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Summer training Project

A Study on Execution mapping of RED (Right execution
dairy) on outlets of coca cola in Varanasi.

For Submitted for Partial Fulfillment Of
Masters of Business Administration
(MBA !"#"!"#!)
Under The Guidance of:- Under The
Supervision of:-
Ms. $yoti %a&pai 'ra(ash )handara
Su%mitted By*
Amit (umar singh
Roll +o. #",,"-""".
+araina Vidya 'eeth Management /nstitute
'an(i0 1anpur!"2"!"

)ollege )ertificate
)ompany )ertificate
I, the undersigned, hereby declare that the study and the report on E6E)74/5+
MA''/+8 59 RED (R/8:4 E6E)74/5+ DA/3;) 5+ 5743E4S 59
)5)A)53A< with reference to :/+D7S4A+ )5)A)53A BEVERA8ES
'V4. 34D. VARA+AS/ is entirely done by me in the summer training.
I declare that this report has not been submitted to any other university or
organization for the award of any fellowship degree.
I understand that any such copying is liable to the punishment in a way that the
niversity authority demits this.
'lace! " Amit (umar singh
Date * " M.B.A.// year

I would li#e to e$press my profound gratitude to!
Mr. A&ay 1umar Singh0 :R manager (East 7.')
Mr. Sushil 1umar 'atel0 )apa%ility de>elopment executi>e
Mr. Ram Singh0 Sales executi>e
Of %I&'S()& *O*)"*O+) ,-.-/)0-S P.(. +('. .)/)&)SI who was very
#ind enough for providing me with an opportunity to undergo implant training in there
I would li#e to e$press my sincere gratitude to our beloved Dr 1.8. )hau%ey
:.5.B. M.B.A.who has always been a constant source of inspiration to us.
I am very much indebted and graceful to my guide Miss. $yoti Ba&pai 9aculty
M.B.A. for her valuable support and suggestions without which this implant training
would not have been possible.
Finally, I than# all the employees of the company who in spite of their busy schedule,
were #ind enough to help me either directly or indirectly, to complete my training and
pro1ect wor# successfully by giving timely assistance and providing valuable information.
Sl. +o. 4opics 'age no
/nstitute?s certificate ii
)ompany?s certificate iii
Declaration iv
Ac(no@ledgement v
2. /ntroduction
#.A%out the topic
!.5%&ecti>e of study
.. Scope of study
3. /ndustry profile 6
4. )ompany profile 22
5. 'roduct profile 36
6. Research methodology 62
7. Data analysis 67
8. 9inding 76
9. )onclusion 78
:. Suggestion 7:
2;. 3imitation of the study 82
22. Bi%liography 84
AB574 4:E 45'/)
RED* (R/8:4 E6E)74/5+ DA/3;)
)oncept of RED
/-', or <right e$ecution daily=, is a distribution blueprint that *o#e put in place in 3;;7. It
is paying off for *oca"*ola and helping it post #"#A per cent incremental sales.
It is nothing but the power of routine. >any companies falter at the stage of e$ecution and
a *o#e old"timer recalls that the earlier focus was on 1ust ma#ing the brands available at
the retailer outlet through a conventional distributor"led model with no control of how the
brand was displayed nor on what else the retailer dumps in a *o#e visi"cooler.
&ow *o#e=s /-' e$ecution ? done in big cities through direct distribution by the
company @ is followed by the sales teams of both its company"owned and franchise"
owned bottlers. -ssentially0 this plan co>ers its >isicoolers0 the a>aila%ility of
%e>erages and acti>ation.
(here is monthly field visit which covered modern trade, small #iranas, a ba#ery and a
restaurant, it is important that the brand be visible and appealing to a potential customer.
(he *o#e force wor#s with retailers to ensure the cooler is in prime position, especially in
outlets that e$clusively stoc# only *oca"*ola brands.
)part from ensuring a>aila%ility of all its beverage brands, the sales team also sees that
signages are as per a plan. For e$ample, in an eating outlet, as in this biryani restaurant,
there would be combo shots of food and a spar#ling beverage to induce customers.
/n acti>ation we see that there should be proper hoarding,display and advertisement in the
outlet have or not of the company product this include li#e ma#ing welcomegate in which
there is retailer name and company product name on the %oarding that will put on outside
of theoutlet
5B$E)4/VES 59 4:E S47D;*
(o #now the reason behind low /-' Aright e$ecution dailyB score.
(o #now the availability of activation of element in /-'.
(o #now the problem in the distribution of activation element.
(o identify suitable activation element according to the outletCs location.
(o #now the impact of activation element on sell when #eep outside.
(o #now the impact of activation element on consumers.
(o help >.' A>ar#et developerB in outlet activation.
S)5'E 59 4:E S47D;
(he main scope of the study is to understand the impact of S.0.) ASells
0enerating )ssetsB on sale.
(o increase /-' score of the outlet.
(o fill the gap of activation element in different /-' outlets.
(o ma#e a platform for mar#et developer to wor# on difficult /-' outlets,
(o analyze the wor# of the mar#et developer.
)5M'A+; 'R59/3E
4he )oca)ola )ompany is a beverage company, manufacturer, distributor, and mar#eter
of non"alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. (he company is best #nown for its
flagship product *oca"*ola, invented by pharmacist Dohn Stith Pemberton in 2997. (he
*oca"*ola formula and brand was bought in 299: by )sa *andler who incorporated (he
*oca"*ola *ompany in 29:3. ,esides its namesa#e *oca"*ola beverage, *oca"*ola
currently offers more than 5;; brands in over 3;; countries or territories and serves 2.7
billion servings each day.
(he company operates a franchised distribution system dating from 299: where (he *oca"
*ola *ompany only produces syrup concentrate which is then sold to various bottlers
throughout the world who hold an e$clusive territory.
(he *oca"*ola *ompany is headEuartered in )tlanta, 0eorgia. Its stoc# is listed on the
&FS- and is part of 'DI), SGP 6;; Inde$, the /ussell 2;;; Inde$ and the /ussell 2;;;
0rowth Stoc# Inde$. Its current chairman and *-O is >uhtar Hent.
:istory B De>elopment
(he *oca"*ola *ompany was originally established in 29:2 as the D. S. Pemberton
>edicine *ompany, a co"partnership between 'r. D.S Pemberton and -d %olland. (he
company was formed to sell three main products! Pemberton=s French Iine *ola Alater
#nown as *oca"*olaB, Pemberton=s Indian Jueen %air 'ye, and Pemberton=s 0lobe
Flower *ough Syrup.
In 2995, the company became a stoc# company and the name was changed to Pemberton
*hemical *ompany. (he new president was '. '. 'oe while -d %olland became the new
.ice"President. Pemberton stayed on as the superintendent. (he company=s factory was
located at &o. 2;8, >arietta St. (hree years later, the company was again changed to
Pemberton >edicine *ompany, another co"partnership, this time between Pemberton, ).
O. >urphy, -. %. ,lood worth, and D. *. >ayfield.
Finally in October 2999, the company received a charter with an authorized capital of
K6;,;;;.(he charter became official on Danuary 26, 299:. ,y this time, the company had
e$panded its offerings to include Pemberton=s Orange and +emon -li$ir.
)ocacola in /ndia
*oca"*ola, the corporation nourishing the global community with the worldCs largest
selling soft drin# concentrates since 2997, returned to India in 2::4 after a 27 year hiatus,
giving a new thumbs up to the Indian soft drin# mar#et. In the same year, the *ompany
too# over ownership of the nationCs top soft"drin# brand and bottling networ#. ItCs no
wonder our brands have assumed an iconic status in the minds of the worldCs consumers.
*oca"*ola India has made significant investments to build and continually improve its
business in India, including new production facilities, wastewater treatment plants,
distribution systems and mar#eting eEuipment. 'uring the past decade, (he *oca"*ola
System has invested more than S K2 billion in India, ma#ing *oca"*ola one of the
countryCs top international investors and in 3;;4, *oca"*ola India pledged to invest a
further K2;; million in its operations.
(he *oca"*ola System in India includes 35 *ompany"owned bottling operations and
another 36 franchisee"owned bottling operations that directly employ 6,6;; local people
and create 1obs for another 26;,;;;.
.irtually all the goods and services reEuired to produce and mar#et*oca"*ola products
locally @ including our Hinley water brand launched in 3;;;, Shoc#, an energy drin#
launched in 3;;2, and Sunfill, our first powdered concentrate, also launched in 3;;2 @ are
made in India, ensuring that the benefits of such enterprises remain in the local
communities in which they operate.
For as long as weCve been in India, (he *oca"*ola *ompany and our independent bottlers
have been engaged at the international, national and community levels to support
programs that protect the environment, conserve water, promote education, and provide
healthcare. *oca"*ola was the leading soft drin# brand in India until 2:88 when it left
rather than reveal its formula to the government and reduce its eEuity sta#e as reEuired
under the Foreign *oca"*ola India no.2. -$change /egulation )ct AF-/)B which
governed the operations of foreign companies in India. )fter a 27"year absence, *oca"
*ola returned to India in 2::4, cementing its presence with a deal that gave *oca"*ola
ownership of the nation=s top soft"drin# brands and bottling networ#. *o#eCs acEuisition of
local popular Indian brands including (hums p Athe most trusted brand in India32B,
+imca, >aaza, *itra and 0old Spot provided not only physical manufacturing, bottling,
and distribution assets but also strong consumer preference. (his combination of local and
global brands enabled *oca"*ola to e$ploit the benefits of global branding and global
trends in tastes while also tapping into traditional domestic mar#ets.
+eading Indian brands 1oined the *ompany=s international family of brands, including
*oca" *ola, diet *o#e, Sprite and Fanta, plus the Schweppes product range. In 3;;;, the
company launched the Hinley water brand and in 3;;2, Shoc# energy drin# and the
powdered concentrate Sunfill hit the mar#et. From 2::4 to 3;;4, *oca"*ola invested
more than SK2 billion in India, ma#ing it one of the countryCs top international
investors.33 ,y 3;;4, *oca"*ola India had won the prestigious Ioodruf *up from among
33 divisions of the *ompany based on three broad parameters of volume, profitability, and
Euality. *oca"*ola India achieved 4:L volume growth in 3;;3 while the industry grew
34L nationally and the *ompany reached brea#even profitability in the region for the first
time.34 -ncouraged by its 3;;3 performance, *oca"*ola India announced plans to double
its capacity at an investment of K236 million A/s. 86;croreB between September 3;;3 and
>arch 3;;4.35 *oca"*ola India produced its beverages with 8,;;; local employees at its
twenty"seven wholly"owned bottling operations supplemented by seventeen franchisee"
owned bottling operations and a networ# of twenty"nine contract"pac#ers to manufacture a
range of products for the company. (he complete manufacturing process had a
documented Euality control and assurance program including over 5;; tests performed
throughout the process (he comple$ity of the consumer soft drin# mar#et demanded a
distribution process to support 8;;,;;; retail outlets serviced by a fleet that includes 2;"
ton truc#s, open"bay three wheelers, and trademar#ed tricycles and pushcarts that were
used to navigate the narrow alleyways of the cities.36 In addition to its own employees,
*o#e indirectly created employment for another 236,;;; Indians through its procurement,
supply, and distribution networ#s.
S594 DR/+1 /+D7S4R/ES /+ /+D/A
) soft drin# is a non"alcoholic beverage. It is artificially flavored and contains no fruit or
pulp. India with population of more than 2;; crores is potentially one of the largest consumer
mar#ets in the world after *hina. (he consumer mar#et can be defined as the mar#et for
products and services that are purchased by individuals as house holds goods for their
personal consumption. Soft drin# is a typical consumer product purchased by individuals to
Euench thirst and secondly for refreshment. Searching for the point of Indian soft drin#s we
first document on 0old Spot, this was the first brand soft drin# in India. It was introduced by
P)/+- during later part of 5;Cs.
*ola giant, *oca"*ola was the first foreign soft drin# to be introduced in India in 2:76, *oca"
*ola ma#e a very good beginning and dominated the whole scheme right from the word go. It
A*oca"*olaB faced no competition at that time. *O*) *O+) entered India in the year 2::4 in
collaboration with P)/+- I&'I) +('.
(he mar#eting people did not even receive to publicize *oca"*ola for it sold first li#e
probability not"ca#es. (his e$traordinary success of soft drin#s can be attributed to the
following factors!"
)bsence of contemporary competitive brand.
-uphoric image built up in the Iestern countries proceeded the entry into Indian >ar#etM
Indians are very found by nature of foreign goods, services etc. due to prolonged foreign
Parle -$ports APB +td, later in 2:8; introduced +imca, +emony Soft drin#s. ,efore +imca
introduce, they had tentatively introduced *ola, Pepino, which they had to soon withdraw in
the face of battering confrontation with *oca"*ola.
(hree of four groups of Indians companies who had the reEuired production capacity started
their own brands of *ola, +emon, Orange, but failed to achieve their goal on a national basis.
India always has love and hate relationship with >&*Cs which gave a significant
opportunities to soft drin# industries in India when *oca"*ola decided to windup its operation
in 2:88 rather than bowing to the Indian government insisting on!"
'ilution of eEuity, as the government felt that lots of foreign currency was being
>anufacturing of the top"secret concentration in India.
'isclose of the chemical composition of the essence.
(his left a large vacuum in the popular soft drin# mar#et, and a vista was opened to any
company with the reEuisite, technical, mar#eting and organizational s#ills.
(he e$it of *oca"*ola from India in 2:88 accelerated the growth of several Indian Soft 'rin#.
&ew soft drin# in the form of (etra pac# entered the mar#et among Frooti, Dump"In and
(reetop were the prominent once. (ill 2:88 their eEuipped bottling plants and the distribution
networ# a longing to be of no use. It too# them one year to develop new formula to survive
and gradually came up with *ampa, +emon, Orange and *ola that order.
%owever Parle, the pioneer in the soft drin#s, blazed its way to national prominence with their
product (humps pN bearing the slogan %appy 'ays )re %ere )gainN. (his particular
slogan helped to win over the loyalists or addicts to *oca"*ola, who was in the state of *ola
Shoc#N or *ola 'epression. Soon the Indian Soft drin# industry started at a phenomenal rate,
and all Parle Products 0old Spot, +imca and (humps p became the brand leader in their
own segment.
In spite of all these, the drin# mar#et still has large gap, as claim by soft drin# manufacturers.
(o fill these gaps there are many soft drin#s concentrate and sEuashes flooded the mar#et. (he
Indian soft mar#ets basically offered three flavours i.e. Orange, +emon and *ola.
/+D7S4R; 'R59/3E
(he soda drin# and bottled water industry includes more than 4,;;; companies that
manufacture and distribute beverages. Only in the S) combined annual revenue is more
than K8; billion. *oca"*ola and Pepsi*o hold more than 6; percent of the mar#et,
following strong consolidation in the past decade. Only a few other companies have
annual revenue above K6;; million. >ost are local or regional manufacturing and bottling
operations with annual revenue under K2;; million.
Competitive Landscape:
'emand for non"alcoholic beverages is driven by consumer tastes and demographics. (he
profitability of individual companies depends on effective mar#eting. +arge manufacturers
have economies of scale in production and distribution, with average annual revenue per
production wor#er close to K2 million. Small companies can compete by producing new
products, catering to local tastes, or selling at lower prices.
Products, Operations & Technology:
&onalcoholic beverages include sodas Acarbonated soft drin#s, or *S'B, bottled waters,
1uices, and a large variety of mi$tures. Sodas account for about 7; percent of the mar#et.
(he manufacture and distribution of most national soda brands, including *o#e and Pepsi,
is a two"tiered process. (he primary manufacturer produces flavored syrup called
concentrate that is sold to local bottlers who manufacture and distribute the finished
product. In a typical bottling operation, the flavored syrup, corn syrup AsugarB, and filtered
water are mi$ed in appropriate proportions, carbon dio$ide gas is in1ected, and the finished
soda product is poured into bottles or cans, which are capped, labeled, and pac#aged.
(he two"tiered structure is most efficient for national companies with large volume,
because the manufacturing process is simple and because water, the main ingredient of
sodas, is e$pensive to ship and is available locally. Smaller companies combine the syrup
production and bottling operations in one plant. For soft drin# bottlers, the ma1or raw
materials, aside from the flavored syrup, are corn syrup and containers "" glass bottles,
aluminum cans, or plastic bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate AP-(B.
,ottlers freEuently operate sizable distribution systems, including warehouses and fleets of
specialized delivery truc#s. Production and distribution volume is usually measured in
cases of 2:3 ounces, although actual cases of 23"ounce cans now contain 399 ounces.
*oca"*ola produces more than 5 billion cases of soft drin#s per yearM Pepsi*o, over 4
billion. In addition to producing canned and bottled soft drin#s, large manufacturers sell
sweetened syrups to restaurants and other retailers that produce the finished product at the
point of sale by mi$ing the syrup with carbonated water to produce fountain products.
)bout 46 percent of *oca"*ola=s S product is in the form of fountain sales and 7;
percent in bottled sales.
(he manufacturing process for most non"soda beverages is usually more complicated than
the mi$"carbonate"and"bottle soda process and therefore isn=t usually handled by local
bottlers. In most cases, non"soda products are bottled by the manufacturer and distributed
through the same types of channels""wholesalers, distributors, bro#ers""used by food
manufacturers, although bottlers may also participate. ,ottled waters, a rapidly growing
category of beverage, are either bottled at specific springs or made locally from filtered tap
>anufacturers and bottlers typically operate under contracts, called ,ottler )greements
that specify the territory within which the bottler has an e$clusive right to ma#e, sell, and
distribute the manufacturer=s brand in bottles or cans. Fountain products are often sold
separately through wholesalers, under 'istributor )greements.
,ottle and fountain territories may overlap and bottlers may also be fountain distributors.
*oca"*ola sells products through about 9; local bottlers and 6;; fountain wholesalers.
,ottler )greements usually reEuire that container and pac#aging materials be bought from
suppliers that are approved by the manufacturer, and that the bottlers not handle competing
products. )greements also specify the price that the bottler must pay for concentrate. (he
manufacturer has no control over the prices the bottler charges customers, and usually isn=t
obligated to spend money for mar#eting or promotions in the bottler=s territory. Often,
however, the manufacturer will provide mar#eting and promotion support. In one year, for
e$ample, *oca"*ola provided about K7;; million in mar#eting support to *oca"*ola
-nterprises, its largest bottler. >any *o#e and Pepsi bottlers hold perpetual contracts that
can be terminated only for breach of contract.
(he industry depends on technology for developing new products in the labs
and pac#aging product at the plants. >ost bottling plants are highly automated with a
combination of mechanical automation and computerized robotics.
Sales & Marketing:
,everage manufacturers, bottlers, and wholesalers sell products through a variety of
channels, such as food and convenience stores, restaurants, vending machines, mass
merchandisers, and institutions, including schools and colleges. Soda bottlers typically
own local vending machines. (he mar#eting approach to each of these channels is Euite
different and often includes promotional spending. +arge manufacturers may also sell
directly to national accounts and usually advertise on national or regional (. and in print.
>anufacturers typically produce a line of brands and often test and introduce new
products into the mar#et through their e$isting distribution channels.
4arget Segment C ;outh*
(he childOyouth mar#et is of crucial importance to drin#s manufacturers as under"2:s
constitute 3;"4;L of the population in western countries, ma#ing them a substantial and
lucrative consumer base. Iith many life"long consumption habits formed during youth,
gaining high penetration in the children=s and teenagers= mar#et is of #ey importance to
manufacturers with long"term ambitions and growth targets.
(argeting Soft 'rin#s to Fouths enables companies to!
)ssess the size of the soft drin#s opportunity by age group
nderstand children=s values and motivations and their impact on the soft drin#s
'evelop incumbent mar#et position through enhanced targeting and promotion
)ssess trends in new product development in the children=s mar#et over the course
of the past 3 years
*ombine business to business e$ecutive opinion and local field research
Analysis and /ndustry )hallenges*
In order to survive in this environment, companies must consider the mar#et trends that
will li#ely shape the industry over the ne$t few years. (his will help soft drin# companies
to understand the challenges they will encounter and to turn them into opportunities for
process improvement, enhanced fle$ibility and, ultimately, greater profitability.
>ar#et trends for the soft drin# industry can be summarized by si$ fundamental themes!
*hanging consumer beverage preferences, featuring a shift toward health"oriented
wellness drin#s
0rowing friction between bottlers and manufacturers in the distribution system
*ontinually increasing retailer strength
Fierce competition
*omple$ distribution system composed of multiple sales channels
,everage safety concerns and more"stringent regulations
*onsumers turn to wellness and healthy drin#s
In much of the developed world, a significant portion of the population is overweight or
obese. (his includes two"thirds of )mericans and an increasing number of -uropeans.
*onseEuently, many people have started to actively manage their weight and change their
3ifestyles0 a shift that is reflected in their choices in the %e>erage aisles*
'emand has increased for beverages that are perceived to be healthy
-nergy drin# consumption has also climbed, due to the increasingly active
lifestyles of teenagers
(his trend towards healthier drin#s has created a number of new categories, and changed
the consumption trends of the beverage industry as a whole. Ihile previously dominated
by carbonated soft drin#s, the industry is now more evenly balanced between carbonates,
and product categories with a healthier image, such as bottled water, energy drin#s and
'roducts A>aila%le in Varanasi Mar(et and Rates0 Volume0 'rofit0 )ost
as on $uly !D0 !"#"

#. 4hums up*
Drin( 4ype* Soft 'rin#
Strong cola taste, -$citing personality. (hums up is a leading carbonated soft drin# and
most trusted brand in India. Originally introduced in 2:88, (hums up was acEuired by the
*oco"cola company in 2::4. (hums up is #nown for its strong, fizzy taste and its
confident, mature and uniEuely masculine attitude. (his brand clearly see#s to separate the
men from the boys.
!. )oca)ola*
Drin( 4ype! " Soft 'rin#
(he worldCs favourite drin#. (he worldCs most valuable brand. *oca"cola has a truly
remar#able heritage. From a humble beginning in 2:97, it is now the flagship brand of the
largest manufacturer, mar#eter and distributor of non"alcoholic beverages in the world.
In India *oca"cola was the leading soft"drin# till 2:88 when govt. policies
necessitated its departure. *oca"cola made its return to the country in 2::4and made
significant investments to ensure that beverages is available to more and more people,
even in the remote and inaccessible part of the nation. *oca *ola @ (handa >atlab *oca
*olaN @ People in India generally refers cold drin#s as <(handaC. So *o#e wanted to give
an impression that whenever a customer thin# of <(handaC, he should thin# of *oca *ola.
So the Punch line ma#es <(handaC eEual to *oca *ola. Of late, we also have the (hande
#a (ad#aN. *oca *ola @ Sab#a thanda e#N.
.. Sprite*
Drin( 4ype! " Soft 'rin#
Iorldwide sprite is ran#ed as the &o. 5 soft drin# and is sold in more than 2:; countries.
In India, sprite was launched in 2::: and today it has grown to be one of the fastest
growing soft drin#, leading the clear lime category.
(oday Sprite is perceived as a youth icon. IhyP Iith a strong appeal to the youth, Sprite
has stood for a straight forward and honest attitude. Its clear crisp refreshing taste
encourages the todayCs youth to trust their instincts, influence them to be true to who they
are and to obey their thirst.
,. 3imca*
Drin( 4ype! " Soft 'rin#
+ime nC +emoni +imca, the drin# that can cast a tangy refreshing spell on anyone,
anywhere. ,orn in 2:82, +imca has been the original thirst choice, of millions of
consumers for over 4 decades. (he brand has been displaying healthy volume growth year
on year and +imca continues to be the amongst the leading flavours soft drin#s in the
(he sharp fizz and lemoni bite combined with the single minded positioning of the brand
as the ultimate refresher has continuously strengthened the brand franchise. +imca
energizes, refreshes and transforms. 'ive into the zingy refreshment of +imca and wal#
away a new person.
Drin( 4ype! " Soft 'rin#
Internationally, Fanta the <orangeC drin# of the coca"cola company, is seen as one of the
favourite drin#s since 2:5;Cs. Fanta entered the Indian mar#et in 2::4. Over the years
Fanta has occupied the strong mar#et place and is identified as <(he Fun *atalystC.
Perceived as the fun youth brand, Fanta stands for its vibrant colour, tempting taste
and tingling bubbles that not 1ust uplifts feelings but also helps free spirit thus encouraging
one to indulge in the moment. (his positive imagery is associated with happy, cheerful and
specialM times with friends.
D. MaaEa*
Drin( 4ype! " DuiceO Duice 'rin#
>aaza was launched in 2:87. %ere was the drin# that offered the same real taste of fruit
1uices and was available throughout the year. In 2::4 >aaza was acEuired by *oca"*ola
India. >aaza currently dominates the fruit drin# category.
Over the years >aaza has become synonymous with mango. (his has been the result
of such successful campaigns li#e (aaza >ango >aaza >angoN and ,otal mein )am,
>aaza hain &amN. *onsumers regard >aaza as wholesome, natural, fun drin#which
delivers the real e$perience of fruit.
-. MinuteMaid 'ulpy 5range*
Drin( 4ype* Orange Duice 'rin#
(he history of the minute maid brand goes as far bac# as 2:56 when the Florida Foods
*orporation developed orange 1uice powder. (he company developed the process that
eliminated 9;L of water in orange 1uice, forming a frozen concentrate that when
reconstituted created orange 1uice. (hey branded it >inute >aid, the name connoting the
convenience and ease of preparation Ain a minuteB. >inute >aid thus moved from a
powdered concentrate to the first ever orange 1uice from concentrate. >inute" >aid one of
the worldCs largest 1uice and 1uice drin# brands.
2. Minute Maid +im%u 9resh*
Drin( type* lemon 1uice drin#
*oca"*ola in India has launched a new product, >inute >aid &imbu Fresh, a lemon
1uice"based drin#. (he new addition to the >inute >aid brand is being launched in a
phased manner and will be initially made available to consumers through selective
channels and outlets in the state of (amil &adu, followed by a nation"wide launch later this
year. (he launch of >inute >aid &imbu Fresh, a refreshing lemon 1uice"based drin#
developed especially for Indian consumers. (he roll out of the latest innovation has been
designed to further e$tend the company=s mar#et leadership in the 1uice drin# segment.
>inute >aid &imbu Fresh is being made available in two pac# sizes, on"the"go 5;;ml
P-( and 2 liter P-(, priced at I&/26 and I&/5; respectively.
F. 1inley*
Drin( 4ype! " soda
Hinley is a carbonated water that comes in wide array of variants such as tonic, bitter
lemon, club soda and a myriad of fruit flavours.
#". 1inley*
Drin( 4ype* Iater
Hinley water understands the importance and value of this life giving force. Hinley water
thus promises water that is pure as it is meant to be. Iater you can trust to be truly safe
and pure. Hinley is a high Euality bottled water processed with added minerals popular
among adults who see# a better Euality and healthy life.
'R/)ES B G7A+4/4; 59 4:E 'R5D7)4S
4humsup0 )oca)ola0 Sprite0 3imca0 9anta*


'er crate
price per
MR' Retailers
margin per
profit in
3;;ml 2:3 35 9 : 35 25.3
4;;ml 375 35 22 23 35 :.;:
559 3; 29.86 3; 4; 7.77
46;ml 489 35 26.86 28 4; 8.:4
7;;ml 675 35 32.6; 36 47 7.:
2.36 ltr 5;9 23 45.28 48 53 2;.25
3ltr 642 : 6:.22 74 47 8.25

price per
MR' Retailer
margin per
profit in
3;;ml 2:3 35 9 : 35 23.6
3;;ml tetra 3:; 38 2;.85 23 45.;3 22.84
36;ml$press 5;6 4; 24.6 26 56 22.22
7;;ml 735 35 37 39 59 8.7:
2.36 ltr 667 23 57.44 6; 55.;5 8.:3
Minute Maid 'ulpy 5range

price per
price per
MR' Retailer
margin per
profit in
5;; ml 546 35 29.23 3; 56.23 2;.48
2ltr 639 23 55 6; 83 24.74
Minute Maid +im%u 9resh
price per
price per
MR' Retailer
margin per
profit in
5;;ml 44; 35 24.86 26 4; :.;:
1inley =ater

price per
price per
MR' Retailer
margin per
profit in
2ltr 255 23 23 26 47 36
2O3ltr 3;6 35 9.6; 2; 47 28.;:
1inley )lu% Soda
price per
4rade price
MR' Retailer
margin per
profit in
4;;ml 235 35 6.28 7 3; 27.23
6;;ml 377 35 22.;9 24 57.;9 28.43
M/SS/5+0 V/S/5+ B VA37ES
Our mission, vision G values outline who we are, what see#s to achieve and how we want
to achieve it. (hey provide a clear direction for our company and help ensure that we all
are wor#ing towards same goals.
'eople* ,eing a great place to wor# where people are inspired to be the best they can
'lanet* ,eing a responsible global citizen that ma#es a difference.
'ortfolio* ,ringing to the world a portfolio of beverage brands that anticipate and
satisfy peopleCs desires and needs.
'artners* &urturing a winning networ# of partners and building mutual loyalty.
'rofit* >a$imizing return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall
=/emind *oca"*ola is the read thing= but their motto now has changed to =(o benefit and
refresh everyone who is touched by our business.=
)lso *oca"*ola would hope to provide the best Euality drin# for everyone, all the
employees wor#ing for them being at their top and fullest.
4o Refresh the body, mind, and spirit.
4o /nspire Moments of 5ptimism...through our brands and our actions.
4o )reate Value and Ma(e a Difference...everywhere we engage.
3eadership* (he courage to shape a better futureN.
'assion* *ommitted in heart and mindN.
/ntegrity* ,e realN.
Accounta%ility* If it is to be, it=s up to meN.
)olla%oration* +everage collective geniusN.
/nno>ation* See#, imagine, create, delightN.
Guality* Ihat we do, we do wellN
5B$E)4/VESH85A3S 59 )5M'A+;
*oca"*ola main ob1ectives are to supply everyone their favorite drin# and to satisfy the
consumer needs and wants. *oca"*ola second main ob1ectives are to provide profit to the
shareholders and increase the mar#et share.
)5M'E4/45RS 45 :))B'3
(he competitors to the products of the company mainly lie in the non"alcoholic beverages
industry consisting 1uices and soft drin#s.
(he #ey competitors in the industries are as follows!
'epsi )o* (he Pepsi*o challenge, to #eep up with arch rival, the company soft
drin#s include Pepsi, >ountain dew, 8up, Slice, >irinda, &imbooz. Pepsi*o also
sells (ropicana orange 1uice brands, 0atorade sports drin# and )Euafina water.
Pepsi*o and coca"cola hold together, a mar#et share of :6L out of which 7;.9L
is held by coca"cola and rest of belongs to pepsi.
+estle* &estle does not give that tough competition to coca"cola as it mainly
deals with mil# products, ,aby foods and chocolates. ,ut the iced tea that is
&-S(-) which has been introduced in the mar#et by nestle provides a
considerable amount of competition to the products of the company. Iced tea is one
of the closest substitutes to the colas as it is thirst Euencher and it is healthier when
compared to FIQQ drin#s. (he flavored mil# products also have become substitutes
to the products of the company due to growing health awareness among people.
Da%ur* 'abur in India, is one of the trusted brands as it has been operating over
since times and people have laid their all trust in company and products of the
company. )part from food products, 'abur has introduced into the mar#et the
/-)+ DI*- which is pac#aged fresh fruit 1uice. (hese products give a strong
competition to >))Q) and the latest product >I&(- >)I' P+PF

Bisleri /nternational
4ata?s Mount E>erest Mineral =ater
'arle Agro '>t. 3td.
)s coca"cola has wide range of products. Its customer also varies according to taste and
preference. *oca"*ola is available in can of 44;ml which target the upper income class
and their sale is also confined in those particular places.
*oca"*ola is available in cola, lemon, orange and 1uice flavor , accordingly customers
have choice for. )mong the products of coca"cola (hums up has lead the way with 56L of
mar#et share.
*oca"cola *ompany has wide range of customers that falls under the distribution channels
of mar#eting. *ustomers may be *&F, distributor, retailers, to final customers, which are
)5)A)53A G7A3/4; '53/);
)5R'5RA4E S5)/A3 RES'5+S/B/3/4/ES
)s one of the largest and most global companies in the world, *oca"*ola too# seriously its
ability and responsibility to positively affect the communities in which it operated. (he
companyCs mission statement, called the *oca"*ola Promise, stated! (he *oca"*ola
*ompany e$ists to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by our business.N (he
*ompany has made efforts towards good citizenship in the areas of community, by
improving the Euality of life in the communities in which they operate, and the
environment, by addressing water, climate change and waste management initiatives.
+i#e its parent, *o#e IndiaCs *orporate Social /esponsibility A*S/B initiatives were
both community and environment"focused. Priorities included education, where primary
education pro1ects had been set up to benefit children in slums and villages, water
conservation, where the *ompany supported community"based rainwater harvesting
pro1ects to restore water levels and promote conservation education, and health, where
*o#e India partnered with &0Os and governments to provide medical access to poor
people through regular health camps. In addition to outreach efforts, the company
committed itself to environmental responsibility through its own business operations in
India including!
-nvironmental due diligence before acEuiring land or starting pro1ects.
-nvironmental impact assessment before commencing operations.
0round water and environmental surveys before selecting sites.
*ompliance with all regulatory environmental reEuirements.
,an on purchasing *F*"containing refrigeration eEuipment.
Iaste water treatment facilities with trained personnel at all company"owned
bottling operations.
-nergy conservation programs.
6;L water savings in last seven years of operations.

)oca)ola @ins Bhagidari A@ard 9ourth time in a ro@
*oca"*ola India won the 'elhi 0overnment=s ,hagidari )ward for the 5th consecutive
year for its efforts in Iater *onservation and *ommunity 'evelopment. (he award was
presented on the second day of the two days ,hagidari tsav at Pragati >aidan, &ew
'elhi on February 4, 3;;8 by the %on=ble *hief >inister of 'elhi, Smt. >s. Sheila
'i#shit. Ie too# this opportunity to also present the Iater *alendar 3;;8 to the %on=ble
(he ,hagidari tsav is an annual event to celebrate the success of =,hagidari= " ) public"
private"community partnership program launched by the 'elhi government a few years
)mong the highlights of the tsav was an e$hibition cum display by some of the partners
of the 'elhi government, where each partner showcased its initiatives to ma#e 'elhi a
=better= place. In recognition of *oca"*ola=s efforts in Iater *onservation and P-(
/ecycling, we were given two stalls to outline our initiatives in these areas. >s. 'i#shit
was one of the first to visit our P-( /ecycling stall and after being briefed on our P-(
/ecycling program, she urged the *ompany to spread the awareness on P-( /ecycling
not 1ust amongst the visitors to the ,hagidari tsav but also among people at large.
Our Iater *onservation stall was visited both by the %on=ble *hief >inister >s. Sheila
'i#shit as well as by the %on=ble >r. ). H. Ialia, >inister for Finance, Planning, P.I.'
G rban 'evelopment, 'elhi 0overnment, who were briefed about the various programs
underta#en by the *ompany to spread awareness and to conserve water. (he dignitaries
were very appreciative of our efforts. Ie had showcased a device called ='rip 0auge= for
the first time in the country at the stall. 'rip 0auge is a simple but effective tool to
sensitize people to save water. ) 4"' /ain Iater %arvesting A/I%B model demonstrating
the utility, functioning and commissioning of /ain Iater %arvesting pro1ects at individual
households G residential colonies was also on display. In addition, people were apprised
of simple methods to /educe, /euse, /ecycle and /echarge water in their daily lives.
Our stalls evo#ed tremendous response from all sta#eholders and nearly 4;;; people
visited our stalls during the event. Of these, nearly 36;; participated in the two Euiz
contests that we ran at the stalls. Several /esident Ielfare )ssociations and &0Os also
approached us see#ing our guidance and help for /I% and P-( /ecycling programs in
their colonies.
4he 8olden 'eacoc( En>ironment Management A@ard
(he 0P->) is designed to encourage and recognize effective implementation of
environmental management system and this achievement has been made possible by the
plants adherence to *oca"*olas total Euality program called (he *oca"*ola Juality
system A(**JSB. (**JS is all encompassing management system A(otal JualityB
covering environment management and other business aspects such as safety and loss
Prevention AS+PB, product Euality, pac#aging Euality, process capability improvement and
customer satisfaction.
0P->) has been instituted by the Institute of 'irectors in association with Iorld
-nvironment Foundation AI-FB and is designed to encourage and recognize effective
implementation of environment management system. (he awards are given separately for
manufacturing and service organizations, and are assessed under the following categories,
viz, +arge -nterprises A362 and above employeesB, >edium -nterprises A62 to 36;
employeesB, and Small -nterprises Aupto 6; employeesB.

=orld En>ironment 9oundation A@ards !""A 8olden 'eacoc(
En>ironment Management A@ard to 1aladera unit
(he Iorld -nvironment Foundation AI-FB awarded the
prestigious 0olden Peacoc# -nvironment >anagement )ward 3;;6 A0P->)B to the
*oca"*ola bottling plant at Haladera, near Daipur, in recognition of its world"class
environment practices. *oca"*ola Indias ultra"modern ISO 25;;2 certified bottling plant
in the State won this top award in the medium scale Food G ,everage category from
amongst more than 28 entries. (he Haladera unit is the fourth plant to get this distinction
in the *oca"*ola India after ,addi A%imachal PradeshB, )meenpur A)ndhra PradeshB and
(he )ward was presented to the plant team at a glittering function at Palampur by 'r. Ola
llsten, former Prime >inister of Sweden.

Best 5rganiEation A@ard 'resented 4o :))B'30 VARA+AS/ %y the
State 8o>ernment of 7ttar 'radesh

,est Organization )ward to *oca"*ola India " giving eEual opportunity to differently"
abled people.
(he State 0overnment of ttar Pradesh, under the aegis of 'irectorate, %andicapped
Ielfare conferred %industan *oca"*ola ,everages Pvt. +td.,.aranasi with the ,est
Organisation )ward for allowing differently"abled people to prosper G carve a niche for
themselves in the professional world.
(he )ward was given by the 0overnor of the State, :.E. Shri 4 V Ra&esh@ar to the )rea
0eneral >anager, %industan *oca"*ola ,everages Pvt. +td. .aranasi, Mr.Ashutosh
Bhard@a&0 in a function organized at Sah#arita ,hawan, +uc#now, to mar# the Iorld
'isability 'ay on 'ecember 4, 3;;6. )ccording to >r )shitosh ,hardwa1, itCs a policy at
*oca"*ola to give eEual status G provide eEual opportunity to the differently"abled people
who are in a perfect physical condition. (hey are especially trained to carry out certain
responsibility. )nomalies should not hamper the growth of an individual. )t present,
twelve differently"abled people are wor#ing as ,ottle Inspectors Abottle supervisorsB in the
unit. (he *ompany shared this award with ,.*.0. School for the 'eaf, .aranasi.
5utlet structure of cocacola in /ndia*
(he outlets can be classified as per three criteria!
)onsumption pattern
Volume pattern
Shoppers profile
It is done through 8 steps!"
5utside signage
4o greet the customer
=arm display
/nside signage
)ooler purity B merchandising
5rder ta(ing and range selling
5B$E)4/VE 59 RED
#. 9ocus on a>aila%ility of products in outlets
(here is big difference between the availability of products in mar#et G red
outlets. *oca"cola want their product displayed in each outlet in mar#et so it is
important that the product first available in mar#et.
!. 9ocus on >isi%ility of co(e products in outlets
(he aim of coca"cola is that its products should be visible for the customers so
company gives to retailers rac# so many display items. &ow a days the company is
giving visi"coolers to retailers for visible their chilled products in mar#et for sales.
.. Regular mar(et >igilance %y Mar(et De>eloper
(o #now the position of co#eCs products in the mar#et coca"cola appoint some
e$ecutive those go in mar#et G chec# availability, visibility of products ta#e care
companies assets, chec# visi"cooler and tal# to outlet owner G ta#e feedbac# about
their products.
,. Distri%ution of products according to locality
*oca"cola *ompany distributes their schemes according to area. )rea or places
where soft drin#s sold in large manner, on those places company gives good
schemes to outlet owner G retailers. Places li#e railway stations, bus stands are
consider in this category.

A. Extra focus on monopoly outlets
Outlets which sales only coca"cola products and gives sale to company,
)re considered in this category company gives e$tra schemes, discount and other
gifts to these outlets and tries to #eep them happy and ma#e long relationship.
Problems of these #inds oulets resolves as soon as possible.
MAR1E4 SE8ME+4A4/5+ M5DE3 59 )5)A)53A
Segmentation is the process of dividing or categorizing mar#et into different groups based
on one or more variables. (he segmentation of coca"cola mar#et can be done on following
>ar#ets can be segmented along 4 lines!"
a. )hannel cluster
%. 5utlet >olume
c. 3ocality income
4here are three factors of RED
.isi"coolers are placed by the S0) Asell generating assetsB department according to outlets
locality and income.
4here are different types of >isicoolers comes in the mar(et li(e*
4@o caser
9our caser
Se>en caser
+ine caser
4@enty caser
4hirty caser
*oca"cola wor#s on di#hega to bi#egaN philosophy. (his is the main formula of
mar#eting strategy of each company. So, availability of products in the mar#et is clear.
For this purpose >)/H-( '-.-+OP-/ daily come in mar#et to chec# their product
)ccording to /-', mar#et developer chec# the different things in visi"coolers under the
channel cluster!"
Is cooler present or not.
Prime position
Ior#ing condition
+ight wor#ing
2;;L purity
Shelf order compliant and
,rand order
(here is big difference between the availability of products in mar#et G outlets. *oca"
cola want their product displayed in each outlet in mar#et so it is important that the
product first available in mar#et after than it put on outlets. (his is done according to
channel and category of outlets. *hannels are classified through there types of services
providing to consumers.
Eating B drin(ing
A) 8rocery
Outlets primarily engaged in retailing of food G various household items. It
includes 0rocers Aoutlets dealing mainly in 0rains, Provisions, spices,
edible oil, vanaspati etc.B and 0eneral stores Aoutlets selling items of day to
day reEuirement G stoc#ing a variety of branded productsB.
B) )on>enience
*onvenience outlets are those outlets where people visit regularly. (hese
are often located alongside busy roads. It includes S(' ,ooths O cigarette
G pan Shops.
Semi temporary #ios# located near the roadsides selling cigarettes,
beverages and other confectionary items, outlets ay petrol pumps etc.
)) Eating B drin(ing (EBD)
Outlets selling items to eat which are being coo#ed within outlet having
(o sit are #nown as EBD type ! and the outlet are not having place to sit
are #nown as EBD type #.
Examples of EBD type #0 !
-G' type 2 AstandingB!" ba#ers shops, misthan bhandar, confectionary stores etc.
-G' type 3 AsittingB!" dhabas, restaurants, pubs etc.
5743E4 V537ME
)ccording to the volume sale in the outlets the company has adopted a uniEue policy of
categorizing the outlets in four different segments such as!
5743E4 )3ASS/9/)A4/5+ ':;S/)A3 )ARA4S
D/AM5MD (hose outlets which gives annual sales of more than 9;;
853D (hose outlets which gives annual sales of 8::"6;;
S/3VER (hose outlets which gives annual sales of 5::@3;;
BR5+JE (hose outlets which gives annual sales below 3;; carats.
'roduct a>aila%ility according to RED
It means to maintain the visional according to a fi$ set of product which is #nown as
*O+O"H, it means the set will follow a particular ,rand Order. (hums"p will ta#e first
place, after it coca"cola, sprite, limca, fanta, maaza and then water or soda will ta#e place,
this should also ta#e care in the S.0.) ASells 0enerating )ssetsB.
)ctivation means doing things in and around the co#e outlet that triggers consumption O
purchase of coca"cola products.
4he important parts of acti>ation are*
Placement of visicooler at spot location availability of the products.
/ight location of display racers.
Impactful message of price communication.
In activation according to channels comes are!"
EBD outlet
6 menu cardO combo elementO 2 menu boardO 2 of fle$O 'PS boardO 0low sign board
8rocery outlet
(hree tier rac#O 2;;L pureO 6;L charged with headerO shelf displayO cut carton Aminimum
7 pet bottlesB.
)on>enience outlet
(able topO hanging rac#O )rial hanger Aatleast 2B shelf displayO cut carton Aminimum 7 pet
bottlesB 2 of fle$O 'PS boardO glow sign boardO stand.
O,>O drin#ing shot communicationO price communication stic#er.
ESSE+4/A3 E3EME+4S 95R A33 ):A++E3S
'rice strips
Shelf strips
'rice cards
)ooler door tray
Dealer %oard H D'S
Bottle nec( header
)rate @rap
MEE4 )5)A )53A )7S45MER
Iorldwide the coca cola company is no. 2 in sales of spar#ling beverages G 1uices 'rin#,
as well as no. 3 in sales of soft 'rin# G no 4 in sales of ,ottled Iater. ItCs our customers
that are largely responsible for this unrelenting success.
=ho are the customersK
*oca cola customers are grocery stores, restaurants, streets, vendors, mass merchandisers,
conveniences stores, drug stores, movie theatres, G amusement par#s" among others.
=hat do they doL
*oca cola customer sells its products to consumers G shoppers, who en1oy the
products at a rate of 2.6 billion servings a day.
=hy is their role importantK
*oca"cola customer ma#es it possible for consumers G shoppers in local communities
around the world to purchase G en1oy its brand portfolio of Euality beverages.
:o@ cocacola induce for incidentK
,y putting visicooler in prime position.
,y #eeping the cooler pure G clean.
,y doing rac# display.
,y fi$ing combo board.
,y doing table activation.
,y counter top display.
(o measure the impact of /ight -$ecution 'aily A/-'B a survey is done by ).*. &ielsen
Aa consultantB every month. ).*. &ielsen conducts a survey by visiting all the /-'
activated outlets and benchmar#s it on the prescribed >erchandising standards of /-'. )
monthly report is send to %industan ,everages *oca"*ola Pvt. +td. (he report is called as
to create a /-' /eport. ).*. &ielsen as#s a Euestion from the retailers which are as
Related to Visicooler*
Is cooler in the hot spot locationP
'oes it have all the products of coca"cola availableP
Is the display of the coca"cola products in a standards such as Athums"up, coca"
cola, sprite, limca, fanta, maaza etc.BP
Is cooler wor#ing properlyP
Is the cooler pureP
Related to price communication!
Is there proper price display of the productsP
Related to product a>aila%ility!
)ll the brands should be available in the every distribution channel but main concern
is that 3;;ml should present in the every channel and 7;;ml and 2.6litres per bottles
should be present in the -ating G 'rin#ing, convenience and 0rocery shop.
/esearcher began his survey with route riding, i.e. traveling along with the sales persons
on his daily trip to service the retailers. /esearcher as#ed the retailers about their uses of
*oca"cola merchandises and try to )sses the mar#et share of the *oca"colaCs different
brands. (his is very important point as it gave me an inside view of the whole setup and
further on during the planning of any of the promotions. /esearcher was aware of the
limitations and strengths of the environment he would be wor#ing in. (he various methods
and principles adopted are listed below!
Research 'lan*
'ate sources! sources of information are as follows!
(#) 'rimary sources
IhoCs the primary sourcePP
/etailers are the primary source.
A3B Secondary sources @ /esearcher collected secondary information from Dournals of
*ompany, &ews papers, >agazines.
Research Approach*
/esearcher followed one approach to collect the information
A2B Sur>ey C /esearcher contacted the retailers in the mar#et place to gather the relevant
A3B +um%er of Retailers contacted C 2;; /etailers.Asample unitB
Sample siEe* Varanasi B +ear %y Area
2B *antt varanasi
3B &adesar,>ain mar#et,varanasi
4B Sadar >ar#et, varanasi
5B *antonment, varanasi
6B 0illat mar#et , varanasi
7B Ordelly ,azzar,varanasi
8B Phulwaria ,azzar ,varanasi
9B +aurahbir ,varanasi
Research instrument*
/esearcher used Euestionnaire as his instrument for conducting the survey.
Sampling 'lan
A2B Sampling unit @ /etailers
A3B Sampling procedure" Simple /andom Sampling Procedure.
)ontact Method
/esearcher personally contacted the retailers.
S57R)ES 59 DA4A )533E)4ED*
(he data collected from primary and secondary sources.
0ather information through Euestionnaires.
'irect interview with 0rocery, *onvenience and -ating G
'rin#ing channels and consumers.

Internet sites @

S=54 A+A3;S/S
SIO( is the acronym for Strengths, Iea#nesses, Opportunities and (hreats. It is an
analytical framewor# to help summarize in a Euic# and concise way the ris# and
opportunities for any company across the value chain. ) good SIO( should loo# into
internal and e$ternal factors affecting the issue at hand.
Factors pertaining to the internal en>ironment of the company. (hese are usually
classified as Strengths ASB or Iea#nesses AIB
Factors that are external to the company. (hese are classified as Opportunities AOB or
(hreats A(B.
,rand eEuityOimage G recognition
Product distribution and worldwide networ#
Solid financial performance
One of the world=s most recognized brand
Product diversification Awater, 1uices, soft drin#s, sport drin#s, etcB
*redit rating
*ustomer concentration, particularly in the S AIal">art accounts for more than
2;L of *oca *ola=s business in the SB
) lot of loyal Pepsi customers are not enough loyal *oca *ola customers.
,ad 0lobal website compared to Pepsi.
,ottled water growth
)cEuisitions of smaller players
%ealth consciousness growth, specially of baby boomers
&on"carbonated drin#s are the fastest"growing part of the industry
*ommodity prices growth
Image perception in certain parts of the world Ai.e., *olombiaB
Smaller, more nimble operatorsOplayers
Hey competitors APepsi, etcB
(he new RhealthyR and organic food trends
DA4A A+A3;S/S B /+4ER'RE4A4/5+
Outlet type ! - G ' *onvenience 0rocery
Outlet owner name !SSSSSSSSS..location !SSSSSSSSSS...
>' name !SSSSSSSSSSSSScontact no. !SSSSSSSSS..

#. &umbers of outlets needs activation elementsP
)ctivated T :;
&ot activated T 2;
!. &umber of outlet following brand orderP
,rand order T 96
&o brand order T 26
.. &umbers of outlets having purityP
Pure T 96
npure T 26
'R/ME '5S/4/5+
,. &umber of outlets located at prime positionP
Prime position T :;
&o prime position T 2;
4RADE ):A++E3
A. 'istribution of trade channel
*onvenience T 86
0rocery T 2;
- G ' T 26
D. 'istribution of visi"cooler in the mar#etP
3 caser vc T 5
5 caser vc T 3;
8 caser vc T 54
: caser T 37
3; caser T 6
4; caser T 3
V'5 class
-. .olume wise distributionP
'iamond T 9
0old T 33
Silver T 6;
,ronze T 3;
2. &umber of retailers satisfied with /-'P
Satisfaction T 96
nsatisfaction T 26
8;L outlets from the sample of 2;; outlets have sufficient activation elements but
remaining 4;L outlets are not fully activated.
In our study it is relevant that 69L from the selected outlet follow the brand order,
but remaining 53L are not following the brand order.
9;L of visited outlets, visi"cooler are i.e. in visi"cooler only the product of coca"
cola are placed and 3;L of outlets donCt visi"cooler pure.
:;L of visi"cooler are at prime position where consumer can se our product and
choose as per there need.
56L outlets are convenience store, 26L are under the -G' and remaining comes
under grocery shop.
54 outlets are having 8 caser visi"cooler, 37 outlets are having : caser visi"cooler, 6
outlets are having 3; caser visi"cooler, 3 outlets are having 4; caser visi"cooler and
5 outlets are having 3 caser visi"cooler.
5;L mar#et covers under the silver category where as remaining 2;L, 26L, 46L
are under diamond, bronze, gold respectively.
96L of the retailers are satisfied with the /-' activities and rests of 26L are not
satisfied with it.
*oca"cola is the leading soft drin# brand in .aranasi region G most selling brand is
thums"up, sprite and maaza.
)ccording to most of the outlets owners the products which is seen is sold i.e., 1o
di#hta hai wo bi#ta haiN.
Prime position of visi"cooler outside the outlets play an important role in the
selection of the soft drin# by customer.
Few activation element li#e table top, glow shine boar, hanger, road stands play a
ma1or role in increasing sale of the soft drin#s.
Supply of the products as well as stoc# #eeping unit is not up to the mar#.
Ie must visit all /-' outlets where the activation elements are missing and it
must be activated immediately.
Ie must visit all those outlets and arrange the products according to brand
(he entire >' needs to visit all the outlets regularly to #eep the visi"cooler
Prime position of visi"cooler enhances the visibility of the products which help
consumer to choose the product and sometimes it influences the customers to
switch over from similar product.
Ie should try to increase sale of outlets so that ma$imum outlets convert in
upgrade class.
Ie need to put effort to increase the reEuired number of /0, as per the visi"
cooler size that they can #eep 4 day stoc# to meet the demand.
)lthough all efforts have ta#e to ma#e the results of survey as accurate as possible but
the survey suffers from the following limitations!
i. (he time period was only 7 wee#s so it was not possible to cover all the areas
and go into depth of the problem and ma#e analysis.
ii. (he area of survey was .aranasi it was concentrated on urban area only.
iii. (he psychological condition varies from place to place because many places
outlets owners was not supportive.
iv. Some respondents left some of the Euestions unanswered either due to inability
to put strain on mind or they did not #now the answer.
Boo(s Authors
>ar#eting research !&aresh malhotra
>ar#eting management ! Philip Hotler
/esearch methodology ! *./. Hothari