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Host Family Finding is an on-going, neverending process. You will see an insert of some of the great students assigned to our team who are still waiting to find out who their families will be and what community they will be coming to. Please spread the word and ‘nominate’ friends, neighbors, business associates and relatives—in Portland or even other parts of the country. There are many other regions also looking for host families for the coming year. I’m happy to report the Northwest is leading the nation in percent of commitment placed. Our region hit 70% yesterday! Columbia Pacific is at 59%, with a couple of placements pending school or natural family approval. We have a ways to go. Please review the profiles and see if you can think of someone you know who would be open to hosting. We still have three school slots in Portland Public Schools, although not in Grant, Lincoln or Jefferson. Vancouver is still open and we need Vancouver leads. Columbia county, Clackamas County, Wilsonville, Tigard-Tualatin, Beaverton and Hillsboro also will still accept students. We would really like to get them placed before school is out. As always, I'd like to encourage everyone to "speak AFS," at every opportunity. We want hosting to be a privilege and joy and we'd like to get our kids placed earlier in the year, so they can be corresponding with their families before they ever arrive. That will only happen if each of us takes the responsibility to share our experience and plant the seed for others to share the joy and challenge.


JUNE 2006

Want electronic newsletter? E-Mail : Want souvenir/scrapbook hard copy snail mail? E-Mail Ron Combs @ All others will be able to find the newsletter on the Columbia-Pacific website:

On Sunday, June 25, all families are to bring their students to Lent’s Park (in SE Portland at 89th and SE Holgate Blvd.) at 4 PM, where they will say their goodbyes. Students will then be transported to a secret place where they will have fun and have a chance to start their separation process with the support of AFS volunteers and other students. Later that evening they will be transported to the Gateway City (Seattle) where they will take their international flights. Time: 4:00 p.m. Directions to Lents Park: From I- 205 South Take Exit #17/Foster Rd, turn left onto Foster Rd. At first light (92nd Ave) turn right. Turn left on Holgate. Park is about two blocks up on your left. From I 205 North Take Exit #19 (Division/ Powell). Stay in right lane towards Powell, turn right. Turn right at first light (Holgate). Park is about two blocks up on your left. If you get lost, call Ron Combs 503-314-5243.

The Calendar

BASEBALL GAME Contact Ron Combs 503 771-8177 or 503-314-5243 AFS PICNIC – OAKS PARK Contact Ron Combs 503 771-8177 or 503-314-5243 DEPARTURE 4 PM AT LENTS PARK Contact Ron Combs 503-777-8117 or 503-314-5243 SOUTHEAST PORTLAND HF ORIENTATION - HOME OF BERNICE SCHUCHARDT 4806 SE Long, Portland – RSVP 503 775-4161 or COLUMBIA GORGE HF ORIENTATION - HOME OF RYMMEL & TEDD LOVELL 2522 Old Dufur Road, The Dalles --RSVP (541) 296-6546 or LONGVIEW-KELSO HF ORIENTATION - GLORIA DEI LUTHERAN CHURCH 402 Crawford, Kelso, WA - RSVP 360 423-0166 or NORTH CLACKAMAS/LAKE OSWEGO HF ORIENTATION - HOME OF MAGGIE FRIESKE 14951 SE Ranch, Milwaukie - RSVP 503 659-7958 or NORTH-NORTHEAST PORTLAND HF ORIENTATION - HOME OF SUSAN RIGGS 3239 NE 20th, Portland – RSVP Chris Cradler 503 287-6601 or CAMAS-WASHOUGAL & VANCOUVER-BATTLEGROUND HF ORIENTATION - HOME OF RUTH LADAGE 1352 43rd Court, Washougal – RSVP 360 931-4020 OREGON COAST HF ORIENTATION - HOME OF SUE CUDD 2975 Netarts Bay West, Tillamook- RSVP 503 815-3507 or WEST PORTLAND/BEAVERTON/HILLSBORO HF ORIENTATION - BEAVERTON COMMUNITY CENTER 12350 SW 5th Street, Suite 100, Beaverton - RSVP 503 452-1868 or ARRIVAL OF 2006-2007 STUDENTS ARRIVAL ORIENTATION IN CAMAS AND PICK-UP OF STUDENTS BY FAMILIES

This event had to be scheduled on a weekday as we could not get a reservation for a weekend. Therefore, we decided to schedule an event for all the kids who are out of school and any families, liaisons, aunt and uncle families at Oaks Park. When: Tuesday, June 20 Where: Oaks Park (at the foot of the Sellwood Bridge) Directions: Call the park at 503 233-5777 Time: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Rides: Start at 11:00 a.m. Free for students; $5.00 for anyone else. What is furnished: Hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and table service. For more information contact Ron Combs (503) 771-8117 or via e-mail at Ron’s cell phone is (503) 314-5243. RSVP by June 15.



AUGUST 9, 10, 11 AUGUST 12

In order for our area team to function and have fun filling our mission, we need to develop new leadership and recruit new volunteers. We need some help! Here are some jobs we need to fill: • Newsletter editors and reporters (we have a new, very talented publisher, we just need a couple of people willing to collect and edit articles from our local reporters; • Computer savvy person to assist with the website—it can be much more of a tool for all of us. Henry our present webmaster needs help maintaining the website during his busy “Scream at the Beach” season; • Data person who likes keeping track of addresses and emails—a roster keeper; • Event planners willing to take on one or two projects for the year; host family recognition; volunteer recognition; Portland AFS International Week; • Area Team Hosting Coordinator; Local Hosting Coordinators, Host Family Recruiters, Interviewers—especially for Beaverton, Hillsboro, Columbia County, “outer southwest” and Washington Gorge (Stevenson, White Salmon, Trout Lake—do you have any friends up there?) Clark county; Washington North • Liaison/Support Coordinators for each hosting cluster to help recruit liaisons and support them in their vital work of supporting our students and families; • Area Team Sending Coordinator; Local Coordinators; Interviewers and Natural Family Liaisons; • Area Team Volunteer Coordinator; Local Unit Volunteer Coordinators—to cultivate new volunteers--we have fun with our kids and we should be willing to share the pleasure. CONTACT: Area Chair Ron Combs at 503 7778117 or cell phone 503-314-5243 or Sally Ann Wells, 503 452-1868 or cell phone 503 703-8223.

Every June and August a series of extraordinary AFS-USA events focusing on departures and arrival of our students occur in five cities across the nation. These events combine the efforts of 300 plus volunteers and staff members and are exciting times for all involved. To support these events, we are actively recruiting volunteers to fill the roles of group leaders, cultural resource speakers, greeters at airports, hotel coordinators, and/or bus chaperones. If you've volunteered in the past or would like to gain a new perspective of our programs, we present the following list of volunteer possibilities and events that may appeal to you and your talents. ARRIVAL OF HOSTED PARTICIPANTS 2700 students arrive in US Dates: August 9, 10 & 11 Locations: Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Houston & New York Sample Volunteer Positions: Meeting and greeting arriving students at airports, hotel coordination, bus chaperones You can well imagine the excitement and emotions surrounding these events and how it helps to create the perfect scenario to view the mission of AFS-USA firsthand. Won't you please consider volunteering at one of these events? If you are interested or have more questions, please contact the Travel and Logistics Coordinator at your local Regional Service Center or Nancy Frazier, ( Manager of Volunteer Services. SEATTLE or LOS ANGELES : Carrie O'Callaghan ( 1.800.876.2377 ext 1570; Portland, OR office. If you are interested in helping out here in Portland on departure day (June 25), contact Ron Combs at 503 777-8117

I would like to share a little bit about myself with you. My name is Nongyao Luangwong. I am a visiting teacher from Thailand. Currently I’m teaching at Trillium Charter School. In Thailand I live with my parents and my younger brother. I have four more brothers and one sister. They are all married and live with their family. The greeting is one of the biggest different between my culture and yours here in America. In my culture younger people will greet older people first. They’ll bow with hands together and say the word “Sawasdee kha” (for female) or “Sawasdeekhrab” (for male). The word Sawasdee can be used all times of the day. The meaning of the word “Sawasdee” is “Hi” or “Hello”. If the person is our friend or about the same age, the word “Sawasdee” alone is sufficient for greeting.It is important that the younger persons have to respect for the older persons. I decided to apply for the AFS teacher program because I’m looking for varieties of ways and methods of learning English to increase and improve speaking and a knowledge of English; writing, reading, speaking and listening. The AFS program allowed me to improve. The benefits I have gain as the following: 1) Learning English vocabulary and speaking the language well. 2) Serving English as a second language classes. 3) Knowing the American education system, culture and lifestyle. 4) Gaining a rewarding experiences during a worthwhile visit. As for my favorite outing, I thought the “Pendleton Round – Up” has made a great impression on me. About teaching in the USA gave me an idea of one way that will enhance my career in Thailand as a teacher. It’s field trips. I know I can be a role model for other teachers in Thailand when I return.”

A TRIP TO INTROSPECTION by Prutha Desai “Now here is something that I learnt from the trip to the UN. Firstly, I would like to thank all the people who worked to make this year as it has been for me. When I was at the podium, talking to all the delegates, I felt a different sense of power and confidence. It felt like "not me" for once. I never in my dreams had thought of talking in front of the UN. Being among all the people from all over the world, striving for peace and harmony, I felt that I made a difference. It is "in" me and it will be there forever. Everyone has the strength; to use it right and at the ripe moment, that is what most of us lack, sometimes. In the true sense, I felt like a global citizen, a representative of the people of the future who want to make it work.. Lovingly work.It also made me understand that I had a lot of responsibilities that I was bound to perform. It was not such a short experience, it was huge... emotionally (like a gorilla...Ahh! but the good one, like the one in Baby's Day Out...). It is impossible to explain how good it was--well, you just had be there--because I would love to see more people/students from AFS to go there and in the future make it possible for everyone to be an exchange student. Peace Prutha”

END OF STAY – SUNDAY, JUNE 25 Just a few weeks away, our students will be leaving us to return home. AFS Columbia Pacific has planned a special, secret end-of-stay activity for them. This requires lots of volunteers on Sunday, June 25 for the following jobs: At Lents Park drop-off site (from 4-5 p.m.) • Volunteers to weigh luggage, check students in and assign vehicles. • Drivers to drive from Lents to “secret location.” • Prepare snack bags for students to take on the bus to Seattle. This could be done in the home and AFS will reimburse costs. Helpers at Secret Site • 1 person from 6:00 – 9 p.m.; • 3 people from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. • 3 people from 8:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m. • 3 people 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. The “helpers” at the secret site chaperone and chat with kids; clean up and pack up after students leave on the bus. If you are able to help, contact Ron Combs at 503-771-8177 or 503-314-5243 (cell) or via e-mail at DRIVERS NEEDED FOR 2007 For Pendleton Roundup, Ski Trip, Ashland. You must be a registered volunteer. Ron Combs at 503-771-8177 or 503-314-5243 (cell) or via email at

In May, Bernice’s Eastside Cluster took the 2- day trip. Renko (Germany) , Shunsuke (Japan), Carlos (Mexico), Marta (Norway), Jaimie (New Zealand), Simge (Turkey); and our three AFS teachers from China, Zhang Mei, He Yuejun,and Nongyao all took the trip, with Bernice and Sally Ann as chaperones.

Prutha Desai, hosted by the Scott Family in Beaverton and attending Beaverton High School, is an AFS-YES Scholar from India. Prutha was invited to speak at a UN luncheon in New York, recently. You can read about it on the AFS International Website: and Prutha has shared her reflections of that experience for the newsletter. Prutha’s reflections reinforce the Mission of AFS. Peace Person by Person. Thank you for sharing, Prutha!

Is there a volunteer out there who would consider organizaing a 2007 Seattle trip?
Contact Bernice Schuchardt at 503 7754161 or

My name is Jin Zhai, I'm from a city called Zunyi which is in Southwest China; I came to US through the AFS Intercultural Program, I teach kids Chinese Culture in Battle Ground High School, what a great opportunity AFS offered us! I'm an English teacher in China, that's why I came to USA because I want to improve my English, and also it's a great chance for me to teach the American kids about China, and let them know more about the most populated country in the world, and also the largest country with 5,00 years history, we talk about Chinese history, do Chinese cooking , Calligraphy, and learn about Chinese medicine. The most difficult part about the program is I have a three-year old son in China, he's too young to leave his mother, I miss him very much, hopefully my husband and my parents and in-law help to take care of him. 1. The biggest difference between China and America is diversity, here in USA you can meet people from all over the world and eat food from different countries, and also you can see many shows in theater coming from all over the world, just as people always say the USA is a Melting Pot! 2. I think AFS program offers us such a great opportunity to really get to know American people, American culture and American schools and kids, it offers us enough time to really "melt" in this country, I really like it! That's also why I applied for the program. 3. My favourite trip here on AFS is the trip to Seattle. Now let me tell you about it. Our wonderful “CHINESE” trip to Seattle Last weekend, we had a wonderful trip to Seattle which was sponsored by AFS Intercultural program, three of Chinese teachers and 6 exchange students got on the train and headed to Seattle on Saturday morning. There were such beautiful scenery along the railway that we took a lot of pictures. We talked and played cards on the train. Then here came an old man, looked like in his seventies, when he learned that we are from China, he came up and talked with us, and he tried to communicate with us in Chinese, he spoke some of the phrases and sentences pretty well, I then asked him how long he had learned Chinese, he said he just started two weeks ago, and he taught by himself, he had VCD which can help him to learn some Chinese, he knows how to ask your name and your age and ask the way, well, just in two weeks, he can learn so well despite he’s an old man, I really admired him a lot, and here came my second question, “ What makes you learn Chinese?” he went “Because I teach ELL students here and some of them are Chinese, in order to make them understand me better, I want to learn Chinese.” What a great idea! We then went to Pike Place Market, where there were a lot of fun thing to do, shopping and watching people singing and throwing fishes, after you bought salmon, the salesman tried to throw the fish at you, be careful!! Finally you’ll figure out the fish they are trying to throw at you is not real fish but toy fish! We then went to a seaside restaurant where they served great food, seafood, soup, noodles and stuff, we enjoyed our food very much and enjoyed the beautiful view out of the window. Finally here came a guy who is the shuttle driver of the hotel where we live, he came to pick us up at the restaurant, and when he knew we were from China, he asked us which cities we were from, it seemed that he knew very well of China, I asked him “ can you speak Chinese?”, he immediately spoke Chinese with us, and what surprised us most is how well he can speak Chinese, and it’s apparently that he learn his Chinese in Beijing, the capital city of China, because you can tell he has got strong Beijing accent, and he can use the language so well, it’s very impressive, we later learned that he studied Chinese in Beijing for two years, and he wanted to be an interpreter at the very beginning and he learned Chinese so hard, well, it’s no wonder he can speak Chinese so well! Later when we got back to hotel, here came another surprise again, we can watch CCTV9 here, which is the only English Channel of China, and you can learn many Chinese news and culture here, it seemed that our Seattle trip is more like a Chinese trip! It’s really impressive that we met American people who can speak very good Chinese and can easily communicate with us, the feeling is so good that you can find somebody who can speak your native language, it really makes you feel comfortable and warm in the heart. I have to say let’s all study another language hard and try to get across the language barriers and communicate with people in the world! 4. The teaching method and teaching ideas In American school are quite different from that of China, while I'm teaching in USA, I really learned many Great Teaching skills, like how to keep the kids "BUSY", how to do a project and let the kids well involved in my class, and let them Do more things instead of me just teaching in the class, and also here in USA, they really have many good management for the kids, like do the attendance and the grades on the computer, it's really nice and easy! Most importantly, My English is much improved while I teach the kids here, now I can communicate with the kids easily in the class and talk about American culture and Chinese culture with them, so I really know a lot about the American kids, their attitude towards life, their value and life goal, some of them are good to encourage my kids when I go back to China, like the American kids are really independent, they are very sociable, and very capable in dealing with something, so I should train my students in China to be more independent, and also we should learn more about American kids' positive attitude towards life.

Student/Family Liaisons This individual works with one student and one host family by maintaining monthly contact with each party, which also includes periodically the host school. By facilitating communication and understanding between host family, student and sometimes school throughout the year, the relationship and intercultural learning opportunities are optimized. Aunt/Uncle Family A family or individual that spends time with the student on a regular basis in addition to the host family. For instance, an aunt/uncle family may take student for a weekend trip, hiking, or out to a movie or ice cream. Gateway Family A family or individual who will take the students for the first few days in the USA. For next year’s students who will be arriving from August 9, 10, 11, 2006. On the 8/12, they will go to meet their host family for the year.

PORTLAND N/NE Host Family Orientation Thursday, July 20, 7 - 9:30 p.m. at the home of Susan Riggs (3239 NE 20th Ave, Portland). RSVP to Chris Cradler 503-287-6601 or PORTLAND SE Portland SE cluster will hold a Host Family Orientation on Wednesday, July 12, at the home of Bernice Schuchardt, 4806 SE Long, Portland, from 7-9:30 p.m. Sandwiches will be served. RSVP to Bernice a week before at 503-775-4161 or MILWAUKIE/CLACKAMAS July 18 from 7-9 p.m. at the home of Maggie Frieske, 14951 SE Rancho, Milwaukie, phone 503-639-2938. Please RSVP. CAMAS, WASHOUGAL, BATTLEGROUND, AND VANCOUVER Camas, Washougal, Battleground, and Vancouver will hold a family orientation at the home of Ruth Ladage (1352 43rd Court, Washougal) on Thursday, July 20, at 7 p.m.. Directions: - From I 205 take Hwy 14 eastbound - Go past Camas and Washougal. - Take a left off the freeway at 32nd St. - Turn right at stop light (Evergreen Way) - Turn left on 39th street (at the fire station) - Go through stop sign at Washougal HS - Turn right on M St (by Methodist church). - Turn right at the second road - M Loop - Turn left on the first street - 43rd Court - House is tall and gray with black shutters

THERESE (AIMEE) MAMA MBONE FROM FRANCE Therese (Aimee) Mama Mbone, AFS student from France, recently received 3 sports awards from Mt.View High School in Vancouver, Washington. The awards are: Junior Varsity Award, Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Hustle Award and the Scholar Athlete Award. Aimee's host parents are Lisa and Greg Stecker. KAHAR USOP, YES STUDENT FROM THE PHILIPPINES Kahar Usop, along with his host mother, Bernie Gerhardt traveled to a Legislative Reception in Olympia on February 8, 2006. At the Legislative Reception, Governor Chris Gregoire gave a presentation on the state of the State of Washington. Afterwards, Kahar conversed with Governor Gregoire about his school, Skyview in Vancouver and was able to promote the YES Program and give information to the governor about AFS in general. Kahar also met Ellen Alle the Commission heads of the Asian Pacific I. Kahar Usop received an award for Community Service at the 2006 Clark County Youth Achievement Celebration at Skyview High School on April 29, 2006. The theme was "The Difference You Make is Infinite. Kahar received his award for his participation in the Division of Children's Holiday Activity of giving Christmas presents to children in out of home care and helping the homeless at an overnight shelter for the homeless. Kahar was congratulated by State Representative Craig Pridemoreand Clark County Sheriff Gary Lucas.

Date: Monday, June 19 Time: 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 Where: Call Ron Combs Cost: AFS students free, everyone else $5.00 If you want to come in and over-night with a Portland family, contact Ron Combs. at (503) 771-8117 or via e-mail at Ron’s cell phone is (503) 314-5243.

Ron Combs organized an AFS trip to Ashland in May to see The Diary of Anne Frank and The Importance of Being Earnest. Twenty-four students, teachers, and volunteers participated in this optional activity. Special thanks to drivers: Jeff Larson, Ron Combs, Ruth Ladage, and Mark Gardner. See Ashland photos on photo page.


RANDA FROM EGYPT YES SCHOLAR, ELRF = 2/2/?, SLEP 48 MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR CLUSTER ENRICHMENT Randa is a very busy and involved person. She loves to play sports and practices Karate often. She is a member of the broadcasting, library, and reading groups at school. Randa is very interested in science and math is her favorite subject. Randa is a positive person who likes to be social. She is very dedicated to her activities and works hard to succeed academically. She is a trustworthy friend and admires honesty and sincerity in others. Randa expresses herself openly and listens well. Francesca lives with her mother in the city of Vienna. She sees her father twice a year and she says they have a good relationship. Currently, she is unsure of what her Randa lives in Cairo with her younger brother and her parents. Her family has a very supportive and loving relationship. Her father and mother are both general managers. Randa dreams of becoming an engineer. LOLITA FROM RUSSIA FLEX SCHOLAR, SLEP = 51 PUTARAK “PLOY” FROM THAILAND ELRF = 3/4/3, SLEP = 40 Ploy enjoys swimming, badminton & basketball. She also like surfing the internet and listening to music. Her education is very important to her. MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR CLUSTER ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES Lolita is a very talented and passionate musician. She plays guitar, flute, and the piano, and she loves all kinds of music from rock/pop to classical. Her other interests include opera, ballet, gardening, swimming, volleyball, and going on nature hikes. Lolita has developed into a very diligent, inquisitive, and hard-working student. She shows strong abilities in the vast majority of her studies, and for the past two years she has been a tutor. She is a very kind, respectful and open-hearted young lady. Lolita has a fear of “angry dogs” and may have trouble adapting to dogs in the house. Ploy lives with her mother & her younger sister. They enjoy cooking, watching TV and traveling together. When she finishes school, she hopes to be a judge. In the future, Lolita would like to pursue a career in journalism as a critic of both music and film. She loves to express her opinions to others, especially when doing JULIA “JULY” FROM BRAZIL ELRF = 4/4/4, NEED SLEP = so introduces them to great works of art and expression. ELISABETH FROM AUSTRIA ELRF = 3/3/3, NEED SLEP = Julia is a spirited young woman whose top interest is clear: it's basketball. She plays for three teams: school, club and state. She hopes to pursue sports throughout her life, perhaps into a career in sports rehab and medicine. According to her teacher, "Julia is a lovely and bright student! She is friendly, communicative, and has the spirit of leadership." Her parents describe Julia as "determined, obedient, studious and very affectionate." Julia lives in the large coastal city of Fortaleza with her parents and two elder siblings. They are a well-educated, sporting family with an interest in the arts. Both of Julia's parents are self-employed businesspeople. LINA MARIA FROM NORWAY ELRF = 4/3/3, SLEP = 60 Elisabeth lives in Gross-Enzersdorf with her mother. She has an older brother who lives in Sweden with her aunt. She has a wonderful and loving relationship with her mother and grandmother. Elisabeth is extremely eager to make friend around the globe. Elisabeth has always been a very independent girl. She is a great leader because she is good at listening to others and taking charge in group settings. Elisabeth is a self confident and responsible person who is highly respected by her peers. Elisabeth has the most fun when she is hanging out with her friends. She enjoys having sleepovers and planning parties. Elisabeth likes to go swimming when the weather is nice and in the winter, she enjoys snowboarding.She loves dancing around the house. future career goals are, but she is looking forward to her year abroad. FRANCESCA FROM AUSTRIA ELRF=4/4/4, NEED SLEP =

Evgeniy is a very active young man who enjoys playing many different sports. Among his top favorites are soccer, basketball and volleyball. He also practices Tae Kwon each week and stays in shape by body-building. In the summertime he enjoys swimming. Evgeniy is very passionate about education and the act of reading. "I can't imagine my life without reading," he writes. At school he has established himself as a versatile, diligent and hard-working student who displays strong leadership qualities. In regards to his future, Evgeniy is certain that English will play a very strong part in his career. Fortunately, he is very passionate about the language and its culture, and thus he is very excited to live and study in the States through AFS. VITOR FROM BRAZIL ELRF = 2/3/2, SLEP = 57

Nikolaj enjoys listening and playing music; he plays drums in a band. His favorite subjects in school are biology and chemistry. He finds interesting to find answers about the ecosystem. After school he works in a loudspeakers factory twice a week. Nikolaj's family would describe him as a helpful person and a good mediator. He's outgoing and friendly. He's also a good listener and gets mad when he witnesses injustices. In his house he often helps with the cooking and one day a week he's the chef. Nikolaj grew up doing activities outdoors and he's a big fan of the warm weather. In the future he'd like to study at the university and explore more the field of biology or chemistry. He's eager to meet his new American family and learn about them. SIMON FROM SWEDEN ELRF = 3/2/2

Francesca's main passions are playing the violin and the piano; she hopes to continue playing while she is abroad. In the summer she enjoys swimming, playing tennis and biking; in the winter she occasionally skis. She describes herself as being humorous, a good-listener, helpful and polite. She is quite independent and trusts herself when she must make a decision. When confronted with a problem she usually seeks out her friends for advice.

Athletics are very important to Victor. He is a member of his school's soccer team and practices twice a week. He enjoys going swimming, doing gymnastics and playing handball and volleyball. In his free time, Victor likes to surf and model. "My friends think that I am loyal and the girls consider me lovely," explains Victor. He is a sensitive, gentle, and trustworthy person. His parents say that he is very responsible and able to talk open and honestly about any issue. Victor lives in Sao Paulo with his older brother and his parents. His family has a great relationship that is based on open communication. His father is a businessman and his mother is self employed. RUSLAN FROM KAZAKHSTAN FLEX SCHOLAR, SLEP = 54 ASIL FROM PHILIPPINES YES SCHOLAR , ELRF = 5/5/5, SLEP = 67 Being shown by Pacific Cascades, Asil enjoys different kinds of art like dance, singing, acting and painting. He also loves playing tennis, but hasn't in awhile. In the summer, he enjoys swimming. Ruslan is a talkative person who has many friends. He respects other people's opinions and he can count on his friends when he has some problems. His teacher wrote, "He's a very industrious and reliable person. He's respected and loved by people". Ruslan lives with his mother and his younger brother. They often go to the countryside together to relax. He has two dreams for his future. He'd like to study medicine and become a doctor to help other people, and he'd like to create his own rock band. PENTOR “PEACE” FROM THAILAND ELRF = 3/4/3, SLEP = 51 Pentor studies at a Christian high school, majoring in science and math. In the future, he hopes to become a civil or computer engineer. His teacher is impressed by all he has accomplished. "Pentor is an intelligent young man," his teacher notes. "He participated in academic competitions, representing the school and competed in mathematic competitions against students from other schools." Pentor has a close relationship with his family. "His nickname is 'Peace,'" his dad says. An only child, Pentor says he has an open relationship with his mom and dad. "We can discuss everything.". Asil lives with an uncle, because his parents both work in Bahrain. His parents wanted him to live in the Philippines to learn about the culture. In the future, he plans to go to college and focus on law or medicine. Does not eat pork. ANDRES FROM COLOMBIA ELRF= 3/3/3 According to Asil's parents, he is a leader, intelligent, unique and vibrant. Others see him as respectful, articulate, confident, but modest. He is also sociable. His friends describe him as friendly, understanding, and knows how to make others laugh. On the weekends, he hangs out at the mall. He is the host for a local tv show. Simon says he is a happy, curious boy who likes to learn new things. His parents confirm his curiosity and say that if he asks a question he is eager to listen to the answer. Simon's teacher describes him as motivated and ambitious. Simon lives with his father, mother, and younger sister. His father is a computer systems developer and his mother is a handling officer. The family enjoys traveling and has been to several countries such as Italy, Denmark, Finland, and Austria. Ruslan is a person full of energy. He enjoys listening to rock music, playing the guitar and the drums, and reading books. He created a music group with his friends at school. He also enjoys playing sports. He plays volleyball in the school team. Simon enjoys participating in Flashkick, a form of Teakwando, twice a week. He also loves to downhill ski on the weekends during winter. Simon takes clarinet lessons once a week and is in an orchestra that plays all kinds of music.

Ploy's friends describe her as a cheerful, talkative, sincere, honest person. She is close to her family and enjoys spending time with them. She is very willing to try new experiences.

Andres is very athletic and jogs, plays soccer, swims and rides his bike often. He was elected his school's student representative and helps with events in town. He also enjoys reading books on philosophy and surfing the internet. His teacher describes him as "a nice person who likes practicing sports and being involved in activities that improve the school". His friends and family see him as a nice person who is very sociable and funny. Andres lives in Pamplona with his Aunt, grandparents and cousin because the city has a better educational system. His parents live in a different city and he sees them often. His family has hosted an AFS student in the past.

Lina Maria is captain of her soccer team and plays three times a week. She likes to keep active, but also to have fun. She listens to music everyday and sometimes enjoys taking quiet walks in the woods. Her English teacher compliments her as "motivated, highly capable of studying theoretical subjects...a good natured person." Her parents consider her to be organized and responsible, good at taking care of herself. Lina Maria was born in Colombia, but adopted as an infant. She now lives with her parents and younger brother in Narvik, Norway. She hopes that going to a new country will help her discover what she wants to do with her life.

If you are interested in Family placing any of these students, please contact Sally Ann Wells to determine if they are still available. (503) 452-1868