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Hypnotism-it is natural an unambiguity comes in when we hear this term. This treatise is an attempt to explain in short, the practicality of hypnotism which is claimed to be a branch of psychology and a research study by experiential evidences. It is the calmination of a relentless desire to get power by concentrating the looks at a particular point. It is the preparation of mental power and use of it by sitting alone in a lonely room. The one who gains the power so, has the mental power and ability to influence others and to have power over them. By reciting same hymns posturing in a trance, or otherwise, practicing the pranayama, the breathing exercise.. This is the first step. This will be a period of harsh mental tribulations. He will feel as wondering all over the universe free from all the bondages. Though there will be a state of fear and strife, he may continue to seek the power as the effort progress, the power increases gradually and finally it is completed. If we gain this ‘power’ by continues practice we can have indescribable and wonderful sensations deeply entrenched in the mind. At the pinnacles of this experience we feel there is nothing beyond our reach in this universe. One becomes a hypnotist when this kind of feeling takes deep roots in his mind. The wonderful results of this feeling astounds any one and it cultivates in him the conviction that anything can be done,It augments this belief and pride. He has a feeling that the presence of a super power is always with him hardly leaving him alone anytime. The hypnotist interacts with his clients through false suggestions. In this interaction, the suggestions of the hypnotist become easier by the lively formation of the supersensory factors in various forms joining with the mental power. The hypnotist interacts with the artificialities unrelated to the individuality his clients. The client is subjected to a deflation of his being. This is the state where the willpower, smartness, sense of humor, consciousness etc.. of the client face a fall. The energy of the mind is lost, so the thought process will be drifted to horizons of selfvanities. Those who undergo this stage in hypnotism, their consciousness has been adversely affected. This state is called ‘fusion’ in hypnotism. Where shall be the source of strength in hypnotist yields over his fellow men ? In what category the unseen power which connects the mind of the patient can be defined ? What is the aim of the power-right or wrong? What are its intentions?


Why does this work wonderfully ? When these thoughts were aroused, it was decided to inquire into, with mental power as its base, thinking that the secrets of the hypnotism can be found and made use of Alas, then it was transformed to a fearful entity, very threatening. It was attained in order to use it independently. But it has been realized that ‘the power’ comes to make use of the very person who attains it. Whether we can return to the former state discarding hypnotism and ‘the power’ that be ? When we try to do so, it is clear that it is also impossible. In short, the reality behind this phenomenon is amply understood when it was clear that we cannot escape from this unseen force. So everybody shall know that if any one attains the power by misconception or by mistake, he can only do escape from this gradually only through deliberately and relentlessly resisting the same. When resistance was used to understandd ‘the power’ the secrets of hypnotism faded away and new insights were got by experience. When continued my studies by resisting ‘the power’, I had the sensation of trembling of sky and earth and sound wave were coming and filling from every corner. I am alone in the universe. I have been subjected by the power making me feel helpless. Passive thoughts are replaced and negative thoughts induced. Many changes are coming to individuality. Sense of purpose, humour, vitality, all are going down and laziness is coming to the fore. The phenomenon that is in the memory track manifests in fearsome sounds makes us bewildered. This phenomenon being in touch with super sensory, will be astonishingly alive. It is understood that the mental power can go beyond the senses and it can influence all the mental activities. In external world, super sensory powers co exist in unison since they move in any corner of the universe, it can relate with the mental power and can induce fear. There are a number of terrorising sound waves in external atmosphere. This can be identified from the sound it produces. ‘The Power’ that travels very fast creates attractive ambience and plans to lead individuals and society to ruin. This can be observed that in some manner as trying to still the dynamic mind there is an attempt to still the dynamic Universe also. When we try to retain the Godconsciousness, it augments the speed by repeated words and its sound waves. It may be so with the conviction that the excessive rush and speed would make severe setbacks to personal and social life. The sound waves of the recital by men ascend to this power. By this repeatedly recited sound waves, it has been proved by studies, it can ruin the physio-cellular system and mental health. Whatever it may be, words, sentences, celiberations, conversations, tunes, rhythm, oratory slogans all, when the sound


waves are gradually enhanced the sentiments and feelings come under ‘the power’ making the mind still and the consciousness ineffectual. When rhythem, ascends step-by-step , the person begins to twist and swire in trance. Remember this factor which has its share in some dances, music, religious, festivities and other rituals. When we continue the resistance to ‘the power’, we understand that mental power is the original factor of the mind and without depending on this ‘power’ none can find out the mind and its existential ways . We can understand that the positive power of the mind and the effect which has been put under close watch by resisting it, are actually insisting us to behave all the time. It is this insistance, in the wake fullness and sleep and in every second, desires, emotions, imaginations and thought are continuing relentlessly . There should be instinct from this even for a word or look. The mental power ostensibly helps those who, prepare it to solve problems, but at the same time it hurts common man and makes mental disorders by creating false notions. Problems and solutions from the same source! The mental power, hurting and helping clothes itself in goodness to mislead the work as it is the God. Those who have ‘the power’ or those who have afflicted with the ailments cannot have the mental pressence to know the fact . Because there will be a screen created by the energy at the very source of this power. When we scrutinize this ‘power’ closely, we can understand that the contents of the power is not goodness but it pretends as goodness only to perpetuate malice. We can observe some kind of magical elements in the work of this power. When a godman gives formal style to sorcery by meditation, prayers and rituals, a hypnotist does it by psychological methods, that is all. When it is felt that there are magical elements I have done away with it by continuous resistance.


As the mental force comes between the likes and dislikes of man inexplicably, it makes the mind still, so man has been forced to confront nature and god. It makes the simple mind to be misunderstood and puts the man having little knowledge about it, to be in an imaginary world. The mind which makes believe the pursuit of truth encourages us to consider the over all complexity as god.The individual who seeks a new view falls in to the confusion and losses the sense of god and becomes subservient to ‘the power’. The mental force which makes the vision ambignous exhorts us that the overall chaos and confusion as very great and the same ‘power’ keeps men in antagonistic, irreligious, artificial gods, non god, pan religious, negation of all religions. ‘The power’ which creates a state that cannot distinguish virtue and vice, compels man to regard it as god or part of god. ‘The power’ that makes every imagination beset with meaning, encourages hero worship and makes god men and spiritual leaders. Making the presence relevant in every form of art, it projects them us very great. ‘The power’ that induces men wrongly encourages for various forms of virtuals, and ensures who are involved in it. When the involvement is full, the power and man reach to a mental state that can never be separated. The mental force that whisperse in mind encourages to indulge in enjoyment and intoxication. ‘The power makes the man its friend by its forceful magnetic waves. So it gives everybody, irrespective of religion, caste and age, opportunity to serve it and to prepare for it. ‘The power’ which is the principal enemy of mankind can be seen as moving through blood and has its presence always in mind. The originality of the mind manifests that all men on earth are equal and ordinary. But the aim of ‘the power is to make misconception, against the human race so as to say, that there is godliness in man. We can find that in pursuance to this aim, it is this ‘power’ that appears in all wonders of men by having its presence . As ‘the power’ makes the persons who prepare it as its allies, by so it can deceive and misguide the society. More over, hurting and then helping is the well known fact of the ‘power’, by studies we can understand this. It can also be seen that to make this tactics popular, it nurtures individuals and society to serve its best. When close studies have been made it is also clearly understood that the Satan or evil force as depicted in religious texts is the same force, When we continue


the studies by resistance against ‘the power’ various aspects of the mind, its structures, its wonderful phenomena, its innate elements and the secrets embedded in it, can be traced out and discovered.

The natural dynamic mind manifests its originality and divinity where as static mind turns to be artificial and satanic. Every now and them there is conflict between divinity and satanity in mind (and to say, throughout the life). The mind is a store house of wonders and source of enigmas. So it is not easy to identify super sensory forces inherent in its original structure. It is not possible to find out the inner original structure of the mind searching the outer orbit. So the inner secrets of the mind are there still undiscovered. We have to enable ourselves to bring in to light the unknown reasons and unseen mental impulses which augment the human behavior. It will not be scientific when we surmise about the mind from outside. It there is no way to enter in to the mind, we cannot find out the truth. It is preposterous to name the conjectured guesses as psychology, the science of the mind. It is understood from long years of studies that the mental power has been there to assist in discovering and learning the mind fully. This findings sheds light to new knowledge about the mind. This finding is possible when we resist consciously the concentration. The mind is in heart and it has an original structure . There are three important and different factors. First, the super power, which is omniscient and forceful, controls all the behavioral patterns of man. The second factor works as benevolent force leading only to virtue. Third factor is the phenomena of mental force prepared through concentration. Though this force will be beneficial to those who prepare for it, basically it is harmful leading to vices. It is usual, though this force obviously helps those who make preparation for it, but it indirectly harms the common men. So the help and hurt come from the same source. It goes on, hate instead of love, injustice instead of justice, vices instead of virtues, wrong instead of rights, false hood for truth, regression for progress…. So inducement and restrain, restrain and inducement, the process continues. When virtue resists the vices to have supremacy, vices resists the virtue to gain its ascendancy. In this way the virtue and mental power in conflict make the life always a dual strife. Ofcourse the pure, supreme and simple mind is single and stands alone. When mental power which has been obtained through deep


the basic identity of the mind is distorted and put it in trance against virtue, the mind becomes static, fully or partially. When resisting the mental force and making enquiries into existential path of original mind, two facets of human mind come into fore vividly. Natural, inborn, creative, and basic dynamic state of mind is divine and the static state of mind which is against to the fundamental principles of the mind is satanic.

We have said that the mind has three factors. From this it is primarily understood that there is an omniscient and omnipotent super power that controls and rules all the human behavior and actions. It is only by the presence of the god the mind which is store house of wonders remains as a riddle and astonishing enigma. So the original character of the mind beholds mankind to serve God alone by word and deed following the natural propensities in a straight manner, without contriving deviations. It can be understood that the authencity and control of mind belong to God. When we find that as the prayer to God fails and mental power wins in the conflict in mind, the bliss of salvation seems lost. When the prayer of the dynamic mind with its inborn traicts ascends to God, the prayer of the static mind rises to mental power. The original structure of the mind exhorts that if we can defeat the mental power without surrendering to it, we can rise to the paramount happiness and there by to the sensation of truth-realization. This structure teaches us that, it is the belief that gives meaning to all deeds. The authenticity and originality of the mind reside with the clarity and purity of the mind, as this is the basis of the virtue. It is clearly understood that only way of solace of the mankind is the proximity to God. This eventually leads to an enquiry whether there is determination of eternal values in accordance with structure of the mind. In our study we can find that destructing ‘the power’ which works as inner mental force and the God consciousness and prayer to God and his proximity help us to rise to the heights of virtues. The mind attains happiness and peace only when we live in difference to virtue by differentiating virtues and vices clearly. The natural mind, the dynamic rule proclaims the commitment to God. The original structure of the mind exhorts to keep the relation with God without change, with full allegiance and sincerity and without deviation. The life based on inborn qualities will uphold the virtue of the mind. If we miss the inner purity, ie the god consciousness the salvation which


is the truth- realization will be lost. The genuine structure of the mind manifests the fact that when the benevolent dynamic mind steps to God, the life with an aim becomes crystal clear and pure.

There are many names prevalent for pranayama the breathing exercise. We can see this is not natural or healthy. In physical exercises we get more oxygen, but the pranayama harms both body and mind. The prevalent idea that pranayama will augment the prana is false because of the inability to identify the working of the inner secrets of the wonderful mind. Behind this, the mental force is working which is mastered through mental concentration. ‘The power’ that harms men indirectly makes the belief that pranayama will help to control the mind and thereby problems can be overcome. When we resist the mental power and watch the same, we can understand the two fold trays of the mind. The common people who cannot comprehend this dual trap misunderstand ‘the power’ as God and consider the pranayama, as a gift from God. ‘The power’ which resides in our blood has to get some fuel from the atmosphere in order to go on. As ‘ the power’ knows that it can get the fuel only through praynayama it has constructed a false theory of pranayama. The energy of fellowmen that get into air, the ‘power’ get it by pranayama. At this juncture, the quality of oxygen gets depreciated and the quantity of energy increases., this merges with blood through heart lungs arteries and coronaries. By this the circulation of blood gets weakened and the body feels numbed. Though the element of poison in the energy cannot be identified, when we resist the ‘power’ we can feel the emission of severe bad odour. So it is seen that, this leads to prolonged emotional and mental problems and non diagnosable physical ailments. Moreover, at the height of the pranayama by producing trembling-like strong electro magnetic waves through - out every nerves and entire body and then to intellect, the energy residue makes in the mind a screen by creating slumber in sense of humor, thought and intelligence. So the natural dynamic mind losses its God- consciousness and its individuality goes to a trance. In order to have energy, the mental power in pretension of God hood, by pranayama makes- believe in mind that it is getting closer to God. The extra sensory forces, the fellow-beings of the ‘power’ comes from outer world collectively.We can see this collection of fuel from foul-smelling wastage


places as clouded smoke screen. If we dare to study or view this force, very often it is threatening fearfully to subjugate us. So it is not easy to identify these extra sensory forces. As in the natural structure of the mind, we cannot understand the working of the phenomena, the mental power encourages, pranayama, so we are bound to be deceived by these strategies. The society has to come forward to do away with pranayama and stick-on to physical exercises to have good health .

Every day we come across with news in our media about suicides. In our tiny state of Kerala, reports says that 24 persons commit suicide a day. Not only in Kerala , in India, all over the world the rate of suicides has been increasing exponentially. Mass suicides are also there. It is common to hear about family suicides. And the leader and followers collectively commit suicide, such case are also there. There are books popularizing this, explaining how suicides can be are committed. Reading these many choose easy methods of suicide. There

organizations in different parts of the world upholding the right of suicides as a part of life. We can see that this tendency has been increasing even in countries of higher economic, cultural and educational status. Why this tendency has been increasing? Experts on mental health, sociologists and intellectual have been putting their best efforts for decades to find out the causes of the suicides. They are reporting the findings of their studies. The suicidal tendency is prevalent even in societies having faith in God and spirituality .If there is no other meaning or aim for life, it is natural to seek a life of maximum enjoyment and indulgence. Even so this joyful lifestyle also meets with suicides. There are people who consider the plenty of resources as the success of life. So uncontrollable desires and consequent disappointments have been increasing. When one aims at enjoyment, it is possible to have hindrances to it. This leads to continues disappointment. When we say that the standard of living has to be enhanced in order to contain the menace of suicides, at the same time it has been pointed out that the rate of suicide is fearfully increasing with the higher standard of living. The psychological analysis shows that various factors like family feuds, the failure in life, discontent in married life, frustration, prolonged illness, desperately isolated life, pecuniary difficulties, grief etc.. are reading to suicides.


These factors lead to suicides. When we study the problems we can see that many are living with the same factors that lead others to suicide .So the fact is that some unknown, unseen forces beyond the ambit of psychological analysis cause suicides.This can be seen that the mental power is acting as the special force behind this. This can only be understood when we inquire resisting ‘the power’. The same mental force which obviously gives power to Godmen and hypnotists to contain mental disorders and suicidal tendencies, in case of common people causes to make suicidal tendencies through mental ailments. The cause and the remedy stem from same power. The mental power which is the epitome of all the vices act as an agent of benevolence by the false suggestions of Godman and hypnotists. Though it may seem incredulous to intellectuals having scientific temper and to other scientists, those who are ready to enquire into the mental power can find this as a fact. ‘The power’ when it has been resisted makes troubles, actually stagnates the natural dynamic mind against the God - consciousness. The mental power that whispers existence has no meaning, leaves us to live in vain. By equalizing virtue and vice, it leads to despise values. Without giving any opportunity to think about the secrets of creation which gives meaning to human life and to universe, it makes man to grieve over his own affairs. Life is meaningless! existence is irrational! life is for a short while ! Remaining only vaccum infinite! There are the exhortations. How frustrating is this? the mental power which guides to meaningless conclusion of a irrational existence hinders from attainment of salvation. The man who looks life with suspicious, follows these foot steps. The mental power makes a veil by infusing the wastes of residue of its energy to the heart, intellect, mind, eyes and ears. This is by making the individual concentrated without deviation from feeling, thought etc.. When this veil is full, the infatuation comes and the door of suicides opens up. The mental power gets exhilirated in the fulfillment of its ambition when it can make the victim subservient to its magnetic field of attraction.


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