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Stop Wasting Time by Not Knowing What the Purpose of Your Life
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In the beginning God created the
heaven and the earth. Now the
earth was unformed and
void,and darkness was upon the
face of the deep;and the spirit of
God hovered over the face of the
waters.And God said:Let there
be light.And there was light.And
God saw the light,that it was
good;and God divided the light
from the darkness.And God
called the light Day,and the
darkness He called Night.And there was evening and there was morning, one day. (Gen.1:15)
Every one of us, when hearing these verses, is moved in some way. However, we rarely settle for the simplified
interpretations that leave many questions open. What does the Torah really talk about? And most importantly, what
All the holy Scriptures speak of one thing onlythe upper world and how it was created and how the upper world
created our world. The Bible doesnt just describe what one finds in that world, but also teaches one how to see it.
The gradual revelation of the upper world is called the spiritual ascent, or the degrees of spiritual rise. The wisdom of
Kabbalah is a science that teaches the structure of the upper world, using sophisticated language, drawings, and
schemes. The Torah describes the upper world for us in an ordinary language.

Do You Make these Mistakes When it Comes to Interpreting the Bible?
If we try to translate the language of the Torah into the language of the Wisdom of Kabbalah, we see that the Torah
describes for us the process of the creation of the upper world, its structure, the design of its development, and after
that it depicts the process of humankinds creation. However, the Torah does not refer to a person of our corporeal
world. Rather it refers to the creation of the will to receive, called soul or man (Adam), and to the purpose of
fulfilling this will to receive, this creation, with total, eternal, and complete pleasure. The desire for pleasure is actually
the only creation. Besides that there is only the Creator. Thus, everything besides the Creator is no more than various
degrees of the will to receive pleasure. That is also the situation in our world: the difference between all creatures and
objects is only in the different levels of their will to receive pleasure, and that is what determines the properties of each
and every creature.

What Is Humankinds Purpose?
In Kabbalah, gender is determined according to function. The active is for the most part considered a male and the
passive, a female. For that reason, the Creator is considered a male and creation, a female.
The Creator wishes to fill creation with pleasure to the brim, to the full sensation of perfection and eternity. That
means that what the Creator wishes to give us is His own state of being. He is perfect and unique and because of that
perfection He wants to give His state of being, meaning His perfection, to creation. Hence, the purpose of creation is
the attainment of the perfection of the Creator and the ability to receive what He wants to bestow.

What the Messiah Is According to Kabbalah
The seven days of creation referred to in Genesis are felt by humanity as seven thousand years. The first six stand
for the six days of the week, during which humanity corrects itself unconsciously at first and finally consciously,
through great efforts. In the end, we will reach the seventh millennium, or the seventh day, the Sabbath, which is a
state where the light of the Creator fills the corrected properties with bounty and delight.
The number seven itself bears a great meaning in Kabbalah. The system that manages our world consists of seven
parts. That is why things in our world are divided by seven or seventy: the seven days of the week, the seventy
nations of the world, the seventy parts of humanitys soul, and the length of a humans life, lasting approximately
seventy years.
The entire path of humankind consists of six days, representing the six thousand years of correction. We have now
entered the year 5766 in the Jewish calendar. The Zohar points to the generation of the Messiah as the time when the
conscious correction of the world should begin, and the Vilna Gaon (GRA), Rabbi Yitzhak Kook, as well as Baal
HaSulam, all point to our generation as the generation of the Messiah. In the years we have left before the end of the
six thousand years, the Jews and the whole of humankind must complete the correction, and in the seventh
millennium, we will receive the reward for our world.

What Discovering the Purpose of Your Life Can Do for You
When you read these lines, you must wonder if there is a way to shorten our path toward the purpose of creation, to
get to the correction sooner. The answer is that we not only can, but we must intervene in the process, which was
meant to last seven thousand years, to accelerate it. Those who can reach this process individually will reach the
upper world and the sensation of the complete and sublime reality before the others. But even during the process of
correction, if we go through it consciously, through our own efforts, we will feel it as a creative process, a romantic
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