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Significance of Surya Sadhana and its benefits

2012 has been announced as the year for Surya Sadhana. The upasana of Sun is naturally a part of
Gayatri upasana. Viswamitra is the Rishi of Gayatri Mantra and Savita is the Lord of the mantra. Many
Gayatri upasaks do mantra japa meditating on the resplendent Sun and absorbing the divine brilliance of
the sun into them. In addition to this, all sadhaks of Gayatri parivar should not only do Surya Sadhana
but also explain the significance to other individuals and groups and make them do the sadhana.
According to scientists, there occur upheavals in the Solar system every 11 years. These upheavals are
called Solar Storms in scientific terminology. There are many physical and subtle effects of solar storms
on Earth. Scientists at NASA have predicted that this kind of solar storms will occur between 2012 -2014.
Similar to this, changes occur in the solar magnetic field every 22 years. Around the year 2012, both
these cycles are going to coincide.
Sun is not just a gigantic fireball. Its influence is seen on all physical objects and consciousness. Even
scientists agree with this thought of Indian rishis. It has been proven based on many researches that
when these disturbances occur in the solar system, unusual disturbances are seen on earth also.
There are changes in the earths magnetic field. This time, in addition to the pole shift in the sun,
it is expected that there would be a significant drop in earths magnetic field. This could result in
major natural disasters on earth.
This has an impact on the thinking of men. They will be faced with unknown mental imbalances.
This has a direct impact on individual and social life.
There is a direct link between the sun and solar plexus center of man. Solar plexus or the
manipuraka chakra is directly related to physical energy and health. When the balance of this
chakra is lost, it can lead to loss of energy and a host of diseases
Surya sadhana is very important to save oneself from all these diseases and for positive utilization of
solar plexus chakra. When a person does not take necessary precautions when winter approaches, he
has to face cold, stiffness of limbs and diseases like pneumonia. But if we make requisite changes in our
life-style, then we can make use of cold also productively. Similarly, we can protect ourselves from the
ill-effects of upheavals in the solar system and derive benefit from them through Surya Sadhana. Hence
it is advisable that all intellectuals take special interest in Surya Sadhana during this year. In addition to
doing it yourself, inspire others also to do the same. Some important points about Surya Sadhana have
been given below.
Principles of Surya Sadhana
Personal Do regular japa of Gayatri Mantra. Also, do japa of Surya Gayatri along with this. Meditate on
the rising sun during Japa. It will be an added advantage if you can look at the sun for some time,
otherwise look the flame of a lamp and meditate on the brilliance of the sun at your Ajna Chakra (middle
of the eyebrows).
Though sun rises in the East, the brilliance is radiated in all directions. Similarly imagine the
golden light of sun spreading in all directions. Absorb the divine energy into each and every cell
of your body. Mantra Japa invigorates this process.
Imagine that the divine illumination of the Sun is removing all the imperfections of your senses
and making them pure. Each and every cell of the body is getting energized. The light from the
sun is also making your thoughts and emotions intense and pure.
Offer Surya Arghya Daan after completing the upasana. Just like Sun distributes the little
amount of water in the ArghyaPatra in the entire universe, similarly we pray that He spreads our
noble intentions in the entire world.
Save a little water in the bowl and apply it to your hands and head while doing Surya Upasthan.
Put your palms and face towards the Sun and absorb the energy into the body by chanting
Gayatri mantra.
You can choose to fast on Sunday or opt to do Aaswad Vrat or take one meal only or to partake
only vegetarian meal or choose to stay on fluid diet. It is also beneficial to maintain
brahmacharya and spend time on any social welfare activity
Do Suryabedhan and Anulom-Vilom Pranayama for 5 minutes as stipulated by the yugrishi. This
can prove to be extremely beneficial
Collective Sadhana
Just like we do collective Yagna or Deepa Yagna collectively on Sunday, we can organize 1 hour of
Collective surya Upasana too. This process can consist of lighting the lamp, collective pavitreekaran,
Pranayama, chanting Gayatri mantra collectively for 7 times, chanting Surya Gayatri 3 times,
Mahamrityunjay mantra 3 times followed by 10 minutes of silent Japa with Sun meditation. Later, there
can be collective Surya Arghya daan followed by singing devotional songs or reading out Yugrishis
Amritvani. This can be followed by a summary of activities and then Shantipaath.
This schedule can be conducted at Shakti Peeths, or temple or in houses of devoted parijans. At the end
of it, based on the audience you could conduct training in Pragya Yog, Surya namaskar, Pranayama etc.