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Today's civilization is somehow synthetic,which is finite.People that you see on the
streets bear time as decay,first their bodies then their spirit.You see history as the ancient
egyptians want you to see past,present and future because is their synthetic breakthrough
concept.And they placed their concepts of life and death in history.mart move.As a
result their dead spirit lives today.!t's the analytic breakthrough !'m interested in and this
one takes place in "rance,#urope,with $escartes.The world of the machines you see
today sprouted as mere applications in this synthetic world of the analytical mind.The
industrial revolution in #urope that followed the analytical cracking of the synthetic
world,which is %od's world was &uickly understood by the #uropean powers at that
time.''ogito,ergo sum' is the thought that opens up modernity with a new problem.!s
wheather we rationalize life or we leave it to develop in a synthetic way.ynthetic is to be
a science,think at all the %reek culture who developed tools for understanding reality.(ne
problem puzzles me,whether another species are analytic or synthetic.'arbon based life
forms are synthetic but think of a race that is based on silicium )silicon* and is analytical
entirely.+hat is their universe looking like,-ow,if you grow a synthetic culture to a
porpose or an end,lets imagine we build a rationalized universe as once the greek culture
wanted but failed in time,you will get the same tools for the understanding of the
universe,only these tools will be tuned for a synthetic carbon based life form.
The whole destiny of Hannibal revolves around the idea of freedom and is centered by
hatred.The Roman presence in the mediterranian sea was less intended to free trade
rather than supremacy after the first Punic war.The rule through which money gave
wealth to a city was broken by the new militarized roman laws.The world he tried to
revive was a decaying one.He never saw the law as a harmless protector and rally the
barbarians against it.He took the odds.He fought within the established rules of
engagement,won,but was denied the gain after annae.He understood then the loss,the
ancient world was about to change forever and he couldn!t find himself a place in it
anymore not even put in charge at the battle at "ama.He spent his last years as an
outlaw and his name bore for centuries the wrath of the romans.
the $elayed
Time in the universe is delayed by light.There is undoubtedly a hiatus between what
actually happens in the universe and what we see happening.cience has always mastered
predictions far in the universe.Proper science /umps in time,looking backward and
forward in time.Time is cellular for the time being.!ndependent and interdependent.+hen
it comes to relate time either positive and abstract with self entities you get a glimpse of a
time network that grows relentlessly in your grasp.Time has matter when is confronted by
it and emerges in temporal tissues as the organs that keep our bodies in life.Think of our
neural circuits that speed up our perception on basis of electricity.0ight up your brain for
the storm to come.$o it in time or elsewhere you'll be delayed.There is only one
possibility of having the e1act time in the universe and it isn't given by a precise clock
rather by presence.Your presence in the universe is time itself.You see now elsewhere
around you only your image.!f you try to relate with the actual events you participate in
you'll be delayed from the actual happening.Your vision is a construct of reality and can
far e1ceed reality backward and forward in time always in search for the present.-ow is
all there is happening around you.#verything else,past and future are /ust
constructs,either emotional or intellectual and as long as you believe in such fantasies you
are mistaken to believe in their presence.There is nothing you can do to alter the reality
you have fallen as prey.Your life is secure now,your gifted self has turned it into a prison
for your senses.!sn't is so,you are in control now.(r are they,!n the cage you ask
yourself,who are these masters ! know as matter of facts.And then you'll try to establish a
link with eternity."aith is the last resurgent of a bleeding mind.The nervous system is ash
0ife as an item
#ach moment by each soul that craves for space and is lost in time looking out for
himself in the middle of a busy street while !'m taking refuge in his eyes under the spell
of my birth curse for ! know ! will never find myself this way.And each time ! begin to
hope my dark nature unbalanced by the living and crushed under its items emerges in
sparks of pure delight in the clear sun light.!t happens when ! take one from its cradle the
same moment our eyes meet.Their collective features meet his eyes,the technician is there
waiting to carve out his own image in their faces through his eyes..e sees their blindness
behind their eyes reaching for items and not for the very souls he recognizes both right in
the instance that humanity needs a technician as well as he needs both.
Paths to enlightenment
0ast night ! followed three paths to enlightenment,at first there were the white snakes
coming out of nothingness,their teeth shinning as they were trying to reach the place !
stood still,in a cylinder which started to descend into the loins of the #arth where white
flesh began molding itself in strange shapes around me,then there it stood a beheaded yet
vertical corpse which e1haled soot and smoke throughout his neck.!n the end ! found
myself flying over a large field of lotuses at night which were given light by my presence
because each time ! turned around my gaze the set which was &uite spectacular
The #dge
The cutthroats of corpses rushed at the human pile which laid stinking into a pit
at the edge of a wall on which their women began weeping.The wall set out the
consciousness of other human chaff that had found a brutal way to make fun of
e#istence.Here, on this side thronging to satisfy their hunger with meat scraps
and swill that the workers put in the service of the $tate religion of what was left
of their humanity,were throwing those whom they called the unclean.%ooking at
each of these from up top they seal a pity you will find among those labelled as
well as sub&humans.'ith a habitus that they kept sacred to satisfy the hubris of a
sub&species of people that can!t be put at work,they were the memorial that
needed to be fed to maintain a social balance between good and evil, notions
needed to any punitive society that wants from the ruling class,civil rights,they
regarded,ravenously on the hunk of meat they were thrown over the wall of
lamentations.On the other side of the wall, dressed in overalls and with
shovels,the civilized did a cleaning (ob called order among the pile of corpses
that recreated the life of every body part after digital chip they had engraved in
their nape.This portion of today came from far away, from the boundaries of such
limitations in nature that have forced human nature in an attempt to transcend
them.They were backed up beyond the fallen as the prey to the mirage of the
encirclement of human action amended again for the attempt to be rewarded.
%et!s hurry up the pace,a verbally call leaked from the thick lips of one of the
cutters.Tomorrow there shall be a second installment here, without a doubt)
Open wide societies are (ust a deliberate counterfeit of a reality that can provide
the daily e#istence.Hence,there is a duality in an e#istence that believes in its
freedom versus a freedom that believes in its e#istence.+t has been proved that
reality consists of both.ommunism has its root in a non&sense value of the
human life yet possible given the circumstances of a daily life based on a working
factor that can provide the needs of a plant.%iterally,communism was a vegetable
factory.,uite true given the fact that you should have waken up by five in the
morning for your glass of milk.The e#istence had once again a provider which
was undeniable strong in numbers and weakened by the voice of
-uantification.,uality was reduced to silence yet money gave an opportunity for
those wanting to see more that (ust figures,values..nd values that utter your
inner self communion with the universe they live in,the -uestions that drive
mankind towards a resolution that complies with the laws of physics at the same
moment with your inner self./othing more than (ust a spark followed man to
entrust his self to devotion.
about Progress
! have never understood why people believe in a better lifestyle other their present
one,what gives them this confidence that they can replace a natural order with high tech
theatricalities they believe they open their minds with.Progress outside nature is as
natural as %2(.
This could be easily e1plained that gaining political power over a way of life as
primitive as it may sound to their intellect was an act that corrupted the innocence of man
and replaced a so called savagery with slavery.You don't have a choice when they put a
rifle into your hands to defend a law which is a post construct of that way of life.
The soul has been left as a wrecked vessel into a sea of despair.!t can no longer guide
them into the ocean using a navigation system or the sea currents or even set sail.The soul
we abandoned lies on the sea floor turning himself into a coral to nurture other lives than
the ones that had him in their grasp to reach new horizons.
-owadays,being a human is /ust a deliberate convention society puts as a burden on
every individual.! had a strange disillusion yesterday.'.uman' is dead,not /ust as a word
but also as a reality.! put this intuition in relation with the thought -ietzsche had when he
said %od is dead.True for both of us.
0nder the umbrella
It was raining with angels one night and you told me to make you a
cold drink because was unbearably hot there in my room. I asked if you
had any idea where we were,on what continent,in what
hemisphere.The open umbrella in your hand was clearly an european
habit that placed us in the rainy north.Then you told me you don't
understand my surprise at all those angels, that is unnatural to fall of,
and that an open umbrella in a closed room always brings bad luck.I
was enlightened then, the fallen angels were not our own.You came
immediately in my response that they resonate with poverty and
diseases and that there are other places on earth where paradoxically,
given that there doesn't ever rain, they should fall.e avoid rain in
!urope, "frica I had in mind, but you've woken me from
dreaming.There people should try to hide from rain under umbrellas#
$o you understand now where is raining with fallen angels#
Timing "ngels
The %rst sparks of light in the universe have been called "ngels.They
may travel in and out the world of today, but extinct.Their rightful
place in the universe is the life they've lit.They are always in constant
search of the nature they've broken from,which beckons beyond space
and time and without which their own existence would not glimmer in
the hope of a future life."n "ngel's life is consumed in the light and
%nds at the end of its existence always his way home.Through the
dark, time is running without a clear opposition, it can be said that only
the light measures time and the time of an angel comes out into the
light.&o there are angels who seek a re'ection of their lost nature in
people.hen they found their own image in one of us they pass into
oblivion the life which has made possible their knowledge.(ife always
breaks from a time during which he hosted it, fragments, memories,
depositing hours as snails deposit time in shells.They remain in their
wake while time anchors in reality through the need to duplicate it in
your own shell and to survive a rule that dictates any living being, the
eternal return.)or life travels and spreads throughout the universe
much faster than the speed of light.(ife and time are not the same as
long as they have their own computing measures of ob*ectivity of each,
which is in fact the presence of the act of life over time."nd the actual
presence is not something that can be measured ob*ectively,the
existence of a living organism at some point may be discovered in a
time that no longer creates dependence on time otherwise we would
revive life in almost all species that lived on !arth and rebuild the
virtual past of the lives that had faded long ago.The membranes that
separate the organic impurities make it possible the emergence of '
temporal ' cells and each molecule ad*ust its organic functions in time
by removing time from an abstract model of spatial solids which have
governed their states as principles of existence.These pure spaces, in
complete congruence, compile the geometric model that can hold
everything that can happen in life, reproduction and death.You can
ad*ust your life to *ust a single abstract rule to get an in%nite number of
conceptual development that can become constructive assumptions.
.ierarchy of needs
Your will to represent the others in your conscious will always notify the world of each
other presence in the world.3ut will this world need more personnel, and if so, under
which lacking if not of desire then of a weak will.(r is it the lack of labor force,This
usage has at its root the desire to be represented into the world,a constituting human
desire without the inner hierarchy.And as long as you are enslaved by your desire caught
in that image which is your representation and the world your representation you will be
enslaved by any possible worlds around you.3ut there is at last hope,in the suspension of
desire.!s this the hope of the world or of a better world,4ndoubtedly not.3ecause the
world cannot suspend itself or by whosoever desires so.The world creates dependency
around it but also selection."ighting all alone against a constituent worlds of a working
principle of beings that comprise it it's only revealing pain, torment and temptation, a
little too close to everything the aints felt by re/ecting their desires.election confirms
the rule, however, the world is my representation and so it should remain."or nobody to
break the mastery of the self re&uires a differentiation in the human condition that later
will change into a hierarchy.+e can make an analogy with the castes of !ndia.You will
find voices, in particular on the european continent to challenge an issue of an order in
the name of e&ual rights, either of chance or for work, isn't it the same thing,!t's a cruel
world they all say basically not knowing about what world is all about.5ising at the
height re&uired by the time of his predecessors, -ietzsche puts the presence of the others
in his representation of the world, presence that re&uires a whole new phenomenon, the
will of power.Alone,my will makes it possible the meeting of the two superimposed
worlds but without an order is impossible to determine a hierarchy that will be trampled
on by the power of the human will that thus will have appropriated the world through
Antic e&uations
To live intensely, not incidentally but what !$ can tell you how strong you are if these
e1periences do not resolve some issues of conscience.And if it becomes a feeling of self6
conscious without communication it remains an organic, alive self will is
hasty, now present, lively, logical and numeric grounded in the right figure..e wants to
move, move out into the world, a figure in the e&ual opportunities of the law, always in
life.The prophets have put emphasis on the math of an arbitrary /ustice which solves an
e&uation inclined toward contrivance.The alignment chances are low, the thought runs
away from me and hides at the s&uare number.! find it in the right measure of the
e&uation, not in the e&uality of opportunity but of an irrational number.!t breaks from me
something elemental, is, alas,the tautology of its meaning and ! grow in confidence that
the balance of power is tilted by my weight of irrational powers.The mathematical aether
is mastering the minds of the prophets,their lie, their logical reducer of a split e1istence
between right and wrong that is threatening e1istence on both sides of the e&uation and
how much they need signs these prophets.The previous ones most used one prophecy,
natural,an organic sign that didn't reach reality by chance and was a perishing mark for a
day for which the sun worked his zenith.This &uite fine observation made possible the
emergence of slavery in the ancient world.+e all ask ourselves, how did humans give up
so easily a natural freedom to be put into an e&uation,"or man is not interested in what
side of the e&uation hangs his snapping of his full6body movements tamed the
species.Any e&uation relates to education.You can't belong to a master without the e&ual
sign describing now your presence in the world along with a natural identity.The chances
of survival will always indicate a rational identity.The rationality of the 7ews that had
been working uninterruptedly for Pharaoh broke in the end.To get out of slavery in the
ancient world that does not know zeros measures, it remains only a divine calculation, a
collective identity.! call it informal identity.The 7ews were liberated from slavery from
the #gyptians by entering the irrational number as a constant in the sign that describes
their behavior.The ancient gods were powerless in the face of the new irrationality of the
number one,their &uality was reduced to tautology.%ood and evil, always in naturally
given measures in the world as a sign of an e&uation between good and evil will undergo
&ualitative transformations that will pass the facing of the two natures in principles
present in another world than the real6life of the newly liberated people.
5elative light
There are /ews in the universe who cannot travel faster than the speed of light.That is
why they settle down to #arth.And they told you by #instein that such a thing isn't
possible for them,all the others are willingly to try.0et's try a comparison with
2oises.The laws that sound sane as long as they forbid such bad things to happen
because their %od doesn't allow moral light,well,we've broken them,us as humans.
Archaic darkness
The dark labour is there,&uenching its thirst with their bones,working its way up to a
conceptual life which is born from there,the need to alter the very e1istence of
slavery,giving rise to voices,unclean of desires,yet resentful to feelings as long as
freedom is nothing more than a crippled hollow for those that see nothing much than
flesh.And in this instance the pain takes hold of the being,its groans turn others to their
fearsome selves in search of salvation.They see through halos the purpose of a life which
has more than one turning point with eternity.And they give up their search /ust to replace
it with the idolatry of the cage they were born into.
'hen the desert that sketches north .frica and the middle 1ast stretches too wide it
snaps giving rise to the morgana of a beautiful girl in the hot sun.+t!s what they where
looking after all the greatest warriors since .le#ander the 2reat.The great oasis is to be
found.3urther 1ast sketches the 2obi desert which can!t stretch its way out of .sia being
hammered down by the Himalayas under the immense pressure of 4uddha
himself.+nstead it created a mirror image of Himself in the 2edrosian dessert which took
the life of the 2reat .le#ander.
!'ve seen things,beautiful things that other children at my age didn't dare to break from
their mothers.There ! am all by myself in this pro/ection hall watching my first semi6porn
movie at the age of eleven.!t's my second coming to this cinema and ! should have been
among men.3ut there she was,two rows behind me,a mother with her adored child,one of
my age.! felt their distress when right in the middle of the best part,she stands up and
walks away with her boy.!t's the year 8998 in 5omania,the behavior rules are changing
the old ways.!n primary school !'m always the best,! take all the glory when each end of
an year crowns me with a leaf circlet.2y mother takes me in the park nearby and ! ask
her stupid &uestions.he doesn't answer me nor then neither later why she did this with
me,why she grew me to be ever the best.he puts me in competition with other
children,this time at the 3lack ea.! ac&uired a perfect swimming techni&ue,she is always
certain of .er victory,!'m /umping into the pool at the signal with the other children,she
watches me,she is so confident,!'m her %od,! can't fail and ! don't disappoint her,!'m the
winner but ! cheated,! broke the rules,while the others used their arms to advance ! used
my capacity to swim underwater.+ithout to take a breath of air ! reach the other end of
the pool.#verybody is astounded,they crown me once more.Among other children,there is
one that comes to me and asks me.You didn't swim like the rest of us,he knows,! don't
answer him,he is one of the defeated.he wants more from me,she sets me to challenge
youth.2uch older than me,in his prime,twenty,the son of an ac&uaintance of her is
interested to beat me,to crunch my pride.+e negotiate first,thirty arms,he says,no,twenty
! say.! put on my mittens,!'m ready.+e /ump into the sea,!'m eight years old against an
angry ea.+aves are crushing me,the current bellow takes the sandy floor from my feet,!
hear of the danger from much e1perienced swimmers that ventured so far from the
shore.2y mother screams at me.-o,! need to test myself.+e are head to head after the ten
strokes,! lose interest,!'m watching him taking my advantage and ! &uit.!t's a draw.$raw
with the sea.
! remember the anniversary of graduating the secondary school.! was
fourteen,long,shinny,girly look.! arrived in class where they gathered without any
e1pectations.2usic was playing loud at the speakers,the loudest sound in the school,all
dressed up nice,girls wanting to dance,wanting me to dance with them.! looked ridiculous
in my sandals,they had their eti&uette,their freedom,! hadn't mine.They were waiting
me,they were watching me,very movement,very gaze on them made them happy.! was
the most desired in the hive.!'m looking for my &ueen.!t's 3on 7ovi 'Always' playing
loud.! can't find her in the room,she comes at last,! take her by the hand,hellas,the music
ends shortly.!'m a coward.The hive:-obody dares to touch me,they all know !'m in love
with her,!'m bouncing with grades,one trimester !'m on top A;,the following ! can't make
the graduation 6".!'m the best in french nonetheless.! follow her home after school,! wait
for her in the morning,! know where she lives,!'m only twelve years old,!'m
obsessed.-obody knows that,she knows,!'m loosing her,!'m loosing my mind,!
rage.-obody understands why ! sit in the front bench with a colleague whose name is
'hicken,!'m not calling him names,it's his name.! drown for a time..e is
short,stuffed,wearing glasses,his tongue is all tore up,cut in pieces..e says to me,it's from
eating lead.! don't understand him,but ! help him in class.And your gaze,you have this
weird arrangement of your pupils.!t's from too much watching through the key hole of the
door where ! live.! don't pity him,he is chicken,my colleague.They all know,! don't.At last
! make my move.! begin to learn,!'m again the lead in geometry.! put 'hicken in the last
row of benches.! have perspective.The girls in class make a list with the prettiest boys in
class.They all know it's me.!'m interested in them,laughing at the result.(ne of them
comes and takes the empty place,5odica.he is at my left,she wears a short skirt,! can see
her legs stretching.! focus.!t's break time.+hen ! return in class ! find a condom in my
school material.! tear it into pieces.! rage.The /okers are upset,they don't dare to do
anything.! hear them,+hy did he tear it apart,They don't understand.
godlike us :
+ith every generation that is so lost one must rise in order to restore 'hristianity to the
archaic believes they need to discharge their hate upon thee,the one,myself.Purpose,a
strong word that has to initiate others yet so fragile in our grasp as long as it has 'augen
und ohr' that can't be denied.And yet so addictive to me even to cross boundaries of the
heart between life continuum and a presence delayed in time,either past or future,never in
an actual time of an e1istence that has con&uered both under such conse&uences the %ods
turned to stone in their wrath against the one that stood his ground.#arth has come
forward to allow e1istence to develop itself beyond boundaries of the acknowledged
since man dared to envision his reality on the icy walls of Altamira or -iau1 in his search
to a rich prey.Art is the e1pression of an early thirst that can't rely on a sole reality rather
than the whole e1pectation of what may occur in reality.To seize the moment,has turned
reality into a moment of self denial of belated %ods in replacement with your own
deities.!f you face them alone in hunt you will prevail in a time of your determination
rather than an alienation to a self work indignant of your actions.The act understood as
self acting is %od6acting towards your self which is already under the spell of the night.!t
is in this instance of darkness,he falls prey to his instincts,his archaic behavior takes hold
of his being turning his self into a beast hungry for se1,he can't deny as an ultimate
weapon against e1tinction.(ne has itself which led him to alienation.#ither his
actions,the dual nature of man has once again turned man into beast and beasts into %ods.
uspension of Pluralism
$uring a time that determines the historic phenomenon makes it possible the occurrence
of certain political strongholds in your workspace, a manifestation of their political
pluralism in the absence of racial differences.parta and Athens did not share a common
vision of the world and were most of the time at war with each other.3ut the racial gap
deepens in time and fostered what it was thought to belong to an ethnic group,the
political pluralism, is removed from city life.Time writes a history that does not repeat
itself, you should understand that, by virtue of the pluralism of identity, historical
time,the walking history can be always suspended given a timeless state of human
nature, the manifestation of the will power of a given ethnic group.The will of power
transcends time.Alone, this was enough to lift parta from its pond.3ut as a historical
phenomenon that doesn't repeat 'never' identical to itself, was the conse&uence of a
scientific century to return the cards in favor of history.The knowledge of nature, their
laws made possible the idea that time stems the phenomenon.The world is not
phenomenal but substantiable on time and time, reversible.The laws of nature are
generated by time and now the time has come for the reanimation of the will power
before which any living will cannot resist , as poisonous as the entire 5eich of the -azi
propaganda into1icated the masses for a thousand years.!f the beauty of either a racial
trait, whether natural overpowers you, the human spirit is inclined to create a real edenic
situation )<alhalla, (lympus* as they stand as legacies, the gods of the %reeks,their
pluralism, the %erman %ods,the betrayal,or the hanging gardens of 3abylon)the
decay*.3ut the spirit that finds the causality of the world will soon turn some people into
gods for everyone else to get in their subordination.You understand that the information
is to be at peace.And all you need to know is that !, the Persian #mpire, lead the world,
stands carved in stone at the entrance to meet the guests at Persepolis.A system which
postulates the comple1ity before an individual,naturally aims to open the eyes of that
individual.3ut is there a $.T20 limitation because perfection of these political systems
must correspond to the nature of the divine.3ehold today as you know systems have
produced gods.And these gods have not been keen on the preservation of the balance of
life but have thrown it into chaos..igh culture always sends its e1cess population into
slavery.The -azis proceeded to eradicate all unhealthy.<ital space is air that inspires the
entire %reek culture onwards.uperman, the new wall of mankind is but a position
favorable to a knowing that places man in the system and uperman in full e1ercise of the
faculties of his will of power.!n this hierarchy, man is enslaved by the notions of good
and evil postulated by the system in the forefront of those uperman in full
acknowledgement of his actions places him in the world as a %od beyond good and
evil.+e came to organize a random reality on T< shows.! call it mass paranoia.tars or
the ordinary people are not themselves.!t happened since the law replaced an arbitrary
reality.5eally,how divine it must have been before the law.7esus said he didn't come to
break any law )of an arbitrary reality* but to complete reality.0aw,he said,is not to be
afraid of but present in our every thought and action.+e must become one.-owadays
they call these creatures superheroes.3ased on imaginative characters they even have to
break a law at some point to develop and become who they are.'razy 3atman,for
e1ample.Today there is no need to build a scientific kernel to /ump in time, but you can
/ump out of time."rom =ant via Aristotle we know that human beings have the ability to
link past and future time through causality.Two units of time put together,they are causing
each other.There you have the theory of relativity which is actually kantian
metaphysics.+hat is the universe made of but other dimensions of the relativity of the
universe that escape light itself.5ephrasing,what escapes relativity is other dimensions
of the universe,dimensions that escape light.!n other terms there are places in the
universe that behave like a mentally ill.You can't actually understand what's going on in
the mind of such a case but you can at least appreciate it.'haos, once established a link
with it no longer separates them from you,doesn!t let you go,ever.+t!s there like a splinter
in your head.(nly the -azis tried to blow up the chaos in the air but were unable to fold
them into chaos.
=now Thyself
The %reek democracy begins in time with the dictum of know thyself, with the will of
recognizing the unhealthy human instincts since then, ending up with Aristotle for which
man was both holding %od and have sought the animal in him.A parable meets logic in
the 3ible with the going through the fire of odom and %omorrha. !f the %reeks founded
a political fortress, 7ews have founded its morality.3eyond knowing thyself you
summarize yourself to a choice that is the origin of those times that recognize the
beginning as a convention,a rule or demeanor worthy of that dictum.%reeks looked
backwards at their nature never ashamed as the 7ews whose %od turned into ashes any
temptation that recognized the perversion of the human nature.The %reeks did not turn
their backs at the sight of this warping human nature as the 7ews, they preferred a
political direction through a set of laws that will take the place of morality.
"aith in 7ehovah is the belief in the end of our temporality, whether it's growing, aging,
disease or whatever that approaches us to the death of the body.+e have created a %od
not for immortality but to generate new life enhancements, genetic inoculations into the
genealogy of life.+ho and whom will still have the right to complain about in the future,
To a %od loaned from Annunaki, after which we created a model of a life with all the
shortcomings of the biological mechanisms that make our beings finite.3ut than what did
they lend us, life or death,
olaris's stages
+hy people re/ect the design of their most intimate dreams,These are all they ever
wanted and yet in their presence they past from fear to suicide.(ver these thoughts they
want control,a social shaped alterity.The total alienation of the other in which we
recognize our identity makes impossible any communication and we want to share our
Accepting one another as a reality different from their own.There are no answers this
reality cannot give to past mistakes rather your choice to relive the past in different
shades of your emotional spectrum.The other self you imagined to complete your own is
the answer you can reciprocate with your need of reality.
Taking the action of believing one self as a whole new reality that can replace a past of
wrong emotional engagements.#motions are thought to be pure either way they develop
your self or destroy it.
'omplementing reality with emotions you don't understand on a basis of a temporal
determination will take you beyond a solid ground you have built for your self in stage !!.
There is actually no choice to your other self to complete an emotion which has from
now on a reality.!t is you.
!f evolution was grounded in the real #arth history,than all humans with no e1ceptions
would find the ne1t step of evolution not only few #lects as protective as survival of the
species itself.
'athedrals of "lesh
3or those their soul is a cathedral,for reptiles that is the meat.$pecies of reptiles
are so many cathedrals dedicated to the flesh.2od in the flesh must have been a
dinosaur, a species without competitor.Their 1#tinction has meant the end of an
evolutionary peak whose power will remain une-ualled on 1arth which survived
in spirit or the holy spirit to descend among a less evolutionary breeding.3or what
has been human history than a bloody -uest for 2od.4ehold,your 2od in flesh
and blood is a Tyrannosaurus Re#, rapacious as bloodthirsty as your soul
devoted to immortality and hatching in an oral tradition together with all the
dinosaurs eggs.5our communion and sacrament with the body and blood of
hrist remind you every time that you need to feed with each others flesh to save
your soul)
! found these revelations in the ancient cultures.
You are the tree of life but you are not a man but a plant.)nominal thinking*
!'m a wind that blows into you,making your seeds fall into man's needs.)the doctrine of
the reminiscence*
You,the tree of life,a giver but also a taker of life for those who seek shadow under your
leaves.)the prodigal son,individualism*
2y thirst for knowledge doesn't kill the wonders of the world.These wonders are visible
only in times of slow breathing of a history written on the walls of caves )Altamira,
0ascau1, -iau1*,that inspired an artistic ideal of humanity as the 'ro2agnon man saw
the world around him.The emergence of a new breed, .omo sapiens )between us be told
they are cannibals,we don't recognize ourselves as such monsters:+e hide ourselves
behind a law that for some of us is understood as unfair.*This species learned &uickly
how to satisfy its hunger with the artistic forms of the 'ro2agnon understood as
animism, the cannibal's hunger is the e1pression of a religious disability unable to keep
distance between action and beauty.And today there is no pornography between virtual
crimes that have purgative properties.They won't put you in /ail for being a cannibal,for
this unpunishable need you have,they will put you in a mental institute and if you behave
they even will let you walk the streets,have a family,children,live a happy life and maybe
from time to time some human flesh.
The surgery ! perform on myself with enough anesthetic to kill a horse,power of my
senses to the e1treme ends of desire.!t happens to me every time ! want something in this
world,my vital pulsion to be stabbed in the place of its origin,the heart.! delight myself
with this pleasure,this pure anthropophagy,thirst and aggressivity of my stylistics.
(rganic gravity
+hen you descent enough into organic,you become spectator at your own blood flow,
there is no turning back,you raise your life to the rank of an absolute e1perience, you've
paid your return ticket to its performance and you become afterwards witness to the
competitive organization of life.This revolves around your own atoms and if you link
these atoms to a single physical gravity other than your own,the organic gravity will
collapse, everything will be doomed to an awful lot, despair and its
support,pessimism.+e can find in history the same auspices under the greek culture.
The cell!s constructs
The self or all the other identities with functions of a centre are semantic
constructs of the cell.They belong to it no matter how confident we are when we
are talking about them.On their behalf and with their help we have built a
symbolic reality characterised by a boundless linguistic game as long as it
radiates from our self or selves.The organic support of the universe is devoid of
identity itself and self&sufficient enough to remain alive through cell division.+ts
attributes are recognizable in the genetic heritage of early life.That is why life is
everywhere the same in the universe from its origin.%ife in this universe is a
physical constant.'hat is special and pleads for an identity is the formula of
life.The 1arth is the melting pot of diversity of this formula, perhaps other planets
also host a much simpler formula composed of a single cell that knows only the
edges of the horizon of that planet.$uch a form of life would not know the
phenomenon of death.*eath as a phenomenon e#plains why a cell found in its
division a way of life through individuals.The centre of an individual isn!t the the
cell or its division,but the semantical construct,the fact that we can talk about
ourselves endlessly, referring to ourselves as centers.'hat we don!t know is that
apart from the singularity of an individual in the world he builds consciously with
each concept, conditions for sustaining a self&sufficient life.The individual is the
tool of life.'hen it comes to human life its uni-ueness is the last thing we think
about.6edicine,law or science work with tools that fit the specifics of life between
a set of coordinates we believe by virtue of their generality that they keep the
most conducive to life.'hat is mutually shared that maintains life is recognizable
in a short time.ontinuity of these sciences and the instrumental spell that has
inspired life by its safety, cannot be ruled out today.
loning time
!'m the memory of some foreign beings,dependent on static since time immemorial
when life was hiding in shells.! kept alive the remembering of the tools of making spiral
shells.!n themselves time shall be aggregated with each circular motion around your
life.+hen you have a shell attached to your back alike snails, time belongs to you and
doesn't alienate you from its fosilized essence.Part of you,time defends your life
whenever time and life are all the same,when time works at maintaining life and vice
versa,life is the image of time.That life originated in the dark has the evidence of life's
propensity to protect itself in shells, under the scales or in caves,in hideouts,or
igloos.There you find life but in the dark and it approaches time as you move up to its
comple1ity.And if such a life assumes the risk of e1posing itself to light,will burn in its
ailing radiation giving birth to mutations.As we move away from the un we get closer to
the original formula of life.!n fact life mutates from its inception when it found a stable
chemical formula and a reproductive one to represent it.3ut the core of all carbon6based
life forms remains the same,it belongs to an individual only temporarily,time being the
essence that alienates life by the action of an individual e1istence.And the action of the
individual tends to preserve the finality of life.The cause of this action remains unclear to
this day, it tends to something that doesn't contain it.!f you study all the fossils found on
#arth,you will learn that life has used every means to reflect time.0ife began to divide
itself with time but it is impossible for individuals to wear the mark of the same
time..ere comes the reality of our senses that diversify our temporality.!s there anything
outside the shell,outside time,This is the common ground for any living being.+hy is it
there,-o one can give a definite answer.There are identical structures that protect each
other and different structures that tend to hide from one another.The crucible of all
temporal e1istence is the plurality of individuals where these meet eachother.!n reality we
all ask the right to live..owever, these facts do not stand in front of the cloning
technology into identical individuals.The problems are not so much of ethical nature as
the realistic opportunity to sustain a livelihood which refuses the plurality through the
very denial of the e1istence of the individual structure of life.'lones have big problems
with the nervous system, there isn't a reality that can support a altered psychological
structure.The need of a clone may not have a corresponding in the structure of reality or
reality asks of a clone a need this cannot bear, the adherence to the temporal.That's why
any cloning is a success over time.

Heart paranoia
%ife is in pain on this 1arth and for what,the perfect crop72enetically engineered
material is poisoning our bodies and for what,to grow in strength7'e can!t
replace a cyclic tree of life with green boosters.+f we want to create this miracle
we will have to learn to die of course not in numbers as science fails to protect
life but in heart.+ know it!s a lot of drama but this will happen if we choose to go
down in silence and not as heroes.
*o you think that two million years ago when our $olar system was traveling
through the most violent part of the gala#y science protected 1arth and life from
e#tinction like happened to the dinosaurs before7+ don!t see a scratch in the
recent history of man.'e are here older than you think.'e are the keepers.
Our paranoia has already laws we can manage to correct in order to avoid an
irrational behavior.+t!s like saying that chaos has no laws which is true,it contains
itself from having to do with the law which let me tell you it!s honorable8when you
want something so bad as the chaos wants,you have to know the law by
heart..nd + tell you this heart knows more than a stable or unstable love and fear
dialectic.4ecause it!s evil.4ut you already know it9love is not the absence of evil.
5our arbitrary (udgement defeats life.+t!s a bloody collective conscience that
knows only two things,making mistakes and seeking freedom,than
redemption.This two assets of life make it possible as it is.People like us have to
deal with you people on this basis.5ou think that if you can count time forward
you have to take your lives in the same direction75ou say to yourself,we have a
heart,we don!t need miracles.5ou!ve killed countless of us,:esus,Hypatia,:oan of
.rc,2iordano 4runo,most of the saints and apostles of truth only you refuse to
believe although your eyes are wide open.They saw the horrors at .uschwitz.+t!s
a scar on human history only your brain lacking in moral analytical receptors you
decided to conceal it by an esthetic operation.1very action you take is made to
look good in history only between us we know what lies beneath.5ou are not
even close to know the difference between right or wrong yet this doesn!t stop
you to (udge the ones that can make a difference.
+ challenge my disease
The descriptions of a mental illness have so much in common with me,precise
similarities of thoughts as if we are twin brothers.4ut the description ends
unchallenged.+!ve come to a halt too.+ was brave enough in the battles + fought
against the spread of my mental disease but when it comes to end all this + don!t
see but a -uick e#it.1#it from what7%ife7+!ve already done that,+!m a vampire,not
a very old one and wise for + don!t know what to -uench my thirst with
anymore.$mith in our matri# doesn!t say a truth but a fact, the individual is to
die.+n the end /eo e#ists both in reality and in the matri#.'hen they die people
e#it reality in order to return to the matri# sooner or later in a never ending return
of the same self as 4uddha used to say.This image of mine + pro(ected into an
abstract identity with the fact of life will haunt me forever.+!ve seen the strings of
life;the <itruvian man=+ even pulled some of them in order to distort my perfection
or to mount my perfection to the image of 2od.This choice allowed me insights
on the inceptions of life and how the logical man is changing the matri# in which
this struggles for its own well being.The pharmaceutical industry works on
altering the natural state of well&being of a man.They are certain of what is that
well&being,as if we are morons,we don!t know our body and mind.+s life beyond
their comprehension,the simple fact that they have to respect it as it is7+n the
future we all will be forced to share all these things that make up an
individual.4ut what about the soul7+ need sedatives to put him down.'hen you
e#perience this kind of comprehension,+ mean everything that holds the structure
of reality together and you begin to tune it,its very dangerous for you are inclined
in your nature to act accordingly..m + right7 + stayed far from taking action and +
calmed myself after few weeks.6editation helped.+t was crazy to (ump into the
vorte# of facts.+t eats you up along with every beam of light.How big was the star
that died you can measure it by the mass you keep as a reminder that you were
a sun.*o you fell a pulsar now or a black hole75ou will shine again don!t
worry,but not like this./othing remains the same.Reality is always changing.+t
changed yourself so how do you wish to shine for something that is long
. $chizoid Persuasion
+ealthy functioning societies accept an open competition to all ideas
whether their senders believe at times that they can change the world
or they put in mind to destroy it sublimating their resentful ideas in a
willful rebellion against societal phenomena that they conceive as a
threat to human integrity. This type of narcissist schi,oid in full
eruption at +ollywood is the expression of a general discontent of our
lifestyle helped by techni-ue and crowned by consumption. (ooking
further into the psychology of these riots, these schi,oids sufer
willingly of material deprivations being unable of approaching a way of
life they began to hate it. " schi,oid has nothing %tting under his mask
of apparent wilderness has no emotional bonding that could be
addressed by,his intelligence graft on an emotional instability places
him alone in the world that has lost the -uality of a life in accordance
with his wishes. .ur interest here branches between genius and
insanity ." genius is recogni,ed for struggling for the -uality of life
itself while a madman will work towards its destruction.&elf/love leads
us to live a schi,oid life in a world that we belive to own and from
which we expect the ful%llment of our desires while the true love of our
neighbor opens the hori,on of a world fully in accordance with the
desire of our hearts most secret mysteries that make it possible the
self/knowledge understood as self/correcting for the good of our
beings. In very rare cases a schi,oid passes on the side of good, for
him, this trip is the answer to the -uestion0 where you are going at
night# that instead to answer you0to the brothel, it hits you with an
answer like0 To the well of spirit1 e understand the later and only by
approaching his paradigm what an honest answer like this can mean to
a schi,oid.It2s the schi,oid wanting to persuade the other to emotional
challenges that transcend the presence of both of them now linked to
each other in this world. &chi,oid behavior pushes the one who is in his
presence to exceed the limits of conventional emotional binds both to
a direct relationship between two people one of which believes himself
to be stripped of his will.Your ob*ection in this case leads us to 3hrist on
the cross that might have been in the same situation in which you do
not believe in. " schi,oid subordinated his will to the other2s choice
while inserting him the idea of being in total control over his own will.
hen this idea is shared by a social group, as happens in the cases
where a tyrant is removed from power by the minions in his
service,history itself becomes schi,oid. It can give rise to a social
schi,oid complex case where an entire society becomes schi,oid. +ow
this disease knows no remission but only as a whole reassessment
happens that the 4omanian people found themselves incapable of
hating their odious past, because as with 5a,ism this past is beyond
human possibilities of understanding the lack of humanity and
becomes very dangerous for the future the passing over in silence the
complicity to be collectively guilty. ithout come and gone 4omanians
have no way to live than tainting the criminal proceedings throughout
the country terrifying an entire !urope with the level of corruption in
the last twenty years. It's one thing we can be proud, it is even the
national character. The %ve o'clock news no matter how awful appear
to us de%ne it on the screen. This country is a hard matter of resentful
feelings or emotions as much as we like to lie that we are humane
among ourselves. !vil as a schi,oid understands it is the lie becoming
main/stream that doesn2t originate in a duality of the true / false, good
/ evil, light 6 dark type where the -uality of universality extracted from
draws for a lie without knowing that this should always be opposed to
the truth and its intoxicant among the masses as the harm that a
schi,oid may cause in the world can only have the mark of universality.
The split of life
+ have accessed the mind of $tephen Hawking,the scientist,the other day.+ was
pulled at the beginning in a vorte# of darkness,a black hole.His mind is so
dark./evertheless he knows that this force can create life./ot only light creates
spaces filled with life but also darkness creates a life void of space.+magine this
life in the universe.These two life forms,amazing.Only those born in light at the
heat of a sun can control their lives,evolve,the other ones born out of darkness
have no control of their life form.3or e#ample these are the viruses,the perfect
shape in the universe,yet so helpless,depending on the other life forms to
survive. (ther life forms do not have to bear space as a burden.This is an illusion as long
as this life form originated with the early space of this universe.+e find ourselves already
at the beginning of the universe that lives and creates life forms.!t's a numerical formula
that inhabits our planet and does not yet know division into ratio.!t's terrifying gravity
collapses under its own mass.The planet coughs,its influenza with a unknown
virus.Another life form &uickly multiply in the heat of our sun.!n this battle with the
disease the living planet will have found its identity with which will work for now on in
creating spaces.The genuin inteligence of the original life made possible this finding by
disposal as a result of understanding the mechanism of cell growth, a way to prevail other
life forms.All other forms of all life in the universe are competitive either within their
species or with other.+e can say that everything and eveywhere is a /ungle.
The burden of light
(f all the possible universes created by the big bang life chose the one that could render
heavy.This is why life is for all living beings, particularly for people without e1ception,a
heavy burden.The meaning of life is post6factum, it has a starting point, a feeling, a whim
and always links this provision to an ob/ective attitude towards life.'ontingency arises or
a life who chose a universe that could light its freedom.2an is in full knowledge of the
universe to choose a path trodden by light.This is the universe of stars.(nce the universe
will burn out its fuel with the last star in the universe life will return to the conditions
that enable her dark light,to the possibilities of a progressive e1haustion, unable to stop
acting as a burden.2aybe man will survive the last star of a universe that will begin to
devour himself through black holes.This kind of life without a burden )mass* and
freedom )light* will be without organic support, the more likely scenario includes a force
that can not hold together all that remains of a stellar universe came into chaos.!t will be
interesting to know if this will generate a life force in the darkness which coordinates to
be recognizable in terms of post meta6physical good and evil.The cause of this universe
constantly manifested its inception and made the best possible choice of a world through
this universe.3ut now,e1hausting the whole arsenal of light, %od or the source of all
radiation gave an end to light,the last breath or light beam being eaten ravenously by a
black hole.
The 'amel's back
! am aware of a straw to break the camel's back.This is happens at the zoo today or by
looking at too much Animal Planet.The world wonders who broke the back of the
camel.There is an untold story behind it.All comes from the burdened spirit which for
-ietzsche the untold story behind the burdens is /ust an illusion due to the burden they
bear.+ith pleasure ! would say, because it is a desert in front of the past, and no height
that would really task the memory.The spirit of the camel is also broken like her back but
to understand this you have to know your body.Thus you will not shine in the shadow of
the knowledge of the possible conditions )=ant* of life in the desert but you will shine
throughout your skin.The metamorphosis of the camel into the lion takes place also in
front of the T< program, in other words in the public arena they slaughter lions not
chickens.+ho doesn't want the thrill or the feeling at hearing a voice so powerful that
shudders your body,All the orgasms happen today in public,it's the oral se1
definition.The becoming or the bringing forth to the public's attention is taking place as a
result of the birth of the child without known parents.This child will be adopted by
humanity as we adopted the spirit of -ietzsche.
They say the burdens you take are not overwhelming because you are a camel,you were
made this way,we don't make the rules only conventions.And the camel besides its
broken back has a broken spirit,given by men.They only saw the hole in her
back.+ell,they say we can use this hole in the desert.
4esides is a word that you draw near when you go beyond the identity of aesthetic
formulas. 'hat!s besides somehow must be removed to achieve the perfection of form.
That!s -uite a parado#. /e#t to me stands a !who! that defines himself when we are
together,the sharing of identities taking place between us with a grace given by itself.
'hat defines creation, without which the identity could not become conscious of itself is
right beside each other. +!ll put you ne#t to me in order to tell me how to improve my art.
+n fact to have it shared with another became fashionable in recent years.4y ad(oining a
form the original points out that identity is thus decrypted and made intelligible by the
relation of sympathy with the new form put together.Together with the ne#t,identity loses
its tautological ac-uisition and becomes by synthesizing with what (oins besides,a
mathematical principle which will underpin an a priori knowledge. 6athematics responds
more effectively to knowledge than physics, it is granted by the depth that characterize
both. This word,besides,occurs rather in mathematics than in physics. The latter has no
safety. +f .rchimedes had found a point in space who knows where we would have been
orbiting around besides other suns. 4esides in math e-uals one,in physics is more than
or e-ual to one. 4esides is thinking!s necessary function when one draws his guiding
principles from mathematical a#ioms, together in this case is redundant, unfathomable.
3unctions work in time and not with time. On the other side and with another method,
that of observation, the physics determines what!s ne#t by measurement. His place
alongside the physical is the facilitator for its laws,he determines what is necessary for
knowledge,himself alone being necessary for knowledge. *esigned with space,the time
of a linear universe shatteres when placed face to face with itself five billion years from
now,appropiating his identity from its inception and recreating the big&bang conditions
whenever you put two times together. 3rom here one can easily deduce the e#istence of
an infinite number of parallel universes that compensate each other. onse-uently
besides e#ist beyond our visible universe and it!s the faith of all the metaphysicians
besides the physicists are starting to believe.'e passed besides in the records of
measurable reality, we measured the absolute on the empty scale of numbers and
inventoried the many gala#ies that are besides us. 3irst metaphysicians of our time were
the musical geniuses who understood the circular nature of time and (oined musical
notes under it, so it was that occurred suspended spheres in 4ach!s organ music, the
idea of destiny in 4eethoven!s symphonies, the elements unleashed in $travinsky!s
ballet music. 6usic as an art perfected by 4ruckner and 'agner along with Hans Rott,
the identity of their art as was romantic as their nature. 'e are finally waking up from the
idealization of reality as out of a nightmare that few still want to have it.Reality is again
besides us but we!ve lost our innocence that once accompanied us to idealize it and to
believe that we can take it into possession.
3rom a black hole
6ore or less witnesses you encounter in life to its genesis forms of consciousness after
each sensory e#perience. +t is in the handling of sensation,the volitia of recognition as it
is a form of representation. $ensations of short duration are raised in the conscience
that rebuilds itself in each tiny point of convergence with the will.There are
representations which aren!t currently associated with the free will. To me these are the
will.%ong term sensations break the hysteria of representation of a force that believed in
itself. +f we read in the stars we find out that our life begins at the time of a big&bang.+
have always been fascinated by the fact that + kept the analytical thinking as a remnant
and a constant reminder of the fact that we all have been born from a black hole. 'hat is
static and cannot cope with superficial temporal e#its is the ontological proof of 2od!s
absence. This universe we live in bear one of possibilities of an association of space
with time. Time is a possibility passed into e#istence. His theory of relativity is one of the
most user&friendly solutions to the turning point from the crisis of knowledge of the
twentieth century. +n this universe we live in a linear time,the ingenuity of some
theoretical physicists who have invented time travels which, either say, are impossible
due to time and if there is anybody to contradict me + will honestly demonstrate how can
+ beam myself at the same time and place with apologies.There is no creator of this
universe because there is no time before the grand big&bang to work with at the creation
of the world. The -uestion is whether other universes are drawn up according to the
formula time and space. .nyway, you can replace time with everything will pass through
your head but you will remain in the same vital space, that is, in your body. 4ut consider
how it would be a symbiosis time&space with the other beside you to that you represent
in time. Time goes by, but from where and to what or whom7 Pre(udice that everything
has a cause in time is a dizziness.The buddhists know for more than two thousand years
the -uantum mechanics theory of matter. Their faith in reincarnation is the scientific
education that receives every 4uddhist.
%etter to a friend
6y dear friend,+!ve lost many battles in my life that only have made me stronger for the
times to come.4ut these times never came.+ caged myself into an iron bo#,no one can
break,not even the strongest sedatives.+t was a defensive mechanism.+ discovered my
being in a time that revolved around me,helpless,defenseless and + turned my gaze from
it.+t was a mistake,+ coudn!t interpret it!s se#ual behavior.+ couldn!t find my being in it.+
shattered this illusion,the indians call maya.There is no way to live in time only if you
make it yourself,if you break its boundaries.+ think at times that +!m part of the pyramids
in 1gypt or a stone in $tonehenge,something that possesses a power beyond time only
to feed the imagination of those who think of themselves free beings in front of the
immortals.6y time now has clay feet,cannot move and it!s stuck in a moment of
contemplation.+ can reach your thoughts even miles away only to see a world left in
decay,remnants of a time when 2ods have walked amidst humans.2ods need no
language to love their creations.They are highly esthetic beings in love with the beauty of
this world they think their own..nd beauty we possess,whether is inner or in our sight.+
had my moments of revelation when put in front of a panorama of a city like Tel .viv +
could hear its screaming.This city is in pain,+ felt it there lying on the beach.old
structures,skyscrapers,a money built society that is poorer than arhaic ages for it
pursues wealth not really en(oying it.'hen you build something of concrete you get
closer to your death,actually you live in a mummified environment.Today!s tombs are the
largest metropolises.+ hope your departure into the mountains may bring you the
deepest thoughts on humanity,a freed from all your demons you carry inside helped by
sedatives and fought by a great consciousness of our time.
.rchaic darkness
The dark labour is there,-uenching its thirst with their bones,working its way up to a
conceptual life which is born from there,the need to alter the very e#istence of
slavery,giving rise to voices,unclean of desires,yet resentful to feelings as long as
freedom is nothing more than a crippled hollow for those that see nothing much than
flesh..nd in this instance the pain takes hold of the being,its groans turn others to their
fearsome selves in search of salvation.They see through halos the purpose of a life
which has more than one turning point with eternity..nd they give up their search (ust to
replace it with the idolatry of the cage they were born into.
Triumph of the will
They lose themselves in this world and this allows them what is thought to be their
freedom for there is no respect for a life of integrity.The life of :esus was to his
crucifi#ion worth living.4eyond 2od!s word they discovered their emptiness,few believed
in its glory.'hen you refuse to formulate thoughts,when you have surpass their need for
living, you discover that you place yourself alone in life,you take life as it is,not hating
yourself but in its awe.4ecause words defeat your self,they control your hate.+ crossed
the threshold of the most precise e#pressions and + found their end.+ buried a world
created by words.+n the beginning there was the word and the word was 2od..t the end
there was life eternal..nd this life you don!t live through words.%ife doesn!t comprehend
2od.Treading on 2od!s death you receive the eternal life of one that has his self.This is
the meaning of hrist!s resurrection, the meaning of a faith that went beyond the
beginning and found itself beyond the word of 2od in life.
%et your words come to me.+ want to teach you how to overcome them through life.+n
the beginning there was the word, and the word loved to do the %ord!s work but crucified
by people understood in the end that his life was not the word.He learned that people
hurt, sacrificing himself, being and using words as tools.He would have been crucified by
their word in common agreement with life.3or only on the cross you overcome the
beginning and find out that the word stays away from life.The 'ord no longer helps the
crucified One.
The triumph of the will it!s the perfection and the ultimate e#pression of the christian
life.+t took the death of 2od on the cross for man to possess his will.'ill is one whether
divine or human.+n the chronological sense, life is the e#pression of the will.
Radioactive heaven
All the space of our universe is radioactive. .ere is a false assumption contradicted by a
pre/udice as simple as possible, life eternal.(ne &uestion is raised> is there in the universe
a space to react with it, The response of a mind which is venturing beyond the light is
that yes, there is eternal life in the hypothesis of a non6radioactive space.3ut lets drop the
term forever for a moment, and we'll find out after centuries of scientific searches that
the material of which consists the living matter is a result of an e1plosion of a sun, that
summarizes a long range of radiations. 0ife itself is bio6energy, inhabited by
atoms,essentially is radiation and if it is drawn up after a celestial model of a stars has a
beginning and an end of a consumption. .ere, however, a simple pre/udices may put into
&uestion the scientific foundation of the universe. .ow is it possible that life eternal to
e1ist and where we find this space free of radiations, !f not in this universe then where
else, Another &uestion is raised, why we burden a life made from organic material if after
all faiths and religions eternity is something that we access after death. 0ife
begins,consumes itself and dies in radioactivity. 0ight has reached spaces far beyond life
and so will do one day life itself.. 3ut what if the light will be reaching due to man a
space inaccessible to man, life eternal, cience will light one day man's life, his
searches, will give all his &uestions an answer only that despite its tool,the light, the
methodology and its purpose will have substituted man already.
#gyptian avatar
"or the science of an ancient #gyptian goddess shared to man !'ve been mummified alive
by the gods, yes, by the priests of death in the Ancient #gypt.! have brought them back to
life but they didn't recognize the co6ordinates of my body in which ! left them to reside
for a time.! knew too many things that turned their belief up side down.They e1plained to
me how the science of the Ancient #gypt weighted the #arth's mass considering a tension
between #arth and the countless stars among it,making all distaces infinite in time,they
calculated with precision a star alignment which to correspond with the center of the
world. This is the pyramids alignment at %iza.This science gave me the power of a
thought that can rule the #arth alone.2y political ambitions went beyond ordinary.!
thought of an advanced realm based on cocaine.As the living &uarters on the #arth
narrow down with every passing day in spite of its infinite &uality or &ualities ! decided
to cast all my cocaine in a vital space.
A lost world
A civilization is inseparable linked to the slave owning mentality. !t builds up in time
with the work of slaves only to be aborted as an undesirable alterity in the life of those
who powered it. (nce unbreakable believes that flickered mountains on #arth, the
Pyramids of #gypt or the fusion of atoms, now abandoned as dangerous points of
convergence with the absolute, whether they are the life after death or atomic power to
detter. +hat survives at last is the act in a life of the concrete needs placed in the masters
grasp even if the slaves abandone him or are being punished by it. 2astery is of short
duration regardless of tools which it uses, physical or psychological, the whip or the
terror. The difference between them is that blood flows always with purpose in our bodies
when a reaction of hatred can smoulder years after years in the case of a single man or
centuries in the case of nations,only to direct violent energies which may endanger
mastery. 2astery does not know any psychology, this is the science of
slaves,phenomenological, strongly anchored in the reality of our needs,of what we are but
such a psychology cannot rule ever. !t lacks a guiding meaning of life,which is to be
broken subse&uently from life which is vital for any civilization.That's why any
civilization that sunsets is regarded through the eyes of the slaves as dwelling madness.!t
has completed its solar cycle of life,enlightened humanity for a while to fall into
oblivion.Anthropology may dig up the faith in life after death of the #gyptians but cannot
find its current meaning contemporary with life. !t remains to cinematic peliculas to give
life on screen of such a lost history.
Hollywood dementia
>illing must give you the same thrill as se#.+ don!t know which of the two impulses is the
strongest one but murder is as natural as se# for me.The more you perform it the better
e#pert you become in one of them.The e#ceed of morality throught se#ual orgies or
mass genocide is desirable.4oth are never to be together in a society where men
become women!s slaves under the se# burden.'ith their emancipation through
pornography it died their admiration of man.lassical manhood is long forgotten,the one
in which the woman was property of his genitalia.

. sociopath doesn!t stay away from humanity and is a part of it.Only the worm in his
head wants to desecrate its ideals.
There is a temporal hiatus between what we want and what we can do for.They don!t
happen at the same time.+t!s the psychological place in our brain called non&sense.+ want
to restore this non&sense of being its potential by re(ecting all mechanized -uenches of
desire in other words,porn.'e can achieve what we want only in time by getting through
the non&sense.That is why is more interesting to look at the hair style of her pussy rather
than at the meaningful rod.
The dei%ed one
!asy steps will follow him soon into the desert, where you go to the
deepest of ravines that have swallowed the unfortunate ones.There in
the depth of darkness they groan with pain,down there the stones
retain from their sufering a wave of silence impregnated now on their
dead,decomposing faces that resonate in deafening echoes between
the steep walls of the abyss.Their curse is perpetuated in the world
with every wave that moan -uietly,shaping a world pass into darkness
through the last %nal gesture of the collapsed."n obscene gesture
passes the living into non/existence, the pain into silence, solitude in a
grimace.To bend the truth about this abyss of humanity when you are
on the brim of its bleeding lip,on the edge where everything is resolved
spontaneous,you simply refuse to save them from the grasp of despair
of those thoughts that were born out of fear in the face of death when
looking how to keep, like the people who discovered the %re, this time
your life.Those who use their powers beyond understanding are called
gods, others left in distress will perish.This contrast that draws the
world is called duality.The essence of the world lies in
opposition,otherwise there isn't eye for knowledge. I sit now all alone
guarding the wood which 'ickers slowly,maintained only by the the
memory of the extinct but necessary ones before my dei%cation.I will
take the %rebrand into the abyss,I will rummage through their bones
for a human skeleton model that has set himself free in this
world.hen it will take consistency and the pieces are complete, I will
show him before you under the form of a totem.7eople will venerate
knowledge again, people will love him more precious than life, the
earth will deify.
The egg
In her womb there is an egg.+aving a 3hrist in every ... yellow
round.The shape of this prophecy is circular, closes life both with the
beginning and the end and opens later the cross path for each
synthetic egg. e are born welcomed in the world at a time, hatching
in the warmth of a tradition we are going to ful%ll with the history of a
path of love for the others.8ut in the end the egg no longer recogni,es
himself on the cross as master on a holy tradition.+e broke from
tradition when he loved what over'owed into the identical,the one and
truly 9od.!verything was one as in the beginning,spoken word and
ful%lled at once.It is the law he broke through a blind faith in them. I
made them free beings, and I taught them that love causes
creation,names it besides 9od never as a blind submission on behalf of
a law that binds us tightly to each other canceling our creative
potentialities that lie dormant in the dogmatic slumber that de%nes the
verb to be until the dawn of a new religion of love will cease our
sufering.!veryone's life begins only once and it is made from the start
to cry its heart out how painful is in the world to be hatched in love
with the brothers that you see them identical with you. e are born
with 9od by his will, besides all the way along the cross that is so hard
to follow when we are asked for the sincerity of our hearts. (ocked hard
from the moment we glimpsed a feeling of slavery for our identity in
the world,we start our lives on a path of a love that does not have
ourselves. Instead it has everyone's 9od, sharing his grace to each
other on parallel roads as far as they all lead to a center of your self.
.ur lives are parallel, only the spoken word and fully understood by
each other on the cross in the allknowledge of 9od directs our lives to
the center of love, the same for everyone who turned out from
themselves radiating love from the heart center of self salvation.
"n egg that puts in the center the self interrogation is as corrupt by
the organic as the sensual pleasures in the placenta will determine
later its becoming of its own being in the world through the power to
subdue.+is love is still for himself, lay in the darkness of the womb
where life begins to feel himself worthy of the light that will accede at
a term that is natural.!verything alive keeps its integrity even in its
absence.That long awaited day begins its labor at the end of which,
tired, light shows to a world left in obscurity.+e wasn't born, but
<ersus idealism
'e witnessed the degradation of the idealism of 2ermanic origin when it ceased to be
a reckoning force in people!s lives.*id this idealism (ustify on behalf of which happened
crimes against humanity,the long wanted desire of cultural supremacy of 2ermany in
1urope during the $econd 'orld 'ar7 This idealism doesn!t live today not even among
the neo&nazi groups.'e have denied all of it as a false paradigm for what could again
draw people than the fear of another war led in its name, this time on an individual
level.The romantic idealism remains in history as the engine of a high culture, to which
we have escaped its coercion, however, we know to avoid it./owadays culture has its
definite place, away from those tendencies of domination at which bow all those who
walk on its territory.High culture was hidden to the meaning of the world and was
beheaded of the once proud,considered by e#ample a 4eethoven boldly in the choice of
whom devoted his musical pieces./ietzsche!s figure grows once again on the grave of
the transcendental idealism,he was first to denied it, fulfilling the prophecy of his death
which was not far from us.2od is dead, however we try to resuscitate him.The therapy of
language healed those who have dropped into the trap of these concepts without
end9thing in itself, truth, idea,spirit,etc.The romantic idealism answers all these
challenges bravely, with his youthful pride that he took in charge to base the modern
science.1verything was lost after a century when he was hermeneutically cracked in
postmodernism and lost its genuine e#pression.
>ingdom of heaven
The kingdom of conscience is the result that followed the encounter of europeans with
genuine /udaism during the crusades,'hrist doesn't speak anywhere in the %ospels of
such a kingdom.The /udaic phenomenon couldn't be denied,it was something that
happened.-ihilism denies this very thing,the fact that we couldn't deny it and to annul the
importance of 'hrist in history.At the contact with .im arose in #urope a kingdom of
conscience ,the last manifestation of this kingdom,nihilism and the mask of -ietzsche
who announced the death of %od,the fact that we couldn't for so many centuries escape
.is coercion,denial we are indebted to with the emergence of the kingdom of conscience.
All that we know
>nowledge beyond what is given in the world ascribes to concepts as thing in itself,
2od,spirit the e#planation of non&e#isting phenomena.The critic of pure reason put
bounds over the possibility of reason of knowing such given phenomena.2od must be
given in the world in order to know Him,any means to glimpse +t, whether called
revelation, prayer, religious e#perience,doesn!t bring you anywhere near him.
'e know all the sensory data that our bodies at the interaction with the environment
they produce7 How can we complete the knowledge of the environment7 >nowledge
can overcome the environment that produced it,in turn knowledge cannot produce
healthy environments..fter ioran knowledge is a curse, ;who knows how hard it is to
have a conscience7=, after /ietzsche, an incurable disease ;how many years it took me
to my recovery7=. 0nder what conditions is knowledge possible7
Homer,the man
Homer opens to the modern man into logical se-uences of helplessness because
eh,isn!t it so this man can no longer see an e#istence of its own, a free, fun and
e#citement road through a life which the gods dictate a destiny worthy of an ancient
tragedy..t odds with fate under which Homer wrote, the man behind the scene, has lived
with a lucidity misunderstood until today the drama of poor blind alienated from a the
world he could no longer break from thus refusing to act.The feeling was terrible.'ho
was actually Homer behind the scenes7. man tortured by himself,by a grandeur he
managed to stage, an impossible life born beyond the eye,having a preference for it on a
way of a life through vision, conscious of the fracture with it.+t is the most solid drama in
history, perhaps the strongest, rest, .eschylus, $ophocles, 1uripides has e#ploited their
own formula in the service of humanity that will compose the ne#t generation!s
replica.4ut only Homer can bring and re(ect an e#perience.He is the man.
3ree to choose
+ haven!t met in my wanderings in the history of the spirit a mental strong enough to
resist the temptation of flesh,a conscience which builds its sense beyond desire in an
absolute no way fad or austere,vague and undefined but walked among the too&worldly,
a mundaneity of a semi & god. 4lessed with madness, /ietzsche somewhat closed
himself to that state of psychic tension that instead to animate his desires has revealed
a world of impersonal wills that animates any accidental conglomeration of cells, a world
in which every motion or altering of the conservation status tends to domination, this is
the living e#pression at /ietzsche. 4ut to get to the reality of this unchaining of the living,
the crushing of it under the constant fire of doubt until the revelation of a world animated
by impersonal forces clashing constantly creating tense realities broke the deterministic
spectrum of a mental life attached too human&like to this world. 3or to step beyond and
to remain suspended where any drama is impossible, where every trace of living is
severely punished isn!t the bias of a spirit that thought himself too liberal7 3ree of choice,
free in front of all options that opened before your, going along and alone on this way of
life ,vehemently denying all logic creations, all those terminus points of thinking when put
in front of them you face a wall as before you finally understand the enigma of the
spirit,that you have to risk,what7,only your consciousness maybe, that if you don!t
choose to turn your eyes from the truth and to look back to the difficult road that leads to
the principle of non&contradictory and doing so to shatter it. .nd then all those who made
the wall,as they say,turned their eyes back,they understood the big benefit of the
measure of their ignorance, nothing but the foundation of things, a look of an all&
knowing, a certainty so relentless that this is the measure of things,that!s the way they
arise as an opposite of each other. 'ith such certainty $ocrates seduced most of the
.thenians. .nd $ocrates was given to deliver,2od forbade him to give birth, >ierkegaard
reminds us.'e says that we cannot choose what kind of children we!ll have. 1ach birth
is the result of arbitrariness. . logical step in its territory mean, /ietzsche says,that we
must admit one more fiction, that of a priori synthetic (udgments, and /ietzsche refused
to take it into possession, to know the rule of this other world beyond. Perhaps his spirit
did not need to soothe his labor in an unconditional much too uncertain prefering a bit of
certainty to an abundance of beautiful possibilities. 4ut let!s close all possibilities and
firmly anchor ourselves in time,be more careful with it,for we don!t want to smash it,break
it into pieces,ultimately we are humans, not dynamite.
" coherent theoretical system that adds nothing to the explanation of
the world is actually e-uivalent to the the world.In fact it2s the mirror
image of the world.7hysical laws don2t describe reality but tune it to a
theoretical system that is the image of the world in a mirror.There a
physicist will discern the static and the movement of the image, a
logician will isolate the identity of the image,an artist will see the color
and composition.8ut few will accede to a truth for which the mirror
image of the world lies in an absence .:an has always understood to
cover this lack with %ctions, complementing its image to completely
saturation.)or everything lies in details and when someone discovers a
new look and even somewhat grotes-ue that simpli%es things than the
mirror re'ects the power of *udgement of that man.The fascination of
such an image in the mirror is in the correspondence with reality.8ut
isn2t it so, when we look in the mirror our imagination tends to 'y and
some people even fall in love with what they see in there, strong
anchoring themselves in reality, in other words they work to transform
their image in the world by means of the mirror.The mirror helps to
ful%ll the predictions that people inlove make regarding their own
image, how must they appear before the world.It2s somewhat strange
to be present only in the mirror,it2s what ;ierkegaard callls the esthetic
stage of man.The passing to the ethical stage cannot be done in front
of the mirror.It2s a virtue that lies hidden,doesn2t show itself.9ood,if
such a thing exist in the world,should be visible and appear in the
mirror, which doesn2t happen.:issing -uality,the good receives from
people a %ctional use.
+nformal war
'hich is the most durable force in the world we live in than the adulation of power
which gives life7hristian world knows only the power to subdue.$enses,mind,heart.4ut
there is another force, kept under control so accessible to those few, a force larger than
life, a force which sums up all human knowledge about yourself, about your beloved
neighbour, about the environment, and finally about the universe.'hat is that power that
fills at times a consciousness of our time and new dimensions rises, unleashes new
cultural developments.+ thought the messengers of today world would be the
schizophrenics. Their paranoia brings them around the world, its truths be it conspiracies
or supra&natural interventions, they feel the pulse of the world.<ery rarely we meet a
spiritual root, the product of a delusion metaphysical insight that associated with se#ual
pulsions in private and collective consciousness that started to take their right in
posession at a given time in history.The keepers of the world today create bridges
between man and the past.$uch missions occur on 1arth, claims of secret societies,
certain rights.3or e#ample, the (ews which raise establishments in the promised the
palestinians territories .The coordinates of the spiritual world in which we live are passed
under silence whenever a voice is heard saying that this world bears the burden of
racial e#tinctions..nd these voices know too well the past to anchor themselves in a
future essentially a racist one with intentions of historical masacre of that will that
struggles to resist in the face of the informal attack.The 6uslim world is immune to
information, the new cult of the 'estern world, so a new genocide is about to
happen.The most desired military intervention around the globe, the 0$ in +ran, is not
against a population who speaks farsi, or Persian language,a language in which was
heard for the first time about the world order, remember that all the world could read the
message at Persepolis the following words9 0nderstand the information so we could live
together in peace.The relevant information is that +, the Persian 1mpire,lead the
world.0nderstand this./othing more.0nited $tates does not want anything else than
totality..nd when this is supported by the 0niversal *eclaration of human rights you
have to submit.2addafi!s gesture that breaks in the council the 0/ the te#t of this
statement was harshly punished.4efore ?@AA the 0$ was leading the world after ?@AA 0$
learned that does not know to lead itself.Obama!s foreign politics was non&
e#istent.+nstead of putting pressure on the keeping of democracy in the world, Obama
has put pressure on their people.Perhaps the world of 0.$. politics was something lent in
history from the /azis and now the loan must be paid by the citizens as ta#payers.6ore
and more voices in the .merican society are against this information.'here life has no
meaning is clear that things will go crazy.6aybe for the better.Human intelligence has
already been classified, it!s something of the $3 in the A??Bs, something + find to be
e#ploited to manipulate life.How but thought the pawns at today!s policy table.The first
pharmaceutical e#periment on a religious leader with a considerable political influence in
the world was Pope :ohn Paul ++. remember how this looked and spoke in his last
years.+mpeccable. /o weakness.$aid, +!ve watched the same determination on
Putin.Obama made (okes at the e#pense of his image suffered in the four&year
mandate.These leaders are no longer men of dialogue, as policy today is no longer the
art of compromise.
5ou think you won the war with the /azis.'hoever starts a war is the winner..mericans
might have killed a dragon too strong for those who don!t possess the powers of
necromancy.The pro(ect Paperclip was for this understanding. .nd then you show up at
the Oscars as a winner,the %ord of the rings,a brotherhood of men that took the
credit.3rodo was (ust a tool,when needed.5ou portrayed his weakness,you gave him
your condition,you fought amongst him your battle,you used him to your purpose.aught
in a whirlpool with you the only option is to think straight.
The dogmatic fortress
The dogmatic fortress stands proud in front of me like a virgin.6aster on myself + take
the first steps inside.. rarefied air and a deadly silence surround me.+t!s far from what +
have e#pected.Here inside nothing has life,nothing breaths.. mysterious force pulls me
inside confusing my senses as + totter carefully towards the sanctuary.Here + was told +
will find the wizard.The wizard!s truth + knew it very well.There,locked hard between his
ob(ects this one contemplated in his self the ultimate truths he touched in his absence in
the world,un-uestionable truths given the necessity associated with during their
configuration as ob(ects of thinking.%ike any dogmatic who seized the truth through a
sustain effort of will,destitute of freedom inside a absolute alterity,the wizard followed to
seduce me with his truths,to fall into the trap he set for me.4ehind all these there it
was,his mask.There i needed to unveil his artificial world,this self&sufficient world without
any threads with reality.+ was sent with a firm mission .The wizard!s head has to fall.
'hat + was confronted with + hadn!t the smallest idea.The pre(udice urged me to believe
that dogmatism was the safest ground possible but in the same time the most
barren./obody could -uench his thirst of knowledge walking into the dogmatic
desert.The wizard must know without fail this truth,at least he is true with himself,the
source is too salty for other to -uench their thirst.He was awaiting for me and + knew
most of the seekers who never came back to reality after entering the dogmatic
fortress,facing the wizard.+ knew also all the traps set behind those the mask of the
wizard was hidden.The wizard is dead for the world,this cannot see his face.That!s why
he wears a mask.The meta&physical truth he came to doesn!t need proselytes,it!s there
standing stiff,self&sufficient and it!s hard to distinguish between truth and being.*ogma
and wizard are one.
.ll these words,self&sufficient,superabundance,try to reproduce an e#istence closed in
itself to a high degree contemplative given the fact that the relationship between wizard
and the world has been suspended by virtue of an impossible9the reality.'hat!s left
behind of a flood7$ame happened with the wizard9negation was the flood that drowned
reality and buried an entire world.He lives now only for the splendour of his bright ego
+!m in the middle of the fortress and every movement + make is becoming heavier,my
legs are clay.+!m under the wizards spell,a powerful spell which hardly can + break..nd
wasn!t the fate of my predecessors who faced the wizard to fall in dogmatism as long as
they thought they accomplish in this their will of power over themselves7The dogmatic
being is a moral person,narrow minded and aware of his narrowness ready to offer his
morality services to those thirsty of eternity.
+!m looking for the place the wizard is hidden,only unveiling his mask the -uestionings
and the conversation with yourself will begin.. general survey shows me the traps set by
the wizard.The mask is behind the dogmas.These self&sufficient truths you cannot touch
even with your eyes and if you do the pain it gives you it will increase you tenfold as a
being.The world a dogmatic creates is independent,beyond your control from which the
illusion of freedom blends the items together in your conscience.
+!m here to fulfill your will,+ finally hear the wizard!s voice.+ cannot resist temptation..
new life according to my duty + have towards myself,this is what + e#pected from the
+t is too late.+ can!t go back.The fortress closed its gates, +!m caught inside and the
wizard!s truths + thought presents in the beginning now burn my flesh.+ cannot
move.Then + hear the wizard!s laughter.+ felt into the wizard!s trap and he!s about to
transform me into an ob(ect.Terrified +!m trying to communicate with him but my words
fade in out,the wizard is silent,he!s (ust a mask.6y transformation in a tag has begun.+n a
few minutes + will set traps for the wizard to those thirsty of knowledge.3rom all my being
there will be left nothing more than a clue to the wizard.+!m about to transform myself into
a dogma,this poisonous gift + will delude with those who think that will find the kind in all
its wisdom.
&'here are you7+ ask with a last strain.
&+!m everywhere in my dogmas,+ hear a thunderous voice.5our transformation has begun
and when completed you will share with me the same conscience adding to my dowry a
new category.5our freedom was nothing more than a humour,a first step of
weakness.Others will come and will fall into succession one after another until the
necessity will pass to a conceptual level.There we will be one.
+ fall to the ground in front of his truth.The conversation with myself has already
begun92od allows the e#planation of the world as totality but totality doesn!t e#plain
2od..ggregation is necessary for the human intellect and practice action,2od isn!t
therefore your freedom to conceive 2od as totality is given to you.
The tatoo
. crossed spider,some say that lethal,lowers himself from the the ceiling and increases
in volume over an anti&hrist,choking his guts crossed in a prayer. 4reaking with his
claw foot after another until it falls out of balance decreasing on the abdomen of this dark
beast.This looks through the optical prisms of his visual acuity at the life that struggles
helpless in halos./o one wants to help,rather wants its e#tinction in infra&red.'ith every
unfulfilled desire, his soul is slipping into the abyss of evil. +t!s where he finds similarity to
the blue irises.He stretched his hand to the claw in the darkness and in the last moment
of hope he glimpsed a sense among the lives of the others. /othing uplifting in the
failure of the act of self&determination with the others,nothing despicable in the satiety of
a decadent self.He pulls himself along with the one who knows him by heart and takes
his soul in a mirror in his arms.He moves to the right,then to the left that may emerge the
systemic e#crescences that will recognize immediately as being broken from both by
fear. .nd evil is happening in the cold image.Here is another self on his back that has a
heart tattooed in a mirror. +f you look through infra&red lenses you can discern the black
ink tears and realize that there is the entrance in the court of his secrets only to (oin but
you must assimilate the skill of a souls technician.The other has himself,you don!t have
you,you say to you and your eyes peer a strange tattoo on your left hand9it!s is an anti&
hrist out there)
The vaccine
They made me a vaccine against the most pure of my emotions and + feel now only at
the second person.5ou are an alien,distant from the world and game in the evening by
dead souls. 'e see more clearly who you are now that you are immunized against your
wickedness. +n e#tending of my left hand grows a shell and on the retina lies a network
of barbed wire.5ou have broken clear attributes from me and you have mastered
standing absolutes and still evil you remained.5ou distanced from me when + refused to
uncover my ugliness in front of you. 'ith chosen words + continued to show you what it
means to have compassion.'hen + see life through your eyes the self mastery of the
killer terrifies me. This is not possible,cannot take place. +t!s (ust a crime,you say.+!m a
deaf toy to the calls of those who remained alone. Pulsating with guilt and shame in a
creature +!m hiding from you,+ do not want to see my reddened face.Perhaps it!s measles
and nothing else you say. 4ut you don!t persuade me at all, measles is contagious, it!s
from you that + got it.
The open wound
'hy do + want to end my life as long as the wounds you rip in me won!t close7 The
right eye is an open wound today.+ barely see through the tears of blood and it hurts,+
know that, for + have dreamed at you all night./ever in my dreams you cosset me.5ou
opened all my wounds with your sulfur breath and these started to bleed.1ach wound
deepens whenever + get around you and say that everything is lost.There is no healing
either along with you or after.6y dirty face covered with the rotting suffocates me with its
smell.+t isn!t my blood, it stinks horribly of your haemoptysis.+ don!t where we know that
from,+ have never watched a corpse..ll + knew is that a few days ago + lost two white
mice, would be hidden somewhere among the old and heavy furniture.4ut the strong
smell gives their carrions away..nimals die hidden even if sometimes under our
eyes.*eath we see only at humans.
Time for evil
There is a insurmountable difference between being and purposefulness,a void between
living and dying and those who want more from this life turn their prayers to the
relentlessly time to give them a respite, to lengthen the distance between being and a
goal that approached utterly into being, i.e., absorbed in the sub(ectivity,reveals our finite
nature./ature abounds with finality but only man may suspend the finality and thus
prolong his life.4ut isn!t this a contradiction7 6an is part of nature that created us by
virtue of a goal.'e can create finite beings, humans have created a 2od and now
clones,the unseen face of 2od,himself..nd the clone cannot prescribe,(udge but
is.There is no limit in the nature of these creations, which says that what occurs naturally
is supposed actually to happen, soothing eh,the limitation does not e#ist.2od is not only
necessary but also imperfect due to the impossibility of fulfilling its attributes in the
world.1vil, war, disease, abnormality are as many forms of His imperfections.How do we
e#plain the e#istence of so many failed models of nature7The 2reeks placed the
fulfillment of life under the sign of fatality.The ethical determinism came into the world
that made it possible the understanding the necessity of the moral laws.2enerating bans
and interdictions ,the divinity prescribes the necessary formulas of being.3or us the
deadbeats.4ut how can you correct something that is the corrupt from birth by senses,by
something that is necessary for life7.fter you have given these laws, people have begun
to understand them.The science or the art of keeping us away from evil was lost or
faded with the 4ook of the dead for the 1#odus to master the science of committing
crimes much sophisticated then the laws that ban them,moral crimes.The distribution of
(ustice in the world is a divine act at home and man will decide which blood must be
shed in the absence of a moral compass.4ecause + don!t see how (ustice will be trickled
along 2od in man without the knowledge ac-uired in advance of the divine attributes..n
arrogance so long as all man claims is possession of full knowledge of the nature of the
necessity for these laws, in other words the suitability to pass as a watch in the night
..nd what is needed is actually a ghost.History is only a confirmation of human
possibilities to do evil.1vil has two faces, one ob(ective which is recognized when people
hurt each other and one sub(ective which really doesn!t know what is wrong.1vil in its
ignorance of cause cannot write a history.The finality of the evil is the world by no means
that it needs to happen in the world compelling man ;to defend himself7= but is the only
way you can (ustify the moral laws.
4ack to theology
+t!s foundation lies in the opening words of 2od in the holy 4ible.'hen 2od finally
worked out the white man he e#claimed9Oh my 2od,what have + done)+!m brilliant..nd
then he created .dam,who turned his back on Him.The white monkey,after
*arwin,started epic battles throughout history with .dam!s descendants to impose the
true nature of 2od.+n this battles he discovered the truth about his nature .dam once
knew but hid from the world.This nature is one with 2od and is now opened to anyone.
'hat do you mean7 ould you e#plain that a little farther. .re the 2entiles the angels
and demons with the most knowledge or does +ndia and the 1ast control privileges to the
tree of life7
5ou did realize + linked the old te#t of 4hagavad 2ita with the 4ible.The epic battles that
took place long before 4uddha!s coming in the +ndian culture;world= tell us about a truth
you will encounter later on the frontispiece of the oracles throughout 2reece9>now
yourself..fter +ndians what will always prevail in the world is nature.4ut there is a hint in
4hagavad 2ita about this nature9heroes learn in the end that they fought their own
kin,brothers,sisters,fathers,mothers.+s what psychoanalysis in the late thirties called the
2od comple#.
5ou know that every evolution of the human nature is painful as hell.4ut this is not the
nature of our heart but of our brains.Heart keep us linked with the purity of the other we
conceive as our 2od.That is why we fall inlove with eachother.4hagavad 2ita lacks this
understanding.Only the 4ible brings it into -uestioning.
This is where + stood few nights ago.5ou can see in this picture + made that man has
nowhere to go.5ou have only two options,go back or fall..nd then happened,+ fell.There
is a precise similarity with one of :esus temptation on the mountain.He also fell into an
abyss only to be brought back to light be the angels in his heart.The body never survives
the fall.3rom that moment on you are either an angel or a demon.
5ou know why .dam and 1ve covered their genitals in front of 2od!s eyes,they wanted
a blood line in paradise,to celebrate se# inside heaven8back on 1arth se# has always
been a ritual..s a (ew :esus wanted to keep the blood line network inside the (ew
community.+t!s -uite funny how hristians turned :esus,a walking 2od into a spiritual
guru.The holy spirit is shared but must be within a blood line.This gave birth to a
government which was monarchy in 1urope.
The kill parado#
The true nature of freedom arises at the end of an war,afterwards is (ust slavery to your
senses,mind,body you succeeded to protect.One step closer to your freedom is freeing
yourself from the other evils.4ut will you be able to free yourself from yourself,once you
eradicate all evil in the world.How can you live among others alike you in a such utopia7
Helping each other7This is what hristians did since the beginning of their bloody
world,they killed everything that moved.+n order to cease suffering 4uddha told us not to
harm or kill any living creature,+ would say,%et!s not offend evil,it has its purpose in the
world.'hat you protect in life,your heart,your intellect,will turn on you in the end for
these things need to burn,their flames need to rise in the world,to change it at times.+f
you kill them now worms you don!t s-uash will feast only with your flesh,you will be
gone.+t!s the kill parado# of killing yourself or the 4uddha parado#.5ou can!t sleep at
night,that!s it,you can!t kill yourself.
Remember me
I watched again in my mind the images of the whole episode of my
death and the outcome develops in di,,ying details linking them to a
photographic composition whose elements are coded more -uickly and
in a more pronounced contrast towards the end.I've come to map this
territory of despair which extends throughout my auditory sense in
synesthesia crying over in my late nights that it has ended with this
life.8eyond it remain out of control voices of emptiness, a vast dead
space that we inhabit and surpasses the organic life that populates
with the hope of ful%lling our desires,our beings eroded by the
unmerciful time.5ow I know what my soul craved for, all this time the
moments of celebrating the release of desire instead of -uenching
them,I collect now from the depths of a consciousness that has been
bitterly divided continuously from that time against time itself that
dictated me the irreversible way towards my destruction."nd I broke1
irremediable and irreversible I passed into the eternity of the past
moments of yore linking your sweet smile to all that I will never be.
.ncient science of the soul
The soul of man was ever present in himself..ll forms of animism are too primitive to be
a scold,a home that refuses to seek an infiltration of the soul in their religious rituals
which embolden these humanoids before hunting or establishing a time for a rich
booty.The soul recognizes itself after its imperative vocal cords, then in the subdued
heart that pours through an effusion in the heartbeats of this continuous closeness.The
wound has opened its empathy for the other acknowledgment.'hether he agrees or not
he is now your accomplice.4ut to share these feelings it!s already a degradation,from
this height to swoop upon what is unable to restraint itself in the myriad of the soul into
another without having to cause a sudden death of perception.4ecause isn!t it so,they
have a soul who recognizes himself in the troubles of the heart, when annoyance occur
when they see their mistakes.3ew are the cases when all this scum of feelings that
began naturally in the heart and in good faith seek trouble in an open heart that weeps
its distress not even as close as to dehumanized in good faith what is a wrong
sentimental effussion .+t doesn!t necessarily need to pass through boredom.5ou can turn
off in disgust, nausea and grimacing.. sedated, faded soul has a history even though
the world has seen is disappearing in a fog.4ut here there is the soul that had
survived,in this vision of a world of visionary, beyond hope of a passionate heart.The
hristians are already felling the lack of measurement they try to encompass into a
world that revolves not only around their hearts but also the epicenter of the 1arth,a
science that they easily loose from their sight.The 2od to whom they pray it!s
immeasurable, all&powerful,present and strong and protects them from all real or
imaginary dangers.hristianity sprang in the beginning out of a rebellion,we cannot here
miss not to mention /ero,the roman emperor,their forgotten living .nti&hrist of a an
earthly (oke played by fear for their lives but even this .nti&hrist keeps its distance from
those sent to burn on crosses to call out their grace in front of the emperor.The ancient
world failing to articulate or to understand the christian dehumanization of man, did all
this in order to remain blocked in a wonderland of an anthropological field that hardened
the newly discovered christian soul, his ancient beliefs shall be e#tinguished by the
flames slowly not without a taste to broadcast the end of the aristocratic pleasures as a
sophisticated way to perish from the surface of the world.The ancient world had died
with decency.+t couldn!t reply either by force or through wickedness in front of the human
desires to slavery for what was out of reach even for the greatest minds of the ancient
world.Put in front of this end the antics kept away from it, waiting for ...maybe one more
wholesome.+n the face of hristianity nothing more can and couldn!t be saved.The
christian life will be from now the 1vergreen soul open to anyone who submits his will to
a mission that asks from you the surrender of your heart.5ou can not delete traces of it,
e#cise humanity from the human heart.One clue like it,does not lie to the ristian
crowd,the one that pretends he!s a christian is easy9 the fear that everything belongs to
them, possessions that can propel life in a hierarchy that can be alienated and guile in
the service of spiritual cleansing, its highly derivative verbal,the lie they weave with
carelessly is taken around those interested to unite themselves under a common roof of
faith indoor.The ancients, estranged from this new ways of lying in public life and
craftiness in politics, (ust as fear for personal possessions or the public, losses that didn!t
threat anybody!s wealth only if they belonged to the temples.2old created hierarchies of
second order,was not weighed to measure by his force of destabilization a solid based
world based on legality and aristocratic rights that did not determine beyond rumors the
slums of Rome no policy makers.The decisions were taken in the $enate when the world
mastered Romans gold was the means by which to try breaking the roman law.Ta#ation
were calculated (ust to maintain the order of the provinces of the roman empire and
nobody could walk away with bargaining.+n this ancient world have made the
appearance of the first hristians.*enying the reality of this world and hope for a better
one then became one faith in a >ingdom that didn!t have a rightful owner but one
revealed that rose to the right of a kingdom which stood on 1arth.+ wonder.The first
christians put the ancient world in front of a land of parado#es.How was possible for
these beings so stubborn that they hid everything you posses onto the soul of those who
could not only annoy them with their needs.4ut here he makes his appearance,Pavel,the
apostle already knowing for this great -uagmire times to use the means of persuasion
politics,uttering his cant, in fact the name of a hope in a new 4ill.hristian preachers
have spread all over the world speaking to people and addressing the authorities on
behalf of gross forgeries.4ecause everything started from the tomb of hrist!s was and
still is a great deception.Their credulity, however, knows no limits.The holy word that
works in and through them fools anyone in those times.This 'ord does not have roots in
ca(oling the reality of his atemporal transcends of the antics,their style, rhythm,
intonation, and listeners convinced that all those in need, in distress.The fathers of the
church have envisioned the future of a world in disarray, in abandonment and left in
indifference and they decided to go ahead until the forgetting of a reality buried in dust
for centuries will revive a reality which (udgment in the light of the history of civilization
was the only real presence on this earth.The odorous culture of hristianity will never
recover the authentic life of the ancients, even resurrecting the revival of the art of a life
uplifting nothing more than a cheap surrogate of biblical representations in the frames of
the e#ecution.1verything worth pointing out in the Renaissance is an intelligible and
en(oyable perspective, all the clumsiness e#pressed in the 2ospels, which have become
themes of reflection for what is now grounded by faith will be called freedom of
conscious.Her origin is older, she delves into the literary sphere with the imaginative
splendor of the early heretics.The tumult of the early centuries of spiritual resurrection of
hrist is the proof that the spirit work in history without a bloodline,an ancestry.+t!s the
new wine that gets fast into your brain cells.hristianity went without a given legacy or
tradition in history,only oral traces of the words spoken by a man who pretended to
embody the son of 2od.4roken from the heart the (ews are forgotten for several
centuries.hristianity started along with the first crusaders to recover the (udaic tradition,
torn by hrist through the heart.:ews are forgotten for several centuries.The rusaders
are those who recover the cultural contact with :udaism, their authentic belief, naive and
simple, which started to verbally greet them with a code of morality, the symbiosis which
will result in a >ingdom of conscious.. spiritual awakening is the correspondent of
hrist!s awakening from death.onsciousness is therefore in :udeo&hristian everything
that means religion.The :ews were never agaist this eventually, which provides them on
this 1arth a place well worth of it.The turning point of this consciousness is in a continue
transformation from this point..ll the imagination of the newly found world will appall for
a while the already dogmatic church. Having a referral point in time,a birth midwifery by
the :ews,it will multiply into a series of individual worlds translated into cultural acts
closely observed as phenomena of a spirit for those whom the Tower of 4abel was a
constant of these spirits.
Thousands of good thoughts directed to the neighbor in your heart,to hrist were
channeled into a melting pot with magical esarean powers..nd for not to fall into a
complete alienation of mind, desired by those who went forth in obeying the word of
2ospels, the hurch has simplified things, it has dogmatize the truth.The right to (udge
the faith from now on was after their canons.The hurch has learned and appropriated
this selection tool in a belief that not having the intellect of the guiding law was the right
choice in the matter of faith..dopting the 2reek culture processes an order which
proceeds from Plato, puts on a pedestal anchored in a still life,a consciousness, pure
and guileless statesmanship and conceptual, forged in the fires of the dogmas a brand
new faith.The stalkers for those who have opened their minds to all possibilities of the
heathen times will be severely punished by e#ams of conscious that will preferentially
choose in the end the right faith.Throughout the history of hristianity has worked with
the tools of dehumanization9 dogmas, soul, all these notions that represent a high
degree of control. 1#ported in a world now con-uered by the godly wonders of
humanity,a lost humanity is removed from history.The anti-ue character survived,
however to the most aberrant spiritual torture.The myth of Plato!s ave comprises the
e#planation of all the times to come.Here they are their feet attached in chains humans
walking along their shadows.4loodthirsty and tired they look on a wall from one side their
lighting in shadows, in fact locked into their souls enslaved by the lack of material
endurance,empty, full of desires,of a feeling that oneself has tasks somewhere else but
with his neighbor./obody goes unnoticed through their head like those shadows that
also (am their pain,their suffering due to powerful connections with the 1arth cold
cave.Their struggles and physi-ue is pro(ected in front of them but this pro(ection is
mute,lifeless.1veryone else that goes through there does not discern the torment that
shadows their souls and in silence, the soul is voiceless if where resides in man.This
perspective will be turned inside out by the hristians whose souls approached each
other in a sacred communion, inseparable from their being linked will let themselves
martyred.4ut here in the cave Plato avoids martyrdom. The burden of the bodily soul will
lose his hardship as it will aim to light.He no longer sees itself but sees no feel.'ithout
anything on soul path to knowledge is open.The light is too bright,you have at first to
create strong contrasts of apparent violent times, knowledge will suffer at first clear
oppositions from which he will develop the principle of non&contradiction.+t!s the first
ac-uisition which you have enriched the gaze with.+n a few minutes,your cold skin due to
the air in the cave will feel an unusual warmth.Turning your gaze on the horizon because
of the curvature of the 1arth, the entire remote territories,will rise in a mirage of death,
resulting in a perfect vision for this fascinating sight.+s the e#pression of the most
impetuous romantic wild ideals of humanity.4ut once out of the cave you can look now
carefully at the sky your meeting eyes a great astonishment two $uns.The light that
spreads with all remaining ob(ects without the enveloping shadow you cannot discern
ob(ects.4lindness is completed by your inability to discern.+t!s time for the german
The sub(ect passes through the filter of a unrecognizable ob(ect and builds himself in an
opposition to which he cannot discern himself in solipsism.The day has worked its
magic,it!s time for the sun to set,the night opens a thirst for e#ploration about what blinks
on the night sky in the world, the stars, comets and other mysterious worlds.The
inclination towards knowledge will open up the way of heavenly bodies moving
measurements, mathematics, calculations and applications.Of all of these types of
knowledge as an engine of the world that not only survived the darkness, the rest of the
world to dissect light.*ark matter remains to fascinate us, without it there is no possible
an universe as we want it.The singularity created in the center of a black hole is a
scientific bias facilitated by an ignorance of an elementary logic.. synthetic a priori
(udgment passes through the point of singularity, it!s clear that the last (udgment its
posteriori validated by the synthetic.$ynthetic (udgments are universal, they travel
through the universe and animate the mathematics in our brain. omposed of the same
elements present within a few seconds after the big bang.Our life includes essential
carbon into organic life.+ don!t think it is any heresy to say that items that we compose
ourselves are much older than us.The universe consists of consumables and has
already put great interest for the industrial manufacturers.1verything in the universe is
e#panding lately,moving away from each other like our being governed by our minds and
not by our hearts.
. devastating wind struck in the shaky windows,pulling sounds foreboding of storm
on an angry sea that seemed without an end in sight swallowing all the ships that have
ventured out at sea. . single ship adrift continued to resist the waves that almost
overwhelmed it.On the unsafe deck a passenger who was not afraid of anything faced
alone the unfavorable weather for such a trip.C 'eather is in the power of the gods! he
told himself ready to face plagues twice cursed. .ll his confidence came from a positive
feeling he tried approaching the gods.He had been in their abode,they had been seen
and spoken to,he was sure of that,for each time when returning into this world he kept
the remembrance of a life in the service of their boundless powers.These fragments of
memory put him together,supplementing his being whenever his will encountered
hardships in this world.He had an inhuman determination in everything he did retaining a
part of the god!s nature which he understood as correlation in this world of their
delusions.He tried the horizon and every time it went beyond the line in a space
unbound to time as only an ancient wizards in the preparation of a spell could
understand, approaching the fate of one for an alteration of a given phenomenon in the
world.He thought himself a magician whose powers were unlimited under his identity
with the world. The storm he was passing through for one that he knew something in
advance,was a confirmation of his powers,nothing more than a whim.He put himself on
par with the gods and their powers by virtue of his likeness with them and today he was
trying their temper..lone at their mercy he was being tested by the strong wind that
raised waves above the deck facing a terrible truth9 the world no longer belongs to the
gods, not human destiny lies in their power. However this truth would really be avoided,
while its configuration was essential as a record, sinking seemed more certain than
ever.The ship headed for the rocks that threatened to shatter it.2ods hardened,turned
into stone sealed the fate of all those who ventured to know their descent,making easier
an identity with them.On the sea depth was outlined a conceptual necessity that passed
at an e#istential level.There lies on the seabed at those who imagined themselves gods.
The world!s beauty is destined to fail in the end in this particular case. +n today!s world
you cannot save yourself from sinking,beauty cannot (ustify anymore the drawing of the
$chizoid scherzo
2eorge used to gaze at the sky from time to time.1verywhere you saw him whether on
the street or in his home at his window he saturated his pupils with light..ll his being was
himself again in the changing formations of clusters.1verything was actual.He was
e#periencing an e#pansion of thoughts he had never felt before.. new feeling therefore
a new life,he said to him with enthusiasm.He was not aware of the lack of control over
this sensation.He was stepping into the darkness of his being.However he was not
endangering himself./ot being fully sentimentally mature he could not comprise his
feelings.He lost his liberty long time ago and now he was living in the only conse-uence
of his deeds9guilt.
Reality was present in him in a gushing e#tent.'hen he reached its peaks seldom he
feared of loosing his mind.+t was obviously a symptom of madness.'hen he achieved
this is was already too late.He was living under the necessity burden,he knew this would
happen,that!s why all his e#ertions were so painful.He learned in time to invert them over
himself.Pain of every nature put an end to his struggles.+t was now that he could at last
close in himself.6aster,in possession,words like these were recurring into his mind
driving him insane.3rom now on he could not fight anymore,he was at his wit!s end.His
life was nothing more than a waisted package he needed to throw at the garbage.%eft
naked,without shape and voice to be heard.'ho to believe him7His ironic laugh gave
him away.Then + realized the fundamental error of his (udgement9the 0bermensch is not
creative rather destructive for the relationship between the creator and his outcome in
creation is mediated by his humanity at which the ubermensch has no longer access.
&+ have the might to unleash,so much,+ cannot close.+ don!t have the courage to
reconsider the moral values.Once + pass the threshold + cannot come back.3or me what
it starts doesn!t have an end.
&Reconsider that you don!t start anything,that you are too afraid,+ said to him.
&*on!t make a mock of me.The conse-uences doesn!t end but with sleep.
&'hen your friendship or forgiveness are re(ected to you the conse-uences will run over
your head in a never ending return of the self&same.5ou are the mirror reflection of the
&+ cannot find an end,close the knowledge,my friend.
&5ou go beyond the veil,you don!t stop./othing is personal to you,nothing fits you,+
reproached him.ome down in time)
&6an is wolf among men.He devours truth,beauty and (ustice.%ive if you can amongst
&. touch of idealism + catch in your sight,and for a second + wondered of his attitude.
&The claim to obtain the absolute in immanence is entitled if we give up speech..nd +!m
talking with you,you understand me,as beasts sniffing eachother!s bottoms,he burst into
'ithout saying a word + left his room and ve#ed as + hadn!t been before + pointed
myself to the central park to clear my memory.+ remembered the first time + met him.He
was nothing but a sum of spasmodic tics,grimaces and wry faces.He lifted his eyes
frightened when you tried to have a conversation with him.His voice,so frail,you would
say that he was breaking a spell with every word he uttered..s soon as + reached my
apartment + put down on paper some of his words + remembered best9!6an cannot
protrude himself! 8!'e e#perience paradise each time the space around us is filled with
seeds! 8!The strongest doesn!t want to be imitated.ontinuity is his own only! 8'hat good
to work these days to7ultural supremacy is (ust utopia nowadays!.He was terminated
as man.+ don!t know what he would have done if he hadn!t come upon 4ruckner.His
nervous strain had a correspondent and this saved him.
He started his big built up.He couldn!t waist time anymore.He was giving no thoughts to
his mortality,it was alien territory for him.He had to do something now and here,not in the
real world but with his being.+n my essence,there + will find the truth,he said to me
once.He was deceived by his own conscience.1ven now after all this time + still believe
that he wanted to free himself,to overcome his fear.He thought that if he toil hard to his
spiritual foundation,at his basis structure as a being he would finally possess the
savior.He was working in and not with his self.+n the end this road leads to failure.
+ hadn!t come for five minutes in his room that + realized from the first words we
e#changed that he was confused and delirious.
&+ don!t want to open my eyes anymore,the light is too painful.+f it hadn!t been for it +
would have been most fortunate..ll this afternoon + struggled with the pain.+t tore my
flesh with every second + counted.+ cannot fight anymore,+!m at my wits!end.+ -uitted
playing the martyr.+ want to take it into possession,to absorb it,to become one with it.+
don!t save myself if + pro(ect it where at least hurts.Pain knows no logic,it!s beyond
sub(ect and its changing it as it likes,throws it in a whril of colour and after its mood it
blackens your sight or it bleeds your conscience.+ don!t see but this two colours.'ith
time + understood from its recurrent character the meaning of these colours.The
recurrence doesn!t happen at constant periods but invariable.Pain has moods.+!m more
afraid of the red than of black,this one is more humanlike,more decent.Red drives me
sometimes insane,gets me to the threshold of insanity.+ feel + cannot hold no more.+
know + won!t find like this any refuge.Pain is one,+!m more than one,+!m comple# as
personality.$o what!s left for me to do7+ surrender myself to the pain and this divides
itself,diminishes in intensity in other words + populate virgin territories of my conscience
as green,blue and in a small measure yellow.1verything blends in my sight and if it
comes off all right + have access to divinity,if not +!m a dead man.+ passed many times
beside you 2od,and near you %ucifer,+ won!t forget you.+ rose above the terminus point
and from that height + looked around and what a surprise + had when waking up in the
blindmen!s world.These men were pushed from behind to fulfil the prophecy,without
conscience and madmen.They knew with certainty that there is a world out there that!s
true to their wishes throwing themselves into the fact!s vorte#,diving into formation..nd
their wish is fulfilled.2od knows how + hate them.
&.lchemist,+ see you want to write destinies,+ answered him at last.+ realized + couldn!t
cheer him up so + asked him to e#cuse my presence for a moment.+ had to take a good
breath of fresh air.+ remembered that after he discovered his solitude in the world,he
broke from himself.+n all this time till the breach he was intrusted in the dignity of human
beings.He abandoned this dignity when transposed into e#istence it came up against
resentment.He would have sacrificed himself for this dignity and even if he relin-uished
it in everyday interaction with others he locked it hard under an e#istential safety
valve.The e#istence doesn!t re-uire from you to live in a dignified way,it asks you to bear
it as you can.How can you live,he said to me when + asked him if a certain aspect of life
doesn!t makes us worthy of calling ourselves humans and disgrace ourselves.'e are
respectable as men only from time to time,he said to me.+ didn!t agree with him invoking
the fact that we have an understanding,a (udgement with what we form our values on an
hierarchical system,+ replied to him.%et me see you with your (udgement standing under
the e#ecutioner!s knife,he crushed these words.+t was then that + realized that this man is
afraid to err in front of the world,afraid of its (udgement.6y friend,+ told him,+ know that
it!s hard for you to bear yourself especially in my presence but make a step forward and
love you less.5ou have to understand that nobody will prostrate in front of your
truth.Renounce to your watch tower and take down your wit into the market.+t!s the first
place where you will be immediate measured..nd you being lighter than a flake you!ll be
among stones.+n your presence man himself is a stone that only you can lift it from the
ground and throw it in the world!s mirror.Thousands of broken pieces will reflect your
personality..ll of us will treat ourselves to your knowledge.This dictates you9my balance
is diversity./ot the weight of a culture founds a way of living but the unity in all the
cultures diversities.3ind this unity.'eight get soon tired and like a stone is cast away in
the making.4ecause everything is changeable.
'e passed on the platform to refresh ourselves.+ stared at him for few seconds.His skin
was pale,his face transfigured.He took a strong decision.+ feared for him at first but +
recovered -uickly knowing that his problem was to be solved only in one way9will he fight
or not7+f he will then the rest is silence.
Two weeks had passed since our last meeting and + hadn!t heard anything from him till
one evening + received a call from him saying to me that he finally made a big step in
life.+ didn!t know what to e#pect from him..s + entered his room + e#claimed95ou got
beaten.His left cheek and forehead were swollen and deadly pale.*espite all this
2eorge was euphoric and was waiting to reveal his secret to me.+t was nothing like a
stone lifted from his chest but a confirmation that sounded like9*idn!t + tell you7'hat
happened,+ asked him.He told me that he encountered a bum who with the money
received from the people!s pity that day was -uenching his thirst in a secondhand pub
where only unfriendly looks were upon you.+ sat,he told me,at a remote table as + like
to.!1#cept me there was another guy an the ne#t table in that corner of the pub..fter he
starred at me for few seconds he stood up and came to my table asking me for
permission to (oin me.+ said yes as it was all the same to me..fter a while in which the
bum outlined his profile as if a curriculum vitae sent to a employer + asked him straight9+
want you to kill me.He didn!t asked why,what reasons + might have to come to ask him
such a thing,he told me he has no problem to take the bottle of beer and break it into my
head.4ut + will die -uickly,+ asked him thinking he knows what he does.*on!t worry you
will bleed to death.*o you have the power to do that,he asked him.5es,he
replied.4elieving him capable i stretched my back as if getting rid of a heavy burden.He
(umped at Puskin and his obscure point about his death and year of death.3rom the
second beer we drank together at that table his convictions started to annoy me.+f + was
still at that table was because of his promise he would buy me a beer..fter the vodka
and the hot coffee + asked him firmly9let!s fight.+ was euphoric and + wanted this to
happen all the way,to feel alive.The beggar looked at me irritated by my insistence on
the matter,pulled me by my shoulder out in the parking area and punched me twice in
the face knocking me down.+n that instant + wrestled the e#istence,+ was more than
happy,it was my (oy only.+n that short instant + got back the right to life.The people in the
bar (umped to my rescue but the beggar vanished.They asked me if + was all right and
how on earth + came in his companionship and + lied to them saying that + was allright,in
fact + hadn!t been better,yes + told them + didn!t think of him capable of lifting his hand
upon me,in the way he did,without reason.+ was lying and finding in it a complete
delight.+ was answering them with a serious look,+ had to share my indignation with them
while + knew +!m the only one to blame and find ecstazy in guilt.The ne#t day + circled few
times the pub in hope that + will meet the same beggar again to buy him a drink but this
didn!t happen.
+ wouldn!t have believed his words if somebody else would have told me the e#act
things.4ut he was standing in front of me and his bruises were the proof of his truth..nd
what truth) + couldn!t have empathy for it.+t was monstrous.He could reach and strangle
me any moment.+ knew he wouldn!t do that.He had too many safey valve.+ put on my hat
and without saying a word + left the room.
+t had passed more than a month when + got a call from him.His voice was
unrecognizable,it had a lead weight and + wouldn!t have recognized him as the same
person.He was asking me to come by him.+ didn!t say no.+n my mind there persisted the
certainty that this man pose no threat to anyone.'hen he opened his appartment door
his look struck me deep.He had lost considerable weight.+ asked him if he is all right.He
said to me he !s living in some kind of cycle.ycle of nature,+ tried to be ironically with
him.'ithout saying a word he handed my a paper.'hat + have read in his appartment is
reproduced here with e#act words9
!*emocracy builds the illusion that there is a struggle for power and a division of power
in a state.The political games are a conse-uence of this kind of system.They create a
false parity of chances.*emocracy and culture cannot coe#ist.*emocracy is an ersatz of
e-uality when we know that people are anything but e-uals.ultural production has no
value in a democratic system,it loses the mission it was invested with and it becomes at
best a materialistic value./ew forms of culture spring in democracy9political
culture,economic culture,environment culture,pop culture.The infusion of this so called
cultures in the middle and lower classes is almost complete.This phenomenon gives
birth to generations of politicians,economists,artists,activists,everyone more idealistic
than the other trying to achieve the desideratum of a perfect democracy.This are ersatz
cultures which hardly can be named cultures instead more appropriate it would be to call
them mass idiocy.People are living these days in a dream created especially for them by
other people.The purpose of democracy is to insure the survival of a race that
degenerates with each generation,loses its tolerance to endure the e#istence,the living
by stopping the mass production of ersatz and putting and end to the forced march of
progress.'e want to reproduce the living,to live forever without a halt forgetting that the
perfect machinery is our body with its needs,diseases,and finally death.'e still have a
need for art but we forgot the relevant emotion,we forgot how to live art.'e are the
hangmen for the other when he considers himself more than a commodity.Poverty is a
direct conse-uence of e-uality,of democracy itself.'hat + have today,you must want
tomorrow.The slogan of a new democracy should sound9'hat we always had,i want
today,you must want tomorrow.'hen the competition is removed the voice of ma(ority
strengthens in register.This ma(ority considers its self entitled,becomes organic./ow is
ready for moulding.$ocialism (oins the nationalism through culture.3rom this moment on
you can talk about cultural supremacy..bout this you are not allowed to talk in a
democracy where we have a holy respect for the e-uality of principles,where you don!t
have the right to play with their liberty of conscience.4ecause they are free to believe in
everything.They have this right..nd anyone can listen but not to follow.!
.t that time the democratic values blinded me.+ didn!t conceive a better system that
democracy.+ was lacking in good sense.+ was working with stereotypes.One of them told
me e#actly that a totalitarian system is incompatible with human dignity.+ was taught to
stigmatize every usurpation of liberty in the public space.'ho listened to me didn!t have
the right to abuse me.+ learned in time to turn the other cheek and my belief in an
e-uality driven to perfection (olted.6y liberty was threatened.+ couldn!t sooth my already
shabby conscience.The ma(ority isn!t perfect all the time,it lacks the critical dimension
from inside.6a(ority doesn!t know the wrong its doing in the decisional process.This
ma(ority doesn!t know what!s the real freedom,+ concluded my monologue.
&%iberty is nothing more than a a point of view,an appearance and it doesn!t stand in my
nature to pine for freedom.
&5ou forgot the natural or ordinary bread,the living soul that craves,you became a
stranger to life.
&6an passes through me and leaves no marks,+ was revealing myself to 2eorge.+ was
truly beyond any sub(ect.+t happened about last 1aster,on those sunny days + always
loved,to lose myself through the empty streets of the town taking delight in strong
coctails at the open terraces,sun and alcohol,a malefactor dementia.+ couldn!t endure
the e#istence.+ was sleeping allot,almost half a day,till noon,i couldn!t stand
mornings.Reality sucked me up as a black hole.The more + shined the more the pain that
+ was lost grew stronger.The truth doesn!t have correspondence,it is made of individual
elements.His origin however contradicted me.+ didn!t know this till later.+ discovered my
presence in the world after three days in a string in which spasmodic movements tore up
my chest.+ straightened my being towards good,i was nothing more but a shadow.This
choice allowed me to live aesthetically in the world..fter hole nights lost in front of the
computer navigating on photography sites + purchased with my first money + received a
camera.+ gave up reading chasing shadows.Reality is black like coal an it soils our
faces.$eldom we emerge from darkness to the light,like pitmen working in the depths of
our souls.2ood is a fallacy,nobody wants it.'ho!s the madman to wish for it7%ove and
mercy don!t have room in our hearts,they aren!t essentials for our lives.'e have the right
to ignore them,to work only for ourselves,to be ourselves.4ut this is the fundamental
contradiction of a being that believes in nothing.1vil is allowed therefore.
&Hold it for a second and e#plain to me the argument once more.
&$ome people choose not to do evil deeds given to them this choice because they are
afraid of what might happen and it happens to them to be haunted by all the
conse-uences they imagined.These men are a product of their environment and they
live their lives through property.$ome men pass on the evil side of life given to them this
choice for they know it has no value of conscience being worthless in relationship with
the other.This character is more likely a danger for himself.$ome people embrace the
evil and do bad deeds only because the carry out of a such deed is a conscience event
that allows them to outshine the other as a normative value.This kind of character will
bear the conse-uences of his deeds all his life regarding them as mistakes,being a week
nature.$ome people are good by nature.There people don!t know the depths of the
spirit,they are not profound.The rest of the people choose the evil side by virtue of their
sluggishness but accomplices,listening blindly.Tell me now who has the right to remove
the others without remorse,to kill if necessary.
&+ understand now.1vil is allowed to those who have the strength to keep it under control
and to produce it mechanical.Timing is essential.This is what we call genocide.The
e#ecutioner is the supreme (udge and (ustice at the same time.'ho has the right to
(udge him7
&The ma(ority.
&How perfect is this system7he asked me.
&To live isn!t a fact without importance,my friend,its your primordial right in a state.4ut
remember9the state in which you belong to as citizen,in the bosom of your nation.The
ma(ority or the tyrant decides upon your destiny.The absence of an organizing principle
of (udging the world and the others,the finding in violence of a last e#istential scope and
the discharging of hate against the (ews guilty of losing the pure and untainted self
became a national religion./ationalism culminated in the nazy 2ermany with the
massacre of (ews.These had no state,no voice neither in the state nor in the international
community.The genocide even if it e#isted and can be proved mathematically cannot be
incriminated.The (ews belonged to nobody,no one to support them,to defend their case.
+t was about an hour we had been talking.+ e#cused myself and went out for a breath of
fresh air.The dry air outside,the emotional discomfort in his presence pointed out my
weak condition.The deposit of my arguments have been scattered by the incertitude in
my voice.+ headed my steps to the first terrace it reached my sight.+ asked for a beer and
+ waited the alcohol to get to my head.+ became lately suspicious of everybody.This state
of mind weakened my (udgement..mplified by alcohol my conscience abandoned me in
the euphory of ignorance.+ rose to my feet and begin totter carefully towards the town!s
center.+ stopped myself to lean on a fence.+ was still standing up and as + remember +
lost my good sense.The street view closed its angles,the lenght lost in e#tent,distances
narrowed,the space was closing in my sight and focused in concentric points.Traces of
light blended in circles spinning around me and + became dizzy.+ couldn!t make a move,it
was darkness in daylight.+ tried to articulate a word but this alter into a scream.+ felt
down.6y eyes were burning coals.+ saw myself moving away from the vegetative order
and took shape from light.. bright light was invading me trying to overun the opacity of
the organic.;The organic doesn!t feel,it!s a blind machine that knows what!s vital and its
command is unconditional.The absolute is the rising of the organic at a mind level.'hen
this happens there is no hope.+ts the road sign to totality.2od doesn!t send his protective
angels anymore.*arkness spreads out over the history when its spirit decides who!s
going to live and who isn!t.=+ woke up in an ambulance knowing my guilt.+ bore the
tyranny of the organic for too long,my soul had been the clenching ground.The fight was
still going but in a different register.The sin penetrated my being.This thing was keeping
me alive.+ couldn!t look into another men eye without bleeding inside.+ burst into tears
when the medical assistance gripped my arm and in(ected glucose.This was the
standard procedure.This was what i needed7/o.+ wanted to suffer without ceasing not
because they made me feel better but because of hrist and his suffering.He was the
light in my heart from now on and renunciation to intellect.They took me to a
psychiatrist.Thank 2od it was a woman.They always knew how to talk with me,to knock
the nonsense out of me.+ (umped in right to the point.
&'ithout a sense of reality you cannot close an obsession.
&5ou are wrong.This conscience brought me to compulsion.The deepest you descent
into organic,being witness at your own blood flow,a dreadful necessity,+ tell you,nobody
would like to know why a body bleeds.5ou admire yourself75ou wouldn!t like to know
what you admire..dmiration is already a -uality.
&5our pro(ection as a different self is there,standing by,lurking and if you push yourself to
the edge of your reason is une#pectedly your visitor.
&'hy our conscience is unaware of the world!s beauty7.nd why it lashes out when
needed to transcend the daily e#istence7
&'hen you want something so bad and your conscience doesn!t support you this means
that your will is not free.5ou want over what your freedom won!t permit.
&4ut this freedom you are talking about doesn!t e#ist.They crushed my will.
&+t!s there as long as you compose yourself as an individual.
&+ want that freedom +!m seeing far reaching.
&4e careful.5ou!ll take in possession the far reaching and we don!t want this to
happen.Here take these pills and you will feel (ust fine.
Two years passed..ll this time my wounded pride had tried hard to fight back.The
power of the concept that digs into the flesh and lead the being to its summit,there +
needed to be.The hours spent in prayers didn!t help me to reach the top.The sin shuts
the being in its own,in darkness.5ou draw near hrist with your heart full of piety.He is
there always,ready to embrace you at his chest.The refusal of hrist doesn!t anger
nobody these days.'e all have our freedom of conscience.
To my muse
+ want to write about you, + want to write how only + know you when + have you besides
me in sleepless nights together in worship8there + have you and find my perfect love.5our
perfume reveals our love beyond your moist skin and carries me with you in the night
longing for fulfillment. .nd when you say to me goodbye in the morning + remain alone
fainting away under your sight,carrying you beyond this world in a self too in love with
.round you my breath deepens. 5ou!re a muse too good for my lucid inspiration.+
whisper your love to me, that you want me much more for yourself. How much longer
can + break from me7 2ive me time to grow up to you to become an anybody. %et me be
yours forever in the world!s vanity, it!s my dream that looks like madness.To love you
more than myself, to stand in my might to forget you whenever you want me any
good.4etween our love stands an + that is lost when you caress of me with your
look./ow + can be anyone, + can lose myself in the northern hemisphere of
insensitiveness. +!ll go with you on this road of feelings raising the banner of love with
you over the finest feelings of never and forever forgotten. .lone now, + chose to be
crazy inlove with you,to be ash after you not (ust words you always say to stay in my
guess after the coffee. 6orning shows,the magic of night breaks down,the veil falls over
my eyelids and the world falls asleep in a prophecy as your keen on. + wake up from
dreaming at noon and wait in the boring daylight for you to carry me again in the night
among your whispers of love.
The law enforcement
+t was dawn by now and already awake, 2eorge was looking through the holes of light
to the things that were coming to life.. red shirt thrown on the floor last night captivated
his attention for several seconds.3illed with disgust, he thought for a moment that would
never dress it again.The day was showing already in a blinding light,too cruel for his
e#aggerated sensitivity.+f the raw talent is nothing but a specific provision of the organic
than 2eorge was suffering from an inflammation of his pride to the smallest details of
life.He was a pampered and others accustomed to the whims of his life.His life!s
principles were deduced from the a#ioms of mathematics and have never e#ceeded as
understanding a primary level,bottomed in the blind stubbornness with which he followed
his purposes.He was obsolete,a character that rarely occur in nature on these lands.
+ met 2eorge a year ago, when he moved into the apartment above me. Two weeks
after we met we became friends.This happened with the occasion of his birthday when +
was invited to his home.There + was surprised for a few moments by the strange
arrangement of furniture.2lued on the walls, replicas of famous artists were hanging on
the tapestry walls9 Rembrandt,van *ick, <ermeer, van 2ogh and many others along with
an old icon, painted on wood,completed a autonomous perspective.Otherwise the
apartment + found a couple of :apanese vases with roses, so high that + wondered how
some damaged the ceiling.2eorge himself sat in a chair in the middle of the room and
shook in a come and go.
+!m glad you came, he said looking closely at me.Here take a cookie,the night is long
and has only (ust begun.
'hat do you have in mind, + asked.
.n incendiary cocktail of good music.There will be present 4ruckner and Hans Rott.
%et!s be careful not to ignite ourselves too hard.+ have no desire to kiss you, + replied
with an#iety in my voice.
*arling, be rela#ed on this,trust me.5our presence only + like best.ome and sit,let!s
listen to the first track, he said with a warm voice that assured me of its good intentions.
+ nodded and + sat on the chair in his left having in front of me the massive front
windows of his apartment covered by a red curtain which loose folds reminded me of
those obese nudes of baro-ue.+ wasn!t paying attention anymore to the music.+ was
fantasizing that we unleashed an orgy party with myself as the protector. + asked 2eorge
to show me where the toilet is.+ would have been ashamed to cool myself down in his
+ stayed with him until three o!clock in the morning when mentally e#hausted, +
descended the stairs and as + saw the bed + felt like a stone, falling asleep in the ne#t
This way of spending time with 2eorge became a rule. $o it has been more than three
months, during which + started to know better his eccentricities. The better we knew each
other the more we separated. 3or a while 2eorge wasn!t feeling at ease with me. He
started to have unshakable faiths, at odds with reality, such as the possibility that an
event can happen is a priori included under it. CTo this level of perception + want to take
part !he repeated his sentence like a monoman in my presence. C + want to take part in
all !do you understand,he asked me. Then + took his hand and we went to a
psychologist. C The gangrene which lies at the root of my being re(ects any treatment !he
said, implying that + shouldn!t put anymore problems related to his life and that +
shouldn!t come to his rescue in his affairs. C +f this body is sub(ect to further investigation
the claim that it is reactive substance is not far from the truth !he said to me after the first
hour of psychiatric treatment. + caught him very happy and without understanding his
mood, + asked him where so much cheerfulness came from. C +f the metaphysics of the
spirit is more transparent than an illusion, the belief in divine revelation is stronger than
any sensory e#perience. 'e need to talk !he said while shaking hands with an unusual
warmth. + haven!t seen him since then only very rarely and only on the streets having no
time to change more than two words of politeness.
+ found him once in a recessed bar in the center of the town and -uietly sipping alone
his cold beer .
*o me a favor and sit down ne#t to me, Che said looking directly into my eyes.+
immediately felt the warmth that emanated from them that + always loved at 2eorge.
+ can not stay more than a -uarter of an hour, + said while watching with caution around
the crowded room at the other tables occupied to make sure that we are not
followed.This effect happened whenever + abused sedatives.$omeone was there every
time.+ could not be alone and to live without privacy is worse than not having an identity.
.s if reading my mind,2eorge smiled to me asking me to sit down.ome on, there is no
illusion,he whispered to me over the table.Rela#, we are safe here.
+llusions grow by itself, + said, are intrinsic to our self.
5ou have always confused it with an inflammation of self&pride.5ou have to get down in
time,to put it to work, the only way to get a shape.5ou want to be strong, + guess,to take
it by the horns, and the tone of his voice sounded like a -uestion.
He is there, + know this because + feel him alive in cold nights but limp, disgusted by the
spectacle of the worldly, + started encouraged by 2eorge to reveal myself.
On behalf of an ideal self,mankind has lost its humanity,he reflected aloud for a
second.$till you haven!t got rid of idealism,+ see in you the same grimaces.
+!m the one who was always yours.
Then do me the favor and tell me your purpose,the meaning of life as you started to
see it, pleasure me by revealing to me what!s on your chest do not keep me waiting.+
saw you the moment you sat at the table that you got something to tell me,impatience +
could read in his voice.
+ do not want to fall in the mockery, + answered reluctantly.
5ou mean that our discussion is ridiculous7 $tunning.5ou know + won!t let you drag me
into the gutter.Take a look at yourself,your moral cleanliness offends in fact the dearest
to you, and + could read the anger in the hardness with which he uttered these words.
1#cuse me but is not what you think.5ou cannot find a meaning once and for all.'ith
each new e#perience he reworks himself and is enough to be an idiot to believe that this
was your pathetic life.4eyond those who live their lives believing in their own forces are
those who seek it constantly because it is not enough to find, and it must be led by
understanding.The rest of the people must be lead to a higher purpose of advance to a
high&end or salvation,a purpose cunning enough to mobilize the whole mass of gullible
people ideally put into service of a humanitarian ideal who once reached will ennoble
and uplift their e#istence.The problem is that the mankind,whenever sets off to this road
will fail in asserting a total failure understanding in the end that the ideal could not be
reached.+f you ask me why + will not answer than this9 there is no ideal, the upper and
inspiring, but the power to dispose of the other as you wish, this is where reality meets
ideality.The power to control the masses as you wish and once con-uered they will
follow you anywhere, even in the desert, + ended the argument against a force far too
+ refuse to believe in your cruel fascist utopia..nd + tell you by now,no one will perk his
ears to your truth.
6y truth is called love.
'hat the hell,are you an inspired one7
5es,give it to me,this is what + want9identity.+t will be a much appreciated gift from you, +
immediately recognized the voice of the footman,a cunning syrupy in my mouth.
This is what you are trying to escape from, your commitments.+t seems you!ve been
living two lives,he told me as he would have found a sentence.
+ thought that he is true to me.+ don!t want to save myself.Read me my rights,your
Honor.+ cannot be the same with the other.The measure of my identity is given by my
alterity,and + read an accent of superiority in his voice, full of himself, puffed with pride,
proud over the head, as + said, well,shit, who do you think you are and who you talking
+ wanted to hurt him at any price, looking for common points of attack, but always +
encountered more than an indulgence on his part that started to annoy me.
+ only (udge you with sympathy only,you are incredible.+ wonder if you!re but an idiot. +f
you please decline your identity to disprove my suspicion.
+dentity is the foundation of every material thing whether constructive or structural and
its value for mankind and us as humans.+dentity is what you cannot see,you cannot
touch,but without you cannot live as a man,you cannot breath., + answered with
conviction, without taking a breath.
5ou breath the same air with the others or you breath death7his -uestion sounded as
the threat.
5ou cannot -uestion the right to life of the others that imposing a new life order.The
saints are the best e#ample./o religion was strong enough to destroy this right.That!s
why they remain e#terior to man,he changed his voice register toward an ironic but
serious complicity.
4ut +!m not talking about the enforcement of e#termination but a solidarity in front of
death,+ said these words casually.+ was curious if it would force his complicity.
People show solidarity only in front of a certain death,in life everyone manage as they
can, and here + caught a short break in his fine voice.He seemed very troubled as if he
uttered something strange in this phrase.
+ pulled him out of his comfort zone,he went into my game + said to myself with
satisfaction and an innocent smile lit my face.2eoge seemed lost in his thoughts to
understand the allusion.
People do not value their lives if they listen to one another.The inter&sub(ectivity must
be reconsidered every time,every moment when you are in the presence of the other
otherwise risks to become a habit,to change into group conscience.6istrust in the other!s
intentions is the basic rule,+ concluded wishing an end to the dialog.
People who live together bear eachother.+ conceive a selfish being,self&sufficient,a
chameleon among the others., + overheard a smile.The tone of his voice seemed to
change each new syllable.+t was very pleasant hearing him.
'hat do people share with each other7 /othing.They are as two diamonds.
.fter a brief pause + e#claim9 Here!s who we are) *iamond +, you chameleon, this one +
will keep in mind./ow + must go, + said looking at the clock and realizing that +!m late.
'e are in search of identity,my friend..nd this looms on the horizon, + heard his last
+ didn!t make ten feet from the e#it of the bar that + hear 2eorge!s voice, trying to stop
me in the middle of the sidewalk less traveled at that time.+ signal to 2eorge to follow me
into a gang.
5ou don!t get rid of me,he told me gasping.5ou are going to do harm, he rushed at me.
1vil does not happen in the world, + said a little irritated by his insistence.5ou have no
right, you know that, he said bluntly.'hat will happen if all of us if we were to share your
opinion75our totalitarian utopia,the phalanstery,will fulfill in reality.
5ou know + do not want to impose nothing under the constant fire of a machine&gun.+ do
not come with the sword but in heavenly glory.+!m now among the angels and + realized
what devotion to them means.To 2od you give everything and as you get rid of your ego
you start the ascent to the spheres of his abode, never alone, but now surrounded by
angels.+n the last minute of conscience in this world still shortly after you started rising
you can see them ne#t to you, directing you, while you can still see them.Then you
follows the unconsciousness like falling asleep, which is a sign that you are completely
integrated into the absolute, + ended the devotional effusion.
Thank 2od, at one point + was scared for real for you, Che said as if getting rid of a stone
on his chest.He seemed relieved.5ou know that + want to hear from you what all those
angels tell you..
4ut his poisonous arrows thrown at me didn!t hurt me but all those angels who took
care of me. + knew + had to break up with him -uickly,almost + hated his physical
presence.+ turned myself in the street but + didn!t take two steps that behind me that
2eorge caught me by my sleeve. Then + wrenched him with all my strength and + pushed
him back into the gang. 'e stayed for a few seconds looking eachother into the eyes in
that corridor and + made sure he does not come after me again. + heard from the back of
cards, perhaps by force of momentum he had fallen on the floor, laughing hysterically
loud. + was a stone block in the middle of the sidewalk crowded now by busy working
people who rushed to their (obs. + was among them only that + missed their occupation. +
always had the pleasure to walk among the workers, not that + have decided to do
something in this sense, but every morning + would choose to be among them, +
distinguished myself as an individual in that impersonal drip on streets at times when
dawn breaks the night.The roars of laughter had wounded my great pride, + was laughed
at on the street by my spiritual deformity, that + li-uidated in me any wickedness,in other
words, that +!m only an idiot.
6y head (ust does not want to recognize any authority,+ would say it was hollow until
the headaches,these unbearable headaches asserted it and placed it there in the cavity
of the skull.+!m all those people who can think only in an horizontal position for in this
position it is revealed the e#istential emptiness,the futility of life without a purpose.
+!m a comple#, full of reproaches.These sound ominous when + appropriated some of
the accusations.
5ou have always taken as the will of truth that pleasant sensation that you feel
whenever you put the concept to work.5ou didn!t stop here, all the knowledge you
thought that you summed up of yourself and the world was nothing (ust a masked
instinct that tended to domination, a desire of taking into possession the world,your own
presence in this world.'ithout making a connection between them,you didn!t change
anything in phenomenon and did!t find anything that you would methodologically base a
self&knowledge. +nstead you pursued ruthlessly to satisfy your hungry needs of ultimate
certainties.6asked in an instinct of power which sub(ugated you giving it absolutely
worth it once satisfied it was hiding actually your removing from knowledge,the effect of
bad uses of reason, he concluded his analysis.+ nodded,the blame was solid and the
alter ego more convincing than ever.
+ was there, present in itself, the prince and the beggar at once.'here the cause and
the effect begins7 + tried to e#culpate.
'hen fear becomes rational when evil happens) +n other words when fear which finds
its spring in the other, or in what it is, the latter being a case of conscience, then you
have to cut its roots, man being unable to build on the idea of property anything on its
5ou want to say that the property is a massacre in the name of a moral7 + (umped as
burned in the face of this atrocity.
'ith no property,you do not fall under this law.To remain between us at least remember
one thing, if you place yourself within the law to kill one another is morally necessary to
remain human.
To escape his constraint7'here7 On the land of policy7
+f you love more than one thing in this world then this will disguise in a rational choice.
5ou are not strong enough.4eginning from the root, what you have not been, you will
never become.
'ithout an authority over his head any individuality is a potential threat.3or who7'e
don!t know yet.
'hat!s the other!s (ustice7. chimera,an illusion.'hat!s your (ustice7To be a man,to
legislate upon the other./o law can force me that!s why + cast no anathema upon it than
do not make me unleash the power that from 2ods + have taken.+f the stake of the social
contract is security and safety we have to live close together to one another otherwise
we will eat eachother.'e are no longer predators but civilized people more or
less.4ecause + don!t know a greater glory than to fall into battle trying to impose your
own law.
'hat!s my relationship with the law7+ don!t know how this can fashion or destroy
destinies.+ create the world and not backwards.+ will never defend the law of man on this
+ want to re(oice my law in silence.
1veryone try to catch you under their law and if they won!t find you a reason they will
try to buy your lying..nd this one says9+ am...
1verything man does aims to social acknowledgement.. greater ingeniousness + do not
know9to run for honors.These men think that standards lead their lives and they submit
themselves to the will carved in stone which is the law.
The first instance
The "dvocate0 9entlemen, let's take for example the movement of an
asteroid.Is its prede%ned tra*ectory determined by its nature to
endanger other phenomena of this universe# "t the human tribunal
should be incriminated all status changes that threaten human life0
earth-uakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, lightnings."ll of these in a pre/
3hristian past society where pre/spirited people dwelt, were the result
of misconduct of a man that believed himself to be the all/powerful
master of the universe. &in and the insigni%cance of man were
unknown, the earth was the place where he could ful%ll his solipsist
condition."bsolutely nothing slowed him down to reach new heights of
humanity in what was called his fortress.7aradoxically this is the event
of conscience that humanity constantly fears today more than ever.
The 7rosecution0 .b*ection1 :an is not an atmospheric
phenomenon.+e is endowed with will and intellect and is able to act
according to these -ualities as their slave or their master.The action
turned to his neighbor is the sub*ect to our legal process today. The
second ob*ection concerns the possibility of achieving the solipsist
condition of man.If all happenings in the world are according to his will
then what's the use of his fortress# $oesn't the fortress take part to a
causality in which everything that is happening in the world is the
result of an action/reaction between fellowmen like#
The "dvocate0 "ccountability is a given of his fellow man in order to
restrict his freedom of action and to blame him after necessity#This
re-uires discernment in the afairs of human endowment that can no
longer rely on ignorance.This is why we send our children to school at
an early age.8ut a knowledge/based society is somewhat dangerous
but we've got it perfectly to avoid this danger by surrounding young
eager people in the vicious cycle of the working class.
The 7rosecution0 (ife is static only when this occurs to lead in a single
direction.It's the moment we all been expected to give rise to a untrue
assertion.This untruth only is the sub*ect to any legal process.
The "dvocate0 It's an innocence to believe that life on earth has a
purpose even to breed itself.It's like saying that &aturn or <enus have
their purpose and that without them there would be no life on
!arth.5othing competed for the emergence of life on this earth.This
happened.The center of our universe is life, this is a truth that can
seduce the indictment.
The =udge0 It is permissible1
The "dvocate0The legal ways of appeal if my client is not going
anywhere for the simple reason that his identity was dissociated from
his indiference to your motive.I would like you to get ac-uainted with
The 7rosecutor0 hat is your name, boy#
The $efendant0 The 'lighthouse' for the ever I go I
leave behind only the shadow of my feet.
The 7rosecutor0 You let me understand that we cannot start with in
any legal way#
The defendant0:y identity has been ac-uired by you under a legal
sense as I can be anyone for you.I choose to be unknown to those who
possess me with a name.
The 7rosecutor0Your indiference places you where your feet will start
on the trail.
The $efendant0 I said that I'm their shadow.I let you chase shadows.
The 7rosecutor0 You should be ashamed of doing shadows on this
earth.5u further -uestions.
The "dvocate0 To note that the pairings are useless in the case of my
client."ll that will come is a lie.
The =udge0 7lease stop here. .therwise you will be guilty of contempt
of the court.
The "dvocate0The shadow of my client's legal frightening is re'ected
in the halos everywhere it is invited to tread all that is called legal
proceeding.This court is guilty of malpraxis on my client's humanity.
The 7rosecutor0 ho think your client is#
The "dvocate0 The shadow of the unspoken,the interrogation and the
rhetoric response of the non/being.(et's ask him.
The 7rosecutor0 ho do you think you are#
The $efendant0 The conscious appearance of life after forgetting my
The 7rosecutor0 I give in.>uick.3ast no shadow.9et it.&he is the culprit
that we seek.
The +all0 +e went cra,y for real.
To the right of good
ithout coordination any motion isn't possible.To discern the right
from the left is an art of living that can lead you far in life.3an you fool
the right# 5o, because once you took a step in any direction you
turned your back to the opportunities ofered by the other
direction.!verything is given in the world, you need only to look
straight.If you look an ob*ect in the face you cannot discern its
nuances,only placing yourself to the right or to the left of it you
complete the image of it by revealing its sharp or dense
angles.8ecause what is sharp for right it's dense for left.Then you ask
yourself if and how it may be sub*ect to some standing form.You take
one more look,askew, trying to fool him that only he might mitigate
with the *oke.
(et us take for example the notion of good.e envisage it as an
absolute highlight that re-uires and dictates our sense directly
opposite. 8ut lets not think something stupid and say that the meaning
of life is good,when you do a good deed,as indeed thought all the
prophets from immemorial times.)or to look the good in the face is *ust
a silliness as only an ox can understand. 8ut lets not exacerbate either
such popular pre*udice that evil has many faces, although it must
have/ and we're right. :ay we learn how to look beyond this side or
that and there you have coming here to light sides of this truth. "nd it
is far from compelling one eager for knowledge. )or only on a sense of
good develops a character,completes a personality and who has other
more unpleasant sensations such as vomiting, nausea ?at &artre@, this
man isn't feeling well. "nd he is not good that he learned to look.This
concerns in itself with a painful human acuity for itself .7lato's %ction
about a good in itself incited the illiterate people to ignorance. &ee,
you do not have to look to your right or your left, yours is good enough,
it seems that 7lato says. &o heads up, eyes straight ahead as in the
army, and marched with a bull determination toward the enemy. This
well is stained with blood,reali,e one.This one dies and with it and the
good. It seems that 4omanian land is bathed more than anywhere in
the world with the blood of those who / claimed their independence,
the most diAcult calling on this land which swallows everything, being
that of the teacher.+ere you are not allowed to speak your good
6oral terror
Horror and moral terror being consecutive in life,+ know nothing more intrinsically
humane.These are there in the dark pulsating in consciousness as absolute masters of
it. + can call them moral phenomena now,+ can e#tract them from the gangrene that is
spreading at the root of my being.4ecause to a be moral being is synonymous with
being sick,the morality that increases on this earth brings you away from any life.+s there
a moral that approach life, to dictate to your love life7 4ut it is more than morality can
do,rather to glimpse a way that a traveler should do it once alone.The answers come
once your steps got used to going fast in the desert9 %ove your neighbor) 4ut moral
terror lapse to reveal you such a phenomenon,the foundation of a bad illusion.Once
aware the terror has taken over the functions of nervous control, there is no turning
back.+t!s time for the most acute intuitions.The foundation of the moral world is attributed
to religion,any other way to settle a morality independent from these premises is
doomed.The presence of people in the world can be e#plained only religiously,as a
disobedience to the 'ord of 2od.People are wicked,this understood well 6oses who
gave the plates of law,a yoke that people took seriously,some may still bear that even
today with serenity.
6oral terror that a man approaches to him whenever he foresees a bad deed and is
aware of it.+t appears now more acute his identity crisis,the uni-ueness of his
conscience and a self that needs no longer to be free.The one who stepped on the land
of moral terror and escaped its poisoned arrows,doing nothing when everything called
him to do evil deeds,this one knows that moral valences are dreadful.The terror that
invalidates any assertion of life in any positive sense,puts rapidly in a mincer all your
pleasant feelings knowing that evil is inevitable in the end good.'hen evil has no point
in passing it,you have to look straight in his eyes.4ut how many will survive after such a
meeting7 1vil is a fact of conscience.
Terror directs our beings to whatever rule that is not its sub(ect.olonel >urtz
understood the essence of moral phenomenon, he looked in depths and has
implemented its own method9 listen to me, not to what is moral, love me not what!s
moral) 'e all obey 2od, no one escape.
Terror opens our beings the aesthetic horizon.The world that has lost its good -uality is
ultimately saved by beauty,by the insanity of those who believe in the world!s
beauty.6aybe even the apocalypse far from announcing a dreadful trial, presents some
aesthetic interest.
*eadly rapture
The rapture occurred this morning,the moral support knuckled under
the guilt,leaving behind a helpless being trying to prevent a
murder.This one couldn't witness his own death.+e couldn't %nd a
-uantum of solace in the inevitability of this last act written at the end
of a time foreshadow before by his destiny..n the existential level his
death couldn't %nd any convergence with his being from which those
emotions of damnation would emerge.hile everything was opa-ue
surrounding his death,traces of light sprang out of his
vindication,otherwise the clear/obscure couldn't exist.aiting patiently
for his end to happen,9eorge followed in delay all his thoughts
obsessed by death to the most hidden corners of his conscience.It was
funny thou that he didn't put up any resistance in front of the
inevitability of his death.$eath was passing through him as a ghost
through a brick wall leaving behind no trace.It was the thought that
sparkled in his conscience,abrupt and with the precision of a
rolex.!verything in his mind was revolving death as a humming top put
into motion.$eath was ticking at short periods without carrying that
9eorge was still alive.If there is a thought we cannot master this is of
our death.This one alone splinters your existence into pieces once it
takes control of your conscience.)rom now on it will render void every
logical or rational structure.$eath fasten your self in the original and
instinctive fear of self/preservation as if the next moment already
annulled into existence by the conscience of your death could be the
last.This one strained moment will never be the last because it's
nothing else but the repetition of that moment placed already prior in
front of your death.
Organic spaces
'hen you descent enough into organic,you become spectator at your own blood flow,
there is no turning back,you raise your life to the rank of an absolute e#perience, you!ve
paid your return ticket to its performance and you become afterwards witness to the
competitive organization of life.This revolves around your own atoms and if you link
these atoms to a single gravity the organic gravity will colapse, everything will be
doomed to an awful lot, despair and its support,pesimism.Pesimism is intrinsically to the
organic life that is aware of the acute consciousness for it doesn!t produce the necessary
supplementary drive so much needed for the toleration of life we are e#periencing during
se#ual acts.0niverse has no time, he is (ust a concatenation of spaces which feature that
is e#tention is the very foundation of the gravitational scale that creates spaces out of
The 4ussian soul
The russians are by far the people who discovered the metaphysical
values of di,,iness.(iving free for so many millennia in the open spaces
of the :ongolian steppe they internali,ed the extent as the primary
attribute of the 4ussian soul. )or this is largely as the eye can see, has
no cultural or legal boundaries, %nding in extension the possession of
all his instincts ,soothing any aspirations of civili,ation."t the contact
with civili,ation the 4ussians replied by drinking,only di,,iness satis%ed
their originating thirst for space,a freedom that only 4ussians
understood by example the one that 4askolnikov discovers at the end
of the novel 3rime and 7unishment. 4ussia has never said the last
word in history, genetic inheritance brings every time perfection of
those feelings of freedom which corresponds to an area in which to
manifest itself,hence 4ussian imperialism. The historical ful%llment of
the 4ussian people is that of consciousness like any nation that the
3hristian coercion went through to a system of values that is centered
around the love of our neighbour . 5o wonder that the 4ussians in the
last hundred years found this love without 9od. .f all the nations
gathered around the 3ristian yoke the 4ussians by taking it so naturally
became one of the stronger !uropean nations. They understood their
great simplicity and centuries after the rupture from 3hristianity was
one of the most violent in !uropean history.The 8olshevik exploitation
of the 4ussian culture has diferent foundations than with national /
socialism no matter how many similarities the two doctrines would
seem to present. The idealist props of the 4ussian people is thin in
comparison with other !uropean nations headliners like $ostoevsky
and Tchaikovsky being late appearances on the %rmament of !uropean
culture. &ystems were born, went bankrupt, all passed over the
4ussian soul only the national consumption of vodka has remained
constant.It is the civili,ing constant of these people who had not seen
in the original freedom of conscience that freedom from which to claim
their right to exist,they are aware of a freedom greater than that was
born in the bosom of 3hristianity. !rgo, the existence of the 4ussian
people, starting from the endless steppes of "sia everything that has
been grafted onto his soul, 3hristianity, history, civili,ation, social
engineering could not de%ne it and include it in a form of compromise
with life.
8uddha2s path
ithout believing himself to be the son of 9od,8uddha reached truths
about life of a depth that rose above any other religion aiming at pure
knowledge.)or a christian knowledge is a sin or at least was so for
hundreds of years,his life taking place on the static land of dogmatism
revolving around dogmas.This was prescribed for his life,this is what he
does,he %nds it natural to submit to an authority which he doesn't
in-uire because the -uest for ultimate truths can lead him astray.The
desire to know what lies in the eyes of a prophet and to exercise an
in'uence on an ascetic life it's somehow dangerous for the wellbeing of
the christian 'ock that as any other 'ock needs a shepherd,not man
but 9od.hat would happen if one by one those who make up the 'ock
would rise through knowledge to the rank of an authority over a life
that doesn't have anymore a need for dogmatic truths for
survival.!veryone would become his own master,would hold his own
truth,would breath the strong air of courageous heights to which he
would accede through self knowledge.;nowledge in its purest form is
fallacy and it's condemned by the 3hurch.8uddhism answers more
properly to the desires of one inlove with knowledge in search of truths
plugged into reality."nd this reality is that we all have to sufer being
alive,life itself it's sufering.+ow can a soul exposed to pain through
meditation not to hate everything around him#The answer is
knowledge.To know that the essence of life is sufering,that the pain
you feel has a cause in the illusive reality of our desires means that
you arose through knowledge above it and that you embraced life."
8uddhist doesn't have time for temptations still being no stranger to
them only that they are of other reality,-uality and intensity that the
ones that a christian conceive them to be his ordeal.8y comparison to
8uddha the enlightened,the authority of 3hrist teach us about the truth
that lies in our hearts but as the heart is placed in our body bellow the
brain so his message reach those unable to use their reason.8ecause
enlightenment through knowledge is nobler than to obey..n one side
we deal with obedience to the highest rank presumed wiseman and by
no means with the sublimation of our desires into knowledge as
happens to those who took the 8uddha's path this endeavour and
efort of will unknown to 3hristianity.The latter %nding in scourging
themselves from unhealthy desires the hope for 9od to forgive their
sins and not ac-uiring through combat training the mastering of their
bodies as 8uddhists do." 8uddhist needs to defend himself,=esus sees
no dangers in real life.
8uddha managed to stay alive,succeeded in his -uest,cultures
absorbed his knowledge far from the idle drama of 3hrist cruci%ed for a
semantic truth that fascinated an entire dogmatic :iddle "ges.
The middle way
9eorge found himself without knowing how he reached that point at
the outskirts of the town." sharp hunger was torturing his
stomach.&oon he saw in front of him bushes with red fruits,he rushed
at them with his bare hands without worrying about the stings on his
delicate skin.7erhaps they were poisoned, but this does not prevent
him to believe that they will appease his thirst.+e drank their red
*uice,reddened his thin lips. +e took the appearance of a predator who
has *ust devoured his victim still alive.hen returned in himself he sat
at the basis of the trunk of a tree and closed his eyes.The image of a
bright red didn't leave him, swirling menacingly into his
consciousness.+e was keeping himself in the center of a visual design
pro*ected into a spot of red color which was advancing into existence
as fast as the living memory that he %nds himself at the edge of
humanity stengthened.The red was overwhelming sinking him in a sea
of living pain, acute, accompanied by sharp awareness that he was
already lost.+e abandoned himself to the pain that intensi%ed with
every drop of color. +e discovered that they were actually tears, his
tears,reali,ing the he was crying like a innocent child ."ll the tension
alleviated in a blind feeling that his life till now had been a lie he
mastered without doubt to an absolute identity with his genuine
wickedness.+e had compressed himself into a feeling of blackness so
dense that became contagious for everything he touched with his
eyes. +e began to %ght this wickedness.+is tears run out as he started
his war.)ervent in front of the prospect of a new struggle with himself
he didn't abandoned his self to despair as it happened to him every
time he ran into trouble in this world,experiences which solidi%ed his
will into a clay idol .+e was opposing resistance to the the weakness
that urged him to idoli,e himself.!verything was rotten in him, all that
was true of him in front of the world was fraud.+is feelings deceived
him ,seeking in the world a reciprocity of his afects .The new world he
glimpsed at didn't answer his calls, was deaf to his begging. "nd then
he abandoned it without any efort of will by a self/abandonment."
grimace covered his face for a moment only to be wiped out by a
smile.This was it,the access to a new world of learning and compliance
with his debt to himself and free from fear.Identity and possession that
de%ne a man's life were the new ac-uisitions 9eorge had accessed.+e
found himself among the others, a man who knew how to face today
the ups and downs of life.5ot alone but through the other.
The middle path is not a -uestion of existence,it is life itself.(ife
doesn't have a precise cause, doesn't originate from anywhere.The ups
and downs of life are compensated by the middle way.There are causes
that determine our feelings to burst into existence."n experience like
this can tell you who you are but will never de%ne your life as long as it
originates in the uncertain and unstable contradictions0 love/hate, fear/
courage.The middle way teaches us to beware of the reasons that are
causing them and to live our lives wisely, sparingly safe.
To live without knowing what you eat or drink,when and who you sleep with in a
complete dedication to the 2od!s hidden life.'hen oblivion overtake you,when every
glass of water you get to throw up, then you live with Him,he is the weakness of your
heart.'hen you cannot sleep,lying in bed at night,when your heart throbs and your soul
may not devote more from himself to 2od,deforms from pain for he knows he needs to
give Him all, is put in front of a bright choice, the only hope that opens to the abyss of
evil.3rom there, the darkness rises a claw that pulls you back and if you surrender to it
you surrender to the pain./ow you are beyond life and death face to face with what lies
beneath.The love of a 2od for creation stretches beyond your imagination and it is
blinded only by the love for yourself.Here, suspending time,having a thermic shock
while lying in the snow nearly dead drunk and your heart beating at remote intervals you
receive a revelation that you will put a mark on your soul9 :esus forgives us all ) you cry
to those terrified near you and so giving them a big astonishment.
Political disengagement
Those who make up the herd know that they are weak.The individual voice is that of
the group.%eave him for a while alone in this world...The gregarious man has the
conscious of his weakness.The assemblies whether constituent or legislative must be
politically suppressed and any form of association abolish.6an must gather in packs
where the right to kill is a virtue of the powerful.
5ou cannot embrace two ideologies at the same time and in the same report simply
because your life will be put in (eopardy twice.
+ have decided not to interfere in the world!s affairs.%eft alone + struggle with myself.The
anarchy + bathe in cannot be designed on the outside without the consent of the
others.4ut these are weak,yield to the first incentive of order.ause order originated in
the powerful,a weakness properly speaking,to ensure his continuity.
.bout respect
Hello there ..ll you black people + know what you have in mind all day,e#cept se# let!s
be honests.That thing you seek the most is called respect.%et me tell you few things
about respect95ou want respect a universal value like a strong alcohol which gets to your
head in no time and pulls your eyes from your eyeballs ;not like a Rembrandt painting=
and it beeps into your ears whenever you feel disrespected.Respect comes to complete
your manhood.+t!s your hegelian liberty because isn!t it so respect is reasonable and
whatever is reasonable is real.Respect swells like a boil over night in order to crack in
the morning.5our respect has no limits and + don!t hint at your mother wit,it steals the
prize of the strongest in hunting like hyenas,flies in flocks over the kill,grows in bushes
suffocating the white crops but knows its limit.5our respect limit is that someone with you
and at the same time different from you doesn!t respect you.Respect is for you a
property,your property property,a transcendency,the magic without you cannot show
yourself.+ draw a line here.+t!s the image of a man dressed up in a grotes-ue
costume.This is your way of earning respect ;not mine=.
1thics in pornography
&The violent force of emotions annihilated its self to the point + cannot indignate myself.+
have the impression that + can pluck out the 1arth from its orbit.+ am afraid + can throw it
into the open space.
&.s if + hear a porn movie starlet.The claim to universal validity is the unity of a moral
conscience..nd a moral conscience is unbearable during intercourse..ll the moralists
have fallen under the cunning fetch.The more power + get the more + turn into a moral
being.Purity is not integrity.$tiffness and strength are the companions of death.1lasticity
and springiness are e#pressions of life because what is hide&bounded never con-uer the
flesh and van-uish.
&There are folks who get bored of pornography and wished the human body had more
+nferiority comple#
'hy people re(ect their most intimate dreams7Those are all they ever wanted and yet
in their presence they pass from fear to suicide.Over these thoughts they want control,a
social shaped alterity.The total alienation of the other in which we recognize our identity
makes impossible any communication and we want to share our e#perience.
Physical attraction is among the first forms of discrimination.'hy not me7'hy the
other7Our choices may offend the other.'ho!s got something to say let him speak now
or forever hold his peace.This is how a priest seals a marriage vow..nd this vow is
sacred./ow that everybody is contented with let!s party.The solidarity function of the
divine service doesn!t get the absolute ma(ority now,the relative one in the ne#t
.gainst science
*id man really abandon his creative capacities or talents7*id the conse-uences of a
scientific century break of his habit to (udge life as a whole7*id philosophy lose its
mission to (udge culture in its aggregation7Therefore the scientific spell we fell under
from few centuries onward renders void man!s creativity and breaks the faith!s upsurges.
$cience thinks many times backward to life.The recent man shaped by science doesn!t
know anything but to receive passive scientific formulas for his life,where his overbearing
manner from a perspective of a new aggregation vision of life,which this time we can call
it stupidity or folly.
6an should declare again his independence in front of the scientific knowledge.4ut
how can life stay straight in its presence7$cience is on everybody taste these days not
because it is science but because it!s democratic science.+t!s laws have a high degree of
tolerance for everything that has life in conse-uence no one ventures into the positivism
without testing the democratic hypothesis of science.Hence science doesn!t aim at
universality but e-uality.
That over the top,that internal pressure displayed as synthesis of every e#oteric
concepts is depreciated by the positive science to nonsense.The renascence ideal of a
universal man that brings forth alone instruments of knowledge that fit reality opens to
culture with every personality a new scientific realm.3or what science does but diminish
that ideal,that sum of life.The -uestion that rises with is who can produce today
instruments of knowledge7Proper science or anachronic philosophy7
Reality is arbitrary
Reality is arbitrary.This assumption,a religious one after all evidences because isn!t it
so we have to grant reality the wicket gate to salvation of our lives put into the service to
be alive,isn!t really an inversion that aims with all strength to impose the dignity of a
solipsism in which we find a last refuge in front of the policies that have imbued all
aspects of our lives7
Reality is arbitrary as long as the art guiding life of those who feel something else than
the rest turns back over themselves under direct -uestions9if not me,than who7,if the
brain conceives reality prior to the eye7,what if reality is arbitrary75ou cannot answer the
last -uestion than putting the eye before the brain,perception in front of the intellect.4ut
art once finished puts an end to the -uestioning.These belong to the process.
Reality is arbitrary.This effect appears more clearly once you remove the mental from
mental life.*eprived of understanding,the control e#ercised over the other human beings
if possible in that state of mind is meta&ethical,isn!t supported by any moral.The
re-uirement of a categorical imperative doesn!t apply here because you may do evil
deeds but you can!t decide to an individual and ridiculous bad thing in favour of an
universal evil.
Reality is arbitrary when art and life merge into one another,when the actor doesn!t stop
acting after the show has ended.
Reality is arbitrary when we lose faith in ourselves,when we lose confidence we can
array the social order.4ut this appears already ordered and you must subdue to its rules.
Reality is arbitrary.'hat!s left on the outside7. simple causality,an action&reaction
mechanism.The analysis of our feelings schematize our e#perience,brings you into
sub(ection and on long term alienates you from life.
%inguistic reality
How do you e#plain the emergence of consciousness7
+ find that it has no grounds to move forward,to become.
Therefore you cannot deny the e#istence of consciousness7
onsciousness and e#istence are not related.
$peaking of relationships, how close is the verb, the articulation to reality7
/ear identity.4oth are actually tautologies.
'here do you know that what you speak is articulated from7
How do you know where that is air what you inspire7
Perhaps it is cigarette smoke.
%ook how easily reality is articulated by vices./ot virtue but words elevate us.%et us
speak dirty.
+ don!t agree with you.5our sentences became atomic.They don!t allow the breaking of
the passwords that are encrypted with.
$peak a common language with me.How else can we understand eachother7
4y the role of the intuition takes in the understanding of one language.
4ut intuition cannot produce an ob(ective understanding of what reality says.Towards
reality it brings a plus of understanding by decoding its symbols.+ntuition takes this
position of understanding between two parties.
+ understand, but my -uestion concerns codification.How does this happen that we
speak the same language codified by each individual,isn!t reality of its symbols the same
for us all7
True, doctors use specific terms to their skills, engineers speak their language,as
priests etc.The reality of a daily linguistic pra#is sketches patterns of linguistic behavior
that can be easily anticipated..nd still we cannot take part in a hypothetical discussion in
a future more or less distant.
3ragmented utterances corresponds to reality, a significant fact for what is happening
in the world is that we articulate fragments of reality, making them understandable.
+n fact we don!t understand reality but what we say about reality.+n this measure people
are more or less present in reality.
.rbitrary relations
1ach birth is the result of arbitrariness in terms of life. $ome would say it!s the
fulfillment of a passion,the -uench of a fire, others think it is a miracle of life. 4ut there
are a number of people who believe that this arbitrary doesn!t take place in people!s
lives. .nd this is how they argue.The assignation of your parents was not accidental
rather contained in a mathematical e-uation that describes life as a whole, in other
words was recorded in time as an anomaly of the system while this was seeking the
proper functioning of its sub(ects as long as they were given a choice they didn!t wanted
or weren!t aware of it,never e#ceeding a certain margin of freedom allowing for system
efficiency,ranging anomalies i.e human emotions being comprised in an acceptable
range of control which sub(ects realized it or not. 5es, it was possible my parents to meet
but not to fall in love with each other,my birth was by no means arbitrary,the moment of
my arrival in this world being contained in the possibility to be born at a specific time in
this universe.+ came right on time as far as + know,after all we are an organized
conglomeration of cells which can!t be determined otherwise than as perfection
resembling the universe. 5ou will ob(ect here that this body you inhabit is full of diseases
and deficiencies or imperfections. + can not answer than that illness and death are in fact
the impossibility of absorbing further the environment in which we live for diseases,the
complete opacity in the case of death. 3or being alive means to place yourself in the
world, from a simple cell to consciousness, alone or in the company of others, relating to
everything around you..nd now here!s how, having reached thirty years + have come to
believe only in determinism, to be the one who retains the pleasure to discover and to
witness new causal links between phenomena. 3or a positivist arbitrariness has no place
in a world circumscribed to phenomena. $uch arbitrariness would take place it would
follow all the coordinates of this world, happening in it. 3or this reason in the record of
causality arbitrary has no place, as it has no place either in the social networks,the
religion of salvation or the rationalizing social policy. %ife in the world today is safer than
ever when the means of communicative actions have e#ploded lately. +f there is
something to be afraid of and most people fear would be an arbitrary organization of
their lives. +t is true that when we enter the world we were given an identity and as we
progress in life it remains in a constant erosion. 3or you cannot build an identity later in
life that does not overflow on the outside because everything in life is finite and its
pointless. Reversing the report it results an intense happiness which having a finite
cause spouts in life and is a character builder.One interesting fact on the linguistic realm
is that there are no words to describe something intermediate between control and
arbitrary.'e say that only in love and war, everything is permitted or unfairly. .nd rightly
so transparency isn!t there a middle way7
+gnorant comple#ity
The reality involves inner degrees that, from amoeba to an e1tent where the
environment is absorbed almost in an absolute degree, define everything that moves.
#verything feels alive not e&ually but according to its comple1ity.The more elements
combine themselves forming comple1 multi bodies as tissues the more the e1change of
identities is shrinking. The identical is recognized as the last chain in the trophic chain.
'ells that find their identity in themselves,or tissues, specialize in certain functions,
becoming obtuse to the environmental changes that hey can not integrate and therefore
bringing diseases. $iseases are simply impotency of the comple1 to further absorb the
environment in which this lives. "ailures occur. Plants rarely suffer from diseases and
compared with humans are infinitely more aware of their environment as if they have
conscience. 'onsciousness is nothing but a huge impersonal force which is born from
nothingness and animates any conglomeration of cells, a force that keeps everything that
lives close together. The degree of presence in reality is proportional to the comple1ity of
the organisms. Aren't mushrooms more aware of their environment than the ones that
consume them, The comple1ity reduces the absorption of the environment and narrow
the vision of reality. 2an, unlike the amoeba, is an asshole. 'louds, wind, temperature,
mere atmospheric phenomena for man, appear enthusiastic for the most simple
organisms. 3y e1ample an oak feeds on them as vital forces. 2an himself is part of
nature and to reveal it re&uires a kind of li&uidation of individual consciousness and loss
of any knowledge learned by the integration in absolute.A vital force as gravity that keeps
planets in their orbits gave the laws of living, laws which don't miss anything alive.
!ntrinsic to life is motion and the static when this tires. tatic is covered with conscience
and it is the same with it. (nly man can stop and reflect for a moment to himself then
happens that his conscience become aware of the comple1ity of life. 2an left with the
emergence of consciousness out the natural order..e sees himself now more acute that
he deviates from reality,that he no longer feels a part of the normality of life and nature.
.e feels more alone, he thinks of his uni&ueness, which is one of conscience ie.static and
not the natural in continuous transformation and change. 0ife in it's more comple1
formula is the most ignorant.
6y evil story
&Tell me9do you believe in good and therefore in our salvation7'e!ll have to break
through all the circles that confine us.3reedom,that is what +!m talking about..n active
faith that compels us to do good.Our salvation lies in our deeds.'hy not act now7
&The vanity every moral puts on when good is shared between two men.
&1vil is deeply rooted in us and practice upon us a magical power.'e might do evil
deeds and many times we wait too much to carry them out.
&1vil is not to be found in the world.5ou have to emerge from death in order to rise from
evil.Only then you can give immortality to the seekers.
&Prepare yourself9they will strip you barren and make mince meat of you.They will give
your desire a name.
&'hat if the instinct they imagined of me really made me who + am7
&The instinct is homicidal only in relation with the others.+ do not kill for pleasure but for
&. greater naivety + cannot see in you9running for distinctions.
&'hy people do not see the face of 2od in me when + walk amongs them74ecause +
carry the face of evil.4eing two faces + mislead the others.+!m at times human only with
&$eeing blood all over me.The fascination of flesh is prete#t for murder as hunger is
prete#t for dying.+ do not see people dying of hunger but for lacking appetite for blood.
&They live their lives through property,they want a safer world as possible.Time splinters
the idea of property..ll that is left behind is nothing but a pile of dead bodies.
&5ou despise me + can see it and if you!ll forgive me + will hate you.+ cannot love a
weaker vessel than myself.'hether you submit to my will or +!ll drown myself.This is my
free will.
4linding hate
1vil in itself doesn!t e#ist as there is no good..s good as an active principle and evil a
passive one,let!s end this discussion.6ost people are incapable of hatred.
+ never wanted to stain my soul with hatred.On the e#istential level it was suicide.Hate
keeps you alive.
+f hate remains designed outside it!s no good.+t has to give you satisfaction,to be the
very end you live for.Hate must be brought into sensory.Only this way you can get over
the pain your neighbour induces to you and for which is responsible.The other must be
devalued and demystified all the time and killed if necessary,in other words he must
cease to e#ist.+ conceive hate only as e#ceeding one!s authority.
Hate makes us e#cel ourselves.Hate is present,evil is not.
Hate is never turned on an individual as a number.
+ can!t stay regardless anymore and my boldness will be discharged with blood.Pure
hatred gives the measure to our humanity therefore all it!s disciples are cold monsters.
'hen hate ceases to have ob(ectives we are in danger for ourselves.Hate is a so
necessary law of nature that + need to revolt against my hatred.
1vil is not to be found in the world.+t must be created every time.
<ersus desire
'hen you look around and you see only pain,evil,war it!s said that you are
pessimistic.'hen you see (oy,kindness,peace,love you are an optimist.4oth cases
involve a bird!s eye view.4ut what am + that + don!t see a meter ahead of me.+ know no
(oys,no pains,only a staggering strain of will..nd the dizzying world of desire strikes me.
+norganic chemistry9+ have no hope for the better and + no longer draw any e#pectations
for the worse.+!m like a rock that only powerful winds face me and heavy waves break
'hen we come in the rare moments to feel life we redraw immediately in ourselves,we
feel it!s not ours that is heterogeneous,something strange to us.5ou are not a freak of
nature that understand the feelings of the others,you are not conscious of their
needs,you do not feel their lives.
%ife is something very fragile and insignificant for people like us craving for the will of
power.*o you read all my gestures7+!m no tyrant.
5ou are not a man,you want to bring your idealism into e#istence,to the rank of
e#perience.There is another side of e#istence that of the total denial in which life is
replaced with obscurity..ll that remains for you to e#perience are fragments of life put
together by your logical intellect,the total rupture with the world being of an ontological
+ was no stranger to desires and yet + re(ected them as principles of death in the
becoming.The one who handed my such gifts knew how much + worthed.4ut this was a
path without an end or finality.$eldom + regret + didn!t let myself depraved by the world.+
would have grown wise.
.s the old saw has it that with age you become wise.+t is written in your genetic code
that at some point in time,in a distant future you will gain wisdom which is not an
outcome of your aging.Therefore !being a 2od! is the e#pression of a certain age that
doesn!t have the organic;vital= as a reference point in the becoming.2ods do not
age,they are e#tinguished and replaced by new ones in a never&ending return of the self&
Through logic lens
&+s there something in the human nature that doesn!t re-uire (ustifications7
&.rgumentation,(ustification,all are illusions,nothing more.0niversal truths e#ists only in
our heads.Reason cannot overwhelme reality with all its particular moments of
concepts.6y (ustification comes from beyond the blue sky.
&6etaphysics can give you the answers through its apodictic theories.
&+ cannot find the necessity behind the synthetic (udgements.'hat makes them
possible7These have no being of their own thats why they claim a rather weak
status..nd yet metaphysics conceived as a science becomes possible.The scientific
knowledge is already a close,successful possibility.
&+f it is an analytical (udgement DEF,AG were to be found in the concept of its sum.+f AG is
necessary it must be deducted after the non&contradictory law.'here to take this
necessity from7.ccording to the non&contradictory law this will break the sum concept
into pieces but this doesn!t happen.+f AG is a synthetic (udgement after all it would be not
only necessarry but also it would imply the possibility of the sum in the addition.'e can
disentangle to infinity the concept of DEF and we wont find the sum of AG.+t!s something
new for knowledge and more it is necessary.This thing comes to light9AG doesn!t come
into being according to the non&contradictory law,from the sum concept of DEF.'hat if
we recognize DEFHAG as an circumstantial identity and how can we prove this identity7
&5ou lack sense in your statements.5our truth is redundant,a priori,like any truth that
meet the logic criterions.5ou have fallen under the illusion of abstract identity of facts.
Relative truths
Truths are of the same origin whether functional or relatives.The %rst
become functions when you relate them to your life and have value of
absolute and %nal principles,you accede to their synthetic
determination while the latter have those as cause,the forward
movement that de%ne them it's the result of a deductive inference on
their basis.4elativism moves in two tempos,many wants it to claim it in
an absolute way,misunderstanding its nature of fracture logic.The
reality we live in must accord tautologically with the one we think
of.e can produce an in%nite number of mathematical patterns that
will circumscribe the reality,to limit our world to a point of complexity
that will go beyond what is happening in the world and thus making
sense in reality for interpretation.This happened or it will happen,there
is a calculus dilemma that can lead you to abandon a synchronous
reality with the things that happen to a being of the same date as the
reality he lives in.8eyond relativism it's nothing as the man that has
been educated and lived in a certain reality from which he has broken
through the intuition that reality that is more in it than it looks like,a
fault of perception.The world he lives in isn't authentic,he has this
feeling that it's something wrong with the world.+e will accede soon to
the truth.The nature of his truth is relatively as long as it is drawn from
an abandoned reality.
%iberal logic
an we save nowadays at least part of the human dignity of yesteryear7 This position
lost in front of science, that of an absolute (udge of it,doesn!t even find today in the
philosophical vocabulary.The scientific attitude does nothing but to hide the being behind
laws which discover to us the ob(ective world.The genuine meaning of our beings is lost
and is replaced by the meaning of the world.'e have its coordinates more clearly than
ever yet we cannot orientate in the world, this is the ultimate purpose of a science that
believes it!s autonomous and independent from the purpose of being.+f science produces
totalizing e#planations of the world does not allow them to deny reality. Psychoanalysis
and 6ar#ism fall into this category of pseudo & sciences,where their instrumental spell
for those who tread on the solid ground they are based, ie analytical observations on
psychoanalysis and material processes for 6ar#ism. . law is invalid if avoids
counterfeiting and it is stubborn enough to persist in time. Real is currently present in law
and thus comprehensible through it, ie it is closed in it.The reality of such laws never
e#ceed the scientific formulas that has produced it. 4ut how to relate our individual
beings to something that is completely ob(ective without abandon our beings7
losed communist societies follow the same logic as long as they seek to (ustify their
ideology through un-uestionable e#planations of the world.omunism was imposed by
virtue of it!s truth which claimed that it would hold and not let any ob(ections.The method
was simple and effective, resembling terror among those who stood against this
truth.The world was seen in white or in black.The fall of communism led us to construct
new meanings of the world this time in shades of gray.
0niversal -uestions
The bubble type universes theory that by friction should initiate a release of energy
specific to the 4ig 4ang from which our universe arose raises a series of -uestions9
A9 to what degree of validity of this theory is the same as the big bang7
G9 is it a conse-uence of this and if so do we have the e#planation of the causal chain
that created the universe7
G.A9 once postulated this causality can be inferred from it7
I9 is life the result of big bang or transcends this determination7
J9 where is placed this theory7 in physics or in imagination7
D9 from the big bang we know that the physical determination of the the universe is valid
but is it reciprocal7
K9 why seek another determination of the universe as a concatenation of other
F9 are we in real part of the two theories and the link between them in the transcendent7
Time traveler
.mong the many definitions of time there are some who would vehemently deny
it,others that conceive it as an e#traction of space, the latter being more honest with us
than those who deceive us that there is only the present moment.+n fact this carpe diem
is the great lie because everyone wants to live their own beings which is possible only in
time.4ut pay heed,possible only now.
Time is a fundamental concept of modern physics where is conceived as material, but
not in the contemporary world, here loses its unitary substance.+n love with
ourselves,with our own image we passed time among the categories of the intellect,you
know which,the ones we see the world through.4ut do we really understand it7 The
answer is yes, we understand time, not the essence.The one who descended into the
depth of mankind and -uestioned its everlasting -uality practiced a favorable
e#ercise.The great disadvantage of this type of -uestioning is that it cannot produce
e#planations or answers simply because it cannot relate time with anything.Time is out
there among the trash, would make a pretty good price on it, who else than
anti-uarians.The certainty is that beyond the material value is worthless for the
spirit.5es, that daring spirit that inured himself with the cheating of the present moment.
!/ow and here is everything we have! thus says the free thinking spirit, a kind of
endangered species..nd now if here + have all that + need + have the answers to all your
-uestions.+n ancient times these species were called wise men.How much wisdom
humanity gathered in few thousand years of civilization) .nd it did not understand
. humanitarian racism
4etween us and them they put a color difference.The great migration from .frica of our
common ancestor,Homo sapiens,which would replace the indigenous populations by
e#tinction,it is not enough based on anthropological findings but rather is a logical
movement,a counter&weight to the theory of races that still haunts among those who
racial differences complete their theory of man. +n the academic world if you claim that
not the .frican is the common ancestor of all people beyond obvious differences of color,
eye shape, lips or the conformation of the skull you are ostracized as a racist. 'e all
know what massacres inspired all racist theories about man but still you cannot forge a
science through a so&called migration at a planetary level which would place all people in
a common descent.The civilized man wasn!t born in .frica because of its cultural act that
influenced his everyday e#istence and was present everywhere our forefather stepped.
Race theory is even good&sense to accept competition of all civilizations and not a thick&
skinned science that still believes in academic fantasy to (ustify their fear of new racial
genocides.Two key concepts underlying a sentence close a thesis essentially false to
man9 balance breeds and uniform in their spread. +f the e-uilibrium number of different
races has remained stable throughout the land as an e-uilibrium population of different
regions can be seen with naked eye today and the uniformity of those humanoid
populations to develop their own cultures most simultaneously in different parts of the
earth both in .frica, .sia, 1urope and .merica,then we can gain our own voice when
we!re in the presence of so&called enlightened field anthropologists by for&made
discoveries. .nd with this new voice to teach a racism not in the name of a cultural
superiority but a humanity that we all share.
5ou begin to live once you do murder.The analogy with knowledge is amazing.To
become conscious of something your self must die in order to replace the emptiness
with knowledge,you must let the thing reveal itself.The same murder can reveal yourself
the true meaning of life.
The fascination of flesh is prete#t for murder.5ou have to thrust the knife into one!s flesh
in order to see the blood gushing out..ll those who carry themselves naked as for they
need first to be discarded.Hot climate is favourable to do this.Once you take yourself to
the temperate zone where people dress themselves ,the murder loses it!s original
attraction.This starts to put on more and more shades,seeks for motivation and
(ustification.+n other words catches reek of a corpse since the dead body begins to live in
people!s minds.
The hygiene of your conscience9eat your victim.The savage person carries out the
supreme (ustice,he is redeemed from the start if he eats his own family...later the hole
tribe...and at last himself.6an duplicate in order to eat himself.
. democratic society of man and his companionship makes killing more
agreable.People that commit their right defense for their lives to some institutions.These
ones have to die cause they are weak and the weakest ,the less advanced has to
die.5ou do not kill one alike only from rivalry but the true and genuine right is upon the
weak.4etween those who e#cel the same skills wins the one who violate first the rule of
the game.
.ny directive,any order is re(ected.5ou have to do what your reason tells you to do and
if you cannot see but murder you have to do it.The power to kill lies in you.
&One murder only is allowed in today!s society.Prepare yourself to eat your victim!s flesh.
&+ don!t like raw meat,it stinks from effort.On the other hand the vital organs are
dainties.The fact that the brain cannot practice upon them any conscious control,leaves
them masters on their own blind will.
&Have you e#amined the brain further7
&. little.+ found passion in killing.
&+t is tasty7+ mean the brain.
&*elicious.The finest meal.
&5ou see,people don!t turn it into good account.However it has a margin of danger.
&How so7
&+t depends the brain you are eating.+!m taking delight in the thoughts of 4aghavad&
2ita,oran and 4ible.'e share the same organs but not the same needs.
rime dichotomy
'e punish a murderer and not his deed which we stigmatize.
6urder is not an in(ustice but an end.+n(ustices are always present crimes are not.'hat
would happen if we punished crime in itself7
. criminal once he committed his deed, cannot be alone anymore.
There are no crimes but criminals.
The real crime is carry out in silence.The fuss comes after it is discovered.
riminals are we all but only some of us carry out crimes.
rime is not only permissible but tolerated.The world describes it as horrible.
rimes are happening right before our eyes.
The crime is always put on a price.+n ancient times it was regarded as art.
rime is absent as long as the physi-ue is lifeless.
6urder is simultaneity both for the killed who is out of the word by the loss of his life and
for the killer who is left out of the social order.
rime relate people!s lives in absolute and contradictory terms9 To kill or not kill.
Rip tide
5ou do it.Prove yourself that this land have never been christened.Take the knife and
do it..ll the evidence entitle me to say that the romanian people learned to live in a
christian manner under all sorts of authorities..nd when one of them becomes an
authority he forgets what he has been learning ever since.$o,why wait75ou are one of
them,an authority.5ou have the law on your side.+ don!t deserve the effort7+ don!t
deserve to be called a romanian because + don!t play after your rules7+!m not your
accomplice.;Then happened the inevitable,he was stabbed in the stomach and died
three hours later.ommon destiny for all the romanians who tried to disobey the law,the
authority.=PiteLti phenomenon.
The prophet of culture
The beginning is difficult,is looking to utter itself and comes to hide your uncovered
being.5ou enter without wishing into the game of ob(ects lost in a crystalline destiny.Here
you will find comfort in a conflagration closed in itself. 5our feelings will henceforth be
sub(ect to its rule and you will submit your faith to a living principle.This positioning will
open your being to the strongest insights and you being eminently intuitive will be master
of them without the least volitional effort.5ou will increase in geometric progression
unable to reach an outer limit.1masculate among the abstractions and closed between
dogmas you will try to imitate life in bright colors and strong contrasts.5ou are in
contradiction with yourself and the synthesis appears a lost wager.The record of history
rises now in your consciousness,facts are set in order after the darkest predictions.The
past has opened its doors for your understanding.enter.How to link your being to
history,to do what you are responsible for7.ulture is alive in us and produces rules of
behavior, the only thing it re-uires, from now on you have all the freedom to create
culture.+s the ma#imum of freedom in the best possible world.
+ see people as tools available to serve those powerful in capital and information and
people put in the service of the psycho&somatic truth disturbing their sleep alone in their
search knowing too well that these truths are functional when you confront your
life,mechanisms of self&defense and disenchantment.The rich are beyond e#hibitionism
through their feelings which are never ridiculous to them.The utopia of a perfect society
that would overcome the fear of death through immortality awakens doubts about the
comple#ity of the human personality.To reproduce indefinitely a character is simply
impossible,the idealization of life lies in the human nature, when feelings rise to the rank
of the absolute,this is not healthy but rather pathologically.Reality has inner
degrees.People are more or less the product of their environment.'hat is real in us7
+deological insights
.ny idea is prophecy.'ith the industrial revolution people started to -uestion the value
of their work.This appeared to be unnecessary as long as it could be replaced by
machines. 4ut however unnecessary man gives value on his work.The parado# is that
the working people seek continuity of their work while re(ecting this lifestyle.<alue of
human labor is confirmed by the beneficiary through remuneration.This value is zero
while the other works for himself.The working people foresaw the possibility of a
bourgeois life put into the service of art.Permeated in politics,ideologies took
shape.$ocialism was born in opposition to the practice of laissez&faire,sprouted in
people!s minds as an alternative to capitalism. Prophets led by 6ar# indeed thought it
would came a time when man!s work,now unnecessary,would give birth to a new type of
morality that will regulate social relations.'ork only serves to maintain an austere moral
dominated by the comfort of the rich.1#ploiters lies could not last anymore. %iterature of
the time fed the childish imagination of those who thought that might live otherwise9a
world free of debts and constraints, a world where morality supported by that !+ want
what it must! was replaced by !+t must what + want!.The world entered an accelerated
progress.6ultiplied by the number of rights with every law, their word was even present
in the evenings logs. $uccessful socialist revolution was happening, but somehow on the
edge in Russia.The nationalization of properties by the state made to function in society
a work ethic not far from the meaning of that nazi!sC.rbeit 6acht 3rei!.Human time must
be occupied with work.+ntellectual work was regarded with contempt as long as it was
understood as forming of individuality.:udging things after all these years of communism
we see that people were left on their own,brotherhood between them but without
2od,with a lot of rights that created more obligations rather than freedoms, in other
words forms without substance,poorer than before for money only gives you the freedom
to fully e#ercise your rights ;in 2od 'e Trust=,the individualistic freedom of a life time, so
it is healthy and morally,this mean all those who survived communism. 3or safety is
found only in numbers and only human life is a measuring template starting with figure
number one.apitalism relates people!s lives to the scale value of money. 4ut we have
to stay away from criticism of the world today who has internalized a permanent
change,a state of affairs that no longer has grounds to move forward,in which the
success or failure of disseminate ideas at a time after being put into practice,criticism
cannot reach deep phenomena lacking time to settle into the public
consciousness,everything is like the wave & the whirlwind in the people!s absent lives.
.bout work
'ork whether physical, rough or in their modern forms in a specialized office is
provided today with a dignity unknown to the slaves in the ancient world whether you run
-uick to get rich, whether you intended to integrate socially in a group that shares your
ideals , house, car, bank account, holidays..s much as people lie to themselves that
they are doing what they have always wanted in life, nobody loves to work..nd there is
nothing to like a legitimately lost time in the service as long as it is recognized and
accepted as a supply agreement of services.$elf&abnegation or self&alienation are
nowadays valued as virtues.'hat lies behind this self more or less present in people!s
lives,is a must so perverted by the hristian morality to put people to work.Relating with
people like you by helping you with money, work is a little more tolerable, is what softens
the bitter sense you have when your inside knows what freedom you sacrifice to become
your own master..nd is a good thing to want to be someone in life, a kind of
independent being which is the top level that a hristian soul more or less authentic can
access.5ou can be painted on the inside with envy, guilt, resentment or any other
feelings that can not be e#pressed,this type of character approaching yourself to the
slaves in the ancient world which did not know the hristian happiness of self&
sacrifice.2ive him as a gift for which you are not worthy,where to find this nobility of
mind7 'ork goes from slave to hristian knowingly, taming their spirits with an animated
beyond indefinitely known.
'ork sends the evil spirit away, its why :esus himself surrounded himself with stubborn
disciples.%ove at the early hristians does not imply servility like the subse-uent
derivatives of it that have changed from the ground a world in which today obedience is
valued in proportion to the authority of the owner.This master has two faces, money and
soul and is duplicitous when he loves both of them.His love is nothing but self&alienation
that seeks to draw profit from their sale.
The spiritual wounds a hristian suffers in its most spiritualized form which believes to
work for humanity,this indefinitely intellectual without ends isn!t the most sublime formula
of a hristian life, that humanitarian ideal, life in the service of others in need as long as
we define it as a suffering that corrupts our feelings.Their hristian suffering we see is
without shame, they feel duty to help the suffering.This way the work&setting in motion
the wheel of hristianity morality is articulate.+ wonder when + see in the streets so much
diversity in e#pression, one is better dressed, another worse,one is up in 6ay agile,
another beat him on the spot, all of them looking away from the essence of life itself
which is the une-uality of chances.Once you accessed this truth you!ll know how to fight
for every moment of your life and not to work it until e#haustion.
.bout agitators
People are held accountable for their doings by the law in the world!s order.Their
discernment is the reference point that place them in the world either as agitators or as
political leaders. +n terms of understanding of why and how with agitators diplomacy
cannot negotiate,cannot find a common ground with their idealism which
flammable,that!s why they are -uickly removed from the world!s affairs. They become
legendary figures in death or revolutionary effigies on shirts or tattoos..mong them the
best known is he 2uevara. +f there is something you should not touch however
outraged you are that it is the state policy. .s for the other political leaders, they continue
the tradition of the state and promote a system based on sovereign states,keeping
discretion in the directions they impose their own state whether that one wants to
become the hegemon of the system and is e#pected to destabilize the international
system of states by changing the ratio of the forces in favor of one or another who wants
his own supremacy. These leaders opposed to political agitators take risks in their
rational decisions, however these ones come in contradiction with international law
provisions. .mong states that wanted a self&determination beyond national borders by
integrating all of the same language speakers were dictatorial states. These countries
have been tolerated by the international institutions in their desire or steps toward an
entire completion. The emergence of leaders dictators in these countries was not a
threat to international law, these dictators were (udged mostly by their own people.The
internal affairs of a state are rarely matter to foreign affairs,state sovereignty is
respected, and therefore dictators lose power so easily as a result of and on a
background of popular discontent not even bringing the tyrant the blame for the
systematic genocide that sub(ect its own population.eausescu wasn!t shot and send
the death for the death of hundreds of thousands of romanians, this indictment was
missing in the charges that had been brought to him in the so&called legal process.The
post tyrant era attempted at the laundering of the national shame by the oblo-uy of the
crimes of ommunism, meeting during which the matter sprang at the surface as an
outlet of all those years in which we lived in a deliberate terror.The victims of
communism finally gained a voice in the state and was recognized as entitled internally.
'hen crimes happen to your home and don!t cross the national borders, when they
become unbearable for their national prosperity all the blame for this falls on the head
dictator and a scapegoat is found in his person.'hen genocide is happening in the state
but against non&ma(ority populations such as ethnic cleansing, these cases are sub(ect
to human rights and international organizations notify themselves under this law states
and intervene against 5ugoslavia, .fghanistan, +ra- or .frican countries. %eaders who
are guilty of this genocide typically receive the death penalty by hanging. 1#termination
of a race was brought to a clima# during the /azi regime but is far from an original
solution, genocide was known in history and defined as a safety measure to its own
people .
.gitators present in history raised their voice against a healthy state that respected
private property along with a free market, proclaiming a kind of anarchy that however
brilliant would be its mirage, no one actually wanted it.+n fact it!s the most comfortable
solution for those who have nothing personal on this earth, having no power to abstain
themselves,recognizing no authority but their own.They desperately are seeking
recognition for their instincts that ravage their beings often in conflict with the christian
moral..gitators will be successful in a supra&state institution that will fit together with
their hottest aspirations of idealism that inflame the masses.Till to a new super&state
order there will be nothing new under the sun and the worlds beyond will be severely
punished if not by the church by those who don!t have the needful -uality throughout the
Platonic conceptual props,but still master the earth.ause they master it with good faith
and with good reason.
0niversal laws
1verything that doesn!t submit to a law or a behaviour,that happens without being
comprised in a stylistic formula is more than unknown,is
barbarism,boorishness,anarchy.'asn!t good enough a cosmic order7'hat good
imposed the man his law in the universe to7+!m terrified at the idea of a rationalized
univers of man that + know it must be maintained and charged for the comfort we need
so much in our lives.$ocial rationalization is e#pensive.
The universe isn!t that organized as our mind wants to believe..ll we can do is to apply
logic to fiction,to find a reason of a reality beyond our undestanding.%et!s not forget9man
wasn!t made to go into space neither to fly but this doesn!t prevent us to imagine him
doing such things.'hat is the reality behind it7an he understand what he (ust did7
$ame story since the discovery of the wheel.+nventions need control..nd control is not a
conscient one.
&entralized you want to say.'e see only what we want to see.The eyes are easily
&The universe is not e#panding.+n e#pansion is our mind at times.1asily enters in
The possibility that an event to occur is contained a priori in its meaning.
hristian message
>nowledge that turns into power and not into contemplation9 this is the cause of the
man!s doom.'here to hide to achieve your ideal human condition7
'ith whom + compare myself7 + want to be rewarded accordingly to my penance.+f there
is a 2od .lmighty he speaks of reckoning.$o speaks pride in man.
'hat!s the holy ground7 . distinction that + can not understand it.
Only in the areas of life which people do not master they appeal to a higher power.
+t!s pure madness, not to accompany man when danger lurks at every step.2o with
2od,they say,but from the first steps you took you realize you are more alone than
ever.5ou are at his mercy.
+t is useless to change or amend a claim of universality to maintain a dogma, to be
believed in..t least for a few centuries.
'hat do we do with those persist in the genuine truth7 The truth embodied in the
person of :esus hrist.
%et them follow Him,they are to no use.
4ut how can you call the faithful to 6ass if this doesn!t e#plains the history and the
current meaning of life7 %et them e#plain what the first hristians did two thousand
years ago7 $chould they be teach the lesson of history7The message isn!t an
ecumenical one7
hildren are innocent, teenagers rebellious, young people trying to become something
in life.'hy don!t we show them a moral conduct, to ensure ourselves on behalf of their
future.4ecause you cannot educate a child with holy spirit, you can not correct a
teenager with holy spirit, you can not -uell the passions of a young man with the holy
'e aren!t born hrists or the Holy 6others.'e are impure, full of desires, we want
much more from us.+ believe only in a religion that would change the course of birth on
this earth.
+t will come)
'hat may come7$omething alien of my understanding7 .liens7 %ittle 2reen 6en7The
hristian values which nobody has instilled in our childhood we recognize them much
later as authentics.
The world is not conditioned by our intelligence.The ob(ective attitude is a series of
failures in comparison with a sub(ective categorical imperative.
'e want to overcome at all cost the unpleasing for only faith can help you.4ut the pain
is enough for me and + seek it as long as it provides me the feeling of completion.
The soul should be abandoned as a heavy and obscure reality..s if a woman it gives
birth by friction with the outer world at too little beauty.
hristian antagonism
hristendom has no way to pass into oblivion /ero,the roman emperor identified with
the .ntichrist,for what else but his e#cesses e#cel any imagination and hristians feared
for their lives.4ut put in the balance, :esus hrist and /ero do embody opposite poles7
/ero never gives up,nor before his enemies nor his friends.Hardly he lets discern
weaknesses.:esus has moments of doubt in the garden of 2ethsemane9let this cup pass
from me. /ero is always present in the case, :esus is absent. /ero describes
himself,defines his identity immediately in any situation where it is placed,prompting his
enemies to go to e#treme measures.:esus lets room to his (udgement the heart of every
man.:udging by how the two deaths happened,we are faced with two antigonist
characters9 :esus refuses to condemn, to appoint, with one e#ception, that when asked
if >ing of the :ews,he says yes,therefore he is impugned by the Romans as mob shaker,
the only fault that could be brought to him.The mockery that followed and the presence
of :esus in the situation round and deep the guilt of :ews who sold it and of the
Romanians who crucified him.The calm before the e#ecution of :esus contrasts with
hesitation and nervousness in front of /ero!s death. :esus hastened the end by his
responses, /ero tried to avoid it.aiaphas tore his clothes because he had still other
lines of shirts,not because 2od is more than one and that his son speaks to him face to
face.This wasn!t to hear even the great aiaphas.$ent to Pilate, the situation becomes
circus,so tasted by the Romans,who put in scene a crucifi#ion,one like any other as long
as from the sky does not fall no angel and everything ends in a new beginning9 the
cornerstone of the church.3rom centuries preach the 2ospel and says to follow
hrist,really7,no,but guided by the head priest for the church welfare. 3or what you
thought7 +t is all about influence and power,not in their raw state, even barbarians were
educated in Rome before con-uering it, but of course the power to forgive for a ta#
called an afterworld ta#, because every man has is a property to be ta#ed. /othing
circumvent the law ;6oses was not even :ew by birth but was adopted by the Hebrew
people for the merit of emancipation,so it is worn above in the heart of Hebrews than
:esus who came to emancipate them from sin.=
3ake memory
Often memory play tricks on us.How can we alter this original reality7 The answer
doesn!t come with age9 memory is a fake.
Responsible for memory storage is a protein that serves as a monad that does not
allow e#changes with the outside nor inside it.4ut how can be possible memory then7
The anatomy gives us the answers.The access to the original memory is impossible as
long as over the protein that stores it grow more than one polyp ac-uiring the same
memory function,thus generated by the original.The difference between the protein that
stores the original and the polyp protein is one of accessibility.The access to memory is
blocked by parasitic e#crescences that feed with the same truth.The proteic nature of
polyps give rise to confusion, ie disease.'e progress in sickness from the moment we
are born.*iseases are contagious, whether is about the assimilation of a language or a
simple measles.
6emory is an imperfect copy of our feelings.+n memory man leaves behind a life other
than the actually lived one.The cloning of memory is impossible.
6emory is the wit!s desease.People that talk too much are the most sick people.
%imitation,the intuition that we are finite beings is the synthesis that makes possible the
becoming.+t is now that our being open itself to the outer world and it gives birth to the
famous + whom made career as philosophers so many with.They found their vocation as
apostles of a new truth.ogito ergo sum9this is how modernity opens its speech.The new
religion is grounded.6en have finally opened their eyes and it will pass a long time till
psycho&analysis will force us to close them back.
Historic periods are closed entities.5ou cannot conceive a ceaseless progress of
mankind,you cannot tell that the world today is better that the one yesterday.4eethoven
is not superior to 6ozart,6asaccio!s frescoes to 6ichelangelo!s.Our intellectual options
frame many times the fashion in that matter.'hat is gained and what is lost7+f the
substance hides from our sight than the substance is empty.
hristian incidence
+ knew a man once who did not understand the others doings by cause of a biological
deficiency and not by education,as he went to school with many others.One day he told
me9 the directions are not opposable,there are ways that tend in themselves with such
passion that space makes room for them and becomes itself one you
conceive an act whose motivation is given to you alone7 once asked me.6otivation is
entirely hristian, + rushed to answer him.4etter said,e#ternal motivation, is a sign that
one is a good christian.1verything you conceive beyond that is simple paganism.This
does!t stop neither here,nor everywhere.5ou have to remember, if answers were not
given to you until now,you can no longer find them says to us a so called religious
science..mong the tens,thousands of e#planations which opens to him a
2entile,hristians don!t believe any of them possible and even more unnecessary for
understanding.hristianity puts an end to reason, everything is set up on a static land
that doesn!t support the becoming.hristianity doesn!t bear life on this earth,he ended
his argument.
+f the other is always present in your consciousness this is the proof you!re a good
hristian, even if you do not know it and think of you a bit more special which is not the
case by virtue of your servitude to the other.People relate their lives through social
constructs9love, charity compassion, sympathy,their function in a society is to produce a
rapprochement between your fellows.These are valued in terms of time and is
interesting to note how some build their lives on these christian constructs.4y giving up
to these constructs, human life would be tasteless,without one 2od but with so many
others.4ut how to give up reasons,the reason of being7Then the orangutan is deeply
hristian, having a single motivation, but it is not disturbed by sin,or by the collective
guilt and he e#perience no fear that he will be (udged.
3ollow your heart says to us a christian teaching.hristianity answers this call and
places the human soul in face of a choice of the heart and this in its most pure delight is
called prayer.$ome fellow men answer this call and become saints, others lock their
hearts and become atheists..nyway this is a matter of discretion, if not of nuance.
The law says9do not kill) 4ut + tell you9 how did the one who gave this law survive his
legal act7 .nd another thing9 before that law there had been a forensic phenomenon of
such a magnitude as to (ustify its incidence under such a law7 'ere there in addition to
cities of $odom and 2omorrah cities where the inhabitans were besides homose#uals
and villains7 *idn!t se# sober their criminal tendencies7 .s if people before this law
would have killed each other for nothing.Hard to believe believe.This .ct shall have been
given by someone without fear of 2od9 a gay or a woman or if it is to be politically correct
a transe#ual..nyway this law is against everything that is noble in man.The identity of
the other is recognized and linked to me in the negative,it sends me shivers of
murderer.This law cancels any presumption of humanity..fter it people have ceased to
'ho takes such a decision, to kill a fellow man,must go through several preparatory
stages,at least in theory that if they do not kill in cold blood or under an emotional
distress,(ealousy,passion,wounded pride,or whatever they call all those feelings that
make a man slave of his instincts,a pariah as the 4rahmans called all those who they
weren!t allowed to touch.
'hen your space is unbreathable with the other you need to make room for
yourself.Here hristian morality cannot stop you,because the whole thing depends on
your bodily and mental hygiene, is simply a cleaning (ob..mong everything that
generates these hostile feelings towards your fellow man,vengeance,ill blood,envy is at
the origin a vile and ab(ect soul.Revenge is useless tells us a 4uddhist teaching that
cannot relate anymore the other with his own contemplative being.
.bout gods
The times when 2ods descended amidst humans are long gone.They have no longer
place in our culture.
Humans are no longer loved by gods that why we dropped out their protection.They
brought with their presence too many complications and people cannot live without love.
5ou cannot escape their revenge once you violated the mount Olympus rules.
+ was wronged by gods with the burden of this body.Them + will try today to
defeat.There is no sense they cannot shape it,but what can they do to me when there is
no humbling remained unknown to me nor in(ustice e#perienced only the lightening of
"eus to hurt me..nd this is how + will get my immortality.
+!m e#iled by the gods to freeze for many centuries and nor there is a day comming
when + could resurrect.That +!m the great Provident.
+t seems from this frozen peak +!m e#iled that everything is source of tragedy.
Prometheus deserves his fate.3ire gave birth to corruption,vice and convention
unknown to man till then.Prometheus fate is fair.
$isyphus doesn!t get older.He doesn!t become but is..lways the same he doesn!t
e#perience the light,the being.
The clash
$ays black as coal go by what's left of 9eorge2s being. "t the end of
the road he glimpsed great deeds that will never de%ne him as a
human. 5ow he stands alone, lost among words he no longer %nd their
thread of inner development, that internal need that puts together
your thoughts,like the natural gathering of musical notes on paper that
describes the symphonic labor of a composer.+is composition doesn2t
succeed to him anymore. $estiny sang to him the last note,the glorious
ending of a life that failed to take in possession the world. "nd yet, his
old body, disgusted by the all worldly still feels life and is determined
not to surrender to death,to try once again the power that gives you
the science of a personal thought, a last dignity that needs to access.
)or there in his cave, he feels himself safe from any conceptual
danger . +e learned in time to guard himself from all those logical
fantasies behind of all those processes of a mechanical mind for whom
life is nothing but a physical support for the impotency. The symbols of
the art of life that he learned in time rise sometimes as contained in a
vacuum where rays of light shine over his work. 5ow his *ourney begins
, a certain way into loneliness that he must walk alone in the vault of
those morphological guts. )or in these the taste for life changes into an
insult to an absolute of a life lost in its search. "ll those who have
always proceeded to the longest of *ourneys have broken their souls
from everything they once loved before they glimpse after the %rst
steps alone a rupture with the world,with the threads that relates you
predetermined with any creature. The old man did not seek taking this
road in any way to bring about changes in a new identity which may
keep with the world deterministic links between his self and the
essence of this world. The stake of the game was not far from the
knowledge of the world. +e found beyond the most common reasons
small oasis of peace, true springs of life in the middle of the desert of
3hristian feelings. +e taught himself how to cut the root of these
feelings of gratitude felt in the helping of the person next to you by an
act of de%ance against a 9od master of the eternal.4ising to the
master2s height of his mind, he entered the abode of the god
threatening his existence " %erce battle between the two started out
on the %eld of consciousness that placed itself in the world. 9od's fury
was unleashed on 9eorge, a plague was cast upon the ships sent in
recognition. hen you abandon your own being you open yourself to a
land where only gods can walk. 9eorge also did not budge from the
irritation in confronting the bad weather. This could not move his self
from himself, here lightnings failed to determine him to abandon his
self, to take him out of himself.The one they were %ghting against was
for both the creation of another, they couldn2t exist only in
contradiction. .nly thus could arise that coveted consciousness that
encompassed absolutely both his self and world.The enigma could not
be resolved as long as they didn2t know who put the ego in the
world.The clenching which was placed in the world,on the land of the
moral conscience had as stake of the game its very existence. 9eorge
was the %rst that made the %rst move by placing in the world all his
knowledge of himself and thus creating a mirror of himself. 9od
answered his boldness with such a fury that his lightning shattered the
mirror.The day was young over the world and 9eorge received the sign
of the new dawn as a con%rmation of his spiritual awakening. In the
light of this day he will try to take possession of the world. The
awakening of the organic sounded of prophecy when 9eorge decided
to throw in the game his soul. It was the biggest stake he could bet in
existence. To balance the weight the god put his lineage, his secret
abode from which he proceeds into the world.The consciousness was
already foreshadowed for whom would take hold of it. The report that
accompanied it was the big win from which the one who would draw
near it would be from now on accountable only to itself. The two were
thrown into the midst of the game without knowing what is called
home, that paradox being that 9eorge's self on one hand and the deity
on the other, however it seemed that they were owned,in fact they
were actually blind possessions, natural and necessary. The rising of
these at a rank of awareness would change the world from the ground
because once they become aware of the power they may exert on one
another they will accede the free will,they will need to overcome the
necessity that accompanied the divine self or nature. They both
foresaw the possible of a new existence complied to a new duty
towards himself in 9eorge2s case or a conceptual purity of the god,
these two great adversaries on the %eld of consciousness would access
the world through this. If both opponents so far mastered their inner
worlds without notice,the consciousness will cancel the uni-ueness of
their identity by confronting the world of life. 9eorge was facing total
abandoning of himself while for the god the giving up to his nature.
The two will set humanity through consciousness. .nly one will get
access to it, the other will perish. Those who will choose him to lead
their destinies will be the inspired ones. 7eople will always make the
choice,they will choose what is right, beautiful and true. These
-ualities 9eorge was carrying in his heart. ith an unimaginable
candor people shared these gifts,approaching the spiritual nobility of
9eorge thus entering the world among them, in their consciousness. In
turn the forgotten god unleashed in this world that refused him and
recogni,ed 9eorge as one of them, unseen plagues. They have eroded
time for a while to go then in non/existence, people canceling its
steadfastness in this world, divine nature remained hidden forever to
them as they have chosen not to know his lineage. 7eople said their
last word, the facts of consciousness were given only to those with
human nature. 9eorge entered the world aware of his place in it while
9od remained suspended in an outdated time in which found refuge.
The metamorphosis of the two has happened after clenching in the
%eld of consciousness, where the facts remain written in time. 9eorge
became the child learning to take the %rst steps once surrounded by
the love of his followers as long as for the 9od whose consciousness
was denied,he withdrawn himself in his dwelling worn out by now and
forgotten, wandering among the constellations of the blue sky in
search of identity. 5obody even recogni,ed his incarnation in this world
that revolved around now before 9eorge's conscience.
The infant!s dream
This dream follows me everytime + open my eyes in the morning.+ saw the bird men
whom flesh had grown in pustules not in fibers like ordinary.+ remembered that with this
occasion they had the privilege to walk the streets of the town.+magine them dressed up
in all sorts of fabrics in order to disguise their ugliness.The sight gave me such
delight,the clear measure of my colorful being,the beauty behind my sanity.
&*id you really need this7
&5es,because we forget at once9salvation is not the purpose of life.That!s why there is a
single 6esia.$omeone had to do this.
&Then which criteria are we going to adopt to distinguish between valid and disabled
behaviour norms7The other one7'hat if the other one is a bird&man7
&*o you think that the bird&men suffer7
&+ don!t know..ll + can tell is that their sufferings have no meaning.+n suffering you seek
no sense,no vain hope. 6armeladov is an indifferent character who seeks misery in
drinking habits.He is consumed by his passion for alcohol.+f you finally get to love your
desire and not its sub(ect it is for the effort of your will is too big.The other worths no
&+t destroys him.6armeladov is (ustified by his passion.Passion for tears.
&5es,he is a defeated character.'hat a bitter victory)5ou gnash your teeth ... you let her
escape to you..nd you strive for her cause it is now more real to imaginary.
&5ou want to suffer,your pain increases continuous for in suffering grows the truth..nd
these are unsurpassed truths, to whom you fall on your knees./ow being out to light the
vanity of life and genuine wickedness.Tell me9 you want your hands together in
prayer,don!t you7
&'hat + would give to be able cry.Only once.
&rying is too insignificant.+t helps to overcome the pain,so much.The one who keeps
optimism in his thoughts can keep an untainted soul and can cry.He is an aesthetical
being that e#ceeds any disappointment.However unfortunate,people choose to remain in
the world.
&'e want to overcome at any cost the unpleasant states.ause only faith helps you to
overcome the inner fatalism.4ut pain is sufficient for me./ow and here are beyond
recognition.+t is all + have.
&The memory of christianity in a man never dies.$aviors were making history but they
didn!t come forth to fulfil a tradition, to complete a law.History changed after them.
&The dream continues with the descent of the bird&men.This unwanted child, cursed in
this world whose coming was accidental.That!s why you must hate 2od as long as you
bear your parents..n ugly crime happened or one of revenge, (ustified or not,cannot
resist to this moral crime.These antagonistic principles are governing the world.
&+ didn!t fully understand you.'hat is your moral crime7
&This child.
The cursed ghost
Passed into oblivion among the dead of yore with whom shares the same fate, the
ghost of 2eorge showed itself too lazy to actually scare someone.+t was so stinking
sluggard that even could not materialize too well being almost invisible to the naked
eye.Only those who feared intensely at the close pro#imity to land creatures could feel
its sudden presence..ll at once and without being necessarry the ghost caught
unsuspected powers and took compassion on her master to roam the world and as
many haunted houses as countless.He spent many years in e#ile and decided to return
to his home town driven by nostalgia.+t had better days as he remembered when he
frightened fellow ghosts but now the children threw stones at her and their parents
mumbled curses when they caught her sneaking into their houses.The clatter of the
streets took place the silence of the tomb at the night fall.The phantom found refuge in
the cold lu#ury of the cemetery.The cold marble refreshed the tired presence of the
ghost in the world.1very morning the fog modeled things like phantoms and the strange
shapes made her less alone in the world.The moment it entered the world was stuck in
time and wasn!t progressing..fter a while in which the ghost reflected upon its
condition,discovered what a conscience was.1verything lasted only a few moments
sufficient for the ghost to understand its condition, that carried a terrible curse9 2eorge
was a suicide)
The truth confesor
&The way you chose was not at all an easy one.5ou named things that weren!t there and
grammar didn!t teach you that they have different uses but that one name is not what it
seems and never the same.The thing remains the same.5ou e#plored the possibility of
things.5ou declined nouns from the pleasure to decline them, to feel in control once their
possibility was accomplished.5our favorite case is the dative.5ou observed the
motion.Then you switched to logic.
&+ had made the transition before.Here + hit a wall, but + climbed it.+ was finally
alone..lone with the world.
&The world is everything and nothing.The truth is about in the middle and looks down at
us into emptiness.
&%isten to me, the verb can!t be yours.
&6y thinking has become redundant,it loses meaning, significance.
&4e careful, don!t say that to anyone who isn!t the same origin ;virtue= with you.5ou may
offend the common sense of the most gullible people who think.
&'hy must we seek the cause of any thing7This truth has no an e#planation, it is our
&The speech of the most entitled ones causes differences, both -uantitative and
-ualitative, and then with the cultural reference, they are in a strong position, full of
conviction.+ conceive a speech broken from tradition, without believing the truth you
speak about.
&5ou attempt to correct speech errors of reasoning, the differences that it produces.5our
truth isn!t born from contradictions that!s why it has no history.
&There is no truth.4eing alive +!m more fond of error.
old attachment
The essence of evil lies in the presence in your conscience of the other.The love for
the other is the cause of all crimes and atrocities when life that says yes to all,when
you have to obey the other and you don!t want to,when the other rapes your conscience
more than once then you begin to hate him the most.'ithout (udgement life is the same
as a blind faith.Here life and faith are one,if you choose to be an idiot,a whore that
spreads her legs for anybody.On the other hand if you choose to follow only yourself
you!ll understand that hate make you e#cell yourself in the past and that can help you
now.Hate is always present,evil is not.!vil is deeply rooted in us and exercise over
us a magical power.It's possible for us to do evil deeds and we wait too much
to carry them out.!vil is not to be found in the world.It must be created every
time.+t!s up to you to choose this path.
&top1 *o not talk to me about this love and hate dialectics. I conclude the
following0 the cause of the moral conscience is a far greater love from your
parents in your childhood when you begin to develop concepts about the surrounding
:aybe that is not the mother's love that counts but the child!s response to it.The
range of externali,ed feelings at a child is wider than at any beast.He sees
beyond this only love he is surrounded with by his parents into the abyss of desires.+f a
child bites his mother!s nipples he will desire later in his life to be a martyr.
.s children you conceive hate only as exceeding one's authority,of your
parents.%ater in life you!ll understand that you can!t stay regardless anymore and that
your boldness will be discharged with blood,you will take this risk.+f hate remains
designed on the outside it!s no good.Hate must be brought into sensory.Only this way
you can get over the pain your neighbour induces to you and for which is responsable,in
other words the other must cease to e#ist in order your bad conscience to appear and to
develop.+t!s the only way you can retain your dignity,a clean conscience.Otherwise evil
will happen and you will celebrate the failure of your life.The trick in life,you will
understand at some point is that you have to bear the other,even if you caged him with
hatred,but never doing him any harm.This pleasure only you have to e#periece all by
yourself even in his presence.This is what + call cold detachment.
'hat purpose has my e#istence if + can!t be like a sun7To give light to the darkest parts
of my conscience,to shine like the scales of a dragon in the sun.To command me9+ want)
5es,take a look at me and fulfill your will.This is what + call hot attachment.
I respect what you are.
The other is me,it must be me because + can look into his eyes and see myself in them
like in a mirror.+t is in that moments of tension that my conscience splits violent into many
me.The measure of my identity is given now by the e#tent of my alterity.The sacredness
of this document lies in the fact that + stretch myself as a 2od in this world..nd love
made this possible.This is the same love you think a cunning.2od is small,weak as +
but He can not be above me or below me his. 3ome on, hit me if you can .The
herd doesn!t know how to rise above pre( you respect me now7
That!s is enough.hoose your weapons9 logic or semantics#
(ogic is transcendental,we don!t want to fall under the abstract illusion of facts..%et!s
find 2od beyond logic down into the market and see if they will listen to you.
This means that they will embrace me as their 2od if + burst with wisdom among them7
Yes, these people down there don!t have an authority,e#cept maybe money that!s
why they will hit you as hard as the can.They are actually your image in a mirror.+ think
that you won!t get hurt when they will spit you#Their mockery will wound your great
pride,that!s all.
'hy they won!t see the face of 2od in me when + will walk amongs them7
/o,because you carry the face of evil,and they know cause they can see you.4eing two
faces you mislead the others,they don!t know what to think of you,who you are,where
you come from,what to e#pect from you.5ou are at times human only with yourself and
this scares the hell out of me.
You're wrong,the 'ock needs a shepherd.Their salvation lies in the embodiment
of a sovereign.
6an has no limits.+n your salvation,in your embodiment of hatred towards them7'hy
don!t you ask 2od to take away all your pain#
4ecause when + e#perience pain the essence of the world is revealed.4ut even my
suffering assumes a polarity sub(ect&ob(ect,myself and world,you, for in the end when
the pain is gone the sub(ect remains all alone because time heals the wounds and
leaves behind a conscious self present not in reality but in his own and pain starts again
in a never&ending return of the self&same..s the old saw has it that with age you become
wise.+t is written in your genetic code that at some point in time,in a distant future you will
gain wisdom which is not an outcome of your aging.Therefore !being a 2od! is the
e#pression of a certain age that doesn!t have the organic;vital= as a reference point in
the becoming./ow you see,this is what keeps me free from desires.+ desire pain as
much as you do,yet pain keeps me alive,is what makes me human.
7repare,they will give your desire a name.
I was no stranger to desires and yet I re*ected them as principles of death in
the becoming.The one who handed my such gifts knew how much I
worthed.8ut this was a path without an end or %nality.&eldom I regret I didn't
let myself depraved by the world.I would have grown wise.
That!s why you understand them better than me and you keep away from them.5ou
were there at the heart of it.
'hat if instinct they imagined of me ought to be satis%ed in reality#
That is the moment they all have been e#pected,the moment they will make mince
meat of you.
.nd why is that7
5ou desire what they can!t,you dream at things when their dream of the other ends.
3ar too simple.
.ttention and obsession
The focus or the attention is a volitional process which + achieve through an e#clusive
concentration on the ob(ect usually accompanied by emotional trouble.The focus itself
without the support of my will and in absence of a ob(ect + call it attention in itself.6y
definition of this state of mind is close to a state of nervous strain in which you feel your
head so heavy as a cannon ball.'ithout the smallest effort you feel how the tension
grows beyond your power to control it to the limit the unity of your conscience splits so
violent spreading the sensation of cleaving all over your body.This happens to me
whenever + listen to 4ach.Half of me paralyses.
The nervous strain e#press conscious new dimensions in full process of
unification,making actual contents you thought you never e#perienced them and so
giving to you new revalued meanings.There,in my head is taking place a differentiation
of my entire ontological e#perience.The value criterion is that of the will of power or
impersonality which is thinking!s intrinsic value.The whole process aims at knitting
together a powerful personality guided by the apolinic instinct.+ don!t linger much in his
grace cause *ionyssos sparks insanity in me.The stronger this sadistic desire of
dehumanization is the more the outburst of love in my chest aims at universality.
The obsession is nothing more than an adaptation process,a compensation of a deficit
as a result of a lack of balance.+t takes place when + reach heights of abstractions,when
the movement of concepts ceases,when my thinking verb freezes in the Plato!s ideas
sphere.Obsession is a fi#ed ideea with a highly instability that occures in conscience
with an annoying intermittence over it!s capacities to comprise it.The obsession restores
the thinking mobility,it!s game.6adness brings me down to 1arth.1veything strives for
unity,ideea,2od.Then + realize the impossibility of the thinking to remain suspended in
the concepts realm,to achieve its ideal condition.
%iving in the ob(ective world,the blinding identification with its ob(ect when thinking
clarifies and reaches an absolute purity of the concept.4ut the transference of all the
sub(ective contents in the ob(ect of thinking amplifies the vulnerability of the sub(ect in
front of the world as long as you can!t ob(ectify the an#iety which associates and
maintains a state of cortical alert due to the mean need of self security.3ear brings you in
yourself,it gives value to your own skin.
.ttention and obsession,in other words two emotions which accompany you ne#t in the
male or female presence.+f the presence of a female produces you pleasure which
springs from the disregarding of her as a potential threat to your bodily integrity,in the
presence of a male you rally all the efforts you are capable of to re(ect him.These
emotions are se#ual as long as the relation sub(ect&ob(ect isn!t adulterated.The se#ual
identity that stands beyond these emotions is homose#ual at both men and women.
+ncursion in aesthetics
'e recognize two genesis of the artistic feeling of the reator who on the one hand
tends to his own stylistic formula,to enrich his vision with new contact lenses and the
other artist, his image in the mirror, whose art is born from the pain of the senses and
has commonly higher value for the other all&knowing eye in madness of childbirth that
includes both.
The art genesis from pain is based on an optical distortion caused by the consumption
of life without measure..nd no matter how they will try to correct this vision,they will
haze it to blindness until it becomes unrecognizable in terms of life, affirming the hidden
desire to hallucinate.
.rt full of life and color is infinite and without value, the latter catch configuration as the
artistic instinct decays into strange shapes increasingly betraying the artist!s
misery and damnation.Here he finds his singularity and refuge.
The pain of an artist!s senses is betrayed by the finality of his art.The more he tends to
perfection, the more acutely he reveals his suffering. 'e see %eonardo *a<inci there,as
the absolute master of the composition which it has ac-uired.
The nerve of an artist like van 2ogh!s is shaken by the conscience of the vital
imperfections,by passing it too -uickly into oblivion.The impressionist moment must be
caught and immortalized in the becoming..nd + wonder whether artists were so powerful
to create from pain7
One of them is definitely *ali.His personality works towards the self&destruction of the
conscient forms of perception.Here,in his paintings, time melts into painful lengths giving
consistency to the end.
.rt and artists
6ake the illusion of truth your conscience drug.2et enthusiastic in front of a fancy truth
in which to believe with all your being.Put this truth beyond yourself.%ife and dream will
blend together.$tart doing art.%ive under this spell..rt falls easily under (udgements that
aim to universality and impartiality.$o is the madness.To see the world through the eye
of the unity.Take a look at ezanne.There you have the splendor of the world and yet
your eye cannot en(oy it due to your intelligible appro#imation..rt cannot be regarded
with irony.
+ cannot understand where the artists take their strength from to produce a work of
art.They believe with all their strength in these aberrations,in these fundamental errors of
the mind for in the thin to transparent reality they create you can!t find any truth and the
stylistic truths are (ust frames of e#ecution.
The sadness will last forever ;van 2ogh=.His paintings are ecstasies of colour,his own
The artists take reality into possession.3or this only we (udge them,for allowing
themselves too much freedom.
+f you work at becoming an artist you will know the hardness of your choice.The act
itself won!t give you any pleasure,you will find it only in its finality.3or a true artist the
moment is present and it makes him glad,your happiness in completion of a work of art
will van-uish as the fresh smell of a pair of socks worn out.
Today artists keep with their teeth on their copyright.They throw it in your face.How can
you (udge them7
6y identity
High&minded + look into the future
'ithout a center +!m everything and nothing
enters all around me thinking of alterity
+ stretch myself to infinity.
The fruits of freedom
*id anyone stated his freedom to be complete or in other words was he allowed an
absolute freedom7
The e#periences of freedom in my childhood are unapproachable.The reflection over
the act itself is impossible.3reedom is to be lived forward in life and not backwards.
Once you have tasted the fruit of freedom...
+sn!t this what you wanted9the flight,its ease and light.'hy do you find it hard to fly
among people7;4ang,a gunshot is heard=
$ome actions are sacred,you don!t have the right to interrupt them.
'hat purpose has my e#istence if + can!t be like a sun7To give light to the darkest parts
of my conscience,to shine like the scales of a dragon in the sun.To command me9+ want)
5es,take a look at me and fulfill your will.;He dies=
(ife is a spice to season our taste for metaphysical absolutes.Its
strength is -uickly absorbed being the most soluble of moral forces.The
organic support has never raised ob*ections while life tends to
overcome its functional barriers, and thus the historical becoming
synthesis takes place.+ere, in these moments space appropriates the
attributes of consciousness that underlie the reality of a world that has
lost its faith in a self/de%ned spatial/temporal coordinates of
dependence with this world.The relation between itself and the world is
now tautological, however re*ects any synthetic determination."nd yet
the synthetic as long as it is recogni,ed as absolute diference arising
from oppositions, is now totally absorbed.
hen every touch of your hand turns burning, when your body is an
open wound and the pain you sufer grows stronger whenever you lift
your bloody eyes from this earth to the stars in the sky in the absurd
hope that you can approach some of its attributes then you know you
can't cherish every second of your life which is closer to recognition of
the earth worms than the sun."bsorbing the sun to redundancy until
you e-uate the brightness of the sun with the willed opacity of his rays
on my retina. "nd now the dreaming starts. .nce ac-uired the solar
attributes, with my eyes torn apart by its rays, I sink in a sea of pain
when all of the dragon scales of my cold skin start to glow until
everything I hide from the world from a fear of identity with it which
doesn't even recogni,e my presence in it, absurd thinking of being
made of a material other than all the other men, a metaphysical
material that is the only thing I'm not ashamed of , now I can yell0 I'm
all alone1. "nd I followed my footsteps, I started with this, then I looked
for its valences and they %t with what I wanted, they were having a
chemical reaction between them assisted by my basic blind will,
emotionally heavy from as many as cumbersome I put on its back,I did
all this for my goal to come true0 to move my being towards the light.It
was the part of the world in all respects perfect, aesthetically
successful and morally good.This was how the new world I asked you
to show me looked like,the image of a debt according to the freedom
intrinsic to myself. The -uestion marks felt on the ground alive as
overripe fruits. I sat coiled in the tree of knowledge in the garden of
heaven inspired by the two lovers. atching them I reali,ed that love
in its essence takes you to paradise. There are no %ghts only
temptations. The reality is con'ictual everywhere, even in paradise.
5owhere on this earth you can rest your head weary of so many absurd
-uestions about the creation of the beholder. 8ut you cannot either
abort the being as long as you are placed in it. This is what de%nes us
as humans. e can never be complete as we keep the memory of the
paradise,of the metaphysical revolt.
$e#less liberty and ego
$itting all alone in this hotel room thinking at her.+ draw a sign with my hand.This brings
me closer to her.
&ome here) *on!t try to hide.+ want to see your naked body.+ have been waiting this
moment all this afternoon.6y e#citement grew stronger with every second in your
&5ou know that + don!t want you.5ou are repulsive..nd how dare you harass me.*on!t
you have any left shame7
&6y dear,+!m not here to steal your kisses.5ou know + will go from one end to the other
with you.
&5ou don!t scare me with your abusive words.5ou want me to be completely yours that
every cell in my body to cry for you as a children choir9+ want you)5es,+ want you as
repulsive as you come into my sight,i want you for all the pain of my senses when +!m
with you,for every humiliation of my being,for all my weakness that never touched a
human string in you.5ou are nothing but a beast,and + like you as you are.
&$top flattering me,you make me blush.+ don!t possess as you imagined of me a
monstrous ego.3all into my arms,to embrace you in this waste land of feelings we have
been e#iled both by the human race.+t!s (ust us,an .dam and 1ve,who bear the longing
of paradise,destitute of freedom and inhibited by feelings.'e are sick,don!t you realize7
5our teeth hurt,my head ache.'e are both cold,you frigid,me impotent.'e have been
looking for a se#ual identity for too long and among too many till our libido died
away./othing e#cites us anymore.1verything it!s barren,flat,se# is absent in conversation
with you.'e are (ust two se#less beings who ask themselves why se# divided itself in
two.The dependence upon the other is really an evolution7To name the need of the
other,to have to become aware of the absence or desire,to live under the necessity
burden.This sounds more like an involution.To what purpose se# came off into two
se#es7+sn!t it harder to have the responsibility for se# of the other on your head7
1volution made infinitely difficult our e#istence,diversified without taking into
consideration our needs.The other is responsible for our se#ual pleasure7'e are
deprived of the power to dispose freely of the other whenever our se#ual need asks us.
&+ no longer need other human beings,+!m self sufficient.+ carry in me a simple desire
which + satisfy in the limits of my being.+!m self sufficient..ll these words,self&
sufficient,superabundance,try to reproduce an e#istence closed in itself to a high degree
contemplative given the fact that the relationship between me and the world has been
suspended by virtue of an impossible9the reality.+ remember9reality knocked against
me,hitting me,whipping me,destroying one after another my conscience configurations.+t
was a battle between me or her,and she came always a winner,asserting herself as
ultimate evidence and dictating its ruthless logic.4ut + closed my eyes for a few years,+
wished to have taken out my eyes and slowly my frail as a baby ego showed up.The
entrance in the world was violent from the first steps,reality being re(ected and
depreciated to an appearance degree.+ had a new master9my ego.+t was strong,stronger
than + imagined,it e#ceeded my understanding and e#pectation,surpassing any
e#istential limit.+ was master of something + didn!t fully understand it!s power.There aren!t
few moments of peal of laughter my ego constrained me everytime + encountered
reality.+ am)+ was howling as the madman with his burning candle in searching of 2od.+!m
free)That personal feeling,of myself,always fresh and vigor accompanied me from now
on.+ was howling that + found my freedom far from the other men and beyond reality.+
was free in myself and in conse-uence free in front of the world.+ have never asked what
is freedom made of,+ always wanted to e#perience the feeling.6y wit is too -ueer,when
liberty doesn!t come up any obstacles then the playing desire shows itself.
&5ou try to seduce me7+!m ignoring you.
&People share between them common knowledge.4ut what do + have in common with
the others7. se#ual desire or a lack7/ot anymore as long as they find a reality to
-uench their thirst and me finding the fountain in myself..nd the satisfaction + e#perience
is by far beyond comparison with a female orgasm or e(aculation.+t!s the certainty that
+!m here and now through out going for life.The happiness + feel right now doesn!t set out
from the sense of sight or hearing but from a sense that causes pleasure beyond any
connection with the world.
&5ou are a being eminently aesthetically,you surround yourself by beauty,not of the
world!s but of your own world,the beauty of your inner world.
&How do you know it!s beautiful76aybe + have terrible nightmares,the abandoned reality
haunts me everytime + close my eyes.+!m not beautiful inside,on the contrary +!m a
monster that eats his own children.+ live only for the splendour of my bright ego.
&'hat ground supports your statements7
&.n inner feeling of authenticity and veracity.+ well know the border that separates me
from every common sense.+ stand straight in front of the world with a daring youth and
reckless pride.+ gnash my teeth when + encounter the other!s passivity.+ would like them
free for art and not receiving in a passive manner forms of urban culture.ause through
culture can one rise to freedom.Through culture to liberty is more than a romantic
One last evidence
There are months now since + abandoned reality,+ actually lost it.
.bsent nights due to the abuse of anti&psychotic drugs which instead to balance me
irretrievably removed me from life.+ received another,a self&conscious one,too&aware of
helplessness,a hypertrophy of evil turn against not on the ephemeral world but against
everything + feel about myself.
.n#ious nights that revealed me that e#istential beyond in which we are the same with
the earth in a congeniality of words like an ecstatic drunker in agony.+t is there,beside
me,the entrance in my secrets courtyard which + cannot find their meanings and
key.%ocked hard in the darkness of night ;useless to try open them=,grow above them
new and staggering -uestions.+!m the man with the right -uestion knowing the answer
that is coming,prompting the other to terrible disclosures for one that feels the light of
day a blessing.
%iving in the dark without being a nocturnal creature + long for the sun as a plant that
opens its flowers at sunset and the scent lure my senses at dreaming.
%iving underground you become one with the worms,you learn their body language in
order to dance lewd in front of those who still recognize you as a human being and their
encouragements are received as the last drops of water drunk avidly by one who got lost
in a underground $ahara where the dawn of a new day will never show again.
+ slowly faint away pining at an immortality grounded on earth when everything is
deserted around me..nd so many years lost in which + tried to animate a dead 2od till
the distance between him and me wasted in heavy wanderings and + became one with
the cracked idol.+ put identity above all recognizing no difference with him,a thinking
difference that struggles between life and death.+ went away under your banner
becoming a stranger to life.+ stand watching at the root trunk of silence trying to
understand it!s mysteries.+ failed.
*iscern weakness
<irtue is not constitutive for their beings,it has a continuing need to
be brought in the act by an efort of will,which doesn't succeed
everytime.That's why horrors come to the surface of a moral
behaviour. "ny form of morality is bourgeois, its purpose it's to place
you comfortable in life.estern (ifestyles lack -uality.This way of life
perpetuates in con'ict with a non/existent man for himself it's like
imposing a moral code to a monkey.
Temptations remain unknown to a man in a full resignation with
eternity.They enter into common use with the properties of a new
life,these possessions complete the existence and come together
under the concept of fate or destiny.:an has once again made a
volitional efort,alienated from himself, looked at himself from the
outside and found out that he is alone, helpless and miserable before
the law which is always right.+e mastered these -ualities then as
possessions of the soul which he discovered as an attribute of his
being.)rom here he immediately deduced that human nature is
synonymous with weakness.8ut is happening in the world than at some
people weakness is accompanied by loneliness and then intelligence
arises which related to time turns into wisdom or linked to act and is
called virtue.
*eath at the horizon
+s it the same as the e#perience of death,the consciousness of death and if not
confused by both does really happen the organic death in a dream7
. rotten blood flows through my veins and rises up to my brain increasing this corpse!s
hallucinations for which it is too early to fill the earth with his history.
This is the new shit 1
The world today is no longer willing to recogni,e the spiritual
coordinates of an universal spirit, the voice of the people who have
access to them is *ammed and when we hear a message of this kind
we send it forthwith to the root of his lifeblood,we hear it %ltered by the
space and time it emerged.It's clear that the great success of "merica
was and is the recognition of democratic 5ations in the continuity of
their birth.8ut the birth of a nation is rather than the spiritual
prosperity,the access to the universal spirit."nd its coordinates,%rmly
traced by the Bnited &tates at the end of orld ar II,are no longer
guides marks of reality.The world's policeman guards to the smooth
functioning of a democratic system that has claims of universality.The
american spirit is strong and valid as long as the spiritual voice of the
protected ones isn't oppressed, as happened in the B5 &ecurity 3ouncil
that ordered the invasion of Ira-.This act of volition had as a catalyst
the alleged ownership of an undemocratic the means of mass
destruction.It's clear that the :uslim world has polari,ed the spirit, in
the wake of terrorist attacks, aware of the need for a reassessment of
essential values."nd if there are in the world heads to understand this,
"merica will shortly be only a nation.The global implications are
profound,the regress of the democratic rule and the emergence of new
trends towards universality.7erhaps this is the natural course of history,
let us remember that neither the 9reek democracy did not survive for
too long, it has survived over time but the spirit.(ets not bury "merica
too early."mericans are %rmly convinced that the trumpets which will
sound its end will announce a religious "rmaggeddon,a belief there
that doomsday will come from outer space.+ere's a spirit blinded by
his own coordinates, of the need to be perfect in a culture in which
they eradicate all weeds, pollutions which would sti'e the perfect
rod.&uch a culture would have succeeded if +itler would have been
born american.+owever, the "mericans,witnesses at their universal
history are somewhat skeptical to the success of such crops from which
the advance already voices in most tasted by "mericans, music,
making toilet harmonies heard0 This is the new shit1
The sun of humanity is burning bright.
)lares in people2s eyes make humanity shine.
)ire balls from the sky cast humanity into blindness.
+umanity lives on in the darkness that spreads over the world.
It2s what keeps us alive.
The idea.
The sun of humanity burnt our eyes.It2s era came to an end.
+umanity is burning to die.
+umanity came to a halt.
+umanity has burnt out.
&oon it will be forgotten.
I hope I2m wrong.
"nyway we all will be dead by then.