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Revenant Walkthrough

by FunkyChicken
This game is definitely cool. Supposed Diablo clone or not. Anywho.. I figured
write a nice little walkthrough because someone is going to get stuck in this ga
me I
just know it =)
The beginning
The game starts out with you being summoned into the world (bla bla bla storylin
Basically you cant do anything wrong in the beginning.. Choose all the responses
youd like or just say I guess I have to obey you until I find out who I am to get
through it. Then this psycho little pansy monk comes flying into the room and y
can beat him up with your eyes closed. (it took me a couple minutes to learn ho
w to
fight backI hate instructions ;) and he barely hurt me at all)
The mean ol mage guy says they should sentence the guard to death. Stupid warlor
says ok. All you have to do is run down to the dungeon, talk to Rand (the guard
and then go back upstairs and say hes innocent. Theyll still kill him (that mage
is a bastard) and you get to watch his body get blown in half.
Oh well ;) I suppose you could tell them to kill him I dont really think it
matters. Talk to the guards in the building if you want. They give you lots of
not really useful information ;)
Then its off to find Jong your friendly weaponsmaster. He is in the building wi
the little yin yang symbol on it.. go inside then the only door you can open (t
other is locked) leads you out to his little training ground. Learn your stuff.
He gives you some nice jump thrust move. Beat up the dummy if you want to hehe
Leave.. go buy armor and stuff (there are various chests in the castle and in ho
that contain money I ended up with about 600 gold) Then go run around in the
woods. Kill things.. gain levels.. pretty standard.
Youll run across this little buddah guy floating in front of a treehouse if you
walk around enough. He knows you and gives you some cryptic responses. He als
hands over a new magic symbol. Earth I think? and the 2nd level magic scroll.
wandering around and killing things till you feel like a man ;)
All the way to the bottom right of the map is the ograk city and they tell you
theyre having problems with the acolytes too and if you prove yourself theyll
maybe let you talk to the chief.
Town Drunk
Well if youre like me youll run all over the place looking for something to kill
to show your power to the Ogrok. I tried casting spells and looked for somethin
g to
take back as a trophy.. couldnt find anything. I got stuck. I happened into the

bar (upper right corner in the town) and decided to talk to the drunken sailor.
just so happens that he knows how you can get in there. Get this amulet and the
will let you in. Of course.. he can only take you to the amulet if you help him
his ring back from the wench in the ancient tower.
Solaria Key
Unfortunately the wench didnt leave the key under the doormat at the ancient towe
So now what... who in the heck would know about the ancient tower? Ah.. back to
library. Talk to the librarian and ask him about the ancient tower. He tells y
that the door is magically locked and you will have to have the Solaria Key to g
unlock it. But.. guess what.. the guy who had the key got captured by the Druhg
couple days ago. =) hahah ;) Welp.. off to find Jason the Keymaster {grin}
dont know where the gatekeeper is =) ) Oh and guess what, the Druhg camp moves
around so nobody knows where it is. Go save Jason from the Druhg camp (its at
top right... just a bit north of the Ogroks. Interestingly enough I had previo
gone there and killed all the Druhgs and looted the chests and he was nowhere to
found. But once I talked to the librarian poof there was Jason tied to the pole

like a love slave =) Set him free and you get the sun key woohoo :)
Ancient Tower
Well run your ass off over to the Ancient tower and unlock that door. Low and
behold theres that hot momma Harowen (strangely reminiscent of Halloween dont you

think? must be that witchs hat =) ) She wants to get it on so she tells you to

go up to the teleporter and into her bedroom. (if you really believe that shes
gonna come up and get naked you deserve to get your ass kicked) and OH MY GOD!!

Its some psycho huge dragon. Good luck killing him ;) I was level 8 when I
tackled him and I had to use healing potions ;) Anyways.. Loot all the treasur
chests.. youll find the ocean magic and lots of other crap. The diamond ring is
there too of course. Gather it all up and head back through the teleport to see
the hottie didnt come up to play ;) She thanks you because, yes she was FORCED t
steal for the dragon and now shell never steal again :) And you finally learn wh
that weird blue cylinder thing was in the castle. Another teleporter wooo :)
Off to Gilligans no.. Arakna Island
Head thru the teleport and out of the castle and to the fat drunken sailors house
(down by the dock) Get on his boat and hell take you to Arakna... miraculously
without drowning you first. Ah and you get to test out your new lockpicks (from
ancient tower) on the chest just up the beach. ;) Now just think of all the
treasure chests you can now unlock. I wonder if theres anything good in them? :
If you havent already guessed why they call it Arakna Island... I think I should

smack you =) One of the chests has a bunch of Woodland armor in it. Of course
this time I already had Chain mail armor and 13090 gold so it did me absolutely
good ;) This island is pretty easy.. just follow the yellow brick road.. or in

this case.. the cocoon and egg sac road. It ends in a teleport and the only sem
difficult creature in this whole island is the queen widow spider lady who shoot
these nice green globs of goo from some kind of bow. Whatever.... ;) But
anyway.. after you kill her, the amulet to get into the Ogrok town is in a chest

behind her. Now you can go back and have fun with the drunken sailor some more
He asks you if you can go and if you have the amulet you can. Now its time to h
for the Ogroks. Oh btw.. the armory should have barbarian armor available now
the weapon shop a broadsword. These are VERY expensive items though so you may
to save the 5400 gp for the broadsword. The item shop also has some rings and
necklaces available now. So much for that 20k :) Make sure you go talk to Jong
stock up on everything because the caves are going to be a real pain in the ass.

One hint on combat.. if you havent already figured it out its not a real good idea

to try and just use the mouse. There are too many different techniques and the
mouse cannot handle them. I originally started using the mouse and just clicked

madly when an enemy came around. It worked pretty well up until about the Ogrok
and the Dragons. :)
Ogrok Champion
Well now its time to bring the amulet to the Ogrok village. Everything seems to
going well... you rescued it from the Arakna Island. But uh have to pr
yourself. Get ready for a hand to hand battle with this huge ass ogre. I sugge
you use magic. When you beat him you get to keep the amulet and get the
SoulCleaver. Supposedly some badass weapon when in reality its only a bit bette
than the pointed maul. The Ogrok Chief then tells you they will let you pass in
the caves and give you their support when they can. On to the Batcave Batman!
Head across the bridge from the Ogrok village (there are a 3 chests
scattered around inside with a bunch of crappy items in them healings and
food) On the other side of the bridge is a chest with the band of
regeneration and the magic level 3 scroll. Finally... I have been waiting
for that thing for a long time now. I did happen to guess one of the 3rd
level spells... Life Moon Soul makes the Physical Paralysis Spell. For
complete spell listings check the bottom of this walkthrough. ACK! The
buddah is back. He tells you some more plot stuff... He also gives you the
Sun magic. Nothing real important :) X-files reference? Trust no one...
I'm assuming the mean ol' mage is who he is referring to. Duh... hope
thats not like a real big plot spoiler ;) Go through the teleport if you
want to go back to the town (castle) Evidently the teleporter remembers
what its last journey was from because it does send you back to the caves.
Head up the stairs and fight =) run around in here.. there really isn't
much i can help you with. There are pieces of red scale mail armor
scattered around in chests, coffins.. etc.. Lots of dragons and lurkers and
just about everything you've already seen. And a new one.. some cinderates.
(Another type of acolyte) And when you make it out of the caves and into
the Kraag Mountains (more caves {grin}) you get to fight monks woohoo :) In
this second set of caves there is a teleport back to the castle if you want
to go buy some more crap from the stores. I missed it the first time
through but just southeast of the teleport is a stairway down which leads to
the Infested Swamp (more caves ;) ) This place is a bit more difficult..
you are immediately attacked by 3 red ninjas and a cinderate. Not too
friendly ;) Move through this level.. aside from the enemies this section
is easy. Go through the cave at the end of the section and you're in
another set of caves. There is an opening just southeast of the cave you
just came out of. Inside that cave is a chest with a bottle of spores in
it. You might need this later ;) Don't miss the chest with the Magic
scroll level 4 spells in it. It's in this room. (the room with the big dead
fish not the side room with the spore jar)
continue through this section of caves into the wonderful Maze of Darkness
Maze of Darkness
Ok this place really freakin sucks. I spent at least 45 minutes wandering
through these damn tunnels looking for the exit so I suppose if I can find
my way back to the beginning I will tell you exactly how to get out of this
hellhole. Ok I finally found my way back to the beginning so here we go.
Upon exiting the previous caves and entering these head south west until you
can go no further. (you have to go up a little bit and take the
southwestern passage.) Just hug that wall past the big blue pool and around
the southwestern corner. The passage will start to curve northward at this
point. Again keep following this outer wall. You will climb two sets of
stairs. The passage will kink and corner several times until you are going
east. There is a southern passage with those sparkly yellow things. Go
that way. Follow the paths with the sparkles until it takes you to the
exit. I wonder if every time those sparkles appear it leads to the end? I
don't know but the way I told you definitely works.
The Spiral Arm
Now you should be in yet another set of caves labeled the spiral arm. This
section is incredibly straightforward considering the previous nastiness.
Just follow the spiraling arm. You can't get lost here. Well.. during the
first section anyway :) You must trip several switches to actually continue
in this area and you must find them. The purple section holds one switch.
It is south of the exit of the really easy part.
Stay to the center of the map don't take the lower path. Then fight through
the zombies and to the south is a little alcove with the switch. Hit it and
watch the gate open. The lower purple path takes you to a yellow section
with another switch that opens another gate. There is also a chest with a
ranger sword next to that switch. Basically you can see where this is
going. Each different color has a different switch. Again its pretty hard
to get lost. The sections are as follows. Yellow is southwest of the
purple switch. Green grass section is to the northwest of the purple
section. It is the longest path. The green crystals just north of the
purple section lead to the red crystals which leads to the white section.
The blue section is to the northwest of the purple switch. Zombie land..
eww :) Once you've tripped all the switches just go through the open gates.
Once you make it to the end of the passage you will enter an arena of
sorts... door closes behind you and you are forced to fight your way out.
You have to fight Soullage. He has something like 4500 hitpoints and swords
barely do any damage. One of the scrolls talks about ice arrows but I have
yet to find any....
Magic Spells
here is the key..
Sun = Su
Ocean = O
Stars = St
Earth = E
Sky = Sk
Life = L
Soul = So
Moon = M
Here we go... hope I don't miss any.
These may be in a weird order... I found out a lot of these by trying
different combinations not waiting for the scrolls.
Fist Mastery = L So Fire Flash = M Sk
Nourish = L Poison = M
Might = So Cure Poison = L Sk
Regeneration = L E Meteor Storm = E Sk
Stoneskin = M E Physical Paralysis = L M So
Swift Strike = O M Quicksand = E Sk
Anti-Magic = St Sk Dexterity = So St
Tornado = E St Sk Swamp Pit = Sk L E
Speed = So L St Shadow Fist = St M
Fireball = Su St Electric Bolt = Su Sk
Charm = St Su
With regard to the partial solution provided by FunkyChicken:

1. When fighting Soulifage, the secret is to quickly dart to the SE
of his cage to the chest there. It contains much more than treasure; it
contains a bow and ice arrows! If you hug the walls, you should be able
reach the chest without alerting Soulifage. After you're equipped, then
walk slowly to the NW until he is alerted. You should have enough time
to hit
him with the bow at least twice until you're cornered.

2. To beat Soulifage, hit him with an ice arrow. It will do good damage
plus freeze him in place. Then, you can run in with your best attack and
hit him a few times.

3. Make no mistake, you are going to need healing potions. But it
like most of his up-close attacks (from whence you are moving in and
beating the
tar out of him) didn't do the catastrophic damage I expected. When he
starts getting
back on his feet and can attack, retreat and hit him again with an arrow.

4. Note: You'll spend a couple of reloads getting used to the arrow
Hint: hit 'X' and you can shoot. Then hit 'Z' to shoot an arrow. Once
he's frozen,
then hit 'C' again to equip your melee weapon. You'll repeat this a

5. I used about 20 arrows before I killed him. You need to be careful
when fighting him;
don't get caught in a corner, or you'll be toast! Instead, when you get
close to the
edge of the screen, freeze him with the arrow, then walk around to his
other side before
attacking him and breaking the freeze.

After defeating him, get ready to be pissed when you find Sardok, and he
tells you
that all this has been a training exercise. Sheesh!

Subject: Ruins after Soulifage.

I. Post Soulifage

After you whip soulifage, Sardok shows up. (Great, after
going through all of that!) Follow him through the teleporter
and go back to town to recoup.

Visit all the shops and take advantage of the new supply
of wares.

Be sure to visit Jong. At this point, my character was at
about 16 level and learned the first combination move from him.
You can also visit the townspeople again to get a little more info.
Be sure to see Ollicoot to the south for an update.

Note regarding armor/weapons/stats:
I made sure to ALWAYS get the best weapon available.
Sometimes you'll find a good weapon, like the Ranger
Sword, and sometimes you can only buy the best weapon,
like the Flamberge. Have no qualms about trading that found
item for a better bought item. Armor was slightly different. My
had good strength and constitution to equip armor. However,
I continued to use the Cestus of Slicing e'en though there
were better gauntlets in terms of AC. (P.S., it does add'l slicing
damage of 25 points!) With chest and leg
armor, the heavier items decrease agility and speed. I'd rather
keep the Barbarian items which allow for more weapon damage
and have no penalties.

II. Ruins

The ruins are quite expansive and somewhat maze-like.
Before this point, I made it a practice to keep the map screen
on the lower right side to see where I was and where the monsters
were; it's important to this level.

The important thing to remember after entering the actual cobbled
ruins streets is to search everywhere. You'll find lots of chests
which initially seem to have strange objects like vials and flowers and
such. Keep them!

The level is pretty straightforward, but you must search everywhere to
find the chests. At the end, you'll come to a portal and you must
provide three vials of essence from the items you've encountered.
If I remember correctly they are bone, flower, root, Issathi paw,
water (which you find in a vial), and something else. There are six in
When you get to the portal, there are (conveniently) six altars which
the vials. In your inventory, move the items over the empty vials to
make the potion.
Then you move the potions over the altars. Note that you must find
not only the six components, but five empty vials (the sixth one
is already with the water.)

Note about monsters: On this level you'll encounter druids, wraiths,
zombies, and the occasional spider and white dragon. Regarding druids,
you may have noticed by this point that they can cast invisibility,
summon monsters (issathi and lurkers), and heal. After they cast
invisibility, don't waste time trying to hit them... just stay a little
away and
wait till he becomes visible, then put a combination upside his head.
Wraiths can cast lightning and some sort of close-up conical drain
spell (vampiric touch?). My suggestion is to dodge the lightning then
come up on them
with a running swipe. If it hits, keep pummeling them with the jab.
If it doesn't hit, then move back because those drain spells can take a
I freaking hate spider queens! They spawn smaller spiders as
nuisances,and their
web bows can do a lot of damage. Not only that, but they are really
up close, so you can't come in and whallop them to death. The best way
to get them is to dodge laterally from the bows and jump in and hit them.
You can get one more attack on them, but then back off. If you stay
you'll be toast. The white dragon is truly intriguing to fight. Maybe
just because there are few of them. They have lots of hit points, attack
a horrid breath weapon, can snap at you from a long ways, and are uncanny
at blocking your attacks. It's almost poetic. Just face up to the fact
you'll need a heal spell or two in the quickslot. Remember that you
attack him from very far range because he'll zap you with breath. Also,
you can't get very close due to his dexterous snapping and leaping.
just plain have to earn him. I find the quicksand spell useful for such
as this
due to the fact that it disables their attack plus lets you get some free

--- End

For now.

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