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Dragon Warriors

The following pages are my house

House Rules 3: rules for dealing with intelligent
humanoid non-human characters,
with additional information about the
Elves, Dwarves, rest of Ellesland, including Albion,
Ereworn, Glissom, Cornumbria, and
and Mad Kings. Thuland.

The Forests and wilderness areas of

Legend are home to all manner of
monsters, who common folk often
believe are a constant treat; as they
will steal your children, ruin your
crops, and lame your horse, unless
you protect yourself from them.
Having a non-human player
character in a standard Dragon
Warriors game is therefore
extremely difficult, and almost
impossible if set in a kingdom
dominated by 'The True Faith'.
The referee may allow players to
make non-human player characters,
but only if there is a very strong plot
driven rationale for doing so. Even
then, this option will only work if the
non-human character remains
exclusively in the wilderness, or can
be hidden or disguised in some way.
There is more scope for playing non-
humans characters if the campaign
is set in one of the more distant
kingdoms especially any that are
dominated by one of the 'Old
Religions', such as in Thuland,
This document is intended to be a Ereworn, and Glissom.
work of non-profit making fan Non-human characters, whether
appreciation and is not meant to player characters or important NPCs
challenge any copyrights and/or are generated by adding a 1st rank
trademarks. These rules additions profession template to the average
are not official and the current NPC statistics found in the main rule
copyright owners of the Dragon book and in the Bestiary.
Warriors RPG at the time of writing
are Serpent King Games.

Dragon Warriors
Rogues: Attack +1, Defence
Creating Non- +1, Magical Attack +0, Magical
Defence +0, Evasion +1,
Human Characters Stealth +2, Perception +2,
Health +2.
The following only applies to
creatures (including humans), which Sorcerers: Attack +0, Defence
have stats that are noted in the +0, Magical Attack +15,
rules as being normal of its type, Magical Defence +2, Evasion
and without any special combat +0, Stealth +1, Perception +1,
training. Health +1.

To generate a non-human character, Warlocks: Attack Score +1,

take the humanoid's listed stats, and Defence +0, Magical Attack
add the modifiers from one of the +12, Magical Defence +1,
following 'Profession Templates' to Evasion +0, Stealth +1,
create a 1st Rank character. Perception +1, Health +2.
Humanoid or 'man-like' species
Appropriate for conversion to 1st
Profession Templates: rank characters are dwarves, elves,
and humans:
Assassins: Attack +2, Defence
+0, Magical Attack +0, Magical
Defence +0, Evasion +2,
Stealth +6, Perception +4, Dwarves
Health +2. Dwarven characters must first roll a
Barbarians: Attack +3, Strength score of 12 or more, and
Defence +1, Magical Attack they cannot have a Psychic Talent or
+0, Magical Defence +0, a Looks score of more than 11.
Evasion +2, Stealth +1, Dwarves can become Knights or
Perception +1, Health +6. Barbarians, but they are unable to
Elementalists: Attack +0, use magic, and cannot take up any
Defence +0, Magical Attack of the Wizarding professions.
+15, Magical Defence +2, The statistics for a normal dwarf
Evasion +0, Stealth +1, are:
Perception +1, Health +1.
Attack: 11 (Damage per
Knights: Attack +2, Defence weapon)
+2, Magical Attack +0, Magical Defense: 5
Defence +0, Evasion +1, Magical attack: 0
Stealth +1, Perception +1, Magical defense: 3
Health +4. Evasion: 3
Mystics: Attack +1, Defence Stealth: 12
+1, Magical Attack +14, Perception: 9 (Gloomsight)
Magical Defence +1, Evasion Health Points: 1d6 +3
+0, Stealth +2, Perception +2, AF: type worn (usually 0)
Health +2. Movement: 10m (15m)
Rank equivalent: 1st

Dragon Warriors
Special Abilities: * = Please do not add the Stealth
and Perception modifiers from the
Gloomsight: Dwarves can see Profession Templates, as all Elves;
better in the dark then regardless of profession, start with
humans can (-3 perception in the same Stealth and Perception
'no light'), but find bright scores as indicated above.
lights very difficult (-5 Special Abilities:
Perception in 'bright light').
Elfsight: Elves see reasonably
From 7th Rank onwards, well in most light (-4 to
Dwarves can forge magical Perception in 'no light').
arms and armour just like
Mystics: When suitably camouflaged,
and actively hiding in
7th rank; manufacture: +1 woodland foliage, Elves can
weapons and armour. automatically remain hidden
9th rank; manufacture: +2 from any non-Elven character
weapons and armour. of 4th rank or lower.
11th rank; manufacture: +3
Elves also have a +2 ATTACK
weapons and armour.
bonus when using bows.

Vision Type Illumination

No Light Half-Light Bright Light
Elven characters must first roll a (pitch (torchlight or (broad
Reflexes, Psychic Talent and darkness) dusk) daylight)
Looks score of 12 or more, and
they cannot have a Strength Normal -7 +0 +5
score of more than 13.
Panoptical +0 +0 +0
Elves can join any of the
adventuring professions, apart Darksight +5 +0 -7
from Barbarian.
Elfsight -4 +0 +0
The Statistics for a normal elf
are: Gloomsight -3 +0 -5

Attack: 11 (Damage per

Defense: 5
Magical attack: 0 The following statistics represent the
Magical defense: 4 abilities of average human townsfolk
Evasion: 4 and peasants. These statistics are
Stealth: 18* for normal humans, with no special
Perception: 13 (Elfsight)* combat training:
Health Points: 1d6 +2 Attack: 11 (Damage per
AF: type worn (usually 0) weapon)
Movement: 12m (25m) Defense: 5
Rank equivalent: 1st Magical attack: 0
Magical defense: 3

Dragon Warriors
Evasion: 3 island in ancient times, before being
Stealth: 12 forced into the fringes by the
Perception: 4 (Normal) invading Selentium Empire.
Health Points: 1d6 +3 Cornumbria now follows the Church
AF: type worn (usually 0) of Cornumbria, which is based on
Movement: 10m (20m) the 'True Faith', but is independent
Rank equivalent: 1st from the Selentine Church.
Special Abilities: In the more remote areas of
Normal Sight: Humans operate Cornumbria, the 'Old Faith' with its
best in bright light (+5 warship of Lahmfada, Kernanu, and
Perception), and tend to Morkaan still predominates. Here,
struggle when there is no light priests are still known as druids, and
(-7 Perception). Petty Kings and their Thanes rule
their lands from their lofty hill forts.
Perception Modifiers
Criggen Varras is a large
The 'Perception Modifiers' in the bustling city, where the High
main rule book refer to the normal King of Cornumbria sits.
vision of Humans. Other creatures
may have different modifiers. Coronach Marsh crosses the
border between Cornumbria
and Albion. It is a treacherous
wilderness area, plagued by
Living in the Lands snakes, and is home to
charcoal burners, peat
of Legend farmers, and outcasts.

Ellesland Albion
Ellesland comprises of five nations: Albion's inhabitants are decedents of
Cornumbria, Thuland, and Glissom, the various invaders that plagued
and Ereworn. The current year in the land since the Selentine Empire
regard to the following information is withdrew many centuries ago; to
993AS (Anno Sancto, or 'In the Holy defend its own boarders from
Year'). Barbarian incursions in the East.
King Hadric of Albion is a weak king,
and a poor judge of character,
Cornumbria whose misrule has left his ranking
nobles competing with each other
Cornumbria is a modern feudal for power within Albion:
kingdom like Albion, but with roots
Earl Montombre (also known
in a far older culture. The
as the Elfin Earl) controls land
inhabitants of Cornumbria (as well
between Jewelspider Wood
as most of Ereworn and Glissom) are
and the eastern Coast.
the original native peoples of
Ellesland, who dominated the whole

Dragon Warriors
Lord Grisaille controls land in Deep within the Fenring Forest
the west, between Jewelspider are barrow tombs from ancient
wood and Cornumbria. times.
Baron Aldred of Gorburn
controls the land in the north,
between Lords Montombre and Ereworn
Lord Grisaille's fiefs in the
south, and Thuland. In the far North, the influence of law
becomes scarcer. The people of
Other places of interest in Albion
Ereworn are mostly descended from
are: native Elleslanders, with a mixture of
Ongus is the capital city of Mercanian and Algandian blood.
Albion, and from where King
The True Faith has no place in this
Hadric rules the land.
lawless and dangerous Kingdom, as
Castorbridge is a city famous Ereworn's inhabitants still warship
for its university. the shadowy deities of the 'Old
Clyster is a free city in Baron Faith'.
Aldred's fief. The lords of Ereworn are either evil
Scardic is a large country town or mad, and are constantly engage
in Baron Aldred’s Fief. in a war of subterfuge and
Other notable cities in Albion
are Breylak and Netherford. The 'Clan of Harbingers' is a
secret society of assassins,
Ostelin Abbey is a Large who profit from the land's
Monastery dedicated to the political instability. There is no
Selentine Church. high king, and Duke Darian
Myrkyn's Castle is home to a claims to be Ereworn's
powerful and mysterious steward.
wizard. Castle Ereworn is the
Coronach Marsh is a Kingdom's seat of power, and
treacherous wilderness area; is now occupied by Duke
plagued by snakes, and home Darian.
to charcoal burners, peat Brigand knights roam
farmers, and outcasts. unchecked around the foothills
Jewelspider Wood is a large of the Pagan Mountains. It is
dense forest known to be the said that dwarves long ago
home of Giant Spiders. There withdrew deep inside these
are also rumours that evil mountains, and avoid all
Oakmen dwell in this forest. contact from human kind.
Brave pilgrims often travel
through the Shriven Hills to
visit the shrine of St. Stophin,
the patron saint of storms.

Dragon Warriors
Glissom Castle sits in the
centre of Glissom City, which
Glissom is a bustling trading centre
that attracts travelers from all
Is Glissom a Fief of Ereworn, or is it over Ellesland. King Durindar
a Kingdom in its own right. The rules the city; and nominally
answer depends on who you ask. the rest of Glissom, from 'The
Glissom is basically a city, the rest of Kings Tower' in the Castle.
the land being as lawless as
Ereworn, with large areas plagued
by brigands, led by the bandit
'Conn', who calls himself 'The King of Thuland
the Reivers'. The people of Thuland were
originally settlers from
the Mercanian coast,
and although
wandering priests of
the 'True Faith' often
brave this hospitable
and craggy land, the
'Old Northern Faith' is
still strong in its
warship of Wotan,
Tor, and Loge.
Thulanders have a
highly developed
‘early feudal’ society,
where lords sit out the
winter in smoky
surrounded by their
Housecarls, waiting
for the summer
Key cities in Thuland
are Brymstone,
Beltayn, and