involve her. I would like to know,
thus, why I am being asked to respond to alleged misconduct involving J udge Amacker as
though it is related to J udge Gambrells complaint, and why the resolution of the above
referenced matter should hinge upon these completely unrelated charges.

Will you please also tell me what, or who, initiated these most recent charges
against me?

Will you also explain to me the administrative process the LADB relied upon in
determining that it was appropriate to include these most recent charges in Gambrells

To date, I have not been notified that J udge Amacker has filed a formal complaint
against me, yet this is the second correspondence from you that asks me to defend
conduct involving J udge Amacker, rather than J udge Gambrell. Although my last
response was arguably tangentially related to Gambrells complaint, I cannot identify
even the slightest connection of these most recent charges to that complaint.

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Finally, Id like to know the full extent of J udge Amackers involvement and
participation in the above numbered/referenced complaint, which would include each and
every communication she has had with you or the LADB regarding the above referenced
matter, whether it was by written or unwritten communication, who initiated the
communication, the date of the communication, and a summary of the discussion/or
information provided.

If you do not believe that I am entitled to any of the information requested, please
let me know what procedure I must follow to seek a review of your decision.

Until the information requested herein is provided, or the matter is fully
considered and resolved, I request an indefinite extension of time to respond to your
correspondence dated May 21, 2013.

Nanine McCool