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E!NIT N"#$1% "& '%1(!1)
For and on behalf of Governor of Jammu & Kashmir State, Executive Engineer, UEED Invites
roosals in shae of E!T*n+*r comrising of t!o cover from eligible "idders for #onstruction
of Se!erage $reatment %l ant at &al Ded 'osi t al "n E,C T-rn.*/ 0-12 s-1 &i3*+
4"st 5asis#
S#N" Na1* "& 6"r. C"st "& 7i+
(in Rs#)
Rs( in 0a4)
Ti1* a00"6*+ &"r
Design and #onstruction of ()* +&D
Se!age $reatment %lants ,S$%- at &al
Ded 'osital ,J&K State- based on
+"". technolog/ !ith %01 GE& as
+EDI1 and all other !or2s contingent
thereto along !ith 3 months trial run
and oeration and maintenance eriod
of 45 +onths)6 On E,C8 0-12s-1 &i3*+
4"st t-rn.*/ 5asis#



#omletion %eriod 74
months including 3
months $rial run
eriod lus 4 /ears
Dat* "& 2-50is;in 1<!%=!'%1(
,*ri"+ "& +"6n0"a+in "& 5i++in +"4-1*nts 1<!%=!'%1( &r"1 (:%% ,M t" 1%!%<!'%1(
-2t" (:%% ,M
7i+ s-51issi"n Start Dat* 1<!%=!'%1( &r"1 (:%% ,M
7i+ s-51issi"n En+ Dat* 1%!%<!'%1( -2t" (:%% ,M
D*a+0in* &"r r*4*i?in t;* ;ar+ 4"2/ ("riina0 DD &
EMD) in t;* "&&i4* "& C;i*& Enin**r J&K U#E#E#
D*2art1*nt Srinaar S-0i1an C"120*3 Da0at*

1>!%<!'%1( -2t" (:%% ,M
Dat* & ti1* "& "2*nin "& 5i+s ("n0in*) 1@!%<!'%1( at 11:>% AM Or an/ "t;*r
s-5s*A-*nt +at* as
4"n?*ni*nt t" t;*
"2*nin a-t;"rit/
O2*nin 4"?*r IIn+ (2ri4* 5i+s) "& s-44*ss&-0 5i++*rs
"& C"?*r Ist#
')!%<!'%1( at 11:>% AM
$ender .eceiving 1uthorit/ ; #hief Engineer J&K U)E)E) Deartment
Sulaiman #omlex Dalgate Srinagar
$elehone <o; (7=564>((555
E6mail; ce?2ueed@/ahoo)com
T*r1s & C"n+iti"ns
$he "idders should Aualif/ the follo!ing conditions)
i- Should be registered coman/ under #omanies 1ct, or ?oint venture8consortium of
maximum t!o comanies a n d a $ e c h n ol o g / % r ov i d e r )

ii- $ h e J 0 8 c o n s or t i u m a r t n e r s , !i t h ou t $ e c h n ol o g / % r ov i d e r -
must have ?ointl/ and8or searatel/ constructed at least one se!age treatment
lant of minimum caacit/ of 7 +&D or t!o S$% of ()> +&D caacit/ an/!here in India,
based on an/ technolog/ in last * /ears)
iii- $echnolog/ %rovider must have rovided technolog/ ,manufactured, sulied, erected,
tested and commissioned at least one se!age treatment lant of minimum caacit/ of 4
+&D or t!o S$% of 7 +&D caacit/ an/!here in India, based on +"". technolog/ in last *
iv- $he J08 #onsortium agreement of t!o comanies ,!ithout the $echnolog/ %rovider-
must clearl/ sho! the ercentage involvement ,technicall/ & financiall/- of both the
v- Financial & $echnical credentials of $echnolog/ rovider !ill not be considered for
Aualification of the bidder !ith !hom the/ have signed +:U !ith) 'o!ever as
technolog/ rovider the/ must Aualif/ the criteria fixed in the <I$ above) For
roviding technolog/ in the ro?ects same $echnolog/ %rovider can sign +:U !ith
one or more bidders)
vi- Bor2 done for central govt8 state govt 8 govt underta2ing !ill be considered) 1nd
!or2 done for rivate 8 non govt comanies !ill be considered after roer & valid
roofs as reAuired b/ the JKUEED)
vii- +inimum average 1nnual financial turnover of .s C(( &ac or more of bidder for the last
three /ears ending on C7
+arch 4(75)
viii- :eration and maintenance exerience of the bidder, for at least one /ear, for one
se!age treatment lant of caacit/ eAual to or above ()>( +&D, an/!here in India in
last * /ears)
ix- $he $echnolog/ rovider !ith !hom +:U is signed, must have its o!n lace of
manufacturing 8 factor/) .elevant document roving the same must be enclosed !ith
the bid)
a- #onsortium artners can have maximum t!o artners %&US electromechanical eAuiment
manufacturer ,$echnolog/ %rovider-, having executed similar !or2s)
b- $he/ should have established Aualit/ assurance s/stems and organiDation designed to
achieve high level of all ro?ect elements, lant and eAuiment reliabilit/, both during
construction, manufacturing, field installation and lant running activities)
c- Joint 0enture8#onsortium artners i n c l u d i n g $ e c h n o l o g / % r o v i d e r shall
be bound b/ a Joint & Severall/ resonsibilit/ agreement)
d- $he above stated reAuirements are minimum reAuired and J & K UE reserves the
right to reAuest for an/ additional information as ma/ be reAuired)
e- 1s and !hen reAuired b/ JKUEED ,!hile bidding8 tendering rocess & even after that- the
bidder !ill get the factor/ 8 lace of manufacturing of the $echnolog/ %rovider insected
all cost for the same !ill be borne b/ the bidder) $he factor/ 8 lace of manufacturing
should be o!ned b/ the $echnolog/ rovider !ith !hom +:U is signed) Same is
alicable for %ie manufacturer)
D*s4ri2ti"n "& t;* 6"r.s:!
1. Design, #onstruction, Sul/, Storage & 'andling at site, Erection, $esting and
#ommissioning of #ivil, and Electromechanical !or2s for &al Ded 'osital Se!erage
$reatment %lant & 3 months of trial run and 4 /ears of :&+ comlete on lum sum
fixed cost on turn2e/ basis) 1n/ other !or2 reAuired for the comletion of above stated
ro?ect but not stated in the tender document !ill also fall !ithin the scoe of !or2s)
2. "idders are advised to insect and examine the site and its surroundings and
acAuaint themselves before submitting "id) $he/ should 2no! about the nature of the
ground & sub soil , so far as is racticable-, the toograh/ of the site, the means of
access to the site, the accommodation the/ ma/ reAuire and in general shall themselves
obtain all necessar/ information as to ris2s, contingencies and other circumstances
!hich ma/ influence or affect their !or2ing8"id) 1 "idder shall be deemed to have
full 2no!ledge of the site !eather he insects it or not and no extra charges
conseAuent on an/ misunderstanding or other!ise shall be allo!ed)
3. $he "idder shall be resonsible for arranging and maintaining at his o!n cost all
materials, tools, & lants, !ater, electricit/ access, facilities for !or2ers and all other
services reAuired for executing the !or2)
4. Submission of "id b/ a "idder imlies that he has read this notice and all other contract
documents and has made himself a!are of the scoe and secifications of the !or2 to be
done, and of local conditions and other factors having a bearing on execution of the !or2)
5. J &K UEED, reserves the right not to accet the lo!est bi d or an/ other bid or to re?ect
all bid received !ithout assigning an/ reason thereof)
6. 1ll "ids, in !hich an/ of the rescribed conditions is not fulfilled or an/ condition
including that of conditional rebate is ut forth b/ the "idder, shall be summaril/
re?ected) #onditional "ids !ill also be re?ected !ithout assigning an/ reason)
7. <I$ & #orrigendum !ill be art of $ender Document)
8. In order to facilitate evaluation of bids, deviations, if an/, from the terms and conditions or
$echnical Secifications shall be listed in relevant form) $he "idder shall also rovide the
rice imlications, for !ithdra!al of the deviations) 'o!ever, the attention of the bidders is
dra!n to the rovisions of I$" #lause regarding the re?ection of bids that are not
substantiall/ resonsive to the reAuirements of the bidding documents) E"idder ma/ further
note that excet for the deviation forms, the bid shall be deemed to coml/ !ith all the
reAuirements in the bidding documents and the bidders shall be reAuired to coml/ !ith all
such reAuirements of bidding documents including $echnical Secifications !ithout an/
mention to the contrar/, and else!here in the bid) $he tender is on E%#, lumsum fixed cost
turn2e/ basis & no financial deviation !ill be allo!ed)


1. "idding documents can be seen at and do!nloaded from the !ebsite
htt;88!!!)?2tenders)gov)in) "idding documents contain Aualif/ing criteria for bidders and
other details) 1n/ corrigendum 8 addendum 8 corrections, if an/ shall be ublished on the
!ebsite onl/) $he bidders should 2ee chec2ing the !ebsite
2. $he "ids8%roosals shall be uloaded in electronic format on the !ebsite
3. $he comlete bidding rocess !ill be ON9INE)
4. 'ard #oies of Documents in resect of #ost of Documents ,original-, E+D ,:riginal- and
Eligibilit/ criteria ie #:0E. I be submitted to C;i*& Enin**rs O&&i4* 8 UEED8 S-0i1an
C"120*38 D*0 Gat*8 Srinaar b/ 'and8.egistered ost8courier as er time schedule
5. $he #over I bids uloaded on the !ebsite u to due date and time !ill be oened in the
:ffice of the C;i*& Enin**r8 JKUEED8 Srinaar in the resence of the bidders !ho !ish to
attend) If the office haens to be closed on the date of oening of the bids as secified, the
bids !ill be oened on the next !or2ing da/ at the same time and venue)
6. %rice "id !ill be oened in the office of C;i*& Enin**r8 JKUEED8 Srinaar and the time and
date of oening of %rice bid shall be communicated through e6mail to those bidders !ho
found eligible after the Evaluation of cover I of the "idding Documents)
7. $he bids shall be received as er $B: #:0E. s/stem i)e) #over I & #over II) 1ll details are in
the bidding document !hich can be seen on our !ebsite htt;88!!!)?2tenders)gov)in) and
reroduced #over6Ist here under;6
C"?*r!I (T*4;n" !7i+)
1# co/ of #ost of $ender Document ,scanned co/ of ban2 draft-
4) co/ of Earnest +one/ Deosit ,scanned co/ of #D.8FD.8"an2 Guarantee from a
<ationaliDed "an2-)
C) %roof of registration as a ltd 8 vt ltd 8 artnershi ect
5) %roof of consortium 8 J0 ,if alicable-
>) #oman/ %rofile
3) +ano!er &ist
*) %an #ard, E%F <o & 01$ <o co/)
F) 0alid documents, sho!ing the minimum average 1nnual financial turnover of .s
C)(( corers or more of bidder for the last three /ears)
=) 0alid Documents as reAuired in the <I$)
7() 0alid Documents 0alid Documents8 certification from clients, sho!ing functioning
of se!age treatment lant executed b/ the bidder in conformit/ to the
designed reAuirements, for at least t!o /ears, sho!ing there6in, the influent
se!age characteristics, designed arameters and 1chieved treatment effluent
77) Salient features and descrition of treatment rocess conforming to the #%'EE:)
74) %roosed $erms of .eference if an/
7C) Sulementar/ Information, if an/
75) $echnical %roosals & :ther non $echnical details as reAuired in the <I$ 8 bid document)
7>) +:U !ith $echnolog/ %rovider for +"". G %01 technolog/)
8. "ids must be accomanied b/ #ost of Document and E+D as mentioned in the above table in
the form as secified in the "idding document) $he D*1an+ Dra&t on account of cost of
bidding documents for the !or2 shall be ledged to E3*4-ti?* Enin**r8 S&D Di?isi"n8 1st8
Srinaar & a/able at Srinagar and Earnest +one/ in the shae of CDRCFDRC7G shall be
ledged to C;i*& Enin**r8 J&K UEED, Srinagar & a/able at Srinagar & shall be valid at least
for 7F( da/s from the date of oening of $echnical "ids ,cover I- (N"t*: T;* &** "n a44"-nt
"& +"6n0"a+*+ 5i++in +"4-1*nts s;a00 5* a44*2ta50* in &"r1 "& +*1an+ +ra&t "n0/)
9. Scanned Documents reAuired to be uloaded online b/ the "idders)
10. "idders can contact the office of concerned Executive Engineer or <I# authorities for an/
guidance for getting DS# or an/ other relevant details in resect of e6tendering rocess)

<o; SDDI8##8HHHHHHHHHHHHH E3*4-ti?* Enin**r
Dated; HHHHHHHHHHHH S&D Di?isi"n Ist
C"2/ t" t;*:!
7- Divisional #ommissioner Kashmir for information
4- 0ice #hairman &1BD1 for favour of information)
C- %rincial Govt) +edical collage Srinagar for information)
5- #hief Engineer, J&K UEE Deartment, Srinagar for information)
>- District Develoment #ommissioner Srinagar for information)
3- Suerintending Engineer UEED #ircle IInd, Srinagar for information)
*- Suerintending Engineer &1BBD1 Srinagar for favour of information)
F- Director .adio Kashmir ,#ommercial "roadcasting service- for broadcasting the <otice in 1ir once
much before date of issue of tender documents through S1"1 1dvertising 1genc/ Srinagar)
=- Suerintending &al6Ded 'osital Srinagar for information)
7( I77- Joint Director 8 D/) Director Information J&K Govt) Srinagar along !ith extract coies of <I$ for
ublication at least t!o leading ne!s aers of J&K state !ell before due date of receit of
alications for tender documents)
7467C- 1ssistant Executive Engineer, Sub6 Division, I8II8III8I0 for information)
75673- '#8'D8 11:, Divisional :ffice for information)

Digitally signed by ISHTIYAQ HUSSAIN
Date: 2014.08.19 15:22:38 IST
Location: Jammu and Kashmir
Signature Not Verified