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Vol.10 No.11 NOV/DEC 2009

Sex Education for

Rose Nabirye, P5, Greenvalley PS, Kaliro

Stay Safe during holidays
The December - January holiday is on. It has many parties like Christmas, weddings and parties. This is the time to do things you have been missing while at school.

Know your rights Stay in school Say No to sex

Make a holiday plan
Anne Kayaga Nicole, P6, Mother Care Bunnamwaya PS, Wakiso, says: I will do the school holiday work in the first week.
To make a holiday plan: •Make a list of things you want to do during holidays. it can be daily, weekly or monthly. •Start with the most important things in the morning when your mind is fresh. •Balance work and play to relax your mind. •Know what is safe and dangerous to your life. ask for advice from your parents, teachers, elders, brothers and sisters about your holiday plan.

talking to your parents one of those things.

Counsellor Liz Okello, says make

This is a good time to make your parents your friends. Talk to them about your growing body, friends, school or any worries and needs. They will listen. Parents have gone through many things which are happening to you now. Talking to them will help you understand what is happening around you and stay safe. do not fear talking to them. if your parents have no time, politely ask them to spare some time for you. find the best time to talk with them when they are not very busy or tired. You can talk to them at tea time or when you are doing work together.

shua,Nakasero sa,Eria and Jo oliday time to Venne . Use h PS, Kampalastay out of danger. relax but

HELP! I was defiled
Yes, you can still accuse this man. defilement is a serious crime. report the man to the authorities because he defiled you. defilement is when a man has sex with a girl who is below 18 years or if a woman has sex with a boy below 18 years. Ronald Sekaggya, Principal Legal Officer, Judicial Service Commission

I was defiled at 9 years. At 12 years, the same man defiled me again. I am now 16. Can I accuse this man of defiling me in courts of law? Girl, Nebbi

Blowing condoms like ballons
Some children pick used condoms from the rubbish and blow them like balloons. Can’t they get HIV from them? Mafabi Peter, 10, P5, Tororo Education Center
hiV is a virus that causes aidS. You can get infected with hiV from a condom which contains semen, blood of an hiV positive person. do not play or blow used condoms. You should not pick anything from dust bins or rubbish pits. When a condom has just been used, the virus is active in fluids. if these fluids get in contact with any wounds in your mouth you can get infected with hiV. You may have a cut or wound in the mouth and you don't know. So hiV can enter your body through such a cut. hiV lives mainly in fluids like blood, vaginal fluids and semen.

HIV basics:


What do you like or dislike about your parents/ guardians?
Send your letters to Po Box 22366, Kampala and

WIN prizes

Dr Paul Semugoma, International Hospital Kampala
YoUNg TalK iS for TEachErS aNd PUPilS iN P5, P6 aNd P7

during holidays, have a chance to do activities that will build your skills and knowledge. young talkers speak about their holiday plans.

busy holidays
Music dance and drama
“during my p7 holiday i will join a music, dance and drama club at the church in Mayuge.”Akweny Esther, P7,12, Rimage Classic PS, Lugazi, Mukono Teddy Juma, a teacher at City Parents School says: do some work at home like cooking, washing, cleaning, digging, fetching water and firewood. identify people in your community who can teach you skills such as crafts, bricklaying, hairdressing, tailoring and computer. When you visit relatives or friends, you may meet children with wrong behaviour. some children have been forced into sex during such visits. abstain from sex, do not tell lies, steal or fight. if one forces you into sex, shout for help and report them. inform your parents or guardian where you are going and whom you are going with.

2 Young Talk, Nov/Dec 2009

adolph Mwesigye Adolph of Kawere village, Mubende feeding a cow
Keep away from alcohol and sex. Invite your friends home. Your parents will be happy to meet them.

Rear chicken

Abenakyo Rhodah, 12, P7 of Mother Care PS, Bunnamwaya, Wakiso says: i will spend the holidays with my aunt and sell eggs. i will use some of the money to buy clothes, shoes, books and pens. Rearing chicken or growing crops such as maize and beans is a good holiday activity. Ask your parents or guardians to help you start farming.

Play football

“an idle mind is a devils workshop. i will join the village football team to keep me busy. i will dig, slash the compound, look after my grandparents cattle in the village." Ssewaali Abdul, Mother care PS, Wakiso. Discover your talent during this holiday. What is it that you can do so well? Maybe you are a good singer and need to join the church choir.

dangers in your environment
Kayongo Denis, 13, P7 Hope Children’s Center Temangalo, Wakiso, wrote: "My sister got pregnant during her holidays. she got a sexually Transmitted disease. she was sent away from home and school. she gave birth to a baby whom she cannot care for."
Sex is not for you yet. You are still young. Wait. Most pregnancies happen during holidays.

My sister got pregnant during holidays

Meet henry, a friend
i will work in vacation
Thank god, i did my primary leaving examinations (ple) this november. papers were not so hard. so i hope to pass. We celebrated the p7 leaver’s party at school. guess what! i got on the floor and mimed Bread and butter by radio and Weasel. it is my favorite song. friends and funs praised me saying: 'our man! our man!' Music and dance keep my mind occupied. during my vacation, i plan to work with my brother at his art company making necklaces earrings and craft cards. i also plan to have some good time with my friends.

• Pregnancy can happen even before a girl sees her first menstrual period. • Pregnancy can happen the first time you have sex.
beware of child sacrifice

My friend was killed

Keirungi Constance, 9, Jenny and Jessy PS, Zana, says: "My friend spent most of her time watching films in video halls and visiting friends during holidays. one day she was killed on her way back home at night." Sorry for the death of your friend. Moving at night or in lonely places alone is dangerous. For example, if you are going to collect firewood or water, go with friends or an adult.

Nakitto Flavia, P6, Viannet Junior PS, Kampala wrote: “child sacrifice and defilement are still going on. some people sacrifice their children to become rich. i heard of a man who sacrificed his twins to become rich in our village. Young Talkers, be careful. Move with a friend and avoid dark places. strangers may kidnap you for sacrifice.”

Young Talk is for Teachers and pupils in p5, p6 and p7


Young Talk, Nov/Dec 2009

as your friends celebrate completing primary leaving examination, you may worry about money for joining secondary and which school to join. The good news is that government has started universal secondary education (use). it is free and near you. aggrey kibenge from the ministry of education says: use is meant to help children access education from their homes. To qualify you must have scored between aggregate 4 and 28. use does not provide for boarding fee. some of the children are directly admitted by the school but you can also go to the nearby school in your

Join secondary or vocational school
community to ask them to register you if they offer use. You can also join technical education if you want to do carpentry, hairdressing or brick laying. government has built technical schools in every sub county. if things do not work out, you can also find someone to train you in hairdressing, tailoring, carpentry or bricklaying. There are many people around your community who can teach you these things.

" Pupils of Kibanga PS holding brooms in their crafts lesson

Do not waste your life. Take advantage of opportunities around you.

dy: Know your boe pimples r
Knickers do not cu
es on my I have many pimpl ickers to face. If I use my kn it cure the wash the face, can hab, P6, pimples? Aweko Na di. Kabalega PS, Masin knickers do not have s. medicine to cure pimple ers some times your knick th bacteria may be dirty wi which may affect your face. do not squeeze, scrub or rub pimples with any piece of cloth. Bath the face twice a day using soap and control clean water everyday to no the pimples. if there is ples change see a doctor. pim They come during teen age. es in are caused by hormon y the body. They may sta years. for about three almost everybody gets pimples. do not fear it is normal to have pimples. Dr Paul Semugoma International Hospital Kampala

Find your way home without trouble
help John, he has to get home on time. But a long the way, there are many dangers. find the safest way for him to use.

Watch out for Swine Flu
Alvin Semakula, 11, P6, City Parents School, Kampala wrote: There has been an outbreak of Swine Flu in Uganda this year. Stay indoors to avoid infection during holidays. good advice, alvin. swine flu is also called h1n1 influenza. some people in uganda including students have been affected by swine flu. The World health organization says: swine flu is spread from one person to another through breathing, coughing and sneezing. a person with swine flu may have sudden fever, cough, tiredness, coldness, headache, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, stomach upset, loss of appetite, diarrhea, painful muscles, legs or joint pain. if you get any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately. stay home until the fever has been treated. drink a lot of water. do not drink coffee or soda. They increase diarrhea. always wash your hands regularly; do not share cups or plates. do not cough or sneeze into your fingers.

Young Talk is for Teachers and pupils in p5, p6 and p7


Young Talk, Nov/Dec 2009

P.O. B0X 22366 Ka
A teacher gave us an exercise. He told me to take books for marking to the office. He demanded for sex but I refused. Whenever he comes to class, he chases me away from lessons, what can I do? Girl, Anava PS, Arua Thank you for saying NO to the teacher's demand for sex. Talk to the school administration to transfer you to another stream if the school has more than one stream. If this is difficult, tell your headteacher about it. Be strong and don’t let anyone scare you. You have a right to a bright future. Will I start menstruating if I have sex every day? Balinaomugisha D, 12, P6 Kabalega PS, Masindi Menstruation is when the egg is released from the ovary to the uterus and it is not fertilised. The menstruation periods start at different times for different women/girls. It is controlled by hormones and not by playing sex. It is common to feel sexually excited, during menstruation period. This is normal and natural. When I look at a girl, sperms come out. Sometimes I feel like having sex. How can I prevent this? Pirwoth G, Oturgang Boys’ PS Nebbi

Dear Young TaLK la mpa

My body itches especially at night. I don’t have any rash. Could I be suffering from AIDS or other STDs? Birali M, 16, P6, Bujoloto PS, Mbale
It is likely that you are NOT suffering from AIDS. Also, if you have never had sex, it may not be a sexually transmitted disease (STD). There are many things which can cause itching. It may be allergies of the skin or biting insects like mosquitoes and fleas. The only way one can know if they have HIV is by taking an HIV test.See a medical doctor about it. They will diagnose and suggest treatment for it.

"We like reading Young Talk." Pupils of Kyanjuki PS, Kasese

Is it true that if I wash my vagina using OMO, it will become big. Gimono P, P6 New Hope PS, Bugiri
You cannot enlarge the size of your vagina using omo. Instead omo is such a powerful detergent which damage the skin slowly. This may bring you health problems or even infection. Be positive about who you are. Love and appreciate yourself then no one will try to make you be someone else.

Do girls also get erections? Oloya C,16, Pakwelo PS, Gulu
It is not possible for girls to erect because their private organ is not designed in such a way. The penis is elongated and has the capacity to erect when stimulated but not the vagina.

" We are too young to have sex. Pupils of Agiermach PS, Nebbi
As we grow up through teenage years, our bodies change in preparation to make us adults. A boy grows a beard, pubic hair, the voice breaks and other changes. Inside the boy’s body, hormones are produced which makes him aware of other people. You feel like having sex. You may get erections and release sperms at night (wet dreams). This is natural and normal. Do not feel ashamed of it. It means you are growing properly. But it is not a sign for you to start having sex. You are still young and developing.

Cousellors Dr Paul Semugoma and Liz Okello

Schools of the year
City Parents Kampala sent 62, St. Paul's Community had 50. Kapteret PS in Kapchorwa sent 34 while Ayelembe PS of Arua sent 35 letters. You can make your school a star by writing to Young Talk.

In Young Talk April 2009 Bahati L, of Bundibugyo Demonstration PS asked for Young Talkers’ advice. He said: “My parents are drunkards. My uncle got me a tomato business but my parents demand for money. I look after my young sisters and brothers. I cannot concentrate in class.” Thirty seven of you advised Bahati. You all win exercise books. •




Lubega Kefra, Kazo Junior School, Kampala, said: “The Uganda Constitution says parents must pay for their children’s school fees, but not the children to give parents money.” Tell your parents you don’t have the money. Continue helping your sisters and brothers. Kamunyu Mark P7, St Paul Community PS, Rukungiri Report their drunkenness to the area Local Council or probation officer for child protection. Asinguza Yvonne, Kyanjuki PS, Kilembe, Kasese

Kabuye P6, Kitebi PS, Kampala says: In our class, there is a girl who sit of our desk. When s in front th is teaching, she br e teacher ings her bums and puts them on my legs, then she begins to shak e them. I am worried, what can I do? Send your advice to PO Box 22366, Kampala, Ugand a.

Please advise Kabuye Dan

covia Advise Sneighbouring of a

“A teacher He says he school loves me. e to town to wants to take m the lodge. Is sleep with him in e to sleep ac a lodge a good pl s wife. She in? I also fear hi Berocan might beat me,” , Arikpa PS, Scovia, 14, P7 advise to Nebbi. Send your 6 Kampala PO Box 2236 Uganda.

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